South African HIV Prevalence Rises on Soaring New Infections

Reuters, April 2, 2014

The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa is rising due to the world’s fastest growth in new infections and a higher patient survival rate, according to a new health study.

An estimated 12.2 percent of South Africa’s population was infected with the HIV virus in 2012, compared with 10.6 percent in 2008, according to a survey of 38,000 people carried out by the country’s Human Sciences Research Council.

The percentage rise was partly due to 400,000 new HIV cases in the year studied, the highest in the world, taking the total number of people infected in South Africa to 6.4 million.

Young black African women were the worst affected, with 23.2 percent of females aged 15-49 infected, compared with 18.8 percent of men, the study showed.

Treatment of the virus is increasing, with around 2 million people on an expanded antiretroviral treatment plan.


Three-quarters of those surveyed believed they were at low risk of contracting HIV, even though one-in-ten of those tested were found to be already infected.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    Once they have it, they don’t care, so they will spread the misery. Beware of white people who sleep with them. Once again, I stress going after the careers of democrats who whine about disparate impact if we screen Africans for diseases, plus the careers of republicans too afraid to speak up and actually do something to prevent the spread.

    • Fathercoughlin

      I hope it was stolen

    • Bobbala

      LOL! Advanced Black African science found a cure ages ago — sex with young virgins … whose primitive now?

    • mobilebay

      D.B. it went to the same place the money for the border fence went…some deep, dark hole in Washington called “pockets.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    I strongly believe that some major plague or epidemic is going to wipe out a significant portion of the african race within the next hundred years. They simply do not have the intelligence or the foresight to combat viral infections of this nature. 23.2 percent of South African black females ages 15-49 are infected?! That is insane! The increasing prevalence of HIV combined with a large scale ebola outbreak would be catastrophic for the dark continent.

    • Or, alternatively, an existing infection like HIV will do them in because white societies are one of two things: Either not as prosperous as they used to be and therefore unable to buy all of Africa’s ARVs, or they’ve finally doffed pathological altruism and no longer care about Africant.

    • Guest

      If it were up to mother nature, she would solve Africa’s famine and poverty in an instant, with a massive ebola outbreak.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I remember the first time I heard of AIDS around late 1982. Everybody was happy and making jokes about it because only gays seemed to be getting it. Before it had a name, we were calling it the “the q—r disease”.

      • Ironically, American blacks thought HIV was pretty funny, back when almost all of the sufferers were gay whites.

        • AutomaticSlim

          If I remember correctly from back in the 80s, wasn’t it gay black Haitian street hustlers that brought it here in the first place?

          • leftists are delusional

            The claim is a gay french international flight attendant spread it all over the world.

            I’m sure black quee(n)s did their fair share too.

          • Katherine McChesney

            He was from Canada. Montreal, I believe.

          • It still has to have come from Africa originally, because while Haiti has no wild native primates, various types of simian immunodeficiency viruses are well known among African monkeys and apes.

          • wildfirexx

            I thought I once heard that it was first contacted from the green monkeys in Africa back in the 1950’s or so, when the African tribes used to eat monkey brains as a delicacy.

          • I’m guessing Africans got HIV-1 eating chimpanzees and HIV-2 eating mangabey monkeys. Chimps actively hunt and eat small monkeys, and of course do not cook them, so that’s probably how they got SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus). Chimps are so closely related to humans that any disease one of them has is pretty much guaranteed to be something a person can catch. The earliest well-documented case of HIV in a human was in 1959 in the Congo, decades before genetic engineering was possible, so what is certain is that the disease could not have been created on purpose.

          • Paleo

            I don’t buy it. If this was a natural virus the cure would be found already. But if it was manmade, and a retroactive virus — perhaps engineered from earlier less lethal variations — then there will not likely ever be a cure. The reason is the speed at which it morphs —- which is completely unnatural, and more likely something created for clandestine purposes but was scrapped because its usefulness militarily was negated. There is also a preponderance of investigative evidence to that effect.

          • RNA viruses are incurable, and most of them mutate pretty quickly.. Herpes is also an RNA virus and as such is also incurable. Herpes, however has been known for centuries. A definite case of HIV was found in the Congo in 1959. The polio vaccine was first tested in 1952, but you’re saying that at about the same time, someone was clandestinely doing sophisticated recombinant DNA modification? That wasn’t done until 1972-73 at the Stanford University Medical School, and the first patent wasn’t awarded until 1980 (also to Stanford). Your timeline doesn’t work.

