24 Overlooked Vets Get Medals of Honor After Army Prejudice Probe

Todd Beamon, Newsmax, February 22, 2014

President Barack Obama will award the Medal of Honor to 24 Army veterans found worthy after a review of those who may have been overlooked because of their racial or ethnic backgrounds.

The decision to honor the veterans–including 19 who are Hispanic, Jewish, and African-American–with the nation’s highest military commendation follows a Congress-mandated review to ensure that eligible recipients were not bypassed because of prejudice.

Three of the recipients are still living, having served in the Vietnam War. All of the veterans had been recognized with the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation’s second highest military award, from service during Vietnam, the Korean War, and World War II.

All but one of the recipients are enlisted men, from privates to master sergeants. One is a World War II first lieutenant.

The White House ceremony will be held on March 18.


The Army conducted the 12-year review under a directive from Congress in the 2002 National Defense Authorization Act. The law required that the record of each Jewish American and Hispanic American veteran who received a Service Cross during or after World War II be reviewed for possible upgrade to the Medal of Honor.

The Pentagon said the Army reviewed the cases of the 6,505 recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars and found an eligible pool of 600 soldiers who may have been Jewish or Hispanic.

The Army also worked with the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, the Jewish War Veterans of the USA and the American GI Forum, the largest Hispanic-American veterans group, to pinpoint potential medal recipients.

Of the 24, eight fought in the Vietnam War, nine in the Korean War, and seven in World War II.



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  • D.B. Cooper

    I have no problem if they really were denied the medal for true heroism. I do, however, have contempt if this is a publicity stunt to divert the sheep from the article about cutting the military to pre World War II levels.

    • Fathercoughlin

      Who are the most important most reverd most beloved so-called people in America? The Jews of course. To think that the jews would order an investigation to see if by chance any medals of jews might need an upgrade and lo! and behold a whole bunch do! Wow. Good thing they caught that. Who knows how much string pulling and political BS got the jew soldiers their ORIGINAL medals? Most of those were probably fake,too. As in so many other things,if a white man has it,its been EARNED. All others are in doubt.

  • r j p

    Thank be’jesus.

  • Jesse James

    Somebody needs to get up a petition to President Obama begging him to award himself the Congressional Medal of Honor. His bravery in pushing through an anti-white communist agenda and his leadership and dedication to Progress without regard to old fashioned law or precedent is certainly worthy of the highest recognition. Why shouldn’t he be able to award himself the highest honors? Who else has the standing to judge him and his august place in history? He also should invent an even higher award for bravery in advancing the progressive future of America. He could call it The Red Star of the President and it would be the new highest honor outranking the old CMH.

    Nothing says Banana Republic like a President for Life with a fruit salad of medals.

    • Black Swan

      He’s already been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize which shows just how meaningless it is.

  • thomas edward

    Just more affirmative action…

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Oh, no doubt. Pandering to the Hispanics. You could justify thousands of CMoH upgrades. Pure Chicago gangsterism.

    • sbuffalonative

      This is kind of good in a way if you think about it.

      Minorities have long screamed they were discriminated in the military. So people combed through the records to find anyone who might have been missed. In 12 years of research, they found only 24 and 5 of those were white.

      This means that they’ve pretty much cleared up the record. There won’t be many left to find. Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews will have to contend with what they have.

      There should be no more lies and inflated numbers.

  • Katherine McChesney

    The term “African-American” sickens me to the core.

    • blight14

      The presence of ‘African Americans’ in our nation sickens me to the core.

    • Romulus

      Bet you can’t guess which is my favorite noun for them!

  • AndrewInterrupted

    This Chicago idiots are going to make secession easy. They’re burying themselves.

  • The politicalization of the military is going to come back and bite the country in its collective butt. A local woman with a Green Beret son tells me that at 14 years in the military, he is just biding his time, waiting to collect his pension. He hates what it has become, but must remain silent to get that pension. I may be a fool, but I would resign and speak out or better yet, stir the pot and force the military to kick me out. But most people aren’t as angry as me.
    Let’s give every black, Jew, lesbian, tranny, homosexual, and Mexican the highest award, a new one created by a PC congress called “The Congressional Medal of Political Correctness.”

