End Racism–This Generation

End Racism, April 25, 2014

Dear Friend,

Who were the real people of Roman Britain? Did being ‘British’ ever just mean being ‘White’? What about in Roman times?

We think it’s really important that children learn that migration and multiculturalism is not a new thing, but instead people have been travelling to and from Britain for centuries.

For example, when you ask most children what the Romans were like, they picture fierce, white, male gladiators. But we know that all sorts of people lived in Roman Britain.

Romans Revealed is an interactive website that tells the stories of four people living in Britain in Roman times, such as Julia Tertia, whose journey to York started in North Africa.


The website is aimed at children aged 7-11, and there are also teaching resources for key stage 2.

Can you ask your local primary school to pledge to teach about diversity in Roman Britain?

Are you a teacher or parent who can share Romans Revealed with children?

Make your pledge to improve diversity in primary school lessons today!

By teaching our children to accept diversity and equality from a young age, we can End Racism This Generation.

Keep fighting the good fight,

Rose, Sondhya & Florence
The End Racism This Generation team

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  • Andross

    “By teaching our children to accept diversity and equality from a young age, we can End Racism This Generation.”

    What does that mean in practice? It means making native white British people blissfully unaware of the genocide being perpetrated against themselves. They must learn to “accept diversity”, in other words, accept being replaced by foreign invaders. This is what the British people fought against Germany for during two world wars, I guess. They made their bed; they must now sleep in it.

    • David Ashton

      The people are not the governments.

      • Andross

        You are correct. It is amazing that governments can pull this off without the people batting an eye, though.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          It’s because the modern western “democracies” are all ruled by liberal totalitarian dictatorships, led by corporate bigwigs and multicultural extremists. They brainwash the masses into accepting the new multicultural status quo and persecute dissenters by jailing them or making their lives very unpleasant.

        • David Ashton

          The way this has been done in Britain has been partially exposed by a few writers; I hope to do something in this line myself. The anti-immigration polls have been quite clear all along, but our electoral system has been an obstacle to effective action. We were assured in parliament in the 1980s that immigration had virtually stopped, but in fact it escalated thereafter by various means along with incremental legislation to curb opposition and to promote “equality and diversity”. Today (April 29) I read that the Jewish ex-editor of The Times, who is now chief BBC news-manager, is eagerly following up the “even more black faces” notion for English TV appointments.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Losing WWII to Germany would have been the single best thing to ever happen to Britain, considering that she now faces an uncertain multicultural future as an Islamist theocracy ruled by fundamentalist clerics.

      • Michael Mason

        Some people claim Churchill was the greatest man of the 20th century. Churchill was a pro-colonial, anti-Zionist, anti-Marxist, British nationalist. Since Churchill’s ‘victory’ in 1945, Britain has given up all its colonial possessions, Zionist interests are now placed ahead of the interests of the English people, Marxist social beliefs and policies have a near hegemony in British politics, and London and other major cities are multi-racial pigsties.

        • Cobbett

          ”Some people claim Churchill was the greatest man of the 20th century”

          Churchill was a disaster for Britain and Europe.

        • David Ashton

          Read Martin Gilbert’s “Churchill and the Jews” and the first volume of David Irving’s “Churchill’s War”. Oswald Mosley wrote a perceptive essay on his old colleague in “Policy and Debate” (1954) and ditto on the German Leader in “Right or Wrong?” (1961). I still regard Winston as a great man, for all his personal quirks (e.g. booze) and his grand mistakes (Stalin + Roosevelt). It is a pity that Hitler refused to meet him when he went to Germany. They share different responsibilities for our current fate, but those two individuals are dead and gone, and our duty is to see that European civilization lives.

          • Le Fox

            Churchill hated socialism and communism yet he had nice things to say about Stalin because Stalin was one of the few who preferred real-world action rather than politic group-think. Regardless of what you think of Stalin, the fact that Churchill, who was as anti-socialist as you can get, had positive things to say about Stalin suggests not everything was in black and white. But he decided to go the same way as Hitler by messing with the USSR, a mistake that cost both of them their support and power. If Hitler hadn’t made a move against Russia, the entire crisis could have been averted. Churchill also wanted to wage war against Russia, which would be costly, since Britain was just recovering from the war.

