Google Discloses Its (Lack of) Diversity

Elizabeth Weise, USA Today, May 28, 2014

In a rare glimpse behind the tech curtain, Google on Wednesday released its diversity figures.


Eighty-three percent of Google’s tech workers internationally are male. For non-tech jobs, the number is 52%. Its leadership is made of up 79% men.

In terms of racial diversity, the company overall is 61% white, 30% Asian, 3% Hispanic and 2% Black.

For tech positions, the numbers are similar–60% white, 34% Asian, 2% Hispanic and 1% Black.

In terms of leadership, the company skews more white. Seventy-two percent of its leaders are white, 23% Asian, 2% Black and 1% Hispanic.


A San Jose Mercury News attempt in 2010 to get Silicon Valley’s 15 largest companies to disclose the race and gender of their workforces resulted in five companies, including Google, Apple, Yahoo, Oracle and Applied Materials, fighting the request on the grounds that it would cause them competitive harm.

A similar attempt two years later by CNN Money had much the same results.


Speaking to Gwen Ifil on the PBS NewsHour, Google’s vice president of “people operations,” Laszlo Bock, said, “We’re not where we want to be when it comes to diversity. And it is hard to address these kinds of challenges if you’re not prepared to discuss them openly, and with the facts.”

The only tech company of Google’s size that has freely released its diversity information in the past is Intel. It posts its yearly federal Equal Employment Opportunity report to the federal government on its website.

For 2013, the chipmaker had a workforce that was 76% male, 57% white, 29% Asian, 8% Hispanic and 3% Black.



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  • propagandaoftruth

    This lack of diversity by the lib-stem oligarch explains why google keeps tabs on us specifically and why I no longer use it as a search engine. Duckduckgo is nice. No tracking…

    • Carney3

      Understandable decision. If you’re very strongly interested in privacy, you might want to consider buying your computers from ThinkPenguin (Goo-, er, DuckDuckGo it), and making sure they have Trisquel GNU/Linux as their operating system (which I think is ThinkPenguin’s default choice anyway). ThinkPenguin PC’s have free/open source software, all the way down, even to the BIOS/ bootloader, which is where the National Security Agency has in the past hacked its way into computers, including computers that have highly secure software at the above-BIOS level. Trisquel GNU/Linux is one of only a few operating systems that is recommended by the Free Software Foundation to not only be FULLY free/open source (no place for spyware malware to hide), but also makes sure not to recommend or point you to unfree/closed-source/hidden-code software in its built-in software finding and installation app and other apps, including browser plug-ins and so on.

      • propagandaoftruth

        I actually understood much of that. I find it interesting that…

        I operate my “bad website” e-mails from gmale…googoo owns youtube. Twice I’ve had weird sound-out problems when I went to youtube.

        Permanently ruined chrome (eff you googoo), even gave explorer issues which cleared up after a thorough cleansing. Firefox too.

        But when I went in with Tor browser…no problems! Sure the gov has backdoors there too, but seems to confuse googoo…

  • Dave West

    Lack of diversity at Google? And the problem is…….? Sounds appropriate seeing that white males were 100% of the founders at Google.

    • benvad

      They should put in AA for all of the tech firms and let them feel real diversity in action.

    • italian guy

      Funny how no one noticed the Asian overrepresentation, aren’t they like 2% of the U.S population? as many people say, diversity just means fewer Whites…

  • JP Rushton

    Tech workers are usually quite liberal on race and this is a big reason why.

    The only races they meet are whites and Asians. My friend who lived in Japan also thinks all races are pretty much the same because he only met two races with similar intelligence and temperament.

    • Alucard_the_last

      What woke me up is when I lived in San Francisco which is home of the world’s worst negroes and their worshippers, white leftists (who AMAZINGLY live in all white neighborhoods). I want little to nothing to do with those ‘people’.

      • Nevsky

        Oh SF, I was somewhat taken by surprise when I took a bus there and the pre-recorded announcements were in English, Chinese (!) and Spanish.

        Chinatown looked like a huge dumpster with thousands of swarming Chinese everywhere. Yet Liberals would praise it for such a wonderful, vibrant diversity it provides.

        • Alucard_the_last

          The stupid, hypocritical liberals there think anyone who is against abortion is a sexist and with the same breath, call head to toe burqa as multiculturalism.

        • kikz2

          in SF, at least used to keep up the main drag for tourists.. kind of DC……….however, it sounds like what my kids have seen/smelled of dwntn Toronto Chinatown, on a tour w/a cousin.

          i have a friend, who just moved his daughter out there.. for the life of me, i can’t imagine why on earth????????? it may’ve been job related, as i think the kid does graphic arts? *shrugs*

    • Nevsky

      That’s what I hear most of the time from Liberal whites “I have a Jamaican friend Jerome, and he’s well educated, polite, professional man”, or “My Somalian co-worker Said is a great, bright man with PhD”.

      They focus on 2% of educated blacks they might know, completely ignoring the majority of their kind. Of course there are all kinds of people in any race/ethnicity, but you have to look at the bigger picture.

      • kikz2

        exceptions to be sure.

      • obot

        Even those magical negroes can’t be trusted

      • Carney3

        It’s just like finding the one elderly female Japanese mugger that ever lived and using that to claim they are just as dangerous as 20 year old black males.

    • kikz2

      agreed.. they know no better……….unless they’ve had prior exposure, the few locals of color they’ll run across scattered in the lower rungs of tech companies are generally congenial at work. unless, they’re black females in admin. (someone mentioned earlier) who will exhibit overt arrogance toward most everyone (even customers) in direct exponential relation to their boss’s managerial level. btlt. (been there lived that).

