School’s Event for Straight-A Students Sparks Controversy Over Kids’ Hurt Feelings

Billy Hallowell, The Blaze, February 6, 2014

A pizza and dance party for straight-A students at a Maryland middle school has sparked controversy among parents and students alike.

Kids at Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, Md., Tuesday were rewarded with an “Academic Achievement Celebration” for having good grades.

The party, which started during the final period of the school day, featured pizza, soda, games and a DJ, according to WTTG-TV.

While some saw it as an appropriate reward for a job well done, others dismissed it as exclusionary. And here’s why: Kids who received lower grades were reportedly not allowed to enjoy free pizza at the party–and were only invited to attend after classes ended.


Karen Hanlon, a parent with a child who has special needs and who was not invited to the party, said that the parameters simply weren’t fair.

“The students that don’t get to go end up feeling bad,” she told The Washington Post, claiming that the party divides students into groups.


And the school’s principal, Casey Crouse, said that the event is meant to be an incentive and a congratulations for those kids who have performed very well.

“The intention is not to make those who didn’t achieve feel badly,” she told the Post, adding that lower-performing students are honored at the school in different ways. “This is to recognize those who did do well.”



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  • David Ashton

    Why not reward only those who come last in any comparison or competition? Would that help?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      So you’ve read here of the prezzy’s new policy regarding “discipline” for his po persecuted little thugs?

      • Alexandra1973

        That the same kid I said whose blackness wouldn’t be helped by that? I think I recall you posting something about that.

      • David Ashton

        “We” are “all” guilty, except the “criminals”.

        No-one is “ugly”, except the “beautiful”.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Ah, you know how to quack the duckspeak, I see. Useful skill when trying to parse reality, lol…

          • David Ashton

            Yes, the duckspeak. Good old Orwell!

      • stewball


    • We already have rewards for those who come last in school academic events: they are taught to wash dishes and mop floors. The exceptionally stupid ones are taught to wash dishes and mop floors in prison.

  • Puggg

    33% Hispanic, 25% black, 24% white, 13% Asian, 5% two or more races.

    There were too many whites and Asians at the straight A party and not enough blacks. That’s what’s going on here.

    If they wanted to have a black party, they should have had one for the straight F students.

    • Watch the video. They picked a black boy and an Asian girl to interview, thus implying that there were no white students there.

    • Fathercoughlin

      How dem bruvazz sposed to get wit dem white girlz if dey cant get in da party? Nomesayne?

  • TheCogitator

    Only when we get to the world of Harrison Bergeron will these fools be satisfied.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      They get gold stars for sub-mediocrity and still think they should get PAID for attendin skool.

      Ejumcayshun – teaching parasitism from K through 12!

      • Who Me?

        Ejumacayshun Bro, ejumacayshun. Gotta watch the spellin’ on them there big words.

        • stewball

          Sorry. Didn’t see you’d already corrected him. My heart apologies.
          Where did that word come from? I used it in England too.

      • stewball

        ‘EjumAcayshun’. At least spell it correctly.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Hey…I got it “close enough”. Now back to yakkin’ on my sail fone an’ playin vidio gamez.

          I got my D-. I happy wit dat!

          Sombody shood pay me fo goin 2 skool.

          Why u be pikin on me?

    • Jesse James

      I remember when I first read that short story and thought that it was a bit too ridiculously improbable yet now it looks like a work of clairvoyance.

    • Diana Moon Glampers

      We are well on our way.

      • Dr. Möbias

        What was your first hint?

  • Spartacus

    Bring out the idiot awards !

    • stewball

      Sparky! Long time no see!

  • Luca

    We must continue to reward the underachieving students. Then when they get older, we can support them so they won’t feel excluded or get their feelings hurt.

    • Ron Cheaters

      While shitavious lays in bed dreaming of bling he’d buy with all his undiscovered genius. Johnny’s out there shovelling snow at 6 in the morning planning his day and looking forward to a cold beer when the dayis done.

      Shitavious wants Johnny’s green… but can’t seem to get out of bed and if e does, the first thing he does id blaze a joint and plot how to slash Johnny’s tires so he can’t work tomorrow.

      Negro Karma

    • stewball


  • ncpride

    Reminds me when my son was in 4th grade. They took a test on something and afterward, he was overheard telling another student the test was easy. The teacher had the gall to call me and complain that saying things like that may offend or hurt the other kids feelings who didn’t do well or struggled with the test. I promptly told her I was offended that my child couldn’t feel proud of his accomplishment and say so out loud. She didn’t call back.

    • Who Me?