          • Paleo

            My timeline, actually, does work when you consider black projects that were not expanded to schools years in advance. In fact, in many top secret research projects they’re 40 years ahead of what begins to reach the public’s attention. All I’m saying is, the “coincidence” here is just too great to be passed off or completely ignored or discounted, especially when we know that the World Health Organization was directly involved in hepatitis B vaccine inoculations with select groups decades ago which also just happened to include all of today’s most infectious hotspots.

          • The technological leaders in the developed West are the universities and high-tech companies. The military has never been a technological leader. I used to work in high tech. The military would read open-source publications in peer-reviewed journals and then come to people like us with contracts. Hughes Aircraft at El Segundo ended up making barium/strontium titanate thin films for planar phased-array radars using a technique I developed for Matsushita (for integrated capacitors in mobile phones) here in Colorado Springs.

            Whenever I see the term “black project” in a discussion like this, the person using it is really just telling me that they not only don’t have any proof, but also don’t think they need any.

          • Paleo

            And what about this dissertation: _The AIDS Cover-Up: the Real and Alarming Facts about AIDS_ by Gene Antonio ? The author offers a very convincing analysis and offers compelling evidence validating a black project, and to such detail it is as if he were in on it. The truth be told, though, his isn’t the only book alluding to the same basic conclusions.

          • That is not a “dissertation”. A dissertation is a peer-reviewed paper presented by a PhD candidate. Mr. Antonio does not have a PhD. He isn’t even a medical doctor. It fact, he’s not a researcher at all, but some sort of religious preacher. This qualifies him about as well as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to make pronouncements on scientific and medical matters.

          • Paleo

            Splitting hairs. Many of the greatest inventions and discoveries came from those who had no credentials; so I resoundingly reject the notion that discredits independent findings. Example: I do not have a degree in journalism, but I have written commentaries for a mainstream newspaper. So unlike the judgmental types who are actually ruining the schools with their close-minded nonsense and being bound by petty prejudices and the like [which is painfully obvious when it concerns the climate change/global warming heresy alone], I consider alternative possibilities. Some homoeopathic remedies are also just as effective as the medical establishment, and many of them come from ordinary people with nothing more than common sense and a teaspoon of ingenuity.

          • There is a vast gulf between a mere lack of credentials and a complete lack of rigor. How many medical and microbiologocal journal articles all over the world have been published about HIV? In order to maintain a “black-project” style coverup, the conspiracy would have to involve every professional in both fields, because of the existence international scientific conferences and international publication of peer-reviewed journal articles.

            That level of conspiracy would be impossible to maintain. The Watergate break-ins in May and June of 1972 involved a handful of people, and that didn’t stay secret very long. The case was blown open in March 1973 and President Nixon resigned in August 1974.

            Scientists and engineers really hate lying about work because the whole point to the scientific method is the truth, or one can’t do one’s job. This does not mean “filling in the gaps” with untested assumptions.

          • Paleo

            I agree with your points because they make perfect sense, but at the same time, I find things that people honestly believe in and spend a great deal of time and effort putting together intriguing.

            Several books along the same lines have advocated similar theories, with varying approaches and supporting data. The studies at the Pasteur Institute in France is also a big proponent of HIV-carrying insects, which they claim –through numerous field experiments and studies– expands to over 200 known insect types.

            A couple of the authors alluded to those findings to reinforce their assertions concerning the virus having unique properties that couldn’t possibility be of natural origin. It has been several years, though, since I read those, having moved on to other realms of interest.

          • Whitetrashgang

            A Englishman had HIV back in the 1800s, his body was tested for the virus for some reason. As MR Scott typed HIV started because blacks would eat monkey brains while the monkeys were still alive.HIV has probably been around for thousands if not 10s of thousands years

          • Paleo

            While that could very well be true, I won’t rule out clandestine designs. There are way too many microscopic peculiarities to HIV that make its origin highly suspicious.

          • Brian

            If it had been artificial, which it wasn’t, A) who created it? B) Who is the desired target? C) How is it that the designers were so clever as to create the virus and yet so inept as to make a virus that is so slow to kill and only kills a tiny fraction of humans?

