Faster Eye Responses in Chinese People Not Down to Culture

Medical Xpress, April 7, 2014

New research from University of Liverpool scientists has cast doubt on the theory that neurological behaviour is a product of culture in people of Chinese origin.

Scientists tested three groups–students from mainland China, British people with Chinese parents and white British people–to see how quickly their eyes reacted to dots appearing in the periphery of their vision.

These rapid eye movements, known as saccades, were timed in all of the participants to see which of them were capable of making high numbers of express saccades–particularly fast responses which begin a tenth of a second after a target appears.

The findings, published in the journal PLoS One, revealed that similar numbers of the British Chinese and mainland Chinese participants made high numbers express saccades, while the white British participants made far fewer. {snip}

Therefore in terms of eye movement patterns, Chinese ethnicity was more of a factor than culture. This is contrary to several previous reports from other research groups which looked at behaviour in Asian and white participants and concluded that culture explained behavioural differences between groups.

Neurophysiologist, Dr Paul Knox, from the University’s Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, led the study. He said: “Examining saccades from different populations is revealing a lot about underlying brain mechanisms and how we think.

“Many scientists believe that the eye movement patterns you develop are due to where you live–the books you read and the influence of your family, peers and community–your culture.”

“Our research has shown that this cannot be the case, at least for saccade behaviour. What this leaves is the way we’re made, perhaps our genetics. And this may have a bearing on the way the brains in different groups react to injuries and disease.”


Dr Knox concluded: “From a situation where 80% of our understanding of neuroscience was derived from tests on US psychology undergraduates, we’re now showing how the human brain is not just amazingly complex in general, but also highly variable across the human population.”

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  • David Ashton

    “Nazism returns through the back door – surely all human brains are identical.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    I can’t wait until the Medical Xpress studies White people :

    “New study finds proof of the emission of discrimination beams by blue and green eyes”

  • Luca

    Wow, who knew that the brain has biological features controlled by genetics? I thought all brains were created completely equal and could only be positively affected by White privilege or negatively affected by racism, income inequality, under served neighborhoods and a lack of after-school programs.

    • APaige

      Right. Before this study a biological function was a cultural construct and had nothing to due with biology or genetics. Nothing to do with genes, but rather the books people read.

  • Martel

    They train their eyes by squinting all day, its not really fair to compare it with other peoples since their eye muscles are in top shape.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Now see which group is better at driving!

    • Northerner

      If I had to vote for a “false stereotype” that would be one of them. I don’t think Asians get in more motor vehicle accidents or are any worse at driving. If anything, they probably have fewer traffic fatalities given their less risky behavior and decreased rates of alcoholism.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I get made fun of because I tend to drive more slowly and carefully. Perhaps the stereotype isn’t that they are bad drives, but careful drivers who drive too slowly.

  • Kenner

    So they ARE shifty-eyed…

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    I laugh when I think about the kind of mental gymnastics race deniers have to engage in so they can maintain their fantasy that “race doesn’t exist.” I can just see them now: “Of course, race doesn’t exist. It may exist biologically, but because science is relative and culturally conditioned, it doesn’t really exist at all. It’s institutional discrimination that forces people who are socially identified as black to identify with the non-existent black race because their oppressors, who belong to the non-existent white race, force them to identify with the non-existent racial category of blackness.”

  • Romulus

    Here’s one just for ENGLEMAN!

    The jyork times 8 april 2014

    Chinese hackers accessing data through public vending( smart?) Machines!

  • Romulus

    BRITISH CHINESE???????!!!!!!!!!!
    My eyes glazed over after reading that!

    • Fathercoughlin

      British BLACKS??????????????????????????????

  • The explanation is obvious: They’re forced to shift their eyes constantly in order to avoid racist attacks by whites – even in China!

    • Fathercoughlin

      Nope they just want to be able to see every penny-even the one that dropped on the floor and rolled under the TV..

  • Northerner

    I remember a study done comparing Whites and Asians. A picture was presented to both groups. Whites tended to focus significantly more on a central object. Asians spent more time contextually, switching between the central object and the background.

    Genetics differ between races, and so will our brains. Faster eye saccades sounds like it may have had an evolutionary purpose.

  • MBlanc46

    Who in his or her right mind would have thought that a physical ability such as this was culturally transmitted? I mean, other than dogmatists who assume that all behavior is culturally transmitted

    • Fathercoughlin

      “Welcome ta England mate! Care ta join me in a pint? By the way,now that you’re a Brit as it were,ya might want to maybe avoid looking at dots. We Brits,and I might say,all white skin people,we dont look at dots. Just dont do it. Its a cultural thing.” “But I RIKE rooking at dots. I good at rooking at dots!” “Its cultural mate! When in Rome,as it were. Say no more! Nudge nudge.”

  • Peter Connor


  • IstvanIN

    “British people with Chinese parents” British citizens who shouldn’t be citizens would be a better description.

  • JackKrak

    Weird – aren’t they the ones always trying to make their eyes look more like ours?

    • Donc

      The same can be said about yours skin. Aren’t you guys always trying to look like burnt out latino or black skins?

      • JackKrak

        Ha! No way, Donc. I hope you can spot the difference between white skin with a healthy bronze from the sun and darker, more “natural” shades….