      Way back when my kids were in school everybody got a ribbon for “Participation” no matter what. It was some sort of extra-curricular contest. Everybody got a ribbon. My kids weren’t fools, they said why bother, and since there was no real reward for doing their best, I noticed the next year they didn’t enter the contest. I figured that since it wasn’t mandatory, I wouldn’t force them, There were still plenty of activities where excellence was rewarded.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        What’s amazing to watch though is the way blacks just eat this stuff up. I’ve seen them sport huge smiles as if they won a Nobel prize and it’s a total gimme school “fairness” participation scam. But some people are actually cashing in on this aspect of blacks. There are apparently services they can pay for to gain some sort of dubious collegiate recognition. Its not a certificate or fake degree, it’s just $35 for getting on a “recognition” list that is nothing more than a list of sheer suckers. It is sometimes sold as an enhancement to scholarship applications. I’m sure the people who get an application with this crap stapled to it are more than happy to take the sucker’s money. Only, it’s taxpayer money usually.

        • dd121

          I worked with a old black guy, who was dumb as a post, but he had a phd degree framed and posted at his desk. The university named on his “degree” did not exist. He took it all very seriously and all his black friends called him “doctor”. Whites would be fearful of ridicule and never do such a silly thing. Stereotypes are born of such behavior. ha ha

      • My senior year high-school calculus teacher offered the class a prize for whomever could solve a certain problem. Wally and wrote down the details, and broke down the problem into a nightmare of algebra over a wargame on my mother’s kitchen table: “Star Fleet Battles”. The equation was a page long.

        I put the problem away into a compartment of my mind (people who were beaten as children are good at that) and I explained the problem at archery class to one of my friends, and had to write the solution – a trigonometric substitution – on bits of paper from the back of my pocket with my friend’s pen. I felt as if I had been hit by lightning. That poor friend went on to major in math, and though he had never been very good at it before, he still blames me, almost 30 years later.

        Wally and I were the only ones to turn in solutions. Both of ours were correct. He battered through an algebraic expression that looked to both of us like the end of the world, and then factored the (moderated) equation.

        Our teacher had said exactly the right thing: “nobody can do this”.

        Of course we would. Wally liked competition swimming and cross-country skiing. I liked laboratory chemistry and my girlfriend. Neither of us wanted to be in that class!

        It was an allegedly impossible problem; nothing like it in CRC or in any literature.

        Two ways of doing it produced the same answer.

        • Ron Cheaters

          Remind me of a plaque outside the hangar of deHavilland aircraft which said “Welcome to deHavilland where all things are possible, the impossible may take an extra half-hour”
          This is the company that designed the engines for the Avro arrow and created the fastest ship in the world, the Hydrofoil, basically a boat with wings that would lift up out of the water. Capable of doing 64 naughts at half power. Which still may be a record holder..

          .. too far advanced for Canada’s interests.

          • dukem1

            The twin otter!!!!

          • Ron Cheaters

            Yes. Most versatile aircraft. Still in production after almost 40 years I believe.

          • The production Arrow would have used US-made J-75s, Since the US Air Force F-105 Thunderchief used only one of those, the Arrow would have been the “knuckle-dragging ape” of the interceptor school of flight engineering. It would have permanently ended the threat of any manned Soviet bombers to North America.

            The problem with the CF-105 Arrow was that it came at the wrong time. The Soviets decided they preferred ballistic missiles as these were immune to fighter interception, and in the late 1950s the first true multi-mission fighter jet was being flown by the US navy: the F-4 Phantom. The CF-105 would have never made a good multi-role aircraft. That big tailless delta layout was good for only one thing: going very fast in straight lines at high altitude.

            The CF-105 deserved better, and with a more conventional wingplan it might have done so.

          • Ron Cheaters

            True enough, and the same theory goes for the Hydrofoil (HMCS Bras ‘dor)
            Though I’d rather have the option of it being there than not. And it/they are true symbols of engineering and politics.
            What we can achieve if we work for the goal. As white’s together.
            No blacks on those crews, I can guarantee that.

        • In addition to a degree in ChemE, I used to play the board game “Star Fleet Battles” when younger. They made a computer game after it years later but it had a lot of problems.

          • Good for you! I still have it. I always fought as Kzintosh. My favorite ship name was “Shaved Hound of the KzinRett”. I also once commanded “Lurker at Waterholes”.

            No Klingon in its right mind fights a Kzin or Lyran.

        • Berkeley Guy

          Nice anecdote, but I wonder who downvoted you.