          • Paleo

            The “who” is the $64,000 question. It was an attempt to create a biological warfare agent that failed to be of any practical use on the battlefield, but proved to be useful to purge certain targeted groups of undesirable people: homosexuals and African blacks, both of whom were subjected to hepatitis B vaccine administered for free through the World Health Organization in several key locations.

          • Brian

            “proved useful to purge…African blacks”. HIV is not even killing enough to outweigh the high birth rate population growth. If you can’t even “keep up with inflation”, that’s not what I would call a ‘purge’.

          • Paleo

            What may have been intended and what was the actual result do not necessarily have to match. That doesn’t mean that certain unnamed parties didn’t make the attempt. HIV is, however, running rampant through greater Africa as a percentage of the population. So who knows?

          • Brian

            Do you have any actual evidence that HIV is artificially designed?

            You mentioned it might have been targeted to kill gays…why? Gays are 2% of the population, which seems like a historically stable number. They’re not going to swarm and take over, and even if you killed off every one of them alive now, in 25 years they be right back at 2%, since straight couples produce gay kids 2% of the time. I don’t see the practical point of it.

            As for blacks, HIV is rampant in Africa, but so is the flu every winter in America. Neither one kills enough to make a dent, which would seem to be the crucial fact. As a ‘weapon’ against blacks, it’s pitifully ineffective compared to any number of natural diseases, with a lot of collateral damage among other groups. I don’t see any hallmarks of ‘intelligent design’ behind that.

            This reminds me of when blacks claim whites are ‘genociding them’. Yeah, 400,000 slaves were brought here, and now there are 40 million blacks– 100x growth. Some genocide that is! Now, if a disease comes along that kills half the blacks and leaves everyone else untouched, that would be a wee bit more convincing as to artificial origin.

          • Paleo

            My understanding is that those behind the dastardly plot were targeting those in whom they felt were social outcasts, i.e., undesirables, like homosexuals —that few, if any, would miss, and primitive Africans, who were on a different continent and safely separated from the western world. I never said that these were nice guys. Thus far, though, this similar theme has been brought to light in numerous well-written books and in-depth essays. But is it true? The jury is still out, but it is a feasible possibility.

          • Who Me?

            Humans did indeed get the virus from monkeys and/or chimps, but not from eating them. I’m trying to put this nicely, but the whole idea makes me nauseous.

          • I don’t believe that implied reason. Anyone who messes with a chimp in a sexual manner is going to be torn limb-from limb. They’re a lot stronger than we are. Even a smaller monkey would bite and scratch the human attacker into the middle of next week. India has a problem with loose monkeys in its cities which people have previously fed. This has taught them to beg from humans, and when food is not forthcoming, they attack. Even a relatively small one can dish out a lot of damage.

            I doubt any guy would try to mate with a chimpanzee or a monkey. Not more than once, anyway.

          • AutomaticSlim

            Yes, of course.
            But the conduit into the US, as I remember, was Haiti.
            I found this article, which seems to back up my once reliable memory:

            http www reuters com article 2007 10 29 us-aids-usa-idUSN2954500820071029

          • Luca

            I respectfully disagree. Haiti has a tremendous population of wild primates. Although I will submit that one point they were imported (much like ours).

          • Katherine McChesney

            New York homosexuals were taking vacations in Haiti to engage in legal sexual promiscuity. They were taking the disease back to New York and spreading it among the homosexual community.

          • Of course there was the gay bath house scene in San Francisco as well, with anonymous sex through holes in walls. However HIV arrived in North America, it found a very fertile social environment for its rapid spread.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Keep hope Alive!

    • Bubonic plague outbreaks are pretty common in Africa as well. I don’t think Ebola or Marburg are a threat to kill huge numbers of people, simply because they produce such quick fatalities that the patients have nearly no time to spread them very far.

      A very serious threat to Africans is tuberculosis, especially since HIV infection has demolished the autoimmune systems of so many people there.

    • Kenner

      I’m hoping for drug-resistant gonorrhea to start accompanying the vibrants on their ‘dates’, sterility being a possible side effect.

      • Gonorrhea is already increasingly drug-resistant, and in 2010, the Center for Disease Control announced that blacks accounted for 69% of all current US gonorrhea cases. Rates of both gonorrhea and chlamydia in Africa are – predictably – sky-high.

        On a brighter note, in February of this year, researcher Ian Frazer announced that a vaccine for herpes that prevents future infection but which also permanently cures the condition in existing sufferers has recently passed safety trials in Australia.

