Posted on March 13, 2014

Climate Change Not a Top Worry in U.S.

Rebecca Riffkin, Gallup, March 12, 2014

Twenty-eight U.S. senators held an all-night “talkathon” Monday to call attention to climate change, an issue that only 24% of Americans say they worry about a great deal. This puts climate change, along with the quality of the environment, near the bottom of a list of 15 issues Americans rated in Gallup’s March 6-9 survey. The economy, federal spending, and healthcare dominate Americans’ worries.


This was the first year Gallup included “climate change” in the list of worries tested in the annual March Environment survey. Americans are less worried only about race relations than they are about climate change. {snip}


Americans from the two major political parties express different levels of worry about a number of the issues tested, including climate change and the environment. {snip}



Republicans over the last few years have been more worried than Democrats about the economy and governance issues, while Democrats have been comparatively more worried with social issues such as race relations and homelessness. {snip}