          I guess people like you can’t have pizza and dancing though because that would reward your hard work and make less able people feel bad. I feel pity for such people who subscribe to such thinking as those protesting the straight-A party. I’ve had semesters where I get straight A’s and semesters where I don’t, and the ones who got straight A’s here deserved whatever they got–they earned it and I didn’t.

          Do you still enjoy tackling tough problems? And as a tangetial question, if you don’t mind, why the orc picture?

  • bigone4u

    Obama should give back his Nobel Peace Prize. I didn’t get one and my feelings are hurt. In fact, I’m going to start crying unless he gives it up. Three, two, one … boo hoo hoo.

    • The only prize that ever mattered to me was the love of Mrs. Scott.

    • dd121

      You misunderstand bigone, he got the prize by the Swedish socialists for being the first freely elected communist president in the USA. He’s fulfilled that role magnificently.

      • They should have given the silly thing to the Dumb-O-Craps who elected it. As an aside, someone here doesn’t like wargames. That’s quite OK; the down-voter probably thinks watching Afritards throw a ball around on TV is intellectually stimulating and gets a “shiver down his leg” in every interspecies homoerotic sense of that phrase.

        • dd121

          I don’t much care about up or down votes but it is annoying when somebody leaves their anonymous down vote. They should at least have the courage to leave a comment and defend their position.

          • Disqus does not have the functionality to see who voted a comment down, only who voted a comment up, and only if the user who did it is Disqus or compatible social media signed up.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Kind of wise in my opinion, actually. No need for any more acrimonious grudges than naturally spring up as is.

            It’s not Facebook for a reason, eh?

            I do kind of wish there were an “ignore this person” utility sometimes, though…

          • I suppose I owe everyone an apology for my momentary intemperance.

            But we all come here to read things which stimulate our brain, precisely to avoid the silliness that we find on some of our other favorite websites and blogs. We don’t need to have the same silliness here.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I imagine it must be difficult to hold back for you, lol…

            Keep up the great work, brother.

          • stewball

            Or sister. Don’t need a chauvinist.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Me man, woman!

            I think of God and unknown posters as men generally by default.

            Sue me, baby…(lol)…

        • Garrett Brown

          I’d say most common and frequent down votes are from Engleman and his lackeys.

          • It’s hard to say. I suspect that Mr. Engleman is lacking in lackeys precisely because while he is not well-loved here, any garden-variety liberal would regard his hard line on black crime as political heresy. He probably thus feels rather alone.

    • stewball

      I wish someone could tell me why Obama bin Laden got a Nobel prize. For being a black president? There are plenty of black presidents in the world. Why don’t they get the prize? !!!!!
      Stupid swedes.

  • Druid

    Well, I never would’ve been invited to the party either, but no one cared about my feelings.

  • r j p

    Will the A students parents complain if the students who were held back get a pizza party?

    • Ron Cheaters

      What sort of indignant baby wants consolation pizza..
      Except for oblivious gluttons?

  • borogirl54

    I believe that the Oakland A’s at one time had a promotion that if a kid has all A’s in school, he would have to show his report card at the ticket window and the kid would get in free. Is that discriminatory as well?

    • Puggg

      It might be. Someone who gets straight As is smart enough to know not to be A’s fans.

  • sbuffalonative

    Ok, have a pizza party for each grade, B C D and F. Let’s reward failure.

    • Puggg

      Here’s what will happen. Eliminate grades, and everyone gets pizza.

      Except it will have to be tofu, because Michelle says pizza will make you fat.

      • r j p

        Meanwhile, what is Moochelle stuffing into her face in the White House panty courtesy of the country credit card.

        • Alexandra1973

          Which is over the limit.

      • “Eliminate grades”

        Is that anything like the kids’ baseball and soccer games where no official score is being kept? I suspect China would be delighted if what currently pass for American academic “standards” were relaxed in that direction.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Failure has been rewarded for fifty years through entitlements.

  • 1stworlder

    Well with those standards they basicly banned blacks

    • No. They had at least one black kid – and he’s the one they interviewed!

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    This is just a microcosm of what our transnational elite has in store for us in the near future: a world of coffee-colored mediocrities, where no one is better than anyone else. Everyone will be “equal”, but some people will be more equal than others.

    • dukem1

      Yeah…Hard to figure where their electricity and jet airplanes will come from, though.

      • Brian

        They might have to dig some of those Gypshun spacecraft out of mothballs.

    • DonReynolds

      There will be lead rain and fire before that happens.

    • Berkeley Guy

      All that is just hot air, and has been tried by people referring to themselves as socialists or communists or humanists (not that all of them do that). Each and every time that our natural inclination to compete is trampled on it springs up somewhere else and eventually shows those oppressors of the competitive nature that they have been criminal.

