400,000 Migrants on Taxpayer-Funded Benefits . . . No Wonder They Flock to Britain

Giles Sheldrick, Express (London), March 10, 2014

The growing popularity of Britain as a haven for economic migrants has been exposed in figures showing the lives of almost 400,000 foreign-born residents are funded by the taxpayer.

New Home Office statistics reveal that 397,000 non-UK nationals received handouts in February 2013–a rise of nearly 110,000 from 288,720 in the five years since 2008.

But the true number could be even greater as the details are not yet available for the past 12 months.

Ukip spokesman Tim Aker said: “This shows the Government has virtually no control over our borders.

“It shows how broken our migration system is–and the longer this is allowed to go on the more chaotic the situation will get.

“We need to be outside the EU in order to have full control over our borders so we know who is in the UK and who is deserving of benefits.”

It was revealed that net UK migration rose to 212,000 in the year to September 2013, pushing it further away from Prime Minister David Cameron’s target of below 100,000 by 2015.

The net flow–the numbers moving to the UK minus those leaving–soared from 154,000 the previous year.

The increase was driven by a huge growth in the number of EU citizens flocking to Britain.

There are now 5.6 million claiming working-age handouts in Britain–roughly 16.5 per cent of the 33.6 million working population.

Individuals need to supply a National Insurance number when making a claim or starting a job.

Department for Work and Pensions figures show NI registrations to adult overseas nationals entering the UK has nearly doubled in a decade. In 2002 there were 311,288 but that figure jumped to 617,237 in 2013.

Those coming here from within the EU and demanding an NI number totalled 385,000 in 2012/13–a 10 percent increase on the previous year.

Leading the way were Poles but almost 18,000 Romanians arrived too.

Britain’s soft-touch reputation for benefits meant, as of February last year, 31 per cent of claimants who were non-UK nationals when first registering for a NI number were from within the EU, including 15 per cent from accession countries.

A Home Office spokesman claimed its policy of controlling immigration was on track.

He added: “Our reforms have cut non-EU migration to its lowest level since 1998. There are now 82,000 fewer people arriving annually from outside the EU than when this government came to power.”

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  • leftists are delusional

    One of these days the British people (and most other white countries) will wake up and figure out the leftist politicians have given away their county.
    It will be interesting to see if whites have enough testicular fortitude to retrieve their birth right.

    • Jesse James

      No they will just keep moving over here talking their socialist jazz and voting for Democrats. Like that commie maggot John Lenin, “Imagine all the Britons living in a world of dreams”.

      • r j p

        Easy to be a commie when you are rich and don”t share.
        I assume he was Bono’s and Oprah’s role model.

        • Alucard_the_last

          Last year Bono and his band U2 made so much money that Bono was caught finding tax shelters for his wealth. Why didn’t he give HIS money to AIDS in Africa rather then demand that we do?

          • David Ashton

            And fancy being named after a dog food.

    • I’d like your argument better if ‘right-wing’ politicians weren’t just as eager to trash our society with third-world dross.

      • leftists are delusional

        You do have a point, but I would not go as far as to say just as eager.

    • FlaVet

      France is turning around and so is Britain.

  • Jesse James

    Once more let’s sing the chorus to this song, “You can have a welfare state or you can have unlimited immigration but you can’t have both.”

  • kjh64

    “Ukip spokesman Tim Aker said: “This shows the Government has virtually no control over our borders.”

    The government absolutely has control over the borders. However, like the USA, they CHOOSE not to control them.

  • You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that free money for doing nothing is going to attract the laziest lowlifes throughout the world. But the purpose is to demoralize the ancestral peoples to destroy their ability to react and mobilize. Looks like it’s working, at least for now.

  • Magician

    Another thing I notice is, most immigrants and refugees in the most beautiful, peaceful and prosperous parts of Europe are all young and male


    It is not just UK it is happening in other parts of Europe as well

    It is as if the governments and immigration officers are determined to bring them there so they can have the young native women

    • Or so they have a standing army at the ready when it’s time to start loading up the cattle cars with native Whites.

    • It’s a good point, and I notice that the MSM always publishes photos of women, children, and the elderly when it comes to the immigrant invasion. But in fact it’s mostly young men. Here’s beautiful downtown Montmartre on any given afternoon.

      Look how industrious too! The only one actually doing anything is harassing a tourist.

      • Magician

        That is a town in Paris!! That is just insane… I do not even see black women, Asian women or brown women….

        Who are they going to have sex with, or eventually get married with, unless they are not heterosexual?

        And on TV, we all see that Paris, France is full of classy and Elegant white women who look like this

        • FlaVet

          And she’s sharing her resources with a bantu?

          • Magician

            At least many immigrants in UK appears to be Polish or other types of Eastern European

          • FlaVet

            I’m relieved?

          • Long Live Dixie

            At least many immigrants in UK appears to be Polish or other types of Eastern European

            Dispossession is dispossession.

      • Africans don’t move into white countries to find jobs. They move to rape and pillage and claim their human rights are violated.

      • Magician

        I read several times about the amazingly beautiful news anchor in France named Melissa Theuriau, and she was basically the only reason that many young men in France woke up in the morning.

        And she married a paralyzed man named Jamel!! and her husband is shorter than her and his right arm is paralyzed.

        What on earth was going on in her mind when she decided to marry him?