          • David Ashton

            “Not everything…in black and white”. True, about Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang. Political propaganda, especially in war, and historical analysis are not the same thing. Hitler’s invasion of the USSR turned Stalin into a de facto ally of Churchill for the duration. Churchill notoriously over-estimated the military capabilities required for the military offensives he wanted. The world situation in 1939-1942 and in 1945-1947 in relation to Soviet intentions was particularly complex, even more so than Bismarck’s system of alliances which put many a schoolboy off modern history (now, of course, it is largely “Hitler and the Holocaust” in British schools).

        • saxonsun

          American Thinker has an article on a man who quoted out loud Churchill’s truth about the barbarity of Islam. The man was arrested. England is indeed in trouble.

        • HamletsGhost

          Churchill was pro-Zionist, not anti.

          • Le Fox

            So? Doesn’t matter. Britain should always come first. Israel’s a lost cause; whether someone is Zionist or not isn’t the point. Fools shall be fools.

        • Le Fox

          Here’s one of the reasons why Britain even lost her colonies in the first place: there was no way she could control them forever, and the arrogance that she shall always rule the seas is the biggest one. Churchill or not, many mistakes were made and things were already at the boiling point. China gobbled Hong Kong as soon as it was industrialized, and India collapsed as soon as Ghandi took over. Britain simply didn’t have the means or the numbers to keep control over such vast lands and huge numbers of people. It was bound to happen, anyways. Conspiracy or not, it’s just the British people realizing that documents won’t do well as force.

          Besides, Churchill didn’t win 1945 – the Russian communists did. Britain would have gladly set Russia against Germany and watched as they battled it out. They didn’t like it when Germany turn its gaze on its shores. People also don’t like the fact – and I’m sure I’ll get downvotes for this – that the Commies won the war.

          Yeah…Churchill probably wouldn’t be crying to Adolph. Mainly because they’d be fighting over what would be the better empire, and Churchill would have easily mounted a war against Russia – a war that lost him the next election. Never happened, but if it did, nothing would be left of Britain. And Zionism or not, the whole shebang is caused from hubris and arrogance right on Britain’s shores. Remove that, get rid of the corruption. Then you can rebuild and prosper.

    • c684570

      Use the term demographic displacement, rather than genocide. Both result in the same thing, but one is more relatable.

      • Andross

        You are right, “demographic displacement” is harder to dispute and carries less distracting connotations than “genocide” even though it means the same thing. I will use that term from now on.

        • wildfirexx

          It’s annoying, how the liberal media have taken a serious term like “white genocide”, which is indirectly similar to a holocaust, and twisted it into a racist slur by white supremacists. That’s the power of the media!

    • wildfirexx

      the media is just as much to blame, if not more so…because they have the power of brainwashing people into what ever they choose!

    • Michael Mason

      So in order to end “racism,” we have to trick our children into thinking that they’re really part black? Leftists are getting desperate.

    • LHathaway

      They may end racism this generation, but not affirmative action. That will go on another 50 years or more. It may never end. Some are just more deserving than others.

  • dd121

    The Cult of Racism being fed to British school children. The propaganda can’t start too early and never ends.

    • 4321realist

      “The propaganda can’t start too early and never ends.”
      It must never end…even for a short period of time….or it will fail miserably. Since it is an artificial construct that is in direct opposition to the natural trait of homogeneity, the Orwellian subjects would revert to their natural instincts and inclinations, which are to favor one’s own look-a-likes and hold with suspicion dissimilar people.
      In the case right here in this country, it could well mean unrestrained civil war breaking along lines of race and ethnicity.
      Diversity must be like Big Brother’s Oceania with propaganda blaring over the loud speakers, the radio and the t.v. non-stop 24/7.
      Which is EXACTLY what we are having right now.

      • wildfirexx

        Tribal instinct in this case which is race based nationalism, is being supressed by the powers that be, and touted as evil.


    So they’re saying that military empires dumped foreign races into their conquered territories? Yes, this is what empires do.

    When the empire collapse, England rightfully returned to its indigenous people.

    • FeuerSalamander

      The Anglo Saxons were not the indigenous people of Albion. My God man, let’s not act like we have LESS knowledge of history that these fools! The “indigenous” people of Albion fled the AngloSaxon invasion and moved to Brittany,or retreated to Wales, Cornwall, and Scotland.

