Neanderthals May Have Been Wiped Out Due to Interbreeding and Not Because of a Lack of Intelligence

Jonathan O'Callaghan, Daily Mail (London), April 29, 2014

They are often depicted as dim-witted evolutionary losers, but Neanderthals were not driven to extinction by their lack of brains, a new study suggests.

Instead, it is more likely that they disappeared 40,000 years ago because of interbreeding and assimilation with our early modern human ancestors, scientists believe.

An analysis of archaeological evidence dating back 200,000 years strips away some of the myths surrounding Neanderthals and reveals they were more advanced and sophisticated than has widely been thought.

The differences between the two human sub-species are not enough on their own to account for the demise of the Neanderthals, say the two US and Dutch researchers.

Dr Paola Villa, from the University of Colorado Museum, and Professor Wil Roebroeks, from Leiden University, wrote in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE: ‘Genetic studies now suggest that the debate on the demise of the Neanderthals needs to be reframed in terms of some degree of interbreeding.

‘In that sense, Neanderthals did not go extinct, even though their distinctive morphology did disappear.

‘We conclude that all the “archaeology-based” explanations for the demise of the Neanderthals . . . are flawed.’

Neanderthals thrived in Eurasia for 300,000 years but vanished around 40,000 years ago as early modern humans began to settle in Europe.

In the past, experts have theorised that Neanderthals died out because they were mentally, technologically and culturally inferior to the newcomers and unable to compete for limited resources.

But more recent evidence has shown that Neanderthals made effective tools and weapons, wore ornaments such as eagle claws, used ochre and pitch, ate plants and fish as well as big game and created organised living spaces in their caves.

In many cases this was happening before the arrival of modern humans, so the behaviours could not have been copied from them.

Reviewing the evidence, the scientists pointed out that 200,000 years ago Neanderthals were using fire to produce pitch from tree bark.

Experiments showed that the process required high temperatures and an oxygen-free environment such as an enclosed pot, suggesting a high level of technical knowledge.

Neanderthal DNA, which was sequenced in 2010, shows clear evidence of interbreeding, the researchers add. Neanderthals and early modern humans are most likely to have interbred in Europe and the Middle East around 50,000 years ago.

Today Neanderthal inheritance is estimated to make up between 1% and 4% of the DNA of people outside Africa.

Interbreeding could be one reason why Neanderthals vanished, according to the scientists. They were not so much driven to extinction as assimilated.

Evidence of the two mixing can be seen in the fossil record. Some human-like characteristics have been found in late Neanderthal fossils, and conversely, Neanderthal features have been seen in early specimens of modern humans in Europe.

Neanderthals were more robust and much stronger than modern humans, with a backward sloping chin and forehead.

It is possible that interbreeding with Neanderthals may have helped our ancestors survive outside Africa, say the scientists. On the other hand some Neanderthal genes may have contributed to sterility, which is why so few remain.

The researchers wrote: ‘The Neanderthal demise appears to have resulted from a complex and protracted process including multiple dynamic factors such as low population density, interbreeding with some cultural contact, possible male hybrid sterility and contraction in geographic distribution followed by genetic swamping and assimilation by the increasing numbers of modern immigrants.’

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  • “Reviewing the evidence, the scientists pointed out that 200,000 years ago Neanderthals were using fire to produce pitch from tree bark. Experiments showed that the process required high temperatures and an oxygen-free environment such as an enclosed pot, suggesting a high level of technical knowledge.”

    Very cool.

    If we don’t do something to change the course of events, they’ll be writing a similar article about white people…

    • FeuerSalamander

      no, they won’t be writing, nor reading.

      • Zimriel

        Maybe the Arabs will do it.

        • wildfirexx

          Other than certain areas of the middle east, many middle eastern muslims are predominately Caucasian!

          • FeuerSalamander

            not European caucasian

          • Kel Knight

            Middle Eastern populations share Neanderthal DNA, but considerably lower levels on average than Europeans; additionally, they are genetically closer to sub Saharan Africans.

          • Anon

            That’s like saying the average high yellow negro is primarily Caucasian. It’s true on the face of things but does it matter? Light skinned negros still act like negros, not like white people. The average IQ in Africa is what, 40? Here in the US, because of significant race mixing with whites, it’s 50. That’s still RETARDED. Even with significant white blood, the resulting quadroon is still “stupid” if not overtly unable to think at all. Can you see these people building or even maintaining civilization?

