Minorities in Energy Initiative

Department of Energy, March 10, 2014

The Minorities in Energy Initiative addresses the needs of underrepresented communities in the energy sector and aligns with President Obama’s agenda for engaging more Americans in energy and science, technology, engineering, and math fields. The Minorities in Energy Initiative, guided by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, seeks to create a substantive, sustainable model that connects diverse stakeholders together to address challenges and opportunities for minority engagement in energy economic participation, STEM education, and climate change.

ABOUT: The Initiative seeks to empower, equip, and prepare businesses, communities, schools, and individuals to partake in the technical, procurement, engagement, workforce, and energy literacy resources of the Department of Energy and the energy sector overall. The Minorities in Energy Initiative will include an all-of-the-above approach to energy platforms, covering fossil, nuclear, efficiency and renewable energy systems as it pertains to underrepresented communities. This will be a continuous dialogue, with the Energy Department at the helm, between several federal agencies and private partners.

AMBASSADORS: The Ambassadors of the Minorities in Energy Initiative are key leaders in industry, government, academia, and nonprofits who are committed to lending their voices and vision to inform and inspire Americans about the critical need for greater diversity in STEM professions, energy entrepreneurship, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. View the full list of Ambassadors here.

EVENTS: The Department of Energy launched the Initiative on September 24, 2013 during National Hispanic Heritage Month. The event included a dialogue among stakeholders in academia, industry, and government to discuss individual perspectives on STEM education, climate change, and energy economic development. Download the Executive Summary from the September 24, 2013 event here.

On November 13, 2013, the Department of Energy and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Council for Environmental Quality, and the White House Office of Public Engagement co-hosted the White House Forum on Minorities in Energy. The event included the announcement of the Ambassadors for the Minorities in Energy Initiative. Download the program booklet here.

On November 19, 2013, Congressman Bobby Rush hosted the Congressional Forum on Minorities in Energy, featuring members of Congress and thought leaders from the public and private sector. Read our blog on the event here.

GET ENGAGED: Contact [email protected] to get involved in the Minorities in Energy Initiative.


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  • DaveMed

    I emailed them.

    Let’s spam these clowns.

    • Jesse James

      Look here now I done run through my Pigsford moeny and bes looking for da next big thang. I be a prove Obama voter and can show dem names I used to show vote 5 last elekton and 3 or 4 the first tyme. I am yo man down here when cums to the energy, I straight out gots it. Prob you can use my xpertease in dis mattah. My gig at the pos offise is pretty flex and I aint nevah put much effort to it anyways so I be yo man lik I say down here when cum to energy and shiit like dat.

  • Manaphy

    If Whites hadn’t created the Energy and natural gas industries, and if Whites hadn’t made all the advancements in Chemistry and Mathematics which make extracting Energy possible, then Donkey would still be our main mode of transportation (as it is in Africa and Haiti). Honestly, one cannot expect Zulus, Asians and Aztecs to do any meaningful work in the Department of Energy, as whites are far more intelligent, and far more work-oriented. This is just another excuse by Anti-whites to feel good about themselves while they are actually harming their country. Anti-racism is a codeword for Anti-white.

    • DaveMed

      The ones in charge will always keep a certain number of useful White idiots involved just to keep the wheels turning.

      If Whites were to boycott “the system”, it would collapse in days. The same cannot really be said for other groups.

      • Jesse James

        Having “shadow whites” in all the important positions is the way the black South African government keeps any semblance at all of civilization but it won’t work in the long run and things will just continue to run down to something resembling Zimbabwe.

        • M&S

          The South African blacks have a way out in the form of Indians and Chinese whom they are importing to fill technical positions in increasing numbers. Boers in particular are being actively targeted for removal from society in much the same manner as Jews were in 1930s Germany: as a function of economics.
          Such is what will happen here because it’s not enough to have token black or Hispanic presence. Where Whites cannot be effectively removed to show black equality because blacks haven’t got the IQ, dilution will occur via East Asian imports.
          As I have always said: Those who believe their position is untouchable because of the critical nature of their work or the necessary skills as training to undertake it, should take a step back and understand that either:
          1. You can be replaced by cheaper H-1B from somewhere else. Maybe not 1 for 1 but 3-5:1 is still just as bad for you, the ‘untouchable’ class.
          2. What you do that is useful to other whites will be less so in a society where 3rd world immigration doesn’t have any equivalent safety net and so will not miss you.
          This includes essential services such as utilities and health.
          Someone is making a concerted effort to return us to medieval levels of social conditioning. This is no longer about madness of egality by the left seeking power. It may never have been so.