      • saxonsun

        Right, the Celts. But the Anglo-Saxons formed England as it is, so they might as well be the indigenous people. For all intents and purposes, especially in light of what’s going on now in England, the Anglo-Saxons must be championed in every way.

    • rightrightright

      North Africa became conquered territory of Rome. Rome rewarded its useful people with grants of land in North Africa. These privileged settlers added the location of that property to their title. Julia Tertia was an ex-patriot Roman. White.

      William the Conqueror bore the title of King of England. Does that mean he was English? According to the above PC tripe, it does.

      • Petronius

        Right, rightrightright. The North Africans in Roman times, e.g., Egyptians, Carthaginians, et al., were Europids (mostly Mediterraneans) — i.e., whites. Many of them were former Roman legionnaires who were settled in the colonia and other Romans (mixed Greco-Roman-Phoenician-Berbers) who lived in thoroughly Roman cities such as Leptis and Iol Caesarea.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    The American continent belongs to the Indians.

    Most of Africa belongs to Black People.

    Australia belongs to the Aboriginals.

    East Asian nations belong to Orientals.

    But European nations? Oh, those lands belong to everyone. There is no “indigenous European”. “White People” don’t exist and have no culture, no heritage, no homelands, unlike others.


    • GenX Antipodean

      Well said. These types of stories where they rape our past really, really make my blood boil.
      I try to ignore progressives for my own piece of mind, but then when they do stuff like this, I what to be fitted for Jackboots.

  • David Ashton

    Another Runnymede Trust “racket” & just surf the organisations that have pledged support.

    “Thus history is continuously rewritten…. The past is whatever the Party chooses to make it.” – George Orwell, “1984”, Part II, ch.9.

  • FeuerSalamander

    I think ” Othello” is better. Shows the rapist murdering nature of “moors”

  • Mason Gull

    but North Africans weren’t black…

  • JSS

    “Who were the real people of Roman Britain? Did being ‘British’ ever just mean being ‘White’? What about in Roman times”?

    I can tell you for sure that the people of Roman Britain weren’t African Arab or Pakistani. Stop dragging the Romans into your sick indoctrination of children. The Romans probably would have crucified you for treason. The good old days.

  • So CAL Snowman

    “We have always been at war with Eastasia”

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    How can something so misleading and outright ignorant be part of any curriculum? Oh, yes any anti-White lie is a good lie. Soon kids in The UK will be saying how Black people are the original inhabitants of England, built Stonehenge as a monument against prehistoric White racism, that Romans were Black and that Hadrian’s Wall was built by the Black Roman Empire to keep primitive White people out of the Black European empire. Education in The West keeps dying more and more each day.

  • IstvanIN

    Even the myth that the British are largely “Saxon” has been disproved by DNA studies. The native people are, and have been for thousands of years, British of various British stripes (Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish).

    • Xerxes22

      That was a bogus study, a lame attempt to prove that fpreign invasions are benign. The Germanic invasion was a brutal affair. The native population was either exterminated, expelled or fled. This is proven by the fact that there are few Celtic words in the English language and few Celtic place names in England. With the the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century there was a migration of peoples from Scotland, Wales and Ireland to English cities so naturally there will be a lot of mixture of these groups in modern day England But that was not the case centuries ago when the populations were seperate and lived in their own lands.

      • IstvanIN

        The Scots, Welsh, Irish and English are all British and the effect of moving about the Islands isn’t deleterious, unlike black, arab and south Asian immigration.

      • saxonsun

        Where are those “ruthless” Germanic tribes when we need them the most?

  • Andy

    Wikipedia says Julius Sextus Africanus was either of Roman parentage or Libyan (Berber). Either way Julia Tertia was white, not black.

    • geralddmartin

      Right. This is a bald-faced lie, and they know it, but to them “ending racism” and the white race is worth any lie and any number of lies. Reminds me of the equally false contention that Hannibal was black, or part black, when it is certain he was – as a Carthaginian descendent of Phoenician settlers – of eastern Mediterranean origins.

    • je suis paganisme

      Yes, he was born in Jerusalem.

      This is like that beer (I think it was Schlitz) advertisement that I saw at the 1982 World’s Fair:
      They had illustrations of Hannibal (also a “North African”, a Carthagenian) as a somewhat hefty Black African. Ditto for Cleopatra. Lots of others.

