What If Race Is More Than a Social Construct?

Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail, May 10, 2014

Nicholas Wade, a leading science writer whose specialty is human evolution, likes to ask interesting questions. Here are some examples:

Why has the West been the most exploratory and innovative civilization in the world for the past 500 years?

Why are Jews of European descent so massively overrepresented among the top achievers in the arts and sciences?

Why is the Chinese diaspora successful all around the world?

Why is it so difficult to modernize tribal societies?

Why has economic development been so slow in Africa?

Contemporary thinkers have offered lots of provocative answers for such questions. It’s all about geography. Or institutions. Or rice culture. Or the devastating legacy of colonialism. Or Jewish mothers. Now comes another explanation, one that bravely explores the highly dangerous elephant in the room. Mr. Wade argues that human history has also been profoundly influenced by genetics.

Part of his new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, is a summary of new findings in genetic science, and part of it is highly speculative. All of it is bound to be deeply unpopular among social scientists, because it challenges their entrenched belief that race is nothing more than a social construct. The wide diversity in human societies around the world can be explained entirely by culture, they insist. We’re all the same under the skin.

Except we’re not quite. Since the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, evidence of subtle genetic differences has been piling up. As our ancestors branched out of Africa, different groups of people evolved in slightly different ways to adapt to local conditions. The most successful of those people passed on their adaptations to their offspring. The variations in human DNA correspond quite precisely to what we think of as the major races. They are associated not just with differences in hair and skin colour, but also with a range of other physical and (probably) behavioural traits. Another astonishing fact is that 14 per cent of the human genome has been under natural selection strong enough to be detectable. The evidence also shows that evolution can proceed remarkably quickly, and has never stopped. (The Tibetan adaptation to high altitudes is just 3,000 years old.) “Human evolution has been recent, copious and regional,” Mr. Wade says in his book.

Mr. Wade knows he may be stepping on a land mine. In the not so distant past, ideas about racial difference have been used to justify everything from slavery to extermination. A lot of people think it’s safer to deny such differences exist. The subject is so taboo that any discussion of racial differences is widely considered tantamount to racism itself. Geographer Jared Diamond (author of Guns, Germs and Steel, which contends that geography explains everything) has said that only people capable of thinking the Earth is flat believe in the existence of human races. So that makes Mr. Wade, who has written for the New York Times for 20 years, either foolhardy or fearless. “The idea that human populations are genetically different from one another has been actively ignored by academics and policy makers for fear that such inquiry might promote racism,” he writes.

Mr. Wade argues that people the world over are highly similar as individuals. But because of slight but significant evolutionary differences in social behaviour, societies differ widely. The various components of social behaviour are no more exempt from natural selection than hair or skin colour–and are profoundly more critical to human survival. As people migrated out of Africa, this evolution in social behaviour proceeded independently in different parts of the world and shaped many different types of institutions.

This thesis has a certain powerful explanatory force. It helps explain why less successful cultures don’t simply copy more successful ones. “If the differences between a tribal society and a modern state were purely cultural,” he writes, “it should be easy to modernize a tribal society by importing Western institutions.” But tribal societies are characterized by strong kinship relations and low levels of trust toward non-kin. Western institutions are characterized by high levels of trust among strangers. Tribal institutions are designed to empower the officeholder and his tribe, while Western institutions are designed to operate in the public interest. These differences are far more than skin deep, and have been shaped by centuries of human evolution.

The genetic basis for traits such as trust, conformity and aggression is still opaque. But Mr. Wade is convinced that it was rapid evolution of human nature in England and Northern Europe that paved the way for the ascendance of the West. (This highly original theory was developed by economic historian Gregory Clark in his book A Farewell to Alms.) For a variety of reasons, including brutal population pressures, people developed a cluster of traits–nonviolence, literacy, thrift and patience–that gradually became the values of society as a whole. “The ability of the rich to raise more surviving children slowly diffused the social behaviours required for modern prosperity into the wider society,” Mr. Wade says. These behaviours became the fertile soil for the Industrial Revolution, which vaulted Britain out of its Malthusian poverty trap and paved the way for Western domination: “The rise of the West is an event not just in history but also in human evolution.”

