U.S. Criticizes Racist North Korean Screed Against Obama

Chico Harlan and Zachary Goldfarb, Washington Post, May 8, 2014

The White House on Thursday sharply condemned a lengthy and racist North Korean screed against President Obama, calling the rhetoric from Pyongyang “particularly ugly and disrespectful.”

The rebuke came in response to a recently published diatribe by North Korea calling Obama a “clown,” a “dirty fellow” and somebody who “does not even have the basic appearances of a human being.”

Another part of the tirade declared, “It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the breadcrumbs thrown by spectators.”

The White House–which often ignores the rhetorical excesses of the North Korean regime–suggested that the new comments from the Korean Central News Agency were especially repugnant.


“He is a crossbreed with unclear blood,” the North says.

And later: Obama “still has the figure of a monkey while the human race has evolved through millions of years.”

The diatribe, published May 2, almost escaped foreign attention. But Joshua Stanton, who blogs regularly about the North’s viciousness and rights violations, uncovered the Korean-only piece, as well as a separate, milder article that was translated into English and in which Obama was called a “wicked black monkey.”

The Korean-only piece (headlined “Divine retribution for the juvenile delinquent Obama!”) featured four lengthy passages, each attributed to a regular citizen. In the North, quotations of citizens are state-sanctioned and often spoon-fed by the government’s propaganda department, analysts say.


Some academics–most notably B.R. Myers–argue that North Koreans fundamentally have a “race-based” worldview, showing more similarity to fascist Japan during World War II than Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. Myers condenses North Korea’s state orthodoxy into a sentence: “The Korean people are too pure blooded, and therefore too virtuous, to survive in this evil world without a great parental leader.”

That notion, of course, has been contorted to allow the most non-parental kind of leadership, but North Korea still goes to alarming lengths to maintain its racial purity. North Korean women often cross into China looking for work or an escape; if those women are impregnated and later forcibly repatriated to the North, they are subject to either forced abortions or infanticide.

The United Nations said in a recent human rights report that this practice points “to an underlying belief in a ‘pure Korean race’ in the DPRK to which mixed race children (of ethnic Koreans) are considered a contamination of its ‘pureness.’ ” The report referred to North Korea by its official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.


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  • Bobbala

    Can someone please explain this ..

  • MekongDelta69

    This is probably the only time in my life that I’ve ever agreed with something coming from North Korea.

    • It’s hard to find anything to like about that country, but this article has me grinning so much my face hurts. It brings back fond memories of the mainland Chinese press calling Condoleeza Rice “the ugliest woman in the world” during an official visit by her there.

      • Martel

        Recently a American official, Gary Locke, was called a banana by Chinese state owned media, for he is yellow on the outside, and white on the inside.

        • I read that. Locke carried his own luggage, which is something Chinese VIPs never do. They found that quite odd.

      • APaige

        I just love the long drawn-out Asian name calling. “You rook as ugly as my sister with no make-up and a hair cut.”-that’s directed at men.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Hey, if they call Obama a N****R, will that be the reason we nuke them? Wonder how Dennis Rodman feels…

        Maybe Sparty is writing their stuff…

        • Well, Spartacus *did* once say he was out of work.

          • 1stworlder

            As long as he isn’t going there in person.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I don’t know…

            Ever seen Vice World’s vacation there? Google “Vice World vacation north korea”.

            I’d LOVE to vacation there! You get professional guided tours, restaurants ALL to yourself, waited on hand and foot by polite 105 average IQ types…just keep telling them how much you love their leader and their country and ENJOY. Sounds better than going to Vegas to hit all the cheapo buffets and bars and not gamble!

            Hey ENGLEMAN! Let’s go! You spring for the plane tickets. I may stay longer. As bright as those guys are they still need MAJOR help with their propaganda. If they give me a bungalow and plenty of handlers I’ll have ’em spittin’ out propaganda like a messianic democratic totalitarian!

            I was once a Democrat, you know?

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            I prefer hardcore pro-White dictatorship to liberal anti-White democracy. We can survive pro-White dictatorship, but we cannot survive anti-White democracy. Ideally speaking, I would like to see the restoration of the German Kaiserreich, but that’s unlikely to happen.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Bismarck was a domestic political giant as well.

          • jeffaral

            Wenn du die Kaiserin waere, dann wuerde ich zustimmen! Gute Nacht liebliche Heidi.

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            Heidi, I have retained from my long-ago college years just enough of the German that I was taught (by a woman named McKittrick!) to still read and slowly comprehend.
            I am always somehow affected by the lyrics of “Die Wacht am Rhein” and “Heil Dir im Siegerkranz”. They both express a healthy national sentiment that has nearly vanished from this country. There is just something special about “… kampfen und bluten gern für Thron und Reich!”