    • AndrewInterrupted

      That’s the same mindset I experienced at a federal contractor. The older ones were just parroting the words that needed to be spoken to please the commissars. One day closer to that pension.

      There’s a poster here named ThomasER916 who was a Marine back around 1995 and said he started seeing the same thing. He also said people were literally dying from the dysfunction, but the Diversity commissars offered no conduit to express their concerns or observations. I had the same experience.

    • Jesse James

      Big I can’t blame the guy for quietly trying to ride it out to get the pension that he has almost earned. It isn’t his fault the country elected an anti-white communist community agitator not once but twice. Also we can’t afford to turn the military completely over to the radicals – there would surely be hell to pay if that happens. Better to have tens of thousands of mid rank guys who may be quiet but are not in the pockets of the radicals and can’t be counted on to attack their own countrymen.

    • Whitetrashgang

      No there just going to get the USA and run it in to the ground, and then demand reparations from the few whites still left living in Iceland.

    • Romulus

      I wrote a an accurate assessment of the Tuskegee airmen in reply to Johnny weissmuller’s comment and it disappeared. Is J. E. Moderating again this evening or was it because of the link to locust blog that I provided. Not a single T. Airmen was a confirmed ace (40 or more kills) and the story of not losing a single bomber has since been shown to be a lie/fraud.
      Fighting German youngsters with outdated equipment (me252) and the luftwaffe, are two different things.

      • My understanding is that if a comment has a link in it, it has to be moderated, but if the link is clean, will appear later.

        • Romulus

          Aaaaah! Yes. I seemed to have forgotten that little detail.
          I have another awaiting review. A reply to ANDREW about J. Kerry and the alternative view written by Vietnam vets in a story called the Boston Manifesto.

      • Rhialto

        I think that five kills were the requirement to become an Ace in WWII (at least for non-Black pilots).

        • Brian

          Blacks only need 3 I think. 3/5 compromise ya know. 😉

  • sbuffalonative

    Until a few years ago, Hispanics used to claim they as a group had the most Medals of Honor.

    If these guys deserved them then I have no problem. But were they denied these medals because of racial hatred or are their exploits undergoing a ‘narrative’ transformation?

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I think the Kerry/swift-boat era proved the highly political nature of military medals.

      • libertarian1234

        Your right.

        My understanding of the medal process is that the REMF’s got a large percentage of them, because it is they who control the process.

        And officers were never turned down, especially if they were captain or above, and a huge number were awarded for doing nothing more than sitting on their butts while their unit was fighting tooth and nail to keep from getting annihilated.

        Some units were given fewer or lesser commendations based on whoever had an ax to grind with them among the brass.

        I’m totally disgusted with these leftist pigs.

  • So CAL Snowman

    In 20 years there will be no mention of any White people in any “American” history book. The Revolutionary War will be portrayed as a group of valiant hispanics and blacks fighting against a group of all blonde blue eyed Brits. World War 1 & 2 will be portrayed as a group of super smart, technologically advanced blacks and hispanics defeating a bunch of White Germans. All vestiges of White history and culture will be wiped clean from the books.

    • sbuffalonative

      That’s the plan.

    • Tarczan

      It is a fact that Rommel had the Americans pinned up against the English Channel until the Tuskegee Airmen flew sortie after sortie in the face of withering anti-aircraft fire. The German pilots were no match for the flying skills of the darkies. The Tuskegee Airmen even modified their machines to make them faster and more lethal.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Sadly we will never know why Hitler refused to reinforce Rommel with a single Panzer division in Egypt. Maybe you guys know, but I have never been given a straight answer.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          The more I see the west being destroyed by massive 3rd world immigration and black crime, the more I realize that the allies were fighting on the wrong side in WWII. The world would have been a much better place if the allies would just leave Germany alone and give her a free hand in Europe.

