Open Enrollment in Ohio Schools Leads to Racial, Economic Segregation in Akron and Elsewhere

Doug Livingston, Akron Beacon Journal, March 4, 2014

Open enrollment, which allows children to transfer from one school district to another, leads to widespread racial segregation and concentrates poverty in many of Ohio’s urban school districts, including Cleveland and Akron.

That’s one finding of a Beacon Journal study of more than 8,000 Ohio students who left city schools last year for an education in wealthier suburban communities.

The majority of students who participated in Ohio’s oldest school choice program are disproportionately white and middle class. Students attending the schools they left, however, are nearly twice as likely to be minority and seven times more likely to be poor.

The program gives parents the option to enroll children in nearby school districts without changing their home address. By doing so, parents must find their own transportation—an act that in itself narrows who is able to make the change.

And, at least in the case of Akron students transferring to suburban Coventry schools, there is evidence that they excel. A study of test scores shows that nonresident students out-perform Coventry children in grades four through eight.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    Well, well, well. Guess who just happens to be the U.S. Representative from Ohio’s 8th congressional district, serving since 1991?

    • Alexandra1973

      You’re going to post his picture again, aren’t you?

      • WR_the_realist

        I guess D.B. Cooper just enjoys making the rest of us nauseated.

    • LHathaway

      I doubt Boehner represents Akron and Cleveland. I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not sure, other than saying, I’m about 99% sure Boehner does not represent this area.

    • APaige

      The whole ‘unintended’ point of the article is that White students transfer from racially mixed schools and excel in the new (Whiter) environment. Anyone want to guess how well their former schools that became more poor and Black are performing? Majority White schools can only make a difference to new students if the new students are White. Sorry DeLaQuifa you were under-performing at MLK middle school and will continue to do so at Warren G. Harding middle school.

    • slash345

      I hate that mans guts with every fiber of my soul.

  • Alexandra1973

    There’s a reason why Akron and Cleveland are known as “Crackron” and “Mistake on the Lake.”

    There’s also a reason why Rolling Acres Mall in Akron is known as “Rolling Afros” Mall.

    I live not too far from Akron, maybe about 20 minutes.

    • LHathaway

      Rolling Acres mall is closed, isn’t it?

      • Alexandra1973

        I think it’s a dead mall. I haven’t been there in years.

        • LHathaway

          I’m pretty sure it’s closed, not absolutely positive, though there may be something happening in some of the former retail space. I remember shopping there in early 1993. Every young white girl in the mall was accompanied by a black boy, her boyfriend, apparently. I remember walking up behind a white male clerk of some kind at the mall, and when startled, he literally seemed to be thinking, “please help me”.

          I’d be tempted to say, since this is conquered territory, Rolling Acres Mall no longer interests them and so they shop at Summit mall or the one in Fairlawn, but to tell the truth, the relationship dynamics were likely quite similar then in those other malls too. Things did change a bit, around then, one must admit. Like smoking, perhaps some of this interracial dating went a bit more underground. Affirmative action females in general seemed to take an interest in the other men of color working around them, too, around this time and not just black men. Akron public schools are around 40% white, I’m guessing, if you are a white male living in Akron, your relationship chances are a bit diminished.

          • Alexandra1973

            I’ve been to Summit Mall recently. Let’s say it is REALLY “diverse.”

            We could have a betting pool–how long before it’s a dead mall.

            I think Summit *is* in Fairlawn, you’re talking about the one on Route 18, right?

          • paul marchand

            If no affirmative action, quotas, etc, and if murder rates, IDU rates, HIV rates were advertised, and the fact that drug pimps with white druggie prostitutes are predominately black, and if dumb whites would quit supporting predominately black football and basketball, that would level the field substantially.

          • slash345

            Yeah you’re going to see alot of race mixing in malls and wal-marts.

            Or just anywhere that attracts trashy folks, degenerates and minorities.

          • ATBOTL

            The highest rates of black on white race mixing are in these kinds of run down, smaller rust belt cities.

        • r j p

          Its a dead mall:


    • r j p

      Akron is a dump, 31.5% African American. My grandparents lived in Canton on Harvard Avenue NW, but Canton had its “iffy” areas too.

      • Alexandra1973

        I don’t care for Canton and a few parts of Massillon. Canton’s the Stark County seat. I think blacks like to take up residence in the seat of a county because that’s where the welfare office is.

