Baby Mamas in Tag-Team Taser Assault of Daddy

The Smoking Gun, May 7, 2014

A South Carolina man was pummeled and tased yesterday afternoon by his “baby’s mama” and his “other baby’s mama,” who teamed up to ambush and assault the father of their children since he “has a new girlfriend,” cops report.

According to a Spartanburg Police Department report, Rodrick Tucker, 21, told officers that Tabitha Martin, 23, invited him to her apartment Tuesday. Tucker, who described Martin as his “baby’s mama,” added that when he arrived at the residence, Martin invited him into the bedroom.

Rodrick Tucker

Rodrick Tucker

Tucker told police that “once he was lying on the bed” in Martin’s apartment, Courtney Littlejohn–his “other baby’s mama”–entered the bedroom. Tucker, who was likely expecting an afternoon delight, quickly became the target of a tag-team attack.

The women, Tucker told police, yanked him off the bed and began “repeatedly punching him in the face and head.” After escaping the bedroom, Tucker said he was “again knocked to the floor.” He added that Littlejohn, 23, “sat on top of him, not allowing him to get up.”


Tabitha Martin and Courtney Littlejohn


Tucker said that “both females began to tase him several times with a stun-gun.” After again freeing himself from the pair’s clutches, Tucker said that he “picked up his baby, thinking the ladies would stop attacking him” while he was holding the small human shield.


The women, he said, “continued to swing at him until he finally gave the baby to Ms. Martin,” police reported. Tucker, who fled the home after handing over the baby, told cops that he believed Martin and Littlejohn “were mad at him because he has a new girlfriend.”

A check of Tucker’s Facebook page reveals a May 1 update indicating that he is now in a new romantic relationship. Tucker (seen at left) lists his occupation as “Certified Sex Specialist” in the “About” section of his Facebook page.


5/7 UPDATE: Littlejohn was arrested today at 11 AM on a domestic violence charge and booked into the county jail, where bond has not been set. Click here for her mug shot.

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  • Whitetrashgang

    Certified sex specialist, you don’t say.Just when a brother gets a job someone has to punch him in the head and sit on his face.Truly something needs to be done about this. Maybe a march on a porn shop or something?

    • Anon

      Well….at least he didn’t fill in “Muh Dik” as his occupation.

      • cherrie greenbaum123

        Good point. For blacks, procreation multiple, multiple times is a full time job.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Download and peruse this little gem – it’s free in pdf format for the googling…

          The Negroes in Negroland, by Hinton Helper.

          This is a collection of excerpts from explorers of the dark continent and their recounting of the lifestyle of the natives. Widely criticized by PC types, of course, I found the accounts to ring remarkably familiar after my years of exposure to the Bantu.

          The crazier and more barbaric the existing custom or belief recounted therein, the more I nodded and came to understand the modern black.

          • Nancy

            Thank you SO MUCH for that! I got it and read through the intro and first several pages of the Negroes in Africa. It’s like reading Civil War-era prophecy that’s come true. This guy was BEGGING the public NOT to let the Negro have equality, that it would spell disaster for the country, but the political class and the newspapers were already spewing their “race is only skin deep” nonsense.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      He is indeed certified with the state as a sex specialist, though such words are not used. As the certified father of these…daddy babies…he is indeed a certified sex haver. Also a certified adult child capable of reproducing and in as serious a need of a vasectomy as the “baby mamas” are for tubal ligations…publicly funded as far as I’m concerned.

  • Really, was he such a prize that they had to fight over him?

    There are some years where black women have a higher violent crime rate than white men.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      When such a large percentage of black men in prison the pickings are pretty slim. So in answer to your question, for them, he’s a prize.

  • MekongDelta69

    More black ‘family values.’

    • Oil Can Harry

      When this dope was being beaten he picked up his own infant and used it as a human shield.

      True cowardice.

      • PvtCharlieSlate

        Actually, that is just exactly what monkeys in the trees do when there is a battle between two males and one of them is losing and wants the fight to end. The differences here are that one monkey will grab any infant that’s nearby and that the other will back off immediately.

  • Who Me?

    Nice to see AmRen include an article purely for it’s comedy value every once in a while.

    • rmk948

      Agreed, this one really made me smile.

  • dd121

    Right out of the jungle. 500 years of civilization and nothing learned.

    • FozzieT

      And apparently, according to Nicholas Wade’s new book, nothing to ever be learned. It is built into their genetic code.

  • Nancy

    So when the two sheboons went jungle-wild on Ro’driquick, he “picked up his baby and used it as a small human shield.”