      These idiot leftists: They think that the word, African, automatically means “black.”
      Fifth-graders have more flexible minds than that.

  • Martel

    A study in the Netherlands,showed that Dutch children who are forced to undergo diversity training, come out like me. My generation will be a bad surprise.

    • Andy

      How old are you?

      • Martel

        I’m in my twenties.

        • Andy

          I hope you’re right about our generation, then. I haven’t been as optimistic, at least about the college students and degenerates I mostly come in contact with. Those I actually know well are much less delusional about race, though, so perhaps we’re just all whispering it to our friends.

          • Martel

            America is a little bit behind, no doubt, but it will come.

          • TXCriollo

            Were all in the same generation once kids get outta college they learn how dieversity really works

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            The college students and degenerates you mostly come into contact with probably comes from middle-class backgrounds and have grown up in white areas and gone to white schools.

            And then go to colleges who are mostly white and the blacks that are there have been selected for being better than their peers (except those there on sports scholarships, and we see what happens there…).

            It’s easy to love multiculturalism if you haven’t had any contact with it.
            The best cure for it is a dose of what real multiculturalism means.

            “What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist in south africa?
            About two weeks”.

        • 1stworlder

          yea but how long did it take for you to notice reality after there was no one still making excuses for blacks?

          • Martel

            I noticed how important race and culture was for immigrant kids of my age, so around the age of 15 I started developing ideas which eventually led me to this. I was bothered early on by the hypocrisy of teachers when it came to ”racism”.

    • My daughter, Ariadne turns seven in a few months, and she not only looks like me, but she talks like me as well. My mother visited on her way back from Texas on Sunday, and remarked on the resemblance in appearance and manner. Ariadne has her mother’s epicanthic eyefolds, but her irises are the grey that my own used to be. She has my fine, brown hair.

      She looks, talks and behaves so much like me that Sayaka and I frequently joke about wondering who Ariadne’s mother was. Fortunately, she has her mother’s hands instead of mine.

      • je suis paganisme

        My first daughter looks like me, and some people think she is half-Oriental. Some people think I am some kind of American Indian. My son and other daughter look Germanic like my wife.
        It is strange: I did not start researching my ancestry (quite a bit of Eastern European and a small bit of East Asian) until my first daughter was born, and people thought that she was the daughter of my wife’s Chinese friend, who was visiting us at the hospital.
        Happy Birthday, Ariadne.

  • Man of the West

    And yet. In his book “Blood of the Isles” Dr. Sykes established that the DNA of the present day inhabitants of the UK is overwhelmingly that of the original Neolithic population with the Saxon’s only contributing about 20 percent of the total. This whole article sounds like PC wishful thinking nonsense. They were and are Celts who originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and Iberia. My ancestors were from the area and I am 99.8 percent Euro stock, as are most of those who live there today.

    • italian guy

      It’s just anti-White propaganda, there was a study some years ago that showed how Europeans are basically the same as they were 2000 years ago, there are just some traces of Mediterranean, Nordic, Celtic etc. migrations in the continent and that’s it.
      I iz be Julia laquisha Tertia ahah totally a Roman patronus, they should come here in Italy and say that our ancestors were black, we can show them our affreschi and statues or even the Roman coins and see how they looked like, bunch of anti-White nonsense.

  • Ridiculous diversity overreach. Pure propaganda of an obvious sort. The cretins who seek to brainwash little children are nothing but legalized pedophiles. They should be treated as such, tried, and if found guilty, imprisoned. Sexual pedophiles mess up a kid’s mind, but so do diversity pedophiles. Vile and reprehensible.

    • Part of the reason the diversity hucksters target children with the morally toxic garbage is that kids haven’t developed the ability to think critically about what is being foisted upon them. Since political correctness has the major elements of a cult religion, in which the major assumptions are not subject to debate, the obvious solution is to instill the dogma in the target group when they are young.

  • WR_the_realist

    Remember to tell those children how quickly the Roman empire collapsed after it became diverse. And yes, there were maybe half a dozen immigrants from North Africa into Great Britain during the days of the Roman empire. The left will use that to explain why they must now let in millions of blacks.

    Our public schools just can’t start the propaganda too early with children these days. Which is why you must home school.