        Around me I hardly see a man whose face is less attractive than his.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    There’s good news and bad news (from my perspective). The bad news, this isn’t going to end well. The good news, I won’t be around to see it.

  • borogirl54

    The only way for the UK to control immigration is to get out of the European Union. The way it is right now, a citizen from any EU country can go to any other EU country to live and work.

    • frederickdixon

      You are quite right, and moreover (as I’m sure you know) EU citizens are by no means always white. A few months ago I was queuing in the pharmacy in Eton near Windsor – a pretty little town with a famous school founded by Henry VI in 1440 – and a large, dark skinned woman in front of me was speaking to the nearly, but not quite, white shop assistant in a language which I didn’t recognise. When it was my turn to be served I asked the assistant which language they had been using; “Spanish” she replied “she’s from Cuba and I’m from Costa Rica”.
      As I went out I wondered why Latin Americans were in England, no Latin American country ever having been in the EU or the former British Empire. Then I realised – Spain has admitted hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans and quickly grants them citizenship, they are then free to go wherever they wish in the EU, and as Spain has a dire unemployment problem, guess where they go?

    • David Ashton

      Necessary but not sufficient.
      An island trading globally with non-Europeans is still at risk.

  • I wonder what the number in the USA is? Tens of millions, near as I can tell. Yet we hear that they flock to the USA because of our ‘freedom’ or even our foreign policy. Nope, they come here for freebies, as well as benefits native-born citizens can’t even get. Wouldn’t you?

    Meanwhile, billions more are on the way. The trashing of Western Civilization is almost complete.

    • FlaVet

      I believe in the opposite swing of the pendulum.

  • West European countries are #1 destination for Africans and Middle Easterners (refugees and asylum seekers). Generous benefits started attracting thousands of Africans into Germany. This shift is probably starting due to policies for certain EU members which don’t align with Brussels’ version of PC and handouts. Sweden and Norway are still #1 destination for Africans and Syrians. As long as Assad is fighting the rebels, the refugees with keep poring into Western countries.

  • FlaVet

    Isn’t England an island? And Island fortress? So how are these parasites getting in to Britain, swimming the channel?

    • Magician

      The government of England will gladly and kindly pay for their airfare

      • FlaVet

        See…now that’s insane. It’s ridiculously simple to shut out the parasite then right? When they’re at the airport put them on the next returning flight. It’s got to be cheaper than financing their entire lives.

        • Magician

          But if they do they will be called a racist. The government of England won’t ever give up on their prestigious right to be called “A very humanitarian and liberal white European country which welcomes those poor little black boys from war-torn or less fortunate countries in Africa”

          • Ringo Lennon

            Whoever yells racism you know who your enemy is. Its nice when you know who’s who. Put them on a target list for defeat at the polls

        • Ringo Lennon

          It is simple to shut them out but the evil powers that be want them their for some reason.

    • borogirl54

      Many of them get in through riding in the back of semis in Calais, France where there are ferries that will take them to the UK. The UK Home Office has a post there where they will search selected trucks and if they find illegals, they will fingerprint and photograph them and turn them over to the French police which will escort them from the area.

      • Long Live Dixie

        The BNP has an article about this today.


    • There is often talk about backs of lorries, boats, and so on – but I suspect most of them come as ‘relatives’ to those already here as part of “family reunification” policies, come as ‘students’ – whether real or bogus, or just simply come “on holiday” and never leave.

      There seems to be nothing lost in being as brazen as that – for they will not be tracked down, they will receive tax payer funded lawyers if they do get caught, and the chances of deportation at the end of all that process is something like 10%.

      As far as I recall, they do not even count people in and out!….so any official figures are based on ‘samples’ and much likely to be underestimated.They have not got a CLUE who is here or how many – and even Labour ministers about a decade ago admitted as such.

      But the real answer to the question of how they get here is “because the established order want them to be here and do not want nor understand as to why the doors ought to be closed”.

      • Pat

        It has actually made the BBC news tonight that ONE 19 year old student has been flown back to Mauritius. You are right it hardly ever happens.

  • wildfirexx

    The only good news is in the last sentence…where an official spokesman states that the non-EU migration has been reduced by 82,000 annually!
    Reduction is good, but Instead it should be reduced to a “Big Zero” as these third world immigrants reproduce like rabbits.

  • Alucard_the_last

    They made their beds, now they’ll have to get fu*cked in them. All of these European nations should have toured America first to see what happens when there are millions of welfare bums and the ghettos they create. But noooo. We are ‘racist’. I’d rather be a racist and live in a crime free aka black free, neighborhood/city.

  • Guest

    semi truck with two trailers

  • Who Me?


  • Who Me?

    Pat, You’re welcome. I posted both the pictures, or rather the same one twice. I didn’t think the first one went through, and have no idea why they posted it under “Guest” but you get the idea. This has two trailers. A few states only allow one trailer, others allow two or even three. They are called “Semi’s”, “Big Rigs”, “18-Wheelers” and various other things.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Bill, If there was anything I could do I would but, like climate change, this issue has left the station. I spent 35 years in the criminal justice system trying to make a difference. I retired when my doctor told me I could walk out voluntarily or, sooner rather than later, retire because of a stress related illness. Trying to make positive changes in the system can literally eat you alive. I’ve witnessed mental breakdowns from people in Human Services. My remaining years are not going to be spent in the hospital.