      To understand humanity or society or community one must understand competition. Any political theory that leaves this notion out is doomed to fail.

  • dd121

    Karen Hanlon hit the key point: life just isn’t fair. Say is isn’t so, Barak.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Ban pizza.

    Problem solved.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Pizza wouldn’t satisfy me. Perhaps a nice piece of grilled salmon with dill sauce.

      • Raw salmon, please. Cooking saltwater fish spoils the taste.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I enjoy sushi but want my salmon lightly grilled. It’s delicious.

          • My mother prefers I cook her salmon that way. I can’t have firearms or ammunition anymore, and I’ll probably never work as a research chemist again, but I love cooking and I’m really good at it. My work is never really “work” so long as I enjoy it.

            I successfully replicated a Breton mussels dish I remembered from La Rochelle we had when I was five. My mother was amazed. Of course I was showing off, but even I am allowed to do that once in a while.

            Pizza, however is also an opportunity for artistic expression. The idea is that it look good, while also tasting great. My best friend from high school likes bacon & sauerkraut pizza. When he stayed with us before his divorce in 2006, I made it quite a lot, just to cheer him up. I like chicken pizza with ranch or Caesar dressing instead of marinara sauce. I also make Mexican pizza with salsa verde. As little use as I have for the greasers, some of their ancestral Aztec food ingredients are quite useful.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    Trying in school. Das raycis.

    • Luca

      No, dat be “acting White” and “Not keepin’ it real.”

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    Also it is unfair to judge academic performance in consideration for college admission or employment. We should really have some law to make it fair.
    Oh wait…..

    • Dr. Möbias

      In California, Prop 209 made it law. The academics that control the system are doing everything they can to overturn it but so far have had no luck in the Cal Supreme Court.
      Only a matter of time…

  • The natural conclusion to a nation founded on the principle that “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” This is why I have always found AmRen’s banner quotation from Jefferson imbecilic. Of COURSE there are truths that cannot be disseminated. What a naive, child-like view of human nature.

    The future of Western Civ and white people will never be secured until we overtly reject the Enlightenment, including the principles that founded the USA, and forge a new, non-liberal (i.e. non-Lockean, non-Jeffersonian) path. The founders of this country were the deconstructionists of their day. AmRen is based on the idea that the United States can be reformed within the principles of its founding. It cannot. The gulf between those who still cling to 18th century parchment declarations and those of us who have moved past that will only grow. Jonathan Bowden and Alex Kurtagic speak to my Gen X generation. This is not about free speech; it’s about retaking power. Until we realize that, this is just a talking shop.

    • IstvanIN

      Does “all men” include blacks? Or does it actually mean equal or equal in the eyes of the Lord and the law? One can be expected to follow the same laws and have an equal chance to be saved and yet not be equal when it comes to talents and abilities or ambition.

      • You will notice that my comment, which was more insightful than the usual opinions expressed around here, was deleted. Why? Perhaps any criticism of Jefferson and the founders appears verboten. Perhaps my use of the word “imbecilic” to describe the Jefferson quote atop AmRen’s banner was too much for the echo chamber. Either way, the future is not 1776. It’s unfortunate AmRen has decided to delete the comments of a person with two post-college advanced degrees, four languages and career in investment banking. I guess they only want a cheering section; no criticism of the US allowed.

        • IstvanIN

          Wow, I didn’t think your comment was all that rude. I was hoping you would elaborate. I am no Chaucer but the number of my comments that get deleted puzzles me, most of the time I can not figure out why. None the less it make my response useless since no one knows what I was referencing.

        • Anna Tree

          I wish the moderator will explain why your comment was deleted…

          If they don’t say why, how can we know how not to do a “mistake” again?!

        • Brian

          It’s unfortunate AmRen has decided to delete the comments of a person
          with two post-college advanced degrees, four languages and career in
          investment banking.
          They probably didn’t do a background check on you before making the decision. We’ve all had comments deleted here from time to time.

        • fgarrett

          I’ll suck your dick for a cheeseburger, baby.

        • Dr. Möbias

          I would be very interested in reading your comment…also in knowing why it was deleted, if it were as you stated and didn’t contain gratuitous profanity or obscenities.

          Agree with your opinion of the Jefferson quote especially as it pertains to your deleted comment. What is it AmRem doesn’t want us to know?

