Barrister’s avalanche of ‘vexatious’ race and sex claims sees him barred from ever taking legal action again

Benedict Moore-Bridger, Evening Standard, July 25, 2014

A barrister who failed in an unprecedented 30 “vexatious” employment tribunal claims over four years has been barred from ever bringing legal action again.

John Iteshi, 40, qualified in 2007 but was unable to work as a barrister after failing to acquire a necessary training position known as a pupillage.

Instead, he began bringing cases on behalf of himself and others in the tribunals, alleging race and sex discrimination against a host of prospective employers after being turned down for jobs. In the past four years he brought dozens of claims and numerous applications — all of which failed.


His spree, described as “making a mockery” of the system, was at a cost to other parties of an estimated £500,000.

Four were against his current employers, Transport for London and London Underground, and 25 against agencies and employers recruiting staff — mostly in the public sector and for positions requiring legal qualifications or experience.

Almost all the claims brought by Iteshi, left, were “weak or hopeless and conducted vexatiously”, a tribunal ruled.

After being made aware of his acti- vities, an investigation was carried out by the Treasury solicitor’s department before the Attorney General decided it was in the public interest to apply to have him banned.

The ruling means Iteshi, who works as a customer service assistant at London Underground, is now forbidden from starting any new employment-related legal proceedings and applications or continuing with any already ongoing without first obtaining permission from the tribunal.

In a restriction of proceedings application at the Employment Appeal Tribunal in central London, Mr Justice Sir John Mitting, QC, said Iteshi’s behaviour was exceptional and he banned him indefinitely.

He added: “I have never encountered and am unaware of any other case in which so many claims of this nature have been brought by an individual over a period of no more than four years.

“Mr Iteshi has applied for jobs; he has been turned down; he has accused the recruitment agencies if they were involved or the employers if they were involved or both of race and sex discrimination when he proved unsuccessful. He has never had any basis for making that allegation.”

In a 2011 race discrimination claim against British Telecom after failing to get two legal jobs, university graduate Iteshi, who is black, claimed the company had presented the court with fabricated CVs of other candidates as “it was well known that black women did not go to Oxford or Cambridge”.

He accused the judge in that case  of “fraud, lack of credibility, evasion, dodging and failing to respond”. The claim was rejected. In another, against TfL, he alleged their lawyers and witnesses lied on oath as he was defeated in four separate claims of victimisation and discrimination after unsuccessfully applying for eight posts between 2005 and 2007 and also failing to pass the first stage of tests to become a train driver and a duty manager.

Iteshi, originally from Nigeria and who obtained a postgraduate diploma in law at London Metropolitan University in 2004, described the EAT as “crooked individuals hiding behind judicial immunity and their evil cloak of infallibility”. Responding to the application to ban him, he called the judicial system “a complete sham”.

He added: “The only reason I can think they pursued this action against me is that they are trying to encourage my employer to sack me.

“No one has gone through what I have and come out sane. Most people end on the street or with other problems.

“I have confidence in God that he will keep me alive and save me from my predicament. And hopefully I will not die before I have done my bit to enlighten the world.”

A spokeswoman for the Attorney General said that on average about four people are banned each year from issuing legal proceedings.

She added: “The Attorney General was told of a very large number of what appeared unmeritorious claims made by Mr Iteshi against a number of organisations in employment tribunals.

“Following an investigation by the Treasury solicitor an application was made to seek a vexatious litigant order against him. This was successful.”



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  • The ruling means Iteshi, who works as a customer service assistant at London Underground

    You mean ole Clarence Darrow here is a subway system ticket taker?

    • [Guest]

      Yeah, and got the job over all white applicants because he’s black.

      • propagandaoftruth


        Insult on top of humiliation slathered with White genocide and baked up in the messianic democratic totalitarian oven by crypto-Marxist liblefties for black-browns’ culinary delight…

        BING! Think we’re about done. White Folk, the other white meat. Succulent, juicy, soon to be extinct.

        At least the stupid limelefties figgered this negro out.

        Apologies, David Ashton, you sir are NOT a “limelefty”, nor stupid.

      • TheAntidote

        Very typical Nigerian. Tried to punch his own ticket.

    • Wholly Unconvinced

      Dont forget that he’s another just a ticket taker, but a ticket taker with a law degree… which I’m totally sure he earned with hard work and education.

      Seriously though, this has got to be embarrassing for them, they literally gave this dunderhead the ability to pretend he was a one man ACLU… or I guess in this case BCLU?

  • David Ashton

    A Lenny Henry look-alike in a funny hat? Where is the Red Nose?

  • [Guest]

    >>> “making a mockery” of the system

    Yes, and that’s because blacks are incompatible with Western civilization and can be nothing but a destructive force in it.

    We all know that’s true, but only some of us will acknowledge it.

    • I was under the distinct impression that the British legal system was already self-mocking. Perhaps that is why they decided they didn’t need any help from Iteshi; he was too obviously trying to cut in on their action. Those 30 bogus legal claims in four years work out to a new one every seven weeks. This clown was certainly busy!

      I can think of dozens of different ways to spend an enjoyable day outside the house, but going to court isn’t one of them. Ironically, Iteshi could probably make a real career for himself as an attorney in his native Nigeria. I can’t imagine the qualification standards there are quite so high.

      • [Guest]

        I suspect that if Iteshi stole the wig and returned to Nigeria, he’d qualify as chief justice based on his sophisticated appearance alone.

  • dd121

    If he were from this country we’d have statues up all over the place celebrating his heroic fight for civil rights.

