Google to Pay for Women, Minorities in Tech to Learn More Code

Seth Rosenblatt, CNET, June 26, 2014

Google’s putting its money where its diversity isn’t. A new initiative announced at Google I/O will pay for three months of continuing education for women and minorities in tech.

In conjunction with its third annual women techmakers panel, which this year focused on women working on robotics projects at Google, the tech titan said it was partnering with Code School to provide thousands of paid accounts for free. According to a blog post by the CEO of the for-profit online school for programming, Gregg Pollack, Google will pay for three months free for select women and minorities already in tech to expand their skills.

One thousand people will receive free accounts directly, while the unnumbered remainder, estimated to be in the thousands, will be given by referral. {snip}

Pollack, who noted that only a quarter of IT jobs are held by women and only 3 percent of scientists and engineers are African-Americans, said that the statistics were “sobering.”

“Together, our goal is to invest in women and minorities so they can continue developing their technical skill sets,” he said.

The free education offer is part of Google’s $50 million Made with Code initiative, said Google X vice president Megan Smith.

“We shouldn’t feel guilty about our biases, we should wake up and do something about them,” Smith said.

By Google’s own admission, its efforts to hire women and minorities have fallen far short. Women make up only 17 percent of Google’s tech employees, according to Google’s recently-published diversity report, while African-Americans and Hispanics comprised only 1 percent and 2 percent respectively of Google’s tech workers.


Putting it in a language I/O developer attendees could understand, Smith concluded that they were in the process of “debugging inclusion.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    Sorry Googleplex – you can’t change biology.

    Biology trumps sociology in the real world – every single time.

    • c684570

      As Google’s data already proves. But hey, if it’s their money I won’t complain. It would be a shame if the government matches them with equal payments stolen from taxpayers to fund this idiocy though.

    • propagandaoftruth

      I read the headline and one thought came to mind…


      Death by a million cuts.

      • obot

        I wouldn’t be too worried. They might as well pay to teach dogs how to code. A good coder has innate intelligence and creativity. You can’t teach that.

  • Jefferson

    ” only 3 percent of scientists and engineers are African-Americans, said that the statistics were “sobering.”

    Only 20 percent of players in the NBA are Nonblack, the statistics are sobering when you factor in that Nonblacks make up the majority of the U.S population.

    Why is the NBA so anti-Nonblack ? The NBA needs diversity training and they need to attend a Black privilege conference.

    • Jesse James

      Any black person you ask will tell you if more whites want to play basketball they have to step up their game. We need to start telling them the same thing about participating in a modern hi-tech society and economy.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        Sounds more like the government has to step up their game when it comes to hiring more unqualified minorities for tech positions. I’m pretty sure that when the time comes to increase the number of blacks in IT or some other tech field, they’ll affirmative action as many of them as they can until the field is 10% or 20% black. Of course tech will suffer as a result, but there will be more affirmative action computer programmers and software engineers. Multiculturalists will see this as a great victory for the forces of “human equality.”

        • obot

          That has already happened at the government level. Their IT departments are full of incompetent blacks and mestizos. As a result, they have to spend tens of billions to hire outside contract firms to perform the real work while the affirmative action hires “supervise” their work.

          • benvad

            Wouldn’t it be cheaper to keep them on welfare but relocate them to Brazil or West Africa, kinda of like how Germans are funneling their seniors to Poland & Thailand.

            They’d be happy on permanent R&R and we’d be rid of dangerous parasites, at least we’d have safe cities again.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        A million upvotes for you if I could.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        That comment needs to go on a T-shirt.

    • MikeofAges

      If three percent of American engineers and scientists are African American that’s pretty good considering the large numbers who live under backwoods or underclass conditions. That’s not a “sobering” statistic. It’s actually an encouraging one. But the largest group likely to produce larger numbers of STEM graduates is white Europeans. Don’t forget it. And don’t let them forget it either.

      • Anna Tree

        It’s 1% black and 2% Hispanics.
        But it’s maybe after some affirmative action as well.

        The problem with advertising their “sobering” statistic is that they won’t be able to change it unless they lower their expectations. At the end, they will have to hire a white or North East Asians to do the job. And they will lie to themselves and others when claiming and smiling that now they are at last diverse.

    • r j p

      What percent of blacks are “down low” AIDS aquirers?

      Whites need to step it up!

  • Dave West

    Another program that will not work and Google will again be blamed for not doing enough to help the dark skinned pets of the left.

  • Jefferson

    “African-Americans and Hispanics comprised only 1 percent and 2 percent respectively of Google’s tech workers.”

    Are profits at Google dwindling because of the lack of Black and Mestizo tech workers ? If not, than what’s the problem ?

  • JackKrak

    No real company privately worries that they don’t have enough “diversity” to remain competitive and profitable.

    They only publicly worry about it to keep the Diversity Enforcers temporarily satisfied.

  • Sick of it

    “We shouldn’t feel guilty about our biases, we should wake up and do something about them,” Smith said.

    Good advice for normal white people.

