U.S. Justice Department to Collect, Study Arrest Data for Racial Bias

Julia Edwards, Reuters, April 28, 2014

The U.S. Justice Department on Monday said it will begin collecting data on stops, searches and arrests made in five U.S. cities to weed out possible racial biases within the criminal justice system.

Later this year, a $4.75 million federal grant will be awarded to recipients who compete for the funds to work with their local law enforcement to analyze arrest data and find ways to reduce any biases they find, particularly toward young minority men.

Black men were six times more likely, and Latino men were 2.5 times more likely, to be imprisoned than white men in 2012, according to Justice Department data.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the data collection effort is in response to President Barack Obama’s call for better relations between law enforcement and young men of color following the “not guilty” verdict in the shooting death of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin.


[Editor’s Note: See here for Holder’s video address on the subject.]

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Well, follow where the money is going. Someone is going to become extremely rich gathering information that I already knew years ago.

    • Anna Tree

      Hi D.B. Cooper, I post on yahoo, and yesterday I saw one of your post!!! I wanted to say hi but when I signed in I couldn’t find you anymore… next time! 🙂

  • If a researcher is paid to do a bias study, guess what? They going to find bias and bigotry infused in the system. Seek and ye shall find, especially when there’s big bucks for find it.

    • guest

      “If a researcher is paid to…”
      And call me cynical, but I bet there’s some commission structured into that pay.

  • DNA Explains It All

    Woop it up you racist dogs in power, make NEGRO FATIGUE terminal!

  • MekongDelta69

    Black men were six times more likely….to be imprisoned than white men in 2012

    Let’s see now:

    Blacks are 13% of the population, which means black males are about 6.5% of the population.
    Eliminating all the elderly and the babies, that leave approx. 4% of the population – who COMMIT 51% of the VIOLENT CRIME in this country.

    Eric Hold ‘Em Up doesn’t care about those FACTS.

    • DonReynolds

      Yes…..black men are six times more likely to go to prison but twenty times more likely to comit a felony crime. In which case, I say…..they got off light.

      • paul marchand

        All the reliable municipal murder rates, and some states, indicates a ratio of over 10 x the murder rate by blacks than whites. I suspect the federal ratio of 7x is due to counting murders by Hispanics as whites.

        • Urbane Neanderthal

          The Bureau of Justice Statistics show the black homicide offender rate at 34.5 per 100k. They show the “white” offender rate at 4.5 per which is obviously including Hispanics since the CDC shows the White non-Hispanic murder rate at 2.7 per 100k.

          Not exactly apples to apples but certainly it is fair to consider.

          An interesting graphic from the CDC age 10-24 homicide figures.

    • wildfirexx

      I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the result of the study would be attributed to:
      “White Privilege”.

      • RexRazor

        Or, of course, the residual effects of slavery.

      • Annabelle Pettyjohn

        The only privileged whites are the Jews. The most protected group of people who have ever existed on earth. Tim Wise’s book “White like me” should be “Jew like me”. Then the book would ring true. The Jews have achieved all they have through stealth and force. How can a group of people live amongst us and not be talked about. To say the word “Jew” is anti-Semitic and should be punishable by death.(in the Jews opinion).

        • wildfirexx

          The only way to re-establish white pride and equal rights for whites again..is for us to take over the federal reserve, banking, mainstream media and movie production and theatres, and also the internet, in order to deprogram the matrix zionist cult followers. Hitler tried, and look what happened, it was a white massacre.

    • Mrfinoni

      Actually 2%…. allowing for the fact that 50% of Blacks don’t get involved in crime, drugs and gangs. that means these 2% are quite possibly the most evil creature the earth has ever created. 2% are responsible for all violent crime and a huge percentage on non-violent crime. Similar I suppose to the disaffected elite 1% who are betraying the West.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        The gangs are often manipulated by or run by kosher sources who have no problems getting their slaves to kill each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if some non-kosher 1 percenters were behind it. A culture that encourages degeneracy has definately been manufactured from the top and fed to the masses. Songs about drug use, murder or other degenerate behavior get signed and promoted by the hollywood elite. Songs that encourage hard work and success will be turned down, along with gangs being created and their self destructive culture pumped into them.