        • And yet, even with two graduate degrees, knowing four languages and having a career in investment banking, you still believe in the crazy crackpot tinfoil hat conspiracy theory about Masonic lodges vis-a-vis the construction of the American founding documents and that “all men are created equal” somehow was meant to refer and apply to every person of every race in the world when it never had any such imperative.

          This is the kind of insanity our movement needs to doff immediately.

          What you call “echo chamber,” we call “discipline,” another thing sorely lacking in our movement.

          • I like to argue with folks as much as the next guy, but a mud-sling-fest is a major turn-off. We do that enough to each other already over what might constitute “orthodoxy”.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Perhaps it was a HBCU type college, and at least one language was ebonics, the other black English vernacular or leetspeak and investment banking has something to do with a mattress and drug money or federally mandated housing loans.

            Or just a bunch of bunk-ola.

            Going with “B” myself. Occam’s razor.

          • You are so common you actually think anything I said related to Masonic conspiracies. No, it relates to the consequences of certain philosophical presuppositions. You also don’t want people pushing on the obvious growing split between those of us who know philosophy is a precondition to getting out of our impasse, and people like the founders of your magazine who are hostile to abstract thought. THAT’S what really bothered you, whether you realize it or not.

        • Max

          The US gov’t and Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians are regularly criticized here -and vigorously. What doesn’t play well, since this IS “American Renaissance”, is criticism of the unarguably white, Christian, Anglo-European cultural foundations of law and society and the founders themselves.

  • John K

    Segregation is the answer.

  • Alexandra1973

    What you do is encourage your child to do better, and take them out to a pizza place.

    Everything’s so feminized. It’s feminine to want to share, masculine to want to compete.

    We see that all over the place. Pay everyone the same no matter what job they do. Problem with that is, no one has the incentive to put forth any more effort than necessary–what’s the point?

    • IstvanIN

      And it is White to be gracious in defeat and practise good sportsmanship, and that goes for males and females. In a civilized society it shouldn’t be all kill or be killed. What happened to congratulating the successful?

    • Berkeley Guy

      Sort of like home-schooling, at least for the encouraging part of it. And this is what we need to do for our children if the teachers won’t do it. Children get it when we tell them to just pretend to go along with the equality myth, and at the same time instruct them on how to compete and keep it quiet. It’s sad that these days so many of us can lose our jobs or even friends just for talking about this natural urge to compete.

    • bilderbuster

      Just don’t take them to Chuck E Cheese.

  • The Final Solution

    The only reward for being inadequate should be a brutal beating. To quote from one of my favorite movies, the Postman, “Whoever finishes last ain’t hungry enough to eat.” Let them spend 20 years on the Wheel of Pain. That’ll give em time to think about learning something.

  • IstvanIN

    Does this mean there should be no valedictorian or salutatorian? Should we keep score for baseball games? You reward accomplishment. Hopefully, that gives the kids who didn’t get a pizza party the incentive to do better. As for the “special needs” kids, they shouldn’t be in the regular school, they should be in a school for them. Oh and by the way I have a “special needs” kid in my family and am friends with a family with a “special needs” kid. I am sorry that there are “special needs” kids but that shouldn’t mean the exceptional kids shouldn’t be recognized for their talents. They are special, too.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Even the special needs ones aren’t as dumb as they let on.. not dumb.. per se.
      Less inhibited is more the truth in most cases.

      • Alexandra1973

        My own son is in special education but he’s pretty smart, I’ve had more than one teacher tell me. He just turned 12 and he’s in the 6th grade.

        I remember when he graduated from elementary school, he got a little certificate for having turned in all his homework.

    • Anna Tree

      I agree. A “special need” kid is one more challenge for the teacher. We are so lucky in our societies to have “special need” schools… it is just more hardship for the “normal need” kids in the 30 kids per class… And of course the bright kids are completely ignored.

      There was this article one year of so ago: “Father says his severely disabled 18-year-old son’s high grades are a sham” Here a quote: “Eighteen-year-old Jared DeWeese is severely disabled. He cannot walk, talk, read or write. Nevertheless, WSB-TV reports, he is receiving straight A’s in several courses, including algebra, biology and world history at a school in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

      Now, Jared’s father, Wes DeWeese, is publicly questioning exactly how such a feat is possible, given his son’s limited aptitude and cognitive skills. “My wife and I were pretty astounded,” Wes DeWeese told WSB-TV. “Glad he’s getting 90s and 100s. But he can’t do any of these. He has the mental capacity of a six-month-old.”

      As the Daily Mail reports, DeWeese suspects that the grading policy at his son’s school is a sham meant to improve the overall statistics of Gwinnett County schools.”

