Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law

Patrick Marley et al., Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 29, 2014

In a decision that could have implications nationally and in Wisconsin’s November elections, a federal judge on Tuesday struck down the state’s voter ID law, saying it violated the Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution.

The law known as Act 23 had already been blocked by a state judge. For the law to be put back in place, supporters would have to overturn both the state and federal decisions–a possibility that could prove difficult between now and the Nov. 4 election for governor.

“There is no way to determine exactly how many people Act 23 will prevent or deter from voting without considering the individual circumstances of each of the 300,000 plus citizens who lack an ID,” U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman wrote in his 70-page ruling. “But no matter how imprecise my estimate may be, it is absolutely clear that Act 23 will prevent more legitimate votes from being cast than fraudulent votes.”

Adelman, who is based in Milwaukee, found the state didn’t have an appropriate rationale for imposing a voter ID requirement. In-person voter impersonation–the only type of fraud a voter ID law can prevent–is nonexistent or virtually nonexistent in Wisconsin, he wrote.

“Because virtually no voter impersonation occurs in Wisconsin and it is exceedingly unlikely that voter impersonation will become a problem in Wisconsin in the foreseeable future, this particular state interest has very little weight,” he wrote.


Adelman, a former Democratic state senator known for sponsoring the state’s open records law, determined that in practice the law requiring voters to show one of nine types of photo IDs at the polls established an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote. It also violated the federal Voting Rights Act because its effects hit Latinos and African-Americans harder than whites, he wrote.

Under the voter ID law, minorities “must pay the cost, in the form of time or bother or out-of-pocket expense, to obtain what is essentially a license to vote,” he wrote.

He issued an injunction barring the voter ID law from being enforced.

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who defended the law, immediately pledged to take the case to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.


“We are very pleased that the judge recognized what we believe we showed at trial, which is that Wisconsin’s voter ID law did have a discriminatory effect on African-American and Latino voters,” said Karyn Rotker, a senior attorney for the state ACLU.

Dale Ho, director of the national ACLU’s voting rights project, said he expected the decision to be a “bellwether” as federal courts consider challenges in Texas and North Carolina.


In his ruling, Adelman laid out a process for considering any action taken by lawmakers to fix the flaws he identified. He said he would hold expedited hearings on whether any amendments to the law would be legal and could be enforced at the next election.

“However, I also note that, given the evidence presented at trial showing that blacks and Latinos are more likely than whites to lack an ID, it is difficult to see how an amendment to the photo ID requirement could remove its disproportionate racial impact and discriminatory result,” he wrote.


[Assembly Speaker Robin] Vos said Republicans had tried to accommodate critics by allowing people to get free state-issued IDs. But Adelman found too many barriers remained for those who didn’t have IDs; for instance, under the voter ID law, people still have to pay a fee to get copies of their birth certificates, which are necessary for the free IDs.


In Wisconsin, the voter ID law was in place for the low-turnout February 2012 primary, but then struck down by two Dane County judges. An appeals court overruled one of the Dane County decisions, but the other ruling remains in place.

The state Supreme Court is now considering both those cases and is expected to rule by this summer. During arguments in the cases in February, some members of the court–including one of the conservatives who control the court–raised concerns about aspects of the voter ID requirement.

Adelman’s ruling deals with two challenges, brought in federal court. He heard the cases together and issued a single decision because they shared similar elements.

In the federal cases, those suing include the ACLU, Cross Lutheran Church, labor unions and the Wisconsin chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Even if the state Supreme Court finds the voter ID law is in keeping with the state constitution, the law will remain blocked by the federal court.


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  • Eagle_Eyed

    Impeach impeach impeach.

    Notice how the alleged burden on minorities is used as the rationale for striking the law down. Requiring ID isn’t the problem per se, but since minorities are incompetent and will fail to produce identification more often than whites this will hurt the Democrat Party so the law must be unconstitutional.

    I want to see the progressive income tax laws struck down in this country based on that rationale. Whites are harder hit than minorities since they earn more. Ergo tax rates are discriminatory and in violation of the 14th amendment. Would love to see the left react to such a ruling, as it would mirror well the ruling we saw today.

