Posted on February 7, 2014

This Black History Month, Help Make a Better Black Economic Future with

Black News, February 6, 2014

Black history month is in full swing, and wants you to not only honor the richness of Black history, but to also build a better Black future through buying and selling, Black.

“It’s important to look back into history with awe and appreciation, yet it’s critical to look forward into the future and create a stronger, better Black community,” says Brian Williams, founder & CEO of “Buying Black is an excellent way to get there!” is an online e-commerce website similar to an African American focused Amazon marketplace. The website hosts Black owned & Black servicing businesses selling products in free stores directly on the website. The web site is inviting business owners to open free webstores to sell their products to its audience of African American online customers.

Brian studied Black business success while getting his Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Texas, which inspired him to start He will be speaking at American University this Black history month, and has appeared on TV One to speak about his experiences. He says that buying Black has the potential to reduce Black unemployment down to as little as 1%.

“When one puts together the facts, it becomes clear why is such an important and useful platform for Black owned and Black servicing businesses to sell their products.”

There are about 1.8 million Black owned businesses that do not have employees according to the latest American business survey. There are also nearly 2.1 million unemployed Black people as of December 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If we used our one trillion dollar buying power to strengthen those businesses, they could hire at least one employee. This has the potential to reduce Black unemployment all the way down to 1%!

“It starts right now, with us! We are the future of Black America, and it’s our job to make it the best it can be. There’s no better way to celebrate Black history than that!”

PurchaseBlack was founded to be a positive part of the solution. The business is asking Black owned and Black servicing companies to sell their high-quality products, yet not services, on the website. “Our webstores are free to get started, and we only make a commission once your products are actually sold through PurchaseBlack. If you don’t make money, then we don’t make any either. We are in this together.”

Businesses are encouraged to visit for more information about opening a webstore.

They can also connect with the site on their Facebook page, @PurchaseBlack on Twitter, YouTube, or on Google Plus.