        Its a win-win because after the black and brown goyim are done killing each other we can blame such arrest statistics on the white goyim and create legal excuses to go after them too.

    • bilderbuster

      Oh he cares about them alright.
      He wants fewer Blacks in prison for crimes.
      He wants them on the street committing more crimes against Whites and he wants it done yesterday.

      • Annabelle Pettyjohn

        He wants the blacks to be equal to Jews. NOt held responsible for their actions.

  • This sounds like a waste of time and money, better to suddy why the crimes were commited. and address the real issues. Not the fairy tails that float from Washingtion latley. but the real issue what causes the crimes, that would be maybe worth while.

    • DonReynolds

      Yes, every crime by an illegal alien is entirely preventable by enforcing the immigration laws. How many victims…..of all colors…..would that save?

      • Anon

        Ummm….not its not. Immigration is largely a red herring issue. The real issue is that non-whites are evil, inherently violent and act as a group against white people. What is necessary to stop these crimes is to ethnically cleanse these people from white lands and make non-white immigration illegal. Essentially make being a non-white in a white country illegal. So that the police can simply arrest and deport these people BEFORE the commit their crimes. My point is it’s not a matter of a few bad apples and certainly not a matter of those bad apples being illegal. The vast majority of non-whites are wicked, violent, sub-human scum….almost universally criminal. If present, they WILL victimize whites. The ONLY way to prevent this is to remove them. And this was the dominant US attitude until relatively recently. It is hardly foreign to our way of life. Not only that, but our country HAS in fact, done this before. Rounded up millions of non-whites, stripped them of citizenship and unceremoniously dumped them by freight car deep inside Mexico to keep them from being able to come back.
        We simply have to do it again….this time on a larger scale and make sure it sticks.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          I don’t believe that non-whites are inherently violent or evil. And I also think such posts justify all the affirmative action and diversity police. That’s why they are busy painting swastikas on their own windows.

          As well problems could be solved by treating everyone equally. This would weed out bad people unlike current policies that desire equal results such as equal arrests between different groups.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I truly believe if whites were just given the same freedoms and respect that others receive then things would be fine. For example, if they could organize in their own little europes, have an advancement for white people league, be given the freedom to freely associate and actively work to protect their people etc. If whites had what Jews have most “racists” would be happy and the group would not be threatened with extinction.

            It doesn’t require you to hate all non-whites. It would just require equal application of the law and the end of white guilt and hate whitey cultural trends. If we treated all people equally the more criminal elements wouldn’t want to come here anyway due to higher standards of conduct, along with intelligence tests for jobs in which they couldn’t score high enough. Even if some groups were competitive and persists I don’t see how it would threaten anyone if they could live by normal civilized standards, mutual respect etc.

        • Annabelle Pettyjohn

          The sole purpose for the existence of The Department of Justice
          is to protect blacks and destroy whitey….. DOJ will collect data and present
          the data to further the power of black Americans. White Americans must stop
          talking and lamenting about the dirty deal we are receiving from our government
          and take action. We must force representation from our government. We do this
          by creating a national grassroots effort to force the Republican Party to push
          the US government to give us the power to organize to protect our interest. We
          cannot stand as individuals against powerful and powerfully protected

    • wildfirexx

      And while we’re at it, with this new form of affirmative Political Correctness…maybe we should question why more males than females are being pulled over, searched and arrested and sent to prison…and common sense will tell you, for the same reason, ..simply, because men commit more crimes.

      • BillMillerTime

        90% of those convicted of homicide are males. Nearly nine times as many men as women are incarcerated in the US. The reason is simple: it’s due to the sexism rampant in our society. This sexism presents itself in many different forms: personally-mediated sexism, institutional sexism, structural sexism, internalized sexism, normative sexism, positive sexism, environmental sexism, and scientific sexism aka coat-and-tie sexism.
        Males suffer from male stereotype threat while females enjoy gender privilege. I know this is true because a professor told me so in my Victim Studies class 101.
        Only a hateful wicked sexist could possibly think otherwise, one who clings to an outdated paradigm that perceives men as inherently more aggressive. And spare me your studies claiming that men have higher levels of testosterone than women; that’s nothing but pseudo-science!
        Those who disseminate anti-male propaganda should be reported to the authorities right away for engaging in hate speech which perpetuates hurtful stereotypes.

