Migrant Boat Carrying Hundreds Sinks South of Sicily, at Least 14 Dead

James Mackenzie, Reuters, May 12, 2014

Italian naval and coast guard vessels recovered 14 bodies and rescued around 200 people after a migrant boat sank in the sea between Libya and southern Sicily, authorities said on Monday, a day after dozens were drowned in a similar incident.

Italy has struggled for decades with a stream of migrants travelling in small, unsafe boats from North Africa to the islet of Lampedusa, midway between Tunisia and Sicily. The influx of migrants has grown since the Arab Spring upheavals of 2011 and the protracted civil war in Syria.


It was unclear how many other survivors or bodies might remain in the water, with some Italian media reports saying the boat may have been carrying as many as 400 people when it sank some 60 miles off the Libyan coast.

On Sunday, at least 40 people died and 51 others were rescued after a boat carrying migrants mostly from sub-Saharan Africa sank off Libya’s coast east of Tripoli.


Well over 25,000 migrants have reached Italy in the first few months of this year, with the collapse of order in large parts of Libya leaving authorities struggling to combat the groups that control the illegal migrant traffic.


With less than two weeks to go before European parliamentary elections, the issue of immigration has become a hot political topic, with Italian politicians repeating longstanding calls for other countries in Europe to do more to help.


However, Italy’s anti-immigration Northern League party repeated its call for the Mare Nostrum naval task force set up last year to be scrapped, saying it encouraged people smugglers.

“The Mare Nostrum operation is false charity, Russian roulette disguised as a humanitarian operation,” said Gianluca Pini, a lawmaker from the party.

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  • IstvanIN

    If even a single “refugee” makes it to Italy the “refugees” have won. If Italy wants to be compassionate save them and send them BACK. If Italy wants to save herself let the boats sink and do nothing, but do not allow them to enter Italian waters.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Nay, they should be blowing these boats out of the water, they are an invasion force.

      • IstvanIN

        For PR purposes it might be better to start off by being compassionate and then explaining to the general public how compassion has stopped working when they keep coming. The blow them out of the water.

        • A Daisy cutter takes no survivors ..

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Neither will this when used against these waterborne invaders.

          • I was somewhat suprised that the US navy adopted the 57mm Bofors Mk-2 for the new littoral combat ships instead of sticking with the 76.2mm OTO-Breda (license produced as the Mk-75 and used in the old “Oliver Hazard Perry” class frigates.) The Mk-75 fires “only” 85 rounds per minute, but the shells weigh 14 lbs each, instead of only 6, and the larger weapon weighs only about 10% more.

          • Grantland

            Lovely weapon – we use it in the Rooikat AFV – punches frontal Sov. tank armour with ease.

          • Not a suprise, especially with the old T-62s and T-55s. Modern kinetic energy penetrators aren’t much bothered by rolled homogeneous (steel) armor.

          • Grantland

            Well this is Africa of course. Against an Abrams you just run away – or slink around and shoot it up the tailpipe.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Or you burn it and kill the crew by suffocation, they have NBC systems but not self-contained oxygen supplies. Russia now uses fuel-air munitions in it’s tanks main guns, for exactly that reason. They also have RPG’s that can blow holes even in an Abrams called RPG-32’s.

          • Grantland

            Ja, the rooikats were all supposed to be equipped with the LEDS-150 active protection system to defend against such threats. Dunno what happened to that.

          • Grantland

            edit – found a pic – I think its the howitzer version. Look above/behind the commander’s head.

          • Guest

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Most RPG operators would target the rear, or the roof where the armor’s thinnest. The armor’s always toughest on the front because that is where incoming fire is most likely to strike, however anti-tank missiles are out there that would probably either defeat the defense system or be very tough to defend against. Russia has near hypersonic anti-tank missiles that will destroy any tank or howitzer they hit,

          • Sadly, those are no longer in service.

      • How many basketball teams did you want anyway ?

        • Zaporizhian Sich


        • IstvanIN

          Where do they get the money for those things? Gotta be pricey.

          • big dollars here . . .over there probably as hot as a pancake..
            You’re right though,, expensive. in fact i don’t think I’ve ever seen a rubber raft that BIG before .

          • Jesse James

            Maybe it is just a regular size Zodiac type boat and the occupants are tiny negroes. Pygmies or something. They will soon be running through the crowds of tourists in Italy stealing wallets and defecating in the fountains.

