DPS to Hire Previously Undocumented Immigrants

Nelson Garcia, KUSA (Denver), April 10, 2014

Long before Alejandro Fuentes Mena became a fifth grade teacher, he was an undocumented immigrant from Chile.

“I came to the United States when I was four years old,” Fuentes Mena said.

In August, he started at the Denver Center for International Studies at Ford Elementary School as part of effort by Denver Public Schools administrators to be the first school district in the nation to actively seek out teachers people who were initially brought to the United States illegally.

“These young men and women bring extraordinary talent to our classroom,” Tom Boasberg, DPS superintendent, said. “We have many, many kids whose stories are like Alejandro’s.”

DPS is working with Teach for America to bring in people with an official status of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” as determined by the federal government. Part of the requirements for DACA status is that a person must have been brought to the United States under the age of 16 and have a clean criminal record. {snip}


Boasberg estimates that the 10-to-20 percent of the school’s district’s population are undocumented.


Boasberg says it is challenging for DPS to find good billingual teachers to serve its Spanish-speaking population.

“In order to meet that demand, we actually go overseas,” Boasberg said.

Fuentes Mena is one of only two teachers with deferred action status within DPS. Boasberg hopes to increase that number to more than ten for the 2014-15 school year. Members of the Walton family, the founders of Wal-Mart, made a large private donation to help pay for teachers with deferred action status to go through the Teach for America program.


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  • On the other side of the coin, a lot of the students in the Denver Public Fools are also “undocumented.” So both the teachers and the students can have themselves an undocumented ole time.

    • RisingReich

      DPS has been the laughing stock of school districts in the State as long as I’ve been alive.

    • Anglokraut

      It’ll be great until the 50% pregnancy rate among 6th grade girls; but that’s okay–statutory rape is an “act of love” now.

      And this is why I will never be a teacher, despite my love of teaching children; however, I am available for summer tutoring if you don’t mind my subtle inclusion of pro-White lessons in history and math word problems.

    • They are not merely undocumented, but also uncredentialed.

  • JSS

    “Members of the Walton family, the founders of Wal-Mart, made a large private donation to help pay for teachers with deferred action status to go through the Teach for America program”

    Yet another reason to loath the Walton’s. Driving their own race and nation to extinction for a few more shekels in the short term.

    • So CAL Snowman

      It’s incredible how anti-White and anti-American these large corporations are. The connection between American corporate dollars and government sponsored White genocide is crystal clear.

    • Anglokraut

      Funny and true, when I spent last Christmas in La Paz, B.C.S., I learned that one of the Waltons retired to La Paz, and was practically the patron saint of the city. When I learned that she donated a lot of money to restore the city’s cathedral–in a moment of extreme snark–I said “yeah, I imagine she would have to give a lot of money to buy HER way out of Hell.”

    • Who Me?

      “Goodnight, John-Boy. goodni…”
      Oops, wrong Waltons I guess. This bunch are not salt of the earth, more like the ravening locusts. Anti-White traitors, through and through.

    • trouble maker

      The Walton family make up half the list of the ten richest people in America with each of the five members being worth about 18 billion dollars apiece !
      Their company ( Walmart ) has been responsible for importing more than twelve percent of the Chinese Gross National Product for over twenty years.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Hire illegals to teach illegals, sounds like the American Dream to me. As if we needed anymore proof that America is dead and nothing more than a rotting corpse at this point.

    “Boasberg says it is challenging for DPS to find good billingual teachers to serve its Spanish-speaking population.

    “In order to meet that demand, we actually go overseas,” Boasberg said.

    I love how this is an artificially created problem. If the illegal alien spanish speakers were not in this country in the first place, DPS wouldn’t need an illegal alien spanish speaker to teach them. I understand how this logic would confuse and anger the liberal communists.

