London’s Culture War: Inside the Conflict Between Far-Right EDL and Pro-Islamic Radicals

Jackie Jesko and Alex Waterfield, ABC News, April 16, 2014

A notorious British protest movement called The English Defense League has declared war on radical Islam, a battle they are taking to the streets in rowdy, often violent protests.

Their founder, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, goes by the alias, “Tommy Robinson.” He claims that his group is not anti-Muslim, but several of his followers have been connected to hate attacks like mosque bombings.


“Nightline” met with an infamous Islamic preacher named Anjem Choudary and his group of young followers in the streets of London, where they were advocating for Sharia law. Choudary, whose extremist Muslim group was banned under Britain’s Terrorism Act, refused to condemn the killing of Rigby.

Several of Choudary’s followers take part in so-called “Sharia Patrols” in the streets of London. YouTube videos of these patrols surfaced online and immediately caused public outcry. {snip}

When “Nightline” went on a Sharia Patrol, the leader said that they wish for Sharia law to rule the world, and that Muslims should give up any other identity but their religion.

ABC’s Lama Hasan, who is a British Muslim, spent time with both Robinson and the Sharia Patrol in London, to get to the heart of conflict between the warring sides. {snip}

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  • Pro_Whitey

    Beheading people and enforcing a separate system of law without warrant, that’s not a problem. Regular white people organizing to resist it, now that’s a problem. Here’s a cheer for the islamis to adopt: Next year, sharia patrols in Jerusalem!

    • stewball


  • Martel

    A truly heroic, but somewhat naive white man. The propaganda-element in this ABC “documentary” can be expected, but it is disgusting.

  • Manaphy

    Please do not be fooled into supporting the EDL. It is a faux-nationalist organization run by unmentionables like Pamela “Nuke Europe” Geller, Robert Spencer, and other people of their persuasion.

    Please support these chaps instead:

    • Martel

      No, they are simply well intentioned individuals risking their jobs and their safety for what they believe in. Its not run by Geller or Spencer, you have no idea what you are talking about, I do. No here would get fully behind the EDL as they do not support race realism or “racism”, although Tommy Robinson does support ethnic pride.

      • Manaphy

        The EDL members who are actually on the streets, doing the action are legitimately sincere in their nationalism. I never said anything negative about them. I only pointed out that the leadership associates with known anti-whites. Plus, if Tommy legitimately did support European/British ethnic pride, he wouldn’t associate with Geller.

        • Martel

          Too claim Tommy is not legitimate, who has put his and his families life, freedom and security on the line, is down right revolting. He speaks up for the right of whites being proud of their heritage, and he made the correct tactical decisions to gain national notoriety. He is also naive on some aspects, but to question his sincerity over this, is something I do not respect. You and I would never be able to walk in his shoes, and that is not something to be ashamed of, few would walk daily through Muslim-infested neighbourhoods with his image, and the pressure on his wife who saw the daily messages and phone calls in which Muslims continually stated they wanted to rape them, cut them up, and murder them, is a level of stress few can bare. Also taking into account that Home Office intentionally tried to set him up on several occasions, and clearly attempted to break him through “legal” actions.

          • Guest

            Well, therein lies the problem. Tommy, like you in your paragraph, only targets Muslims. While Muslims certainly are a problem, so are the Africans and Asians which infest Europe. Also, whether intentionally or unintentionally (or most likely because of his pupetmasters: Geller & Spencer), Tommy never mentions the root of the problem, but only its side-effects.

          • Martel

            His puppet masters, give me a break. You claim I only target Muslims, are you absolutely out of your mind?

            I can’t stand this segment of the white nationalist movement, I would refer to them as ”ball and chain” on the legs of true nationalists. They cannot read a paragraph without drawing an incorrect conclusion, they believe everyone is controlled by the Jews, its pathetic. Tommy Robinson is just a brave guy, who supports ethnic pride but because of his good relations with blacks in his own city , he doesn’t understand the issues involved in multi ethnic societies. That is it, the sway Geller and Spencer have over the EDL is non existent and always has been, and they no longer even work with them.

            The only ”white nationalists” who I have seen talking to Tommy say either:

            “”Blaaaahhh you are a Zionist Jew controlled by mossadic agents”


            ” We hope the Muslims kill you you race traitor”

            This obviously doesn’t really help. From a strategic point of view, Robinson made all the right moves, in only a few years he became a house hold name and despite massive resistance from the Establishment, including being targeted by the prime minister, he did a lot to open British eyes to Islam.

