Al Sharpton’s Secret Work As FBI Informant

The Smoking Gun, April 7, 2014

When friends and family members gathered recently at the White House for a private celebration of Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday, one of the invited partygoers was a former paid FBI Mafia informant.

That same man attended February’s state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande. He was seated with his girlfriend at a table adjacent to President Barack Obama, who is likely unaware that, according to federal agents, his guest once interacted with members of four of New York City’s five organized crime families. He even secretly taped some of those wiseguys using a briefcase that FBI technicians outfitted with a recording device.

The high-profile Obama supporter was also on the dais atop the U.S. Capitol steps last year when the president was sworn in for a second term. He was seated in front of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, two rows behind Beyonce and Jay Z, and about 20 feet from Eric Holder, the country’s top law enforcement officer. As head of the Department of Justice, Attorney General Holder leads an agency that once reported that Obama’s inauguration guest also had La Cosa Nostra contacts beyond Gotham, and engaged in “conversations with LCN members from other parts of the United States.”

The former mob snitch has become a regular in the White House, where he has met with the 44th president in the East Room, the Roosevelt Room, and the Oval Office. He has also attended Obama Christmas parties, speeches, policy announcements, and even watched a Super Bowl with the First Family (an evening the man has called “one of the highlights of my life”). During these gatherings, he has mingled with cabinet members, top Obama aides, military leaders, business executives, and members of Congress. His former confederates were a decidedly dicier lot: ex-convicts, extortionists, heroin traffickers, and mob henchmen. The man’s surreptitious recordings, FBI records show, aided his government handlers in the successful targeting of powerful Mafia figures with nicknames like Benny Eggs, Chin, Fritzy, Corky, and Baldy Dom.

Later this week, Obama will travel to New York and appear in a Manhattan hotel ballroom at the side of the man whom FBI agents primarily referred to as “CI-7”–short for confidential informant #7–in secret court filings. In those documents, investigators vouched for him as a reliable, productive, and accurate source of information about underworld figures.

The ex-informant has been one of Obama’s most unwavering backers, a cheerleader who has nightly bludgeoned the president’s Republican opponents in televised broadsides. For his part, Obama has sought the man’s counsel, embraced him publicly, and saluted his “commitment to fight injustice and inequality.” The president has even commented favorably on his friend’s svelte figure, the physical manifestation of a rehabilitation effort that coincided with Obama’s ascension to the White House. This radical makeover has brought the man wealth, a daily TV show, bespoke suits, a luxury Upper West Side apartment, and a spot on best seller lists.

Most importantly, he has the ear of the President of the United States, an equally remarkable and perplexing achievement for the former FBI asset known as “CI-7,” the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Editor’s note: This very detailed account continues here.

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  • Two words define creepy, lying, deceitful Al: Tawana Brawley. May his lib pals swarm him and destroy him for good.

    • Michael Samuel

      Can’t wait for the Hollywood movie about his life as an FBI HERO snitch that helps to take down the dirty racist mob bosses that flooded his neighborhood with smack! Payback is a B….. suckers.

      • Dr. Möbias

        You better hope someone beats Oprah’s movie version. She’ll portray Skarkton as a great hero to blacks who faced incredible odds against The Man and won.

        • Michael Samuel

          Damn right sounds like a blockbuster to me, see you at the cinema.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Don’t hold your breath. These are the same leftards who think that Trayvon was a saint and Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal are both innocent.

      • Alexandra1973

        Trayvon got what he deserved, but from what I know of the Leonard Peltier case…it seems to me he knows who really killed those FBI agents but won’t tell.

        I think he’s innocent of murder…but guilty of obstructing justice.

        • Oil Can Harry

          The two FBI agents were shot by six Indians, the ringleader being Peltier.

          In the 80s Peltier’s friend Max Gail (actor on the Barney Miller show) concocted a ruse where it was claimed the agents were killed by a mysterious Indian called “Mr. X”.

          A number of gullible reporters like “60 Minutes”‘s Steve Kroft fell for it until the hoax eventually collapsed. Peltier no longer mention “Mr X” in his interviews.

  • Roninf9

    The entire “civil rights” movement for the past 50 years has been an ADL/FBI/CIA psyop.

    • Homo_Occidentalis

      That’s not entirely fair. J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI worked tirelessly to oppose the CRAs. He was just outmuscled by bigger fish in the Johnson administration who wanted to subvert the traditional American order. Just look at how the libs have besmirched Hoover’s image since his death. They can’t seem to decide whether he was a closeted gay, cross-dresser, mulatto, or all three at once. Any man whom the libs hate enough to invent such crackpot lies about can’t have been all that bad.

      • Roninf9

        ‘J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI worked tirelessly to oppose the CRAs.’

