Brave New Dead World

Brett Stevens, American Renaissance, June 25, 2014

Identity is our destiny.

A new world opened over the last decade, and ideas that would have been taboo in the 1990s wormed their way into respectability. Now even mainstream sources discuss civil rights fatigue and the biological differences between the races.

I believe these changes herald a new era in which the most potent force of all–identity–will reassert itself. Identity cuts to the core of the questions we ask ourselves in quiet moments during restless nights: Why am I here? What is our purpose? What is future of humanity, and where is my place in it?

Identity defines each nation by the triad of culture, heritage and values. It differs from “nation-states” or “proposition nations” that define themselves by geographic boundaries and allegiance to a state ideology and economic system. We might call them “economic nations” because their primary purpose seems to be support for an economy so that the random people they have gathered under a banner can have jobs and entitlements.

An identitarian nation rejects the idea of the modern state. Identitarian nations are peoples. They come together from a common origin and think about their lives as a common way of life. This is not a “lifestyle,” which reduces culture to a product on a shelf for individual consumption. Ways of life originate from a shared origin, purpose, and folkways that have worked for that specific population over the centuries.

Identity looks to the questions of who we are and what is our goal, and recognizes that these questions cannot be answered by ideology. Answers must come from within, both inside the individual through a need for a purpose, and from the group, which has a sense of a shared goals that do not need a strong-arm government to be achieved.

Members of the French Identitarian movement.

Members of the French Identitarian movement.

The United States started with a strong identity: It was a breakaway nation formed of English colonists and settlers from other Western European nations. Its goal was to make its own decisions, both escaping the collapsing political structures of Europe and forging a new–or at least different–path.

Things have gotten worse ever since we left that focus behind. First we insisted on a universal moral standard defined by the manufacturing and trade economies of the northeast, and waged a disastrous civil war to enforce it. Then we became active in world politics, but did not use the self-interest of our people as our guide. Instead, we pursued the ideological objective of democratizing the world. At that point, we cared more about how we looked to others in order to curry political favor than about the effects of our actions on Americans.

Identitarianism does not judge “good” and “bad” as ideology does. It champions the group and encourages it to be a better version of itself. It makes decisions for its own people and does not consider its impact on others. As a result of this strong sense of group interest, people turn toward culture instead of government and or a police state that enforces ideology. They uphold social standards that guide their daily behavior and they ostracize those who violate them.

The standard of behavior in an identitarian nation is based on positive values. Those who live up to the standard will be praised. This contrasts with a society based in ideology, which punishes those who reject ideology, and rewards those who are obedient to it and promote novelty. Identitarianism has no use for novelty or ideology; it focuses on quality, on greater ability, depth, and character.

Conservatism used to try to create communities based in the family and on culture, heritage and values. As the superpower age fades, breakaway societies of this type will appear. They will rise above the rest because their methods work, and because the sense of identity they provide fills the individual with pride and the desire to benefit the group. The great democratic experiment of the USA will undergo “Brazilianization” and become like other mixed-race Third-World nations.

Those of us who reject the ideology of equality and diversity must unite–most likely on the basis of our shared Western European origins. Culture will be the basis of the breakaway groups that survive the collapse of American democracy, and will form the basis of the next civilization to rise from its ashes.

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Brett Stevens
Brett Stevens is an IT professional who writes about nationalism and conservation.
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  • Identity seeks ideas to serve people. Ideology seeks people to serve ideas.

    Similarly, while there are lot of idiots out there that spout “the power of ideas,” the real world, as Sam Francis so brilliantly recognized through his career, is one of the ideas of power.

  • This essay inspires thinking about identity and racial pride, but it raises questions about its speculations. The unspoken assumption is that other groups will allow a white minority to claim its identity and practice white values free of harassment. Doubtful. The weapons of ostracization, firing, demonizing, being featured in the press will continue to be used. Witness actor Gary Oldman.