          • wildfirexx

            I don’t care if blacks had an average IQ of 140, it doesn’t mean I think we should interbreed with them in such numbers… that it makes our European race extinct.

        • FeuerSalamander

          The arabs could not even rebuild the irrigation system in mesopotamia after the mongols destroyed it. They sat there in the dust for hundreds of years, their numbers a fraction of what the irrigated land once supported, until the British rebuilt those canals. Modern Iraq would not exist if the British had not done this. Let’s remember that the whole petrochemical industry was built by Europeans as well, then seized by that primitive people who could think of nothing better to do with the money than to try to slaughter people around the globe.

        • Anon

          That’s a hilarious statement for various reasons. The original arabs were white Christians. Because they felt very much like modern day liberals, a weak, extremely evil group of non-whites was able to first infiltrate them, then butcher them. The men were killed, the women turned into breeding stock and the children turned into slaves. All this just as the Koran explains should be done. The children of these rapes intermixed with the non-white scum and the resulting people were semi-retarded half men. The descendants of the slaves are the only ones who every did anything in the way of civilization among the arabs.
          Maybe the arabs will do it? That’s another way of saying that maybe our children, after the non-whites murder us and take our women for breed stock, will do these things for their masters.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    Instead, it is more likely that they disappeared 40,000 years ago because of interbreeding and assimilation with our early modern human ancestors, scientists believe.
    That is why we are afraid that our race will be genocided by assimilation. People keep on thinking that we are only exaggerating, but from now on I will show them this article whenever they are basically saying: “Ah. What’re you worrying about? Our race won’t go extinct by assimilation. It’s just ridiculous that you think so.”

    • Tarczan

      Sorry, but I won’t sit through 18 minutes of her nonsense.

      • Person of Whiteness

        You don’t have to. Just click the down vote.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      It’s sad that an airhead like that can get 140,358 views on her video, but someone like Jared Taylor is hard pressed to get a single one of his videos into the upper double-digits.

      The mass of the sheeple are soooo deluded.

      • evilsandmich

        That’s because Jared Taylor doesn’t troll around posting flame-bait.

    • Kel Knight

      The Out of Africa contention that Eurasians (and virtually the entire global population) were essentially genetically, physically replaced by a group of Africans referred to as anatomically modern humans or homo sapiens sapiens is a myth – unless and until it is supported by clear science-based evidence – repeated so frequently by the media and those with a sociopolitical agenda, that it has been accepted as factual by the general public.

  • D.B. Cooper

    So what’s the deal? If Adam and Eve were Neanderthals, then were they the “Giants in the Earth in those days” (Gen 6:4)? That same verse describes how the sons of God took the daughters of men as wives. Perhaps these sons of God were not immortal as He apparently is.
    Before that, the only way that whole banishment from Eden makes sense to me was Eve impregnated by “the serpent” (not Satan/Lucifer).
    Genesis Chapter 5 lists Adam’s lineage down to Noah’s sons. His line starts with Seth, but Cain is not listed.
    Cain’s lineage is listed. Of interest is that WE learned to build cities, tents, herd cattle, musical instruments, working with brass and iron from HIS descendants.

    • FeuerSalamander

      maybe neanderthals had much longer telomeres and they lived hundreds of years. That would account for the strange lifespans in the old testament, as well as the Egyptian tales of long lifespans for some of the first Pharos.

      • Brian

        Early records for a people are scanty and they need to fill in the gaps by giving people absurdly long lifespans to cover the time, and they want to think they’re in a fallen era with a past golden age, which would include degenerating lifespans.

        It amazes me that you take legends at face value.

        • FeuerSalamander

          I don’t take legends at face value. It amazes me that as we disagreed on posts for a different story that you are now stalking me to throw stones. I was just musing. Is that allowed? Are you the enforcer or something?

          • Brian

            I’m not stalking you. We just discuss and disagree. But I’m sure we agree on plenty as well, as evidenced by the fact that we’re both here. Muse on!

          • FeuerSalamander

            Well then, Thank You, I will. The idea came to me from reading a very over the top website called “Het Omega Boek”, which doesn’t seem to exist anymore. It was a “new Age” site that had some rather outrageous ideas. One of them was that humans are a creation of a race of aliens from a planet called Tiamat. They say we are sort of clones and half breeds of them, so that the lifespans of the first generations kept decreasing by half, until we reached our present state. It was entertaining, even if ridiculous. They went into detail about the great pyramid and green crystals. I was just thinking that perhaps the Neanderthals had much longer lifespans and that the lifespans of some of the earlier crossbreeds were exaggerated in the old stories.

