Posted on March 13, 2014

Race-Baiting Obama Agency Guilty of Its Own ‘Racism’

Investor's Business Daily, March 12, 2014

Tired of being accused of racism-by-statistics by Obama’s new consumer agency, bankers have turned the tables, using the agency’s personnel data to expose its own racial bias and hypocrisy.

Since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was set up by the president as the new credit cop on the financial block, it’s used statistics showing racial differences in mortgage and car-loan terms to sue lenders for unintentional race bias.


To Obama’s credit cops, this is prima facie proof of discrimination, regardless of whether differing credit backgrounds easily explain such gaps (which they do). {snip}

But now CFPB has been hoisted by its own statistical petard, guilty of its own racial disparities.

According to confidential internal stats obtained by the American Banker, “CFPB managers show a pattern of ranking white employees distinctly better than minorities in performance reviews used to grant raises and issue bonuses.”

In fact, the agency’s own 2013 data show that whites were twice as likely as African-Americans to receive the CFPB’s highest job performance grade of “5.” Over 20% of white staffers got top ratings — and were held up as “role models” — compared with just 10.5% of blacks.


But if CFPB had ID’d such a stark disparity in lending outcomes, it wouldn’t hesitate to condemn bank policies as discriminatory and refer the racist “predator” to Attorney General Eric Holder for civil-rights prosecution and public shaming.

The double standard is shocking.


Now that the administration sees that racial disparities can be just as easily identified within the ranks of its own agencies, maybe it will think twice about forging ahead with its despicable “disparate impact” witch hunt.