    • Dr. Möbias

      Yes. Valedictorians and salutatorians are being done away with in the name of fairness and to eliminate hurt feelings.

      Wonder if Google or any other high tech company hire software designers and engineers based on feelings? Or the military enlists and assigns based on total equality, blacks as fighter pilots, mexicans operating sophisticated equipment. I’d like to see that…from a very safe distance.

      • Max

        Yes, “feelings” DO matter. Many companies such as Google proudly have recruiting minorities, including homosexuals, as their prime directive. They apparently still have a minimal complement of able persons on board to make sure that the chaos is manageable. I saw this many years ago with U.S. West.

    • Katherine McChesney

      I passed by a high school the other day which had the names of achieving students on the message board. One of the names was “Sequoia”. Bet you can’t guess the race.

      • IstvanIN

        Not American Indian?

        • They steal every one else’s names, so why not those as well? I prefer they make up their own silly versions.

      • Carney3

        Actually, I’d buy Sequoia as being a California white hippie name.

        • As a university undergrad in California, I knew a white gal named “Cinnamon”. Yes, her parents were hippies. She was a physics major and played an excellent game of pool.

          • Lagerstrom

            At the local white goods store there was a girl called ‘Cinnamon’, but that’s nothing compared to the young guy called ‘Nirvana’. However, being 2013 I’d say his P and M just liked ‘Nirvana’. Maybe his sister’s called Courtney eh?

    • stewball

      ‘Special needs’ kids can be brilliant depending on what the problem is. Should they have to be lumped with those who are less able?

      • IstvanIN

        Well of course you tailor the education to the needs of the child. Who said otherwise?

        • NeanderthalDNA

          There is legitimacy to this but there is also poppycock as well.

          Many conditions if caught early and addressed, such as high functioning Aspergers and Tourettes syndromes can be turned into strengths, or at least reduced to almost non-issues.

          On the other hand, congenitally low IQ cannot be addressed by telling a kid he’s a genius and sending him to a 4 year lib arts college.

          Just the opposite.

  • dd121

    Did you ever notice that every time somebody does something a liberal doesn’t like they characterize it as “sparking controversy”?

    • Dr. Möbias

      “Hurt feelings” is also behind Hate Speech Laws that put a clamp on Free Speech.

    • Berkeley Guy

      I have. Tells one something about the nature of main stream media. Loaded phrases.

    • Max

      -or the leftist interview droids start off a one-sided interrogation with something in the tone of: “How do you respond to critics who say that this program is only designed to perpetuate white privilege?” or whatever when in fact, the only such “critic” is the interviewer who just pulled the question out of her…imagination.

      • dd121

        Yeah, good example. It’s infuriating to hear this coming from the mouths of “journalists” who are supposed to be a disinterested observers. It’s just plain intellectually dishonest.

  • OhWow

    Aww, it makes them feel bad! Come on, give them the trophy too!

    This is what America has become as a result of PC liberalism. This is why blacks are seen as equal. They don’t use standards anymore. It’s just about whatever makes people feel good.

  • LHathaway

    “lower-performing students are honored at the school in different ways”.

    This actually sounds like the double-speak nonsense the multicult constantly puts out. . ..

  • We play “Neverwinter Nights” on the household LAN I set up. A cute conversation this evening: “Daddy, I can’t see where you are.”

    “I’m right next to you. Move a little left.”

    “There’s something there.”

    “That’s me. Something is running down the corridor, but we’ll let them go. We’ll trash the ones chasing them.”

    We did trash the ones chasing them.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Curious. Exactly WHAT does that mean?

      • I set up up a household Local Area Network by running the ethernet cables through the heating ducts, and sometimes we play Neverwinter Nights online. Any fight that is going right is one that started out out as an ambush.

        “Let’s trash ’em” means killing them all. NWN beats “Connect Four”.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      I should take a screenshot of my favorite character, “Boonzilla Kill Kill”. Huge half orc female. One level of bard (rappin’ skilz), then barbarian and red dragon disciple. She’s a beast!

      I kind of cheese off my buddies when we play because Boonzilla invariably runs around mindlessly destroying everything she can smash, including directional and shop signs, not to mention doors and chests. Results in confusion sometimes.

      Hey…I do like to role play a little, you know? Also keeps the other guys from getting too bogged down and wasting time in one place. They know ol’ Boonzilla gets destructive when bored.

      • The only critter I have like that is Ungingurz, but I hacked the NWN game and he really is a hobgoblin. About the size of a half-orc, but with rust-colored skin and tusks that would look cute on an Indonesian boar. Ungingurz is a fighter-assassin. My wife says he (it?) is the walking death-penalty. When my wife wants to monster-mash, she plays as a dark halfling.