        Sorry, J. Edgar was a total compromised homo. The FBI was tasked to keep tabs of the CRA leaders like MLK for sure but it wasn’t to prosecute, it to keep them on a leash. The whole program depended on this crew of degenerates and con men and they couldn’t be trusted. The FBI informed the higher ups on MLK’s behavior and when his drinking and perversions got out of hand he was conveniently martyred. I saw an interview with the FBI agent that lead the investigation and he said the yes MLK was a phony and of low character but he believed in the civil rights movement and what MLK stood for!

  • Whitey Ryan

    Yes, it is true. Al has had connections to Cosa Nostra for quite sometime, but they were.just using him for something of course. Specifically the Gambino and Colombo Families. You might also remember when he was stabbed in the gut by a pissed off Italian when he dared to lead a black civil rights through the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn in the late 80s, a Mafia run neighborhood. Foolish move, he almost died.

    • sbuffalonative

      I don’t remember ever hearing about that stabbing.

      I have to wonder what the Gambino and Colombo crime families think of this news.

      • Whitey Ryan

        It was in 1991, I was off on the year.

      • Martel

        Both families can go to hell.

    • Michael Samuel

      That incident only cemented his role even more! bad stupid move from those “Italian goons” thanks racist mobsters he could’ve have done it without you!

  • MekongDelta69

    The ONLY thing (of which I’m aware), which will cause blacks to turn their backs on their ‘icon’ is if he really IS a snitch.

    Snitching is a no-go in da ‘hood.

    But, I’ll believe it when I see it…

    • sbuffalonative

      Snitching on a brother is one thing. Snitching on the white man is another. He gets a pass.

      • Johnny Clay

        Even if he did snitch on a “brutha, the hood rats will go through all kinds of contortions to give him a pass.

      • Michael Samuel

        Read it and weep sucker! *end transmission*

    • joesolargenius

      Actually blacks are the biggest snitches in the world and that is the reason why they can sell drugs for twenty years in the same place and never get arrested !

  • r j p

    What kind of man says another man has a “svelte figure”?

    • Yancy Derringer

      What kind of man wants to talk about it some more?

  • If Sharpton was an asset all along, this explains the official kid glove treatment of him. And it would also explain why he got a show on MSNBC, which has turned out to be nothing more than an in-kind contribution from Comcast to the Democrat Party, in exchange for the Feds treating Comcast’s business interests well.

  • Puggg

    The FBI used Sharpton to get to the mob?

    The FBI should have used the mob to get to Sharpton.

    Because Sharpton was the bigger threat.

    • Jesse James

      You assume my friend that the FBI represents the interests of the historic American white majority. The real question is who / whom is considered a threat by the shadow American government. Last time I heard it defined the threat they are most concerned about are veterans, Constitutionalists, Tea Party tax dissenters, small government libertarians, people who question the legitimacy of the racial spoils system, diversity skeptics and advocates of the Second Amendment.

      • Romulus

        Correct on every count Jesse!
        It is now so blatantly obvious for anyone with half a brain what the left’s endgame is, as all precepts of fair dialogue and intellectual discussion are now overruled in favor of minority racial politics.

    • Dr. Möbias

      Nah, Sharpton is a buffon and everyone knows it. He’s no threat to anyone and everybody knows it. The bigger threat is those behind Sharkton who give him the power he has. Without them, he’d be what he really is: nothing.

      • benvad

        Are you saying he’s a straw man or a patsy?

  • Luca

    Nice try at trying to legitimize this racist buffoon. But actually I am encouraged that they “outed” him. Now that the fellas know what he was up to, who knows, he might just slip on a banana peel and fall off the Brooklyn bridge after accidentally falling on a knife six times.. fugetaboutit.

    • Whitey Ryan

      They’re not. The Daily News reported the real reason he became an informant ~ he was caught on wiretap discussing major coke deals with a black drug lord.

      • That sort of thing is the usual reason why people become informants; the cops or FBI catch them doing something dirty, and they are given the option of taking the rap or helping catch some bigger fish.

    • Michael Samuel

      This reminds me of “saint” Ronnie Reagan who tried to join the CPUSA and was REFUSED since they saw him as a fraud and buffoon! maybe they were right all along? (just who gave 4-5 million Mexicans amnesty in 1987)

  • IstvanIN

    The guest list for the “president’s” swearing in shows that we are nothing more than a third-world hell-hole like Rhodesia.

    • Rhodesia was a paradise on Earth by most accounts. Zimbabwe is the hellhole, for obvious reasons.

  • Someone clue me in:

    Do mafia crime families disapprove of being ratted on?
    Please don’t tell me that Mr. Sharpton should now feel uncomfortable.

    Oh my most serious gosh!