          • Whitetrashgang

            How do you know Johnny isn’t in North Korean already?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “Dear Mr. Spartacus,

            Thank you for very fine and insulting racist propaganda. You very good! Sorry about edit – we afraid if we call Negro president a N****R, he maybe nuke us for real. Please take no offense at moderating edit we make of slightly harsh Spartacus propaganda screed. Check in mail. Please send more anti-N****R propaganda, we clean up as needed.”

            People’ Democratic Republic of North Korea Propaganda Division

        • TheViking97

          Nah. The US only nukes nations that are anti-Semitic.

      • 1stworlder

        Now they got to see Mooshell.

        • You’re right. Condi kept fit, and dressed nicely but with the money she made, she really should have had her awful teeth fixed.

          • Grantland

            When she tilted her head back, you could see her brain.

      • Lagerstrom

        ‘Tis true that North Korea is a demented living nightmare of a place but dammit, my face hurt after reading it too! Maybe Washington should file ‘racial vilification’ and ‘hate speech’ charges against the whole country.

    • Michael Samuel

      I see the Republican party has some serious racial allies in the D.P.R.K, well well the great party of Lincoln & Eisenhower is now a bunch of race hustlers who openly admire a ruthless fascist state with Nuclear weapons.

  • Pro_Whitey

    Oh, no, he di’n’t!! OH NO HE DI’N’T!!!!
    Looks like we’re up for another hot war, folks! Ugh.

    • Puggg

      If they would have called Michelle Obama fat, nukes would already be on their way to Nork by now.

  • Alexandra1973

    Obama’s not really the President so I feel even LESS guilty about agreeing with the guy with the bad hair over in North Korea.

    I was telling my mom that at least with Bush and Obama back to back you still have use for the “Chimpeach” bumper sticker!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Good point. For eight years liberals ran articles claiming Dubya looked like a monkey. The Village Voice had an article called Hail To The Chimp.

      So their complaints about North Korea ring a litlle hollow.

      • Alexandra1973

        See, Dubya’s white so you can get away with that.

        But you dare not say anything negative about the black “messiah,” nope!

      • Uncle_Dan

        This monkey business goes way back. Abe Lincoln was likened to an ape by his enemies.

        • Oil Can Harry

          Lincoln was worse than an ape; he was a tyrant (see Tom DiLorenzo’s two books).

          • Brutus

            I’m not so sure about Lincoln. On the one hand, I like the Confederacy, and wish that the South would have won the war. On the other, I don’t see Lincoln as evil, and he was certainly not anti-White. His reconstructionist successors are another matter.

        • Terra Magnum Imperium

          Hmmm well I guess his first name sounds close to ape…

  • Can’t remember where I heard it, but someone made the joke that perhaps the UN should fine Kim Jong Un $2.5 million and force him to sell his country.

    BTW, Kim Jong Un looks like someone you’d see on cans of generic chow mein.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Sorry but North Korea is now worth less than the Clippers.

      • Magician


    • If the UN does that, I hope Mr. Kim at least gets his own daytime TV show.

      • Sick of it

        If he would bash Obama all day long, I’d invest in it.

      • Lagerstrom

        The ‘Mr Ex-Beloved Leader Now Mr Anti-Donohue Show’.

        • You know you’re in trouble when someone wants you to go on Dr. Phil’s show with them, but it’s a lot worse when they want you to go on Mr. Kim’s show without them.

  • N. Korea should be posting on the humor website called n*****mania. This is the kind of funny commentary you find there. What makes it funny, of course, is the element of truth, exaggerated out of proportion
    I do hope the Koreans hold on to their race-based culture if the egalitarian West ever overthrows the little dictator. Otherwise the place will be overrun by Africans imported in the name of diversity, forced by the IMF into an open borders society. Remaining free from the taint of African DNA should be a top priority for any non-African country.

    • Nancy

      Wait…”n*****mania” is a HUMOR website?!?!?! 😉

      • Alexandra1973

        I’ve surfed there. I don’t buy into the blacks not being humans bit (still they are different from other races), so it’s a bit off-putting.

        I imagine, though, it may serve as a way for people to blow off steam about blacks.

        • Nancy

          I know. I was just kidding, but the site dropped my little winky-face.

    • Anon

      Except its not exaggerated out of proportion.

  • IstvanIN

    North Korea still goes to alarming lengths to maintain its racial purity.
    So the Kim’s do something right.

    • Alexandra1973

      Why is it “alarming”?

      Are the liberals finally figuring out that the eastern Asian countries lack diversity? LOL

      • Sloppo

        It’s alarming because it doesn’t fit well with the agenda of the global elitists.

        • Alexandra1973

          Yep, we have to be good little world citizens. No national sovereignty.

      • Tarczan

        This has got to be the only time the press b****ed about abortion.

    • What “alarming lengths”? Not even Africans want to go there. They figure they can starve at home, where it is warm, rather than starving in North Korea while freezing at the same time.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I admire the North Koreans for their steadfast commitment to racial purity and nationalism. The White west could take some cues from North Korea.

    • Garrett Brown

      North Korea best Korea.