        Last time I was at Summit Mall I just could not relax, not when there were all these blacks all over. I just felt tense, and I made sure my son stayed close by. I was able to relax only when we were both safely in my van, doors locked, heading out of the parking lot. For a while my son (who’s 12 and mildly autistic) kept wanting to go to the mall, and I said, no, because it’s too diverse. He’s extremely friendly and outgoing and will say hi to ANYONE regardless of race. Best to keep him out of there.

  • Smart students all in the same schools together doing well.

    There was once a time when we called that a good thing, not a bad thing.

  • dd121

    No surprise there. Just normal rational human behavior.

  • D.B. Cooper

    No, no, no. I think the white children of the former swing state (now permanently a blue state) should indeed go to school with diversity. You Buckeyes wanted diversity, and I totally believe you all need to embrace it! If you live in that state, then you deserve these future citizens of Ohio. I mean, it is what you want, right? Better to have all of these fresh faces join you instead of a (short list of what I’ve been called by the white Democratic party supporting liberal boy) racist, bigoted, inbred, low life, retard, hateful, mean, ignorant, stupid, dying out, behind the times, disgusting; and those are just the sanitary ones) guy like me?
    Here’s to diversity in Ohio, if only this picture was taken in Lake Erie.

    • The pictures add a lot to this website. Not just your picture, but all of them. Taki mag doens’t allow pics, so thanks to Amren for the pro-pic policy.

    • slash345

      That photo makes my stomach turn.

      • silviosilver

        How anybody’s reaction to that sight could be “save the refugees” rather than “sink the boat!” is something I cannot comprehend.

    • Integration Anxiety

      Trust me. I live in the Rust Belt fifteen miles from the Lake Erie shores, and there’s a reason why the cities up here self-segregate on a continual basis. And for the posters claiming the young white girls 20 years ago were with a black kid on their arms- it was going on at Parmatown, which is a near-death mall, but will be reinvented as an outside European style cafe/shoppes motif. This will supposedly keep out the undesirables. Hopefully, because it’s not far from where I live. The Wal-Mart has always been a lost cause. I would only go in there to buy ammo, when I can find it. But since the late ’80s/early ’90s, the malls around here were on a steady decline. Hip hop and thuggery had a lot to do with it. And the fact that stores were constantly being shoplifted, but didn’t want to press charges out of fear of discrimination. What a joke PC is.

  • WR_the_realist

    The media and the ruling class are always outraged when middle class white people refuse to sacrifice their children to the demon god of diversity.

    • sbuffalonative

      I’m assuming this area is largely liberal, ‘progressive’ Democrats since they weren’t named as racist, white, Republicans.

  • LHathaway

    No word on discussing forced busing that also took place right there in Akron not very long ago. . .? I guess some ‘histories’ are more important than others.

  • sbuffalonative

    And, at least in the case of Akron students transferring to suburban
    Coventry schools, there is evidence that they excel. A study of test
    scores shows that nonresident students out-perform Coventry children in
    grades four through eight.

    They excel for two reasons. They’re white and they aren’t being dragged down by blacks.

    • Pro_Whitey

      I am so lucky to have grown up just outside the blast zone of a school busing area. We had our share of dysfunction, but it was all-white dysfunction, a fraction of the problems of dealing with blacks and browns. It must be a huge relief to a transferred white student to be able to attend classes without disruptive blacks, and not to face such a high threat of physical violence every day. It’s almost not surprising that they would excel when given such a shift in environment.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Multiculturalism does not work because people naturally prefer their own kind, which is why they automatically self-segregate. It is bound to fail because there is wide divergence between ethno-racial groups in terms of IQ, temperament, heritage, culture and many other things, leading to racial animosity and hatred.

    In order to have a stable, functioning, economically prosperous and democratic society, everybody must be similar in terms of IQ, temperament etc. Anything else besides ethno-racial uniformity is a recipe for disaster. Multiculturalism is the road to both totalitarian dictatorship and race war.

  • Segregation is good. It works. We told you damn Yankees that 50 years ago, but you knew better than us ignorant crackers. Live with your beloved Negroes, you self-righteous Yankee scum. Mate with them. Love your half-black offspring. We warned you.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      I only like diversity when it’s physically segregated by nation of origin.

      • silviosilver

        Diversity is a dish best served distant. Negroids look a lot better from a thousand miles than they do at ten feet.

    • LHathaway

      Lefties Love segregation, at least, when people of color do it. When they do, engage in cradle to the grave segregation – wavering from it only when they choose to do so – usually when it’s an advantage to them, these same lefties make not a peep about it. It shows them ‘uplifting’ themselves and being ‘proud’.