  • Luca

    How nice that they roll out a success story. As I look at the teacher, by virtue of his lack of accent, his beard, his complexion and the fact that he came from South and not Central America, it leads to me to believe he has a good deal of European DNA. Are we to believe this is the typical undocumented illegal alien/

    Well for every success story they roll out there are at least another 500 who are horror stories and end up in gangs, in prison. the morgue or in the hospital and create nothing but a social nightmare upon the American landscape. Oddly enough, we don’t see stories or statistics about that element or the victims they leave in their wake.

    A journalistic oversight, I’m sure.

  • RisingReich

    Well – they sure wouldn’t want White men teaching real values, now would they?

  • borogirl54

    I wonder if these people can get teaching credentials without a green card or US citizenship?

    • Anglokraut

      You can buy ANY certificate or degree you want on the internet. In most non-Western countries, it’s the standard operating procedure.

      • Dale McNamee

        Given what colleges are producing today…I’d say the same thing is being done by native-born Americans…

  • D.B. Cooper

    It’s becoming so “in your face”, I’ve grown sick of looking at it. I though public school teacher was still one of those jobs that gringos were still willing to do?
    I went to some other site, where several recent white college graduates are witching and moaning about not being able to find a job. I think my exact words were, “You either voted for Obama, or at least cheered and clapped that he won, and you still can’t connect the dots? My place of employment is hiring, but they want to hire diversity. Diversity doesn’t have to hire you, do they? Enjoy life as a Starbucks’ barista.”
    I got so many thumbs down, I’m sure I can add that site to my growing list of places where I am not welcome.

    • Anglokraut

      If you get through to at least one, you win.

  • They must be smoking some banned substance in Denver. No school system in its right mind would glorify breaking the law in this manner. This “teacher” looks like a gay pedophile to me. Because he’s an illegal, though, we’ll just have to give him a pass when that prediliction of Hispanics rears its ugly head.

    • r j p

      The white tie is just too much. And who wears a vest anymore?

  • MekongDelta69

    When I first heard this, I was actually laughing and rolling my eyes and thinking, “What are these people smoking?”

    Then I thought, “Now, what are the far leftist teacher’s unions going to do. They’re going to have to have to go after another ‘oppressed group’ to keep their jobs – or keep job openings for American leftists.”

    Let’s see who’s higher/lower on the ‘grievance ladder.’

    • TXCriollo

      This is more union members, even if they can not vote they will get more union dues. Its just sick to see what left wing groups do.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Any 3rd world immigrant that takes a job in the US is really committing a brazen act of theft. He is stealing something that properly belongs to a white person and displacing that white person in the process. Not only are 3rd world immigrants foreign invaders, they’re also thieves too.

    • IstvanIN

      Invaders usually do steal from the land they invaded. Unless the invader is the US, of course. We should invade, kill, get killed, and rebuild the conquered. We are a strange country.

  • italian guy

    I don’t get it, if they are illegally in the U.S.A, how come they can go around like nothing happened and get hired? how does this work in America? i mean if you get caught here in Europe, even thought at the moment it’s full of liberals in positions of power, you will be sent home, how come no one is deporting them? shouldn’t those authorities be arrested for helping them or something?

  • Who Me?

    Do they at least have to speak English so they can communicate with the non-Spanglish speaking students? (There are a few, even among the Mestizos.)

  • IstvanIN

    They should be sent back, along with any other illegal children, I don’t care how many were brought here, or who brought them here, or how long they have been here, they have a nation and this isn’t it. he should go back to Chile. If he has been here since age four why does he have an accent?

    This whole business of needing to import teachers is absurd. We have plenty of people who are qualified to teach and who speak American English without an accent.

  • Alexandra1973

    No wonder they legalized pot over there, everyone’s probably too stoned to care.

    At least, that’s my opinion!

  • Ahnenerbe

    I’m sure they are actively seeking to hire transsexuals and other oddities too

  • Steven Bannister

    Deferred Action = the new Affirmative Action.

  • CallahanAuto

    My sister, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal with two preschool-aged kids, just waved adios to Denver to moved to nearby Arvada, Col. We don’t talk about why, it’s left unsaid. But the reason is obvious.