  • JohnEngelman

    Pollack, who noted that only a quarter of IT jobs are held by women and only 3 percent of scientists and engineers are African-Americans, said that the statistics were “sobering.”

    – Seth Rosenblatt, CNET, June 26, 2014

    The thought of lowering standards out to be sobering.

    • Jefferson

      Liberals says all races are equal. Yet they are the first ones to admit that Blacks and Mestizos can not compete with Whites when it comes to high paying jobs unless the bar is lowered a.k.a affirmative action. Liberals contradict themselves.

      If you do not have a triple digit IQ, you should not be working as an engineer at Google in the first place. If you have an IQ of 85 for example, you should probably be washing dishes or doing some other simple job.

      • Wholly Unconvinced

        “hey little homies, today on D’Trayvonicious Washington-Jackson III the science guy, we beez lernin da molekuler diffrence between crack cocaine and crystal meth!… Ahhhh, I’s jus’ kidden, imma get high as s***! An’ go punch a cracka in da face!”

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      Pollack should read Kipling’s “The Secret of the Machines” but I suspect that any liberal would recoil from the name “Kipling” like an ogre from sunlight.

  • TruthBeTold

    Blacks in Buffalo are always complaining about there being no job training programs. So our local angry black man radio host brought in a man who ran a construction trade program for minorities.

    The guy said every training period they get about 15 people coming in for training. At the end of the program, they’re lucky if one or two stuck it out and completed the course.

    You can put a black man in a classroom but you can’t make him want to learn.

    • jim b

      Just curious…is the angry black man you speak of a certain loud-mouthed preacher from the city?

      • TruthBeTold

        Not Darius Pridgen. I was referring to Ted Kirkland.

        Pridgen really isn’t that angry and he does question black behavior.

        Kirkland on the other hand blamed every black problem on white supremacy. A few years back there was a shooting in a bar, 8 shot, 7 died. Kirkland asked, ‘why all this anger and violence?’ His answer was that the black man is so powerless to respond to the injustice he experienced at the hands of the white man that when he was around blacks any perceived provocation could set him off.

        • Basketeddie

          And believe it or not, this radical black racist was once a member of the parole board in New York before he was told to resign in the mid-80’s. During his interviews with inmates he would rant about how they were the products of evil white society. The few blacks that he held were given assignments to read some type of black history propaganda. He was way ahead of his time.

          • TruthBeTold

            I used to record his tues. afternoon program to listen to after work.

            The guy has a huge chip on his shoulder.

            He actually grew up in south Buffalo and he said he never had a problem. The first time he had a problem with whites was when he went to Lackawana where he said he was harassed by white cops.

            Thus began his campaign of hatred against whites.

            He was also a cop which didn’t seem to last very long. Again he was more concerned about white cops allegedly harassing black youths than he was about black crime.

            The guy is so blinded by his hate of whites he won’t admit that much of the black dysfunction we see is self-inflicted.

  • Marc Zuckurburg

    I’m safe. I’ve spent plenty of money on the cause of compassion for immigrants. Hopefully the jackals will pass by my door.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Put some blood on the door, just in case. I worry about you.

      • Katherine McChesney

        The death angel story in Egypt?

        • Usually Much Calmer

          Yes. Inappropriate?

          • Katherine McChesney

            Odd use of the story. Not appropriate imho. The original story was regarding slavery of the Hebrews by the Egyptians.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I did not mean to offend you, Katherine.

            Please accept my apologies.

          • Katherine McChesney

            I’m not angry. I just believe that this history cannot be compared to the immigrant problem. I do, however, think it’s interesting that blacks say they were the Egyptian pharoahs. If they were they have conveniently forgotten that they were slave-owners. Payback in America.

            Btw. I like your moniker. It could apply to me. I get worked up occasionally.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            Oh, I did not mean to refer to the entire history, just the passover model of deliverance to safety. I think the moneyed are deluded in thinking that money will protect them, they are stuck in a capitalist/mercantilist model where money rules.

            When the state gets weak enough and social order breaks down, property rights are not guaranteed, power and caprice will be factors that I don’t think the rich are properly accounting for. Facebook will have power but Mark Zuckerberg the man, less so.

            I guess I failed at a metaphor if I have to explain it. Sorry.

            Thanks for the compliment on the moniker, its a pun based on my given name actually. I make no promises about my calm!

    • May the lions eat you last.

  • Simonetta

    I am a programmer, of sorts. I’m an electronics technician and today there’s no boundary between teching and programming. I code in Arduino C and Atmel AVR assembler.

    The Atmel AVR microcontroller costs about $2 and has a dense 300 page data sheet. Eventually anyone wanting to get even a simple “hello world!” running on the chip ends up reading and studying most of the data sheet over and over. Want to connect a little cell-phone-like display? Another 200 page data sheet for the $6 TFT display, even harder to read because it was written for serious video engineers, not amateurs like yours truly without a EE Master’s degree.