    • DieWulfe

      “you self-righteous Yankee scum.”

      I’m a conservative White Yankee and find this statement very offensive. Many were not even here 50 years ago. Also, many did not approve of desegregation at that time, either.

      Surprised this made it past the moderator when others much less offensive don’t.

      • dd121

        In the 1860s all we asked was that you stay home. You didn’t . But if you had it would have worked out so much better for white people.

        • DieWulfe

          That would make me more than 154 years old! Need to market my longevity secrets.

          Many conservatives just happened to be born in the Northeast, certainly no fault of their own. They call it their home. In no way have they or do they support liberals here. In fact, they would like them to leave.

          We are called Yankees by the rest of the country due to location, but to Southerners it is an unfinished Civil War. Northern conservatives would like to make peace with you, but see that is impossible because of continuing and increasing Southern ‘hatred’ towards those who weren’t even living then.

          It’s a serious divide that will never bring White Identity or unity, but I am resolved to that never occurring because of the grudges the South holds towards innocent White conservatives living in the Northeast who have most of the same values and gripes Southerners do.

          In fact, Amren is becoming a Southern platform, obviously, not a cohesive or welcoming place for Whites not living in the South.

          • Malgus

            Boo hoo… poor you.

            All’s we ever asked was to be left alone. Y’all couldn’t let that happen in the 1860’s and then again in the 1960’s. As a Southerner who has actually lived up in Noo England, I will tell you right to your face that you “Yankee Conservatives with the same gripes” just love to perpetuate the stereotype of the ignorant, shoeless, toothless hayseed Southerner skunked on his own home-made liquor.

            It’s not that we harbor a “‘hatred’ towards those who weren’t even living then”, but towards the sanctimonious, self-righteous attitude most Yankees harbor towards us to this day. ESPECIALLY those of us who live anywhere near the Appalachian Mountains (and I do).

            You all are perfectly content to lump us all into the same pot of being ignorant, toothless rednecks for your own sport, but then cry foul when we lump you all into the same pot of do-gooder, nosey, sanctimonious busybodies… you can’t have it both ways.

            What happened between 1861-65 is over and done with. But it ain’t forgotten, not by a long shot. Neither are the horrors we tried to resist back in the 1960’s. Bigone is right – we TRIED to tell you all 50 years ago what would happen, but y’all didn’t listen. Too high on the smell of your own shyte, you all forced a way of life on us that YOU thought best…

            Now lookit what we have. A complete Charlie Foxtrot. And you Yankees are now in the same boat, if not in a worse one. You, personally, might not have had anything to do with any of it, but like us Southrons who weren’t directly involved (I was born in ’67), you’re gonna have to deal with the blowback. That’s just the way it is. Crying about it won’t do you any good.

            You can’t mess with a people, kill a bunch of them, then force them to live the way YOU dictate without them harboring some hard feelings about the whole thing. It’s called a Blood Debt, Wolfy. Those don’t disappear overnight.

          • DieWulfe

            The majority of the country was against the 1965 Immigration Law. They saw what could happen and argued those points. Blame the tribe, Democrat and Republican elites for it, not White Americans. Suggest you look up the truth. We know the tribe pushed it with everything they could muster.

            I hate the 1965 Immigration Law, but it’s over, done, nothing I can do about it, nor do I blame White citizens for it. Dwelling on it won’t erase it. I blame our current legislators for not getting rid of it.

            Also, Democrats (citizens) were nothing like they are today. That was before Marxism really took hold.

            “towards the sanctimonious, self-righteous attitude most Yankees harbor towards us to this day. ESPECIALLY those of us who live anywhere near the Appalachian Mountains (and I do).”

            Southwestern Pennsylvania, above the Mason-Dixon line, Yankeedom, also has Appalachian Mountains with residents just like you. I would say, there are some all along the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania.

            Please be specific, give examples, of how Northerners continue to make derogatory remarks about you. Is it more from the media, movies? I have seen it there, frequently. Who owns those venues? Guess what? All groups were called names. Few were complimentary. No, they didn’t like that either. It was very bad for Italians, Irish, Germans, and Polish, for a long time, just four of the many groups. That is nothing to be proud of to have in our history, but, they don’t hold grudges. It’s cruel to portray any American in such a way.