    • David Ashton

      This old Hebrew text suggests that everyone alive today descended from Noah’s little family, from the Australian Aborigines to us English people you so despise.

      • Kel Knight

        that’s one interpretation, but from a scholarly point of view, Noah’s sons and their wives were the founders of the various Semitic populations, not global population. But it’s neither here nor there as far as science is concerned. Faith is important to many, but it has no place in science.

    • BillMillerTime

      Maybe we can find a talking snake and ask him.

  • Petronius

    I’m 2.7 percent Neanderthal and 3.4 percent Denisovan.

    I know. My wife had me tested.

    • Tarczan

      How did you do it?

      • Petronius

        National Geographic, The Genographic Project, Geno 2.0.

        • Tarczan

          I ordered the kit. I hope they don’t come up with any darkies in my background!

          • Fathercoughlin

            Do you have a craving for grape soda? Like fried chicken?

          • Petronius

            I like a Moon Pie and peach Nehi out of the lift-top cooler.

          • Tarczan

            I don’t mind either. should I be worried?

    • D.B. Cooper

      Oh yeah? Well my lineage comes mainly from the 12 Colonies, mainly Caprica, and Cylon model #6. Then they landed here and bred with the humans already here, so there!

      • So CAL Snowman

        So what? I’m an inter-dimensional shape shifting reptilian from the Alpha Draconis star system. I landed here 4,000 years ago and taught the Sumerian people how to form a modern civilization.

        • Geo1metric

          We thought your worm hole collapsed. Glad you made it out alive.

        • Jack Whistler

          I just assumed you came out of that black hole that swallowed the missing airliner.

          • Fathercoughlin

            Don Lemon knows a LOT about “black holes”….

          • bilderbuster

            So does Donald Tokowitz Sterling.

        • I think we’re going to have to take you off that midnight radio show for awhile. It’s more than you can handle.

    • JohnEngelman

      Laughing out loud.

    • Anna Tree

      If I am not too curious, what country are your ancestors from?

      • Petronius

        All ancestors came to America during the colonial period and are a representative cross-section of the colonists from NW Europe, predominantly English.

        My Geno2.0 genetic profile could best be described as Mesolithic or ancient British hunter-gatherers (pre-Stonehenge). My Geno2.0 First Reference Population is British; my Second Reference Population is German. My Heat Index map (male line) is strongest in Ireland and all the rest is equally distributed in Britain, Brittany and the Cherbourg Peninsula, Götaland Sweden (Geatland) and the area around Copenhagen.

        Geno2.0 shows that I have the Y chromosome marker R-M222 which indicates probable descent from Niall of the Nine Hostages in the direct male line. Niall is the earliest historical person to have left a known and continuous line of descent to the present day. There are over 2 million men who carry the R-M222 marker, and about 30 percent of them still live in Northern Ireland.

        My mitochondrial DNA result is T1a1, which corresponds to Bryan Sykes’ haplogroup “Tara” in “The Seven Daughters of Eve.”

        Geno2.0 indicates that my European roots are a bit more ancient than those of Mrs Petronius, who is 100 percent English (born England, a Plantagenet descendant in multiple lines).

        We are currently applying to Prosapia Genetics for their DNA test, which advertizes that it can pinpoint your village or island of origin.

    • Aussie_Thinker

      I’m jealous. $230 odd is a bit much for a student that doesn’t need it done, especially as it will only get cheaper with time.

  • dd121

    They had woodpiles back then?

  • John R

    There always was a problem with that idea that Neanderthals probably had brains bigger than modern humans. Now, it is starting to make sense. And the same thing is happening to Whites. The only difference being that we Whites are disappearing at a much faster rate than the Neanderthals. And, on another note: If the Neanderthals COULD interbreed with modern humans, and pass on their DNA it would mean only ONE thing: THAT NEANDERTHALS WERE OF THE HUMAN SPECIES, TOO! They were a RACE of people, not a different species. So, apparently their ARE “racial” differences, after all. It is obvious that that opens up an area most scientists today don’t want to go.

    • Anna Tree

      If I understand well, Neanderthals, Homo erectus, Homo Sapiens, Cromagnons, Denisovans etc etc are Hominids.
      Then above it is the Homonins, that also includes great apes.
      If I understand well, some Homonids continued to interbreed with Homonins, until the differences were too great to produce offsprings.

