Is Africa’s Meteoric Rise to Riches Sustainable?

Robert Rotberg, Christian Science Monitor, June 19, 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa is indeed rising. Thanks to Chinese demand for raw materials, especially petroleum and iron ore, much of Africa is growing (as measured by GDP per capita) at nearly 6 per cent per annum.

Many of the globe’s fastest advancing countries are in Africa.

But is this meteoric economic rise sustainable? Will African economies expand fast enough to deliver jobs, education and health services as their populations surge relentlessly?

If China’s own appetite for metals, minerals, natural gas and petroleum falters, African earnings will inevitably suffer.

African growth is commodity driven. Manufacturing for overseas markets, even in South Africa and Nigeria, is still limited. The export beyond Africa of high valued crops, as in the shipment of Brazilian soy beans to China, is in its infancy.

Tourism, remittances and call centres provide some financial benefit in a few countries, but the recent rise of Africa depends too dramatically on its largely unprocessed raw materials.

China could be transferring skills and technology to its African partners, but mostly it is not. Moreover, on many Chinese construction projects, the managers and many of the unskilled employees are Chinese. Africans are employed and involved only at the margins. Indigenous skills therefore are rarely nurtured, thanks in many cases to special bargains between Chinese enterprises and authoritarian African rulers.

With the great expansion of North American gas and oil supplies, major markets for African energy exports have vanished. That means that Africa’s commodity sales depend more and more on Asia and, occasionally, Europe.


Moreover, Africa’s continued rise must overcome a series of difficult consummate challenges over the next several decades. Most severe is the demographic dilemma.

Sub-Saharan Africa is about to explode numerically.

It’s one billion population will double by 2050 and more than triple by the end of the 21st century. Nigeria, with 173 million people now, will swell to 730 million in 85 years, becoming the third-largest state in the world.


How will Africa feed, house and secure such an unexpected population explosion?

Africa could have a demographic dividend, based on its massive population growth and the resulting preponderance of working-age adults. But it is not clear where the jobs will come from.

When Southeast Asia benefited in the twentieth century from its demographic dividend, job creation kept pace with population growth and the new–largely–industrial workers became avid consumers. Good governance and good management made this major growth acceleration possible.

At the heart of these important changes in Asia–as now in China–was a critical expansion of educational opportunity and quality. Africa’s continued rise is greatly handicapped by it weak educational outcomes. A few sub-Saharan African countries provide primary education for all eligible children, and many others do well.

But secondary enrollments, especially for girls, are less than robust. Completion rates are only middling. Even in South Africa, only half of those who begin secondary school finish, and of those who finally sit the school-leaving examination (“matriculation”), less than 50 per cent pass and only 12 per cent achieve results that qualify them for university entrance. {snip}

{snip} Sub-Saharan Africa will find it hard to enjoy a demographic dividend if proposed high-tech and other modern industries cannot be staffed locally.

Among other challenges threatening the sustainability of Africa’s rise is its widespread energy shortfall. Even major countries such as South Africa and Nigeria lack sufficient electrical power. Spain’s electrical power capacity is the equal of sub-Saharan Africa’s total, although new Chinese-constructed hydroelectric facilities may end power shortages by 2025.

Corruption also hampers growth and detracts from the kind of improved governance that is needed to move Africa forward. Except for Botswana, Rwanda and Mauritius, corruption is everywhere–not least in the petroleum producing polities. South Africa, Angola, Nigeria and Sudan are all wildly corrupt, deterring foreign and even domestic investors.

{snip} Better schooling, more and better jobs, new foreign investment, reduced corruption and other essentials depend on improved leadership–on the rise of Mandela-like politicians.

If the middle class in Africa fails to demand or develop such leaders, Africa could easily collapse under the weight of its coming population burden. The demographic dividend could instead become a demographic disaster, with more civil wars, more criminalized cities, more despots and fewer democrats.