            I won’t pretend there aren’t academia snobs living in Northern cities. Particularly, those in Eastern Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The wealthy can be snobs, as well, but not only in the Northeast. They probably look down on me, too. I didn’t graduate from Harvard or Yale and am not wealthy. Hey, California has snobs along the coastline beginning about 20 miles South of LA to San Diego. Houston’s Southern wealthy are unbelievably snobby, liberal and conservative.

            “It’s called a Blood Debt, Wolfy.”

            What is a Blood Debt? Similar to a White collective debt for being responsible for slavery? No, No, No. This kid will not accept any guilt for slavery or the Civil War when I was not even born yet. Even if I had been here, I wouldn’t have had a say in either, anyway. The same with the future. I have no influence over Obama; therefore, I take no responsibility for the damage he has done, is doing, or will do.

            Look, I do understand where you are coming from. What I don’t understand is letting what happened 150 years ago eat away at you wishing what could have been. That is harmful to you.

            Why isn’t Abraham Lincoln responsible for the Civil War? Why do you blame ALL Northerners. I suppose you do know most Southerners did not want to secede, but had no choice in the matter. Aren’t all of us conservatives in that situation today, no choice, no voice? Two parties are a bad deal. One-half of the country never has a say in anything.

            I’d apologize for all the hurts directed at you by every conservative White Northerner if it would mean anything, but at this point your opinion of them has been so damaged and pretty much uniform, nothing I could say would be sincere and the truth to you.

          • Malgus

            If you do not know what a Blood Debt is, I suggest research on your part.

            Did you miss the part where I said ‘what happened between 1861-65 is over and done with’? So, how is that ‘eating away at me’? You presume much. A presumptuous Yankee? Say it ain’t so!

            You keep harping on the War of Northern Aggression, as if that is my main point or the main focus of my post. If you go back and re-read what I posted, very little deals with the events that happened 153 years ago. It seems to me that you are addressing what you want instead of what was actually said, and pretending both are the same thing.

            Give specific examples? I’m not going to sit here and say “Joe Bignose Yankee, on the 4th of May, 1986, said to me the following, which hurt my little feelings…” That ain’t gonna happen. I have already explained to you that while living up in that fresh hell called Da Nawth, Yankees have no problem running a Southerner down to their face. That this stereotype is also portrayed in all media only reinforces what Yankees already believe on their own. You can try to morally equivocate and say “oh, that happened to everyone”, as if that justifies it somehow. But whereas the focus on other groups has passed with time, the South will always remain a favorite whipping boy.

            I don’t want your apology, but not for the reasons you list. You aren’t responsible for anyone other than YOU. What I want is you to be aware that this situation exists, has existed, and will continue to exist for the foreseeable future. If any group can claim aggrieved status, it is the Southerners.

            This isn’t “boo hoo, poor us”. There has existed an animosity between Southerners and Yankees since before the Republic even existed. This came to a head in the mid 19th century. We lost. Fair enough. But all we asked for was to be left alone. That didn’t happen. Southerners were ridiculed mercilessly in the media and then, 50 years ago, the damnyankee (one word) had to stick his big nose into our business again. Afterwards, the ridicule picked back up again and continues to this day…

            Our modern world is the result of that meddling… and, according to you, we aren’t even allowed to say “I told ya so!”…

          • kikz

            It’s a national sport, ridiculing the south ….we’re still ridiculed in school books, called traitors….southerners are generally inferred or outright called traitor by every yankee i’ve ever encountered.

            but of course, we ALL owned slaves, and ALL beat them to death. eyeroll…….

            regular ‘joe’ northern ignorance/arrogance is astounding… i’ve never met one…… that knew….there was black chattel slavery in the north.. or that RI and its founding families’ fortunes are based on the slave trade, … NY never threatened to secede…. nothing…..they don’t know their own damn history, but think they know ours?


          • Malgus

            While I agree that we Southerners have endured more than our fair share of ridicule from various sources (whatever their motivation being), I also agree that for the sake of the white race, we must reach some type of agreement for our own mutual benefit. Squabbling amongst ourselves will get us nowhere.

            Do many in the South still carry a Blood Debt when it comes to the North? Yes. For good or otherwise, that sort of thing is ingrained into our culture. But we’re going to have to set that aside and realize that if whites are to have a shred of hope for the next 100 years (barring some catastrophe) we will have to work together.

            However, my personal opinion is that These United States will undergo some titanic upheaval in the next 5 years. What we will look like as a nation when it is over? I don’t know, but it won’t be anything like what we have now…

            Best advice I can give- find you a bolt-hole to hunker down in and start trying to save who and what you can, while you can. Remember your 4 B’s… beans, bullets, band-aids and bullion. And forget that “strong man against the world” nonsense… it plays well in theaters, but that will get you killed in real life. Team up with as many like-minded folks as you can. And check out the book “A Failure Of Civility”.