          • jayvbellis

            Very well said. Internet cowards who do nothing but type on a computer keyboard and bad mouth brave White men who risk their lives in the real world – these Internet cowards are a real pain.

          • jayvbellis

            Very,very well said.

            Also, understand that the real Jewish groups viciously attacking all things White, nationalist – these groups, people strongly support the worst Muslim immigration in to White countries. When we resist, reverse the worst Muslim immigration, Muslim rapes of our girls we are also fighting the worst ant White Jewish forces.

            Jews got kicked out of Spain in 1492 in large part for taking the Arab Muslim side against White. Catholics. Blloomberg, Charles Schumer, Sheldon Adelson Mark Zuckerberg all supported the Muslims building a Mosque on Ground Zero to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Muslim mass murder of our people.

            Only complete idiots ignore mass Muslim immigration in to remaining White nations. Only complete idiots try to form alliances with nasty non White Muslims, under so ridiculous fantasy that nasty Pakistanis will fight with us against the Jews.

            Unfortunately there are lots of complete idiots in American White nationalism, same with Constitutionalist Libertarian oops.

          • Martel

            I didn’t know Adelson and Zuckerberg spoke out about this ground zero mosque, not too surprised obviously.

          • I keep hearing a lot of our people imply that the Jews have given us permission or given us special dispensation to hate Muslims. I’d like to know when they have given us such permission or dispensation. Because all I see out of the official alphabet gang “J” and “D” orgs is that “Islamophobia” (i.e. noticing that Muslims like to commit a lot of terrorism) is wrong and evil.

    • jayvbellis

      both the EDL and BNP are good – just different. The EDL does street protests and concentrates exclusively on opposing radical Islam. The EDL avoids other subjects the Israeli Arab conflicts. Both the EDL and BNP are brutally persecuted by the powers that be.


    Not only does the system want us gone they want us to be silent during the execution.

  • Archibald_Cunningham

    Is Tommy Robinson back in the EDL now? I though he had gone full-on traitor/dhimmi.

    • Martel

      He is in jail currently you can donate to help support his wife and kids if you respect the amount of effort and risk he has taken to bring the issue of rape gangs and Muslim fundamentalism to light. I believe he is the main reason, if not the sole reason, that many of these issues are discussed publicly today.

      He never changed his views, he only started working with Muslims, but he continued to make the exact same claims.

      • David Ashton

        Martel, I am not sure that your last sentence is quite correct.

        We have several problem groups, including the imported foreign criminals, terrorists and welfare parasites, but above all the mostly “white” subversives responsible for mass-immigration and compulsory multiculturalism. The average Indian shopkeeper or Chinese take-away manager is more visible than the real enemies in the political class, the media and the “race” industry.

        • jayvbellis

          OK, so let’s see you do some, any effective activism against these other hostile groups. Whining that brave nationalists aren’t doing it all for you/us isn’t productive.

          Get off your arse mate.

          Stop whining.

          • David Ashton

            I have never whined about nationalists not doing enough, nor done anything other than praise the courageous among them. I have advised on courses of action, opposed illegal violence and “splittism”.

            Now what have I done, other than openly and consistently opposing multicultural mass-immigration from boyhood in 1950s Britain to the present, incurring unpopularity as a student (e.g debating publicly with “scientists” like Otto Klineberg) and then as a teacher, writing for journals as diverse as East-West Digest and Right Now!, assisting writers with relevant research from Oswald Mosley to Simon Heffer, pushing my views with like-minded members of Norman Tebbit’s CPC in Waltham Forest and at the House of Lords Education Issues meetings, helping to found the Majority Rights pressure group in London, deterring groups like the Royal Society of St George from succumbing to “political correctness”, building a huge unique reference library, delivering leaflets, writing continually to the newspapers, and recently working on two books on the subject, and doing this, and much else, while coping with an unusual incurable illness in my family for the past 35 years, and now facing the prospect of my own death from cancer in the near future.

            Now Mr Jayvbellis, tell us what you are doing.

          • Martel

            Please next time simply request me to take apart such nonsensical claims, I will gladly do so.Especially with JE absent and Paul Wilders no longer responding I can use the entertainment. I did enjoy reading all the work you have done in the movement, such commitment inspires me to achieve more myself.