  • Note that while the White House described the “unevolved monkey” description as “particularly ugly and disrespectful”, they made no attempt to refute it as untrue.

    • Sharps Rifle

      I noticed that, too…note the comment I made regarding what was said (I really need to read ALL comments before I post)…

    • Alex Y.

      It does however raise the question exactly why these particular aspersions are “particularly ugly and disrespectful.” As noted in the article, North Korea insults us all the time. Would it have been less “ugly and disrespectful” had North Korea called the President “a world-class crank whose lack of virility is only matched by his severe intellectual shortcomings?”

      This is why I never understood the concept of “hate crimes.” An insult is an insult whether it’s calling someone a “retard” or a “monkey.” In my opinion, it would’ve been far more dignified for the White House to have ignored this as it usually does.

    • Laura Dilworth

      Isn’t this an affront to monkeys?

  • Archibald_Cunningham

    Didn’t North Korea recently call life in the U.S. a ‘living hell’ in part due to our ‘racism?’

    And why do all their official press releases sound like they’re written by a sixth grader?

    • Conrad

      Affirmative action.
      I wonder how long it will be before the media claims that white racists are being funded by N. Korea.

  • Jim

    I wish the Koreans all of the best in trying to maintain the racial integrity of their people. But it could be a sign of trouble. The North Koreans have probably ALWAYS felt this way – Christopher Hitchens wrote about this several years ago. But this long held belief of theirs is just now being vilified in the western media. Why? To make them look like “Nazis.” To what purpose? So we can feel put on an act of moral superiority when we go to war with them. That’s the west’s REAL motive.

    • Alexandra1973

      Good point…and then you get “patriots” who think “he may be a monkey but he’s OUR monkey.” Given that he’s not really the president, and that he doesn’t really represent We The People, I don’t feel bad about agreeing with that assessment.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      You are so right. The average square is supposed to become livid with rage upon hearing that Koreans want to maintain their racial integrity. “Sign me up! Let’s go kill the racist bastards!” Hah.

  • Alex Y.

    North Korea isn’t good at much, but they sure know how to trash-talk with almost Shakespearean panache. I read through some of the article’s comments at the Washington Post where the virtually every other race-obsessed, lobotomized leftist said something (many trying to appear clever) to the effect of North Korea, conservatives, Rupert Murdoch, Republicans, and Cliven Bundy all being somehow related. It was actually rather amusing to see their tired pea shooting contrasted with North Korea’s flowery rhetoric. I don’t know, but “Faux News” just doesn’t have as much zing as “wicked black monkey.”

    On the other hand, at least North Korea claimed that humans evolved over millions of years. Otherwise, they’d be called ignorant, science-denying Bible-thumpers on top of it.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the
      world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the breadcrumbs thrown by

      Now THAT’S how you insult somebody. Hats off to the North Koreans, the world wide leaders in smack talk.

      • They weren’t perfect, however. The N.K.s forgot the part about the monkeys – and their new friend – flinging poop at each other.

        Hmmmm: I wonder if they would give me a consulting job. I could work from home under a nom de plume.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        “Now go away before I am forced to taunt you a second time!”

        • Lagerstrom

          Hey, there is a new tanu-terrr!

        • Nancy

          ” You don’t frighten us, English pig dogs. Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person!”

      • Whitetrashgang

        The worlds largest African zoo, I pick Detroit then maybe Baltimore .

    • JP Rushton

      I don’t watch any mainstream media outlets, but “Faux News” always came across as stupid to me.

      But I guess we’ll be able to point out the liberals when they pronounce “Faux” as “Fox” instead of “Foe”.

  • JSS

    My goodness Im so confused…I thought only Whites were capable of racism. Does this make Kim Jong Un a “White Korean”?

    • If we could get him to fly to Florida, we could introduce Mr. Kim to Mr. Zimmerman. I hear the fishing off the Florida keys is pretty good.

  • . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . Hey White House if the shoe fits . . . .

  • SoCal88

    Of all the horrible mischief that the N. Korean regime has been involved in over the past 6 years, a few insults are the evidently most deserving of condemnation. We are ruled by children, fools and tyrants.

    • Sick of it

      “For, behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water.

      The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient, The captain of fifty, and the honourable man, and the counsellor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator.

      And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.

      And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by
      his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the
      ancient, and the base against the honourable.” Isaiah 3:1-5

      • Ograf

        If I want to hear your fictional crap I’ll go to church.

        • Sick of it

          Thanks random person who has never commented here before.

          • Ograf

            I comment on Amren weekly. And even if I didn’t it wouldn’t change your fictional delusions.

          • Nancy

            Actually, thanks for that quote. Far from being “fiction”, its a prophetic description of how the world will look in the “end days”: the first line about the “stay and staff” being taken away describes a future time in which things have deteriorated to the point that food and water, as well as basic services we’ve come to rely on, are no longer available.