            Good luck.

          • kikz

            Malgus, i’m perfectly fine w/any northerner who doesn’t blatantly/arrogantly assume themselves our superior in morals or intelligence simply by virtue of their birthplace. i’ve had quite a bit of practice getting along with most everybody, working for decades in global tech company with people from around the world… name a technologically advanced culture/country, i’ve probably had business dealings with someone from there.

            some advice for northerners to smooth feathers ….simply put away the attitude, of “we know best because we’re northerners” ….you just don’t put that in people’s faces and expect them not to get kinked…

            this is especially true if you move south, it is as appreciated as would southern bluster be in northern climes. have some class and manners when dealing with people. agreed, those above and below the metaphysical mason/dixon line will have to join the same team if we are to succeed.

          • Alexandra1973

            I’m a lifelong Yankee and I recently found out I had ancestors who owned slaves. I know that I have some ancestors on my mother’s side who came to Virginia in 1635, then moved on to Maryland, then to the Great Lakes region.

            I’d actually be comfortable living in the South–if you guys would turn down the thermostat! Almost 50 degrees here now and just about shorts weather….

          • Malgus

            Virginia, huh?

            Got a joke for y’all.

            Q: How many Virginians does it take to change a lightbulb?
            A: Five. One to change the lightbulb and the other four to sit around talking about how “grand” the old lightbulb was…

          • kikz

            Yes, unless you grew up w/the heat/humidity, it is a bit much for most.. but nothin’ compares to dallas.. ice storms/tornadoes/110′ in the shade.. usually all in the span of 48hours…i jest…but seriously, it can go from 80′ to icestorm & 9′ in less than 24hrs… (shrugz) of course, this isn’t actually the old south.. it doesn’t do this on the Gulf Coast.

          • DieWulfe

            I think this attitude is the reason for the continuing rift.

            “I told ya so!”…

            You need to tell that to the governing elites, the party in control along with the other one following it around like a puppy dog.

            I take no responsibility for your problems or for any legitimacy you think you have for your hostile attitude.

          • Malgus

            “You need to tell that to the governing elites..”

            Yeah, see, we tried that. Multiple times.

            And we DID try to tell you all… and you not liking to hear “told ya so” falls under the heading “not my effing problem”. Apparently, I was right when I said “according to you, we’re not even allowed to say “Told ya so!”. Once again, the damnyankees are trying to tell us what we should feel and what we can say…

            Remember my remarks about damnyankees being sanctimonious, arrogant, etc? You prove my points better than I ever could. You are the living, breathing embodiment of the snotty Yankee, looking down his long nose at us poor hill folk…

            Generations of damnyankees have ridiculed us, waged war on us, invaded us, told us how to live, turned our world upsidown… and then you come along and say “That ain’t my fault”. Sorry. It doesn’t work that way. Sins of the father and all that.

            I think it best we just part company. It’s going to happen anyway in real life. You will never understand us, and me trying to make a dent is clearly a waste of time…

            Goodbye. Enjoy the bed you have made.

          • DieWulfe

            So, what can Northern conservatives do to help make things better for you and other Whites in the South besides stay out of your affairs?

          • ATBOTL

            Don’t you realize most white people in the Northeast and Midwest are descended from post civil war immigrants?

            The “yankees” today mostly live in Western states.

          • dd121

            ahh hum (clearing throat). I meant your ancestors.

            I don’t represent Amren so they’re not an official part of the unwelcoming committee.

            Believe me I don’t hold it against you what happened during the war. I think we should just all try to get along. I just wish your ancestors would have known then what you know now. Maybe there wouldn’t have been any white-divisive civil war. I meant my tone to be satirical, guess it wasn’t taken that way. Peace.

          • DieWulfe

            Thank you. Really do appreciate it.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            “Many conservatives just happened to be born in the Northeast, certainly no fault of their own. They call it their home. In no way have they or do they support liberals here. In fact, they would like them to leave”.

            Ditto for us conservative, White Californians who are lumped together with the California lefties, with ALL of us vilified and despised with a deep, visceral hatred in every surrounding Western state.

            White unity?

            Hell, from some of the comments I’ve read here and on other forums, I think if I were to admit I am a Californian in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon or Washington — or points further — I’d be putting my very life in my hands. These people want to kill me, not the illegal alien criminals or the suck-up politicians that are destroying their states.