            But, it pains me to read about your own illness though, and wish you much strength and happiness. Make sure to spend time doing with you enjoy. Its unsure if Europeans will survive, but our generation has all the tools and the inherited knowledge to make the best of it.

          • David Ashton

            Thank you. I just get very tired but so far not too bad – the main thing is the shortage of time in which there is so much to do. My criticism of the EDL is that it is a multiracial group that focuses almost solely on Muslims, and has been ill-disciplined in its street demos. But there are good patriots in all such organisations.

          • Martel

            Time is also a matter of perspective, though I’m sure the pace you are used to in working on political matters, doesn’t lend itself toward slowing down.

            The fact that the EDL are multiracial, and pro Israel surely helped them to gain recognition. Unfortunately it also disables them from tackling other issues.

          • David Ashton

            I think the chief problem was their often “drunk and disorderly” appearance on the TV screen.

          • stewball

            David. I did not know you were unwell. I wish you well. תיברי

          • David Ashton

            Thank you.

      • jayvbellis

        Can you give me a link where I can send support to Tommy Robinson’s family.

      • neshobanakni

        Apparently, EDL won’t accept donations from the States.

        • Martel

          That is strange, and likely an error. You can join the forums and ask about it, they definitely don’t reject US donations over ”principles”. Keep in mind they have a very broad definition of racist, mostly because they are afraid of being painted with the same brush and many still believe multi ethnic societies are feasible. I believe they only do PayPal.

  • Cecil Broomsted

    “Far-Right” EDL?

    • Martel

      Left of centre would make more sense.

  • DonReynolds

    “ABC’s Lama Hasan, who is a British Muslim,….”
    I could write the rest of this, with both eyes shut and one hand tied behind my back.
    Lemmie guess…….next segment is a broadcast by ABC’s Charley Murphy, who is a member of the English Defense League…….?

    • Strike_Team

      Everything the media presents is designed to make whites look like the “bad guys”. Period. If it was the EDL fighting Africans, then ABC would have sent a non-white reporter from one of the endless enemy camps that whites face at the moment.

      • jayvbellis

        No strongly disagree. This TV report is excellent, true propaganda for our side. It shows ugly, hateful , racially alien Muslim vigilantes harassing regular women, gays . Show this to everyone you know.

        Stop whining that :

        “The media is so unfair”

        • Strike_Team

          No. The Muslim reporter is in place as a buffer, to provide a sympathetic counter to the truth. The media always does this. The video is fine to show to those who are aware, or if the reporters whining is removed then it is fine to show to everyone.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    ABC’s Lama Hasan, who is a British Muslim…


    There is no such thing as a “British Muslim”.

  • DonReynolds

    Does anybody actually believe it is possible to share the same territory with radical islam, when the only choices are submission or death? Get rid of them while it is easy to do so.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    I’d be willing to bet that these radical Muslims don’t speak for the majority of that faith, that they are just plain run of the mill bullies who intimidate others who would express a more moderate view. Radicals can take over movements in any culture and rule by threat of force.

    • Martel

      Is this a joke or do you know very little about Islam?

      • Steve_in_Vermont

        I know very little about Islam in your country and my statement is based on my experiences in the US. If what I said is not accurate, that the majority of those following Islam believe as the radicals do, then your country is in for riots, bloodshed and violence such as you’ve never seen before. You simply cannot avoid it with this much hate in a growing population.

        • Martel

          Islam is little different in Canada, the USA, or anywhere else, there are several schools of thought but none bode well for us non-muslims. Only demographics differ.

          What “radicals” teach, is simply mainstream Islam. Naturally some Muslims have westernised or pacifist parents and know little about true Islam, and a great portion of Muslims know very little about its teachings.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          Muslim population size is correlated with acts of violence and domestic terrorism. Under 5%, they actively proselytize for converts in jails and among disaffected ethnic groups. There may even be acts of violent terrorism and criminality at this stage. Over 5%, Muslims begin flexing their political muscle, demanding halal food and shariah law for their communities, which have now become no-go zones for whites. They become a major crime problem at this level, with many of their young men actively engaged in raping white women and molesting young girls. They are also disproportionately overrepresented in the prison system. When the Muslim population exceeds 10%, all hell breaks loose. There is general societal breakdown and widespread lawlessness, followed by the formation of jihad militias, church and synagogue bombings, mass killings and an eventual attempt by hardcore jihadis to overthrow the government and replace it with an Islamist theocracy.

