Legislation to Give Voters Say on Race-, Gender-Based Policies Moves Forward

Mitchell Handler, Daily Californian, February 2, 2014

California voters may soon have the opportunity to decide if race, gender or ethnicity should be used as factors of consideration in admission, retention and recruitment programs in the state’s higher education systems, including the University of California.

A proposed constitutional amendment approved last week by the state Senate intends to repeal parts of Proposition 209, the 1996 ballot initiative that prohibited the consideration of race, sex or ethnicity in public education, employment or contracting.

Should it succeed, Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 5 would allow public education institutions to consider such traits in their programs. SCA 5 will next move to the state Assembly for approval.

If passed, voters could have their say this November or in November 2016.

The number of minority students admitted to UC Berkeley fell dramatically after Prop. 209. For example, about 50 percent of African Americans who applied for freshman admission to UC Berkeley in 1995 were admitted; in 1998, only 20 percent of African Americans who applied were accepted. In fall 2013, about 10 percent of African American students who applied were accepted, against an overall admission rate of 20.8 percent. Currently, African Americans comprise 3.4 percent of UC Berkeley’s undergraduate population.


Californians might also look favorably at this new legislation—a 2011 statewide survey conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California found that 75 percent of residents thought it was somewhat to very important that schools have a racially diverse student body.


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  • NeanderthalDNA

    Hey White people – get out of Californica. You’re the first to be genocided. As goes Cali…
    But hey…move to whiter pastures. Your folk awaken! Buy guns, keep the ones you have…

    • D.B. Cooper

      NO! NO! No! no!
      That’s a big negative, Ghost Rider!
      I sure don’t want those pansy California, sissy white democrat liberals coming to my state, and then whining about the lack of diversity in our more successful areas.
      The Californians and New Yorkers have an extremely bad habit of bringing their political beliefs with them.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “I sure don’t want those pansy California, sissy white democrat liberals coming to my state,”

        Settle down hoss. I said WHITE people. Not devolved dysgenic pigment challenged homo…sapiens californensis. There’s a few Bear Republic types left there, bro!

        Now take back that thumbs down before I thumbs you down back! No grumbling in the phalanx. (lol)

        • sherry8260

          Thanks for defending us NeanderthalDNA…we get grouped in with the nutjobs and we’re not welcomed anywhere else. That’s why we’re still stuck here. These selfish, land grabbing idiots blame us for electing those liberal jackasses that are ruining our state but we Calipublicans no more elected them (nor will vote for this stupid law) than every American actually voted for Obama. Here’s a hint, people…DEMOCRATS CHEAT. And Calipublicans and Caliservatives have known this a LOT longer than you but when we try to change things, we get arrested, lose our jobs and kicked out of our homes. And you won’t allow us to come live near you. So ask yourselves, who are the REAL hate mongers here??

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        Worse yet, the bringers of die-versity seem to follow them the way a wake homing torpedo will follow a submarine until it either sinks it or runs out of fuel.

        • Greg Thomas

          Notice how the White guy is at the back of the line. That was not by accident folks!

      • fuzzypook

        That’s pretty much what I just said on the original website (and yes, that hot picture is me, back in the day when I was young and cute.) 🙂

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      We ain’t going anywhere. This is where the fun will begin. By the time it happens in your neck of the woods it will be just that much farther down the third-world dookie creek.

      • APaige

        I am also staying. It is all about being in the struggle not running from it. Plus the weather.

        • Ella

          I agree! Why should we give up the best fertile lands and some of the top scenic coastlines due to an overrun? Whites will end up in the desert or some god-forsaken-country trying to survive.

          • fuzzypook

            I’m going to be in the hills of VW. I grow food. live simply, and have plenty of guns to protect my self from the creeping hordes.

          • sherry8260


        • paul marchand

          You’ll be behind the enemy lines.
          And hopefully not the canary in the mine.

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            You mean up against the crack troops of Deshawn and Jose? The only problem which could arise would be if whites decided to fight on behalf of nonwhites…which will undoubtedly happen again.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I might be tempted to join you if it does start out there. We’re all living on dying ground after all.