      • ncpride

        They’ll put these darkies up front and center while everyone and their mama will know that it’s the Whites behind the scenes that keep things running, but never get any credit for it.

  • Truthseeker

    Does being a racial dissident confer “minority” status on one?

  • JSS

    Good, I say turn the whole grid over to dumbest minorities we can find including the nuclear plants. Why not? Since we Whites are on the verge of extinction anyway my petty half would like to leave the world in as bad a shape as possible for the diversity. Just leave them scorched earth.

  • JackKrak

    These people can’t keep the lights on or the water running when everything is handed to them on a platter & we “don’t have enough” of them in STEM, etc.?

    Wake up, America – Step One, Remove Head From A**

    • Ron Cheaters

      But I gotsa have dem Air Jordans yo cracka be racisss.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Black Air Jordans to match my doo-rag.

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    OMFG! This is so pathetic. What kind of a wog is this desperate for validation?

  • Will government boondoggles never cease. My university used to send out flyers like the above to all faculty to try to get us to apply for $$$$. They offended me then and now. I also wonder how the “LBGT community” fits into our energy independence plan. Solar powered gay pride parade floats?

    • 1stworlder

      fellatio powered heat pumps.

  • Jesse James

    I can’t wait till they can start colonizing the moons of Jupiter with negroes. It should be an epic chapter of the history of mankind. Once brought in chains across the tear filled Middle Passage their ancestors are pushing the very limits of mankind! I will happily drive down to Canaveral or Cape Obama once they get around to renaming everything not already named for MLK. Nothing will make me happier than to wave goodbye to wave after wave of the new best and brightest as they get blasted off this planet on a giant column of burning gas.

    Ad Astra!

    What did the man say again? What is falling should be pushed.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Hilarious and hopefully true.

  • Spartacus

    If America had remained White, it would probably be building cities on Mars about now…

    • IstvanIN

      Maybe not, but we would have had a moon base.

    • M&S

      Mars has no magnetic field (it did at one point). This means it is never going to have the atmosphere blanket necessary to form a useful surface colony presence as there is essentially no protection from CBR. Without a magnetosphere, the cosmic wind will continue to strip it of it’s atmosphere until it is a void rock, no more than the moon.

      However; because is has a lot lower gravity and air density this might make it useful for hauling up key resources to orbital facilities for use in a spacecraft building effort to on the way to someplace else.

      It could also serve as a last lifeboat, too far from Earth (13 light minutes) to justify space diversity as a political agenda. You go because you are a multi-degreed specialist, not a tourist.

      The problem with Mars is cost. It will take 100 billion dollars to send 4 Astronauts to Mars to do experiments for a year.

      This, IMO, is a waste of money as well as another jocks-plant-flag means to alienate Americans from the space program whose output they will never experience immediate benefits from.

      When you work high risk fields, you have a tendency to break things down into intervals of risk level thresholding and do ‘transits’ between high and medium/low risk on the basis of safe-to-safe.

      Thus, if you want to do Mars, _seriously_, the first thing you need to do is drop ATBMs or Automated Tunnel Boring Machines as engines pulling ‘trains’ whose lead bore will likely begin with a shaped charge detonation and then continue down into the Martian soil to get everything out of the windstorms and rad.

      Car #1 behind it will lay concrete impregnated cloth which, spritzed with high temp water, will instantly harden as the water vaporizes in the low density air and behind that will be Car #2 with a composite winding loom which lays down co-cure (room temp) sheeting to form an environment seal. Car#3 will put in expansion collar air locks as broken ring frames on a set of hydraulic jacks with key-stone type fillers. Car #4 will put down some kind of extremely potent anti-microbial spray as well hanging powerful air scrubbers. Car #5 will lay down flooring underwhich all plumbing and electric are run to power heating and LED illumipanels.

      With the basic tunnel in place another drill charge will be placed that blows another hole and brings the train back to surface to move over 100m and rinse-repeat, gradually building an interconnected grid of habitation tunnels, any one of which can have an accident and be sealed off to let the remainder form self-contained (why you need airscrubbers everywhere) habitation blocks.