Mr. Wade is quite careful to reject notions of “superiority” and “inferiority” when discussing population variations. People adapted to the circumstances in which they found themselves, and shaped their institutions accordingly. “Different,” he stresses, does not mean “better.”

Even so, you can be sure that quite a lot of people do not want to have this conversation, or even admit that it might be legitimate. They do not want to entertain the thought that genetics could be a reason why human societies differ. Sure, they believe in evolution–except when it comes to us.

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  • MekongDelta69

    What If Race Is More Than a Social Construct?”

    What IF?!?

    Go back to your Sociology class and indoctrinate and brainwash them. They don’t know jack.

  • Geo1metric

    “Different,” he stresses, does not mean “better.”

    Yes, it does. In some obvious cases.

    • JSS

      Of course different is better, if it weren’t then every other race on earth including the Jews and Asians that are supposedly so much smarter then us wouldn’t be demanding to live with us. It’s never Whites demanding to live around diversity. That alone proves which is better or more desirable.

      • Geo1metric

        That’s exactly what I said. It’s obvious that some “difference” is better.

        Black culture is “different”, not better. White culture is “different”, and obviously better than black.

        • JSS

          I was basically just typing out that I agreed with you, didn’t mean to give you the impression otherwise.

          • Geo1metric

            Yes. I was merely trying to further clarify. Understood.

    • RealisticGuy

      It does in those cases, but only in those cases. Better, that is to say better by the entirety, belongs to no race.

      We can prioritize different areas of achievement all we please, that is our own bias. No race is better.

    • Reverend Bacon

      I like the Trojan Horse approach in Wade’s thesis. Technically, he’s correct: if certain physical attributes are necessary for survival, intelligence doesn’t matter. All the intelligence in the world won’t protect one from malaria, although one could invent medicine with enough intelligence. Running from predators is easier if you are fast, and not necessarily smart. Still, one can invent weapons.

      Before one can judge one set of attributes superior to another set, one must understand the importance of each attribute; this in turn depends upon the environment where the judging is to occur. I think the case can be made that things like intelligence, self-control, and long-term planning are the most valuable in 21st century America, which would, shall we say, not bode well for certain races. But that’s not completely clear: there’s also this attribute called “altruism,” which one race in particular seems to have an excess of, and is its detriment. And there’s another attribute that I will call, “patheticness” or “whininess” that preys on those with the attribute “altruism.” So here’s the irony: with the gradual genocide of the race high in intelligence and altruism, the high whininess attribute of the newly dominant races will become useless. They will be looking for things like intelligence, self-control, and long-term planning. But we’ll be dinosaurs by then.

  • David Ashton

    Jared Diamond’s quoted comment is most significant. Does the human species consist of population clusters characterized by distinctive gene-determined phenotypes, or not? If so, shall we (still) call them “races” or used another word for the same objective phenomenon?

    • Martel

      I believe “racial category” is fine.

    • MBlanc46

      They have to continue to use “race”, otherwise calling us “racists” wouldn’t make any sense.

    • De Doc

      Diamond’s ideas remind me of the late SJ Gould. In both cases their psychological world views trumped the volumes of data. Races can’t exist, because to admit that would be bigotry. Both have argued elegantly on the nature of speciation and how it influences non-human animals with breeding selection and further divergence, but, strangely, these same biological principles are absent regarding human intelligence and social development. An example of denial clouding fine minds despite the evidence.

    • JohnEngelman

      Jared Diamond claims, on the basis of no evidence at all, that New Guinea tribesmen are as intelligent as Europeans.

  • Kenner

    Outstanding review, the author gets it, and isn’t afraid to say so.

  • As some of you may already know, Nicholas Wade was fired from the NY Times today. His Leftist overlords didn’t like him even questioning the established orthodoxy that blacks are not as capable of adapting to modern societies as whites and Asians.

    Another one bites the dust.