    • leftists are delusional

      Pulling out my crystal ball…

      I think a much more crazy scenario is a Chinese invasion of the continent, not military but men who have no prospects to find a Chinese wife due to the one child policy.

      In the next 10 years there will be somewhere around 30 million more Chinese men than women reaching marital age.

      I suspect many of those men, with the help of the Chicom government will effectively colonize much of sub Saharan Africa.

      These men will breed and create a group of afro-asians with 90-95ish IQs and an extremely violent nature. With the addition of intelligence and the fact that the violent nature seems to be genetically dominant in afro hybrids it will be interesting to see if the afro Asians effectively eliminate much of the Bantu population.

      Crazy but plausible.

      Given the sub Saharan fecundity and violence and the intelligence of the Asians an afro-Asian continent could be a very scary scenario in very few generations.

      • Whitetrashgang

        IQ will be about 80 at best, but also violence will be less. Basically a stupid china man more feral and who likes to sing and dance.

        • leftists are delusional

          I agree first generation crosses would be lower in IQ.

          What you are not accounting for is the second to Nth generation of chinese to go to Africa would overwhelmingly choose the hybrids over bantu, and the hybrids would be far more atracted to the educated and higher income potential of educated Chinese immigrants.

          The smarter hybrids will out compete the pure sSaharans.

      • FransSusan

        It’s hard to believe that an intelligent Chinese male would stoop that low!

        • leftists are delusional

          Yes it is, but if you look at human nature, males will take what they can get when pickings are slim.
          With the gender disparity in China they will either have to import women or export men to keep the government stable.

      • sbuffalonative

        It could happen but it’s a good premise for a futuristic dystopian novel or movie (if you could get it published).

        • leftists are delusional

          Yeah somehow I don’t see Simon and Schuster jumping at the chance.

    • sbuffalonative

      the world’s fastest growth in new infections and a higher patient survival rate

      They’re being infected but not succumbing.

    • Quido

      Snowman, that would be true if left to themselves but they won’t be.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa is rising due to the world’s fastest growth in new infections and a higher patient survival rate, according to a new health study.
    A good reason not to date Blacks. If only Whites were not scared of racial discrimination for the sake of their own health! Racism can just save your life.

    • Sue

      Knowing the stats on being beaten to death “could” be another good reason.

  • I remember during his presidential reign of foolishness, G.W. Bush allotted 4 billion in aid to Africa in order to help them stop the spread of HIV. That was almost a decade ago, and things have only gotten worse. I knew at the time it was a waste of money and resources because all the money in the world won’t prevent blacks from being as sexually impulsive and indifferent to consequences as they are historically known to be.

    Bush proved to be another clueless white man when it came to understanding the primitive nature of the black man.

    • Africants have a hard time grokking regimented drug therapies. They probably think that after their first round of the ARV cocktail, they’re cured, so they can resume getting their freak on.

      • Another issue with drug therapies in Africa is the abundance of locally manufactured “drugs” that are either completely counterfeit or else contain nothing near the proper levels of active ingredients.

      • SaggyGenes

        Many Africans smoke their HIV drugs to get high, creating resistant strains of the virus. They call it “whoonga.” A step up from jenkem, I guess.

    • Tarczan

      I remember when Bush ran against John Kerry he boasted that he gave $10 billion for aids in Africa, and Kerry shot back “I will give $20 billion”. It convinced me Bush was hopeless.

    • MBlanc46

      Good old PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief). I’m sure it’s even more successful now that we have a Negro president.

    • sbuffalonative

      This is all part of the ‘we have to do SOMETHING’ mindset.

      It won’t work but to placate the naggers, you have make a grand gesture to show your concern.

      It’s like I always say, the best way to undermine blacks is to give them what they want. They have nothing but simple-minded ‘magic bullet’ theories about everything.

      Just nod in agreement, cut a check, and let nature take it’s course.

  • leftists are delusional

    HIV is racist.

    Oh and homophobist… but it’s not a gay disease.

    The is research showing blacks are much more likely to engage in male to male activities than Whites are, which partially explains the HIV rate

    • Pro_Whitey

      Not nearly racist enough. The charge the black communiteh is that HIV was invented by the white man to kill off black people. In that regard it has to date been a failure. I say we fire the bureaucrat in charge for incompetence.

      • sbuffalonative

        I keep reading about infection rates but not death rates.

        Does anyone die of AIDS related complications anymore?