        • Raymond Kidwell

          You have learned well grass hopper. Your mind jiu-jitsu classes have paid off.

        • wildfirexx

          I used males vs females as an analogy example, to mock the comparison between blacks and whites in this bias study.
          However…since our cave dwelling days, as hunters and gathers males have required a more aggressive nature to compete both physically and mentally, in order to provide for their families and later their community. The fittest survives.
          And yes I’m sure, this genetic makeup or instinct of males carried over into modern day society, although probably subdued a little since we’ve become more civilized. Much like the domesticed dogs vs the wild wolfs. And this is why I suspect black people today are much more tribal aggressive than white people, since they have only recently entered civilization in the last few hundred years.

    • Anon

      I can tell you right now why those crimes are committed. Black people only victimize safe people. Prior to the 1960’s there was no such thing as “gun control” and it was considered common sense that, when faced with a criminal, you simply killed them with a gun. In the early 1960’s we saw a change in that attitude and the first regulation of guns. Wherever that way of thinking about guns took root, violent crime suddenly became a problem as the local negros realized it was safe to commit the rapes, robberies, murders and worse they always want to, but were afraid to do so since such a thing not only meant death, but probable retaliation by whites on their neighborhoods (how sick are we that such is not only a crime now, but unthinkable).
      Wherever white people carry guns, crime is low. Where white people carry guns OPENLY and have an attitude that criminals should all be put to death, crime is zero.
      The ONLY thing that allows non-whites to not run amok and burn down civilization is a white warrior culture. It’s absence is the root cause of crime. The ONLY cause….and quite obviously so.
      If white people want to live like sheep, they will have to find a way to get rid of all non-whites.

  • DonReynolds

    Naaaah……law enforcement had nothing to do with the shooting or the “not guilty” verdict in the Travon Martin case. This is research has been prompted by Eric Holder changing the spelling of the Justice Department……to the Just-Us Department.

  • Note to Eric Holder: This already happens.

    It’s called the National Crime Victimization Survey. The results of it are compared to data for stops, searches, arrests, convictions and incarcerations to see if there is some statistically significant disparity. Year in and year out, the results are that there is no disparity between racial differences in NAMs being involved in the criminal justice system that can’t be explained by the fact that they commit more crime.

    Of course, I think Holder does know this, but he’s only keeping the race fires alive. Which is fine by me, because sometimes actions lead to opposite but unequal reactions.

    • bilderbuster

      Everyone knows there are tens of thousands of Black criminals running loose and not being charged with crimes at all.
      Who hasn’t seen all of the videos of Black flash mobs and Black gangs doing the “knockout game” and no one gets arrested?
      It can’t be more obvious than that!

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Reparations in action. Blacks bleeding the system because we must be polite.

  • wildfirexx

    If this study is the result and based on the Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman case, than we should be comparing why black man are 21/2 times more likely to be imprisoned than Latino men, since no white man was even involved in this incident! WTF

  • IstvanIN

    I want a study done to determine why obstetricians have so few male patients. Are the vast majority of obstetricians sexist?

    • Whitetrashgang

      Well I guess the jobs there if you what it, under Obama care it will be called stroke insurance I guess.

  • paul marchand

    The US federal govt is getting it’s big pexxx out, and is ready to do it to whitey again.
    This Obama/Holder action means more whites will have to go to jail ( even if innocent) and/or more blacks will be set free ( even if guilty) or police depts. will be harassed for bigtime $$$ by the EVIL federal govt.

  • gemjunior

    We all know where this is going, and all the “new” research will show how we haven’t been taking this, that, and the other into account which shows how it’s really whites who are committing most of the crimes. Again, whites are mistaken and some AA black accountancy firms will get to the bottom of this. It’s Evil Whitey for sure…

  • FozzieT

    Another $4.5 million out the door due to the false assumption that race is only “skin deep.”

  • DucLap

    You can collect and collate all the racial crime stats you want; just as you can do any number of new bias hires into the DOJ. The foundational issue of innate and natural inequality of traits and abilities will always be there. It is what man is. Inequality amongst men is what has made humans the top tier life form on this planet.