    • MooTieFighter

      Good point. They are actually diverse (less whites), but not diverse by black standards (mostly black). To blacks diversity simply means more blacks-less whites, they really could care less about any other ethnicity. When traveling down south I have noticed the Chik-Fil-A (not sure if this is their correct spelling) chain uses more Asian (and other ethnicities) to increase their “diversity”, while having less blacks (even in blacker neighborhoods). When you ask people who frequent this establishment they usually tell you that these restaurants are truly committed to polite, kind, hard-working employees. This means it would be impossible to hire a lot of blacks and keep this reputation, so it appears they fill this “diversity” gap by reaching out to other minorities other than blacks.

  • “Diversity” = Women and NAMs.

    If only Google had more of that kind of “diversity,” it could finally live up to the example of the high standards set by the VA.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Peter Brimelow was calling the collective, strange bedfellow phenomenon: “…the minority occupation government…”. But, that falls short of naming all the players. With the feminists and LGBTQ types aggressively feeding at the welfare trough, it’s really the grievance industry occupation government.

        • Alexandra1973

          The nursing home my grandparents lived in for a while was next door to a cemetery.

          • IstvanIN

            Gosh, I know where my plot is but I don’t want to retire within walking distance of it.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Never decreasing discontent.

      • M.Magog

        you mean “lawyers”

    • RonanTheLibtardian

      “NAMs” = Non-Asian-Minorities? Asians of all flavors regularly feed at the entitlement trough in Massachusetts. They are especially adept at gaming the refugee system. Don’t give them a pass. They talk a good game to your face, but they’re all scamming. Especially the Southeast Asians. You don’t buy a two year old Lexus RX350 with no education and working at Walmart.

      • Beetlejuice

        Kalifornia too. They know how to access MediCal and Section 8 housing while driving new Mercedes. They also have access to services that Whites do not, while our Veterans are treated like garbage by the American VA

        Ethnic filipinos, vietnamese, cambodians, and pacific islanders get plenty of direct AA for college admissions while east asians get plenty of scholarships just because of their race, unlike any White student:

        http //www scholarships com/fi…

        Moreover, ALL asians benefit from affirmative action just because of their race in GOVERNMENT OUTREACH CAMPAIGNS, TRAINING PROGRAMS, JOB RECRUITMENT, MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT, FEDERAL CONTRACTS as well as from all federal contractors and subcontractors.

        Whites, especially White men who aren’t veterans or disabled, get none of these racial quotas, and it’s about time that this recurring myth that “asians don’t benefit from any affirmative action” dies on Amren once and for all.

        Chinese for Affirmative Action:

        http //www caasf org/

        • AndrewInterrupted

          The southeast Asians you mention are also scamming The Refugee Act of 1980. There were tons of loopholes created in that one. Of course, Dimmy Carter signed it.

          • RonanTheLibtardian

            And the monthly amounts the women collect are substantial. Some-thing like $600 a month per child. And they get to make $60K+ a year at a regular job and still receive the full refugee payload. One of the white guys I work with was eavesdropping on a conversation amongst the refugees scammers. He said the scale goes something like: One baby, you can make up to $22K at a regular job and get the full refugee check. Two babies you can make $44K, 3 babies you can make $66K. It’s hardly any wonder they’re all driving around in two year old Lexus RX 350’s. That refugee scam cash covers all the new car payments and the bling. And the “gummint” knows they’re all scamming and does nothing. Most of the Cambodian women scamming that system today were too young to even remember Cambodia.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            “…And the “gummint” knows they’re all scamming and does nothing…”

            The “permanent minority occupation government” (Peter Brimelow) is enabling them. They are colluding. It’s an anti-white wet dream.

            They steal tax dollars–white people’s money–to induce non-whites to make at least 3 babies–usually more (they usually double-dip after the first brood has fledged, then get back on the dole by making a couple more).

            White people financing their own replacement. Saul Alinsky is grinning from hell.

  • TruthBeTold

    Now we know why they’re so successful (as if we didn’t know).

  • Guest

    But….but….but…..blacks can run hugely successful tech companies too!!!

    • propagandaoftruth

      Did these parts go into their spaceship?

      • Nevsky

        In a few years this guy in a spacesuit on Mars….you never know

        • propagandaoftruth

          Google “old negro space program” for serious yuk yuks. It’s been posted here before.

        • M.Magog

          Only if there is an “air Jordans” sale on Mars, or only if there are stores to rob on mars.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Their only experience with space involves a 40 ounce and a fat ball of crack.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Extradimensional space? Oh no. That was an old Oprah joke…

    • bilderbuster

      They used to have a giant toy company called We B Toys.

  • Guest

    But…..but…..but……blacks can run successful tech companies too!

  • revilo evola

    Since they will not be able to hire competent blacks in any number, for appearance sake we may expect the company to hire numerous “make work” non-Whites. They will have nothing constructive to do, but look good on the balance sheet. However, they will most definitely make life miserable for the Whites who actually do the work, and have to work “around” them. Too bad for both them, and White management. Yet since most are probably insane multi-cult liberals, it will serve them right.