    Yes, lets “End Racism!” All non Whites who do not belong in Britain go back to your own country. Racism over! Yeah!

  • MekongDelta69

    Since everything which can be said about this travesty has already been said below, all I could possibly add is,

    “Sextus Julius Blackus – What a load of ****

  • Kenner

    It must be true. The BBC had a series on young Merlin that showed the population of south-central Camelot as delightfully vibrant. Even the English princess was black.

    • saxonsun

      That’s the very definition of evil.

      • 1stworlder

        They had a black knight as well.

  • TheCogitator

    Whatever sort of people the Romans may have introduced to England, they did not have sufficient numbers to establish themselves there. Until the recent foolishness by the English and the rest of Europe, white people controlled their lands.

    What we have now is massive numbers of people who are not white being brought to the previously white lands of Europe and the British Isles. Those peoples have so established themselves that the white people will soon fall into minority status. There is no way to compare what is going on now with what happened when the Romans controlled England.

    • 1stworlder

      When I tell people jews complain about Jerusalem being sacked in antiquity but no one complains about Queen Boudicca sacking London, you can tell they don’t know Boudicca was British and London was roman controlled.

      • Martel

        I wonder if the song by Enya, named Boadicea was named after this queen.

  • Strike_Team

    I’d sure like to see who “Rose, Sondhya & Florence” really are. Or who their handlers are.

  • TXCriollo

    This is just terrible

  • Pro_Whitey

    I think we can turn this lesson into a positive. Show a English kid a dark-skinned foreigner and tell him that they are invaders trying to take over England, just like the Romans did. The dark-skinned foreigner is the enemy of the English. Yeah, that’s a good lesson.

  • Ella

    Uh, Romans had Hadrian’s Wall as Wiki described, “Patrolling legionaries would have been able to keep track of entering and exiting natives and Roman citizens alike, charging customs dues, and checking for smuggling activity.” They even built forts with patrolling soldiers along border fronts. Rome declined also from their ethnic rebellions.

    • Hadrian’s Wall was for keeping guys like me out of lower Britain.

      • Michael Mason

        Not unless you’re descended from the Pictish Celts. Most Celts of Britain lived in lower Britain until the Anglo Saxons drove them north; which was after Roman times.

  • Dalliance

    Non-whites are avatars of perfect equality whose purpose is to teach benighted whites that all they seek is racial and cultural parity and that, in the name of diversity, they would never (despite the lessons of history) overstep those bounds. Barring acceptance of that, whites (who might wonder how “Star Trek”-like racial and cultural distinctions are meant to last), should follow the example of their Founding Fathers and go establish their own country somewhere. Perhaps in Antarctica.

  • Harry

    In WW2, the British were a heroic, courageous people who under Prime Minister Winston Churchill, bravely fought back against the threat of an invasion from Nazi Germany, even before we as Americans got involved as a result of Pearl Harbor. Dear readers of my comment, are you familiar with the song “Sink the Bismarck” by the late Johnny Horton?

    Tragically, most of the British people are rolling over and letting the Muslims, African immigrants, and other alien peoples overrun their country. There is a very real danger that the magnificent British culture that took many untold centuries to build, is now in serious danger of destroyed under sharia law, with Britain becoming a Muslim nation. There is also a very real danger that with nonwhite immigration and non-whites having more children than whites, native white Britons could become a minority in their own country.

    Gone forever will be that great nation that gave us The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, the classic plays by William Shakespeare, great novels by authors like Charles Dickens, George Orwell and Jonathan Swift, great scientists like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, and great statesmen and women like Maggie Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Enoch Powell, and Benjamin Disraeli.

    However, there are organizations like THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY, THE ENGLISH DEFENSE LEAGUE, BRITAIN FIRST and other such groups of British people who recognize these dangers to their wonderful nation. So maybe there is hope the British people will rise up and become once again, the great heroic people they were during the Second World War!

    • Cobbett

      ”In WW2, the British were a heroic, courageous people who under Prime Minister Winston Churchill, bravely fought back against the threat of an invasion from Nazi Germany”

      There was never a serious threat of invasion,in fact Hitler didn’t want war with us at all…all that sacrifice for nothing.