    Last I checked, we folks here in civilization (white civilization) PROTECT our youngest, most vulnerable members from dangerous situations, not put them in harm’s way.

    Another congoid nominee for Father of the Year.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Maybe that’s why the have so many hoodrats…more human shields.

    • kikz2

      y, i caught that nugget as well….

  • kjh64

    He likely thinks he’s a big stud and is proud of himself and loves having these “baby-mamas” fighting over him.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    The single worst thing a black could ever do is breed and multiply. We should do everything in our power to discourage black breeding habits, from giving out free contraceptives to subsidizing abortions. Controlling black numbers is vital to preserving quality of life.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      Sterilization at 18, 15 with parental permission, with a ten thousand dollar stipend for three full years. And an EBT card. To qualify, you’d have to sign a waver to give up all welfare entitlements until age 65.

      • kikz2

        in MS during the later part of the 20th century, they were sterilized after their third, if they were on welfare.. if only….

  • Anon

    Domestic violence, like racist violence is an issue where the reality is very different than the propaganda and brain washing we are subjected to. Everyone here knows (or should know) that domestic violence is largely a race issue. White violence against their lover or spouse is quite rare, except among the truly depraved (ie homosexuals, drug addicts and the rare out and out criminal element). Other races, especially blacks, as part of a greater pattern of evil (and it really is as simple as white people, good, non-whites, evil) regularly assault and murder their partners and their children.
    The part you might not understand is this is not a male on female thing. The amount of “domestic violence” where the female is the aggressor is just about equal to the male of female violence. The primary difference is, the male non-whites prefer to use their hands, while the females prefer to use weapons. Infidelity is the number one reason given (although the intrinsic evil of the other races is the real reason).
    This article is typical.

    • connorhus

      While I agree with your statement it is important to note that Feminist will scream that White Men are just as likely to commit domestic violence as Blacks. Domestic violence myths are as much a financial support leg with Feminist as the so called wage disparity.

      Since Feminism is the direct cause of all this multicultural/PC crap it is important to dispel those myths like you did.

  • Peter Connor

    “Certified sex specialist”–apparently he needs more training!

    • Rhialto

      Translation(certified sex specialist) = prostitute

  • Black Swan

    These wenches have no one to blame but themselves. Rodrick is the neighborhood Lothario using the same lines on each of his hos. Better they wail on him and each other than play the flash mob or knock-out game

    What does ole Roderick have to worry about? The government will support all of his hos and their babies for life.

    *Lothario: “a man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women.”

    • The government won’t support them: we will.

      • Black Swan

        The government has no money; what money it has is either confiscated from White taxpayers or printed up out of thin air.

        Results are the same, these things spread poverty and misery.

        The avatar took me a while to find.

        It reminded me of a Phoenix rising from the ashes but it IS a black swan. I believe the White race will prevail and arise again to our former glory, from the ashes if necessary, and seek righteous justice and retribution against those who have done us harm. But it will take bloodshed, and a lot of it, I believe, before things are set right.

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    Hos got mad at their baby daddy. Just another day in the hood. yawn…..

  • shmo123

    I suppose it’s an African thing and I wouldn’t understand, but I’ll bet forced sterilization would go a long way to curbing babies and baby mamas. Rodrick can go around shooting all the blanks he wants.

    • Pro_Whitey

      Amen. Let them screw all they want if the tubes are cut, at least there won’t be new little vortices of dysfunction brought into the world.

  • I must wonder: am I actually expected to care about this?

  • FozzieT

    According to Nicholas Wade’s new book, widely reported on this website, it is hopeless to try to change the behavior of blacks, because it is genetically built-in.

    Trying to civilize most people of sub-Saharan African ancestry is like trying to tame a tiger. Ask Siegfried and Roy how that turned out.

    They are simply displaying the behavior of their African ancestors over the past 50,000 years. High fecundity, high mortality. High aggression and a proclivity to violence. Low impulse control.

    Essentially, Africans are like the “wild” version of humans, and Europeans are the “domesticated” version of humans.

    I wonder how many generations it took us to domesticate the wolf?

    • rmk948

      Probably less time than it will take to domesticate blacks. Most estimates think that domestication of dogs took place somewhere between 18,000 and 16,000 years ago. Think about it – every breed from chihuahuas to Irish wolfhounds developed in the blink of an eye from an evolutionary perspective.

    • LHathaway

      “According to Nicholas Wade’s new book, widely reported on this website, it is hopeless to try to change the behavior of blacks, because it is genetically built-in”.