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  • Rhialto

    In non-PC language, a few Africans getting the payoffs are rich (temporarily at least); many more have menial jobs that still pay well by African standards; the condition of the vast majority of the exploding population is unchanged (at best).

    • kikz2

      africans don’t give a flying f*k about africans, why should the chinese or anyone else?

    • SentryattheGate

      The US tried to educate Africa out of it’s endless poverty; we thought we were funding rural schools throughout Africa, but it turned out that the $$$dollars were taken by local bigshots, who then bought luxury cars and weapons, thereby becoming warlords. The US was then hated for inadvertently funding warlords! My late husband, serving in the Peace Corps in Liberia, witnessed this while working with a USAID auditor. Africans stealing education (and future) from their own children!

      • dopier12

        Of course, SentryattheGate, isn’t that the norm in Africa? Although I don’t quite agree with the idea of the US conceding Africa to China.

        • SentryattheGate

          I don’t want to concede Africa to China either, but here we are impoverished and Communist China, enriched, and empowered by US! Some cash-strapped US states, like Idaho and Michigan, even have Chinese enterprise zones; land given to Chinese factories w/Chinese workers! As Lenin said: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

          • dopier12

            It makes one wonder whether other than the evils of some capitalists, if there are not real inside sabotage going on here to bring this country down. How else can we explain the silence of the so called leaders, dismissing those blowing smoke?

    • propagandaoftruth

      Money go in, money disappear. Black magic!

  • TruthBeTold

    What happened to the prediction that AIDS was going to decimate Africa?

    • MekongDelta69

      Eh – so they’ll die rich! (Yeah, right)

    • Fair Dinkum

      So far as I can tell, it’s still on track.

      • IstvanIN

        Nope, they breed faster than HIV and Ebola.

      • WR_the_realist

        Most people have a very limited grasp of how a high rate of reproduction can easily overwhelm countervailing forces like disease and war. There was never any chance that HIV was going to stop the relentless growth in Africa’s population. And as African resources become scarce the good hearted liberals will demand that we let tens of millions more Africans immigrate here.

  • MekongDelta69

    Oh YEAH – I can see it now…

    A continent full of high IQ black Jay-Z’s.

    • TruthBeTold

      They’ve got a lot more than 99 problems and they’re number one.

  • M.Magog

    Before the african population doubles, they will be tearing those Chinese operations apart.

    • IstvanIN

      I have no doubt the Chinese will shoot.

      • jambi19

        We all know what the Chi-comms did at Tainnemann square. I think China would have little resistance in sub-shaharan africa.

      • TruthBeTold

        I’m curious to see what’s going to happen.

        The Chinese are hard workers. Africans are not. How much will the Chinese tolerate from indolent African? How much will the Africans tolerate hard-driving Chinese?

        • James Gonzalez

          I think our relations with the blacks have been so dysfunctional because we whites are unrealistic. The Chinese are not like that, they can be very brutal in establishing control since control is the cornerstone of their civilization. Blacks are disgusted by us because we show weakness like charity and equality. However they respect things like power and overwhelming force which the Chinese aren’t shy about using.

          • TruthBeTold

            That my explain why we haven’t heard of any worker rebellions so far.

            If China can make this relationship work by the power of the iron hand, they will own Africa and her resources.

            The question will be what kind of internal and external forces might arise to challenge this hard edged approach.

            Whites have used the iron fist approach but they were demonized for it and when they relaxed their grip, that’s when the black power movements came to prominence.

            I agree that blacks respond to strict rules which is why black violence was lower under Jim Crow. But all it takes is one worker uprising and the Chinese firing into the crowds which could start an anti-Chinese movement.

            Only time will tell.

        • kikz2

          i’d say just enough to get their ‘extractions’ to the point of exhausting them and then leave

      • Bobbala

        They definitely will not be feeding their predators.