          • Sick of it

            The Allied nations were controlled by a tribe which simply would not let that happen.

          • Jesse James

            Both the Germans and the Japanese were attempting to create national economies that weren’t at the mercy of the prevailing global order created by the Anglo-American bankster conspiracy. They didn’t want their people in debt and exploited by the globalist vultures. There is a clear difference between what would have been best for the people of the nations that fought WWII and the course of action taken by their corrupt leadership. Why do you think Roosevelt had to lie and manipulate the Japanese to get us into the US into the war? Most Americans remembered the lies told by the British propagandist about the “rape of Belgium” that allowed Wilson to drag the US into WWI during the last year of that obscene slaughter of good white men. He did it so he could be apart of creating the first New World Order. Most Americans didn’t want to be drawn into another European world war.

            The irony is that the Germans did fight the Second World War with a savagery and ruthlessness that was generally missing from the First World War. Many people have been taught that there was just something wrong with the Germans who have been turned into cartoon villains. How many people remember that the British kept their starvation blockade in place over a year after the Germans had surrendered and demobilized their armies at the end of WWI and that hundreds of thousands of innocent Germans were starved to death as a result? How many people remember that it was the unjust provisions of the Treaty of Versailles that crippled the German post war economy and created the chaos that destroyed the conservative German middle class? How many people remember that the German communist supported by hostile foreign powers almost seized control of the country? How many people remember that all of Hitler’s first territorial expansions – reoccupation of the Rhineland, the absorption of Austria, the push to reestablish a land link with German Danzig and free the Bohemian Germans from Czech domination and mistreatment were only necessary because the allies had splintered Germany up and deliberately forced many ethnic Germans to live under the rule of hostile foreign governments? If the Germans became twisted it was the ruthless hand of the victorious WWI Alliance that made them so.

          • Pelagian

            Hey! Youre bringing facts to bear! You must be one of those facts-ists who loves facts-ism. (-;

          • John

            Bravo. The Germans weren’t twisted; it’s our modern perception of them that is twisted no thanks to 70 years of post war propaganda being dished up by you know who. The German soldier fought with tenacious bravery; an historical characteristic. It was a band of Germanic warriors that were the only army to defeat and totally annihilate a Roman army 2 thousand years ago, the only time a defeat of this magnitude was handed to the Romans would be a good example.

          • Bartek

            You mean, ‘would have left Germany alone’.
            Modern Germans do run the EU and promote massive non White colonization to prop up Real Estate prices/GNP and the fiat currency based upon it.

        • John

          “we will never know why Hitler refused to reinforce Rommel with a single Panzer division in Egypt.” Could it be that he was overly focused on defeating the Soviets and had most of them deployed at the Eastern Front? Just speculating but reasonable considering that Hitler considered the Soviets as the true enemy and waged his war accordingly.

          • Black Swan

            He considered the communist/bolsheviks the true enemy, and he was not wrong. Germany was almost lost to them.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Yeah they added spinner rims and crush velvet interiors , and a back seat for fat white woman.

        • dukem1


      • Rhialto

        There’s much more: The brave and brilliant Tuskegeeers staged daring raids on German factories and stole jet engines from the Germans, and installed them on the underpowered P-51’s. This enabled the Tuskegeeeeers to shoot down every German plane. “It really wasn’t stealing”, said Lt. Col. Aileron Jones, “The jet engine was invented by an African Wizard, Afterburning Njumba, in 5038 B.C.”

        • dukem1

          so true….

    • The Verdict of History

      In many academic institutions teaching the (now worthless) humanities and social sciences, courses on European History are being stripped of their (previously-honored) status as iron-clad requirements with real meaning and significance.

      College professors now insist that there is no such thing as Western Civilization, and they seek to replace the study thereof with black studies, feminist studies, LGBTQ studies and latino studies.

      These are curriculum with explicitly Marxist bias… not even liberal… MARXIST.