    • M&S

      Whites cannot be the victims of discrimination.
      Wake up, you, in the back!
      Until whites are impoverished and have nothing, blacks and Hispanics will use race-not-class to justify their inability to gain the kinds of jobs which would allow them to pay for a 25 dollar printing fee.
      That’s the whole schtick you see? Race can’t exist but racism can be an excuse when it comes to getting free stuff like the right to disenfranchise those who paid for their ‘privilege’.
      Once whites have no ‘privilege’ left, whatever is still ours as physical property and individual wealth will be taken outright and redistributed because numbers are how the mob rule a democracy.
      Democracy is the empowerment of the weak to rape and rob the strong.

  • D.B. Cooper

    It should not be that difficult for the GOP to prove Clinton appointed Adelman’s ruling is politically motivated. come on, republicans! Don’t you want me back? I’m voting straight ticket democrat until you decide that you want my vote.
    Know thy enemy, and destroy his career.

    • Tom Thumb

      The interesting thing about these judges is that they have no idea the pendulum has begun swinging back in the other direction and they’re just not making things easier on themselves with all these biased rulings.

    • Anon

      The answer to your own question is obvious…..no.
      At the very least, all people in both parties take their orders from the same people. But, in the last several decades, it’s morphed into something far worse. Our representatives are little more than actors, playing a part and the elections are outright rigged while the media puts on a show.
      I’ll even make a prediction. Next up are the republicans. They will attribute catering to Hispanics for their win and open the floodgates of immigration still wider. The media will call them a bunch of racists. The economy will mysteriously rebound (for awhile) as they reverse much of what they did under TAARP. War in the middle east will end while the number of troops, mostly in the form of mercs paid for by the US will increase (just like in Iraq). The media will stop covering any of it. Crime will go up but the media will say its going down. Blah, blah, blah….you get the picture.
      Not a single policy issue will change in any way. Although many fake issues (like the national debt) will.
      Meet the new boss….same as the old boss. Won’t get fooled again?

      I doubt it.

  • Whites need to step up their game and vote 15 times each like blacks. A white person who knows how to fraudulently vote ought to teach workshops to whites on how to vote multiple times without being caught. He could do so under cover of the First Amendment.

    The former USA is a fraudulent clusterfreak of a country anyway, so whites may as well get in on the fun that comes with having the satisfaction of voting over and over and over again.

    • Normally, I wouldn’t agree with such a notion, but this country is over and now all I feel is disgust and the need for revenge! I hope whites will do everything in their power to undermine this corrupt government of ours and break all the rules in favor of our own kind.

      • You and I are at the same point. Break all the rules in order to break the government.

      • Anon

        What you should be is concerned for your survival. Parts of this country are going to BURN soon, to teach white people a lesson about what level of complacency is too much to still live under.
        My advice…..move away from these areas…..far away from these areas with the assumption that it could happen any day now.

    • Anon

      And would it serve the same function as it does for the negros and the other liberals? To think you actually succeeded in getting your guy in? I can’t help but notice that, even though Obama was supposedly elected, he didn’t even wait for the election itself to start violating his campaign promises. For the most radical of ultra-liberals, his policies are amazingly like the supposedly ultra-conservative George Bush.
      A pretty basic question to ask yourself is this….if the guy I vote for gets elected, do I have ANY reason whatsoever to think he will make policy that I want? The only major political figure to ever give people reason to think so was Ron Paul. Now Ron Paul never, in his life, did a single thing he wasted a lot of breath and a lot of ink talking about. But he did provide us a valuable service. People believed him. They actually thought, now here is a guy, that, if I vote for him and he gets in, will actually do what I want for a change.
      Millions and millions of people got behind him. If only the people who bought one of his books, voted for him, the election would have been a landslide victory. And I maintain that they did in fact do so. He was the only political figure, including Obama to have large turnouts for his speeches and political campaigning (huge, rockstar like turnouts, btw). By any measure, he obviously should have gotten the GOP nomination, despite outright illegal interference in the nomination process.
      Not only did that not happen when everyone paying attention knew it should have, he did not say much when it happened (which is to say he expected it and was just another actor playing his part).
      At this point, there really is no excuse for not understanding the elections are rigged. Hell, you can go to Youtube and catch a clip of Obama on a hot mike admitting as much (they don’t care if you know, lol).

    • curmudgeon

      Careful, if caught you would probably be charged with a hate crime.