          There is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. The only difference between a “moderate” Muslim and a radical is that the “moderate” will keep his mouth shut while the radical does his dirty work for him.

          • I’ve seen that gentleman’s youtube video on this topic. I couldn’t have agreed with it more at the time. Thing is though, and he skipped over it, what’s the threshold percentage of Jews you can have before they open the city gates and let in the hordes under the guise of universal equality?

          • Petronius

            A moderate Muslim is one who has run out of ammunition.

        • PesachPatriot

          You seem like a nice person, most vermonters are, but you are very naive about the religion of peace….it didn’t spread from Morocco to India in a few decades by singing kumbuya and making felafel….take a trip to Dearborn Michigan, the West Bank or maybe Egypt and see how they are where they are the majority….They behave themselves for the most part in the USA because they know they are only about 5 or 6% of the population and because of the 2nd amendment they are surrounded by heavily armed infidels who really like cold beer and pork chops…

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            More to the point they are surrounded by infidels who can put a bullet through their heads from 800 meters away. Let alone have access to and the ability to use much deadlier weapons against them.

    • foundingstockcracker

      You need to educate yourself about Islam. Bill Warner’s politicalislam(dot)com is an excellent place to start.

    • RileyDeWiley

      Right. Why should we condemn a whole religion just because of a few million radicals?

  • Peaceful coexistence is not possible with these low IQ fanatics. The only alternative is to get them out of the West or watch them multiply until their intimidation tactics lead the West to capitulate. Tommy Robinson looks like he can handle himself in a fair fight, as do his followers. They look like boxers. I wish them luck in waking up the masses.

  • NoMosqueHere

    The muslims have about 65 countries; the arabs have around 24. Let them live in their countries, I don’t care what they do or believe. But they should stay out of my country; they have more than enough land.

    • Agreed. On the internet I sympathetically follow the struggles of the humans in the Middle East. The problem is their being brought over to our countries in such really huge numbers. That has inspired extreme hostilities on each side. (One thing that fascinates me is the far greater openness in the Middle East to shedding blood – for instance, honoring people who blow up or kill others, as long as it is in the name of the right cause, though that might, or might not, be changing a little bit. It is our period in world history that is assigned the task of solving these problems.)
      As for Islamaphobia, or any political word ending in phobia, phooey on the word. Such words have no place in rational, humane discussion. Such words are horrifically vague, manipulatively one-sided, cruel, and are part of modern nightmarish totalitarianism.

  • Strike_Team

    Whites do have to face up to the fact that there is no real place to run or hide from the non-white hordes being dumped into our lands by you-know-who. Muslims? They’re but one tool. It’s the Muslims, Somalians, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Nigerians, Hmong… it’s non-whites, period. In every white country. Period. They’re all tools. The Muslims from the Middle East happen to be more capable than a lot of other non-whites when it comes to organizing. Although you can bet our enemies are behind the scenes helping them out, “historical frictions” aside, just like they are the ones behind the curtain directing the non-whites against whites in the US.

    You had better be ready to stand and fight at some point. And you had better realize that the fight is something that can’t be avoided, and that must be done in order to save your children and grandchildren from terrible fates: victimized criminally and murderously by armies of non-whites or used as toys by the folks in charge as they rule our former countries with their new versions of the NKVD.

    • anton drexler

      Amen. The Muslims are a trifling threat to the West compared to the you-know-whos. You have your own country now, you know whos, so get the hell out of ours.

      • Strike_Team

        I honestly feel that they will only leave if physically kicked out, or if they are able to totally destroy the US, making it even unlivable for themselves. I also think it’s possible they are more interested in destroying the US simply because it was the most successful white country, and might not even care if they then have to flee and start all over again (destroying) someplace else. At least attempting to go somewhere else. The way things are collapsing, the only place they may be able to run to is their faux homeland or to all the land they bought up in Patagonia “just in case”.