    Identity is already quite strong among whites, but it’s not based on race, but rather on age, being a Spurs fan, hipster or nonhipster lifestyle, music etc.–superficialities that do nothing to truly unite people in a real cause. Christian identity is the basis for some stronger identity making.

    Whites are balkanized (deliberately by the power elites) and without a strong leader to unite us then that balkanization will not be overcome. Hitler was able to do it in Germany. Without that strong figure who has racial awareness, I fear the speculations here are wrong. BUT, an economic collapse, some more real truth about government’s hatred of whites, etc. could turn the apple cart upside down and cause whites to organically organize without our new Hitler.

    • Adolf Verloc

      I was not familiar with Gary Oldman until your post. Thanks!

      • AndrewInterrupted

        I’ve been blogging my brains out over their at that Oldman/CNN link. The comments are over-whelmingly positive for Gary Oldman. The tribe is dirty dancing around all the hypocrisy related commentary, including mine.


        • Sick of it

          I’ve enjoyed Gary Oldman’s work for years. This is icing on the cake.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Positive comments are inundating that CNN link. The Libtards really got some heartburn on that one. Most of the LibTrolls just gave up and left. What a riot. Good for him. I’ve seen him in few roles. He’s was quite a whack job in ‘…The Professional…’ as I remember.

    • Jesse James

      The mud people will let us go peacefully or we will make them let us go. Either way there is a future for whites in the world and it is a future of renewed identity and a reconnection with the past ages of our people.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        We will have to force them to leave us be, and the only way that will happen is a very brutal war or wars where massive numbers of them die here and when whites also punitively attack the nations who sent them here too.

        • Anglo

          I agree with that. However the break away happens, it will not be peaceful.

        • Jesse James

          The Grand Prince of Kiev, Yuri Dolgonurukiy?

          • Jesse James

            Zap this reminds me of Milan Kundera’s “Book of Laughter and Forgetting” and the disappearing commissars.

            This passage is from the Wiki entry on the novel.

            “Kundera also describes a photograph from 21 February 1948, where Vladimír Clementis stands next to Klement Gottwald.
            When Vladimír Clementis was charged in 1950, he was erased from the photograph (along with the photographer Karel Hájek) by the state propaganda.[1][2] This short example from Czechoslovak history underlines the motif of forgetting in his book.”

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            No, he was the founder of Moscow, Kiev existed for 800 years before that.

    • Jacobite2

      Hitler came to power in a Germany that was… what, 90% German. Germany was at the same time under total attack by domestic non-Germans. This was the Weimar Culture and the Weimar Republic. To me, this doesn’t sound like the greatest accomplishment in the world. In today’s US, blancos are about 2/3 of the population (our percentage is shrinking by the minute while the border with the Third World remains open). If we refuse to take serious action (killing/expulsion) now, who believes that we’re gonna get up on our hind legs when we’re 1/3 of the population? Not me.

    • ATBOTL

      It’s harassment and persecution that forces people to join together to protect their interests. American whites have now noticed that whites in Europe have a stronger sense of identity and more willingness to fight their enemies. Events in Europe will push white Americans in a more radical direction. It’s already starting to happen. Kosher conservatives and neocons are in a tizzy because most people who comment on mainstream conservative websites are praising nationalists in Europe. These people are not closet racialists, they are regular conservatives who are starting to understand that whites cannot be the only group of people who is not organized.

  • Karl Austin

    In reality America is not a nation but an ANTI-NATION in that it actively opposes all the traits that constitute true nationhood.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      America has been reduced by her elites to a random collection of people, an economic system and a totalitarian political order. This kind of organization, like the state socialism of the Soviet Union, never commands allegiance or respect from anyone. America is the most hated nation in the world precisely because she stands for everything and nothing.

      There was a time when America was loved, but only when she was a white ethnostate, a homeland for the Anglo-Saxon peoples. Now that the doors have been flung wide open to endless waves of massive third world invasion, the collapse of American civilization in the near future is all but inevitable. But this is a good thing. America must collapse. America will collapse.