    • Anna Tree

      The problem is that to vote once or 10 times is the same, because GOP or Dems are the same.
      Now, if there was a racialist party…

    • M&S

      People who have nothing don’t go to jail or go for as little as possible to keep the revolving cot open for the next ingrate.
      White People who commit white collar crime go to jail because breaking them serves as an example to other whites not to try and get ‘their’ country back by means fair or foul.
      Whites need to invest in each other and particularly buy in the younger generation who see themselves as ‘post racial’ solely because it’s an easy fad which costs them nothing to pretend in.
      When a race loses it’s eternal controls over it’s fate, it can still buy back an enclave existence with which to maintain territorial as internal, cultural, values.

  • This is one reason why the U.S. is doomed and cannot be ‘reformed’: The judges who are supposed to be the interpreters and upholders of our Constitution, instead, discard the will of the people, allowing those who are bent on destroying us from within to prevail at every point. This decision is merely the outcome of the Left’s long march through the institutions.

    Such liberal judges also nullified the will of the people in California when they ruled in support of illegal alien benefits and gay marriage (something the majority of Californians didn’t want and voted against).

    How insane has our country and its leaders become to imagine that requiring a valid photo identification violates people’s voting rights?!

    I’ve said before that this will not be resolved with a vote because the traitors are too entrenched inside our government. The barbarians are inside the gates, and they’ve set up camp. The Left does not play be the same set of rules. The only way this will ever be resolved is through a bloody Second American Revolution. How and when that will occur is anyone’s guess. I hope I’m wrong, but I see no other way.

    • Anon

      It’s not insane at all. It’s just incongruent with your fantasy (most peoples fantasy) about what the US is. That fantasy is we are a free republic, with the rule of law, tempered by a constitution with inalienable rights and a limited representational democracy to handle the day to day running of the country. In reality, we are a failed empire, about to go bankrupt from our unsustainable, genocidal and unjust wars, waged under the express objections of most people (one in a long line over about a hundred year period). We are a proto-communist dictatorship ruled over by an oligarchy who shares power with an EVIL, extremely hostile (to whites) alien race. All those involved are various degrees of semi-competent to incompetent and how bad it is varies depending on where you live in the US simply because they don’t have the ability to control most of the country, so they simply control strategic areas. You have no rights. Or rather you only have rights to the degree that those living in your area agree that you have rights. Many areas, the rule of law has broken down. Many areas, neither law enforcement nor the courts can effectively deal with criminals (that is to say, blacks and immigrants). These areas also restrict or strip you of your ability to defend yourself. Not content with this, these same people are flooding the country with non-whites in the hope of destroying those areas they can’t control. Our media is more controlled than ever the old soviet union was. Our economy is completely manipulated and, although it provides, for now, it’s basically a giant scam. No, you absolutely cannot go to college, get a useful degree and a successful career. In the past, you were rewarded with such in return for holding liberal beliefs. Today, they largely don’t see a need anymore. Only certain people, of that group of oligarchs, succeeds….and there is nothing special at all about them except who they know.
      Everyone knows to various extents AND THEY DON’T CARE if you do. Their grip on power is so strong they are smug about it. They wipe their asses everyday with our constitution.
      And there is not a thing you can do about it except use that understanding to minimize the cost to yourself and take advantage of the fact that many areas in the US their grip is weak and you can still live relatively free. That and prepare for a time when they either lose interest or otherwise fail, leaving a power vacuum that prepared people can exploit.

  • dd121

    More proof that once you get past the bark, this tree is rotten to the core.

  • Truthseeker

    This voter ID debate is the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen in American politics. The Marxists must be laughing at how thoroughly they’ve duped people into genuinely believing that voter ID is discriminatory and therefore in need of abolishing. Next thing they’ll go after is voter registration, because it prevents illegals and other feckless types from voting. Mark my words.

    • Puggg

      Eric Holder has already said we should look into instant and automatic voting registration.

  • MekongDelta69

    We dun need no steenkeen’ Eye Deez.

  • Who Me?

    How the h*ll can voter ID be discriminatory? People including minorities use ID every single day. They show ID to cash their welfare check. They show ID to prove they are legal age to buy alcohol. They show ID when they drive their brand new cars off the car lot–or do they? If they want to vote so damn bad, they can show their ID or forget it. (They’ve got ID, they just think they can cause trouble with this.)

    • Puggg

      Also need ID to visit people in jail or prison, and you assume blacks do that quite a bit.

      • Who Me?

        yep, that they do.