        • anton drexler

          You’re right.If history is any indication, they will be able to totally destroy the US as they have already destroyed so many other nations. But America in its current degraded condition is not worth preserving. Once the greatest White country, now its stated goal is to be the greatest non-White country, a Babel that unites the globe in a mult-cult utopia ruled by you-know-who (not the Phillipinos). When America collapses into utter chaos and barbarism, something that is sure to happen within at most a few decades given the unsustainable nature of a Liberal Order built on egalitarian fairy tales, the final conflict will commence. And mark my words it will be the you-know-whos, not ourselves who perish from the earth.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            They threatened nuclear attack against white nations on numerous occasions. Because of that and other evils they have committed, such as the murder of 100 million Slavs and other whites in Eastern Europe, they will face extermination at the hands of a weapon they have a major hand in its development. That would be nuclear bombs.

      • David Ashton

        A nation can have more than one enemy, and quite different enemies. At present Jews inside and outside Israel are threatened by Islamists, and so are we in Europe and north America.

        • anton drexler

          Correct. And we in America and Europe, as well as “Islamists,” are threatened by Jews. The hatred for America in the Muslim world is not directed at the masses of Whites, but at the masters of the plundering and decadent American Empire, the Jews.

          • David Ashton

            And “the Crusaders” (who originally killed Jews as well as Muslims). I have said repeatedly there are TWO successive “errors” not just one or the other: (1) promiscuous admittance of Muslim and other “third-world” communities, and (2) the inflammation of their hostility by actions over Israel, Iraq and Iran.

          • anton drexler

            The Muslim hordes have no place in Western nations, they are “Crusaders” in reverse, so I concur.

      • jayvbellis

        Amren mods. This individual is using an National Socialist German name Anton Drexler. He’s violating Amren’s comments policy prohibiting anti Semitic Jew obsessions.

        He’s spreading very dated, foreign Nazi ideology, ignoring racial, cultural Muslim immigrant realities. His message, image doesn’t sell at all to Whites in the UK, USA.

        Our goal is to win the hearts and minds of our people, not repel them with Hollywood image of evil, foreign Nazis.

        Please ask this person to go to VNN and take up where Glen Miller left off before he went postal and slaughter some Catholic father and son at a Jewish health center.

        • anton drexler

          Prohibiting “Anti-Semitism?” If it doesn’t sell, why must it be prohibited? I know full well the problem with Islamists, having fought them in Iraq on behalf of scum like you, Jew troll..

          • jayvbellis

            The real Anton Drexler and his party movement associates were living in the real world of their time, using names, language, dress that was accepted by locals at the time. They were not dressing up in strange costumes from a distant past in a foreign country. They managed to interact with regular White folks around them without giving off the impression that they were kooks, screwballs, but cases, loners, losers involved in a foreign cult from the past.

            How about joining us Whites in the real world here in North America year 2014?

          • anton drexler

            Awesome retort. I’m devastated to be called names by a sissy who cries to Big Brother because he’s butt hurt by my criticism of his tribe, a foreign cult from the past that rules over regular White folks here in America in 2014.

          • Robert Haschberg

            Are you suggesting that he should rename himself to “Henry Ford”?

        • David Ashton

          Anton Drexler, a “man who was feeble and diffident by nature” (Adolf Hitler).

          • anton drexler

            Ouch. Now that I know the low regard the Fuehrer has for me, I think I’ll vote for Miliband.

          • David Ashton

            As a matter of very little interest, there is a woman in today’s “Jewish Chronicle” complaining that Ed is not Jewish enough because he takes insufficient conscious pride in his own ancestry. You can’t please all of the Chosen People all of time!

        • stewball

          Drexler is a common Jewish name.

      • stewball

        Are you scared to use the word Jews. Do you pray to the Jew Jesus?

  • Conrad

    I have stated before – we will not talk our way out of this. It’s sad, but it’s a fact of life.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      The levels of brutality between the Irish Catholics and the Protestants just a few decades ago means the people from Scotland, Ireland, and England still have warfare in their blood. It’s still there when called upon. They are slower to anger, but they will lay waste to these invaders when the tipping point is reached. It would be nice to see the Catholics and Protestants close ranks on this one. Bury the hatchet, then go bury Islam!

      • jayvbellis

        That would be nice. It would have also been nice if Anglo Saxon English, Norman English had embraced alliance with their German kinsmen in World War II to fight Communism, Bolshevik terror. But they didn’t.

        • David Ashton

          We all pay for the crimes and follies of our rulers. There were people in Britain who wanted friendship with Germans and a general resistance to Bolshevism. Read Oswald Mosley’s 1937 Essay “The World Alternative” which had a good reception in Germany, and might have averted the eventual slaughter of Jews and Slavs.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Lets hope they will lay waste to them in rivers of enemy blood and burned out cities.