  • Kit Ingoldby

    “The students that don’t get to go end up feeling bad,”

    Welcome to planet Earth.

    What sort of society can survive, which actually teaches that losers should have just the same prizes as winners? Just more evidence of a society in the advanced stages of decadence as it heads toward internal collapse.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Boo Freakin’ Hoo.

    All of life is about competition, get used to it.

    • Aside from competition, there is also cooperation, but that requires trust. For trust to exist there must be some level of mutual understanding. Between African blacks and humans, this will never exist.

    • Really?

      You must be living in the racist past.

      Life today is about eliminating the concept of competition, and the concept of success and failure, and subsequently living off Baracka Claus.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I’d bet that Moochele menu planning is a sight to behold.

  • ncpride

    All the snarky comments made by our media about Russia is embarrassing and childish. Don’t remember them being so rude about any other nation, not even China.

    • Martel

      Reminds me of the media refusing to charge Russia during the Olympic games in Beijing when Russia bullied Georgia. I wouldn’t say the US media is Russiaphobic at all. which makes sense because every journalist out there wanted to be a apparatchik when he got big.

      • ncpride

        Complaints and criticism about everything from the location, hotels, water, security, and everything Yahoo news has written about the opening ceremonies has snide comments in the articles. Not to mention the hit pieces on Putin. Apparently taking a stand against homosexuality is the worst thing in the world. They even got criticism about not highlighting some of their terrible history in the opening ceremonies. Who does that, anyway? Silliness all around in my opinion.

        • Martel

          You might be right, I haven’t really looked into it, just commented on the general attitude towards russia. The gay agenda is almighty.

          • ncpride

            Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira from NBC got slammed for their commentary with it’s political agenda, and as one writer put it…’The Opening Ceremonies would have been beautiful had Vieira and Lauer been able to keep their mouths shut for three minutes’…

        • David Ashton

          A method in the madness? Russian nationalism and “family values” the actual and SYMBOLIC target of media-managed fashion-frenzy. Pussy Rioters more important than Solzhenitsyn in today’s “values”? Watch this space.

          In Britain, a fuss looming over asylum for the world’s “gays” – watch this space too. “Our Deputy PM” demands a change in our attitude over the drug “wars” – watch this space. Old state papers supposedly contain proof that we evaded our own anti-slavery laws – watch this space. The EU demands that every member-state falls into line over criminalising “holocaust denial” (not the communist sort).

          Huffington, puffington, and the house comes down.

        • bilderbuster

          Yahoo’s coverage is so pro-homosexual & full of snide twists it reads like it was written by NAMBLA.
          All about a law that prohibits promoting a pro-homosexual agenda to minors.

      • I have mixed feelings about Russia and Georgia. If Georgia has the right to independence from Russia, then South Ossetia has the right to independence from Georgia. There are no clean answers in these situations. I would rather white people not fight each other.

        • ncpride

          Totally agree, Michael. There are far too few of us to be killing and fighting one another. I think it’s a terrible shame.

        • bilderbuster

          Georgia had a Jewish leader & wanted to be a member of NATO at the time it tried that little prank that could have started WWlll.

          • stewball

            What Jewish leader? Was he voted in by the public and what ‘little prank? ‘

          • bilderbuster

            Who? Defense Minister & Israeli citizen David Kezerashvili.
            Was he voted in? No.
            The ‘little prank’? The invasion of South Ossetia.

    • bilderbuster

      But I do recall the media doing a good “sweep it under the rug” job about all the financial irregularities happening in Salt Lake City.

  • MekongDelta69

    The Race To The Bottom

    Loser Wins…

    • Katherine McChesney

      Sound like obama’s campaigns.

  • Roninf9

    ‘While some saw it as an appropriate reward for a job well done, others dismissed it as exclusionary.’

    You can’t have a civilization without being exclusionary. If you don’t exclude those that can not or will not meet the standards of behavior and achievement then that civilization is doomed. Western civilization is being target for termination and those who seek its destruction have make it illegal or socially unacceptable for Western man to exclude anyone.

  • DonReynolds

    Poor performing students have no reason to expect a reward any more than they should receive all A’s on their report card.

  • DonReynolds

    Probably one of those white liberal Roman Catholics. Maryland has plenty of those.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “The students that don’t get to go end up feeling bad,”

    Well…in that even given the probably low average IQ of many, positing that standards have been so lowered that getting “straight A’s” is likely no huge accomplishment…I gotta think that many of those not invited could have gotten better grades with some effort and perhaps a concerned, active parent…

    When one acts in shameful ways, is not shame a natural and appropriate consequence?