  • I got five bucks that says they find bias. Any takers?

    • IstvanIN

      You’d win big time.

  • Puggg

    Black men were six times more likely, and Latino men were 2.5 times more
    likely, to be imprisoned than white men in 2012, according to Justice
    Department data.

    To think, someone has to guard them while they’re in prison. Which makes my spine chill. Lucky for me just about all the inmates in my workplace are white, but hardly any are the kind to write home about.

    • Who Me?

      Lucky you. The ones my husband has to guard are pretty much the percentage mix you’d expect in an ordinary State penitentiary. Fortunately, aside from the ones behind bars, there are NO other blacks living in the area, and once released, they are “strongly encouraged” to settle elsewhere, pronto!

  • John R

    Here we go again: The big bad law enforcement officers and the criminal justice system has this awful “bias” toward “young minority men.” Gee. I wonder why? Of course, they are just being soooo ray-ciss just because of the “color of their skin..” This is just so childish. The propaganda in the news is not even subtle. It almost sounds as crude as communist propaganda in totalitarian societies. No wonder even liberal Whites are starting to question it.

  • B.E.L.

    The study will find that law enforcement is racist and disproportionately stops people of color. Of course the truth is that people of color disproportionately commit crime compared to whites…………but dont try and tell anyone that, because then you are a racist.

  • MBlanc46

    “Black men were six times more likely, and Latino men were 2.5 times
    more likely, to be imprisoned than white men in 2012, according to
    Justice Department data.”

    I can same them $4.75 million bucks: It’s because black and Latino men are biased in favor of committing crimes.

  • American_cavalier

    Perhaps we should decriminalize white collar crimes. Such codes disproportionally effect whites. Even the name itself is indicative of racial bias. Ha!

  • Anon

    The purpose of these studies (which will just be fabricated) is to make it harder and harder to control black criminality. More victims, especially white victims is what they are after. For three reasons. 1) Terror. Unlike previous police states, the US population is not only armed to the teeth, but more armed than ever and those arms include weapons of war, not just weapons of self defense. In other words, your average US citizen either owns or has ready access to highly accurate, high capacity “assault rifles” as well as the high capacity Glock he likely carries on his person at all times. Under such conditions, having a jackboot brigade would be a very bad idea…..because sooner or later the population would wipe them out but not before noting who they work for and dealing with them. Instead, our country criminalizes its jackboots. The myth is they act individually. The truth is they are organized by people who mean to genocide whites and enslave the survivors. However, they have little real control over these monsters. 2) they plain old hate us and every white victim is a source of joy for them. But more importantly of all 3) they think, should our way of life not be viable anymore, they can suggest an alternative (communism, basically). No longer able to functionally deal with criminals or do any other function a government does, one day, sooner or later we will be told our way of life no longer works and we should accept another. This will probably take the form of some sort of massive economic collapse, with Zimbabwe style hyper inflation.
    My question is, is that such a bad thing? The catch 22 for white nationalists is white people are THE source of power for those who intend white genocide. A teeny, tiny, extremely hostile, anti-white minority controls institutions that consist of white people and makes them do things they should not be doing. They intend those institutions to collapse in order to replace them with ones that allow them to do far more terrible things (think the purges in the soviet union). But those institutions are a proven failure and American whites are unlikely to get behind them in any event. FAR more likely is whites will rebuild those institutions without these anti-whites.
    And were white people, in large amounts to become aware of all this while it happens……

    • Strike_Team

      I have little doubt that not a few of the folks in charge actually dance a sort of jig when they see white victims of black and hispanic crime.

    • Who Me?

      All White people should keep a list of those in positions of power who do us wrong. It needs to be titled something like “People to vote for” or “Candidates to campaign for”, or something like that, so it appears innocent if someone sees it, but YOU will know what it is. When the time comes you will have a written reminder of who tried to sell us down the river.

      • Bill Moore


        During times of chaos, commoners take revenge against those who screwed them.

        In Ukraine last week, a mayor was shot in the back.

        In Europe, during the second world war, politicians were rounded up by the citizens, taken to a river, pushed into a small herd, wrapped round with barbed wire, shots were fired into the bundle, and the whole thing was pushed into the river.