      • The Final Solution

        It already happened a few years ago. A bunch of Zulus revolted at a mine and the Chinese blew at least 8 or 10 of them away stone cold.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    The only reason for Africa’s rise is Chinese investment and American and European aid. If not for those outside parties there would be no African rise, and should those parties ever decide to leave Africa to their own accord we would see a meteoric plummet.

    • anew

      The article is pure spin, concern dressed as optimism. 6% gdp growth is not very impressive considering circumstances there. These countries’ populations are growing at or near 3% a year, so this is like a country with a stable population growing its gdp at 2% annually. And they are at a very low-baseline, so they should grow at a much faster rate than richer countries, all else being equal. Of course, all else is not equal.

      So their still very-high population growth is going to lead to massive immigration. I’ll be shocked if the US, and probably every New World country other than some of the really poor ones, aren’t a lot more black in 50 years time. Hopefully, at least Europe will preserve herself.

      • rightrightright

        You’re kidding yourself, unfortunately. Africans are pouring into South Europe from leaky boats that traversed the Mediterranean. Not just North Africans, but thousands from sub-Saharan Africa who have made it north. Thousands are squatting in North Africa awaiting their chance for the sea voyage. They are rescued, predominantly by the Italians, housed, fed, medically aided and so forth. They are never, ever towed back where they came from because to do that would be in violation of their human rights, their refugee status, their quest for a better life, etc, etc. It’s Camp of the Saints. Then, once they are into the EU, they move north and invade England. Not long now until some Ebola turns up. We are already enriched by their Aids and drug resistant TB.

  • It’s not “Africa” that is growing economically, they are “Chinese colonies” that are growing.

    BTW, it says that Nigeria could have 730 million people and all of sub Saharan Africa will have 3 billion by 2100. Neither Nigeria or all of black Africa will be able to sustain those population numbers. The Malthuisan axiom will kick in at some point. Also these population growth numbers assume that the white world will continue to be able to pour do-gooder social benefits and goodies on black Africa in perpetuity, and that is something I do not presume. If for anything else, the white world isn’t the white world any more, too much diversity astrewn.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      It’s not “Africa” that is growing economically, they are “Chinese colonies” that are growing.

      Maybe Sir Francis Galton’s cry of “Africa for the Chinese!” is finally becoming a reality? In 1873, this great Englishman wrote:

      My proposal is to make the encouragement of the Chinese settlements at one or more suitable places on the East Coast of Africa a part of our national policy, in the belief that the Chinese immigrants would not only maintain their position, but that they would multiply and their descendants supplant the inferior Negro race. I should expect the large part of the African seaboard, now sparsely occupied by lazy, palavering savages living under the nominal sovereignty of the Zanzibar, or Portugal, might in a few years be tenanted by industrious, order loving Chinese, living either as a semi-detached dependency of China, or else in perfect freedom under their own law. In the latter case their position would be similar to that of the inhabitants of Liberia, in West Africa, the territory which was purchased 50 years ago and set apart as an independent State for the reception of freed negroes from America.


      The history of the world tells a tale of the continual displacement of populations, each by a worthier successor, and humanity gains thereby. We ourselves are no descendents of the aborigines of Britain, and our colonists were invaders of the regions they now occupy as their lawful home. But the countries into which the Anglo-Saxon race can be transfused are restricted to those where the climate is temperate. The Tropics are not for us, to inhabit permanently; the greater part of Africa is the heritage of people differently constituted to ourselves. On that continent, as elsewhere, one population continually drives out another. Consider its history as it extends over successive centuries. We note how Arab, Tuarick, Fellatah, Negroes of uncounted varieties, Cadre, Hottentot surge and reel to and fro in the struggle for existence. It is into this free flight among all present that I wish to see a new competitor introduced-namely, the Chinaman. The gain would be immense to the whole civilized world if we were to out-breed and finally displace the negro, as completely as the latter has displaced the aborigines of the West Indies. The magnitude of the gain may be partly estimated by making the converse supposition –namely, the loss that would ensue if China were somehow to be depopulated and restocked by negroes.

