Posted on June 6, 2014

Women Would Have to Breed for Britain If Immigration Is Curbed, Says Stella Creasy

Kunal Dutta, Independent (London), June 4, 2014

Stopping immigration would leave British women having to have “a lot of children very quickly” to keep the NHS and economy afloat, says Stella Creasy.

The Labour MP also calls Nigel Farage “deeply unpatriotic” and argues that his policies on Europe and immigration were “basically talking about managing the decline of Britain”.

She says without immigration women already in the UK will have to breed to support the growing number of pensioners and  that without a baby boom “our ability to sustain our economy” will collapse – leaving the NHS in crisis.

“There are now more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 16 in Britain,” Ms Creasy, 37, says in an interview in Progress magazine. “So unless women like me have a lot of children very quickly, our ability to sustain our economy, to sustain our public services [will come under threat].”

She adds: “It’s not just that these guys want to charge you to use the NHS, it’s that their policies will actually mean the NHS will not exist by [Britain] not being able to have an economy than can support it.

Ms Creasy adds that she was “incredibly optimistic about the future”. But she warns that the amount of debt families were taking on could cause the economy to crash. “We have this big bubble of personal debt coming up and . . . it will drag us all down.

“We have to stop being British and coy about talking about debt because that’s where these companies do well, [it] is people feeling ashamed. It can’t be a silent source of shame any more, it’s got to be something we talk about and which we manage together as a community.”