        In Italy, the politician’s foot was attached by a chain to the bumper of a car, and they were dragged (alive) around town until all that was left was the leg.

        I agree with the list, along with their address, and the names and addresses of their slime families.

        Thank you,
        Bill Moore

        • tlk244182

          I wonder if things like that ever trouble the minds of poltroons like John Boehner, or Karl Rove. Do they realize the level of animosity that is directed at them? It seems to me that if they do, then they must cross over to the Marxist side, since to stay on the ‘Right’ is certain death: if we win, we kill them; if the Marxists win, the Marxists kill them. They only survive if they continue to betray us to a victorious Left.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      I would assume that the goal is to ever increase the size of Israel and expand the Jewish population as fast as possible while shrinking and disenfranchising the white population. There are many Jewish groups that have couples who average 8 kids a piece. Their population is rapidly expanding. Jews will eventually be the new white and the anti-white bias will change to an anti-goy bias. Once the Aryan is no longer there to threaten Jewish hegemony all those beneficiaries of the current system will be exploited fully, as they already are in Israel. They will need people to mow their lawn, serve as cannon fodder etc. while they study torah and run the banks.

  • Who Me?

    “weed out possible racial biases within the criminal justice system”

    “Black men were six times more likely, and Latino men were 2.5 times more likely, to be imprisoned than white men in 2012, according to Justice Department data.”–From the article
    Of, of COURSE, this is BIAS on the part of the police and the courts, and the entire RACIST WHITE justice system. (Headed up by BLACK A.G. Holder) Never mind that black men commit at least 10 times more crimes, and Latino men commit at least 5 times more crimes than comparably aged White men…

    Good thing the article was short, it left me wanting to vomit.

  • willbest

    I almost wish they would dispense with the formalities and go straight up tyranny. Holder is going to do what he wants to do anyway, it would be nice if he didn’t piss away $5 million on the formality of it.

  • They should conduct a study as to why blacks conduct a great majority of the crime when they only make up 12 percent of the US population.

  • bubo

    Do they expect rational adults to believe that either:

    A) there are loads and loads of whites committing violent crimes which are never arrested

    B) blacks aren’t in actuality committing a vast amount of violent street crimes and are being arrested for no reason but their race

    To a person with a brain it’s apparent that neither of those is true.

    • Alexandra1973

      Even if it was A (and that’s a pretty big if), it would prove once again that all races aren’t equal, as Whites are better at covering up their crimes. Blacks record it and post it on social networking sites, then wonder why they get busted.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      From my experience with the police department, they seldom make an effort to catch a criminal even if the crime is murder, rape etc. There are a lot of crimes that go unpunished. It is a little shocking because people are used to watching police shows etc. The less one watches TV the more he will be in tune with reality instead of propaganda.

  • Whirlwinder

    With blacks running (ruining) America, racism is the only “policy” they are capable of studying, encouraging, amplifying, aggrandizing, promoting, etc. Holder and Obammy use the Alinsky techniques of divide and conquer quite well.

  • Annabelle Pettyjohn

    The sole purpose for the existence of The Department of Justice
    is to protect blacks and destroy whitey….. DOJ will collect data and present
    the data to further the power of black Americans. White Americans must stop
    talking and lamenting about the dirty deal we are receiving from our government
    and take action. We must force representation from our government. We do this
    by creating a national grassroots effort to force the Republican Party to push
    the US government to give us the power to organize to protect our interest. We
    cannot stand as individuals against powerful and powerfully protected

    • LACountyRedneck

      Thankyou. I like hearing about cures instead of the constant destruction. We need more remedies in the comment section of this site and others. I’m almost 55 and will hopefully leave this world some day knowing that we have forced action upon those that are doing us and have done us harm. We need more leaders and activists. The later we wait the more difficult it becomes.

  • Alec Smart

    Maybe Obama should look to the behaviors of blacks, and preventing those behaviors which land them in jail in the first place.

    It is so incredibly typical of blacks to look at the results at the problem, and not the source of the problem.

    They do this in education as well, demanding diplomas for their children claiming discrimination if they don’t get them – the results being that black children in Newark NJ get a diploma for simply attending school, many graduating unable to even read. This is the result of black political pressure on the school system.