      • Bossman

        I would like to see a lot Chinese and African interbreeding but I doubt that will happen. If the East Asians were to extend themselves into Africa, then they would become an even greater threat to white identity in Europe and North America.

        • journey

          The Chinese are too smart to let it happened. They are well aware of racial genetic differences. And they are not bound by PC to say so.

        • Paleoconn

          Why would you like to see that?

          • Bossman

            When Africans get mixed with other races, it is usually an improvement for them. Arabs and Hispanics appear to be very good at assimilating Blacks. As soon as a Black get one drop of Arab ancestry, he not longer considers himself black; same goes when they inherit a drop of mestizo ancestry.

          • Paleoconn

            It may be an improvement fir them, but what is it for the Chinese? You need to stop trolling this site. You’d be happier at HuffPost.

        • I wouldn’t want miscegnation with negros on anyone.

          • Bossman

            Some races mix well with Blacks but I don’t think that the Chinese are one of those races.

      • Valmont

        Perhaps the Chinese will institute and enforce a one-child policy among their African colonial subjects.

    • Guest

      They were making the same predictions for India, then India’s population started averaging towards 2.1. The fertility rate dropped by 19% in just 10 years. Researchers found an undeniable connection between lower fertility and tv/electricity. So, I guess the answer is to help africans access electricity and television as soon as possible.


  • Gustav

    The black African has two commodities to trade on the world’s markets: His muscles and his misery. Because of their growing unwillingness to do manual labour coupled with the rapid advance of technology, demand for his ability with pick and shovel is rapidly disappearing. That leaves his misery for which he has, for the time being, a willing market in the West. When the West, however, ceases to lavish welfare on the African continent, there will be nothing for the Bantu to peddle. Africa will then turn into seething mass of discontent and famine.

    • James Gonzalez

      I agree completely, technology is going to make much of the world’s labour obsolete very soon. By then if Africa does not have a technological base it will suffer.

    • kikz2

      perfect example.. Haiti… at present…..other than beaches, wtf would anyone want w/Haiti?

  • DaveMed

    The African continent is the worst investment the West has ever made. The East will not be so foolish. There will not be billions (trillions?) of dollars’ worth of charity dumped into that bottomless pit. They will take what they can, and get out.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “They will take what they can, and get out.”
      Or take what they can and stay. There already 2 million Chinese in Africa and plenty more where those came from. (National Geographic, July, 2014)

  • IstvanIN

    China could be transferring skills and technology to its African partners, but mostly it is not. Sounds like the Chinese are smarter dealing with Africa than we were dealing with them, although the chances of them maintaining any sort of technical or manufacturing infrastructure on their own is greatly hampered by (next quote) Africa’s continued rise is greatly handicapped by it weak educational outcomes. And the plot never changes.

    • Paleoconn

      The Chinese have the benefit of our experience to guide them.

  • Truthseeker

    In a nutshell, Africa’s greatest assets are in the land, not the people. Top-notch people can find ways to create wealth. Resource-dependent people are limited by the market for their resources.

    • italian guy

      I agree, if you think about it, when people visit Europe or other White places, they want to go to the museums, do what the locals do and have fun interacting with them, try local food etc. etc. when people visit Africa they go there for the Savanna, the animal safaris, to look at the endangered species in protected areas (hilariously protected by Whites, fighting the poachers) and so on.

  • The African penchant for violence will ultimately destroy any wealth created by Chinese investment. Most of the wealth ends up in the hands of the oligarchs anyway. Witness Robert Mugabe and his ostentatious wealth displays. A self-sustaining African middle class of large numbers is a pipe dream writ large in the minds of loathsome Western white liberals.

    To his credit, the writer of this piece is clearly a skeptic toward Africa. That’s the right attitude to have, even if you’re not a race realist.