    If Google is as smart as they claim to be, they can get double-duty (women + black) out of hiring 40 or 50 loud, Angry Black Women. Of course, ABW are particularly noxious and demanding in the work place. And a couple of anti White-male, butch lesbians in the EEO/AA office will round out the mix, nicely. To paraphrase George Patton: “You know, by God, I actually pity those poor bastards, by God, I do.”.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yes, I just made similar comments to Alicard. Standard Operating Procedure. The part that always leaves a pit in my European-American stomach is why it doesn’t bother them winning that way. There is a distinct and consistent genetic disconnect there. The difference between the First World and the Turd World.

  • MekongDelta69

    Ask a ‘diversity‘ what a Google and a Googleplex means (mathematical terms).

    I’ll wait…

  • willbest

    I for one support Google being more diverse. Perhaps if it had the “correct” demographics it would be too incompetent to be evil.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yes, the dumb-down-drill occasionally has its advantages… <;-D

    • Nevsky

      Most of the diversity hiring happens in administration types of jobs because if you’re incompetent in this field its harder to prove it and there’s less risk associated consequences.

      If you’re an incompetent engineer, programmer, chemist – it’ll show right away.

  • JohnEngelman

    For a year I had a contract position as a computer programmer for a prestigious tech firm in Silicon Valley. About ten contract programmers had been hired for a software project. One programmer had been given a permanent position, that is to say one with job security, and health and retirement benefits. That one was black.

    After I had been there for several months I learned that the black programmer had not completed any of his assignments. Somehow, this was never an issue.

    When the year was up the contract programmers had to look for another job. The black permanent programmer kept his.

    Out of over 100 programmers in all, he was the only black programmer. The San Francisco Bay area has a moderately high black population. Nevertheless, the company I worked for was only able to find one black programmer who was even marginally qualified.

    That is the reality behind affirmative action. Those who justify it need to lie about how it works and what it does.

    • Bossman

      Computer programming is a very geeky thing requiring patience and a high degree of concentration. South and East Asians can learn to do it well but Blacks are not good at it.

      • Laboratory chemistry requires the same set of attributes, except nobody was ever fatally poisoned, scalded or burned when they made a mistake writing software.

        Repeat after me: “Americans just don’t want to do that sort of work anymore”.

        I haven’t worked in my old field in 14 years.

        • dd121

          I loved my various programming jobs. To me it t was getting paid to have fun. The blacks got paid but never did anything useful.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Maybe also add the word “tenacity” .
        Sometimes dumbed-down to “…stick-to-it-ive-ness…”.
        That’s why I met so many Adderall and meth users in the biz.

    • LHathaway

      If you don’t like blacks, California is almost heaven compared to the rest of the nation, particularly the east half of the nation.

      I suppose if you’re a sports-obsessed white California kid your major unhappiness with blacks will be with them being the better or best athletes in the state.

      • Nevsky

        But then you have to be OK being exposed to the Chinese “culture” 24/7

    • dd121

      Businesses know they must hire a few tokens to keep the PC police off their backs. They know they won’t get any production. It’s just a cost of doing business.

      • JohnEngelman

        The programmer I mentioned had his cubicle next to the main entrance, so anyone entering the programming area could see him, if he was in his cubicle. Nevertheless, he spent most of his time socializing.

      • MooTieFighter

        Such a burdensome ethnicity on America.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Racial overhead. Or maybe, PC overhead.

    • Nevsky

      I wonder how many blacks are there among all the pilots in the US. I mean there cannot be “Affirmative Action pilots” since if you hire someone because of his race, not his competence – plane crushes guaranteed.

    • M.Magog

      Hows our great economic recovery going? I guess up is down ,backwards is forwards ,and contraction is expansion now.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I made similar comments about my experience at a defense contractor and you labeled me a complainer. Make up my mind, Rabbi Engelman.

      • JohnEngelman

        I doubt very seriously that I labeled you a complainer for complaining about a black co-worker who was not doing his job.

        You were probably complaining about a Jew or Oriental you could not compete with.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Yes, I was. If I kick you in the balls before a foot race and I win, would you complain. Your fascination with Jews and Asians is disturbing. I routinely ran circles around them. The Jews cheated and the Asians are all monkey-see-monkey-do. All genetic.

          • JohnEngelman

            If what you say is true, it was very uncharacteristic of Jews and Asians.

            They tend to score better than white Gentiles on all the mental aptitude tests however they are designed. They tend to perform better in the classroom and on the job.

            Your hostility toward Jews and Asians is disturbing, but not surprising. It is based on jealousy.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Completely factual reporting on my part. If you get an AA concession you are a parasite. I don’t differentiate. In my world there are only two kinds of people: Americans and parasites. Jews and Asians regularly get a pass at defense contractors, just as that black programmer did. They are one entity: parasites.

          • JohnEngelman

            Jews and Asians neither get, nor do they need affirmative action. In Ivy League colleges there used to be quotas to keep Jewish numbers down. After affirmative action was outlawed in California the number of Asian students increased dramatically.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Flatly untrue. Saw it every day for 10 years. Can’t say what the latest university protocols are. I don’t have a huge problem with AA in colleges, provided the employment playing field is level afterward. But it isn’t. It’s a never ending scam.

          • JohnEngelman

            This was posted on American Renaissance December 5, 2011. Is it flatly untrue?


            Asian students have higher average SAT scores than any other group, including whites. A study by Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade examined applicants to top colleges from 1997, when the maximum SAT score was 1600 (today it’s 2400). Espenshade found that Asian-Americans needed a 1550 SAT to have an equal chance of getting into an elite college as white students with a 1410 or black students with an 1100.