  • Truthseeker

    As long as this kind of agitation is tolerated, slimy people like this guy are going to try to exploit it. Enough feeling guilty. Let people associate and discriminate freely.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      The best antidote to forced diversity is freedom of association. I don’t think it has anything to do with white guilt, but it does have everything to do with a traitorous elite that imports negroes into white societies and allows them to wreak havoc, albeit under the bogus cover of “civil rights.”

  • Ngati Pakeha

    As if most of you here hadn’t guessed but the line of legal education he took is circumspect at best. It would be the equivalent of some of those unaccredited law schools you have in the US. He was never going to get pupillage having gone there and we must assume his transcript will probably be mediocre. The fact he failed the test to become a train driver also speaks volumes with all respect to train drivers. He would have been awful as a Barrister of the Inner Chamber!

  • me


    • propagandaoftruth

      Nice hat.

      • IstvanIN


        • propagandaoftruth

          It’s the “Blacks in Charge” hat. Kwame should have had one of those.

    • Singingbird1

      Cock a doodle doo

    • Katherine McChesney

      Didn’t Idi Amin dress in Scottish garb? “The last King of Scotland” film.

      • me

        Yup. It’s like hair extensions, blue contact lenses, and blonde hair. Think Nicky Manage. Talk about appropriating another’s culture! Idi Amin, the last cannibal of Scotland. Negroes may have a disproportionate number of mentally ill people in their general population. It would explain a lot of behaviors.
        Of course, I’ve seen White people with dreadlocks and Afrocentric clothing. I do not associate with those people, for several reasons….

      • Idi Amin’s full title was “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji, Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.” His claim to being King of Scotland was an aside. He hadn’t actually won the Distinguished Service Order or Military Cross, and awarded himself a decoration of his own creation, the “Victorious Cross” in imitation of Britain’s Victoria Cross. His doctoral degree in law was also one he awarded himself – at Makerere University in Kampala.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Another example of a black with a huuuge ego, isn’t it? Like the ‘orientals’, they try to be like Europeans.

  • Gentleman Jim Crow

    Iz it coz I is black?

  • LHathaway

    You know, I’m actually on his side on this one. But then reality, as I’ve known it, and not the article, speaks to me. If he were 1/10th as good as a white lawyer he would have been hired over a white lawyer? I think it’s called ‘positive preference’, something like that, in the UK.

  • Anon

    Interesting. They let him in to law school. They allowed him to stay in law school. They graduated him and gave him a degree. But he can’t pass his qualifying boards and, because of that, cannot get a job in the field. So, his natural assumption is that the system is in cahoots to keep him out. His position actually has merit, as the system in all western white countries is a closed shop of oligarchs. By that I mean, if you don’t belong to the club (or the tribe) no matter your qualifications, merits, education or experience, you will not be allowed to hold a position of more than minor importance, power or wealth, in ANY occupation….with the possible exception of what you can take for yourself by preying on the weakness and decadence of these people. I highly doubt that Darrow here actually knows anything about law. But he is right…..just delusional about his own merit.

    • Here in the USA, all one has to do after graduating law school is pass a Bar exam. Not every law grad does (Lyndon Johnson barely passed).

      • Wholly Unconvinced

        That’s a fairly simplistic view of things, if you mean “to become one of the big dogs” you pass the bar, and Yeah, you can practice law in that state, but to make ridiculous amounts of money you need to work for one of the huge firms. That’s where the “club” comes into play. The guys making 300-700k a year aren’t actually practicing lawyers, they’re people who were shuffled into a top position or partnership while the real skilled guys beneath them handle all the casework.

        There’s a huge misconception in the General public that lawyer = bazillionaire, when in reality, if you didn’t go to one of the top 20 or so law schools, and then graduate at or near top of your class, the chances of you ever even getting hired, let alone making 100k or more a year are slim to none.

        • SFLBIB

          My nephew is a big-time lawyer. He went to Georgetown Law School and became a legal adviser in the first Bush Administration. I knew some lawyers in my homeowners association. One thing I observed was that they all worked until 8pm every night.

        • My high school girlfriend was absolutely brilliant, a hard worker, and became a lawyer. She works for the EPA in Washington, DC. I’m sure it is a decent salary, but she’s not going to get filthy rich doing that.

  • HJ11

    It’s disgusting that this guy and his kind are even in Great Britain. Great Britain should be all White. Period. Send all Blacks back to Africa. That’s where they belong. They do not belong in White nations.

  • And “community organizers”.

  • Even Clinton’s lunatic Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders wore unearned campaign or service ribbons on her left breast. She actually did spend three years in the US army, but as a stateside physical therapist.


    Remember the 1974 TV movie QB-VII? The fictional story took place in England and involved a Polish doctor suing an author for defamation of character because the author identified him as one who performed medical experiments on Jews in Nazi death camps.

    The defense proved that what the author wrote was true. When the verdict, “We find for the plaintiff…” was announced by the jury, the whole courtroom gasped … that is, until the jury followed with, “…and award him one penny, the lowest coin in the realm.” Thus the jury awarded what it felt the doctor’s reputation was worth.

    I think such an award should be made in all frivolous cases.

    • The thing to remember about British law is that in libel/slander cases, the truth is not a valid defense. On the other hand, in the US, the truth is a very valid defense. For instance, here in the USA, I can write that my ex-father was a wife-beater and child-abuser, because if he attempted to sue me in court, I could subpoena witnesses, like my mother and my sister, and he would win nothing.