            The second line about the mighty man, soldier, etc., means those, too, will be gone in terms of not being in a position of leadership, and dovetails into the next line, about “children” and “babies” being our rulers. (That’s what Sick Of It was responding to in SoCal88’s comment about being led by children, fools, and tyrants.) People being oppressed by each other? Yep. Children being disrespectful to their elders? You betcha.

            “The base against the honorable”? We talk about that every day on these boards, with blacks playing Polar Bear Hunting, or teen Flash Mobs, or Rap/MTV black “culture” everywhere we turn.

            Like it or not, that passage certainly bears an eerie resemblance to what we’re dealing with now, and to the extent that it hasn’t gotten that bad yet, most wise posters on these boards ARE preparing for the day when these conditions come to pass (i.e. the day the EBT cards run out).

            Well-placed quote, Sick Of It.

  • Korean guy

    North Korea hates U.S.A. a lot. The Kims never, ever wear a suit and the reason they do not is because they are trying to not appear American.

    Even North Korean children are taught to hate U.S. at very early stages of their lives. I have included some photos that can be seen everywhere in North Korea.

    • Truthseeker

      As someone who’s studied Korean, I was curious what that top poster said. I had to look up most of the words, but if I’m reading it right, it says “Let’s crush America’s nuclear war provocations with the strength of the entire race!” Is that a good translation, Korean guy?

      • Korean guy

        Very close!! Good job

        온 민족의 단합된 힘으로 미국의 핵전쟁도발책동을 짓부시자!

        온 = All
        민족의 = the people
        의 = of

        단합된 = united
        힘 = power
        으로 = with

        With the united power of all the people

        미국 = America
        의 = of
        핵 = nuclear
        전쟁 = war

        nuclear war of America

        도발책동 = It is not a South Korean word. It is a word that North Korea created just to differetiate themselves from South Korea but yes it does mean “provocation” or “intention”

        짓부시자! = Let’s Crush!

        With the united power of all the people, let’s crush the intention of a nucelar war of America!

        Yes you translated correctly.

    • Alex Y.

      I bet I can find a couple social science professors at my local university who would give those North Korean children a run for their money.

    • daasdasd23123123

      Interesting how, for their dislike of blacks, they depict whites with long, misshapen hooked noses and gaunt, angular faces. I’ve seen similar caricatures in old chinese communist propaganda.

      • Grantland

        Unlike (most of) us, they know who’s in charge.

        • daasdasd23123123

          Heh, maybe, but these date from the 40’s-50’s, and aside from the noses, the faces look distinctively (albeit in a caricatured fashion) european and non-semitic.

    • I’d rather look like the lieutenant in the bottom picture than like a fat midget.

    • Grantland

      The third one down is particularly apt. I’d say it reflects the global view.


        Global view? Just where exactly are you from Grantland?

        • Grantland

          BRICS coalition.


            Where or what the heck is BRICS coalition? I meant what nation/country are you from?

          • Brazil Russia India China South Africa

          • I believe that is BRICs, without Sudafrika.

          • Grantland

            BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.[2] The grouping was originally known as “BRIC” before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010

          • Garrett Brown

            Brazil and SA emerging economies? Wut.

          • Yes, this BRICS acronym is a farce. Why would Russia willingly be placed in the same breath as favelas, rivers full of cow dung, midnight pollution at noon, and Detroit writ large?

          • I imagine the Russians resent their inclusion in that collection.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            No honestly they don’t: actually together with China they actively promote it. I don’t dislike Putin but trust me on this: Russia is not a white nationalist country and President Putin definitely is not.

            Despite centuries of mutual hatred, Putin’s Russia is a fierce, staunch ally of China, together they are the overlords of the third world.

            They sell weapons, consumer goods, infrastructures etc to lotsa poor countries, many of them overtly hostile to the West.

            Russia and China are also building enormous joint energy infrastructure to cut Russia dependancy on sales to the European market and diversify China oil&gas supplies.

            Together they also rule the BRICS entity, It used to be only a marketing definition created by the former CEO of Goldman asset management business, Russia and China turned it into a political entity.

            South Africa was actually invited to join the group at China’s request as they wanted one of their biggest African client states there. Russia on the other hand is the main provider of weapons to Brazil.

            Russia and China are actively working together on some kind of Eurasian hegemony dream: for instance China relies a lot on Russia to keep the turbulent muslim Central Asia, where Chinese influence is weaker than in the Pacific area, under reasonable control.

          • Garrett Brown

            I thought brazil had a slight boost few years ago and is declining again. Isn’t that the consensus QD?

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Brazil had a huge boost thanks to the commodities bull market of the past decade fueled by China. It made the mistake of attracting lots of foreign short term hot money that boosted the value of the local currency. This, combined with poor infrastructures and other problems (sketchy rule of law, high taxes, a not particularly brilliant pool of talent etc.) pushed their manufacturing competitiveness even backward.

            A classic case of what economists generally call “Dutch disease”

          • Garrett Brown

            Yah that’s what I thought. I remember hearing fox business saying they were going back downhill a few months ago.

