NAACP Requires Marchers Protesting North Carolina Voter ID Law to Show Photo ID

Katie McHugh, Daily Caller, February 8, 2014

North Carolinians marching to protest voter-ID laws must present a valid photo ID to participate in an NAACP-hosted protest against voter-ID laws in Raleigh on Saturday.

The central claim among the protesters is that the voter-ID laws disenfranchise certain segments of the voting population, particularly minority voters and poor voters.

According to official NAACP flyers passed out at the rally, protesters must carry the precise kind of ID that they would be expected to present at the voting booth.


The march, dubbed the “Moral March” by its leader Rev. William Barber II, who called for a “wave of civil disobedience” while railing against education cuts and the voter ID law, is the latest of a series of protests held against the state’s GOP-controlled legislature. Over 900 “peaceful” and “non-violent” protesters have been arrested since the beginning of the state’s legislative session last January. Police have taken a handful of them into custody each week after they obstructed legislators within the capitol building.


Back in 2011, a poll conducted by Elon University found that 75 percent of North Carolinians supported the state’s voter ID law, and 80 percent believed it was fair to all voters.


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  • MekongDelta69

    The Number One attribute you HAVE to have as a leftist is to be a hypocrite.

  • Puggg

    You need photo ID to visit someone in jail or prison, in almost all cases.

    I would presume that blacks have to do that a lot.

    • You also need one to get a library card or cash your SSDI check.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Black community: “What am be a library card?”

      • Laura Dilworth

        ironically, a couple years ago, i voted early for the mayor, and a black woman requested my id. whenever i use a credit card at guerra’s, the mexican staff require an id from me

        • T_Losan

          blacks given any sort of authority will make damn sure they exercise it to the fullest extent, and often further.

          • Laura Dilworth

            yea, it’s even brutal trying to pick up a relative at the airport. you get hurried away from the curb-badgered…and i’ve had some pretty bad supervisors and a bad postmaster

  • bigone4u

    Logical and consistent thinking is not a black trait. I doubt the blacks can see the irony in their policy of requiring photo IDs. For the racially aware, it’s just another sign of lack of low black IQ and hypocrisy.

    • 1stworlder

      Felons and people with arrest warrants never carry ID

      • I’m a felon, and I have a driver’s license.

        • Laura Dilworth

          there’s not a warrant out for you

      • Laura Dilworth

        some felons have many ids, names, social security numbers…

    • Laura Dilworth

      the bottom line is to cheat

  • If you go to https://www[dot]facebook[dot]com/ReadyForHillary, you will discover that the majority of posts are made by anti-Hillary trolls (like myself).

    Stories like the NAACP anti-voter-ID “march” help me to believe that voter fraud is rampant and basically the fix is in.

    Voter-ID is based in reason & common sense. Something is very fishy.

  • Pelagian

    It’s just Marxist-style agitation, never was, and never will be any logic in it.

    • Greg Thomas

      True, but with the hordes of third worlders pouring in, this Marxist-style agitation now passes for common sense and logic among the dirty masses.

    • Laura Dilworth

      not logic, just cheating

  • dave

    They were told to bring ID because they plan on getting arrested. Blacks and peaceful protest do not exist

  • Luca

    The statement that voter ID laws are racist, make about as much sense as saying that my car wouldn’t start this morning because I saw a stray dog walking down the street.

    The first half of the sentence bears no correlation to the second half and the entire premise lacks even a scintilla of commonsense.

  • the sound the flood the hour

    Did you know that you can go to the DMV and have them classify you as black on your I.D. upon request? I’m going to do that and then I’m going to apply for a black scholarship and when somebody wants proof that I’m black even though “I look white” I’ll just show them my I.D. then I’ll just accuse them of racism, profiling, ect.

  • Truth Teller

    This march and the previous demonstrations are funded and organized by the usual suspects; Ford Foundation, Open Society is that Soros? Tides Kerry Heinz. Ford, Carnegie, and MacArthur foundations have been organizing and funding the anti White movement for 70 years. Ford funded Brown vs Topeka both directly and throug grants to NAACP and ACLU. For pays no taxes as a non profit and is has billions to spend on anti White activities.

  • Truth Teller

    Meanwhile at the Pink Palace museum in Memphis The January to March MLK black history month 2 month orgy is in full blast. This exhibit has several videow of Whites abasing themselves. Note the all White Memphis Junior League is a sponsor. Of course they can afford private school and drivers so their children dont’t haveto risk their lives taking public transportation.

    The Museum » Exhibits » Race – Are We So Different?

    The exhibition Race: Are We So Different? brings together the everyday experience of living with race, its history as an idea, the role of science in that history, and the findings of contemporary science that are challenging its foundations.

    Interactive exhibit components, historical artifacts, iconic objects, compelling photographs, multimedia presentations, and attractive graphic displays offer visitors to RACE an eye-opening look at its important subject matter.

    RACE Exhibit Programs:
    Diversity Dialogues Presented by Kathy and JW Gibson
    Free Lecture Series Presented by Raymond James

    The phrase “I Am a Man,” was used on placards carried by the striking Memphis Sanitation Workers in 1968. Its association with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King has made it an iconic symbol throughout the world.