    • Anon

      That’s funny. You actually think those things demanded of white people are asked of (or even possible) blacks. How exactly does someone of no fixed address, who cannot even spell (or even remember) their own name. How does an out and out retard who cannot read even go to the DMV and apply for a license, let alone pass the driving test. None of these people have bank accounts or pay rent, electric bills etc. A legion of white people takes care of all this for them. Blacks don’t exist on paper, the same way we do. They don’t understand any of that. Not at all. Which begs the question, how do they do any of these things like buy a car they won’t make payments on, lol. The answer is no way you would recognize as the way things are done. I think you may be seriously underestimating the level of black pathology here. The average inner city black you couldn’t say, have a conversation that went anywhere. They couldn’t reliably tell you what happened in their life yesterday, or last week. If you ask them again the next day, assuming you could understand them at all, you would get a completely different answer. An eye opening experience is to sit back in a court room sometime and listen to blacks being confronted by a judge or prosecutor. Most of these people are, by our standards, equal parts retarded and insane. Put another way, most cannot really engage a first world standard of living. Some of them it’s a struggle to understand how a doorknob works. Or struggle with spoken language. That’s actually not funny. You’ll be amazed at the number of blacks that get up in court, grunt and mime because they can barely speak simple sentences.

      • Who Me?

        Which begs the question, Why should someone with a lower IQ than my pet canary be voting?

        • FeuerSalamander

          why should anyone who has racial or tunic loyalties to any group other than the dominant whites who found3d this country be voting? It is about more than IQ.

          • curmudgeon

            And thus you can vote for additional ‘free stuff’ paid for by your more ambitious betters.

          • FeuerSalamander

            you can vote for a party that makes laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and then send your lawyer brethren out to make a windfall suing honest businesses for violating that act.

          • curmudgeon

            Bingo! Follow any of the problems we have in this country back to it’s root cause and you will find a liberal lawyer in that woodpile!

        • curmudgeon

          Or someone who lives off the state, can’t speak or read English, pays no taxes and could not pass a simple civics test.

          Leftist liberals have already destroyed much of America with their well meaning policies that continually fail due to the “Law of Unintended Consequences”!

      • Stan D Mute

        This is a point all too few, even among the race realists and HBD community, really “get”.

        Somebody who is really good with statistics needs to create an IQ distribution chart showing of the 40 million Africans in our midst, how many have IQ of 85 (mean), 70 (one deviation low), 55 (two deviations low), etc. The point being there are MILLIONS of Africans here with IQ of 70 or less and I’m guessing a few million at least with IQ 55 or less. I’ve see somewhere published the higher than average numbers (ie number one deviation or two deviations higher than average). I think this would give everyone a sense of the scale of the problem.

  • Luca

    Oh look, another liberal, high-IQ, Ashkenazi Jew, Clinton appointee, practicing activism from the bench. What a shock.

    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      Funny, if you look hard enough, there they are!

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Doesn’t affect the Homeland, so its not Whites affair. If the people of Wisconsin want to let their pets run free, well that’s their business.

    • Anon

      Such thinking is why whites, who used to be a majority in the world, are an increasingly smaller minority. It really is quite simple. Whites either dominate or we die. No other race is what we call civilization, important. Everywhere whites refuse to rule, those who do it because we abdicate this responsibility, will routinely be evil and treat all peoples as slaves. This matters because of the whites still living there will also be slaves. When you, and the white people in Wisconsin have the opinion that what happens there is none of your affair, eventually BOTH of you will be thrown in chains. What the muslims did to white Christians is the standard. Kill the men. Enslave and indoctrinate the children and use the women as breeding stock.
      Is that all you want for your descendants….to be mongrels enslaved to non-whites? Because if you continue to think the way you do, that is exactly what will happen. In case you haven’t noticed, there is no “Homeland”….not a single place on this earth where white people think like say, the Germans did under Hitler or the Americans did pre-1960’s.
      You don’t have to convince anyone either. As I’m fond of pointing out, few people even know who Jared Taylor is, not because he isn’t right (he is very right in most of what he says) but because he has no base of power. By contrast, millions of blacks listen to that lunatic Farakhan for no other reason than he has a base of power.
      You need two things. A base of power (money is easiest to get in the US) and you need a willingness to insist others behave, even obey. If, instead of thinking, oh well, its Wisconsin, none of my business, you were to say, become an important employer of people and made it known that only racists from Wisconsin were allowed to be hired, people around would quickly become racists.
      It is unfortunate, but true that whites think this way as well as non-whites. You have to care. You have to take responsibility. If you don’t rule as a master they will make you a slave. And your ability to rule depends on how large your bailiwick is. You simply cannot simply surrender large swaths of white territory and still expect to have any say in a future world.

      • Lt. Greyman, NVA

        Forgive, but “taking back” of the North American Continent is simply an impossibility. Too much damage has been done. Even a leader like Gengus Kahn would find the logistics impossible, not to mention that the World would be against you. Like a Vanilla milkshake with a teaspoon of dog crap in it, you can’t “fix it”. By taking a small area of the USA, which is going to shatter anyway into enclaves (i.e. smaller Nations) and setting aside one just for the White, we can hope to one day reclaim our heritage.

        I agree it is awful, especially if the Solutrean Hypothesis is accurate, as it will mean we will have struggled to claim the Continent 3 times already. Nonetheless, we must realize that the damage is done and that the negro and Hisspanic population problem is going to have to be repaired by future generations.

        Our job is to secure the future for our people and a future for White Children.

  • Petronius

    How does Judge Adelman know that they don’t have a voter impersonation problem in Wisconsin when there is no ID of the people who are voting?

  • Jerrybear

    Naturally, blacks and Hispanics are too dumb to figure out how to get ID’s.

    It’s amazing how offensive liberals can be to the minority masses and still get away with it. I guess they truly are that stupid.

    • WR_the_realist

      The same blacks who have no trouble figuring out how to get food stamps, AFDC, section 8 housing, and Medicaid are somehow too stupid to figure out how to get a valid ID. Should people that dumb really be allowed to vote?

  • Ella

    Early ancients Greeks did the same game of non-citizen and voting rights. If the foreigner dwelt on Greek soil, they were treated with citizenship rights regardless of status. Eventually, the city-state collapsed due to voting into the treasury and was invaded by Sparta some years later….folks, that might be China for us.

  • shawnmer

    This is never going to end. Essentially the same law has already been approved by the SCOTUS in Indiana. But there is never a shortage of activist left wing judges who will repeat the exact same ideological clichés in new opinions who act as if the high court has never ruled on this question.

    That’s why Im pessimistic. When the right gets an adverse court decision, they treat it as the final word. The left gets one, they just file a brand new lawsuit somewhere else and start over again!

  • Seek

    An outrage of a ruling. As if requiring an ID to enter a polling place “discriminates” against those who aren’t eligible to vote in the first place.

  • NoMosqueHere

    The judge is auditioning for the Supreme Court; we may never have another republican president. Once the dems take the Supreme Court, it’s game, set, match.

    • Peter Connor

      No chance.

  • TheCogitator

    Wisconsin should just continue to ask for an ID before allowing anyone to vote. Tell the feds to pack it where the sun doesn’t shine. The feds make us show ID to get on a plane. What bunk. Tell them to bring it on. Put a bounty on every federal agent in the state. If as many people have showed up in Nevada to help Bundy, think of how many would go to Wisconsin to help them. They want war, give them a war, and it will be one the feds cannot win. Crush them forever.

  • TheCogitator

    Wisconsin should just continue to ask for an ID before allowing anyone to vote. Tell the feds to pack it where the sun doesn’t shine. The feds make us show ID to get on a plane. What bunk. If as many people have showed up in Nevada to help Bundy, think of how many would go to Wisconsin to help them.

  • TheCogitator

    I guess no comment that suggests anything other than complete acceptance of this foolish decision will be allowed.

  • A Freespeechzone

    These federal traitors further enable voter fraud; the likelihood of this trend changing anytime soon is nil. Outrage is ignored and turned back as racist.

    Since nothing is going to change, best to leverage this to OUR advantage since honest elections are a thing of the past.

    Smart Conservatives CAN beat them at their own game–play by their rules and be a better cheat.

    That is our only hope.

    • FeuerSalamander

      racists are being vindicated over and over again . The day is coming when the public narrative is completely reversed. Once it is I don’t think it will ever be reversed back to what it is now. There would have to be a total collective amnesia and total elimination of any record of what has gone on since 1950. I think there will be a day when white nationalists are seen as the heroes and the evil intentions and actions of the liberals, frankfurter school marxists and media elites are clearly perceived.

      • A Freespeechzone

        I hope you are right; the cowardice to stand up against evil and the undoing of our country will only make it harder for Patriots to restore the sacred values given is by our forefathers.