          • Probably stolen from former Libyan navy equipment stocks. The grey color looks like that of similar Russian-made military boats I have seen.

        • Lagerstrom

          A water bourne rape squad.

        • Magician

          I am not sure the above photo is meant to be a joke but,

          All immigrants and refugees in the most beautiful and prosperous parts are young and male!

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    If the elites really wanted to solve the problem of global poverty, they would feed and clothe the non-white savages in their own countries. This is because poor people do not migrate. But instead of following the dictates of common sense, they bring the savages to our countries and allow them to recreate their failed third world societies in our midst.

    • IstvanIN

      You can not solve poverty by clothing and feeding the poor, you only make it worse on a global scale because the “poor” then reproduce on a massive, unsustainable scale, creating more poor. For Africans the best thing would be to let nature take its course.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        They should be forced to restrict their breeding activity as a prerequisite for food and clothing aid from the western democracies. Personally, I couldn’t care less about what happens to non-whites in third world countries, but if liberals are going to insist on bringing food to the savages so they can have “a better life,” it makes considerably more sense to help them in their own countries. I would actually much prefer it if the multicultural elites would feed and clothe the primitives in their own hellholes, instead of mass immigrating them to western countries.

        • IstvanIN

          Yes, keep them in their own countries, by why even bother feeding them? Who fed us? We had to evolve.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Sink the boats.

  • And at the top of today’s news that no one cares about, we have this story …

  • D.B. Cooper

    More to come…. tomorrow!!

    • Them people just can’t stay out of them boats . .

    • I think the Pope should take in as many of them as he can, to share the wealth of the Catholic church …

      • Alexandra1973

        That would be poetic justice. Give the Vatican a taste of its own medicine.

        • This new pope is a socialist . . . and shouldn’t the Pope just be busy talking to God . . . his ideas on world wealth are not his business unless they open a market at the Vatican . . .The Pope is now a spokesman for the Illuminati …it’s a global conspiracy ..

    • That looks like one of those Third World maritime accidents we read about all the time, just waiting to happen.

      “Overloaded fishing boat capsizes, 1200 believed drowned.”

      I’ll bet nobody on that boat can swim.

  • Romulus

    Only 40 died of an approx. 25,000 arriving in Italy this year!


    That’s it!? Im disappointed. The Italian navy should perhaps invest in better targeting tech.

  • IstvanIN

    I don’t speak Italian but always thought, that among the foreign languages, Italian sounded the prettiest. I wonder what Afro-Italian sounds like? (Ibonics???)

    • LACountyRedneck

      Dats ah one spicey ah meataball, beeyatch.

      • Lagerstrom

        “Where’s da harrissa you beeyatch-a”

    • Ron Cheaters

      I beez habin dat shickin cathchema-horse-eh. You be fryin dat sheet up yo?

    • captainc


      and you can learn French immersion in Africa, too.. :p

    • Lagerstrom

      “You gimmie you wallet you beacth-a”. Something like that.

    • italian guy

      They speak in a weird way even if they are born and raised here, sometimes they get the accent of the region where they grow up and it’s something i always found hilarious, I met a negro talking in “napoletano” the dialect from Naples and it was surreal… when they speak Italian while learning is even more funny, they tend to change the “c” with “g”, amico becomes amigu, capo becomes cabo etc. it’s like the stereotypical “ooga booga” and I’m not trying to be offensive.
      Anyway Italian is really a beautiful language, not that I have the greatest voice ever, but tourists love it when i talk, i guess many people think the Italian they hear in Hollywood movies is authentic, but they are wrong.

  • Are white people really that stupid . . . .evidently so ..

  • Ron Cheaters

    It was stupid to kill Quadhaffi. Even dumber, in fact, embarassing that Canada took part.

    • Jesse James

      The banksters didn’t want to compete against a gold based Dinar. Good money will drive out bad so the good money had to be destroyed.

      • Ron Cheaters

        I was hoping he’d invade Canada, clean out parliament and install a meritocarcy. eg: a country where you earn what you keep.
        The dream is gone. Only hope now is revolution. And I have my doubts.

  • MBlanc46

    I hope that the 200 rescued were returned to Libya.

  • WR_the_realist

    Camp of the Saints was an understatement.

  • Magician

    sorry to present you with another disturbing photo but here is another! All men. Coming to the most beautiful parts of Europe so they can get laid with the most beautiful young women in the world!

  • HJ11

    I don’t care about non-Whites. This just decreases the number of their genes that will compete with my genes.