    The exhibit will feature an original “I Am A Man” placard picked up on the street on March 29, 1968 after a march. Also shown will be a stark red version of the sign with the word “Memphis” below the four main words printed by Emerson Printing in San Francisco shortly after the assassination of Dr. King and a third placard, carried after the assassination of Dr. King which reads, “Honor King, End Racism.”

    Ernest Withers: I Am a Man Portfolio will surround the three posters. The original poem, “I Am A Man,” by Memphian Robert Worsham, believed to be the inspiration for the marchers, will be graphically presented.

    Finally, a large painting entitled “IM” by artists Tim Rollins and K.O.S with stark black letters IM over the text of Ralph Ellison’s novel, Invisible Man.In Our Own Backyard

    In Our Own Backyard tells the sad but inspiring story of the segregated history of the Pink Palace Museum and the students who staged a nonviolent action which lead to their arrest and trial. Their case was appealed to the United States Supreme Court which issued an opinion that finally opened our Museum equally to all visitors.

    Historical Marker Dedication Explore More With Our Community Partners
    Family Guide Una guía de familia para hablar acerca el tema de la Raza
    Teacher Guide for Middle School
    Teacher Guide for High School

    FedEx, First Tennessee Foundation, ArtsMemphis, Ameriprise Financial, Community Foundation, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Junior League of Memphis, Tate Computer Systems, Inc., WYPL.

  • CelestiaQuesta

    As the NAACP represent black grievance, standards, truths and accountability have no place when it interferes with free entitlements like welfare.
    Soon it will be racist for blacks to be incarcerated as they will be exempt by reason of white displacement and neglect.
    Blacks will soon be freely excused to roam our streets to rob, murder and rape with impunity.

  • Spartacus

    Pathetic critters… They can’t even get their papers in order.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Every once on a while the crypto-Marxists and especially the Negroes give us a little gem like this. Ever visited an “ANTIFA” website?

      Hypocritical slime. They publish addresses and personal information of those they out. Someone needs to find where they live and pay them a visit, but not brag about it.


      • Pelagian

        From the ANTIFA ‘About’ page:
        “we come from the anarchist tradition”

        Ur not very anarchist if you follow a “tradition”, lulz

      • I post under my own full name and have in fact posted my own home address online. No takers from the antifa yet.

        • Luca

          Correction: sissies and cowards.

  • Greg Thomas

    This only proves that requiring photo id to vote only “disenfranchises” those who vote
    early and often and those who are not entitled to vote in the first place.
    These hypocrites are so dense that they do not see the irony!

  • negrolocaust

    New evidence revealed in East Liberty slaying. google that. two white woman raped and killed by (my opinion) by a blk or blks, was a doctor. funny, every time i opined this about 20 white users flagged my post. yeah really funny. REALLY SAD. truth is only a blk would do that then ditch the car a mile away. i also predicted they were raped and one was found naked. truth hurts does it not leftists. everybody knows blacks did it then shot them execution style. hate to say it but the lady doctor looks like a hipster.

    • LHathaway

      They found something to get mad at there. . . you.

      Always the way it works.

    • Rosenmops

      I googled this and found that the slain women have a sister, Mary Wolfe, who is a Democratic state representative in Iowa. They are also saying that bleach was poured on the bodies. The neighborhood seems to be a gentrified ghetto and is about three quarters black. Very tragic case.

  • sbuffalonative

    Asking people to bring ID’s is of course asking them to be prepared to be arrested but it does show these people know the value of IDs and they know their people can produce them if it’s for their benefit.

  • r j p

    There are very few legitimate residents that don’t have an ID.
    No voter ID is just a tactic to allow illegal voting.
    As I have said before, just give out gov IDs for free and the question becomes mute.

    • 1stworlder

      I am willing to believe that blacks are too stupid and lazy to get ID

      • Jesse James

        No they need ID for all the welfare programs they are scamming, many of them probably have multiple IDs just like the illegals.

      • Who Me?

        Here you have to produce valid ID to buy booze, they have ID. They just don’t want to have to use it because it makes it harder to vote 9 times in the same election.

      • Laura Dilworth

        they have ids, but if illegal immigrants don’t need ids to vote, then they will cheat and vote democrat

    • antiquesunlight

      Exactly right. I know for a fact that at least a handful of illegal Mexicans were turned away here in 2012. A Mexican I work with told me he and his illegal buddies went to vote for Obama but weren’t allowed to because none of them had US IDs. He was resentful about it, but I was quite pleased.

      I don’t know about other states, but at least in Georgia, you can already obtain a free ID for voting. They have no excuses.

  • RHG

    I am sure the irony is lost on these race hustlers.

  • WR_the_realist

    Photo id was also needed to get into the Democratic National Convention, while all the Democrats were complaining that requiring such id to vote is racist.

  • Dale McNamee

    I’m laughing at the NAACP with dark,derisive, & mocking laughter over their hypocrisy…

  • Laura Dilworth

    both, the inmates get visitors