      Let the mad idealism of America’s totalitarian order give way to a common understanding of the biological realities of human physical existence. Let her lofty aims be given a terrestrial focus. The iron law of inequality, grounded in a hereditarian framework, must be the guide of the future and of a new aristocracy, a racially pure aristocracy that respects the laws of nature and does not play god.

      Let all peoples have their own nations, their own homelands and their own countries. The secret to global peace is ethnoracial segregation on a global level. The new cultural enrichment will come from the monoculturalism of the west. This way, we may be able to protect ourselves from the experiments of idealists and dreamers whose only aim is nihilist destruction of race and nation.

      • Medizin

        i hope the current legislators are alive to see the collapse, the mess they created.

      • TheHBD

        Well said…but consider this. The current predicament that we are in was created by White people. None of this would have ever happened, and would continue happening if it weren’t for White liberals (beta males, gays, women, etc…). Any ethno-state of the future would also contain this population so how do we move forward when a sizable portion of our population has nonsensical, suicidal inclinations to their thought processes?

        • ElComadreja

          We have to do away with the absurd notion that anyone has the right to vote just because they’ve reached the age of 18.

          • Nevsky

            Yes, look where democracy got us into.

        • Nevsky

          I had the same thought. Say we create a mono-ethnic state in the future. But what do we do with all those egalitarians in our midst?

          I guess the solution could be to create somewhere a state for this kind of people too. A place where they could move if they would have egalitarian sentiments. A place for “color blind” people.

          They go and live there, among all the diversity they long for – non-whites, gays, radical feminists and such.

    • First National Flag in the German flag colors?

      Then you’ll like this:

  • je suis paganisme

    “for Europe to survive” is what I meant. Not “Eurpope.” I don’t care about “your Pope.”
    These old European eyes!

    • je suis paganisme

      My earlier post seems to have been deleted.
      But I said that the Church must be destroyed. It has become the haven of the weak, the unfit, the never-do-wells, the haters of excellence. It has lost its European foundation.
      It will be swept away by the emerging European consciousness.
      The Church served us fairly well at one time; now it is an impediment.
      Just as the Christian Church swept Paganism away, so must a resurgent European consciousness sweep away the Church.

  • anew

    It (Identitarianism) champions the group and encourages it to be a better version of itself.

    Despite what Stevens says, this is an ideology, and a damn good one.

  • DonReynolds

    The common people already know who they are and they already have the values, no longer sported by the elite. What will emerge is not a new society but one that is familiar and comfortable. Some will not like it and if they remove themselves, they can escape peacefully. (If they stay to fight, they will find that too.) In the end, those who like where they are will stay and the rest will either leave for another society or be buried here. We should be prepared to welcome others of our own, when they arrive……driven out by hostility or attracted by the comfort of a society they agree with.

  • Medizin

    Could any of our Senators or Representatives say this today?

    Representative William N. Vaile of Colorado 1924

    What we do claim is that the northern European, and particularly Anglo-Saxons made this country. Oh, yes; the others helped. But that is the full statement of the case. They came to this country because it was already made as an Anglo-Saxon commonwealth. They
    added to it, they often enriched it, but they did not make it, and they have not yet greatly changed it. We are determined that they shall not. It is a good country. It suits us. And what we assert is that we are not going to surrender it to somebody else or allow other people, no matter what their merits, to make it something different. If there is any changing to be done, we will do it ourselves. (Cong. Rec., April 8, 1924, 5922)

    1950 Senate Subcommittee on Immigration

    The subcommittee holds that the peoples who had made the greatest contribution to the development of this country were fully justified in determining that the country was no longer a field for further colonization and, henceforth, further immigration would not only be restricted but directed to admit immigrants considered to be more readily assimilable because of the similarity of their cultural background to those of the principal components of our population. (Sen. Rep. No. 1515, 81st Cong., 2nd Sess. 1950, 455)

    Representative John Rankin 1952

    They whine about discrimination. Do you know who is being discriminated against? The white Christian people of America, the ones who created this nation. . . . I am talking about the white Christian people of the North as well as the South. . . .

    Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name.

    They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here. (Cong. Rec., April 23, 1952, 4320)

    Senator McCarran 1953

    I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors. America is indeed a joining together of many streams which go to form a mighty river which we call the American way. However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States. . . . I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation’s downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation. (Senator Pat McCarran, Cong. Rec., March 2, 1953, 1518)

    • italian guy

      Oh wow, John Rankin knew what he was talking about! a real pro-White gentleman.
      The wikipedia page about him tells me he was a great man indeed:
      “John Elliott Rankin (March 29, 1882 – November 26, 1960) was a Democratic congressman from the U.S. State of Mississippi who supported racial segregation and, on the floor of the United States House of Representatives, voiced racist views on African Americans, Jews and Japanese Americans, even accusing Albert Einstein of being a communist agitator”
      The butthurt is strong in whoever wrote that.

      • Medizin

        It’s interesting Rankin was a Democrat. So was Senator McCarran. Good examples of how much the party has changed.

        • IstvanIN

          I suppose there was at one time both Democrats and Republicans who were Americans but simply differed in political view.

          • Sick of it

            There was a short stint when Republicans were actual fiscal conservatives. When a party goes national, it tends to absorb all kinds of people.

    • DonReynolds

      Excellent comment!

    • Anna Tree

      Visionary great men!
      Thank you for sharing their words.

    • Pro_Whitey

      And to think McCarran was a Democratic senator from Nevada, just like Harry Reid. How far the Democrats have fallen. McCarran could not get nominated as a Democrat today, let alone elected. On the other hand, he probably also could not get nominated in today’s GOP either, which is a damn shame.

  • Bossman

    Americans are a nation not of common blood but of common ideals. This is the glue that holds such a big nation together. It can’t be any other way.

    • RisingReich

      America is holding together so well right now, isn’t it?

      I share NO ideals with Obama, Holder, and the mess of round and brown disease ridden squatters they are importing. Neither do most Americans.

    • Martel

      No nation on earth is held together by common ideals. A common enemy may suffice.

      • The five most important paragraphs from Sam Francis, “Racialpolitick,” Chronicles, February 1995:


        Of course, not all whites supported [California Proposition] 187, and most prominent among those who actually attacked it were presidential perennial Jack Kemp and Bill “Mr. Virtue” Bennett himself. The two neo-conservatives hastened to California to harangue the masses with their insight that “the American national identity is not based on ethnicity, or race, or national origin, or religion. The American national identity is based on a creed, on a set of principles and ideas.” Of course, that is a common view of the American identity, one that has been repeatedly expressed throughout our history, though there are at least two problems with it. In the first place it happens to be untrue. In the second place it happens to be a dangerous and even suicidal claim.

        It is untrue because the major fact about American national identity is that it is an identity created by British settlers and later European immigrants and therefore is almost exclusively the achievement of whites. Whatever wise pleasantries of universalism may turn up in the patriotic oratory and public documents of American history, no one can claim that the American identity is really the kind of watery abstraction the Kemp-Bennett statement purports it to be. Behind and beneath those pleasantries lie the concrete identity, experience, and aspirations of a homogeneous people “of a common blood,” as Jefferson put it in his draft of the Declaration of Independence, and to reduce that essentially racial as well as cultural heritage to the bloodless “principles and ideals” that Mr. Kemp and Mr. Bennett busy themselves tooting is not only a confession of the most dismal ignorance but also a trumpeting of the most brazen betrayal.