    • BillMillerTime

      Just as the concept of “race” or “sub-species” has fuzzy boundaries, so does “species.” Are dogs and wolves two different species? Depends on which biologist you ask.

  • Bossman

    If they were as stupid and ugly as the media like to suggest, then interbreeding could’ve been a good thing for them. If there were not much discrimination against Blacks they too would disappear. In many Latin American countries Blacks have completely disappeared. According to my own DNA analysis, I’m 2.2% Neanderthal.

    • My best friend from high school is Scottish, German and Ukrainian and looks like a shaved, white gorilla. He’s about as strong as one, too. Glenn is built like one, but can not beat me arm-wrestling. He can sometimes beat me at chess. I suspect I got my hands from my ex-father’s father. William started work at a coal mine in Kentucky when he was 13. When his mother died, he enlisted in the army. He did six years and then did a bit of professional boxing. He won eight professional heavyweight fights and lost six. He later worked at a steel mill and married his foreman’s sister. William was also partly Neanderthal.

      • Fathercoughlin

        Mikey,my boy,your father is not your “ex father”.

  • Fathercoughlin

    An old blues song comes to mind:”Whose makin love to yo woman,when you out makin’ love?” What I wonder is who did all this interbreeding? Did our white woman invite the brutish Neanderthal into her cave,or did adventuresome white cave dudes go a courtin’ for some hot love with a Neanderthette?? I cant believe our grandaddies found the Ne. lady attractive,what with the barrel chest and sloping forehead. (Maybe the ancestors of Donald Sterling found them hot…) This interbreeding stuff sounds fishy to me. But maybe the ancient Neanderthal woman be raising her child while that trifling man of hers went across the pasture to woo the blonde? Mustve been hard in those days to find a fat woman

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      According to one theory, male Neanderthals routinely raped Cro-Magnon women (and, considering their strength, female Neanderthals might have routinely raped Cro-Magnon men as well).

    • Anna Tree

      Eurasian are the offsprings of Neanderthals and Cromagnons (this is how the second wave out of Africa, as per the Out of Africa theory, are called). Without the Neanderthals, there would be no white race. We should embrace and praise our Neanderthals DNA, it is the reason we are different.

      They always say between 1 and 4%, but obviously European ancestors got more than the North East Asians and North African ancestors, who got their Neanderthals DNA mostly while staying in the Middle East, before going toward Asia for the former and toward North Africa for the latter.

      While the European ancestors continued to interbreed with Neanderthals in Europe itself, as most Neanderthals sites seem to point that most Neanderthals were in nowadays France, Germany and Spain, spreading East up to Ukraine, but also as far as Kazakstan.

      I always wondered if it could be possible that some familial branches living for example in the Neanderthal areas of South West of France (and therefore in Quebec too) could have more Neanderthal DNA than others…

    • Ella

      Some dogs will mate with anything, like a poodle with a boxer. Other dogs may discriminate more and choose to breed with similar size or make-up. Some animals also rape.

  • JohnEngelman

    Miscegenation benefited the modern humans who left Africa about 60,000 years ago. That is why we who are their descendants have some Neanderthal genes. Those genes were worth having and keeping.

    Nevertheless, Neanderthals had a more limited tool kit than the Cro Magnons who displaced them. They do not seem to have practice trade. They do not seem to have been able to think ahead one year.

    • Please John: it was about 160,000 years ago.

    • Aussie_Thinker

      It’s arguable that the Neanderthals further away from Africa had no idea what the Cromagnons were, whereas the Cromagnons would have already passed by Neanderthals. Or maybe the movement was slow, so that the Cromagnons had already interbred, and by the time they reached the further Neanderthals, they were pretty similar. Then as more Cromagnons came along, the Neanderthal DNA got more and more dispersed.

      It’s hard to really know without a time machine. If only I could find where I left my TARDIS…

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Neanderthals were more robust and much stronger than modern humans, with a backward sloping chin and forehead.

    This was indeed the case. However, although Neanderthals had larger brains than Cro-Magnons and modern-day humans, that backward sloping forehead means that there was less room for the frontal lobe of the brain, which is the seat of creativity and innovation.

    It’s possible that interbreeding with Neanderthals allowed Europeans to take on some of the best traits of the Neanderthal brain, While keeping their own best traits.

    Since the entire Neanderthal genome has now been sequenced, perhaps one day in the not-too-distant future we will be able to clone a Neanderthal. Then we will be able to find out for sure.

    It’s even within the realm of possibility that a race of Neanderthals could be brought back from extinction. However, I don’t think most Amreners would be excited about the possibility of modern-day whites interbreeding with Neanderthals.