        More power to you.

  • bigone4u

    Obviously, blacks and browns love laws that discriminate against whites. It’s the only way they can get into college. Once there, the system turns a blind eye to their shortcomings and out the door they go with degrees, where they take a job that should go to a more competent white person. Welcome to the world’s newest banana republic, the former USA.

    • D.B. Cooper

      I can’t feel sorry for a bunch of white people who won’t even attempt to fight back.

      • So CAL Snowman

        So you must feel bad for the entire White race.

  • IstvanIN

    Race, sex and ethnicity should not be used to determine admissions to any post-secondary school. What is the point of admitting someone to a program they have little hope of succeeding in? Why deliberately set someone up for failure. Conversely what is the point of higher education if the person receiving the degree or certificate can not adequately perform the duties or functions associated with that job? Do we really want physicists, nurses or electricians who are incompetent? Do we really need more people with degrees in Beyonce Studies, Afro-Caribbean Studies, or Lesbians in Early 20th Century Film?

    • So CAL Snowman

      Dude, Lesbians in Early 20th Century Film is a cornerstone of modern particle physics. If you don’t understand what it’s like to be an oppressed lesbian on the silver screen, how can you possibly hope to understand what it’s like to be a particle traveling through the fabric of space/time?

  • JohnEngelman

    Proposition 209 was voted into law on 5 November 1996, with 54 percent of the vote.

    Unfortunately, as the percentage of California voters who belong to inferior races increases this may change.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    I guess there’s no chance that minority status will mean freebies for California’s whites, huh? All policies are now aimed at the comprehensive genocide of whites. Full steam ahead, comrades.

  • Spartacus

    “The number of minority students admitted to UC Berkeley fell
    dramatically after Prop. 209. For example, about 50 percent of African
    Americans who applied for freshman admission to UC Berkeley in 1995 were
    admitted; in 1998, only 20 percent of African Americans who applied
    were accepted. In fall 2013, about 10 percent of African American students who applied were accepted, against an overall admission rate of 20.8 percent. Currently, African Americans comprise 3.4 percent of UC Berkeley’s undergraduate population.”


    That be cuz a raycizm an sheet dawg, days crackas uana kiip us daun !

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I agree…its as if we’re supposed to imagine that the UC admissions committee is comprised of KKK members and admirers of the Brudern Schweigen who’d been freed by Prop 209 to kick all the black engineering and physics students to the curb.

  • Extropico

    This treason right here is why Article IV, Section iv mandates the feds to defend against an invasion and ensure a republican form of government. The antiWhites couldn’t get the explicit discrimination they wanted pursuant to Prop. 209. Instead of accepting democracy, they simply import foreign nonWhites to change the democratic majority composition.

  • Alexandra1973

    Whites get out of California…if nothing else, when the Big One hits, you won’t join los mestizos y los negros in the Pacific.

    • So CAL Snowman


  • DaveMed

    I think it’s important to keep fighting in California, because the sooner that ground is ceded, the sooner the invaders will set their eyes upon Oregon and Washington.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Take to the mountains and the north and secede.

      • Alexandra1973

        I recall there are some that want to secede and call that region Cascadia.

  • John R

    So, not using race as a factor in college admissions is….racist? Whatever happened to judging people by the “content of their character”? Oh, yeah. It is okay to discriminate on the basis of race, so long as it is against White people.

  • Truth Teller

    I’ll be sure to vote against this. Not that it will do any good. I donated money and worked 20 hours a week for prop 209. All that happened is that the black and Hispanic admissions went to Asians less qualified than Whites. I well remember a big fuss when a White sued and it was discovered that some Vietnamese got into UCLA with SAT scores in the 900’s.
    The excuse was that the Vietnamese had to work in the family businesses and that their life experience was weighted far more than the test scores.
    As for government jobs on all levels, prop 209 eliminated affirmative action for those jobs as well as college admission. But that has been absolutely, totally discarded. State and local government jobs are 100 percent filled with black and brown third worlders. Even Marin and San Mateo counties mostly White have nothing but black, brown and tan third worlders in every local govt office.