  • Anglo

    The cowardly New World Order traitors in governments and in other high places are damned to hell for what they’ve brought on White western civilized countries. It’s about the politicization of religion and worldwide dictatorial control over the masses, but first they must destroy all White western nations and their civilizations. Now much blood must be shed.

  • skara_brae

    Yes indeed.
    North London droogs ready, willing and more than able. On standby.

  • Greg Erlichmann

    Wow, what a surprise, the Muslim woman is “frightened” of the EDL but seems to overlook her fellow Muslim thugs who impulsively and violently attacked Robinson for pretty much nothing (outside of him walking around in a neighborhood in his own country) right in front of the camera. I also like how she pretends to not understand why the EDL was formed in the first place, you know, like Muslim rape, robbery, beatings and murders of white English people totally go over her head (or she willingly ignores it). I wonder if she would feel the same way if it were whites invading in the millions, ethnically cleansing and displacing, as well as erasing the native culture in a Middle Eastern Muslim country?

    • saxonsun

      How about she could care less about white victims.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      She should be frightened of what will happen when our hatred and rage towards them reaches critical mass. Queen Boudicca will be gentle compared to the kind of violence conquered people resort to when Muslim rule over them was overthrown. Let’s just say the Muslims are going to get a refresher course on the reality that whites are slow to anger, but once we cross that tipping point the body count of enemy dead will mount until the death toll reaches millions if not tens of millions.

  • ViktorNN

    In less than two generations, France and the UK will be at a crossroads where their indigenous populations will become a minority.

    The transformation will be dramatic as Western Civilization will be supplanted by Arab Muslim Civilization.

    There will be only one way to correct the situation, and it won’t be pretty.

    The alternative is to become utterly marginalized and probably to disappear in less than 200 years time.

    Our descendants will look back at us in disbelief and anger at the plight we put them in.

    • stewball

      Your descendants will probably be Muslims

      • ViktorNN

        I live in the wrong country for that to be a likelihood. Not sorry to disappoint you, dumbass.

        • stewball

          That’s no way to speak to a lady but then………

  • Anna Tree

    You are right about the title, but I think you should still watch the video: very telling for those who don’t know the danger of islam, but also it tells us about the brave men who are warning us all and defending England by fighting islam right now. One week ago, there was that amren article about French citizens fighting against islam in France, and we amreners praised them. I think we should praise EDL too.

  • jayvbellis

    Isn’t this a bit dated?

    Tommy Robinson has resigned from EDL and appears with Muslims to denounce White racism. It looked like he was bought off, but was still prosecuted for something to do with a mortgage I think.

    England has gone to hell, payback from England/Britain’s terrible slaughter of a German civilians in Hamburg and Dresden.

    • saxonsun

      You are still conveniently ignoring the fact that the Germans bombed and burned England FIRST. What exactly is it that you cannot grasp? Have you had your meds today? And “payback” from whom? Could it be your Germanic version of God? Could it be Thor? I repeat…have you had your meds today?

      • Robert Haschberg

        You cant escape the fact that the brits would have been better off today if they had lost world war 2. They were simply on the wrong side.

      • curri

        The Brits bombed Germany first. See “Advance to Barbarism” by Brit F.J.P Veale.


        :’Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly three months after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets. Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones… Retaliation was certain if we carried the war into Germany… there was a reasonable possibility that our capital and industrial centres would not have been attacked if we had continued to refrain from attacking those of Germany… We began to bomb objectives on the German mainland before the Germans began to bomb objectives on the British mainland… Because we were doubtful about the psychological effect of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we who started the strategic bombing offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision of May 11th, 1940, the publicity it deserves.’ J.M. Spaight, CB, CBE, Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry, Bombing Vindicated.

        • jayvbellis

          very well said. Everyone in UK , Europe suffered in World War II, and there were so many attrocites on all sides. It is simply rediculous propaganda to claim the Germans did everything bad in the War or that World War II was a war between Good (Soviets, British, USA) against Evil (Germans and German allies Finns, Ukrainias, Croats, Italians Baltic people). The attrocities like the slaughter of Polish officers at Katyn Forrest and the slaughter of German civilians by British bombers in Humburg and Dresden were terrible attrocities. Plus the White German people were/are our kinsmen. Pakistani Muslim rapists of English girls are not our kinsmen. We should make peace with all remaining White kinsmen and fight the invading non White barbarians that are raping our girls and destroying our countries.

  • Michael Mason

    The EDL’s highest priority before actually solving problems is to let everyone know that it has nothing to do with race. The BNP is the only group in the UK to be trusted. BNP members suffer way more persecution than racialists in the U.S. They’re the only ones who truly care about defending England’s history, culture, and people.

  • jeffaral

    I don’t see “Muslims” as a problem, since they are very tribal, sectarian and usually are at each others’ throats. The multiculturalists who opened the floodgates to uncontroled mass invasion are the problem.

    • jayvbellis

      So you are OK with Paki Muslims sexually grooming (raping) young English girls? 100% of the rapes of Nordic girls/women in Oslo Norway are done by Muslim immigrant men.

      Under a Islamic law, the white girls/women are at fault for violating Islamic laws about showing their bodies and faces in public and deserved to be raped.

      The worst, invading Muslim immigrants are the perfect propaganda enemy. All a Whites from Left to Right fear, hate them.

      We would have to be complete idiots not to use Muslim immigration as our best issue.

      We would have to be complete idiots…..

      Race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist idiots
      Paranoid, conspiracy theory obsessed, loner, loser anti Semite Jew hating idiots

      Complete idiots.

      • I think what jeffaral is saying is that if the multiculturalists hadn’t brought them in, they would be busy slaughtering each other out in the desert somewhere rather than bothering us. The open borers crow is the root problem, the muslims are just one symptom.

        If you’re saying that we shouldn’t have anything to do with them where ever they are, then I agree.

        • jayvbellis

          Muslims (Arab, Turk etc) have always attacked, raped, enslaved Whites since the start of this terrible cult in the 8th century. The sack of Greek Constantinople, the 100% ethnic cleansing of White French Pied Noir from French Algeria these terrible Muslim attrocities against our White Indo European people, these things happened before Multiculturalism infected the West.

          • Very true, but before multiculturalism, we could condemn islam and slaughter them when they acted up. Now, the traitors are in control and islam is protected by the strength of our governments and laws. The difference is that in the past it was a war at the border vs today it will be a civil war.

      • jeffaral

        Jaybellis: Are you calling me a Jew hating idiot? Are you one of those egg-headed Christian zionists? If so I suggest you go to Israel and enlist in the Israeli Defence Forces to help killing Palestians.

        • jayvbellis


          Just stating the obvious that 95% of healthy, sane White Indo European people still alive on planet earth fear and dislike nasty non White Muslims.

          Opposing massive nasty Muslim immigration is always popular with our people.

          Only idiots make excuses for Muslims slaughtering our people in our country, raping our women and try to deny Muslim immigration is a problem or that any problems are all caused by Israeli oppression of the Palestinians.

          Pakistan ain’t anywhere near Palestine.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    The gang rapes and pimping of white British girls and women, murders against white Britons, intimidation, terrorism and other acts of violence give ethnic Britons every right to return the favor. Not just merely against these Muslim invaders, but the ones who threw open the gates for them also are sooner or later are going to face well deserved retribution.

  • I just went to englishdefenseleague dot org and it just has some arabic script on the page.

  • jayvbellis

    The title is bad. But the EDL come off well. Ugly, hairy hateful Muslim extremists do not come off well. Put them on video as much as we can.

  • Depends what you fancy as ideologically to your favour.

    If you seek your ‘bread and butter’ traditional nationalism, which is therefore anti globalist, racially aware, well presented and so on, you may want to look for the British Democratic Party – which was formed as a result of the collapse and split in the BNP.

    People may say the National Front, which may be ideologically sound in terms of traditional nationalism, but they are just as minor as all the other minnows in the political pool.

    Liberty GB, EDL and so on are in my opinion more “counter-jihad” than race-realists – and UKIP is just your traditional Conservative fayre before the Conservative party cloned itself on Labour and lost all their arguments.

    Paul Weston from Liberty GB is a good writer and speaker in my opinion, he has broached the matter of race a few times now, but ideologically speaking it is more counter-jihad than ‘race and nation’.

    The biggest thing I can advise you on though, is to think beyond party politics – because that sure as hell is not going to save our bacon here in the UK any more.