            We hated Californians, and we Californians alone are accused of causing red states to turn entirely blue after we flee Gerry Brown’s lefty paradise with our life savings, work ethic, businesses that we start up in other states creating jobs and the taxes we pay…

            Makes me wonder who the real enemies are.

            Internecine warfare indeed, our REAL enemies love it; keeping us at each other’s throats diverts our attention away from what is REALLY going on in the U.S.: A plan to genocide ALL of us Whites.

            We just might beat them to it.

          • Grantland

            You’re taking it too personally, Bon. Californians are scum, the worst of the worst. Why haven’t you got out?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Sometime I reach the boiling point, Grantland, and the bashing of White Californians overwhelms me to where I can’t take it any longer, especially when it’s done by other Whites who consider me and all White Californians an enemy and don’t want me in their state.

            I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that there is a deep hatred of Californians in the surrounding states.

          • Grantland

            They don’t call it the land of fruits and nuts for nothing. 🙂

          • I was born elsewhere but have lived almost my whole life in Colorado. I can not imagining living anywhere else, so am what you might regard as a transplant. California was once great, but is going downhill, and it isn’t your fault. If you get out of there, I would like you as a neighbor in Colorado Springs. We could barbecue and have drinks on the patio.

          • r j p

            I like watching “Dragnet” and “Adam 12”.
            I now know why my aunt liked the place so much.
            It’s so hard to imagine a place being destroyed so fast.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Michael, I feel the same way about my home state, California, that you feel about your state, Colorado — I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

            I’d be happy to be your neighbor but I don’t know if I could survive the winter.

          • r j p

            Bon, I didn’t mean to vilify all Californians.
            My aunt is a teacher in Costa Mesa, her husband worked for the LATimes in advertising. Both are conservative, now.
            When I lived in Utah, they hated the Californians that moved in and tried to bring their liberal politics with them. I know there are conservative Californians, but the ones that move seem to be very vocal.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            My dad hated Easterners, especially New Yorkers, from NYC, who moved to California in droves, complained bitterly about everything but never left, and brought THEIR lefty politics with them. He always thought they were the ones who turned the state liberal and allowed a massive 4th world non-tax base from Mexico to colonize the state.

            It’s unimaginable what California has become b/c of IDIOT politicians who sold out the state, and now it is lost forever.

          • DieWulfe

            “These people want to kill me, not the illegal alien criminals or the suck-up politicians that are destroying their states.”


            The Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic coast from Boston to DC,
            including, Southeastern Pennsylvania, is a megalopolis of immigrants, including asylum seekers-refugees (Somalis, Ethiopians, Middle Easterners), Puerto Ricans, Muslims, Mexicans, and Asian Indians bringing their own cultures and hands-out, are ruining that area. Then, there is NYC. Other than familiar buildings, don’t recognize it anymore. Same with Philadelphia, a one-time beautiful historical city.

            Pennsylvania is a swing state, but not much longer as non-Whites flood Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. How it has a Republican governor, House and Senate is a surprise to everyone. Conservatives are angry. Between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the state is very conservative. But, what good is a Republican governor and legislature for Pennsylvanians? Not much difference from Democrat Ed Rendell’s reign.

            Conservatives in New York are concentrated in rural Upstate New York, around the Adirondack Mountains, Allegheny Mountains, Central New York, and in parts of the Hudson Valley.
            They are forgotten as if they fell off the earth.

            A Gallup poll released on January 31, 2014 shows that
            conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 states. It’s time to count the popular vote.

            States with liberals outnumbering conservatives were Hawaii, Massachusetts and Vermont. Other states in the liberal top ten were Delaware, New York, Oregon, Maine, California, and New Jersey.

            Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode
            Island in the Northeast are conservative majorities, but the entire region is called liberal and hated by conservative outsiders. That drives me nuts! I lived in three of the Northeastern states,
            and can verify there are many conservatives living there. In New York State, for example, the entire state is vilified for being liberal. Governor Cuomo proved conservatives lived in NY when he told them to leave. The audacity! It’s so absurd, it’s laughable.

            Lived in Corona Del Mar, CA (part of Newport Beach). Moved to my home state in the NE when the Asian invasion began. Friends told me most of the Whites living there moved south to Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, somewhere in between, or left California.

            It is interesting to observe some Southerners accuse non-Southerners for doing what the South does to them. In
            your case, conservative Whites are guilty, but not only in the West.