            Top schools that don’t ask about race in admissions process have very high percentages of Asian students. The California Institute of Technology, a private school that chooses not to consider race, is about one-third Asian. (Thirteen percent of California residents have Asian heritage.) The University of California-Berkeley, which is forbidden by state law to consider race in admissions, is more than 40 percent Asian–up from about 20 percent before the law was passed.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            None of those people worked where I worked. Your “performance” is directly linked to your diversity quotient. Pacific Islanders are a coveted find, for example. They are so rare in Massachusetts that, literally, any Pacific Islander will do.

            Same with American Indians. They have so completely assimilated into American society that it’s difficult to find one with more than 1/4th (usually imported from Canada) Indian. So, when one comes along?–good enough. They hired a landscaper with no technology experience at all, solely because he was a rare 1/4th Indian.

            And with Asians, any group will do. You probably see more Korean, Japanese, and Chinese on the west coast. In New England they settle for the Southeast Asians. 9 out of 10 of them are morally bankrupt idiots. Doesn’t matter–the diversity pie chart is happy.

            The whole SAT thing is your standard skipping record. The most brilliant man I ever met never finished college. He’s still a friend of mine. He’s in the autodidact category.

  • ncpride

    And it is hard to address these kinds of challenges if you’re not prepared to discuss them openly, and with the facts.”

    A grain of truth but again, I’d bet a weeks pay they won’t address the facts with any kind of honesty.

  • Some of those whites at Google are jews. Count on it. But given that Google is located in Mexifornia (right? I’m assuming) where are the Mexicans? Their absence proves something, probably how stupid and dumb they are, as well as lazy. Manana, amigo.

    One of my pals in tech, hired a black engineer with a masters from a prestige university. Kevin the black guy spent his day chasing and bedding the black secretaries (and trying for the whites) while married. He had no ability to do engineering work.

    My pal got him fired though. My pal said something with the word “boy” in the sentence, nothing racial. Kev bristled and challenged him, “Who you callin’ boy, cracka?”

    My pal did the work of 5 or even 25 Kevins and when he went to his boss and told the higher ups what happened, they fired Kevin.

    See. We whites win a few. BTW, my friend, like others in south Texas I know, defends Mexicans but blasts blacks. Nobody wants to work with a black. Nobody.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Funny same type of thing happened to me but I was the one fired. All I can say is if you are in a medical setting and you see a black person you best ask for someone else.

      • Visceral

        My best friend got fired for being white. He worked the front desk but the company wanted a black at the front desk to show customers how diverse they were.

        Funny thing is, he landed a management position at a competing company and one day his former supervisor who fired him for being white applied for a job there.

        His plan was to grant her an interview and when she arrived he’d be sitting in a high backed chair facing away from the door. Then he’d spin around and say “so we meet again!” “You wouldn’t fire some one for being white would you!?!?!”

        She never showed up for the interview!! Loser! Hahaha!!

        • Beetlejuice

          Too bad. That is a great story and she was most likely tipped off.

          The courts have been used to great effect against Whites in the workplace and business world. It’s time to turn the tables and start suing when WE are fired or not hired due to skin color. Yes, it can and has been done.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I saw that all the time at a defense contractor for 10 years. The diversity compromise was usually hiring and promoting Caribbean-born blacks. My guess is because they have higher levels of European blood and therefore can keep up better. To the diversity demons, in many cases, it only matters that black skin replaces white with respect to their quotas. Ironically, the “Caribes”, as I called them, have no lineage to American slavery–oh, but they’ve got their hand out looking for that entitlement. Same with Obama and the African-born diversity darlings. Just black skin will do. No roots to oppression necessary.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Three Quarters of whites came to America as indentured servants, we should blame blacks poor performance as slaves as the reason whites had to work ,harder, and longer past their contract. Therefore they owe us reparations.

      • revilo evola

        Every Carib I’ve ever seen has been loaded down with tattoos, and they typically sport weaved dreads down to their shoulders, if not longer (I’m talking the men). The women have possibly more tattoos, sometimes spelling out their names, so you know who they are. Carib women seem to enjoy wearing a more native Afro hairstyle–often done up with a Jemima rag.

        Their work ethic is not, from my experience, much different than American transplanted Africans–if it is so, it definitely has to be due to the degree of Mulatto factor. One thing: the two groups don’t get along very well; islanders tend to be more uppity, while “native” American Africans believe that Caribs don’t have authentic “street cred.” Plus, the latter speak funny. I suggest Google hire as many of both as possible. The sooner this company self-destructs, the better.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          It depends on which “Caribes”. The Jamaicans have the best school systems. Well–had, for awhile after the European colonists left. You can at least get a Jamaican to talk a good game. That’s saying a lot, considering the choices. Bahamians can also talk the talk. The tattooed “Caribes” you speak of sound like Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.

          • kikz2

            silly me, i thought the PQ’s all moved to NY, Jersey, or the burroughs and sound like rosie perez…..;)

        • Beetlejuice

          I saw them while traveling through Florida and was advised to steer clear. They often had gold teeth too. My relatives said they have high rates of violence and crime and are a scourge on the entire state.

      • kikz2

        as a rule, they usually spoke better English… least the ones i came into contact with in telecom….. the absolute Queen’s English.. of course this was in the 80’s &90’s.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Yes, very good point. That is definitely one factor that keeps them in good graces. They will play the reparations/race card where ever necessary, though. They always have that wiggle room.

  • dd121

    That’s about the ratio of men/women/minorities that built this country. That’s what’s building the Google Search Engine too. Since they’ve been found out by the PC police they’ll have to hire some useless minorities to get the numbers up. Cost of doing business.