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    I’m skeptical that any mobster would discuss illegal activities with a dumb loud mouth ******* like not-so-sharpton.
    The small sample of Italians I have met mostly seem to have a very similar attitude on African “intelligence” to mine.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    I’m still stuck at ‘he has a girlfriend’. She obviously has a white cane and seeing eye dog

    • IstvanIN

      He has lots of ill-gotten gain, access to the Executive Mansion and street cred, of course he has a female partner (I refuse to refer to them as girls or ladies).

      • benvad

        When will Karma come into play?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      see here:

    • Cid Campeador

      She looks like the type of “Black” woman who would be seeking out a nice looking White guy.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    So old Al was working for The Man after all?

    What happened to “don’t be a snitch” or “snitches get stitches?”

    At one point before he was ‘flipped,’

    The FBI must have had something BIG on Al, to get him to wear a wire around the mafia — cocaine trafficking, pedophilia with little boys. To keep himself safe, watch Al move into a White neighborhood.

    Hope he swims with the fishies for snitching on the mob, good riddance you fat, rat bastard, it’ll be righteous justice and a cause for celebration, if not a national holiday.

    With that said, this was a planned leak, IMO.

  • MBlanc46

    Tawana Brawley.

  • Tarczan

    Michael Savage was really giving this big play. He was saying it’s hard to believe a mob informant, a scum bag like Sharpton, gets top billing at the WH. It is, it’s just hard to believe we have sunk this low, that the news media is that in the bag for Obama. We all here seem to agree, but still, it’s just amazing, shocking.

    • We Africa now.

    • LHathaway

      Surely Savage wasn’t say he idolizes the mob, and so is angry Al informs on them? Perhaps I need to watch an episode of riveting TV to figure out what Savage meant?

    • benvad


  • WR_the_realist

    I remember getting some Republican junk mail years back warning that if Obama won we’d have Farrakhan in the White House. I knew then that this was hyperbole, not even Obama would be so politically naive as to allow that to happen. But Al Sharpton in the White House is just about as bad, and has actually happened. And Al Sharpton having his own show on MSNBC, the Democrat Channel, is all I need to know to know to realilze that voting Democratic is suicidal.

    We all know that people who work as informants in drug or mob cases are almost always low lifes themselves who have been offered leniency on some crime of their own if they snitch on some bigger fish. So I wonder which felony did Sharpton avoid a conviction on?

    • Farrakhan is a permanent thorn in the side of the Ruling Class. The Republic will be rent asunder before they allow him–or anyone like him–to cross the threshold of the President’s House.

    • bilderbuster

      All of them.

  • Hallie Eva

    I do not believe a word of this. Infiltrating as a snitch requires intelligence along with skilled subterfuge. I cannot envision not so Sharpton possessing either trait. He is a bumbling half wit.
    Donnie Brasco was the code name for an FBI undercover man who made it deep inside because he was not just Italian, he was brilliant at their game. Can you picture Al doing the same?
    The Obummers receive him because they are of the same ilk, bumbling half wits with no class.

    • Michael Samuel

      That’s why he was so good at fooling the “high I.Q” Italian Americans they must be in shock just like you read it and weep, these “Tony Sopranos” and “Vito Corleones” etc got DROPPED by a lil ole negro from da hood!!

      • Hallie Eva

        Sicilians are not noted for their high IQs, but what they do have is skill at crime and skullduggery. Sharkie has no skill at anything.

  • shmo123

    Whenever I see a pic of that little worm Sharpton, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the devil exists. What, besides an unseen, malevolent force could possibly be protecting or advancing the interests of the little parasite, who by all accounts should be behind bars and shunned by civilized people. Instead, he is feted by the President, invited to banquets, and his ugly little mug is displayed on TV, as if anyone could possibly decipher or care about the unintelligible gibberish he passes off as commentary. The man possesses not one quality, or even comes close to possessing a quality, that would elevate him to a position of power in any field or endeavor; he’s as ugly as a toad, has about as much personality as a bucket of turnips, and exudes all the charisma and charm of a rattlesnake. The sheer lack of intelligence he displays daily should’ve disqualified him from anything but street sweeper. He’s about as sharp as a bowl of jello. And he has a girlfriend?? It would be beyond even the finest science fiction writers to even speculate on what goes on in the head of any woman who would willingly go out with “the Reverend”–unless, of course, she’s being paid at the end of the night.
    Ok, I’ve taken a few breaths and feel better now.

  • haroldcrews

    Organized crime figures don’t discuss criminal activity with anyone who is not also a co-conspirator. What was Sharpton involved in?

  • Mark Caplan

    It’s puzzling why someone otherwise so despicable would do something so heroic as to risk his life to inform on mobsters. Where’s the catch?

  • Truth Teller


    He was discovered attempting to steal a car. When confronted he ran across a street and was killed by a car.