    Remember all those pictures of that room-sized IBM ‘computer’ that you used to see as a kid? Well, something unbelievable happened. Microelectronics allowed that entire machine to be shrunk to the size of a cell phone, AND, the price of the actual computing circuitry shrank to a few dollars. The room-sized IBM became essentially free.

    But it didn’t get any easier to program. It takes —- of concentrated study of often quite dry and boring material to program anything that is, as the engineers put it, “non-trivial”.

    Which means our affirmative-action cousins aren’t going to be producing anything worth even bothering to evaluate after three months of study. It would be hard to explain what exactly Google actually does with only three months of study.

    And in order to be a productive tech employee, it helps to be a serious nerd. The cousins are a lot of things; but nerds they are not. The community de-nerds them at a very early age. And vaginal-humans are especially designed by the creator to not be nerds.

    Oh, yes, there are the 17 percent of Googolonians that profess to be vaginal-human (no one’s really checking). But they are all the 1% top graduates of all the advanced engineering universities in the world: not Mary Kay from Cranberry St, Springfield, USA with an English degree and 3 credit hours in BASIC.

    This is all nothing more than an example of “Mau-Mauing the flak catchers”, to use Tom Wolfe’s phrase. The activists will soon get bored, or just ‘spooked’ by the soul-stealing hig- tech corporate front offices and move on to some easier target in desperate need of diversity. Google and everyone else is just stonewalling and mushrooming them until they move along.

    • TruthBeTold

      It’s a game and companies have learned how to play.

      The usual suspects identify a problem and demand action. The company makes a public show asking forgiveness and vowing ‘to do better’.

      The company sets up a token program.

      Minorities believe they’re won a victory and the company gets PR points by pointing to their minority programs.

      It’s all farce but everyone can walk away feeling good about themselves and claiming a victory.

    • r j p

      Speak Tom Wolfe to me ….

  • jim b

    Google is successful in spite of its lack of diversity…right? So what’s the problem?

  • Tarczan

    “only 3 percent of scientists and engineers are African-Americans,”

    And most of those are AA specials being carried by whites.

  • Rosenmops

    There are probably lots of Chinese and Indians working at Google. Why don’t they count as diversity?

  • willbest

    Looks like a quality black knighting opportunity if some white or asian male employee had the balls to sue for discrimination.

  • Real Genius

    You know what? Let them hire incompetent blacks and Mexicans. It will piss off all the Asians flooding into tech now. The thought of an uptight Asian programmer getting frustrated while trying to teach Dante a for loop makes me chuckle!

  • jim b

    That’s what I said….

  • MikeofAges

    That, you know, is why trade and craft unions supported Affirmative Action from day one. They knew that if they supported steering minorities and women toward the civil service and administration, they would be left unmolested. They knew that few would qualify anyway, but they didn’t want the nuisance of having to respond whatsoever. Or suffer the risk of seeing their relatives and “homies” lose out on membership. That’s how machine politics works.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Will ‘code’ be taught in ebonics?

  • r j p

    No offense to any women here meant, but women CEOs generally run a major company into the ground.

    • Rhialto

      My own experience is that women were often good managers, but weak leaders. Women could organize and direct effectively, but they lacked the ability to motivate.

  • Lagerstrom

    “…only 3 percent of scientists and engineers are African-Americans…”

    I’m surprised it’s that high. A black engineer would be rarer than rocking hose s*ht!

  • A Freespeechzone

    What happened to taking the initiate to EARN a tech job at Google?

    Political correctness will kill their innovation.

    Let them fail–they deserve it for not pursuing the best and brightest.

  • How many of these black diverstiards and brown incompetoids actually study – and graduate – with the university STEM degrees that are admission price to these high tech jobs? Sorry, but your African Grievance Studies major isn’t going to get you within 100 yards of a clean room at Motorola, Raytheon or Hughes. How many Chicano Grievance Studies majors even know what epitaxial thin-film growth is, why SrBi2Ta2O9 reliably produces columnar grains with conductive oxygen vacancies in the grain boundaries (these unfortunately short the finished capacitor between the top and bottom electrodes) when deposited via ion beam sputtering? Then there’s biotechnology: how many of these professional whiners even know why any mammal automatically inherits mitochondrial DNA only from its mother? The biological mechanism is very simple. I remember this from 10th grade high school biology because I wasn’t busy getting high and moaning about how unfair the world is, nor was I even considering dropping out. In electronics, how many of them know what a line filter or a thermistor does? How about a “for-next” loop in computer programming? (Yes, that terminology undoubtedly dates me.) In metallurgy, what about galvanic corrosion? Probably the only ones who can answer that are those familiar with working on mixed-structure ships, and who don’t have university degrees at all. In nuclear weapons work, what is a “spark plug”, and why is it necessary for the working of a hydrogen bomb? Why does the tritium for the pit of a boosted primary need to be renewed once in a while?

    Some of these idiots think high-tech jobs are just a way for whites and northeast Asians to play “dress up” and claim unreasonably high salaries: “Dat not be fair, gnome sayin?”

  • Of course it is fraudulent. Some poor white or NE Asian guy would have to their work as well as his own.