            “our REAL enemies love it; keeping us at each other’s throats diverts our attention away from what is REALLY going on in the U.S.: A plan to genocide ALL of us Whites.

            We just might beat them to it.”

            Well stated.

            The term “Southrons’ clearly defines Southerners using it as separatists from all other Whites including Northern and Western English conservatives. It’s a disturbing trend for the White movement. If all Whites did this, although far-fetched, could the White movement start a European civil war in the United States?

          • slash345

            Well there are alot of southerners who are still very bitter and angry over the desegregation that north democrats rammed down our throats.

            I’m not sure about other southerners but I’m not so ignorant to think that ALL north whites are pro-diversity liberal types. That’s just a short sighted assumption.

          • DieWulfe

            Yes, little do they know how angry conservatives are here about everything.

          • dd121

            A lot of the anti-integration demonstrations were in the north.

          • MBlanc46

            Well said. The conflation of race realism with Southern nationalism will not do the cause of the former any good. I must say that I don’t feel unwelcome here, but I do feel the need to occasionally point out that there have always been and always will be race realists in the Northeast and Midwest.

          • Malgus


            Look, I get that there are race realists north of the Mason Dixon and farther west. I GET it. I am not so myopic that I think all yankees look and act like a Kennedy. But pretending that there is no animosity between the Yankee and us down here is disingenuous. Even IF both groups agree on the same fundamentals, you’ve still got that animosity that goes back to before the Republic even was a republic… who caused what injury first? I’m past caring about that. It’s a big hurdle to get over – trying to reconcile over two hundred years of dislike.

            I do agree that if we are to get traction, that animosity needs to be reconciled. However, my personal belief is that other events will eclipse our efforts and render them moot.

            Personally, I am in triage mode. Trying to save who and what I can, while I can. If we make it past the next 5 years intact, then I will look to long-range plans into the future…

          • MBlanc46

            I think that one element of the difficulty is that most of us up here just don’t feel that animosity. To us, it’s ancient history. Certainly during the soi-disant civil rights movement, there was a lot of framing of the issue in regional terms, but St. MLK went out of his way to point out that northern cities were at least as segregated, if not more so, than the South was. I truly don’t understand what we need to do to get past the past.

          • Malgus

            Look, it’s a problem whether you all think it is or not. Getting past the past? Like I said, the animosity started back before These United States were even a country. The events of the mid 19th century and mid 20th century only reinforced that animosity. That I can identify the causes and categorically state that there IS a problem in no way qualifies me to SOLVE the problem.

            Actually, now that I think about it, I do have a solution to the problem. But somehow I doubt the secession of the southern states and commonwealths and the expulsion of non-whites from the South would go over too well. It would work, but it wouldn’t be popular or politically correct.

            There is a parallel conversation going on in another AmRen thread about whites portrayed as poor, white trash on TV. That these whites are overwhelmingly Southerners is interesting. You should join in.

          • MBlanc46

            I didn’t say I didn’t see a problem. What I said was I don’t see how to resolve it. None of us can roll back the tape and undo what our ancestors did. What would you consider a possible way forward?

          • Malgus

            I wrote three separate replies to this. Deleted all of them.

            Everything I can think of is unworkable, or sounds petty or comes off as high handed.

            I have no answer.

          • MBlanc46

            Thanks for trying. Since we’re both here, we probably have a lot in common in terms of values and concerns for the future. Maybe we should concentrate on that for the short term.

      • MBlanc46

        I’ve got to pipe in on that, too. Bigone is not from around here, so he doesn’t remember St. MLK being stoned on the Southwest Side, or blacks being driven out of Cicero. Aside from those extreme events and others like them, there were millions of race realists in northeastern Illinois in the 1950s and 1960s, and we’re still here.

        • r j p

          And the Whites all moved fast.
          Cicero is a mexican dump.

          • MBlanc46

            As my wife says, and rightly, I think, “All the suburbs that kept blacks out in the sixties are full of Mexicans now”.

    • slash345

      I’m of the opinion that these northerners that are leaving these diverse areas might be race conscious whites who aren’t leftist.

      But those leftist who run away from diversity are huge hypocrites.

    • Pro_Whitey

      As what you would call a “Yankee” (in my neck of the woods that term is reserved for protestants with some ancestry in the area, and not to semi-Cat-licks like me), I have to say that you are absolutely right. Southerners said that we did not understand the situation, and it’s true, we did not. Our default response was to scoff at such statements. Like Obama, we had an insufferable combination of arrogance and ignorance.