      Demonization of European peoples and the deliberate down-playing of Western Civilization’s accomplishments has become very fashionable.

      In several prominent American universities, the curricula for history, philosophy, literature and other humanities students is being de-westernized.

      Whiteness is being written out of history.

      In curricula across the country, what Western-Civilization courses actually do remain are being stripped of their classical, significant content.

      Discussion about the splendor of Classical Antiquity, the emergence of Christian European Identity during the Early Middle Ages, the triumph of the Renaissance, the radiance of the Reformation (and Counter-Reformation), the breakthroughs of the Scientific Revolution, the magnificence of the Enlightenment and the explosiveness of the Industrial Revolution(s) ….. is now being slowly eclipsed by the ideologically-motivated diversity studies.

      Please google and read: the Uniqueness of Western Civilization.

      The Death of the West.

    • John

      You just described the grunts. The super smart officer cadre will be composed entirely of Jews.

  • ncpride

    So, I’m assuming absolutely no evidence of ‘prejudice’ will be required to receive these upgrades, huh? No extra acts of heroism or going beyond the call of duty need be proven, etc….? Getting upgrades for simply being a minority… that about right, y’all? Of course…

    • The whole “overlooked because of their racial or ethnic backgrounds” smells like a hunt for victims of White oppression. It is doubtful that a White veteran received an upgrade.

  • Whitetrashgang

    I should get The medal of honor just for working on a native reserve , or walking around downtown Winnipeg. I will settle though for a whopper with extra cheese and a coke since I now live out of the city.

  • dd121

    Gots to heroize the “black community”. We all know by now they won WWII all by themselves. (sarc)

  • libertarian1234

    The military has downgraded many white medal of honor nominees, and it had to do oftentimes with a hard nosed OIC who felt the actions didn’t merit the CMH, but everybody else thought they did. It has happened FAR more times than not.

    The Army has a reputation for reducing medal nominees to a lesser commendation than what they were cited for, and that covers ALL medals, not just the CMH.

    What these fat, pot bellied politicians are saying is that the military downgrades commendations on the basis of race or ethnicity which is a shameful charge, and how are the chain of command through which the medals are reviewed to know if a person is black or not? In years past they didn’t have names like Jerwaine and the like. The same is true of Jewish names.

    It’s just one more disgusting, crybaby policy by out-of-touch demagogues who are either out-of-touch with reality or doing as they do in order to get a few minority votes,.

    It’s disgraceful. Any white guy who chooses to serve in this disgusting social deteriorating debacle called the US Army is a fool.

    I’m all for just using minorities in the military, then when they go to war I could root for them to lose.

    • After the Marines I made a huge mistake: I went in the Army National Guard.
      US Coon Platoon
      What a mess.

  • Lewis33

    Many books I’ve read about our past often have a listing of all the people who won the MOH in their respective wars. Now, like baseball, we’ll have to bring the asterisk into things. **

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is another effort to re-write and revise the history of WW II, especially as concerns the sacrifices of brave White Americans and puff up the FAR lesser “sacrifices” of non-Whites.

    From: Historical facts Medal of Honor Recipients

    If blacks had contributed to battle deaths in World War II in the same proportion as the rest of the populace some 29,000 would have died.

    This number would be more than forty times greater than the number that did die using the Ebony Handbook figures of 700 dead blacks.

    There were the only two black divisions that faced an enemy. Tales of Tuskegee airmen in aerial dogfights and the battering down of concentration camp gates by liberating black troops exist in the fertile minds of those who work in determining the permissible in American culture, even if it is not true or highly exaggerated.

    African-Americans died at a rate less than 0.5 per 1000 blacks.

    Japanese- Americans died at the rate of 3.4 per 1000 of population.

    For bravery during World War II some 430 Medals of Honor were awarded. There is some discrepancy on the number. Roughly for every 700 combat deaths one Medal of Honor was awarded. If that proportion held true with blacks, one black would have received the Medal of Honor. However, a beaming Bill Clinton belatedly bestowed a total of seven (to blacks).