          • Korean guy

            I read that in many parts of Africa, Chinese entrepreneurs are coming in to start businesses and the locals are very happy to see those guys to see them coming into their countries.

          • SlizzardAjeosshi

            Yes you are right: on top of the big State-owned enterprises doing giant projects in Africa, there has been a flurry of Chinese small businesses setting up shop in many African nations. As far as i know the reaction has been mixed: from what i gather the more urbanised African elites do welcome this inflow, rural populations much less so but i could be entirely wrong on this issue so don’t take it at face value.

            Now that i’m at it i wanted to ask you one thing: my wife famly they have different political views but they’re all really patriotic and are fervent supporters of the reunification (at least in the long term),
            They told me though that the younger generations in S. Korea, raised on Big Bang videos, Lotteria burgers, fancy cable tv dramas and shopping abroad aren’t exactly enthralled by the prospect of forking over a gazillion W to fix the sorry mess upnorth. Is it true as far as you know ?

          • Grantland

            What you need to do is to hand over the land and infrastructure to the individual/family N. Korean citizenry – every hectare and factory; free to sell off if/as they choose … to make the process significantly less burdensome.

          • Grantland

            Furthermore, I would expect a host of factories to sprout up in the low tax, cheap labour, RADICAL FREE ENTERPRISE environment.

          • Grantland

            You do that, and you’ll be ready to join the BRICKS.

          • Brasil might be emerging, but South Africa is descending at express elevator speed to the level of civilization its new owners are capable of sustaining.

          • Garrett Brown

            I wasn’t even concerned about SA because I automatically knew that was preposterous. Brazil puzzled me however.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Hey, maybe North Korea isn’t so bad after all.

    ” “The Korean people are too pure blooded, and therefore too virtuous, to
    survive in this evil world without a great parental leader.””

    They are sort of like an Asian version of National Socialism, except without the Socialism part and the requisite rise in the standard of living for the people. What is interesting here is that North Korea’s media seems capable of more truth telling than Western media. I can’t find a single untruthful statement in the allegedly “racist” screed. I think we may have been hoodwinked in the West yet again regarding North Korea. This little nation is far more virtuous than the evil Former United States. What business is it of ours how they treat their people?

    • Too virtuous to feed themselves, evidently. Reminds me of a few of the darker racial groups here in the USA.

      • Magician

        ‘Too virtuous to feed themselves, evidently. Reminds me of a few of the darker racial groups here in the USA.”

        Getting a job is for wimps in young black men’s opinion

      • JSS

        Personally I appreciate that North Korea keeps their Koreans in North Korea. I wish more non White countries did that. While I don’t take pleasure in their people starving I personally have stopped taking anything the Western media says at face value. In any case it’s not like there will be a serious Korean shortage any time soon.

    • Garrett Brown

      I also don’t believe the food demand is as great as we lead on in the media.

  • Conrad

    -FLASH —
    This just in… An emergency statement issued by Markie poopot at the headquarters of the SPLC….
    “That just goes to prove that if all those evil, nasty, mean, fascist, white devils hadn’t of written those icky, racist books, those nice North Koreans wouldn’t have become racist.”

    Thank you Mr. Poopot.

    Don’t touch that dial, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be right back with more news on this disaster as it unfolds in North Korea.
    Now a word from our sponsors.

  • TruthBeTold

    Watch for the Professionally Black Caucus to express their outrage.

    North Korea may have inhuman prison camps but what matters most is fighting racism.

  • TruthBeTold

    Google Images : Bush or Chimp.

    During the Bush administration, there were thousands of Bush/Chimp memes.

  • sulbernick

    Surely North Korea can’t be all that bad then.

    • Greg Thomas

      Sure, but I like Koreans better when they stay in Korea.

  • Sharps Rifle

    I notice that Zero’s mouthpiece never denied the accuracy of Kim’s statements.

  • Greg Thomas

    The liberals and multicults are shocked that Koreans have a “race-based” worldview.

  • He is a crown with uncrear brood.

  • Ron Cheaters

    The (crack)pot calling the kettle black.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    LMFAO! I have a new found respect for North Korea.

  • Jon Doe

    I thought Rodman and Kim were buds?

  • Intrep1d

    North Koreans may be backwards in a lot of things, but the subject of race isn’t one of them.

  • LACountyRedneck

    A “clown”. OMG!

  • 1stworlder

    They have no Taco Bells

  • He seems a bit irritated about the current situation.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Irritated? Naw. I think he’s enraged.

      • They talk like that all the time.

        • captainc

          Talk? I thought that was some unfinised rap lyrics.

          • Nancy

            Ah. I thought he was trying out for the Towson Debate Team.

  • The idiot is clearly drunk. I can’t bear to watch the rest, but in these cases the unhappy lout usually ends up with a much less enjoyable encounter with local police, who have no sense of humor at all.