      • shmo123

        There was Operation “Sea Lion” which were plans drawn up for the invasion of Britain, but were obviously never followed up on. Hitler liked to think of a war with the British as “fratricidal” and unnecessary, but I’ve never read one line anywhere where any Brits felt the same.

        • Cobbett

          That’s because they’re brainwashed into believing that it was a ‘just war’ – a crusade even. Especially silly as we never had a hope in hell of winning on our own(or even with just the Americans)

          • shmo123

            I’ll grant you that the lion’s share of casualties suffered by the Wehrmacht were inflicted by the Red Army–2 out of 3 as statistics say. But that was mostly due to Hitler’s megalomania. He made many huge mistakes, one of the biggest being Barabarossa. His tactics were as bad as his leadership; especially puzzling considering how he spelled out in Mein Kampf that one of the main factors contributing to Germany’s defeat in WWI was a two-front war.
            As for Britain going one on one with Germany in 1939 or so, you’re probably right–Germany has a larger army and was better equipped. Again, poor strategy and tactics, as in letting the bulk of the English army escape via Dunkirk. As for brainwashing, it doesn’t take any when Luftwaffe bombs are falling on your head and burning your cities.
            I could go on with the “coulda shoulda woulda” school of historical conjecture. It was a complicated war.

          • Cobbett

            You should check out the Institute For Historical Review news archives for March…there’s some interesting stuff about Stalin’s role in WW2…i’d give you the link but Amren won’t let me.

          • shmo123

            Thanks. I’ll check it out.

    • Michael Mason

      I consider the sailors of the Bismarck and the U-boat service to have been more courageous. They set to sea when the Royal Navy had hegemony and the odds were stacked 100 times against them. In any case, we should honor and grieve for all white men who died in this terribly unnecessary war that was orchestrated to a large degree by the very people who hate our race and wage our destruction.

  • Michael Mason

    This is really sick. Normally I view leftists as merely comical, but when they funnel lies into the minds of our children, I can’t refrain from hating them.

  • IKUredux

    This is the saddest, most pathetic attempt I have ever seen to try and include Blacks into every aspect of White culture. WTF is the matter with everybody? Blacks have done nothing to advance civilization. NOTHING. Blacks had NOTHING to do with the development of Western Culture. Neither did the Chinese, nor the Arabs. What little they contributed, has been documented. Why on earth are we putting up with teaching our White children that they have done virtually nothing to advance society and furthermore, be taught that they are the scourge of the world? Have we lost our minds? Please note that this blaming of Whites was instituted by Whites(the rest of the world being too stupid to come up with this ridiculous theory.on their own).

  • stephengreen

    This organisation is supported by the Runnymede Trust. The trust could not be more inappropriately named. Its driving force is not to preserve the heritage of olde England, but to replace it with a vision of diversity.


    Robin Richardson was director of the Runnymede Trust, from 1991 to 1996. This is how he describes the work of the Runnymede Trust:

    “In 1992 the trustees of the Runnymede Trust, chaired by Anthony Lester, began to discuss amongst themselves and with close friends the possibility of a new version, so to speak, of Colour and Citizenship – a document which would act as a charter for the following decade… A new document would need to take account of… the much greater influence of Asian and black organisations and individuals in national and local

    In 1994, Runnymede organised a large residential conference, The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain. It was here that the idea of a follow-up to Colour and Citizenship was first publicly mooted.

    ‘There is a need for a new public philosophy and a new national consensus,’ the conference declared, ‘about the nature of Britain as a multi-ethnic society.’ The first and over-riding recommendation from the conference was:

    ‘A national commission on multi-ethnic Britain should be set up, to develop further the proposals listed in this report…

    The commission was launched in early 1998 by the Home Secretary, Jack Straw… In autumn, 1998, the commission took on several new members and Bhikhu Parekh took over as chair…

    What the report itself says is that the future of multi-ethnic Britain depends on six main tasks:

    (1) rethinking national identity and the national story;

    (2) developing new understandings of identity, and seeing that all people have multiple and shifting identities;

    (3) working out a balance of cohesion (‘One Nation’), difference and equality;

    (4) dealing with racisms – i.e. seeing and addressing racism as multi-faceted;

    (5) reducing material inequalities but at the same time avoiding colour-blind and culture-blind approaches;

    (6) building a pluralist human rights culture.”

  • Alexandra1973

    Now the Romans were black, gnomesayin’?