        If too much time passes, most will be brainwashed and have no conception of Liberty, Freedom, Honor or Values.

  • r j p

    I think we all know how the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago will rule.

    • Peter Connor

      I think they will reverse.

      • Terminus88

        @Peter, good prediction from 4 months ago. You nailed it.

  • FeuerSalamander

    Adelman- jew

  • Evette Coutier

    When the courts are this corrupt, the rule of law ceases to exist. Be forewarned, America as we know it is gone. Protect yourselves.

    • TheCogitator

      We need to refuse to comply. If the people of Wisconsin would resist, I’m sure they would get assistance.

      • Evette Coutier

        To some degree white people are in general too civil. Things have to be critically bad before we as a group say enough is enough. We are polite, civil, law abiding, and try to be fair and reasonable in dealing with others. Those at war with us are rude, uncivil, disregard the law unless it suits their agenda, are not fair minded, often violent, and generally unreasonable. How can we succeed with these handicaps we impose on ourselves?

        • TheCogitator

          I agree, being civilized has its disadvantages. Other groups threaten violence and get their way. We have got to learn what wins. White people are great warriors. We have to get into that mode and do whatever is necessary. I’m all for peaceful if it works. Fighting is hard work, and I’m lazy; but I like to win, and will do what is necessary to win. Unless most whites are willing to do the same, we can kiss our race goodbye.

          • Evette Coutier

            Evolutionary processes are unforgiving. The fittest strategy wins. It matters not if you are the smartest, strongest, fastest, creative, civil, caring, biggest, or “moral.” In the end, you win or you lose. We are losing because we are too compasionate. This is a pattern woven throughout history. Civilizations over time become more civil and are overtaken by people whose soul’s are harden.

        • FeuerSalamander

          Then I wonder what percentage of the apparently white May day protesters in Seattle are not actually white? IT is about time someone investigated the ethnic makeup of such subversive marxist groups.

        • M&S

          Starve them and make them dependent.
          Any urban center is dependent upon food, power, water and services (medical, legal, education, fire, police etc.) delivery.
          If whites would pull back into collective enclaves where all business was done privately, sans store front or contract, solely within a convocation oversight condition (i.e. internal community mediation as enforcement), whites would be able to isolate HUGE chunks of money inside our own community
          And once you have that community large enough, to where it’s self sustaining, you pull the plug on civil commitments, across the nation.
          This _can be done_ by buying in our youth so that racism is no longer an excoriateable moral failing but an economic choice. A house, a car, a guaranteed trade, deep discounts on everything from private medical to local schooling.
          At which point, The Powers That Be have to make a choice: break into our communities, with writs of law mandating multi-racial access to private affairs.
          Or reap the undertow of a ‘no race’ society trying to support itself on the basis of 85-95 IQs.
          They cannot live without whites, for the moment, (robotics could change this, as course ‘outsourcing’ smart Asians or a dedicated genomics program). And we only need that single moment to regain a measurable degree of empowerment.
          People like Tim Wise look at the demise of whites as a dominant population in their own homeland as the endgame of a political struggle. I look at it as the loss of capital assets.
          We are not reproducing 2:1 to sustain ourselves, let alone 3-4:1 to maintain pace with the R-Breeder populations. That means a shift in demographic balance between racial groups is a certainty, there is simply no way to ‘make good’ when the average white generational interval is 30 years and that for Hispanics and Blacks anything from 17-22.
          But what we MUST NOT do is have whole generations passing without making sure that they have picked _one decent white couple_ to invest whatever wealth they have into.
          Buy in the young. And the dream of who we are can go on. Wait until the State takes the estates of the childless old and it all goes away forever. Nor does this have to wait upon death.
          It can begin with mutual investment groups that do things like buy up real estate from select (poor) areas and make them white refuges _right now_. If one middle aged couple with a successful kid going through college decided to ‘have more’ in a useful way (ours is going to make it, let’s invest in some more whites who are a little shakier) by refinancing their home and picking up another mortgage property or two, they could bring a pair of twenty something blue collar workers out of an desperation-rent lifestyle to a condition where they could invest in their own lives as future.
          That couple then needs to set rules on what is required of those young people to stay ‘in the community’ of assured residency, with the first being utter loyalty to their race. Through getting job training, through having at least two kids and through working in the employ of a white business owner who either paid them off the books or maintained a small enough business to avoid affirmative action mandates on racial percentages.
          The older couple then needs to find friends, like them, who are willing to further the process, with jobs and with homes and with assisted medical/education/legal/insurance etc. programs. So that gentrification of outlaw regions can begin _from the bottom up_.
          Where whites still have a significant fertility edge.
          Whites can do this, only if those whose wealth base is assured are willing to do a Warren Buffet type sacrifice to make sure that, upon their death, all they have is transferred into -some- white child’s future. And not into Innuit Owned, BRA.