        Moreover, the Kemp-Bennett claim is dangerous because it fundamentally misunderstands the nature of a nation or of any collective political identity other than a debating society. If indeed being an American were “based on a creed, on a set of principles and ideas,” then any person in the world who adhered to that creed would be an American. That might be fine with the open borders crowd whom the Kemp-Bennett statement was designed to please, but it also means that any person who does not adhere to the creed is not an American, and in asserting the credal identity of the United States, the Kemp-Bennett statement comes close to formulating the grounds of a new totalitarianism. The Soviet Union was “based on a creed,” and Russians who dissented from the creed were punished severely. How else indeed could a state defining itself through a creed cohere? So far from opening the national gates to anyone who wants to come here, defining American national identity in terms of a creed actually guarantees a closed and perhaps brutally repressive regime and implies nothing whatsoever about what kind of welcome we might give to immigrants.

        In the first place, if you believe in the Creed, you can be a perfectly good American in the slums of Buenos Aires or the jungles of Rwanda, just as you can be a perfectly good Christian or a perfectly good libertarian or a perfectly good communist, and there’s no reason at all for you to come here or go anywhere. In the second place, if adhering to the Creed is what makes you an American, then why not give creed tests to all immigrants, or indeed to native Americans, and if they don’t subscribe to the Gospel according to Jack and Bill, round ‘em up and send ‘em back.

        No one knows what any of the immigrants to this country, legal or illegal, past or present, believe or have believed, and there is no reason for anyone to be examined or tested as to what they believe before being admitted. The credal basis of national identity that Mr. Kemp and Mr. Bennett blather about may sound both high-minded and broad-minded, but upon any but the most superficial examination, it (like so much else of what they have to say) turns out to be transparently false and, if it were taken any more seriously than most of the slogans and bumper-stickers that pass for high political theory among neo-conservatives, could serve as the basis of a far more restrictive regime than any nativist has ever conceived.


      • Bossman

        The Jews certainly have survived by having a common set of beliefs even when they were scattered all over the globe.

        • Martel

          A set of beliefs based on a common genetic heritage.

          • David Ashton

            With respect, Martel, the actual genetic heritage is somewhat mixed, but the general if not universal ethnocentrism depends on conscious maternal lineage, similar adaptation to marginalisation and multiple environments, experience narratives reinforced at home and in shul, and selectively applied IQ. See Lynn on the four main sorts of Jews. There is a lot of new stuff on DNA tests, the Khazar hypotheses, OT unreliability, finance, communism, &c.

            The curious thing is that the post-WW2 “never again defense organisations” and pro-Israel lobbying have simply reinforced pre-WW2 conspiracy theories; a self-fulfilling prophecy.

            Can Foxman & Co see this, or not, and if so, should they care?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Non-whites don’t have the wiring for western civilization. Any attempts to do so is just futile social engineering. Why bother? If the square peg doesn’t fit into the round hole, just stop trying. It’s the definition of insanity.

      • Jesse James

        Andrew you know they don’t want it to work, this is racial sabotage. The termites are eating away at the heart of our once proud nation.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          How did my country end in my lifetime? I can remember the peak, sitting with my father, watching Walter Cronkite in the 1960’s. America was 85% white. The average head of household knew he had a job for life. One income bought everything. Crime only happened in bantu land, a little place called Chicago–far, far away–and now Chicago has turned into a giant tumor that’s consuming everything. How did this happen?? It almost seems impossible, but now whites are below 2/3 and no end in sight. It’s an absolute outrage.

          • Jesse James

            I just turned fifty this year and I wonder about this issue every day. If I remember right the 1960 census had whites at 88% of the population. What we have lived through is nothing short of demographic catastrophe for white America. I have tried very hard to describe the world of my youth to my kids and they just don’t get it. They think that the old black and white movies that only show mostly whites were just racist even when I tell the the demographic reality was that there just weren’t many non-whites in the US back in the 1920s through the 1950s.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yes, that’s right. What’s even more ironic is the old black folks back then also enjoyed a high standard of living. Nobody bothered them. At least not in New England. I think even old Black Joe down the street would be equally p!ssed if he had to compete with all the brown arrivals. He, more than anyone, knew he had a job for life. “Diversity” was practiced back then, too. But, instead of “diversity darlings” (as I call them) they were called “tokens”. Old Black Joe was as dumb as a stump, but he did well. Imagine if he had to compete with a 100 Black dumb @sses and 100 brown dumb @sses? Old Black Joe never would have survived it.