    How any one of those “men” on that bus could tolerate seeing that without kicking that piece of [email protected] teeth through the back of his skull is beyond me. NEVER NEVER NEVER! I’m not a big man, but I promise, every fiber of my body would be aimed at that Obama’s son with all intent of dumping him into an early grave! Those “men” were disgraceful, especially the coward standing behind him the whole time!

    • Grantland

      I’m with you, brother. I’ve become so radicalized that I have to bite my lip and shut up on this site, lest the timid here brand me provocateur.

      • I practice enough doublethink for an entire Orwellian planet. If I wrote what I thought, I would be banished all over again. I’ve got about four layers going, even here.


      Boy that was quick. I’ll have to let Jared know that he’s got some on the ball mods, thanks Guys!

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I take issue with those comments. Blacks are certainly at least “evolved” monkeys.

    • Martel

      Amren should release this as a press statement.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I favor Predistrovie, myself. And there are plenty of blacks trying to get into Poland. Slovenians are pretty good at making Africans and Gypsies feel UNWELCOME. There’s a lesson there. Plenty of African “students” in Moldova, who are there for the beautiful impoverished young white girls. They are the monkeys, IMHO.

  • blight14


  • SlizzardAjeosshi

    Oh God Andross that video is a classic, but it’s the mechanics of the incident that makes it truly funny.

    Apparently some Korean grandpa, highly annoyed by the vibrancy displayed by the African yelling to God only knows who on the phone, got up from his seat and told the guy “Niga yeoki hanja”. That means “You sit here”, niga being a fairly rude or at least informal way to say “you” in Korean.

    Needless to say apparently Demarquis completely misunderstood the whole thing and went through the now infamous “See these rocks ?” tirade.


    The dude was an English teacher

    • Andross

      Wow. An English teacher? That is pretty hilarious. Reality truly is stranger than fiction. The dumbass would naturally feel “dissed” by an old man saying “niga”. lol.

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        I don’t wanna bore AmRen readers with the details of the expat subculture in S. Korea but trust me it’s like the Comedy Central of East Asia. Suffice to say there’s a huge private academy bubble there: most kids attend extra-curricular classes in the afternoon at private institutions called hagwon. Some of the most popular of course involve the studying of the English language.

        This type of hagwon hires mostly young liberal arts graduates from the Anglosphere, more often than not many hagwon HR departments are openly racialist with their recruiting criteria (“young, blonde, female Canadian” is a classic meme) so it’s not common to see a black teacher but there are indeed a few. Now imagine a crop of 20something leftists having to navigate through a career and daily life in a fiercely ethno-centric society…hilarity ensues.

        If you have time, i suggest you google “Bonojit Hussain”. Mr. Hussain is an Indian guy who had some kind of teaching job at a Korean University. A few years ago He turned into a minor hero of the Indian media and the expat community: one night he was (verbally) assaulted with racial epithets by some drunk Korean salary man. He managed to convince the Korean police, more often than not completely inept, to track down the guy who was subsequently fined.

        And now we get to the comedy gold: after the sordid affair Mr. Hussain wrote a verbose essay where he accused white foreigners in Korea of insensitivity toward the plight of the colored immigrants (there are many in the country, contrary to common opinion) in Korea who have to bear the brunt of Korean racism.

        Yep he managed to blame whitey, you can’t make up stuff like that truly

    • Guest

      니가 which sounds “niga” is not rude. Informal yes, but not rude. It just happens to be a term used to address people who are younger or of the same age. Grandparents and parents use that term all the time on their grandchildren and children.

      Black men sure like Korean women. I am often asked by black men if I know any single Korean woman.

      I am kinda surprised that he is an English teacher in South Korea. For a foreigner to teach English in South Korea he or she first needs an undergraduate degree, (otherwise, he cannot get the visa that gives him a permission to work in South Korea) and he must behave and be dressed formally and professionally all the time. And he sure does not look like someone who properly earned his undergraduate degree fair and square.

      One scenario I can think of is, he teaches English at a very small private school in a rural city, and the management of the school simply pays him every month without having him properly registered with the school.

      Foreigners often prefer to teach in larger, metropolitan cities in South Korea, because of obvious reasons. And foreigners who cannot legallhy teach in South Korea, often resort to teaching at small private schools in rural cities. There is a proper supply and demand there. It is rather difficult for the schools in rural South Korea to find and/or pay for properly qualified foreign teachers to teach at their schools and foreigners who do not have the legal right cannot find a job in well-known cities in South Korea.

      • SlizzardAjeosshi

        You are right about 니가, it does sound kinda stern when my Korean wife use it to adress me though 🙂

        Obviously the guy was an hagwon teacher, unfortunately their standards have gone down the tubes in the last few years

    • Well, he appears to have taught them a certain Anglo-Saxon four-letter word well-enough.

  • Sharps Rifle

    The downside of the Korean culture is that they are sometimes TOO polite. Drunk or not, that jerk needed to have had his teeth crammed forcibly down his throat.

    It seems that there are few places on this stinking lump of rock where TNB isn’t making life more miserable.