    • If they have light skin, I’d be OK with it. A lady who can bench-press a small truck has some appeal, but I’d have to be gentle with her in the shower.

      • Erasmus

        “…but I’d have to be gentle with her in the shower.”

        Yeah, and I’ll bet she’d be one hell of a b*tch when she was on the rag. Neanderthal PMS: Not for the faint of heart.

      • I bet they’d be on the ugly side.

    • Grantland

      The Neanderthal brain appears excessively convoluted.

  • IstvanIN

    Small Neanderthal population breeds with a larger Europid population and, over time, no more Neanderthals. Europid population breeds with Amerindian population and, eventually Latin America will have no whites.

    • It depends on which injuns the Europeans mate with. I pass for white, and wasn’t even told until I was 30. In my case, it was northeast-coast Amerinds: Cherokee and Tuscarora.

      There are plenty like me in Argentina and Chile: different Europeans and different injuns, but they “pass”.

  • Dave4088

    We’ll never know the exact cause or causes of Neanderthal extinction. A number of years ago I came across a fairly old article by a long dead college professor who theorized that Neanderthals lived in much smaller groups and were often isolated from each other unlike the Cro-Magnons. This enabled Cro-Magnons to wipe out small pockets of them. And I’m sure some oversexed Cro-Magnon males may have had relations with a few Neanderthal women which could explain the traces of DNA in modern humans to this day.

    If the professor’s account has some truth then it would mean that the Neanderthals were individualistic and disunited (like today’s whites) which accelerated their disappearance when a presumably hostile out-group of invaders appeared in their living space. This is eerily similar to the situation whites find themselves in today.

  • wildfirexx

    Considering Neanderthals had inhabited Europe, Asia and the Middle East for so long, you would assume there was a lot more of them than there was of us, so if we were interbreeding with them, you would think we would have been absorbed by them… not the other way around.
    But my theory is… like when the Europeans came to the New World we brought new diseases that killed off most of the native people,
    So we could have brought new diseases to the Neanderthals from Africa… that was deadly to them and eventually their numbers dwindled, while ours increased, allowing for our dominance of survival!

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    So they’re saying that miscegenation = genocide.

  • Alexandra1973

    Neanderthals=Nephilim? http://www(dot)bibliotecapleyades(dot)net/vida_alien/alien_watchers06.htm

    See Genesis 6.

    Not saying I believe everything that’s said in the article but it’s worth a read.

  • Neanderthals were dam smart, what killed them may have been a few factors.
    one i will say Neanderthals according to digs and time when homosapiens
    seem to run accross each other, we both influanced each other, pryer, Neanderthals,
    didn’t seem to where jewlry till homosapien contact, as for homosapiesn, tools began to
    change as well, from axes, to knifes stone, the tech changed. What i do stronly believ that
    did them in was this….. Neanderthals were specialiest, Homosapiens were Gerneralest,
    Specialiest speicies have the leg up when in there enviroment, take them away they don’t do
    so well… for homosapiens, well we can adapt just about anywhere. thanks to our smarts, and our bodies ability to adapt, from skin collor eye collor, even the way our bodies reguleat heat, eat. ect. Neanderthals were great at short range hunts trapping, but they lacked the ability to change with the enviorment. We Homosapiens could also we are one of the best long distance runners, not the fastest but we could run run run we also had d projectiles, hit a animal and runn them to exhastion. Neanderthals we not great runners with thoes stubby legs. But they were most likely great ambushers.

  • David Ashton

    TOO interesting for me to comment….!!
    The Eden story could be seen as a moral tale rather than actual history. We do not ask for the address and family documentation to verify Cinderella or Snow White.

    • PesachPatriot

      I’ve heard that most modern scholars theorize that the garden of eden(gan eden in the original text) was located in what is now Iraq and western Iran….the ancient near east was much more agriculturally fertile than it is now after centuries of poor land management and goat grazing….glad you found my comment interesting….a few years ago I went to Orlando for universal studios halloween horror nights, on my way back home I decided to check out the holy land theme park(its much cleaner and safer than the real holy land) and in the parking lot there were fiberglass statues of the animals on Noah’s ark…..I was confused when I saw a statue of a north american bison….I’m not a professional bible expert but I’m pretty sure there were no bison in the ancient near east when the OT texts were first written….