          • Jesse James

            Hmm I see my posts are disappearing tonight like rain drops on a hot tin roof.

          • Ella

            Sadly, our young children have been programmed to live in this future American “dump” of overpopulated multicultural cities. They cannot envision the real America since they had little exposure. I think we can salvage regions of USA, but I don’t see a whole country because of extreme ethnic, wealth and political divisions.

          • Guest


          • AndrewInterrupted

            There goes Barney’s one bullet.

    • IstvanIN

      It serves your racial purpose to say that even though it isn’t true

    • Alexandra1973

      Do you even know the definition of “nation”?

    • Is that you, Jack Kemp?

    • These ideals, what survives of them, came out of Western civilization and will die as Westerners are demography erased.

    • The problem is that these “common ideals” are not so common anymore. They were at one time when our nation was not flooded by non-white third-worlders and prior to the cancer of modern liberalism. But this no longer the case. The old America has died.

  • italian guy

    This is one of the best essays on this site, it really boils down to identity and the right to exist as a race and ethnic groups. In these crazy days we are presented as the evil people that don’t want non-whites to succeed in life, that are against immigration because we are “racist”, but this is an upside down point of view! no one has the right to immigrate in a country, it’s not a human right and that means that non-whites are not the victims, we are! we are a group of people living in our countries, we are being invaded and being reduced to minorities in our countries, but we are forced to accept it as something inevitable and beautiful, if we dare say otherwise we are evil monsters… I bet the same people accusing us of being racist, won’t call Gandhi an “hater” of the British people, they won’t call the Dalai Lama a racist for not wanting the Chinese to invade Tibet, it just shows they are anti-white not anti-racist.
    It’s funny how “progressives” and “liberals” think they are some kind of heroes fighting the oppressive White man, but they are advocating the genocide of an entire race of people at the same time (promoting race-mixing whenever they can)… the truth is that it’s not immoral to protect your country, your identity and your interests as a people, but forcing us to be invaded and shut us up with crazy concepts like “racism” definitely is.

    • DonReynolds

      Just as every individual has the human right of self-defense, so too a society or a nation has a derivative right to defend itself from those who intend to visit genocide on their homes or compel their submission to chains and the lash. The right of self-defense is a human right.

  • Dale Warner

    The writer says, ” Identity cuts to the core of the questions we ask ourselves in quiet moments during restless nights: Why am I here? What is our purpose? What is future of humanity, and where is my place in it?”

    Close, but no banana. “Identity” asks “Who am I?”

    And what follows after answering that question is “How do I achieve authenticity?” That’s the tough question, but it can only be answered after asking, “Who am I?” No side-stepping that one.

    Citizenship in a Republic is no longer enough.

    • HJ11

      My answers: “Who am I?” I am a White person born of White people. “Why am I here?” To make more like myself. “What is my purpose?” To try to make sure that my DNA code becomes THE DNA code of all future humans and replaces the DNA code of all humans so that they go extinct. “What is my future?” To evolve ever higher and replace all earlier forms of humans.

  • Borachio

    The New York Times had a hilarious article today, asking people what it meant to be an American. Probably under duress, it even asked a couple of actual Americans what they thought about it.

  • Zimriel

    “The United States started with a strong identity: It was a breakaway nation formed of English colonists and settlers from other Western European nations. Its goal was to make its own decisions, both escaping the collapsing political structures of Europe and forging a new–or at least different–path.”

    To quote from Yoda – this is why you fail.