  • HJ11

    Too many pathological altruist Whites rush off to Africa to help Blacks not die off as nature and fate would have it, and then they breed even more Blacks who need the help of these goody-two-shoe pathological altruist Whites who think only in the short term. The supposed “good” that they are doing today, is leading to the extinction of Whites tomorrow.

    All Whites should practice non-interference in the business and fates of non-Whites.

  • Tarczan

    “Africa’s vibrant spirit may prevail, but the challenges are formidable.

    Vibrant like in necklacing, gang rape and white genocide.

    • kikz2

      ya forgot pirating….

  • Peter Connor

    Is this some kind of joke? Chinese and westerners come in and extract minerals after bribing the top crooks, so GDP rises until the minerals are gone…bye! Chinese won’t even employ African labor. Meanwhile, these countries can’t even feed themselves…but are multiplying like….The future of Africa is mass starvation.

    • kikz2

      maybe at some point they’ll just eat each other? oh wait.. they do that already to albinos…….

      • Magician


  • journey

    “But is this meteoric economic rise sustainable?” A very loud NO! as given by the author’s own reasons. Even if the population growth was stable, the IQ/intelligence level is too low to create, build, and maintain anything of significance for a modern advanced society. Sure there are some intelligent blacks beyond the average black IQ but not enough to make a difference.

    So, globally, the rest of humanity (mainly whites as always) will have to deal with this explosive population growth in years to come.

  • John R

    Africa’s economy growing a little? No problem, drop out more children! Double, no, triple your population! But, what if that growth can’t be sustained? Uhhh, I dunno……

    Isn’t it strange (NOT!) that Negro behavior is pretty much the same no matter where you go?

    • r j p

      Don’t worry, we will feed them.

  • JohnEngelman

    China could be transferring skills and technology to its African partners, but mostly it is not.

    – Robert Rotberg, Christian Science Monitor, June 19, 2014

    You can’t teach what is not there.

    • journey

      And the Chinese do not care about black social problems or needs. They are only in Africa for the resources.

  • JohnEngelman

    How will Africa feed, house and secure such an unexpected population explosion?

    – Robert Rotberg, Christian Science Monitor, June 19, 2014

    Foreign aid.

    • They would have to grow their economy faster than the population growth rate, and that is impossible, even with foreign aid, as whites and northeast Asians – who pay the taxes that fund that aid – aren’t even meeting our own replacement rates.

  • James Gonzalez

    China is going to have that continent in it’s POCKET.

    • journey

      They already have. And once the resources are deleted, they are gone.

      • Paleoconn

        Yup, no Yellow Guilt for them.

  • TZ

    It’s likely better for the earth that East Asians (Chinese are not a single ethnic group) are in the Africa than Europeans because Europeans are to too empathetic for their own good to be succesful there in the long run. East Asians are not empathetic like that – if they even have that characteristic. Just look how they act in situations such as a young children getting hit by a car. Many of them will just go past the child because she couldn’t do anything for them. And their animal cruelty of beating animals to “tender the meat” before killing them. There is only a ‘face culture’ and some IQ fetishists want to bring mass of East Asians to Europe? Why? I say keep medium distance to them. Do business and trading – expect military – with them, let tourism flow and allow expatriates to be only temporary.

    There is a nice post on “Evo and Proud” blog by a title “How universal is empathy?”

    Also saw a quite nice quote recently:

    Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa –
    rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds
    beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust
    until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed
    with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart,
    or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or
    arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an
    ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never
    sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken
    sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of
    inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple
    under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of
    the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to
    worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail!
    — Thomas Dixon (Sometimes falsely attributed to Charles Darwin)

  • De Doc

    It’s already imploding. Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Africa, has now returned to its rightful Third World craphole status. South Africa desperately holds onto its last shreds of a viable economy, but soon will hit the point of no return. Nigeria, drunk with oil revenues for a time, now faces an insurgency that will likely blossom into full civil war and disaster. It took far less time for oil rich South Sudan to rend itself apart. The nations of the Sahal, like Mali, will likely be continued sites for Islamic terrorists to hide and launch attacks to neighboring regions. East Africa, well, is East Africa – don’t expect any changes to the starving skeletal kids that populate that region.