        It’s the Asians who have eyelid surgery, Mexicans and Jews who get their noses done and Indians who buy tons of skin lightening/whitening cream.

        See a pattern there?

        • Donc

          Ugh!, when it comes to White, you claim there are NATURAL, HEALTHY complexion among Whites, but when it comes to Asians, you group all them together and pile them on using products?

          What a boatload of ….

          Can you talk about Jennifer Aniston? who got her nose corrected? Is she jews?

          Have you seen Asians in S.E Asia? they got double eyelids without a freaking surgery. Taiwanese, Fujianese do not need to go for surgery to have a double eyelids. So when you piled them all Asians together and claim they all go for surgery, that claim is over the top.

          So when I say Whites also go for skin tanning, which whites are we talking about? Natural complexion from southern German? Italian? Southern French? Rather than those pale ghost looking alike from Finland?

          • Nobody even thinks of SE Asians. They are a different race anyway.

  • superlloyd3 coon

    Another victory for common sense, HBO diversity and racial realism. It’s a pity that negroids weren’t tested but that would have been too controversial as the truth of their inferior cognitive abilities is racist and must be unscientifically and unthinkingly denied by all right minded people.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Ah aint see no DOTS! Dis be BOOSH*T! Gimme ma money oh ah gon slap y’all upside yo haid!

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      For what it’s worth, Africans tend to have fantastic eyesight.

  • RyanP

    Yet another report from the scientific community that vindicates race realism. That stack of reports is getting mighty high. I wonder when mainstream society will start to notice it.

  • M&S

    Add to what you said that they have a huge captive population from which to sample both biochemical, morphologic and genomic variations related to critical abilities like intelligence.

    Nobody calls them down for being ‘too smart’ as minding other people’s business like the Jews or insanely aggressive like the blacks or Hispanics. Which means that they can proceed without being criticized or accredited as real threats.

    They have a stated eugenics policy which includes both positive (college graduate women who want kids get apartments) and negative (Chinese peasant farmers are getting axed in huge numbers for relatively minor offenses, including having more than one child).

    They stack their kids by competency levels in school, forming cohort groups whose native -similarities- can be measured and tracked, longitudinally, with constant data on brain development and specialization as likely shows up in epigenetic graphs.

    Last but not least, they recently (2003?) bought about 4,000 gene sequencing hoods, half of which they have stashed in the Hong Kong commercial zone with an open invite to ANY genomics scientist with a will and project write up that shows they can do the work and share their data.

    The other 2,000 hoods having disappeared into classified research centers on the mainland where they put that shared data to useful ends.

    As an example of ‘how you will know’ that China has broken from the pack and made some key genetic discoveries:

    For as along as we have been keeping track of these things, the Islamic world have contributed less than 2% to the world’s scientific papers. When you start to see China make HUGE leap-ahead discoveries in everything from basic chemistry (fuel cells as a biologic phenomena) to field mechanics (at last, my very own Jetson flying car!), you will know that an already _smart_ population has taken their baseline IQ to the next MSD level of 125 or so.

    Which means that they will start increased-percentages scattering upwards in IQ distributions towards genius and supragenius levels accordingly.

    All because Americans are a bunch of handwringing morons who won’t make blacks or Hispanics feel bad nor ‘dishonor the memory’ of their great-great-gullible grandfathers who put an end to Nazi level Eugenics.

    And the hard part for us to understand will be that these are once-in-a-species type discoveries. Wherein a genie kid who grows up with an honest to goodness 200 IQ will make contributions that forever shift the balance of cultural influence as economic power and prestige to the nation that sponsored the science which made him who he is.

    This is what being behind in exogenic genomics ultimately means.

    On a more mundane level, it robs us of the ability to replace reluctant white women as randomly assortative breeders with artificial womb technology which could once again give whites a stable, replacement level, TFR. Without impinging upon Liberated Females Lifestyle Choices at all.

    If you want to commercialize brilliance you have to make it repeatable in achievement. The baseline for repetition is experimentation. If you fertilize five eggs or even use stem cell regression to form base tissue cultures and then grow a fetus or just a brain through termination points for forensic examination which show ‘which gene became what brain center’ as necropsy-known advanced morphologic function (neuron density and charge levels as myelin thickness and point contacts within a given cubic CM of grey matter), you can _rapidly_ narrow down the gene variants which create the best combination in a given arena of brain capability you are trying to achieve dominance in.

    Barbarous? Vile? Murderous? Maybe. But to rapidly isolate variants, also essential.
    Indeed, you don’t -have to- kill the growing child.
    If you are China, you simply invest in identical baselines exogenically grown as quintuples with minor genomic insert variations and then watch them grown through a normal life.

    Get the Secret Formula correct and likely you will get at least one Nobel Laureate and potentially several.

  • Donc

    This is the stereotypes developed in Western countries for Asians. This is not universal.

    If you come to Asia, there are tons of Asian people with good driving record. You may argue, then why those coming to western countries can’t drive. Majority of Asians coming to western countries during a couple of decades have been from poorer rural areas and they have no sense of those material goods available to them back home.

    My explanation serves as a good answer? I think not because that’s almost for everybody who just wants to stack up their brains with stereotypes for sure.