  • Lewis33

    Yeah, Google is just chock full of “whites.” White like how founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are “white”.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      They might be Jewish after this. It’s a chameleon thing they do.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Maybe the lack of blacks is the reason why Goggle is successful and is the best search engine. Just once I wish negroes would just solve their own problems and in this case, start up their own search engine.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Google is being brow-beaten (and will submit) to do what all governments and corporations are beaten to do. They will create make-work, cubicle careers for the highest diversity quotients.

      They muddle through their day, carrying that same useless piece of paper from cubicle to cubicle, chit-chatting from one to the next–never having known or accomplished anything. Then they will drive home realizing that there’s nothing they know or do–and it won’t be the slightest moral dilemma for them.

      Life owes them a living.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Only 3% Black? So in other words, Google is pretty much in line with all of the rest of the tech industry. And those 3% of blacks are probably all in sales anyway.

    Blacks use tech; they don’t create it. That’s the way it’s always been, the way it always will be.

    • willbest

      Actually those 3% black are probably 3/4ths African immigrants. Not African-Americans

    • IA_Adam

      Thousands of miles of coastline in West Africa, and nowhere in recorded history did even one civilization there develop ships, navy, nor maritime industry on their own. Who did? China and Europe.

      • Richard

        There is a lack of deep-sea ports.

        • IA_Adam

          The largest natural harbor in Africa is in Sierra Leone. You don’t need a deep sea port to develop a maritime industry. And China and Europe have been dredging harbors for centuries to improve port access. You should ask yourself why it’s so important to you to make excuses for blacks even to the point of making untrue statements?

          • M.Magog

            Because Europeans could build ships, and because they were adventurous and curious about the world, they discovered many things, one seemingly insignificant one being the potato. The potato though was of enormous significance. IT enabled the population explosion that helped fuel the industrial revolution. Europeans also discovered Quinine, and that enabled whites to venture off the coast of africa and explore e it’s interior.
            Africans have never showed motivation for anything other than inflicting pain on others. You could leave a locked box with a treasure inside it and put a screwdriver next to that box. The screwdriver could easily remove the lock and the hinges but they would use it to kill other africans.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    We need to work to get more Whites in there

  • Ahnenerbe ᛟ

    I would estimate 2% of the NBA players are White. Is the color spectrum police going to address that?

    • Beetlejuice

      Better that WE address it at a personal level. Turn off the NBA. If every white did this, they’d be out of business overnight.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Eric Holder should sue Google for race based discrimination. Clearly, its employment practices are discriminatory. What else could explain 3% black employment (and most of them work in Google’s food and sanitation services departments)? That blacks are dumb or lazy? That answer is unacceptable.

    As a settlement, Google must fire half of its white employees, management, and board of directors and replace them with blacks and hispanics. Perhaps then the PC whites at Google who are thrown to wolves will begin to understand the meaning of affirmative action, diversity, “disparate impact” and social justice.

  • Caucasoid88

    My company has had two black IU designers in the past year. One was ousted from the company within a few months because he was late on an assignment and the boss told him so, at which point the guy stormed out of the building and never came back. The other was a black lesbian who was with the company for a year until management fired her for being incompetent and disrespectful. They gave her monkey work and she still couldn’t hack it. She’d be extremely hostile whenever the director would suggest a way to make her work better. It became obvious she was only with the company because she was a black lesbian and no one had the sack to fire her.

    I forgot, there was another black in the media department. He was let go because he lived across town and would come to work whenever he felt like commuting, which was hardly ever.

    It’s obvious companies bend over backward to accommodate these imbeciles. They are just bad employees.

    • M.Magog

      Even HINTING that a black employees attendance , behavior and or performance is not satisfactory is enough to make them walk out. I have seen this happen. When they know they can not reasonable argue with the facts, and they are called on them, they beat a hasty, and angry retreat.

      • MindHead99

        I worked as a consultant at a small company who had a black employee who wasn’t showing up for work. Management forced every employee to sign in at the front desk for months with their start times for legal protection reasons. I never saw this black employee come in and they finally fired him after a couple months.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    For tech positions, the numbers are similar–60% white, 34% Asian, 2% Hispanic and 1% Black.

    This proves that Google is racist, homophobic, evil and practices micro-aggression!!

    Why does Google hate Black people?

    How many gays work at Google?

    Time to send in the Clown: Jesse Jackson!!

    (or maybe it’s Al Sharpton’s turn for a shakedown? Do they divide up the $$$$hakedowns??)

    May, 2014:

    Jesse Jackson Presses Facebook on Lack of Diversity

    When you hit Google, Jesse or AL, bring a few qualified black CS candidates with you.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The upper echelon at Google will just toss the Israelite card. You will then be branded as anti-Semitic for criticizing them.

      “An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.”

      ― Joseph Sobran

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        !!! aarrggg. Graphics not loading.

  • IA_Adam

    Google: 3% black workforce, highly successful.

    Federal Government: 17% black workforce, disaster.

    • IstvanIN

      Wow, that is all? NJ Civil Service, all levels combined, is 25% black out of a 14% black population.

    • Beetlejuice

      According to Pat Buchanan,

      Though 10 percent of the U.S. civilian labor force, African-Americans are 18 percent of U.S. government workers. They are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of the State Department, 37 percent of Department of Education employees and 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development. They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the employees at the Government Printing Office and 82 percent at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

      • model1911


    • JohnEngelman

      Private industry pays lip service to affirmative action. Nevertheless, employers in the private sector know that if they do not hire the best available applicants, their competitors will.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “In terms of racial diversity, the company overall is 61% white, 30% Asian, 3% Hispanic and 2% Black.”