  • Truth Teller

    DB Cooper
    Not all California Whites are liberals. You think I am have radical views on the restoration of civil rights for Whites? Talk to my adult children. My daughter curses every time she goes through the GGbridge toll booth at the brown and tan toll takers who make about #80.000 per year. College and jobs are more or less useless for Whites unless nepotism is available. But with real estate investments, a family history going back to the 1830’s and growing the biggest legal cash crop in the state, I hope we will survive.
    One thing I working on is to change the grandkids last names to Hispanic before high school. Maybe my great great grandchildren will be secret Whites, like the English CAtholics 1533 to 1832.

  • Kenner

    This happened a bit sooner than I expected, but not by much. It’s inevitable a nonwhite majority would insist on reversing the non-discriminatory legislation of the 90’s.

    • willbest

      Well in this case they Hispanics will be stealing admission spots from Asians so its entirely irrelevant from a White person’s point of view

      • WR_the_realist

        Nope. They’ll be taking admission spots from both Asians and whites.

        • willbest

          I suspect the practical application of this is to do what the Ivies do and cap Asians at 17%

  • WR_the_realist

    Of course a majority non-white population will vote to discriminate against whites, especially considering how many crazy left wing whites there are in California who will also vote to discriminate against whites. You will never in a million years find blacks or Hispanics voting for discrimination against blacks or Hispanics.

    • Bossman

      Nobody discriminates against white people. Everybody wants to look white and to look Western.

      • WR_the_realist

        Every advocate of affirmative action and racial set asides wants policies that discriminate against whites. Suppose we had a policy that blacks had to get combined SAT scores 150 points higher than whites to get into college. Wouldn’t you call that discriminating against blacks? In reality whites have to get SAT scores 150 points higher than blacks to have the same chances of admission. Many contracts made by government are reserved exclusively for businesses not owned by white people.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    This is what happens when you allow third world foreigners with historical grievances against white Americans to colonize large tracts of US territory. Whites become an increasingly marginalized group of people who must be legislated out of existence in order to ensure that America is a truly racially diverse society. Ending discrimination means no more white people.

  • wildfirexx

    It looks like equality doesn’t exist anymore in the good old USA . Since the civil rights movement, (which gave the black Africans equality in the states) non-whites have had their equal rights trampled upon due to a discriminatory policy called affirmative action.
    Now that the top job in the country is held by an African American, you would expect that would be the end of this discriminatory practice against the sons and daughters of the founding fathers of this once great nation. I think it’s time for the brave white man and women in this country to step up and peacefully demand equal rights which have been stolen from them under affirmative action. After all that’s how Martin Luther King got equal rights plus, for his people.

    • Jotun Hunter

      thats because the whole concept of equality is a sentimental pipe dream not found in nature. nearly everything of any value in this world was created by white men – not asians, not women, not ay-rabs. we lost the moment we allowed equality as a concept into our hearts. It was an illusion maintained by existing racial and religious hegemony in western nations such as america, as well as revisionism, manipulation and misunderstanding of historical figures such as the founding fathers who are widely quoted by egalitarians, conveniently overlooking that they were slave owners

      • wildfirexx

        Maybe so… but to stand by idly and say or do nothing, (like the past 50 yrs.) while white people are continually brainwashed into thinking that diversity and multiculturalism is somehow the answer to racial harmony… will only dig us deeper into denial of our past accomplishments, and self-guilt for all our supposedly past wrongs, while at the same time encouraging other religious, ethnic and racial groups to celebrate their differences while treading on ours.

  • Juan Outtamany

    U-Haul trucks discriminate against no man.

  • Ella

    What is the Black population of CA?

  • NoMosqueHere

    The problem is not mexicans, blacks, asians, radical gays, or any other favored group. The the problem is YT and his deep guilt trip masochism. Get on the couch YT!