    The Chinese will make a valiant attempt to change things, as did the European colonialists of the past. And like the imperialists of yesteryear, they’ll probably impose a sense of order for a time. Of course when the natives get restless (again!) they’ll destroy everything built up by China. Meanwhile diseases like HIV, malaria, Ebola will worsen, contributing to the usual human misery that has plagued that continent for so long. So many have tried and so many have failed in that part of the world.

  • ViktorNN

    Sub-saharan African population doubling and then tripling? They won’t be able to feed themselves. That’s the long and the short of it.

    Thank god there’s an ocean between us and Africa, and that blacks have virtually no seafaring history or tradition.

    Our cousins in Europe, on the other hand, are going to wish the Mediterranean was bigger.

  • The Final Solution

    Hopefully the pace of the Ebola outbreak picks up. It’s clearly nature’s response to the negro problem. Pestilence is the great equalizer.

    • M.Magog

      IF Ebola got to China, which has a very high population density in many parts, it could run rampant. Look how tightly they are packed in Hong Kong. Ebola does not have many places in Africa quite like that. In the jungle it just does not spread that fast. Another factor for a major Chinese epidemic is the fact that their culture tolerates much spitting in public.

  • blackjack322

    All we can do is stop feeding them and hope they die off from aids or some plague.

    Pray for the best.

  • LHathaway

    They’re economies are all growing at 6% a year. We can’t match that.

  • EiSkogsNisse

    Reading about the Chinese involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa is like witnessing history repeat itself. It was exactly the same case when Europeans first went in there. They provided Africans with infrastructure and medecine while they got valuable minerals in return. I just wonder whether in 50 years time the Chinese will be called evil racist colonialists who exploited the poor Negros in Africa? Only time will tell I suppose.

    My main concern however rests with the demographic assent of Negros. Western and now Chinese aid has caused an artificial population boost which will, as the article says, double the African population to two billion by 2050. Whether this has been done due to ignorance of Negro biology or an attempt to satisfy White paternalism, I do not know for sure but probably a mixture of both. But what I do know and what those who know Negro biology know is that is not a question of if Africa’s rising numbers will cause collapse but when it will happen. When it does happen we can expect besides the usual war, famine, and despair are large refugee waves and they will be coming for Europe. Now we can manage them if the European countries bordering the Mediterranean are prepared to torpedo the boats carrying the Negro hordes. Otherwise we will be swamped.

    • Husik

      …if the European countries bordering the Mediterranean … This are just lost hopes. Italy is employng its whole Navy, just to bring on europ.shore any ship with negros that is appearing on its radars. They brought 60 000 negros and preagnet muslims only this Year. Italian minister were complaining that just feeding and clothing one ape cost 15Eur = 20 Usd a day!!!

      • EiSkogsNisse

        There’s a stark difference between intercepting the boats and torpedoing them.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    “It’s one billion population will double by 2050 and more than triple by the end of the 21st century. Nigeria, with 173 million people now, will swell to 730 million in 85 years, becoming the third-largest state in the world.”

    They were making the same predictions for India, then India’s population started averaging towards 2.1. The fertility rate dropped by 19% in just 10 years. Researchers found an undeniable connection between lower fertility and tv/electricity. So, I guess the answer is to help africans access electricity and television as soon as possible.


    • Olorin

      “I guess the answer is to help africans access electricity and television as soon as possible.”

      I laughed out loud.

      Yes, if the females are addictively watching Oprah and BET, they might find the will to say no to the next load of sperm coming their way. But Nigeria is a largely Muslim nation (50%, with Christianity at 40% and other religions at 10%), and India even today is at most about 12% Muslim.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        Read the article first, you’ll see it doesn’t sound like such a dumb idea. Comparing everything from access to healthcare, access to education, literacy rates, female literacy rates, females in the workplace, infant mortality rates…..the only real constant correlation they found was was with access to electricity and television. Why that is, is another question entirely. Looking at latin american countries who are experiencing a drop in fertility, the correlation shows up again. They are still as illiterate, uneducated and unemployed as ever, but their access to tv and electricity has risen. It has nothing to do with Islam either. Bosnia has the lowest fertility rate in Europe (1.26), and Albania isn’t much better (1.50). Lebanon, the Maldives, Iran, Turkey, Libya, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Qatar, and Azerbaijan are all Muslim non-European countries yet their fertility rates are below replacement level too. The constant in all of these cases seems to be access to electricity and/or television.

  • David Ashton

    A giant export sweatshop to give greater profits to financiers than can be obtained from western labor, with those who can’t make the grade pouring into Europe and America for the welfare provided by “Christianity”?

  • Magician

    I wonder if China and a few countries in Africa are building some kind of a special bonding?

    A few days ago we read an article about how some African male migrants in China are marrying local Chinese women, and we actively commented on it and ended up making more than 250 posts

  • kikz2


  • Ellis Kurtz

    Sub-Saharan Africa is indeed rising. Thanks to Chinese demand for raw materials, especially petroleum and iron ore, much of Africa is growing (as measured by GDP per capita) at nearly 6 per cent per annum.

    “Rising”, but the question is, from what baseline? According to World Bank data for 2013, the population of Sub-Saharan is 936.1 million, its GDP is $1.592 trillion. Compare Canada: population 35.16 million, GDP $1.825 trillion.

  • Guest

    “Sub-Saharan Africa is indeed rising. Thanks to Chinese demand for…….”


  • In short: No. It is not. Furthermore, it is about time we held our “liberal community” in contempt for encouraging irresponsible demographic growth that can only bring misery to millions, if not billions.

    If this ‘growth’ was self generated by actual Africans – and was rising at the same time the population was levelling or reducing – we may, just may, be in for a better future and they be in for a better future…..if we ignored all the rest of it, which would be ridiculous to do.

    With demographic conditions due to nullify any benefits of real wealth and stability (pretending that they might be capable of it), I can only see it being a disaster. It will just be three times the demographic and just as relatively poor and ramshackle.

    Furthermore, “Who will bail them out”….. well, it will not be the White Man in 2050 and beyond.

    That is for the simple reason that they will be nearing a minority in all major European cities and America…….and be replaced with Arabs and Africans! That golden goose is being cooked, or going the way of the dodo.

    European demographics are set to lose Millions and Millions by the end of the century and Africa is set to triple.

    How can anybody think this will be fine or work out well?

    Right now, as I type this, Ewan McGregor, the actor, is on my TV asking us to donate “just £3” to help the needy in such nations. Cue the pictures of poor children foraging in the rubbish, sleeping rough, flies, lack of water and sanitation.

    It would perhaps be heartless not to feel a little bit sorry for all these people, but it is a sad fact that working on our emotions has led to conditions that can never get any better.

    • Ellis Kurtz

      That is for the simple reason that they will be nearing a minority in all major European cities and America…….and be replaced with Arabs and Africans!

      Here in the US, Arabs and Africans are a bit too far away too be used for national suicide. We are instead using Hispanics (mostly illiterates from Mexico and Central America) to do ourselves in. You’ve probably seen the news. Of course we already have a legacy population of 38 million descendents of imported Africans, who are adept at destroying cities and sucking up billions in Welfare.

      To change the subject – correct me if I am wrong, but the economic viability of your National Health Service depends on the importation of third-world doctors (many from Ghana) and nurses (eg from Malawi – I recall reading that there are more Malawian nurses in GB than in Malawi). Isn’t this regarded by the left as exploitation? Surely these countries need all the qualified medical personnel they can get. Is anyone making this argument?

      • Yeah – these kinds of arguments do go on and have been going on for decades. Over the years, the voices have been diminished or, rather, tuned out of being heard often.

        There are many complexities to these arguments, which means they tend to just circle around and around whilst things just get progressively worse.

        This is unfortunately one of the pitfalls of the establishment and the media only talking about these issues in terms of “services” or “housing” or “welfare” etc.

        The periphery issues are argued over indefinitely whilst the bigger picture radically transforms this country and how we are all going to be living.

        When it comes to immigration and the National Health Service, the default position by most liberals (and most in society) is that it would “collapse” without immigrant staffing.

        There are a few issues with this though.

        One is, as you say, we are plundering the third world and developing world of their trained and educated people and immorally not investing in the costs of training and educating our own people.

        Secondly, it has been proven that the Labour government were still importing all these people whilst at the same time they were limiting the numbers of British people able to take courses and training as doctors and nurses, no matter if they were white or not.

        (Therefore, British people are and have been discouraged and denied opportunities to be that alleged “backbone” of the NHS).

        Thirdly, we have seen a ‘brain drain’ of many indigenous doctors, nurses and carers who are sick of the way Britain is and have headed out to Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

        They are not necessarily sick of immigration per se, but perhaps more generally with regulations, increase in “contract agency” employment and the uncertainty that comes with it, the climate of politics here, the degradation of our own culture and people and all the rest of it.

        They have seen the way things are heading, and think them and their children will be better off somewhere else. We could have had a lot more indigenous NHS staff if such people weren’t leaving, and by their actions, exacerbating the problems for others in the system.

        Fourthly, the costs to the NHS from immigration is not something to be ignored. Not only “health tourism” from people who come here for operations and then leave without paying……but also in terms of people settling here for the purposes of health care.

        This includes people with HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis, and on and on it goes. The treatment for HIV alone costs us £Millions per year, then there is the £Millions in translation costs, the £Millions in prescription pills being “sent home” to another country, and all the administration, doctors, nurses and carers to deal with it all.

        With Asians (Pakistanis, Afghanis etc), they are, for example, something like six times more likely to have Type 2 diabetes – which is an illness that has been in the news a lot here lately, and the costs and implications it has for the future.

        (Of course, it is not mentioned about the race aspect).

        Again, just to pick on the same group for a moment, we also have birth defects from cousin marriages, such as physical disabilities, brain damage, special needs education and so on. It sometimes takes the NHS and related groups to deal with these kinds of issues.

        With Africans, we have all manners of illnesses and of course, the gang warfare, the shootings, the stabbings, the drug related problems they tend to bring…..which all needs to be mopped up with surgeons, nurses, doctors, and so on.

        So on all this lot, as you can see, I imply that we would need so many imported staff if it was not for the actions of immigration itself.

        I also seem to remember reading that, proportionately, most of the ones “struck off” for bad practice tend to be foreign doctors.

        Some people in caring roles are “failing” badly, but I would not say they are all bad. I have been treated myself on the NHS with foreign staff and up to press, aside from one snide black guy, I cannot really complain about the service or their nature.

        But that does not mean to say it is right, that everybody has had the same experience, or that all the above issues going on are acceptable to be happening.

        If the country was not originally homogeneous, I do not think the NHS would have ever got off the ground as an idea. It was based on helping out our own people in their times of need……now it is the “International Health Service”, it is something else entirely and similarly staffed very differently.

  • HJ11

    Yup. However, it seems to be a particular mental weakness among far too many Whites that they feel they have to butt into the business of non-Whites and mother them as though they’re pets or little children.

    I say, let nature and their own destinies take care of them and let Whites take care of our own and no others.

  • John R

    I will try and not be crude in my reply to you (Don’t worry, moderator.) But all males want to….rhymes with “Luck.” But most females don’t want to have one kid after another especially if they are already living in poverty. That is unless they are black. Those kind “drop ’em out two at a time.”