  • Jon Doe

    Survival of the fittest is, was and will always have the final say. If we go extinct because we failed to stop the “elites” that are no different from what we are the power to rule over us, well.. then we are obviously not the strongest. Let the entire world turn brown with black curly hair, no more identity, no more heritage, open up all borders, no more citizenship, one currency, one color, All slaves, One world to rule over. The onslaught of interracial commercials, movies, music you cant even watch 5 minutes of TV without a white girl drooling over some Black. Let it happen, get it over with, I’m tired of this soft slow kill, we fight now or suffer slow. Those are the only 2 options

    • wildfirexx

      Are you referring to the Matrix Zionist NWO ?

  • Uncle Bob

    To call yourself Homo Sapiens, you have to claim your African origins over your Eurasian ones. Have you seen archaic H. Sapiens? They are still alive today and look like Oriental Negroids. They are called hottentots or Khoi/San bushmen. When our Eurasian Neanderthal ancestors were forced to move south into the middle east during periods of heavy glaciation, they looked more like burly, bearded Dwarves who wore clothing and carried axes and knew how to craft items necessary for survival in the northern climate. There are caves in Israel that show habitation overlap between the different races. The Dwarves found the mid-east populated with naked, primative, orc-like Homo Erectus and archaic H. Sapiens and and were able to impregnate and make hybrids with both. The dirty dwarves who impregnated H. Erectus created what would go on to become Australian Aborigines – bearded orcs. Those who mixed with H.Sapiens became what would be called Cro-Magnon man. The Cro-Mags eventually migrated north and dispossessed the Dwarves and took over Europe. There is a reason that few Sub-Saharan Africans and East Asians can grow a full beard where as Europeans and Aborigines for the most part can – the bearded, elder race we call Neanderthals.

    • Kel Knight

      I come to this discussion from a scholarly, science background. When posting, I stick to lay terms. I’m sorry, with all due respect, your post is filled with nonsense, the flip side of those possessed by a certain ultra liberal sociopolitical agenda. I will “claim” my alleged African origins when there is legitimate, sustained, clear evidence supporting your misguided assertion.

      • Uncle Bob

        Yet there is DNA evidence saying most people are descended from bushmen…but not everyone has Neanderthal DNA, which means people had to travel north to get it and became far more creative/ intelligent when they got it. I’ve studied anthropology/archaeology since I was a kid and have seen the ever changing opinions and evidence that has developed over time. The new evidence now points to Neanderthals being the first modern men, where as when I was younger many still believed they were wookies like Chewbacca. Now I just call them Dwarves because they were cold adapted and more stocky than other humanoids at the time. The Neanderthal Genome has been decoded and they found the genes for red hair. How many black or Asian Gingers have you ever seen? Yes, what I’ve written here is my opinion, but it is backed up by years of study and emerging facts.
        Thanks to the internet we can put more puzzle pieces together and create a more accurate picture of the ancient world.

  • Kel Knight

    Neanderthals are early Eurasians, plain and simple. There is no evidence, fossil or genetic, of a group of “founders” or “newcomers”, who swept out of Africa, replacing or interbreeding with early Eurasians. To further assert, as OOA does, that not only did such a group exist but that they emerged from Africa physically and genetically indistinguishable from modern populations, is presumptuous and inaccurate based on current evidence.

  • Anon

    Evidence of the two mixing can be seen in the fossil record.
    Wow….the anthropologists have, if anything, gotten bolder and more wild in their claims over time. I’m surprised they even bring up the “fossil record” these days. The reason is it is perhaps the most damning evidence against evolution. Were evolution true, you would see transitions of one species to another over large spans of time among the fossils. Of course, you see no such thing….ever, not once. This goes triple with the descent of man.
    This article itself is the crumbling of evolutionary theory as a far more interesting fact becomes harder and harder to deny. More than one type of intelligent hominid, walked the earth, side by side with humans. Which of course, leads indirectly to an important fact having to do with race. No…we are absolutely not related to other races, especially blacks, by a common ancestor. Wherever, or however humans came to be, it is quite clear that the races have always been separate, regionally isolated to an extreme until white technology allowed travel in the world. In a very real way, other races, especially blacks were discovered by white people as we started to migrate in modern times.
    This is important because the ONLY reason we don’t exterminate blacks for their vile, evil behavior is the idea that they are, in a way, family to us. The widespread realization of this would remove that mitigation and would cement, for all time, that blacks are a hostile, separate, cohesive, group of strangers to us. They don’t belong here. And tolerance for what they do is inappropriate. Literally, the only thing that should matter to us, in any conflicts, is us.