  • I don’t even hate Norks. I only ever met two. They were air force defectors in Colorado Springs. They wanted to know where Wal Mart was, so I showed them.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    It’s despicable the way they describe these elderly Korean women as “abused by AMERICAN” instead of “abused by NEGRO”. It is not only unfair but inaccurate for White America to be forced to share the blame for the doings of this negro.

  • WR_the_realist

    I happy to see that Amren now has a humor section.

  • alex

    Racism often caused by exposure to blacks and North Korea is the most isolated country on Earth.
    How have they found out?
    Have they secretly visited South Chicago? Do they watch rap videos?

    • Puggg

      The Head Nork In Charge (HNIC) is said to be a big basketball fan and has had Dennis Rodman over to the worker’s paradise.

      • IstvanIN

        Dennis Rodman alone would be enough to put me off Negroes.

  • captainc

    God, you guys are crying for Sharia Laws to be installed and enforced to the comma. May it come soon.

  • MBlanc46

    On the other hand, the US media aren’t very respectful about Kim-Whatever-His-Name-Is (sorry, I’ve lost track of the Kim dynasty).

    • WR_the_realist

      Well, given that the North Korean dictators have policies that have resulted in starvation among their population, this is a case where the U.S. media are right.

      • MBlanc46

        More through incompetence than design, I suspect. The media don’t just criticize his policies, they depict him in ways that are personally disrespectful. Not that he’s my cup of tea, but neither are the Bushes, the Clintons, or Obama.

    • Kim Dum Phuk?

      Sorry; that would be Vietnamese.

  • I prefer my Kims to be more Novakish.

    • Kenner


    • MBlanc46

      Those of us of a certain age will share that taste.

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        … and do you remember Ernie Kovacs?

        • Shot for cowardice while other guys had to do the work. I’m glad they shot him.

          • PvtCharlieSlate

            I was referring to an early TV personality with a unique and slightly twisted sense of humor. He was killed in an auto accident. I think he was married to Kim Novak. Who was this other Kovacs? Or did I misremember something?

          • MBlanc46

            You’re thinking of Eddie Slovik.

        • MBlanc46

          Yeah, you betcha. And his delectable wife, Edie Adams.

  • dd121

    Maybe I’ll yet warm up yet to those N Koreans.

  • Magician

    Bored? Care to see an interesting video? Roughly 90 seconds long.


    It appears the man was saying, “Stop spitting on the ground in the train” and the black ladies are greatly entertained by the sight

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    Rodman is a PR stooge for the little runt.

    Knowing the racial beliefs of a few Asians I would imagine his opinion of Rodman is similar.

  • Garrett Brown

    To hate anything shows ignorance.

    • Anon

      What exactly is someone who hates something, ignoring? I hate blacks because over half of them are arrested over their lifetimes for a serious victim oriented felony…..a rape, robbery, murder or assault.
      YOU are the one who is ignorant. Specifically, you ignore the screams of their victims….many of those screams are from people you have a duty to care about (something else you ignore)…kin, kindred and kind (family, community and people). Since you put it this way I’ll also assume you are an out and out coward. Someone who would ignore it if the victims were kith (parents, wife, or children).
      In a more sane time in white history, you wouldn’t be allowed a place in society much above streetsweeper. In time of war, you’d be hanged for the capital crime of cowardice. That was not too long ago.

      • Garrett Brown

        You hate a primitive sub species because on average they’re dumber than you? You really are ignorant. Who said you were ignoring something? Learn the definitions of words.

  • NoMosqueHere

    White liberals think whites in general are the most racist group of people on earth and must do penance in perpetuity. In reality, Asians and spanish are way ahead of us in expressing outright racism, and they don’t have any guilt about doing so.

    • Garrett Brown

      Don’t insult Spaniards like that.

    • Sick of it

      Just because they speak (a degraded version of) Spanish, that does not make them Spanish.

      • benvad

        It’s not a degraded variant of Spanish. They are not Spaniards at all, mostly Mestizos.

        It’s like degrading North American English because we don’t speak with an RP accent from Charterhouse Public School.

    • captainc

      Do you mean Hispanics?

    • Strike_Team

      Most of the hispanics I deal with hate blacks. They constantly refer to them as “mayates”, “chongos” (slang for monkey) and more. Mayate might actually mean some type of beetle, but in slang, it’s roughly the equivalent of the “n-word”.

  • Terra Magnum Imperium

    Poland and Slovenia are doing rather well with growing economies. It’s the legacy of communism that made those nations poor. Western Europe and the USA are places all races want to live in, victims of their own success I guess.

  • Grantland

    “why does it suck compared to South Korea?”

    It sucks for the same reasons that E.Germany sucked vs. W.Germany, Communist China sucked vs. Hong Kong, stagnant Socialist Europe sucked vs (now gone) free-wheeling Capitalist USA. Economic systems matter; much more than is commonly recognized.