    The “united states” were PLURAL when the Constitution was drafted. They weren’t an “it”. They did have a common goal but they did not even want to forge a single path – Francis Scott Key’s maudlin plagiarized 1812 anthem aside.

  • Mike Lane

    This comment is in response to a deleted comment regarding why it is necessary to get rid of the Christian Church (Thought it could still be valuable):

    I do not believe the Catholic Church (or Christianity in general) will leave this earth any time soon, nor do I think it should. I must agree with you though that the Catholic Church (I can’t speak for other denominations) has shown signs of utter flabbiness in recent years when dealing with real world threats (the LGBT movements are a great example). It has become too compromising. Too much of the “Well, we think such and such is wrong, but we need to be ‘civil'” mentality. Take our Pope’s most recent comments about “legitimate redistribution of wealth”. His statement lacked any substantial historical analysis, nor did it have any logical foundation. He was simply preaching the garbage the “liberation theologians” preach in his South America. And to think the Church was once at the forefront of Western philosophy and science during for nearly a thousand years.

  • drakeshelton

    The French got us into this mess with their Revolution. Now maybe they will lead us out!

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The Spaniards should take the opportunity to send the Muslims a message and deny them that $3 Billion mosque where a bull fighting ring now stands in Barcelona. It would be the perfect place to draw a line in the sand and make an ideological stand.

  • I clicked your link, saw you got in some good licks, and passed out a bunch of upvotes to all the un-PC commenters.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yeah, I was busy over there throwing truth bombs. That’s why I hide my profile. I don’t want those Marxist terrorists following me back to base. <;-D

  • HJ11

    My nation, my religion, my destiny are based on my DNA, not on land or ideology except as these serve my DNA. I believe in Whiteism. What is good for Whites is good. What is bad for Whites is bad.

    Universalist beliefs, morals, ethics, values are bad for Whites. Particularist beliefs, morals, ethics, values are good for Whites.

    • Nevsky

      This is one of the arguments I use when debating with egalitarians. When they appeal to universal fairness and morality with phrases like “whites did this and whites did that to this group and that group”.

      I usually reply with “why did we have to care? Why do you expect whites to care about interests of other groups?”. This usually puzzles libtards since they don’t really know why indeed whites had to care whether their actions were just to some strangers.

  • 1G25

    Multiculturalism has replaced Americanism in many parts of the not-particularly-united States.
    Secession of the red states, forming a confederacy adhering to the Constitution, is all that is left to those who wish for an Old America for their grandchildren to grow up in.

  • HJ11

    The first law of nature is: survive. Why survive? Because the second law of nature is: make more like yourself. And, for Whites to survive, we need to only care for Whites and no others.

    To save one White life, all non-Whites should be thrown overboard. Our continued existence requires that we survive and breed and that others do not.

    • HJ11

      If you save one non-White out of some sort of misplaced compassion and that non-White goes on to have a child and that child has a child and that child kills a White, you have done evil. You allowed that killer to come into existence to kill some future White.

      Practice indifference and non-interference in the internal affairs of non-Whites. They should not be in our lifeboat.

      • Grantland

        Negative. The East Asians are fellow-humans.

  • John

    Thanks for the link. I got an “observation” of my own right below you.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Was this it?

      “…have you ever asked yourself where you learned that “information” to begin with?…”

      Your avatar wasn’t displaying there for some reason.

      • John

        “Quintoblanco” took exception to one of your posts and said “You are aware that Mel Gibson said: “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”?” Mine starts “Are you aware that in the 1920s, Henry Ford said “corral the 50 wealthiest Jews in the world and there will be no more war” and proceeds similarly with a few more “are you aware?” type questions.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Oh, OK. I think I pointed out that Gibson’s crime was making a movie about the Old Testament. I dodged his attempt at controlling the narrative. We have to roll up our sleeves and slop it up in the gutter with these pigs. The overwhelming support for Gary Oldman had the LibTrolls squeamish and squirming. Very refreshing day of blogging yesterday, I must say. Too bad I will probably have to work the whole weekend to make it up. It was worth it!!