    • Dave4088

      Questioning the state religion of universal human equality always comes at a price.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      What? James Fulford over at VDare says this is not true, Wade was not fired and that the Daily Caller got it wrong.

      • If that’s true, I will retract my post. I read it in at least two articles today. I sure hope it isn’t true.

        • Kenner

          Not true. See my above post.

      • Martel

        The Daily Caller added a note to the end of their article, also claiming they possibly had it wrong. Wade apparently denied it.

    • I thought you were joking or making a satircal comment. You’re right. I just looked it up–fired after what 30 years? The powers that be are panicked at the thought that the truth will become common knowledge. I have to think about this shocking development. For now, my immediate thought is that it plays right into our hands. It shows clearly how intoleratnt the tolerant ones are.

      • FeuerSalamander

        ” The powers that be are panicked at the thought that the truth will become common knowledge” … just as the vampire panics at the coming sunrise and vainly tries to will it away with hissing.

    • Kenner

      Just searched– Not fired. Nicholas Wade was described as ex-editor of NYT science section; that was mis- taken to mean he was fired. He still writes his column, he hasn’t been the editor of that section for awhile.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I also double-checked and Wade was NOT fired (thankfully). I had read the article early this morning, including that of another news source, and they both said he was terminated from the NY Times. So, I apologize for the mistake.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “What If Race Is More Than a Social Construct?”

    I love how this is posited like it’s the unlikely scenario rather than the obvious.

  • GenX Antipodean

    Morality is a social construct, race is just a biological reality.
    The human brain is an organ, a body part.
    Why we can identify physical differences, barring that one organ is beyond me.

    • Jacobite2

      Variations in brain architecture are easily identified by any competent scientist. Brains of gays are different than brains of normal men (not so different from women’s brains — knock me over!); men’s brains differ from women’s; race, you have to go to the DNA for now. The point about biological reality vs social construct is true, but when your social constructs deny biological reality, nothing good is going to happen.

    • captainc

      interesting, I have been thinking a lot too whether morality is social construct, best it is social contract to make sure civilization (evolution) is possible, otherwise it will be too much violence and mankind cannot learn from one another of what other groups have achieved, therefore, our perpetual hunter and gathering society.

      • captainc

        if it is indeed, morality is social construct, then we need to form an healthy morality in which it does not cause suicide of our own existence. I think Old Testament or Sharia Law is the best enforcer of mankind morality, as we know for sure some humans have become fully human while others are struggling or even have subverted it and debased it to further their own supremacy.

      • GenX Antipodean

        Morality is surely a social construct where the majority of the population agree to adhere to certain behavioral standards, which surely must be easier to define in a homogeneous population.
        I feel throwing the globes values into the melting pot can only erode a communities values.
        Progressives are constantly redefining what we ought to collectively accept and reject.
        For instances I recently read of a Woman’s music festival, whose organizers have been accused of being Nazi’s (who else?) for excluding creepy trans-gender males who want to join the sister hood.
        Or in Oz we had some lady have to remove her personalized license plate ‘Kiki’ because it apparently means ‘vagina’ in Filipino, with 400 spoken languages in the one country, I’m sure there’s someone who can be offended by everything.

        Let me say pardon for not replying to your three posts the other week, I started too, then I got lazy and felt I was started to share too much personal info. My relationship with this site is fickle at best, I love it and hate it (isn’t that always the way). I go through a cycle of feeling addicted to it, backing away, then I get frustrated with all the PC censorship double standards on MS sites, then I find myself back here, enjoying the refreshing openness (ironic considering our reputation I know), then I repeat the cycle again, as I have done over the last eight years. I like reading your posts, so don’t take it personally.

        • captainc

          Hey, never share any personal information. You are not here to confess all your sins. And take your time, we all here to unwind ourselves. Thanks for the reply.

  • Dave4088

    I’m really getting sick and tired of these reviewers using cases of Jewish or Chinese achievement to prove Wade’s thesis as if whites have created nothing and done nothing of significance. Whites create the most thriving, livable nations which the former two groups consistently demand entry into.

    Israel would be facing economic collapse if not for American and German financial aid and China would be the world’s largest rice paddy if not for American and Europeans relocating the bulk of their industries to them resulting in massive trade deficits that favor China.

    • Dave that is because right now in this once great country, White men are evil there the devil, and have done nothing but stole lie and cheated to get where he is at……..
      and the media is giving such hate speeches a free ride with very little back lash to such statments…….its all good, let them say such things, it truly showes there ignorance to writen history, as well as the lack of vocabulary, don’t get too worked up, there day is comming to an end;

      • FeuerSalamander

        I agree with the sentiment…. I think:
        “they’re the devil”, “shows their ignorance”, “their day is coming to an end.”
        “white men ….lied… to get where they are at”
        When your grammar is incorrect then it obscures or changes the meaning of what you are saying. Please learn the differences between “They’re , “Their” and “There”. Also, the verb should agree with the subject. If the subject is plural then the verb should be the plural form, to change the form of the verb makes the reader wonder if you are now talking about someone or something else. To then use a singular pronoun later in the sentence confuses the reader even more:”Who is “he”, are we talking about an individual now? Before it was ‘they’, now it is ‘he’, who is he?”

        • yes ive been told, i use the smart phone, and the small screan i can’t see what im typing, so i use the voice, and sometime i do attempt to correct the mess it made. the smart phone is really not so smart.
          forgive me and my phone…..and my lack of taking the time to make the corrections.

          • kikz2

            i’d have to resort to a giant magnifier and excessive net-shorthand 😀

          • FeuerSalamander

            my fingers are too big. it is maddening.

          • FeuerSalamander

            oh, that explains it, yes, the automated voice recognition systems sometimes really get things mixed up. I have seen some hilarious “closed captions” that were created with such systems.

          • FeuerSalamander

            We all do. Cathartic is the word I guess. It is also nice to have what seems like a community of like minded souls, even if there are the intentional irritators in the mix.

          • yes it is and Ido find it amusing, when I look back later what i posted….I don’t take the criticizm personal. Just attemptin to get my opinon out, as well reading others, I do enjoy a good chat even when it is someone who don’t agree with me. I find it stimulating.

          • FeuerSalamander

            depends, if someone is genuinely interested in having a discussion that is one thing. Some aren’t though, they do not respond to what you say or ask. They try to take you down winding twisting roads . They have the nature of a disturbed woman. It is not good to tangle with them.They seek only to irritate and confuse. Those one’s should be ignored.

          • Geo1metric

            Don’t touch the tar baby!

        • kikz2

          sorry, grammar/spelling nazi here… and i agree in totality… it also makes one appear less intelligent…… sorry, that’s just the prevailing judgement in the environment… and it makes one an easy target of derision by detractors of your point….. someone can totally torpedo your point if your spelling/grammar are substandard, spelling errors/auto-correct errors are quite different from not knowing or caring….

          another faux pas i’ve seen too much of lately.. the misuse of ‘then’ for ‘than’…. watch that one, as well……please.

          i must admit, i’m a horror with correct punctuation in some instances… however, this is a less than formal setting, and let slide w/caps as well.

          • Its all good man I don’t take it personal. Hoping the next 2-3 generations of smart phones will do a better job. I know my intelegance and accidamics, As do the people who peronaly know me. I’m not a complete idiot…..If I was a genius, I would have had made my own country or at leaste enough money to buy a island and run it as a respectable country. Hey I can dream can i not.

          • captainc

            in one of your comments, you confessed that you are Hispanic and that would explain your awkward spelling and grammar. Yet, you said as well that you are German, Irish, etc. Which is which?

          • My apology, most the time I use my phone voice to chat. It screws crap all up.
            On my P.C should be better for you to understand me.
            Im a mix of German, Irish, and Black foot native american,
            no latino that I know of. Sorry if I confused you.

          • captainc

            ok, no problem if you were Hispanic, it is just better to be honest.

          • tetrapod

            The most common and most egregious is using “your” for “you’re”. I’m no grammar Nazi, but seriously folks, those who make that mistake look like idiots, even if they in fact have something of interest to say.

    • anton drexler

      And Jewish achievement in the arts is mostly due to their control of the press and Academy. Where is the Jewish Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Bramante, etc.? Their achievement in the sciences were made possible by the creative White Christians whose civilization was the only one to systematically develop the modern scientific method.

      • Romulus

        I’ve even heard it argued that the Ashkenazim are an amalgam of scientist Phoenicians/Galatians and middle eastern caucasoid. Some believe that’s why you’ll see some tribe with red hair, which isn’t an overall natural mutation among them but rather the other classic look like A. Weiner.

        • David Ashton

          There is a small “Nordic” element among them. The “Khazar” element if Turko-Mongoloid cannot account for more than a modest %age. Anyone with sufficient interest, credentials, time AND OBJECTIVITY should look through all the recent DNA data now available, and take into account also ALL the previous diverse work of Richard Lynn, Shlomo Sand, Kevin MacDonald, Hans Guenther and Otmar von Verschuer. Time we had a major new solid study written by neither a Zionist propagandist nor an Anti-“Semitic” paranoiac, but by someone with full competence for such a task, to general benefit.

          • Romulus

            I intend to email him and suggest a book that deals directly with that.
            Write a history that combined genetics, anthropology, archeology, migrations,politics and miscegenation in chronological order. (with pictures :-))

          • David Ashton

            Best of luck!

          • FeuerSalamander

            The Khazar kingdom was an amalgam of different ethnicities, mostly circassian types , some turkic and even some germanics.

          • David Ashton

            Please refer me to proof of the biological anthropology of those converted to Judaism.

      • FeuerSalamander

        the arts? I had to scratch my head on that one. There are so few great jewish artists, as far as painters and designers go. They are represented well below their percentage of the population in the arts. MEDIA does not count, that is not art, it is propaganda.

        • kikz2

          all one has to do is look at modern art….. it theirs…..

          • Geo1metric

            In my opinion, most “modern art” isn’t. If you need a small “booklet” to explain what the “artist” is trying to convey, he/she isn’t.

    • Romulus

      I provided a comparison of the tribe haplogroups vs. anotole A.D. Klyosov’s papers on anthropology and was deleted.
      Perhaps, some we’re able to read my comment prior to deletion.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Well this article did mention England and the industrial revolution so there’s that.

  • If this picks up more steam this could be very usefull to many how are not doing so great in a civilized nation. It will take awhile. there will be much denial. but let them speak, like most race baiters and Haters, there ignorace, in many many cases will prove the point, that they are wrong. See Al Sharpton. While i do know a few off the boat Africans, who moved here to get away from the hell hole, went to school hear and landed great jobs, they take care of there famlies and made a good life hear, nor do they understand the African Americans, hate twoard any body and every body who is not black. I see the intelegance in there eyes, and there vocabulary is better than many here. But they tried. they worked for it.

    • IstvanIN

      But shouldn’t the cream of the Africa stay in Africa to improve the lot of their own people rather than skim off of ours?

      • I did agree at one point, he is a neibor of mine, we have beer bbq ect, on the weekends, i said this to him. He has thicker skin than most Afican Americans here. He is not offended by real questions. And his answer was quiet long, to sum it up, There is no hope for his former home contry, the biggest issue is the educated ones who speak are over ran by thugs and extreamest, there is not enough patriots in there country. and the smart ones get them selves and famly killed for attempting to make there country better for every one. So he took his 3 girls and wife and moved here. This is fine with me he is no differant than when my famlie came here to get away from the B.S in Europe in the day.

        • IstvanIN

          There is a huge difference, assuming your forebears were European and thus White.

          • to some degree yes but the mindset of coming here to build our country make it his own know it is the same I’m not talking about people come here for the welfare I’m talking about people coming here to build a better life for themselves and new adopted country manmyself I am a mix of Irish German Blackfoot Native American and Italian. like my forefathers becomes here to become American he’s not playing anybody else’s flag is not trying to change a sin to Africa you can do this country to be American as did my forefathers

          • sulbernick

            Why haven’t you learnt to write properly?

          • ever hear about the smart phone voice. it loves to screw thing up a bit. i don’t use the keys due to my size, and the size of the screan can’t see crap. till it posted. and yes i a bit lazy to edit, but its all good, go ahead pick apart my spelling, i don’t mind, unlike most younger and liberal Americans my skin is very thick. you are not going to hurt my feelings, I find such sites like this rather therapeutic, to get my opinon out,
            maybe the next generation or two will have a phone that can do a better job on the voice. till then this is what im putting out.
            I also find it entertaining the botched sentences this thing put out, but like I said, I don’t edit my own stuff.

        • superlloyd3 coon

          With regression to the mean of lower black IQ and greater acculturation to US black “culcha”, his children are more than likely to drop out of the middle class as happens to the offspring of many middle class US blacks. This happens in the UK with many black africans aping the braindead ‘culcha’ and infantile, pidgin english of the longer established afro-carribean population. So, all in all bright starts do not imply happy endings for the host nation.

      • MBlanc46

        Reasonable question, but I can understand that anyone who had a chance to get the Hades out of Africa would take it in a heartbeat.

        • This is for Tucker, not sure if your comment is going through or not. While i do enjoy your opinon, I don’t feel sorry for him more than i respect for him, he was not following what was expected of him. While i do agree that imagration should be controled, more so than it is now, i also belive that some from such a hole as Afirca, don’t want to become what most of there people have become. A little more info on him he dose not want his girls to date or even meet any black getto american. He may be black but he acts more civilized (White) than some here. He dose not preach hate nor dose he call for ones death. He dose not get offended when asked questions on his views toward race. I dont’ feel sorry for him. I do respect him.

  • And so Mr. Wade has now been crucified on the cross of anti-racism by being fired by the New York Times.

    Undoubtedly, the blacks and browns complained to the Times that they could not work with such an evil racist, so he had to go. Why did we not see this coming? I’ll tell you why.

    Because we whites are such a good-hearted people that we think that others are the same way. No one would fire a man for his intellectual studies, would they?

    Others are not good hearted. They wish us to be dead, literally. That we are cooperating in our own genocide is extraordinary.

    The last paragraph of the story is telling: “Even so, you can be sure that quite a lot of people do not want to have this conversation, or even admit that it might be legitimate. They do not want to entertain the thought that genetics could be a reason why human societies differ. Sure, they believe in evolution–except when it comes to us.”

    • MBlanc46

      Apparently the report that he was fired by the NYT is not correct.

      • Yes, there seems to be some confusion about it. Thanks for the update.

    • jane johnson

      Eric Holder does NOT want to have this conversation.

  • Marcus

    Tribalism can be cured. The fear of life is the cause of all our anti-social, self-destructive, neurotic habits of behaviour and relationship with one another, and with the earth itself. We have found that a simple act that we call ‘looking at yourself’ washes away the fear of life and heals the mind of anyone who will try it just once:

    1. Close your eyes. Notice the symphony of sensations and thoughts about sensations rising and falling within you.

    2. Notice that you can move your attention to one or another sensation or thought at will.

    3. Now use that same beam of attention to look for the feel of what you would call ‘me’ – a faint sensation that is what you feel like to yourself.

    4. Try to ‘look at yourself’ whenever the thought of it comes to you. You cannot fail if you just try.

    That’s it, you’ve done all that needs to be done to bring you home to the beauty and satisfaction that are to be found in a human life lived without fear.

    • Spikeygrrl

      New Age alphabet soup. NOT what I expect — and REspect — from AmRen.

      • Chasmania

        I would NOT blame AmRen for that nut. Even the best of homes can sometimes get squirrels in the attic.

        • FeuerSalamander

          squirrels in the attic an rising damp (JE) in the foundation

    • gemjunior

      That is all senseless. Who’s “we?” as in “We have found?” Is this a cult of self-awareness?
      Some of us are already living in a life without fear. The topics in this magazine, AmRen, don’t seem related to the topic you espouse; how about “New Age Health” or “Yoga Today” ? Try writing in their comment section. Now go away, like a good man.

      • Marcus

        The ‘we’ is people who have taken a moment to do the looking and have experienced its inevitable effects in their lives. This relates to everything to do with Amren, as the amren ideology is based on tribalism, which ,unlike many WN, say is curable in every human being.

        • Geo1metric

          There is nothing in “tribalism” that needs curing.

          If anything, Whites need a LOT more tribalism.

        • GenX Antipodean

          Disavowing tribalism only works if all other tribes do it.
          We Whites are being tricked into atomizing, while out groups seem to be encouraged to galvanize together. I’d rather be a lone wolf within my own group, than be alone amongst many groups.
          Spiritualism is the highest plane a society can explore, which is a luxury that comes from that society being successful.
          Which I know is contradicted by the idea that godhead is found within and is devoid of materialism, but you can only ascend to your spiritual house, once your physical and mental houses are in order.
          You need to be secure (without fear as you say) before you can be free. The barbarians are now in the gates, so what you’re advocating sounds like escapism or denial.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      I’ve encountered your psychobabble about a half-dozen times now. Enough is enough. You’ve established your credentials as new-age nut. Go away.

      BTW, psychobabble can sometimes sound reasonable at first but there always comes a point where the wheels fall off. It’s phrases like “… now expand your circle of energy … ” or “… use your beam of attention …”

      • Marcus

        This has nothing to do with new age . You are using your beam of attention to focus on what you are reading right here, that is what is meant by ‘beam of attention’ nothing more.

        • FeuerSalamander


    • WR_the_realist


      • FeuerSalamander

        HE DON’T HAVE NO PANCAKE MIX!!!!…… When someone starts talking nonsense to you, you counter it with more nonsense. You give nonsense back to them as one can not have a conversation about nonsense, it is impossible. The proper response is to hit them back with a meaningless sentence. They will soon tire of the exchange as they will see they can not achieve their objective, which its to irritate and or confuse you. When you show right away that you recognize what they are doing and return a nonsense phrase that implies that you will not have an exchange and do not take them seriously, they lose. SO respond with ” YOU AINT GOT NO PANCAKE MIX!!!!” “Huh” is OK, but it does not imply a strong enough sense of ridicule and dismissiveness.

  • WR_the_realist

    I do not believe the world is flat. I do believe that there are human races.

    Jared Diamond has just been proven to be a fool. I know of another Jared who’s a lot wiser.

  • none of your business

    Non violence and thrift might have helped Whites at one time. But since about 1950 in America, sloth, cheating and violence seem to be the best means of making sure a certain group arrives at the top. I mean really folks, when the only criteria for any kind of goverment job is to be a member of the dumbest, most crime ridden and disfunctional group in the country, how do the White virtues of non violence, education, thrift, showing up on time and accomplishing your tasks help us now?

    Answer, they are a hinderance. Our goverment and the elites who rule the goverment have decreed that the traditional White virtues are for naught and the traditional black vices of violence, sloth, inability to accomplish tasks and general disfunction in every sphere are the new means of upward mobility.

  • JohnEngelman

    Nicholas Wade, a leading science writer whose specialty is human evolution, likes to ask interesting questions. Here are some examples:

    Why are Jews of European descent so massively overrepresented among the top achievers in the arts and sciences?

    Why is the Chinese diaspora successful all around the world?

    – Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail, May 10, 2014

    Good genes.

  • TXCriollo

    I never heard this race is a social construct garbage until i was a senior in college, probably because i was a chemical engineering major until my jr year. It was never from the science or business professors, but the social science classes, ie your humanity bs that everyone needed to take. I remember a ta tried to pull this bs, i said if race does not exist why do people still cry racism? Never go an answer

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Peoples’ amazement at hearing the plainly obvious stated is, well, amazing.

  • Ringo Lennon

    What the hell is a social construct? Gd, speak English.

  • paul marchand

    Whites are a tribe. But with many sellouts, who decry the “racism” of the tribe, even as they live in the protection of the tribe.
    When not amongst the tribe, whether in apartments, neighborhoods, or schools, white tribal members, even the traitorous left, vacate.