    Over 600 dead and some 9500 wounded in World War II are numbers generally given as casualties. One web site lists those killed by name, rank and place and date of death. The total was 530 dead. Another web site lists about 750 names of Japanese-Americans who died.

    If Japanese-Americans had died at the rate of their white, non-Jewish neighbors over 1050 would have died. Like Jews, their fellow White countrymen died at a rate more than 50% greater than they.

    With 22 Medals of Honor awarded for their sacrifice by a beaming Bill Clinton Japanese-Americans are now recognized as the bravest of the American brave. For every 30 of their deaths in combat (or 25 if the lower number is correct) one Medal of Honor was awarded. The rest of American servicemen must dwell on the thought that even if those of Japanese ancestry did not die in the same proportion as they, the Japanese strain is recognized as the bravest. Future generations will regard them 20 times more brave than Whites.


      These are assaults upon our brave White soldiers, and White Americans in general. It never stops, I just can’t believe that there are not more White men and women who can see this. We are being dispossessed of not just our country, but our very history. And most Whites are so brainwashed that they literally cheer this kind of stuff on as if it’s a good thing.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Disheartening, isn’t it? No White should be fighting in the government’s overseas wars — and dying 9,000 nautical miles from his (once) White homeland — a homeland that has been taken over by a hostile alien elite who look at White males as nothing more than cannon fodder to fight in their Communist wars in 3rd world hell holes that are of no threat to us.

        What are they fighting for? The “right” to be discriminated against, legislated against, made out to be fools and imbeciles by the national media in their OWN homeland? The right to protect a regime that demands all American borders be wide open to the dregs of the Third World? Where White children are taught that they are personally responsible for all the world’s ills?

        Not one White life is worth “protecting” this government.

        My family has already agreed that not a one of our precious White sons will risk his life in any of the government’s pointless, useless wars.

        Our lives are more valuable than that and THAT is what I wish more Whites realized.

        • Spartacus

          I disagree with that . Having military personnel who believe in our cause is one of the most important, if not THE most important thing we can do . Remember the German corporal who became an informant, only to later destroy the very regime that he once worked for ? We need as many of ours in the army, police, firefighters, etc .

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            I understand your concern but I do not believe in supporting this government via military servitude in pointless overseas wars. The US military is an OFFENSIVE military, not a DEFENSIVE military — and what, exactly are we fighting for? The government explains it as “defending American interests” — but never defines what those “interests” are. They are NOT my interests. As it is, the military is becoming increasingly mercenary, brown and even foreign.

            I also strongly believe in a “well armed militia” just the Founding Fathers did; that everyone has a RIGHT, if not a duty, to be well armed to defend himself, his homeland, his family and everything he’s worked for.

            Our enemies, believe we Whites, unlike THEM and their useful idiots (blacks, browns and other non-Whites) should remain atomized and not organized, because when we DO organize, we are a formidable force and they know it.

            Seems those Old, Dead, Slave-Holding White Men knew what they were doing.

            Pity so few see it and understand that they desired liberty, which means Freedom From Government, or as George Washington said, to die on our feet rather than live on his knees.

          • Spartacus

            Don’t think of it as supporting the government, but as the government paying for training of it’s own enemies .

    • John

      “Future generations will regard them 20 times more brave than Whites.” Not. No doubt the Japanese fighting both for us and their homeland were brave but a statement like that is absurd. You’re trying to promote the awarding of a medal to the same standards as a hard science such as physics or chemistry. It’s based on the attitudes of the selection committee as well as many other factors. A statement like that denigrates the overwhelming contribution of predominately white Americans to a war we should have never been in to begin with. FDR kept antagonizing Japan to provoke Pearl Harbor. That’s how badly he wanted to get involved in the war in Europe. Hitler was smart enough not to provide him with any excuse to declare war on Germany so he needed a backdoor through Japan; at the cost of thousands of American lives.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        OF course I know that. No American should have fought in WW I or WW II; history textbooks have been revised and re-written and of course, the victors write the history books.