          • Evette Coutier

            This is essentially what Jews do and they have survived for thousand of years as a racial sub group.

  • Good Lord, they have four years between presidential elections to get a free ID. How hard can that be?

    • Dale McNamee

      For fraudsters,illegal aliens, and the lazy… It’s still “too hard”…

      If getting proper ID is “too hard”… So voting should be made “too hard” for them too !

  • Peter Connor

    SCOTUS had already ruled the other way for Indiana–this is total BS from a Democratic judge.

  • fgbrunner3

    Impeach the judge. Here is a possible remedy for our irresponsible federal judiciary. (1) Repeal the XVII Amendment. (2) Limit all federal judges to six year terms.

  • fgbrunner3

    Dear BD, voting democratic is equivalent to committing suicide.
    Dear Eagle Eye, IMO our progressive income tax is a denial of equal protection of the laws.

  • fgbrunner3

    I believe the judge expects to be reversed on appeal. The decision is all about the judge’s progressive credibility. Th judge probably has picture of Obama in his room.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Maybe he has one in his wallet.

  • Malgus

    Okay y’all… I expect to get flamed out of existence for this one, but I gotta speak my heart…

    I have never, ever liked the idea of government-issued ID’s… that the only way you have any legitimacy is if the Almighty State decrees that yes, you are who you say you are and makes you carry around a piece of plastic with your picture on it, without which, you can do no business, cannot operate a motor vehicle, etc.

    Along with that, I detest the “social security” number that is assigned to you at birth and will follow you around for the rest of your life… assigning someone a SS number is tantamount to forcing them to participate into a system that they have every right to opt out of, but you give them no choice since the number is usually assigned when they are a newborn…

    Both are used to control people, and I oppose both on principal.

    HOWEVER, and I have to offer this caveat, if it were not for the machinations of “community organizers” and pretty much the Democratic Party – playing fast and loose with elections, specifically so that liberal progressives and Democrats get elected, and STAY elected, to public office – we wouldn’t have a need for something like Act 23, which basically requires people to prove who they are so that they can exercise a hard-core political right like voting…

    This is one of those times when my principals are at odds with the cold reality of the world… I know we NEED a way for folks to prove who they are so that elections stay honest (and I don’t for one second believe “Lynn” saying that voter fraud is nonexistent… and what kind of parent would want to torture their kid by naming him “Lynn” anyway?), but the only reason why we need to keep elections honest is because of the blacks and latinos… Apparently, it ain’t a problem for white folks to get an ID and follow the law.

    I forgot. Asking blacks and latinos to follow the white man’s law is asking way too much of them…

    • I wish we could trust each other.

      If we had a real society, a real extended family, none of what you and I worry about in this stead would be necessary.

      Many older people reading these words can attest that drivers licenses did not have the licensees’ photos.

      I could go on and on.

      The only caveat I can add, and I know that this doesn’t apply to you, but most of the people worried about state overreach and invasion of privacy rights either find no problem with or actually support if not out and out right pushing along the notion that race doesn’t matter, race doesn’t exist, white people shouldn’t have an ethnostate, immigration should be open and unrestricted, the “sensibilities” of the black undertow should be heeded constantly. The very reasons why we can’t trust each other and are living in 1984 in 2014, our precious diversity and multiracialism, they support or can’t bring themselves to oppose.

      • Malgus

        Exactly. You and I could go round and round talking about this, but all we would be doing is telling each other what we already know..

        What I find to be very telling is that those folks who say “race doesn’t matter, doesn’t exist, etc” are totally silent when it comes to needing legions of lawyers, NGO’s, judges, do-gooders and government goons to force us to coexist. They’re totally fine with using all that as a club to beat us about the head and shoulders and so inflict their will on us, but when those same government goons start going after them… oh man, the hue and cry is deafening.

        Hypocrisy much?

  • scutum

    I live in Wisconsin and there is no question that voter fraud is rampant in Southeastern Wisconsin and in Dane County (Madison, home of UW).