    Nary a word will be said by the racial agitators about the vast numbers of Asians employed by Google. Instead, the low number of blacks and Hispanics will be held out as dispositive proof that Google discriminates against “people of color”. Google executives will bite their tongues and take their beating rather than be honest about vast performance differences among the races in the tech industry. “Respectable people” dare not speak uncomfortable racial truths in the New World Order.

  • A Freespeechzone

    Fact is…Google realizes that ‘diversity’ is NOT a strength…..yet they have no problem supporting ‘diversity’ for everyone else.

    Maybe that’s a strategy to beat the competition…..Hmmm

  • OhWow

    When I see articles like this all I can think of is the 8 million pound, 50 foot tall gorilla in the room screaming:

    NBA! NBA! NBA!

    Google looks like the most diverse corporation in the world compared to the NBA standards. Hey Mr. Silver, what are you doing to address the racist issue of the NBA not hiring enough whites? Surely we are all the same, so it’s not like blacks are just better jumpers and have more fast-twitch muscle fibers. There is only one possible conclusion: racism. I demand that Adam Silver be forced to sell the NBA…unless of course he brings a lot of 5’10 white guys from local YMCA leagues to play in the NBA.

    • Dave West

      A little off topic, but I was reading in Baron’s and came across a link claiming that Steven Balmer is going to buy the Clippers for $2 billion. I clicked on the link and it took me to a Huffington Post article; I read the comments section and all the libs have tied themselves into a frenzy over the fact that Oprah or AIDS-man Magic Johnson isn’t buying the team. I guess the jewish billionaire, founder of Microsoft isn’t good enough for the Marxists.

      • MikeofAges

        They are a bunch of clueless liberals. The NBA wants a hip billionaire to own the Clippers and Earvin (I refuse to call a 54-year-old future billionaire Magic) Johnson and his partners to buy the Lakers.

        But the true story is murkier than that. Steve Ballmer would love to move the team to Seattle and take over the Sonics name. His ownership agreement, however, will require him to keep the team in Los Angeles. But soon enough one of the financially failing small market teams will be moved to Los Angeles to take over the Staples Center lease, leave Ballmer free to move the team to Seattle.

        Another question is why Ballmer would be willing to overpay so much for a basketball team. Aside from the fact that he has long aspired to own an NBA team and is so wealthy he probably could find $2 billion in his couch cushions, there is yet another reason.

        The $2 billion he pays for the team becomes the tax basis when he later sells the team maybe 20 years from now. The difference between $2 billion he pays and the actual value today thus is sheltered from capital gains taxes, saving him probably hundred of millions of dollars in taxes later, which makes up for having his money tied up. On top of that, he gets his capital gain above the basis and the ongoing profit he makes from the team operation.

        Ballmer will keep the Clippers in Los Angeles only as long as is necessary to create enough pressure on the Buss family to make them sell the Lakers.

        When the Clippers move, part of the deal will be that Chris Paul and perhaps Blake Griffin also will end up with the Lakers, thus jump starting the next Laker dynasty.

        Seriously, who loses? The Sterling family gets billions. So do the hapless heirs of Jerry Buss, eventually. The league gets what it wants. New owners in Los Angeles. A new Lakers dynasty. A chance to redeem itself by returning to Seattle. And the perpetually dysfunctional Clippers finally eliminated from the face of the earth after 40 years and stops in three cities.

        Not often that we actually get to see the sausage being made, but this is how the wealthy spin everything into gold.

        • Moe

          In the end, Sterling loses. He’ll have to pay untold amounts of capital gains taxes, and he loses his team because of alleged racism, which blackballs him for life.

          • MikeofAges

            Life? What life?

            On the other part, the Sterlings pay capital gains taxes, but the jump in value more than covers that. Read my post tout entiere. Okay, he does lose his team and so do his heirs. But they are being compensated for their loss. This is a billionaire family. They can go anywhere, do anything. Play with anybody this side of the Saud family or the Sultan of Brunei. Don’t bother me with your dopey nonsense. Not until you have read what I wrote anyway. All of it.

          • But, back on the other side of the coin, the power of cultural Marxism and our cultural Taliban still marches on. That’s why I support Donald Sterling, even though the day I find an actual redeeming positive quality about the man is also the day I find a hen with teeth. At some point, the steamroller has to be stopped.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Mark Cuban is saying similar things. It’s not the content of the speech anymore, it’s going on the offensive against those who hate the 1st Amendment.

        • Guess what else it does.

          Ballmer paying $2 billion for a team that “experts” valued at $950 million resets the scale for the valuation of NBA franchises. In an instant, every NBA owner just got qualitatively more rich. If you’re the second best shortstop in baseball making average money, wouldn’t you be happy if the best shortstop signed a mega bank blowing contract? Sure, it means you’re going to be worth a lot more when it’s time for your next contract.

          Now I know why the owners wanted Sterling gone so badly, not for anything he did or was done to him, but because they wanted a big bid for the Clippers to reset the scale.

          • MikeofAges

            Yup. That too.