      At some point, you will have to dig ‘wells’ for a pair of buried RTGs for power as well as water storage and sewage control tanks.

      And then you will bring in self contained modules for everything from hydroponics to aquaculture to medical bays.

      If you are smart, you will have placed this colony close to an multi-metal lode structure based on mass:density radar mapping of associated rock structures from orbit. This will let you turn your ATBM into a miner and justify the expense of bringing out microforges and hot-stamp tools to provide some degree of autonomous tool making, likely in hardened above-ground ‘sheds’ which will also have to be automated and sealed, though not pressurized (you don’t want noxious gasses anywhere near your habitation blocks).

      You will shift your third RTG power cube (used to drive the ATBM train at first) which will be transferred to an armored rover that heads for the Martian ice caps with a big water tank to ‘prove concept’ on the ability to sustain water replacement.
      All of this automation would require about 10 billion dollars a year in continuing base-build investment as cargo runs.

      ONLY THEN will you bring out a final ship, equipped with ‘all the amenities’ (toroidal inertial habitability cab with lead shielding for gravity and two descent vehicles, with space for 20 people each).

      Dropping your team on a doorstep to doorstep basis of minimum risk transit period.

      The idea that humans are going to be doing pioneer level infrastructure build on Mars is a really great way to find tragedy too far from help to do anything but watch the delay-signal on their bleed out, knowing the heroes are already 4-24 minutes dead.

      Which is why I believe that looking at Mars as an act of exploratory ‘pushing the boundaries’ achievement is wrong.

      It should be a lifeboat for the best and knowledge depository for the brightest so that when the inevitable happens here on Earth, the backslide to primitivism will not be a total, ‘ground up’ rebuild.

      The latter being highly unlikely, IMO, just on the sheer quantity of resources which we have already pulled from the crustal zones in mining. Return those metals etc. to the earth as oxidized dust, lost to mankind forever in a 1,000 year Dark Ages and you will find that we in fact _cannot_ climb back up from the pit of stagnation entropy.

      Unless we build a new Bibliotheca Aleksandr someplace where really smart people can look after and expand it’s knowledge base, to bring tech back /into/ our world. The Moon, though an obvious choice for ease of startup costs as (short) distance, may not be far enough away to avoid death-throws interference by modern culture falling back into chaos as well as home sickness longing by the colonists.

      More importantly, it simply doesn’t have the mass to source raw materials to build a modern society in-situ (as well as return ships, eventually).

      Mars does have all of this while it’s generally hostile environment would
      _preclude_ the jock and dumb labor specialties which evolve into warrior and consumer groups as competitive organs whose evolutionary purpose has been served and is now best left vestigially behind.

      You have a brain, you apply it to science and engineering and maybe you create the kinds of wonders that we have lost out on in the last fifty years of pretending to be better socialists than the communists. Specifically, it is time to improve man and not just his toys as his weapons.

      • Bergeron

        Could a fetus develop properly in such low gravity?

        • M&S


          Good question. I’m thinking this is another potential application for my exogenics ideas.

          You pressurize the womb chamber and provide multiple, not just one fetal tissue nutrient line. Through which you feed high dosage growth stimulants to progeneratively accelerate tissue development at a much higher rate to rapidly accrete organ mass in such critical areas as heart muscle.

          You might also provide a superoxygenated, synthetic, replacement for red cells and so accept lowered efficiencies in hard-tissue generation as bone growth and marrow beddown, at least until later in development.

          You’re still going to have a lot of losses but artificial womb tech means you can fertilize 5 eggs, lose 3 to developmental issues and still have 2 viable fetus’, _without_ sending a mother into preeclampsia’d liver and kidney shut down due to all the exotic hormones and possible retroviral genetic applications (We don’t want ‘smart’ but rather _genius_ level intellects here) going through her system.

          Obviously, it’s going to have to be a tuned process of progenesis, with likely variation among individuals, but this provides a clear way forward for ‘colonizing’ Mars, not by shipping people.

          But gametes.

          Such allows you to fast track on the cheap if you wish, with a very small initial colony emplacement and heavy emphasis on physical growth capacity through a maximum quantity of machine and materiel tonnage delivery over people (redundant supply is another ‘when in doubt, load it out’ and ‘one is none, two is one’ risk modifier). Which could be critical as a function of trading out more cargo missions for fewer year long passenger deliveries with frozen dinner supplies for living colonists.
          It obvious assumes that the colony is largely built upon initial delivery of crew since the fewer the people, the less work product hours generated, even with robotic supplementation.
          But more importantly, it grants that -expansion- continues _very rapidly_, rather than by generational percentage TFRs, after Earth contact is broken.

          Given a normal 20 year overlap as the joys of children growing up with other young people as friends and the time to raise and train healthy adults in the memory of what real child rearing was about on Earth; if it takes 200 years to get enough tech to return home with something like species saving technical capabilities (fusion power, reactionless propulsion, FTL, high level genetic engineering, nano-level Von Neuman constructors, neuro-imprint teaching), you have to allocate for 10 generations of living on Mars.
          My 5-gets-you-2 approach thus means sustaining a base population of 20 individuals for 2 generations is fairly easy, while you build habitat, compared to dropping in 200 individuals who will be needed in the subsequent 6-7 generations of R&D before shifting to buildup of an Expeditionary Rescue Force of 2,000 people for the return.
          Which in turn means, you are talking about 100 + 3,000 + 10,000 (20/.4 X2 + 200/.4 X6 + 2,000 /.4 X2) ‘individuals’.

          For which sperm and eggs might be treated as zip file compression routine equivalents.
          I’m guessing it’s much easier to ship a nitrogen freezer or two to Mars than the better part of a division of personnel.

          Medically, again it means no delivery complications as weak-tether and genetic bottlenecks to surety of continuance via female survival.
          Socially, there are less partner-choice politics as hurt feelings or offended sensibilities.
          Operationally, it means efficiency goes up as women don’t have to be chattel to the needs of species assurance but can be working contributors to the actual mission itself rather than being restricted to ‘support roles’, for safety reasons.

          It also means you can be very picky about whom you _privately_ go to for that most intimate of donations. I would suggest a stop by several chapters of MENSA might be advisable.

      • Ron Cheaters

        All that AND consider.. no life = no fossil-fuels. So a reliance on solar energy? We can’t even do that on Earth.. good luck in a desolate wasteland!

        • Rhialto

          Exactly, a much more likely scenario would be using robots for exploration and exploitation of Mars. When the technology was mature, humans would travel to Mars as tourists (and stay at the Trump Mars).

          • M&S

            …would be using robots for exploration and exploitation of Mars.

            Why bother?

            You’re now developing exploratory robots purely to serve the 10% of scientific minds for whom knowing the ‘final answer!’ to things like how much hydrocarbons are really in the Martian soil and whether this means there was life on Mars 1.5 billion years ago or only precursors to it, 2 billion years ago is both a dream come true and Rent Seeking assurance of papers and university tenure.

            Real People want to go to Mars because that’s The Next Vista. The place we haven’t been before. I can at least understand that need for perspective change.
            I myself want to go to Mars because I have a feeling blacks and other ethnic homebodies will not be there due to both extreme conservatism and terribly deficient IQs. They don’t like places that aren’t socially known to them.

            We have had enough science for science’s sake and exploration to employ ex high school football players. It’s called ISS Do Nothing. And the Apollo Program of Abii veni vidi.
            I came, I saw, I went home is a _lousy excuse_ for pushing ourselves to do better and build higher and see more of what awaits us.

            Why _not_ build robots to do the kinds of things which make human colonization immediately possible? Is serving humans in a direct: ‘let me take that cosmic ray for you while you supervise back in the bunker’ vs. esoteric: ‘where no man will ever go’ sense not what robotics are for?

            Can we not goldplate an Asimo level robotics SOA sufficiently to provide anthropomorphic replacements in servicing already automated machines on Mars, directly?

            I realize that pure teleo doesn’t work on a 4-24 minute time of signal lag window but could we not have a Mars LAN transmitter that gathered up video from every sensorized machine in the base and sent up the datapacket as a ‘situation report’ whose complex video and annotated telemetry from the robot workers was rebro’d at much higher power from an orbital sat platform back to earth for engineers to write a mini-app which would then go back to mars as ‘complex task’ instruction sets which the robot then executed on it’s own?