      Thank you for this wonderful book review. I’m sure Mr Wade would greatly appreciate it.

    • kikz2

      i’d would seem, we’d just about domesticated ourselves into oblivion… sigh….

  • Alexandra1973

    Baby mama drama!

  • Never too early to give kids their chimp-out lessons.

    • Tucker should count himself lucky that they didn’t stab him, the way Crystal Mangum killed her last boyfriend.

      • Apparently he escaped before those two got really serious. More importantly, things like this are very good training for Chuck E. Cheese Black Mob Night. Whites would just try to wing it, but it really takes training and dedication to go professional thug.

        • kikz2

          i guess that was their version of fo-play…why……dey wuz juz havin sum funz… if they’da wanted ta f*k da nigga up… they would’a….

  • NoMosqueHere

    Is Amren going to start a new comedy website?

  • IKUredux

    I swear to God, the next time I hear someone referred to as the “baby daddy” by a White person, I will… Look, allowing the negrofication of our language has to stop. Please, Dear God, do not allow Whites to engage in hip hop or rap, twerking, or defiling their bodies by those horrendous earlobe thingies. What’s next? Those lip things that distend your bottom lip to the size of a saucer? Those neck rings that make you look like you have a long neck? OOh, how about you no nothing White girls go have an cltorectomy to match your piercings? You know, go totally African and Muslim. Do you White people not understand envy and jealousy when you see it? These races who hate us, bleach their hair blonde, straighten their hair, wear contact lenses to change their eye color ,and despite their bitching and moaning, do everything they possibly can to fit in with the civilization that Whites created. Ahh, where’s the interest in VOGUE, the Congo edition? Where’s the interest in Popular Mechanics, the Saudi edition? Where on the whole fing Earth is there ANY kind of culture or civilization that is NOT White European? Where? Are people interested in Islam culture? You know, all that famous literature, and what not? Oh, how about all the fabulous architecture in China that people are flocking to see, you know, the um, wall thing. Right. Chinese vacationers go to Paris, they don’t go and look at some stupid wall.(I mean, it’s a nice wall, as walls go. but it sure ain’t Paris.)

    • LHathaway

      “defiling their bodies by those horrendous earlobe thingies. What’s next? Those lip things that distend your bottom lip to the size of a saucer”?

      Pretty good, it sounds like your heart is in the right place, even if you may be a little exhuberant. I find it so sad to see tattoos and body piercings almost as normalized as, say, blue color jackets. I’d never thought of connecting this ‘reducto absurdum’ to the other primitive practices you mention. Very nice, although I’m not sure I’ll be using this comparison too often myself. Maybe I will.

      As far as the rest of your bluste, I’m guessing that tanning is more common than skin bleaching, but perhaps what you are really documenting is simply the rest of the worlds interest in white women? With interest comes great rewards.

    • kikz2

      ummm …….gauges, i think they’re called..

  • LHathaway

    I remember reading one guy’s profile page and it read, “Occupation: BBW’s”

  • model1911

    Should be on pay per view.

    • Urbane Neanderthal

      You’d have to pay me to watch.

      I don’t find it entertaining but do concede it would sell to the double digit IQ crowd.

      • model1911

        A poor attempt at humor.

        • Urbane Neanderthal

          I wouldn’t say that, the humor is there.

          Such behavior is the basis on which Jerry Springer and Maury Povich have made millions.

          • My sister refers to Maury Povich’s program as “The Who My Baby Daddy Show”.

            I’ve watched it at my mother’s place, but I need a few beers in order to take it in anything but small doses.

          • Dale McNamee

            I think that there was a short-lived show called “Who’s Your Daddy ?” It had the old “Dating Game” format ( 3 guys and the contestant)…

          • Urbane Neanderthal

            I have seen a few moments, but like most things “urban” I can only tolerate minuscule doses too.

  • Ograf

    baby mama’s my ass. Even our media is letting these mutts bastardize English, and they are going along with it.

  • kikz2

    i believe… the most apt ebonic colloquialism i’ve heard yet, to reference this hilarious episode… (crotchgrab) “huh…. niggaz gotza nig, yafeelzmedawg?”

  • Kit Ingoldby

    ”Tucker said that he “picked up his baby, thinking the ladies would stop attacking him” while he was holding the small human shield.”


  • LHathaway

    I guess I’ll claim I’m not of Northern ancestry.

  • Fantaman

    “picked the baby and used as a human shield”

    Yep, everything you need to know about blacks right here and there.