    • Uncle Bob

      Black skinned west-African forest Bantus are not the same race as the east African bushmen of the plains or “Archaic Homo Sapiens” Forest Bantus are a new race that evolved from homO eReCtuS sometime within the last 100 k years and have taken over much of Africa and forced H. Sapiens to scratch a living off the remote deserts. Here is a pic of the original H. Sapiens. Compared to our dwarven ancestors these people were slender, tall, gracile and beautiful – with the exception of the old lady in this pic. (She’s been broiled in the sun for decades).

      • Kel Knight

        hate to break it to you, Uncle Bob, but not only are your racial theories highly speculative, putting it politely, but there is not a single population or race on the planet that doesn’t present a considerable degree of variability; entire populations do not uniformly reflect some narrow set of descriptors

        • Grantland

          Uncle Bob has it right about the Neanderthals coming down into the Levant and interacting with archaic h sapiens, who were indeed like hottentots/bushmen albeit slightly taller and less intelligent (they had no projectile weapons). And yes, they did interbreed up until, but not after ~50k BP, when, somehow, gentle, timid h sapiens had evolved into hyper-aggressive, robust, intelligent supreme warrior Cro-Magnon, who went on to kill anything in their way, including Neanderthals.

          Did a small dose of dwarf genes cause this prodigious transformation? Or was it rather relentless predation, over tens of thousands of years, from the flesh-eating, monstrous, not-so-friendly “dwarf” boogyman that forced the timid hottentot evolution into Conan the barbarian and his ilk.

          • Kel Knight

            I’m not sure where either of you are getting your entirely unscientific, unsupported views, but they are bizarre and wildly speculative. You both seem to believe you possess knowledge that no physical anthropologist I know of possesses. CroMagnon was always of questionable status and is no longer considered a valid taxonomy. There is no evidence of “Hottentot/bushmen” as the ancestors of white Europeans. Genetically, African tribes such as you noted would have a distance of approximately 109 times from a white Englishman, for example, which is enormous. But this is a losing battle on my part because I’m arguing science-based data against those who subscribe to mythology.

          • Uncle Bob

            So Rebecca L Cann, Mark Stoneking and Allan C Wilson are a group of con artists lying to the world about their mitochondrial DNA studies? Couldn’t they be easily refuted if you were correct?
            What other name should we call post-Neanderthal Eurasians and Middle Easterners? Early modern humans? That’s way too vague! Many of them still had Neanderthal features like heavy brow ridges and thick bones. This is starting to feel like stone aged political correctness.

      • Grantland

        You know, looking at that picture, I’m wondering whether it’s not possible that Levantine human beings split not twice but thrice, with the second branch going into the North-East Interior.

        • Uncle Bob

          That young girl could walk all the way through SE Asia with a hat on and no one would know she was from the African desert.

  • Kel Knight

    Your claim that “evidence of the two mixing can be seen in the fossil record” is simply not accurate. The most odious thing that the OOA true believers engage in is cherry picking explanations that best fit their pet theory, rather than taking into account the wider range of potential conclusions. Nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the recent herpes simplex study purported to “prove” OOA. Deeper analysis of that highly flawed study reveals that, in assigning values for diversity of various populations, they arbitrarily valued the African population in such a manner that it guaranteed results would conform to and “support” OOA. These tactics undermine science and should not be tolerated, let alone published in any legitimate venue. Getting back to the “evidence” of intermixing between Neanderthals and AMH who allegedly evolved solely in and emerged from Africa, the fossil evidence shows continuity, not intermixing. As populations evolved, they did not remain physically and genetically static, (the myth of punctuated equilibrium, often used to prop up OOA), they slowly evolved and morphed over time. Not all populations at once in some neat, perfectly linear fashion, which is why there exist populations in Europe such as Cro Magnon (no longer a valid scientific taxonomy) who reflect both “Neanderthal” and “modern” features. Continuity is the far more plausible explanation here, not some wholly unsupported, conjectured notion such as interbreeding between Africans and early Euros.

    • Uncle Bob

      You don’t seem to like the fact that ape men first evolved in Africa and then migrated out of Africa several times in the last million years. There is no evidence at all, of apes in the northern hemisphere evolving into hominids. So I’m sorry to break it to you but we were all Homo Erectus (small brained negroids) 1 million years ago – before some of us migrated north, became Heidelberg man, then Neanderthals, then Cro-magnon hybrids and finally modern whites who were the only ones curious enough to look into human origins.