        FDR was chomping at the bit to get us into WW II, baited and then cornered the Japanese into attacking, and Churchill ignored ALL of Hitler’s phone calls and pleas begging for peace — Hitler allowed the British forces to escape at Dunkirk when he could have easily annihilated them. Why did he do that? He admired the British and did not want war with them, his writing and speeches clearly show that.

        The point of the excerpt is that the meaning of the Medal of Honor is being debased because it is being used for PC purposes FAR after the fact — to puff up the “sacrifices” of non-Whites over that of Whites.

        • Black Swan

          You are entirely correct. The true war mongers were Churchill and FDR while Hitler tried to prevent another thankless war on the European continent. He had fought and been wounded in WW I and remembered the wretched conditions; he also had nothing but disdain for FDR who never served in the military.

          REGARDING GREAT BRITAIN: “I have devoted no less effort to the achievement of Anglo-German understanding, no, more than that, of an Anglo-German friendship. At no time and in no place have I ever acted contrary to British interests…”Why should this war in the West be fought?”

          – Reichstag Speech, October, 1939

          You won’t find that in any PC-drive history book.

        • John

          Thank you. I stand corrected.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            John, I think you misread my post.

            That was an excerpt from an essay written by a former military officer who submitted it to Army Times where it was accepted, then later rejected.

            He was furious that new standards were being drawn to award MOHs to non-Whites for WW II service 70 years ago — while brave White servicemen, who did the vast majority of the fighting and dying, were being ignored.

            He was concerned about how it would look in the future, and that history is being rewritten.

            Thanks for the reply.


          • John

            You’re right, I did misread your post and having reread it and your other statements there’s no question we’re on the same sheet of music. I’ve emailed my father a link to this article; he’s a retired USMC Colonel who joined the Corps during WWII and served also in Korea and Nam before getting out. His observations will be colorful no doubt…..

      • Black Swan

        I think the point of Bon’s post was that the Japanese and blacks are being awarded the MOH at a rate that far surpasses that of White American soldiers, making it look as though THEY single-handedly “won” WW II, liberated the death camps, etc.

        I assume the committee that assigns the awards are most likely made of of non-military, anti-white, bureaucrats, and the record stands as permanent and will be incorporated into the history books.

        I object to it too.

  • Sick of it

    The Medal of Honor has now become meaningless, much like the Nobel Peace Prize.

    • 0bama is turning the CMOH into a Participation Trophy.

      • Sick of it

        I’m sure they’ll create an award for being gay soon enough.

  • Spartacus

    You know, if I wouldn’t forget all the time, I’d make a ton of “before/after diversity” memes, and most of them about America, as this was the greatest nation on earth when it was 90% White, and now….

    With this particular case, I’d go with “The US Army, 1945 – 95% White, beat Hitler . The US Army, 2014 – 75% White, can’t beat a bunch of illiterate goat-******s in Afghanistan” . Not sure if the US Army was 95% White back then, probably more, but you get the point .

    • Sick of it

      Just like in Vietnam, we could win completely if not for the politicians.

  • MBlanc46

    Leave it to the Racist-in-Chief.


    This stuff is just crazy. They are receiving these awards for the color of their skin or the their tribal membership, and nothing more. There were plenty Hispanics who received the medal of honor. As we all know, blacks were just as likely to kill their white officers as they were the enemy. So it’s no surprise that the perpetually useless race didn’t have many medal of honor winners in it’s ranks. Besides this is just another attempt to rewrite history, demonize whites, and engage in a celebration that as a black mayor once said at a NAACP event, “We In Charge Now, It’s Our Turn To Rule”. This is nothing more than the affirmative action medal of honor program, and nothing less than it’s eternal cheapening.

    • BonV.Vant

      blacks must habs dair bling, gnomeasayin?


        Jee-yaeh, I gnowayasayin homie. If a groidius maximus aint gotz no blingz ta goez wit hiz 3 hunnit dola 1987 stile air jortinz he aint shizznit son. