U. Of Iowa President Sally Mason Apologizes for Remarks

KWWL (Iowa City), February 26, 2014

The University of Iowa president has apologized for a remark she made to the student newspaper about sex assaults on campus.

In an interview published Feb. 18 in The Daily Iowan, President Sally Mason said she was dismayed by the reports of sexual assaults. She said “the goal would be to end that, to never have another sexual assault. That’s probably not a realistic goal just given human nature, and that’s unfortunate. . . .”

Criticism erupted over the phrase that includes “human nature.”

The Iowa City Press-Citizen says Mason apologized during a President’s Forum on Tuesday.

Mason said she’s been told by several people in the campus community that her remark was hurtful. She said she was “very, very sorry for any pain that my words might have caused.”

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  • James Bro

    Human nature and racial nature, there is a great amount in discrepancy here. The truth is that an overwhelming majority of sexual crimes are committed by certain ethnic groups, it is in their nature, science has the evidence when it truth is allowed.

  • Puggg

    Imagine the fire storm she would have endured if she would have told the truth about exactly who’s doing the sex assaults and rapes.

    • True, but not even libtard feminist college presidents are that stupid. Plus, it would take character to tell the truth. College administraters have no character in my experience.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    I’m still trying to figure out what was offensive about the remark. Liberals react to truth like children who were just told Santa is not real. First there is disbelief. Then there is denial. And then very soon thereafter a full-fledged tantrum.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Ms. Mason did not claim it is human nature to commit rape; she simply meant that given human nature there will always be some crime and violence no matter how much you minimize it.

      Now try explaining that to the shrill feminazis, bedwetting liberals and p.c. weenies infesting our nation’s campuses.

    • JohnEngelman

      The liberal dogma that rape is about power, not sex is as preposterous as the liberal dogma that race is only a social construct.

      Whenever I point out that rapists are motivated by sexual desire I provoke a lot of anger by those who think that I am somehow justifying rape.

      Much of what is human nature is evil. That is why we need a criminal justice system.

      • RyanP

        Well said. “rape is about power” has got to be one of those widely repeated and believed falsehoods of all time. If it were about power then why the need for a sexual element? just subdue a person, put them in a cage, make them do things at gun point. etc. The fact that most rapes end when the man has an orgasm proves it is purely about sexual gratification. nothing else.

    • SFLBIB

      “I’m still trying to figure out what was offensive about the remark.”

      It was a tacit admission that reality doesn’t always conform to liberal ideology. And when that is accepted, liberal thought collapses.

  • thomas edward

    Male or female, it makes no difference. When it comes to academia, they never, ever do the right thing.

  • Lord Sandwich

    OK, so we’re scratching the phrase “human nature” when discussing rape. Let’s just park it next to the word “legitimate”, shall we? Anything else while we’re at it?

  • Tarczan

    The TV video has a darkie newscaster explaining all this to to the racist populace, and then gave considerable airtime to some Muslim women explaining how bad this was. How gullible do they think we are?

    Thank God we had the darkie newsguy and the Muslim babe to make sense out of this for all us stupid white folks.

  • Spartacus

    There’s nothing offensive about that… Except for the fact that she didn’t specify that the majority of sexual crimes in the US, and probably in Iowa as well, are done by dark-skins .

    • dd121

      That never seems to get reported, which by the way, is the most important part of the story.

    • JohnEngelman

      In the Star Chamber of Political Correction truth is no defense. Indeed, the more accurate one’s criticism of blacks is the graver is the crime, and the more severe is the punishment.

    • Laura Dilworth

      against white males in prison

  • sbuffalonative

    The feminists and their ‘progressive’ liberal apologists have deliberately taken this remark out of context for their gain.

  • OhWow

    Dear feminists: getting drunk with a guy, going back to his place, having sex, then regretting it the next morning is not rape. Neither are cat calls.

    • Irishgirl

      THANK YOU! It really galls me when women put vaguely unwanted sexual encounters in the same category as violent rape. Like a coed who foolishly goes out with some guy she hardly knows and ends up fending off sexual advances is somehow akin to a thug breaking into the home of a 90-year-old woman and raping her.
      Yes, I know it’s horrible when a guy (especially of the darker variety) gets all feely and gropey. I’ve been there, and it is scary and sickening. But for heaven’s sake, use some common sense, girls. Don’t be alone with a guy you don’t know. Don’t be afraid of being called a racist just because you won’t let some darkie have his way with you. Trust your instinct – if the situation feels threatening, get the hell out of there.

    • Conrad

      The way women act, dress & behave these days reinforces the ‘rape culture’. It is time for them to understand this. And yes, guys, you need to straighten up too.

      • Alexandra1973

        Yep. It’s like leaving the keys in the car with the windows down. It’s less likely your car will be stolen if you take the keys with you.

      • Those perverts had the nerve to look at my vajayjay when I showed it to them!

  • Truthseeker

    The idea of “human nature” is offensive to practitioners of Cultural Marxism, because their religion dictates that all people must be blank slates with no inherent qualities. We here know better, of course, but the very concept is scary to them, because it might imply that there are aspects of humanity that they don’t have control of, and then…horrors! How could they ever achieve their utopian ideals?

    • RyanP

      There is a great book by Stephen Pinker called the “Blank Slate” which demolishes this idea of a blank slate. Pinker is a liberal and even he can see that it is nonsense.

  • Luca

    I am offended she said “human nature” when she should have said “negro nature”.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      There are more differences between whites and blacks than there are between males and females.

  • That’s some jive talking gay male Negro reporter in the video. Diversity in action. Ugh.

    Pampered foolish feminazi students in the video are demanding “zero tolerance” for sexual assaults. Huh? Who in modern history has advocated anything else?

    This flapdoodle isn’t about sexual assault. It’s about feminazis on a POWER TRIP showing that ridiculous ADULTS will kow tow to their ridiculous demands. It’s about mocking truth in the name of Cultural Marxism. It’s about creating a nonexistent enemy. It’s about destroying everything so that Marx’s idiotic dream of rebuilding society from scratch can be achieved.

    These nutjob feminists don’t realize that when the current society goes into total breakdown, it will be like the French Revolution. Heads will roll and their heads will roll first. Good riddance.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Femininazi’s are as bad as homosexuals when it comes to bullying. We have Gloria Steinem and her ilk to blame for that.

  • JustJeff

    If they don’t like human nature, why do they think we should be united on the basis of common humanity? I guess Liberalism really is about denying reality.

  • Max

    Like acknowledging the reality of crime is promoting it- more nasty, leftwing, man-hating hags.

    Q: “How about we allow students to go armed on campus?”
    A: “We don’t need to reduce crime THAT much!”

  • Conrad

    “This university protects rapists not victims.” See poster in the picture above.
    These women are confused. First they ‘demand’ diversity, and then they want protection from rapists. Come on baby, make up your mind.

  • Conrad

    Many of the people that think this way are SHOCKED to see a young boy pick up a doll, twist its arms & legs around, point it at someone and say “BANG – BANG”.

  • Romulus

    You reap what you sow!

  • IstvanIN

    Except White men prosecute sex crimes, black men celebrate them, Muslims blame the woman.

    • Holly Currier

      I see a lot of white men blaming the women here in the comments….

      • IstvanIN

        I noticed that too, but decide not to comment because I frequently get beat-up for being too liberal.

        • Holly Currier

          Actually, the general american media/culture blames women for being raped.

          In my eyes, being liberal just means that you want more/better for the world and the people in it. That is a stupid thing to be beat up over.

          • IstvanIN

            But lets be fair, in western culture, the authorities do prosecute the perpetrators, it isn’t officially considered the women’s fault nor something a man should be proud of. And there have been cases of women falsely accusing men, and innocent men going to prison. Thank goodness for DNA tests. And White men actually have a pretty low rape rate.

            With blacks rape is a sport. Muslims throw the woman in prison, what a twisted religion/culture they are.

            No people will ever be perfect, there will always be evil in society, but the progress we (Whites) have made in treating all people with dignity, in reducing (White) crime, especially violent crime, in prosecuting crimes rather than brushing them under the rug or blaming the victim, has been astounding, especially over the last 100 years. To destroy all the progress we have made by importing third world, low IQ savages is truly tragic.

          • soul hunter

            What on earth is dysfunctional with
            White Western Culture that has it importing the enemy within our midst ..?

      • JohnEngelman

        Rape is a horrible crime. Rapists should be severely punished. I would like for them to be executed.

        Nevertheless, women should take sensible precautions. Young women should not go to parties provocatively dressed and get drunk. They should know that young black men are far more likely to rape them than young white men.

        • IstvanIN

          We should all take sensible precautions these days. The fact that someone is drunk is no reason to rape them, I agree. Murdering someone because they are drunk while walking down the street and an easy target is wrong as well, but we have seen people here blame the victim in those circumstances.

          Parties are a difficult situation, a girl gets drunk, agrees to have relations with some guy, who is also probably drunk, and then decides retroactively that she was raped because she regrets having gone through with it. In that case she is wrong. On the other hand haveing sex with a passed out drunk is not only rape, but seems sort of pointless. Although even in that case I would assume the guy is also drunk and not completely in control of his actions. Life isn’t always clear-cut.

          Let’s not even get into the radical feminists definition of rape, which is so absurd and even dangerous.

          The big problem is violent rape, where the victim is attacked, either on the street or even in their own home. In those cases it is usually a black male and it is clear-cut violent crime in which there is only one person responsible, the perp. In those cases, and only with incontrovertible evidence, would execution be warranted.

          As for being proactively dressed, how would you define that? Women have always dressed to show off their “assets”, so to speak, it is sort of in-born, and not nessacarily an awful thing. And not justification for rape. Unfortunately we live in a society which has declinned to a point where there is no sense of propriety, that anyone can do anything in public, that half the people walking the streets look like bums and slobs, that being half-naked in public at 12 or 14 is allowed by parents. Common sense is in very short supply.

          With freedom comes great responsibility, great personal responsibility. We seem to want freedom without personal responsibility.

          • JohnEngelman

            Feminists are right in drawing attention to the problem and evil of rape. Unfortunately they are unwilling to acknowledge that social changes they helped promote have made the problem worse.

            When college girls (or women) had curfews and when college parties were chaperoned many fewer college females were raped.

            In a Playboy interview Paul Newman said of his college days, “Nice girls did not sleep around. Nice guys did not ask them to. Them’s were the rules.”

            Things were nicer back then.

        • Holly Currier

          Really? Because the two times I was sexually assaulted I was wearing jeans and long sleeves and was assaulted by a white male. You are more likely to be sexually assaulted by an acquaintance or a spouse/partner than you are by some random guy on the street.

          • JohnEngelman

            Then women should be more careful about the spouses or boyfriends they choose.

          • Holly Currier

            The thing is, there is no way to tell who is a rapist and who isn’t until it is too late.

            How about men learn to take “no” for an answer; learn that they aren’t entitled to sex under any circumstances.

          • JohnEngelman

            Any woman who ever dated me once knew I would never harm her in any way. She may have detected other deficiencies, but she knew I was safe.

          • Holly Currier

            Rape isn’t always violent, holding a knife to someone’s throat and then penetrating them. It can be facilitated via coercion or psychological manipulation. It can be crossing a boundary during an intimate experience, not stopping when the other person wants to stop. Too many people don’t realize that consent is a continuous process.Sexual assault can be as simple as crossing a boundary, but still be incredibly traumatic.

          • JohnEngelman

            If you are saying that “No” means “No,” I agree with you emphatically.

  • Uncle Bob

    It’s not human nature but it is subhuman nature. They can’t control the urge to Clubalover.

  • JohnEngelman

    Just because something is human nature does not mean that it is acceptable. What it does mean is that if it is evil it must be discouraged by social sanctions and severe punishment.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Yes, males are not born more violent than females. They become that way because we socialize them to be like that.

    When you dismiss all racial differences as culture then it follows from that logic that gender is also the same way.

  • Uncle Bob

    Blacks from nearby Cedar Rapids often travel to Iowa City to hunt white women and sell drugs to college kids. Rapes in Iowa City have been going on for many years. They’ve learned to accept it.

  • SoulInvictus

    Who knows, maybe her getting jail time will provoke a public backlash. Even a silent one, it may further drive Brits towards voting the right way on an immigration moratorium.
    And drunk and obnoxious or not, I’d say the lady deserves credit for doing more than even 99.9% of the people here have done. I like the idea of them being the ones slapped around and in fear instead of some poor kid with aspergers.

  • I love to see our enemies hoisted by their own petard. I wonder how many lives she ruined before her own movement turned on her.

  • RyanP

    My head nearly explodes on a daily basis when I hear similar nonsense. It is truly amazing what intelligent people are able to make themselves believe.

  • RyanP

    I love that sign. “Not in my Nature Sally” As if we get to chose what nature already decided.

  • Holly Currier

    Well for one, blaming women for how they are dressed.

  • Mentious

    All-black rapes covered up by the craven Iowans I take it?