      • DieWulfe

        “Southerners said that we did not understand the situation, and it’s true, we did not”

        Not speaking for all Northern states, furious White’s in my state, vehemently against it, knew full well what it meant. Everyone forgets, at that time White Democrats were different from those today before they were indoctrinated with Marxism. Legislators voted and still do vote where the most pressure and money comes from.

        Obviously, many of the issues we confront today were promoted by the ‘tribe,’ even then.

        Remember, Rosa Parks, secretary working at the NAACP, started by three Jews, was a member of the ‘Jewish’ Communist Party.

    • ATBOTL

      We would hardly have any blacks in America if your ancestors were not so lazy.

    • willbest

      The problem is you southerners went and F’d it all up by passing state enforced segregation thereby violating everybody’s right of free association. If you had just let it stay a matter of private individuals discriminating against other private individuals the pendulum wouldn’t have swung so ridiculously far in the other direction.

  • Luca

    Open enrollment means people have choices.

    When Whites choose to be around other Whites, somehow this is evil, racist and segregation.

    When blacks choose to be around other blacks, they are victims, under-served, caught in a cycle of poverty and discrimination.

    The concept is so illogical on its face that only a liberal mind could conceive it and speak of it as if it were a fact. So sad to think that anyone would believe it..

    • BonV.Vant

      yeah, but they are crying the same tears that Krugman cried in the other article. ” weebs donts habs no trans-per-tay-shuns to gits to da udder skoolz”. Same thing as “weebs dont’s habs no trans-per-tay-shuns to gits to da jobs in da suburbs”. It’s always someone else’s fault, never their own. They can spend hundreds on fake hair, fake nails, bling, hoopties, big rims etc, but somehow they can’t manage to get to a job or to a school. Somehow it is white privilege that enables white people to make sound decisions and to sacrifice frivolous wants for more important things.

    • slash345

      Well. Those black children are being raised by single black women.

      The good news here is that since 72% of black women are unmarried single moms, it means they’ll be stuck in inner city areas working low wage jobs and won’t be able to afford to move their negro child to a white school.

      Black men have done well. They’ve made it easier for us to avoid negros by knocking up their women and then leaving them.

      Not fathering your children has consequences other than child support..

  • IstvanIN

    Why does a black child need to sit next to a White child in order to learn? Has anyone asked a lefty that one?

    • Bobbala

      There are only two fundamental obstacles to black achievement. You have found the first … the absence of white people. The other is the presence of white people.

    • r j p

      black chidren need White children to copy test answers from.

    • WR_the_realist

      They need that magical pixie dust that all white children spread through the classroom.

  • Tarczan

    They have a couple of types of open enrollment in Ohio. One is where the school district only takes students from contiguous districts, and complete open enrollment where students from anywhere can enroll. The district can also be be a closed district that doesn’t accept transfers. The state contributes money for each transfer.

    • Alexandra1973

      There’s also a kind of “cooperative” in my area when it comes to special education. The school district where I live is really small and doesn’t have what my son needs, so he gets bused to the next city over (about 10 miles away) for school. No biggie. His grandmother lives in that town and I have friends there.

  • Bobbala

    I predict a Do”J” lawsuit ..

    • MBlanc46

      Almost certainly.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I have to give some credit to whoever came up with this plan. Putting the burden of transportation on parents is (perhaps inadvertent) genius. Not only do whites tend to be closer to the better schools, they are more likely to have vehicles, and they have sufficient motivation, unlike most black single mothers, to get their kids up and moving to the suburban school. That discourages black and brown participation.

    • Alexandra1973

      Until a race hustler decides that blacks/browns have the RIGHT to have vehicles so they can go to white schools. You watch.

    • willbest

      I don’t know how money is distributed in other states, but this system in IL this would be total BS. My kid’s school district is 99.5% locally funded and as such our property taxes are twice as high as they are in Chicago proper (which receives massive federal and state subsidies). If those parents want to put their kids in our school they can move here and pay their fair share.

      • r j p

        Look up the story of Memphis and Shelby County, TN, schools.
        And that is not the only place the feds have done it.
        Just wait and see, eventually a bunch of Rogers Park and Uptown Chicago blacks and hispanics will decide they should have the right to attend New Trier or some other suburban school.
        I go to do some shopping in Tinley Park monthly, been doing it for over three years. Every month it seems like there is another black or two getting off the train at 80th Ave. I think Tinley Park is a fail only situation, south suburbs to the north, and Joliet to the south. It’s only a logical inference that the two will converge on TP eventually.