  • CelestiaQuesta

    The Obama administration and his support appointees, DOJ Holder and Homeland Chief Jeh Johnson have declared War on American families.
    Impeach these traitors of the US Constitution.

  • LeePefley

    Concerning the abortion debate, I’ve just devised a solution! Instead of permitting all abortions, or outlawing all, we could make abortion illegal for some demographics and mandatory for others!

  • Jesse James

    I am aware that the globalist have been using movies and other media to shape our society pretty much since the technologies were invented. You make a good point about Andy Taylor’s character and the over the top goofiness of Barney Fife being designed to set the stage for eliminating firearms from civilian ownership, I don’t doubt it and of course most actors can be counted on to support whatever perversity rules in their societies. However, despite the subtle propaganda hidden in these early sitcoms they still depict a much more healthy world then we have today.

    I am not sure your age but if you could screw on your cap of remembering or at least imagine the recent past then you would know that within recent memory people in rural areas didn’t lock their doors day or night, could leave the windows down in their cars when they went into a store, that children as young as ten would ride off on their bicycles in the morning after breakfast and sometimes not come back till dinner as their towns were safe. We really did sit out on the front porch in rockers drinking iced tea and chatting with the neighbors as they walked by on the sidewalk. Teachers were never attacked at school by savage students and nobody got raped and murdered in the bathrooms of our schools. I grew up in an area that was about 40% black at the time but they minded their business and we minded ours. Inter-racial violence was very rare and interracial dating or marriage was unheard of in most areas outside a few of the largest cess-pits – I mean cities. Anyway that was a good world for us and I miss it. Similar to the elites recent experience with Duck Dynasty they found out that too many Americans treasured the corny old rural sitcoms like Mayberry RFD, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres and the Beverly Hillbillies. They meant for us to derided and despised and when it didn’t elicit that response they ended all of those shows.

    • Imagine what things would be like if we could actually trust each other. For that to happen, we’d have to be a real nation, not just a random piece of geography with the demographics of an international airport, not a “credal nation” or a “proposition nation.” If there is any vibrant diversity, then we have to make it clear and obvious to them even using brutal force the time of day.

      While we’re on this subject, there was this long form in The Atlantic a few months ago:

      www (dot) theatlantic (dot) com/features/archive/2014/03/hey-parents-leave-those-kids-alone/358631/

      They are right in that two major drivers in the shift from childhood play being unsupervised and unstructured to it being a supervised contrivance was the stampede of trial lawyers, the dorky “public interest” outfits that are nothing more than a dork with a fax machine, and the Stranger-Danger near-paranoia that was just getting started when I was starting to become coherent, and kicked into full gear with that movie Adam in 1983 about John Walsh’s son. I happen to think there was a taboo factor at work: All that vibrant diversity was going about unchecked and uninhibited.

  • Andy Griffith was seriously considering running for Senate as a Democrat to challenge Jesse Helms in 1984.

  • Nevsky

    Most of us looking to belong somewhere. Marxists says we belong to “humanity”, that’s where they draw the line of our self-identification. Our only identity must be a human they say. Any desire to be something else is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and sexist according to them.

    Can you comfortably say out loud in front of twenty strangers “Im a proud white man!” or can you say “I am proud to be a man!” or “Im proud to be straight!”. Can you state any of that without being called names?

    That’s how deep the indoctrination is. Yes, this century will be a century of identitarianism for the Western man. I just don’t want it to take another 100 years to develop, the sooner the better.

  • Except Nazi Germany wasn’t a credal/proposition nation, it was a true nation, i.e. it existed for the benefit of a loosely related loosely inbred group of people.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    My place. Dress casual. Only yellow/Don’t Tread On Me.
    No red, white, or blue. That country ended. It was overrun by parasites.