      • Kel Knight

        Uncle Bob, my positions have nothing to do with what I do or “don’t seem to like” as you suggest. My stated position was that I do not find current evidence (genetic or fossil) clear, complete or convincing that homo sapiens sapiens evolved solely in ss Africa. Your characterization of homo erectus as “small brained negroids” is inaccurate. Unusually complete fossil evidence of homo erectus found in Europe and Asia do not reflect your speculation, in fact this evidence absolutely refutes your silly suggestion. For this reason, some physical anthropologists categorize the Asian and African fossils separately. Homo heidelbergensis and homo neanderthalensis fossil remains have been found extensively throughout Europe (especially the latter) and these specimens have rather routinely been considerably more extensive and intact than most fossils of any population in Africa. While some suggest H. heidelbergensis as the ancestor of both H. neanderthalensis and H. sapiens (sapiens), it should be noted that no definitive H. heidelbergensis fossil remains have been found anywhere in Africa. While some have been tentatively or erroneously categorized as such, the structure and features have been different enough for these specimens to be categorized as H. rhodesiensis, what many of us regard as relatively similar to H. heidelbergensis yet distinct enough to be categorized separately. One statement you made in your post that I somewhat agree with is that IF (and that’s qualified) data clearly supporting an Out of Africa origin and dispersal is established, then I would expect such a migration to have occurred on the order of 2mya, not the ridiculous 50 or so kya suggested by OOA. The 5 skulls found in Dmanisi have been dated to approx 1.85my and most closely resemble homo erectus (these are unusually complete and intact specimens, please note). Interestingly, the skulls reflect the same species variability that i mentioned earlier (a factor that splitters never seem to either acknowledge or grasp) and also present some features considered more archaic than African homo erectus. It is compelling evidence such as this that further undermines or at least clouds the notion of Africa as sole birthplace of humankind.

      • Kel Knight

        to clarify one of my points, yes, homo erectus as small brained example of genus homo; no to all homo erectus as what you referred to as “negroid”

        • Uncle Bob

          Erectus migrated from Africa into warm areas of the world and did not immediately adapt to cold weather until they became a new sub-species altogether. I believe that as long as H. Erectus remained in the tropic zone they were infact blacks with a small cranium – like this

          • Kel Knight

            You are free to believe whatever you’d like, Uncle Bob, but believing something doesn’t make it so. Again, your post states as fact knowledge that I have never been taught nor read in any textbook. Additionally, I’m not familiar with any legitimate research that supports your stated patterns and time frames re: H. erectus dispersal.

          • Grantland

            You must know of h ergaster (African), and the similarity with erectus (Asian).

          • Uncle Bob

            Taught? Textbooks? It’s not always politically correct to point out the truth to anthropology students. They might look at their fellow black students and notice the similarities. According to Richard Leakey, up until 100k years ago the hominid population of Africa varied from 10 to 20 times the population of all of Eurasia combined depending on ice age conditions. Meaning throughout most of their history, Erectus looked like the pic above and would have changed little if they remained in the tropics. Some were more gracile, some were more robust but they were for the most part black. Even the Smithsonian doesn’t want to upset blacks so they gave erectus a ridiculous hair-do instead of a fro. No, it’s not Bob Marley.

          • Erasmus

            Call George Lucas. They’ve found Jar-jar Binks.

  • You are perhaps deliberately not mentioning miscegnation with earlier people. Homo erectus was around the Eurasian landscape for a million years. At the age of 48, I am hideously strong. When my neighbor needed her piano moved, Alex, who is another neighbor and I did it, but I picked up my end of the upright with my left hand so I could keep my right against the back side of it, so we would not bang up Nora’s walls.

    • JohnEngelman

      Since human evolution began six million years ago the human species developed into various sub species that retained the ability to produce fertile offspring when they mated, even when they were more different than all of the existing races. .

  • Anonymous

    4%-er here. Got my DNA test. My family is very high in neanderthal %, and are highly successful westerners with +2-3 stdv IQs. Our recent family tree contains a lot of outbreeding, it seems like parents identify traits they want their children to have, based on the environment, and seek out partners based on that.

  • Truth Teller

    Father Coughlin If the Spanish could do it with those 4ft bowling balls and the English with the Abos and American colonists with Africans, Neanderthals and Cro Magnons could inter breed.

  • William_JD

    Some human-like characteristics have been found in late Neanderthal fossils
    Shouldn’t be surprising since Neanderthals have always been classified as humans!