        • tabsa

          UN Aids estimated that about 240 000 people died from Aids in 2012 in South Africa. But the government doesn’t allow doctors to state ‘Aids’ as the cause of death on death certificates. Most of them die of TB or other respiratory infections, with Aids as the underlying cause.

          240 000 doesn’t sound that much, but it’s 657 people per day. Unfortunately, around a million babies are born every year, even though 75% of the population live in poverty.

          • TB often is the “finisher”, because as a secondary infection, tuberculosis will go through someone with a compromised immune system like a forest fire.

  • Luca

    Approximately 91% of the world’s HIV + children come from Africa. Almost 24 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are HIV+.

    Perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell them something.

    But there is hope, I have read where there are many doctors in Nigeria, who for a small fee, will cast a spell and get you some herbal remedies that can completely cure HIV/AIDS. Act now and they’ll double the offer.

    They’ll even accept transfers directly from your bank for your convenience.

    • AutomaticSlim

      “will cast a spell and get you some herbal remedies”

      As ridiculous as that sounds, I suppose it’s better than their “rape a virgin” theory of curing HIV.

      • FransSusan

        Having sex with baby girls is another of their cures.

    • sbuffalonative

      We should fund this program. Blacks love to praise their culture and heritage, so we should encourage them to use traditional African treatments.

  • Oh, all you worrywarts! Don’t worry about the black man in Africa. Having sex with a baby will cure AIDS. The local witchdoctor says so and he’s always right. Blacks don’t need white medicine. They just need that special witchdoctor, the same one that told the African guy to let a hyena eat his genitals off his body in order to make him wealthy. Well, without his genitals, the guy isn’t going to get AIDS. Problem solved.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Yes this could be the cure, and to think a African started AIDS and now will stop it. Could work in America too.

    • Bossman

      They need to kill and eat some more albinos so that they will not only get well but get good luck.

    • MBlanc46

      Don’t worry, he’s still got the needle drugs.

    • I think that witch doctor merely had a mean sense of humor. I can think of several people I’d like to convince to do that! The real suprise is that he was able to get away from the hyena afterward. Those things are rough customers.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    More HIV/AIDS in Africa means less Africans. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa is nature’s answer to the overpopulation of the continent. Let’s not intervene. Let nature finally do its work! Africa would be a lot better off without Africans. The extinction of the African population would be the single best thing to ever happen to the continent.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Note to self: Tell South African lonely heart pen pal Quasheeta that I will not be coming to visit her after all. Say something came up.

  • Is there anywhere else in the world where HIV is a prevelant in women?

    • AutomaticSlim

      Harlem? Bed-Stuy? South Bronx? Detroit?…

      • Is that true? I have never heard of an HIV epidemic among women.

        • AutomaticSlim

          Black women.
          Even Farakan has spoken about how black males give each other AIDS due to homosexuality in prison and “down low” bevahior, and then pass it on to females.

  • leftists are delusional

    Considering white hetero men are rarely infected with HIV and there were an estimated 1,300 white hetero females infected in 2010 I’d say most were infected from contact with black men or men of any race who are receptive to the caulk.

    Estimated Numbers of New HIV Infections in the United States for the Most Affected Subpopulations, 2010:

  • MBlanc46

    Maybe whites will end up being the majority, after all.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      Not if we keep wasting money on expensive ARs. Cut the funding, let these people live with the consequences of homosexuality/miscegenation.

  • JSS

    Lets hear it for AIDS! Natures revenge for the end of Apartheid.

  • 4321realist

    I’m only guessing, but I don’t think aids antiviral medication prevents an infected person from passing on the virus.

    If that’s true, then the infected portion of the population is going to be out of control in the next few years.

    I’m wondering if their infection rate gets so high whites will be a majority in the years to come.

    • Antiviral medication can reduce the HIV virus count in a patient’s system to quite low levels, but it doesn’t eliminate it all. I remember reading about 20 years ago that AZT-resistant strains of HIV were turning up. The only way to produce a drug-resistant germ strain is to expose the bug to the medication in question. This basically means that existing AIDS patients who knew they were infected and who were taking AZT for it were still having unprotected sex, and were transmitting the resistant HIV strain.