    • Grantland

      1. Man is an ANIMAL; a product of Mother Nature; and his economic interactions are as “natural” and as subject to natural laws as the interactions in a forest food-chain. These “natural laws” are those governing COMPLEX SYSTEMS – non-linear; ill-understood at present; and only crudely simulated by the inadequate linear approximations of economics. This is why economics (and sociology, and psychology) is a “soft” science not amenable to exact, linear examination and prediction. The “invisible hand” is indeed invisible.

      2. The many individuals constituting an ECONOSPHERE together make up the SUPER-ORGANISM, analagous to Hayek’s “extended order”; a natural, organic SUPER-ENTITY, much as the collection of specialized, differentiated cells in the human body make up the SUPER-ORGANISM that is the individual human. Just as brain-cells, bone-cells, muscle-cells, blood-cells etc “co-operate” to deal with the environment (make a living) more efficiently than if they were seperate entities, so do the individual bakers, traders, craftsmen, doctors, scientists, clerks, bankers etc “co-operate” to make up a SUPER-ENTITY that provides them with a better living that could be had were they forced to be generalists on their own.

      3. SPECIALIZATION and TRADE in the econosphere is organic, “natural” and subject to the (at present) unknown and unknowable laws of Mother Nature; the laws of COMPLEX SYSTEMS.

      4. PRICES reflect huge amounts of information (on scarcity,
      transport costs etc. etc. etc.) and this information is invariably
      dispersed and unavailable to any single controlling entity. This is
      why attempts at control of prices does not and cannot work. ANY
      Attempts at ANY kind of control of economic activity is

      Suppose a new science of Complexity could show that the human
      economy was actually an entirely natural organic phenomenon of Mother Nature – an inevitable SUPER-ORGANISM obedient to Complex laws ubiquitous throughout the universe.

      “An economy interracts within itself like a giant brain, with as
      many neurons as there are people, as many interactions as there are things that they buy and services they sell. People who will never meet affect each other through a dense network of dispersed
      information processed interactively; every cause an effect, and every effect a cause. The entire entity is an organic, information-
      processing organism, vastly too convoluted for any puny human (or
      politburo thereof) to comprehend, let alone control.
      If one thinks of the economy as a plant, growth conditions are most favourable when the individual cells are given maximum freedom to develop, within the constraints of a rigid Rule of Law. The law provides the framework on which an economy grows; and freedom the fertilizer. To meddle with these growth conditions is directly to institute sub-optimal growth.”


  • KevinPhillipsBong

    That audio’s like being locked in a hen house …cluckcluck..bock…crow… For being violent it’s also astoundingly mind-numbing.

  • David Ashton

    So what did they really think about their recent black visitor who was invited to praise them?

    I don’t think the notion of “racial purity” is going to be greatly advanced by a baby-faced nut-job and his grinning sycophants.

  • benvad

    Read the book “the Cleanest Race”, it’s all about those wackos world view. Also don’t let yourself be fooled, their Southern brothers think the same way, but hide it just a bit better.

    Now here’s the $65,000 question, if Koreans are such a pure race, why do the get cosmetic surgery to alter their faces to resemble People of europe a racial ancestry?

    How would they explain that one?

    • IstvanIN

      I am sure it is just a fad among a small group. Look at all the White people who want to get “color”. I had to listen to a perfectly nice looking girl relative tell me that today.

      • benvad

        Read up about the cosmetic surgery is almost mandatory if they value getting a job or getting ahead. I dated a Korean awhile back, she told me the skinny on everything back in Seoul.

  • Epiminondas

    Marxist racism. Who knew?

  • Michael Samuel

    When “Donald Sterling” dies Hitler & Eichmann will get a new roommate then the real laughs will start.

  • Marcus

    Better solution to our problems: The fear of life is the cause of all our anti-social, self-destructive, neurotic habits of behaviour and relationship with one another, and with the earth itself. We have found that a simple act that we call ‘looking at yourself’ washes away the fear of life and heals the mind of anyone who will try it just once:

    1. Close your eyes. Notice the symphony of sensations and thoughts about sensations rising and falling within you.

    2. Notice that you can move your attention to one or another sensation or thought at will.

    3. Now use that same beam of attention to look for the feel of what you would call ‘me’ – a faint sensation that is what you feel like to yourself.

    4. Try to ‘look at yourself’ whenever the thought of it comes to you. You cannot fail if you just try.

    That’s it, you’ve done all that needs to be done to bring you home to the beauty and satisfaction that are to be found in a human life lived without fear.

  • Those North Korean elites seem a bit crazy with their racial purity obsession. Yet the European rulers, with their “destroy our own race” mentality are are much more crazy and dangerous.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I live in Germany now, genius. As far as “most” people are concerned, you could not be more wrong. Once Prednistrovie becomes part of Odessa Oblast, it will be a rest place to live and raise children, assuming the NWO don’t send NATO thugs in. People are here from the East and the South for one reason only, money. Now, go troll elsewhere.