  • LHathaway

    What was that WNP think tank investigation a few years ago? Blacks were over-represented at 15 out of 16 government agencies, in many cases over 200%? over represented, with the largest discrepancy being at the offices of equal opportunity where blacks working there were over 600% over represented compared to their share of the nations public population. The article didn’t mention that the average age of whites is around 40 years of age while the average age of blacks is closer to 30. A greater number of blacks wouldn’t be expected to be working at all for being too young to work.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      In 2009, the EEOC employee population was 47% black. That according to the author of adversityDOTnet.

      Since Obama, it must be pushing 50%. I dealt with that agency while being the regular recipient of reverse discrimination at a federal defense contractor. I felt like I was dealing with a foreign country–an enemy foreign country.

      The EEOC and OFCCP missions are to displace white males in every workplace possible, 24/7. Those agencies are anti-white meat grinders.

  • LHathaway

    You know, an black friend of mine pointed out that female teachers give an advantage to young male students. For the boys are more likely to pay attention to what female teaches say. He’s black, it must be true.

    Now, K- graduate school anti-male and anti-white propaganda training (that no doubt is believed by many of the teachers somewhat) is very likely to shift any advantage back to female students. There are ‘genetic apologists’ (lets call them eugenicists) who write new books proclaiming that girls have a biological learning advantage over boys. Much like I don’t buy the ‘AmRen geneticist argument about race and learning, I don’t buy the genetics argument in favor of female brains.

    The pro-woman and anti-male propaganda IS ubiquitous. Also, one can’t realize there is a problem in the first place until it’s talked about. The statistics You show reveal there is a problem. In truth, in American society, women have always been ‘the longest lived, healthiest, best adjusted, most socially esteemed americans, holding the bulk of the nations wealth’ as George Gilder wrote in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Another statistic that is never discussed is that 500,000 white men in America have died of AIDS. As the proportion of Whites dying of AIDS begins to more closely match the male population overall, we can no doubt expect to begin seeing the racial break down of AIDS deaths in reporting. In some southern states they’ve actually begun to list current death rates by race. They wont list the White numbers by numerical total. Sometimes race is a social construct, an ephemeral quantity like those subatomic particles here for a moment and then gone, vanished the next.

    Another interesting things is the phenomina of all these female school teachers being arrested for having relationships with their students. . . If women naturally favor male students. . . they probably don’t when they are afraid to even eye them in the wrong way.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      My concern with women swallowing the teaching profession whole is gene expression. Epigenetics, or “soft inheritance”, shows us that genes are expressing all through childhood. Are there genes NOT switching from a chronic lack of strong male role models? Epigenetic experiments with laboratory animals, for example, found that genes of newborns expressed differently, depending on how many times the mother licked the baby. Are we immersing our children into the right gender mix for proper gene expression?

      • LHathaway

        Sorry, boys do better with female teachers and caregivers. I would agree with you that anti-male bias has gone completely out of control and is likely hindering and greatly harming boys, even if the effects are mostly psychological.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          “…Maybe they do need some token men in the teaching profession, which, it could be argued, they have enough of already..”

          Then stand tall with me about not needing token women in IT.

          • LHathaway

            I suppose I’d have mixed feelings about that. When I was in the US army (and I was in an all-male company), I felt I Wouldn’t want women in my unit only because none of them would have me as my girlfriend so I would feel left out. Closer to them yet farther away. Maybe I felt that way because everyone who did have a girlfriend, of any kind, at the base I was stationed, seemed to be a black guy. As much as this should, in all probabilty, make me and my group, white guys, the ultimate victims, I suppose If I was in an all white military, and at an all white location, and there were women in my unit, I still wouldn’t have a girlfriend. I’m a little bit socially undeveloped so simply having female ‘friends’ didn’t seem that relevant (or likely to me) and I was probably a bit obsessed with having a girlfriend.

            I don’t know, about working in IT. Maybe if I worked in IT, I would want women, as many as possible, working with me or around me.

            I’m not sure how tall you can stand when your bosses in HR all no doubt value women, only second to people of color. And your co-workers, not doubt value women and their feelings more than they do men and their ‘feelings’, because women are so oppressed.

            Good luck with your anti-affirmative action stand. I suspect the only way you’ll get rid of affirmative-action, however, is to ask for it for yourself. We have to openly ask for affirmative action for ourselves if we ever hope to see it end for everyone else.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            The fundamental issue has always been hypocrisy; what the grievance industry retitled “double standard”. A further smoothing might sound like: “Do as I say, not as I do”. Why does Google have a “problem” and the education profession not? If you think (wrongly) that women are natural educators, then why aren’t the men at Google natural leaders?

            By the way, I don’t make the rules, just suffer under them. Affirmative Action and the EEOC/OFCCP would not exist if I made the rules.

            Your impressions of the American teaching situation are considerably askew. My father was a school teacher. Consequently, I was surrounded by school teachers most of my life. Men are/were a critical component in proper child development; of which gene expression is still not known. We are swan diving into the 3rd world abyss because of all this social engineering foolishness.

            A man is not predisposed to complaining, he is stoic, he steps away. Dramatic, theatrical activism is foreign to his DNA. I agreed in another post with your assumption that the LGBTQ % is higher than 4% in education. The female/LGBTQ % is probably more like 95%. But, they didn’t earn it, the men stepped away. The vacuum was then filled by “other”.

            That’s how men protest: they walk away. Read about the “Going Galt” phenomenon. Dr. Helen Smith covers the male condition well, too. I read her book: Men On Strike. “Going Galt” is what male protest looks like en masse. The grievance industry sees it as victory “…against the patriarchy..”, but they are just squatting in territory vacated by the stoic and most qualified.