    Just like blacks were the Jews, the Egyptians, the ancient Chinese…name a group, that was them!

    (Please note the sarcasm.)

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      It’s especially hilarious (and sad) that negroes believe the ancient Egyptians were negroes, even though the Egyptians clearly distinguished themselves from negroes in both their artwork and writings.

      From the Semna Stelae of Senusret III:

      Southern boundary, made in the year 8, under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khekuer, who is given life forever and ever; in order to prevent that any Negro should cross it, by water or by land, with a ship, (or) any herds of the Negroes; except a Negro who shall come to do trading in Iken, or with a commission.


      Attack is valour, retreat is cowardice. A coward is he who is driven from his border. Since the Nubian listens to the word of mouth, to answer him is to him retreat. Attack him, he will turn his back. Retreat, he will start attacking. They are not people one respects. They are wretched, craven-hearted.

      Ancient Egyptian race realism, gnomesayin’?

  • De Doc

    It’s the old end run around the historical truth. Many of these dummies have no idea about the populations of North Africa in Antiquity and earlier times. This is why the History Channel offered up a Hannibal that looked more like a sub-Saharan professional wrestler than a more likely Semitic appearing leader of Carthage (his family origins were Phoenician). However, there are some rare Y and mtDNA haplogroups of African origin in modern Brits that probably derived from the era of Roman Britannia. Their rarity is surely an indication that Roman era Britain was not as culturally and racially diverse as these crackpots claim. The culture was most assuredly and thoroughly Greco-Roman with mostly Caucasian types of Eurasian or North African origin comprising its foreign elements.

  • Brian

    I’m not sure I can take Cultural Marxism this pure…need to cut it with something.

  • curri

    The “Romano-British” settler population died off:


    …Nor do we have to postulate a process of ethnic cleansing and coerced assimilation to explain the extinction of Roman Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries. As Seccombe (1992) points out, the Roman Empire suffered from negative population growth. Not enough people married and had children to offset relatively high mortality among infants and young adults. In breaking down local collective identities, whether ethnic or regional, the Empire had created an atomized and increasingly anonymous society without the carrots and sticks that tightly knit societies use to push individuals down the path of family formation.
    Once Rome had pulled its troops out of Britain in the early 5th century, there was no longer an inflow of people to offset the demographic deficit. The local population fell into decline, and the decline accelerated in the 6th century when plagues killed three out of every ten people. The Romano-British needed no help from the Anglo-Saxons to die out. They did it largely on their own.

  • saxonsun

    The Queen was specifically against Moors because they’d caused so much trouble for England and Europe. She had them tossed out. There were blacks in England who actually rose to the level of the merchant class.

  • GB101

    Does the people who is promoting this propaganda know how to construct proper sentences in English?

    We think it’s really important that children learn that migration and multiculturalism is not a new thing, but instead people have been travelling to and from Britain for centuries.

    Maybe they is not clear about subject/verb agreement. Migration and multiculturalism is not one word but two. They makes a compound subject. And compound subjects calls for plural verbs.

    We puts an “are” in the sentence. We does not put an “is” in it.

    Does you understand?

  • GB101

    These people believe that Sextus Julius Africanus was black because he was from N. Africa. That is far from certain. Do they have any other facts?

    • Dalliance

      On the website, the only “link” attaching the girl to Sextus Julius Africanus appears to be that “at least one of her ancestors may well have come from North Africa.”

      Wikipedia mentions that her supposed ancestor was claimed to be of either Libyan or Roman descent. It also says that he studied in Alexandria, not that he was, as might be confusing in terms of origin, “a scholar from Alexandria.”

      • GB101

        Seems likely that he was white.

  • Lagerstrom

    Diversity in Roman Britain? The Romans and any other people that came with them (such as the funny person represented above) were invaders, not Britons.

  • PesachPatriot

    From my understanding of history the original peoples of the british isles were celts/picts who had moved up from iberia(modern day spain) and gaul(france)….they were later conquered by romans, who in turn were over ran by angles and saxons from germany who were themselves later attacked by norse vikings who conquered bits and pieces along the coast and eventually the entire kingdom in 1066 at hastings….blacks, arabs and indians weren’t in england until the late 1700’s to 1800’s as the british empire expanded and some were brought back as servants to high ranking noblemen and women…..