    Wouldn’t want to teach ’em anything like that, now would we?

  • Evette Coutier

    Next they will demand parties for pregnant middle school girls, kids with criminal records, and events for drug users. We can’t discriminate now can we.

  • Lagerstrom

    While some saw it as an appropriate reward for a job well done, others
    dismissed it as exclusionary. And here’s why: Kids who received lower
    grades were reportedly not allowed to enjoy free pizza at the party–and
    were only invited to attend after classes ended.

    Why would that be? Because they didn’t bloody earn it, that’s why!

  • Marv Ack

    So, they’ve done away with the National Honor Society as well, then? Or have they kept it, because everyone likes pizza and nobody really knows or cares what the NHS does?

    • My high school classmates with good grades received a form letter from the National Honor Society at Fairview HS in late 1983, so they sent a form letter back. Our unprincipled principal revoked them, so they started their own “National Dishonor Society”. I was invited to join it, but with a three-ish GPA, I declined on a point of honor.

      One wouldn’t normally expect a bunch of white high school kids to show so much backbone. Even 30 years later I am delighted they did. My old HS girlfriend is now an EPA lawyer and probably pays more in taxes each year than that critter earned. I have run into a few of the others over the last three decades, and nobody is sorry about it.

  • I think it it proper to have the party for the children who did the best in school. This it the way life is going to treat these children when they are no longer children. If they want to rewards for excelling then they need to excel.

  • gegun64

    That is the problem. When I was growing up winners got the trophy. Now we give trophies for participating. Unfortunately life does not work that way. It is a disservice to give kids the idea that life is fair.

    • Max

      Life DOES work that way now. People are hired, promoted in their jobs because of their color or just given a check for doing nothing.

      What is unrealistic is that they didn’t make the high-achieving kids sponsor a party out of their own pocket for the bottom quartile performers and serve the food to them.

      • gegun64

        Any one who believes life is fair and just, is living in a fantasy land of unicorns and fairies. Our children are no longer prepared for the harsh realities of life. My generation has raised a generation of vidiots with next to no clue how to stand on their own two feet. This vidiot generation has no work ethic and no true pride in anything!

        • Some of them are OK. There were lots of young, hard-working white guys in my welding and machining classes several years ago. The mulatto kid across the street is studying film production in Denver, and he showed me some of his work, which is damned good. At the age of 47, I still consider myself young, and the last deep-diving plug lures I machined out of aluminum included one in each size (85mm, 65mm and 45mm) each received iridescent fish-scale decals I printed at home, over brass-colored paint. The brass color below really makes the decals glitter. I gave them each several coats of clear coat to protect the decals. Even if they never catch any fish, I don’t care; they’re beautiful.

          As for children being “spoiled”, parents have been saying that for at least the last 3000 years.

  • Max

    His Hopefulness was rewarded with a Nobel Prize just for being a Marxist. My feelings are irreparably harmed. It’s not fair.

  • Harry

    Yes, it is right that the students with straight-A grades should be entitled to the free pizza. Just what is wrong rewarding hard work and achievement?

    This is what I have to say to Karen Hanlon. Mrs. Hanlon why don’t you just arrange for a tutor who a professional with special needs children, to tutor your child, so maybe he or she can get a reward like the free pizza?

    This is what I have to say the school’s principal, Mr. Crouse please don’t back down by rescinding this reward program for your straight A-students.

    During my own childhood in the 1960’s, I had my own serious problems with the subject of math. But back in those days, it was unthinkable to let students with low grades get away with it!

  • Rickie Fontenot

    Well they have an award ceremony for everyone else; so the smart kids get extra big deal; most of the times those kids aren’t trying hard any way; I have a special needs so also and he tries so the special needs comment is way out of bounds . Reward for achievement should be a part of learning; sort of like success in business is a reward for hard work; it is called free enterprise not communism !

  • itdoesnotmatter

    In my grammar and middle school days, we had very competitive spelling bees. As students misspelled and were eliminated, the words became progressively more difficult and obscure for those still in the contest.
    The winner was rewarded with a dollar given by the teacher from her own money.
    We loved it, thought it great fun.
    I do not recall there being any problem with non winners or their parents whining about disparate impact .

  • Shooga J

    Time to teach kids the truth…2nd place is the 1st loser. Work hard and good things happen. I am tired of seeing 5000 bumper stickers on cars by proud parents proclaiming “My child made the honor roll at …school”. No, they did not, They just gave you a sticker so you can stop whining.