            Surely, if you break something down into sufficiently small component steps, you can make a modern robotic armature do just about anything at the basic level of:

            1. Apply wrench to bolt head.

            2. Turn counter clockwise at 30psi until loose.
            3. Retrieve bolt.

            4. Repeat X3.

            5. Apply magnetic plate handler.

            6. Remove inspection port cover.

            7. Insert Borescope.
            8. Report.

            My problem is that I see creeping mediocrity in a ‘graduated’ approach to doing things as another excuse for: “Okay, we did it, now we can go home.”
            Which would not apply when mission accomplishment means there is a permanent presence on Mars and if we stop reaching higher tomorrow _they will still be there_, with the gear to go independent.

            Which should be the goal of whites everywhere, trying to escape The Horde.

            Because spaceflight is something which is too expensive to bear doing with idiots simply to have their grinning social equity presence ruining the trip for everyone else.

            And because survival on a hostile planet where the only thing that keeps you alive is your ability to merge data as skillsets from the 3-5 doctoral degrees in your mind basically preempts the presence of said idiots to begin with.

            If we put people on Mars, even with the very best capabilities out there, using as many robots and prestocked automan systems as we can to provide them a working micro-infrastructure, we are _still_ going to need the kinds of engineers who can not only repair a broken high tech aerospace widget but _build a better one_.

            Because the scientist just down the hall spent the night walking the floor to get the light bulb moment about how to sequence DNA to figure out where the smart genes are. If only he had a better instrument to look for SNP X.
            Or a better way to measure a fusion reaction in a shorter interval with cleaner data before the probe was ablated.
            Or a better way to see field mechanics as positive/negative force differentials in the way space time bends around mass for slipfield propulsion.

            Those are the kinds of people who will not only survive but thrive on task-driven accomplishment in a situation where you literally cannot go outside to do whatever it is that blacks and Hispanics do when they aren’t ‘keepin’ it real’.

            They drain our society thinking of ways to keep them entertained and out of trouble. And we need to get away from that to survive as the White achievers that we are meant to be.

            For our own betterment.

            There will be no margin for socialized stupidity on Mars.

            Which is why we should go.

    • Manaphy

      The people who forced America to become non-white should be sent to Mars.

    • Truth Teller

      The reason we went to the moon is because of the Cold War era and to one up the Soviets. We will likely go to Mars when there’s a big rush to beat China to it.

  • r j p

    I have a feeling the “Minorities in Energy” will be nothing but “street teams” that roam neighborhoods trying to get you to switch your provider to some sub-par company that has a “force majeure” clause in the contract. Ultimately some of these “Minorities in Energy” will be charged with rape and robbery.

  • Rhialto

    This is just another Obamified boondoggle. Those “underrepresented Minorities” i.e. Blacks and Hispanics, who are interested and capable of participation in “energy and science, technology, engineering, and math fields” are already doing so.

    This blurb contains many new (to me) examples of Liberalspeak: diverse stakeholders, sustainable model, energy literacy resources, energy platforms, continuous dialogue, energy entrepreneurship, climate change adaptation and mitigation, thought leaders.

    Note to those whose mother tongue is not English: Do not attempt to translate these terms into your language. They are Liberal verbal spew and have no objective meaning/denotation.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    Minorities have for a long time been involved with a traditional form of energy:

    Tote dat barge! Lift dat bale!

    • Katherine McChesney

      Today that ‘energy’ helps them rape, rob and murder.

  • PvtCharlieSlate

    But remember, please, the Law by which we live,
    We are not built to comprehend a lie,
    We can neither love nor pity nor forgive. If you make a slip in handling us you die!

    From Kipling’s ‘The Secret of the Machines’ …

    In other words, technology and quota-fillers are a dangerous combination.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    More non-whites in the professions and in positions of power means more 3rd world conditions for the rest of us. Sometimes I wish they would abolish the national borders and just get it over with. Better to have that day of reckoning sooner, rather than later.

  • MBlanc46

    Here we go again, spending more taxpayer money to “encourage” people who aren’t qualified for technical fields to try to study them.

    • evilsandmich

      I read the first few sentences, but everything after that all I saw was the word ‘graft’.

  • nignogger

    Getting blacks to participate in this propaganda/movement?, good luck.