University Prof. Attacks Obama as the ‘Face of Global White Privilege’

Erica Ritz, The Blaze, May 14, 2014

Professor Adrien Wing of the University of Iowa recently attacked President Barack Obama as the “face of global white privilege” at the 15th annual White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

Describing Obama as the “front man for the system,” Wing said people shouldn’t be happy just because there is a “black face in the White House, who is running the White House instead of serving in the White House.”

“The master’s house has now got a black face, but it’s still the master’s house!” she said. “He works for the master of the system of white privilege.”

Conservative news organization Progressives Today–a joint collaboration between Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and EAG News’ Kyle Olson, who also co-wrote Glenn Beck’s most recent book “Conform”–has been releasing video they obtained at the White Privilege Conference.


Watch the complete video below (Wing’s comments come around the 1:30 mark):

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  • WR_the_realist

    Today to be a progressive you are required to be anti-white. Even if you are white yourself. Indeed, I’d have to label the participants in the Knock Out game as honorary progressives.

  • MekongDelta69

    Her name should be Adrien Wing-Nut.

    Most leftists are mentally deranged, but some are loonier than others.

    • Sheik Yerbouti

      It’s an accurate assessment. Obama is an imposter. Blacks are starting to realize this. It’s actually hilarious how long it is taking them. They were totally played by a honkey with black skin.

      It won’t stop them from voting strictly along color lines though. They rarely actually “learn” from their mistakes. They just blame it on whites and vote for the next black fraud with a big mouth. Like this one is doing.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Nobody is waking up. They are starting to turn on Obama only in order to pave the way for the next, even blacker president in the near future.

    • This one’s Master’s Degree was in African Studies, and she is currently the Director of the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights. Her U.I. bio doesn’t even say what her Princeton B.A. degree was in; it must have been a REALLY off-the-wall major if even Wing is hiding it.

      Funny: I never imagined that the University of Iowa has had trouble with “human rights” violations on campus. Did U.I. accidentally hire some former Khmer Rouge?

      • George Clark

        My guess is that she got her degree at Negro College, same as where you got yours.

      • Dr. Mark Mariani

        Despise these brainiac mind-hive Stalinists.

      • Dr. Mark Mariani

        LOL accidentally?! Deliberately, more likely, to learn from their ‘revolutionary experiences’.

      • LHathaway

        Spot on commentary, Michael.

        Iowa did import a bunch of Indians or Pakistan’s who are all followers of an Eastern religions guru. According to once source, this group has nearly take over one small town in Iowa.

  • Conservative news organization Progressives Today–a joint collaboration between Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and EAG News’ Kyle Olson, who also co-wrote Glenn Beck’s most recent book “Conform”–has been releasing video they obtained at the White Privilege Conference.

    Hoft being a St. Louisan, and I’m almost certain he reads my blog, and I know I read his, I’ve been aware of his new Progressives Today effort since he helped start it last week.

    And I have mixed feelings about it.

    The good news: It’s going to expose the far left’s anti-white racial idiocy to an audience far beyond what AR currently reaches. It might even be a bit of a gateway (no pun intended) drug that eventually heads people to AR.

    The bad news: This might all be an attempt to steal AR’s issues while trying to keep people away from AR’s solutions for those problems. IOW, manipulate white anger over the racial treason of the far left, all the while delivering that anchor ultimately into a political dead end of the Stupid Party, which has no intention of solving the problem.

    • The Stupid Party is a large part of the problem.

      • LHathaway

        I thought the republicans were the greedy party and demo’s the stupid party? Are you saying I can’t trust Jay Leno. . .

    • Pro_Whitey

      It would be especially bad if they start invoking Marvin Loofah Keen Joonyah.

    • Dr. Mark Mariani

      Insightful. The counter-intelligence systems are adept at creating just-such organizations.

    • connorhus

      Interesting take QD. I get the impression from most of the comments off GWP that they would be willing to leave the Repubs behind if a viable White option could be found. While there are still a few there who will bend over backwards rather than admit racial differences, by and large the comments at GWP are often more pro-White than some of the ones I see here. I guess what I am saying is they don’t try and hide the truth at all. The censorship at GWP is also not as rabid as it is at other sites…… We won’t mention. Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

      • Jim Hoft is too close to the lamestream for my personal tastes, but I’ll always give him credit for taking a story I broke on a blog I used to write for (the blog no longer exists) and sending it to the stratosphere of the mainstream. It was back in the fall of 2008 when two St. Louis area prosecutors and a sheriff held a press conference implying they were going to jail and prosecute Obama critics.

        • connorhus

          You’re right he (and his associates) do want to break into the Lamestream talking heads industry no doubt about that. I actually remember the story you are talking about as well. The plus I was looking at was more Hoft’s and GWP’s audience most of them are ripe for being awakened or so it has seemed to me and they are not as heavy handed with the nerf bat on comments either.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Yeah, the Jews control the Nazis and Obama is the face of White Privilege.

    Quack quack the duckspeak quacks.

  • Meet Adrien Katherine Wing, [email protected]:

    • Tom Thumb

      Hopefully, this poor thing will remain a spinster her entire life.

    • LHathaway

      At least she’s pretty. Or by saying that, have I condemned myself to some kind of ‘sensitivity’ training?

    • bilderbuster

      Her hair is trying to get her some White Privilege.

  • TheAntidote

    You’re right. This is why we should put a real black man in the Honky House. I say put negroes in charge of everything to hasten the inevitable disintegration and collapse. A Detroit in every state!

    Kwame Kilpatrick IN 2016!
    Rev Dr Al Sharpton, VP
    Maxine Waters, AG
    Marion Barry, State
    Louis Farrakhan, Defense

    • Mason Gull

      I think Malik Zulu Shabazz and Angela Davis should be somewhere on this list.

    • TXCriollo

      ha and also make Trayvon martin the patron saint of the campaign

    • Dr. Mark Mariani

      No, thanks. Cascadia is governed by some decent laws, we don’t need tyranny. Your strategy is a mirror-reflection, in the right-hand rather than left, of Bakunin, Lenin and Trotsky in “accelerating.society’s destruction to bring.on the revolution faster”. Equally bad.

    • SlizzardAjeosshi

      You forgot

      Magic Johnson, health and human services

      Jeremiah Wright, education

      Mumia Abu Jamal, doj

  • TruthBeTold

    Nazis on the march!

    Pogroms to follow.

    • bilderbuster

      The Czars had progroms.

  • TruthBeTold

    Dangerous nuts.

  • I find the term White privlage offencive, Ive worked my whole life. My hands have scares to show it. Ive scrached and busted my but for every penny, I get by keeping the roof over my famlies head, food for wife and kids, I don’t eat every day so they can, pay my rent, yes rent. Power is on. Insurance paid, Im the only one who works, wife dose not. But im Privlaged…..I was unemployed once for 3weeks, my whole life, drove me bat crazy. I went to school, paid my own way. No help, im to white and privlaged. Life is not easy. Why should a group of people that the government has created with no will to work get a free ride. Welfare needs a big overhaul. Nothing should be for free. If you have not put into the system, you should not be entitled to it. As we (government)rob more from the SS that people who have put into it. Yet people who never work get help.
    How about the ones who get welfare don’t get a check, with out a public service like highway litter patrol, paint building and wall that have been vandalized, clean the window at city hall, ect. They will cry, some may starve, but this would give them initiative to find better jobs go to school and get off well fair, this government of ours needs to get people the will to work, not free money. its killing us all as a country.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    Well Barry Hussein is a post turtle puppet of the far left.

    But to claim he is the face of white privilege when he beat a group of far more experienced and qualified white candidates, is difficult to take seriously.

    • Sloppo

      Barry was chosen because he was the most qualified candidate for the job. None of the other candidates could match his ability to destroy this country while using the “race card” to effectively avoid accountability. The extensive assortment of skeletons in his closet ensures that he will always be easy for his handlers to control until the day he is no longer useful.

  • No one can be radical enough for a radical like this nutjob professor. At heart, what she wants but is unwilling to say, is white GENOCIDE. Only the mass extermination of whites would satisfy her. She’s another Noel Ignatiev. Remember him? There’s many of them in the universities. It’s part of the “long march through the institutions.”

    Well, we must start our long march through the institutions. Raise up your white sons and daughters to be saboteurs for our cause. Push them to get their advanced degrees while pretending to agree with the libtards. Get our youth into the universities and get them tenured and then let the FUN begin.

  • IstvanIN

    She should be proud of Barack Sotero Hussein Junior, he is destroying the US faster than even George Walker Bushtinez !

  • JohnEngelman

    How much does anyone want to bet that Professor Adrien Wing of the University of Iowa has been a life time beneficiary of affirmative action?

    • TXCriollo

      Bet my months paycheck

    • See her C.V. – taken from the University of Iowa law department’s online faculty directory – in my post above. Princeton, UCLA and Stanford for a mentally unhinged floon who – just accidentally happens to black – has me thinking “Hmmmmm.”

  • Conrad

    As I have stated before, these lunatics will not be happy until all white people are dead. Whites will never be innocent of the charge of racism. Until, that is, we stop apologizing and take our country back.

  • neverevrland

    Just a warning if you are eating something while watching this you may want to finish chewing before getting to minute 3:00 and the comments by an Eskimo Professor named Paul Kivel. Kivel’s views on just who controls american society that might cause one to discharge their sustenance at a high velocity before laughing uncontrollably.

    • Sloppo

      Paul Kivel has a web site full of similar drivel. See:


      • PesachPatriot

        He should shout that at around 10 pm saturday night on MLK boulevard in either Miami, Tampa or West Palm Beach…..his new friends would give him some heaping handfuls of “social justice” from fists and expensive sneakers…..I really can’t stand zhids like that…..I bet his home is in a zip code with a less than 3 per cent black population….

        If he really has a problem living in a white majority country no body is stopping him from making aliyah whenever he feels like it…..I don’t think he’d last more than a week there…..

  • Rhialto

    Somewhat off topic: The fact that parasites like Prof. Wing are employed at colleges/universities is one reason that tuitions are exorbitant.

  • Evette Coutier

    I watch the video and the best I can say is these folks are boring. They stated ZERO facts to support their beliefs. We need to cut funding to colleges and universities who run programs like this. Let’s see just how long they will last in a free market.

    • Lagerstrom

      They are completely boring! Could you imagine, being a normal person, having to put up with their ranting and mindless propaganda-speak on a regular day-to-day basis?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    White racism will always exist because blacks will always need an excuse for their intellectual and biological inferiority.

    • Sloppo

      If “white racism” ever goes away, whites will be gone too. Any ethnic group which completely loses it’s will to exist will eventually stop existing.

    • ThomasER916

      So long as there are Whites there will be anti-Whites.

  • Lagerstrom

    I cannot imagine what it would be like to be a person such as this ‘professor’. I don’t get paid as much, but seriously, I would rather be dead than have my mind cluttered with such useless nonsense.

  • Bartek

    They want all White people dead.
    Is that so hard to figure out?

  • none of your business

    Well, his Mother was N. European White and his Father, Frank Marshall Davis, head of the communist party of Hawaii was married to a White woman and they had quadroon kids as Davis was a light skinned black himself.

  • celtthedog

    Actually, horrified as I am to admit it, this “Professor” Adrien Wing is partially correct — Obama is indeed the front man. He is indeed the servant and not the master.

    I give the Prof a B- for that.

    There’s hope for this one yet, if she does a little more digging…

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Obama is the front man for ZOG–not for “white christian privilege”. America stopped being a White Christian nation decades ago. (By the way, notice how all the ones preaching these lies are themselves “chosen ones”.)

  • Jack Whistler


    1) The condition of being a male member of the race
    which created the modern age, and thus is responsible for feeding,
    housing and clothing a large parasitic population regardless of the
    damage said parasitic population causes.

    2) The condition of
    being responsible for all ills (real or imagined) suffered by anyone who
    is not a male of the race, and thus being expected to voluntarily
    dispossess oneself to provide wealth to others.

    3) The
    condition of being a member of the race, members of which repeatedly
    succeeded in life despite what obstacles they face; yet are expected to
    show remorse for their successes despite having had opportunities stolen
    from them by programs such as Affirmative Action, race-based
    ‘education’ (indoctrination), race-selective hiring programs, and other
    punitive measures which punish the member of the race. Meanwhile those
    who are given every manufactured opportunity still fail, yet members of
    the white race somehow remain responsible, despite having paid for
    providing others those unearned, undeserved, manufactured opportunities.

    4) The condition of being a member of the white race, and being
    unwilling to apologize for what you have achieved in life by your own
    effort and sacrifice.

    Anti-White Racism, Corruption, Envy,

  • I’d describe Wing as at best a quadroon.

  • TheViking97

    Look at the names of the so called white allies. I’m mean, come, come, come on man! Let’s be real here.

  • LHathaway

    ‘Rape, is that intrinsically bad’? Good one! The interviewer was on his toes! He comes off as a little annoying, though.

  • LHathaway

    I can’t help but wonder if these people believe they are laying the ground work, or continuing the all important work of social justice. That on some level they believe white men will benefit from all this ‘sensitivity’ training too one day. They mostly go along with it because of fear, but some part of their conscience is assuaged by thinking that white men, who they must suspect are victims themselves in a sense, will benefit from this tolerance training one day. The longer this tolerance training goes on, the longer white men will benefit from it in their own day, they must imagine. So in other words, these people are completely insane. Luckily, fear compulses them to go along with the pogrom no matter what their rationalizations.

    Blacks are equally ‘insane’, in that they will ‘believe’ anything if they feel it advances their own interest. The moon is made of green cheese, yes it is, if this will increase the number of those on food stamps. Since they actually do believe it, perhaps this is proof of, not their insanity, but their sanity – if being sane means believing the same things as everyone else.

    They are all like the upper echelon of Nazi Germany who went along with the expulsions of Jews because, if they’re removed from Germany they wont all be subject to all this anti-semitism. It’s for their own good.

  • Grantland

    Where is Anders when you need him?

  • Berkeley Guy

    So Obama is a representative of white privilege? Ridiculous, but OK, I’ll bite. If Obama fits her description, then let us see what Obama has to say to her if they sit down together. Unless she is as stubborn as a mule … then I expect she would be singing a different tune.

    White privilege is a slang term with negative connotations that seeks to paint red the fact that many white people are nice to each other. But even if white privilege exists as it is purported to be–some kind of advantage of having white skin–then why in the world would I want less of something that benefits me? Why would I seek to have less of anything beneficial? Maybe I am missing something here. I have asked why Han people do not feel that they have privilege in China but people just looked at me with blank stares…

  • ThomasER916

    Just in case you forgot: anti-Whites really are that stupid.

  • Spikeygrrl

    I love it when they eat their own kind.

  • Al Rex

    Barack Obama hated his White mother because of her White Privileges. The fact is that White-Europeans (Caucasians) are the product of millions of years of evolution and shared civilization. They are beautiful, resilient, courageous, extremely intelligent and well-disciplined. Moreover, our unique brain,intellect and daring motivation pushes us constantly toward discovery and excellence. No other people in the entire world can match our capabilities. Whatever we do, the way we conduct ourselves, our morals are all special to us and by behaving in a certain manner we also partake in the respect, trust and acceptance by our own people at large and not fear and rejection. But this civilized behavior and the benefits we get from it is taken to be “White Privileges” by uncivilized,violent,welfare dependent,hateful,spiteful,vindictive,ugly-looking,extreme-low-class non-Whites. Well, we deserve those “White Privileges”. If Blacks, Jews and other non-Caucasians are envious and resent our status too bad!!! They don’t belong with us anyway.
    The irony is that Whites are actually suffering neglect and abandonment on the part of our own Governments:,Federal and States. They have been dispossessed from every City and Town of this once Great Country with basically no help for them because all the benefits are reserved for undeserving ever demanding destructive minorities. Yet, these blood suckers complain about our White Privileges when in actuality they get all the benefits and Whites get nothing. You name them and they get them. I see Whites in New York begging in trains and sleeping in sidewalks with no place to go. I see other Whites arriving after having moved away from other States because of the criminality of Blacks and Hispanics. Whites are on the run and no government agency helps them. They are on their own. I wish that Whites had picked their own cotton in the south and never brought here such despicable Africans here. What a mistake