    You may already do so, I am not wishing to insinuate anything – but I do see a lot of people who ask about different parties to support and are kind of “locked in” to that traditional methodology.

    • David Ashton

      Tactically, the ideological far from perfect UKIP.

      First the “Kerenskys”, then the “Lenins” — if we could find any.

    • Petronius

      What about Britain First? Altho not a political party, they seem to be a decent bunch of patriots.

      • Patriots, yes. But Nationalists and race-advocates? No.

        Jim and Paul from Britain First are certainly keen people and dedicated to what they stand for, I’d say they they do put their money (and themselves) where their mouths are – but unfortunately, what they seem to stand for is primarily “patriotism” and Christianity.

        There is nothing wrong with that, to a degree, but nationalism is not the same thing as patriotism. Not by a long chalk.

        (I couldn’t support my country and the rotten institutions, for example, when they are damaging this country and part of the problem).

        There was a message going around some facebook groups only the other month from Britain First, which was informing us that “the colour of a man’s skin is not the problem” in a typical civic nationalist way.

        Personally, that only re-confirms my views about Britain First and their ability to really understand what nationalism is – and thus fail to really understand what is important.

        I was around when they started and I remember all the discussions well, from both Jim and Paul, that appeared on a once popular nationalist blog site.

        I also remember listening to them on the Paltalk service at the time when all sorts of new parties and groups were vying for the top slot of picking up the lost souls who had left the BNP in droves.

        So I therefore also remember Jim’s admiration for the Queen, that he said he would not share his home with a pagan (but would share it with a black Christian), and I remember Paul Golding and Jim Dowson showing they know absolutely nothing about National Socialism or white nationalism – and that they generally believed the whole “we won the war” narrative that tends to fit with those who deem themselves Patriots.

        They are therefore not for me – and for many reasons I do not believe in their model strategy – but that does not mean to say I wish them ill or that I would work in any way against them when or if it comes to a crunch.

  • David Ashton

    I disagree with UKIP & Farage in many ways but endorse this advice to shift the log-jam in the limited time-limit available.

  • IstvanIN

    A notorious British protest movement called The English Defense League
    Notorious? Right-wing? They are a little too liberal for my tastes when it comes to defending their own little island kingdom.

  • Elena Andbasket

    “You do realise I’m a (muslim) journalist? It (Al taqiyya – dissimulation) is my job…” Enough said.

    • Martel

      She is definitely susceptible towards such views.

  • OhWow

    This reporter is what my english brothers call a c*nt. In the car when Tommy said his hometown is all Islamic ghettoized now, she said “Well, look there’s a bicycle shop…so it’s not ALL Islamic!”.

    I hope you guys heard that part stand out. What she is basically saying is that brown people are allowed to do whatever they want. If they take over a formerly white area as long as 1 shop out of hundreds is not run by Islamic militants, then it’s still fine. That’s what liberals consider “diverse”. 1 white person and 99% brown people with 3rd world morals. Let brown militants have 99% but make sure you leave white people the crumb leftovers. When there is 1 white guy in a sea of militant muslims it’s called diversity. When it’s 1 brown guy in a sea of white people it’s called racist and must be diversified.

    Islam is simply NOT compatible with western culture. It’s just not. SORRY. PC culture has gotten so outrageous that a white guy fighting to keep militant muslims out of Britain is seen as the villain. Their muslims are our hispanic illegals. GET THEM OUT NOW.

    • jayvbellis

      I thought this report was very fair, EDL came off well, the Muslims looked ugly, dangerous. She got in the face of the disrespectful Muslim men.

      Good job.

  • jayvbellis

    Who’s streets?


    The EDL is effectively taking back our streets.

  • stewball

    Is the British government stupid? The British Muslim who said he’s not British/English should have his citizenship taken away as deported to a muslin country such as Saudi Arabia. All of the non British Muslims should be deported. Then see how they like the Shia laws. Why does England keep people like this? Can anybody answer my question?

  • Strike_Team

    We are able to edit things though, and I and others have. Keeping it alive on Youtube etc. is another story lol. There’s a reason Google jumped on it to purchase Youtube, and it had nothing to do with money. It’s a rough game, that’s true. But the truth is getting harder and harder to hide. That’s undeniable. The stupidity of much of the public is another matter. Or maybe it’s better to refer to it as the gullibility.