  • Romulus

    Gives new meaning to the term “Black death”, eh?
    If the negroes only infected each other, I would throw a party. The annals continue raping and killing the white fill. Sums is as hostile as they come. The only way to deal with simian rapists is to shoot them in the head.
    When sparty (spartacus) used to post, regular graphic evidence was displayed to show the horrific treatment of the whites in SA. LET’S NOT FORGET OUR KINFOLK. Help out as you can.

  • RyanP

    I remember when that woman awhile back got in trouble for making a joke on twitter before she went to SA saying something like “Hope I don’t get AIDS” She was of course called a racist. I looked up the HIV stats for SA right after that happened and saw this very high number. So while her joke may have been in bad taste it was based on truth.

  • Garrett Brown

    Coming to a white country near you ladies and gents!

  • Anna Tree

    Don’t forget that some 30’000 white women are raped every year in the US by black men. Maybe some of those new HIV infections are a result of those rapes.

    • wildfirexx

      Yes, and there has been a number of arrests and convictions against black males who gave aids to many white women, because they didn’t reveal they had aids before having sex with them. pretty sick!

  • wildfirexx

    Knowing that 20%-25% of black africans carry the aids virus in South Africa, should be enough reason for any white women to avoid having sex with any blacks in that country.
    And thanks to the extensive research done by White countries on a aids vaccine, the blacks in Africa can expect to live a much longer life.

    • Who Me?

      “…white women to avoid having sex with any blacks in that country.”

      White women should have sense enough to avoid having sex with any blacks, anywhere! It’s too bad black women have such high rates of HIV, but it’s not (or shouldn’t be) our problem. If both White women and White men stopped having sex with blacks of either gender, (meaning both hetero- and homo- relations) the numbers of HIV infections among Whites would fall dramatically.
      There’d still be some needle using drug addicts, that would contract HIV but they don’t account for the ridiculously high numbers of new cases every year. It’s not like this is unknown, so why is this still occurring? I guess it’s like some people say, you can’t fix stupid.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    That logic just helps to prevent miscegenation. If Engelman argues that we should not miscegenate with Orientals for a similar reason, then I am fine with that. I would support him. However, if he uses it as an argument for the replacement of Whites, then I will respond to that accordingly.

  • deadindenver

    All is good right? The White invented anti-viral drugs are doing there job and extending there lives……oh wait those darn little viruses are mutating. The real question for black leaders, can White invention keep up with black behavior?

    • HIV mutates quite easily anyway, but humans share Africa with large numbers of other primate species. If you have a large number of more-or-less closely-related species interacting with each other and sometimes eating each other, you instantly have the perfect environment for the breeding of new disease strains that can jump species.

      There’s also the whole issue of the central African rainforest. Conservationists constantly tell us about the amazing wildlife diversity there, but it seems to me than anywhere one would find a huge number of different animal species, there would naturally also be a huge number of different pathogens present to infect them.

      • Who Me?

        I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that the Amazon rainforest in South America had the largest number of species. Any stats on this? I’m not being snarky, I really want to know.

        • The primates there have been geographically isolated from humans – even the native Indios arrived only somewhere between 13,500 and 40,000 years ago – for so long that we can’t get many of the same diseases. South American monkeys can get malaria and yellow fever, but I don’t know offhand of any major disease we can transmit to each other, and of course with those two, this requires mosquito bites. Curiously, New World monkeys are immune to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus.

          New World monkeys have been isolated for sol ong from Old World primates that they have developed other unique features. They alone have prehensile tails, but their thumbs are not opposable. They have four extra premolars, giving them 36 teeth at maturity instead of 32. They have a different genetic makeup controlling color vision, and this is less efficient than in Old World primates. The split between the two groups is estimated to have occurred about 40 million years ago, which helps explain these major differences.

          The big arbovirus health threats to humans in South America are Hantaviruses spread by rodents. These produce lethal viral hemorrhagic fevers in people, like the one that killed dozens of Amerinds in the US “four corners” area in a 1990s outbreak. Machupo, Andes virus, Laguna Negra virus, and Rio Mamore virus are a few of these found in South America. The simplest method of prevention of these is to keep food well-secured and trash from accumulating, just so human habitation does not attract rodents.

  • Anonymous

    If they die more often then the African population might decrease to a level where they can all feed themselves without international help. And it’s not loony liberal Whites who are doing this these days. I have read news articles that even the Japanese are giving free food to the Africans now. Just proves that the Asians are also on the crazy train to nowhere.

  • Selection bias. Since this was a university you mentioned, there would naturally be relatively few blacks there.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    I know that you hate all non-Whites and think that they can never do anything good

    Wrong! I do not hate any race. I am against miscegenation and replacement, hence I perceive separation as the answer. I do not mind our weird White race realist collegues who are obsessed with non-Whites, as long as they keep in mind the best interests of us all. That includes separation and opposition to miscegenation and replacement. Simple enough.

    My guess is that a higher percentage of them are celibate, and of the ones who are sexually active, they probably shun one-night stands and friends w/benefits in favour of LTRs and marriage.

    Self-control is a highly genetic component of personality. Taking myself as example, I can stay celibate basically forever. I have little trouble with controlling urges of any kind. I do not admire the beauty of any race nor am I interested in it, perhaps because I can control such primitive urges. Even though I might have my fair share of it, I am not impressed with beauty.

    The only thing that you can say about me is that I am just obsessed with our racial survival, but there are legitimate reasons to be obsessed with it.

    • LovelyNordicHeidi

      Anonymous, here is my response.

      I am not trying to bash you. I am only trying to point out that if you use “Blacks are more likely to have STDs” as an argument for White people to not date interracially, some of those White people (like John Engelman) will use the exact same logic (STD rates) to justify their preference for Asians.

      You are making an appeal to the consequences of a belief. I am not impressed. If you want to argue that my argument is invalid, then you need to be able to explain to me why my argument is invalid, and you must not make an appeal to what others might do with my argument. I will repeat my argument to you:

      1) If Blacks have higher HIV/AIDS rates than Whites,
      2) and if that causes sex with Blacks to be unsafer than with Whites

      3) then it is better for Whites to not date or marry Blacks.

      I do not mind if Engelman says:

      1) If East Asians have lower HIV/AIDS rates than Whites
      2) and if that causes sex with East Asians to be safer than with Whites
      3) then it is better for East Asians to not date or marry Whites.

      If we are all against miscegenation, then we will at least have made one huge step towards the racial preservation of Whites and non-Whites.

      So if you’re trying to get me to not date non-Whites, try something else.

      Not until you can actually explain to me with good arguments why my argument is supposed to be invalid.

      Quoting STD rates will only get me to be wary of Black and Hispanic guys.

      You should be wary. We are not talking nonsense here. Various statistics show that you should be wary. I am not going to talk about crime rate and so on here, because that is not what we should be talking about when you need to explain why my argument is invalid. Moreover, If you are wary, then it does not follow that you have to be hateful. I am not convinced by liberal rhetoric. You have to come up with good arguments, stay on topic and be patient.

      • LovelyNordicHeidi

        This is my third response to Anonymous.

        “You are completely wrong about what the Asiaphiles will say, using your line of logic.”

        False! I am totally aware of the well-known fact that Engelman would make an attempt to justify miscegenation, but in response to that well-known fact I have already said: “I do not mind our weird White race realist colleagues who are obsessed with non-Whites, as long as they keep in mind the best interests of us all. That includes separation and opposition to miscegenation and replacement.”

        Also, even though Engelman’s argument and my argument might resemble each other, there is also a vital difference between them. You make an appeal to what Engelman might do or argue, but that does not discredit my argument. An appeal to the consequences of a belief is a logical fallacy. Stop doing that, and try to compose a new but valid argument.

        “Also, you quoting STD, adultery, or violence statistics only makes young women wary of Black and Hispanic guys.”

        Those facts SHOULD make people wary. They are facts, not fiction. If you argue that if Blacks have higher HIV/AIDS rates than Whites, then White women should NOT be wary of Blacks, then your argument is a non sequitur.

        “What are you going to do to make White Girls wary of Asian guys?”

        This loaded question is a failed attempt to discredit my argument. You have not responded to my argument. You are only diverting from the topic at hand. Do not lose attention. If you want to argue that my argument is invalid, then you need to explain why it is invalid. So far you have only appealed to the consequences of a belief and diverted from the topic at hand.

  • jeffaral

    Some White women say that once they’ve gone black, they won’t go back. Good! I don’t want any of those filthy bitches giving me Aids.

  • Alexandra1973

    How many of them were screwing around with blacks?

    It’s said when you have sex with someone, you’re also doing it with whoever else they did it with, and whoever else THEY did it with, down the line.

  • They expect to make a lot of money and then go home and marry a much younger woman.

  • What are the rates among straight women of other races?

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