  • Ike Eichenberg

    2% black and 3% Hispanic is a HUGE over-representation if you figure the distribution of IQ among the races.

    • Dave West

      Most of them are probably secretaries and human resources affirmative action hires.

  • Magician

    I read a few days ago that Google is now more valuable than Apple


    I just hope Microsoft keeps on losing money. I am scared to imagine how many H1B visas they will start giving out now that their CEO is an Indian guy.

  • Beetlejuice

    “90%+ of public school teachers are female and/or LGBTQ.”

    Do you have proof of that?

  • Beetlejuice

    I’m sure Google management already knows that, they just can’t say it publicly without heavy heavy consequences that will put a dent in their business.

    I’m sure they’ll decide the best course of action is to pay off the race hustlers, hire a few more blacks to work as deadwood and massively UP their contribution to the democratic party. That should buy them a few years of peace…before the same cycle goes off again. Google has money, large amounts of it, and it’s too tempting for the hustlers and greedy politicians to just let it sit there.

  • Beetlejuice

    Your last sentence hit the bull’s eye. I thought the same thing: the Chinese must love all the diversity turmoil going on in the U.S., because it cripples U.S. businesses.

  • dusa1957

    You can hire on the basis of merit or you can hire to achieve “diversity”. You can’t do both at the same time. Free enterprise rewards merit, where by virtue of talent or hard work. It takes government quotas or the rewards of political correctness to make “diversity” the goal.

  • ViktorNN

    If our criteria for diversity includes the idea that a workforce should reflect the rest of the country, then there are actually too few whites and too many Asians.

  • MooTieFighter

    Let’s see how blacks plan to force some of their unqualified own into Google, given this report. I guess Google will have to hire some more black “engineers” and “programmers”. Not sure what Google will do with them once they hire them; however. I suspect if Google plans to stay successful they could just pay them not to show up, or give them and office and have them perform some frivolous paperwork.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    That seems extremely diverse. Is diversity now code word for the number of blacks?

  • M.

    So in a field where gray matter and hard work are needed, Asians are overrepresented, and blacks underrepresented. What else is new!

  • M.Magog

    Blacks think this is wrong. They want the company to be 76% white 50% asian and 90% black.

  • M.Magog

    I have worked for IT companies. I get hired for employee events. The engineers are virtually 100% white male. The asians are more likely to be working in sales, and much of their number is made up of females.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      That persistent fact drives the social engineers crazy. There’s nothing they hate more than the sight of a round peg in a round hole.

      • M.Magog

        Oddly enough, most of those engineers are “hipsters” or a cross between a “hipster” and a “gamer”. I did meet ONE engineer who was Indian,but he behaved more like one of the sales people. He told me the following joke : Q”How are outgoing engineers different from the usual engineer (software engineers) A” they look at YOUR shoes when they talk to you” ( instead of their own).

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Yes, there is a bit of savant in all of them.
          The European blood lines are packed with specialists.

  • none of your business

    If you really want to see 5th world conditions look at the homes in which the San Francisco chinese live. 20 people in 1,000 sq ft, 6 3 decker bunk beds in the living room, small garages turned into chicken slaughtering factories, the Chinese areas of SAn Francisco are truly 5th world once you get inside the buildings.

    • M.Magog

      Before the 1906 earthquake SF’s Chinatown was infested with black plague. It seems their way of living never changes.

  • NotTooSwift

    What is the percentage of blacks are in public transit, Social Security, education, US Postal Service, Federal, State, Local Government, African Studies staff, non-combat positions in the US military and other gravy jobs. If it is greater than 13%, something is out of whack.

    Do they complain because more of them are not surgeons, nuclear physicists, Navy SEALS, astronauts, bankers, airline pilots, et al? You cannot merely get Affirmative Actioned into those positions and be expected to excel. At least I certainly hope not.

  • LHathaway

    It’s pretty well known that male homosexuals are over represented among teaching administrators.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Yeah, by saying 86% female, 4% LGBTQ = 90%, I was being very conservative. Are there any female gym teachers left who aren’t lesbians?

      • LHathaway

        I don’t know, but i wouldn’t mind investigating that! Put me on a committee.

      • Hallie Eva

        Both my gym teachers in H.S. were lesbos.
        One of them was the dean of girls’ life long lover. In town, they owned a beautiful Victorian mansion together.
        As a naive outlier [country] girl, I knew nothing about such matters, and if I had known, it would not have been a proper topic of discussion, given our conservative milieu.
        Years later my mother told me about them.

  • Magician

    I agree non-whites around the world keep on using us as a punching bag nowadays but

    This should not be what our girls should be doing…. This woman is younger than me and she has grandkids?


    Not only what she did extremely wrong, but having kids, even if they are fully white, in late-teens is extremely stupid because teens are hardly ready, mentally or financially, to raise children….

  • Nevsky

    You didn’t mention any non-white pilots in your comment

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Affirmative Action serves the grievance industry, not the race industry. The grievance industry is comprised of race, religion (everything other than Christianity), sexual orientation, gender (females only), country of origin (not the U.S.), etc.

      The 23 year old woman with the community college degree was an AA placement to serve the feminist members of the GIP: Grievance Industry Party; commonly called the Democratic Party. It was one for the GIPper. Those 50 souls gave one for the GIPper.

  • Transpower

    This is proof of the statistical differences in academic ability of racial/ethnic groups.

  • propagandaoftruth

    Test. Logging in with tor.

    OK, that works. Never done it actually. Not much lag time once connection made either.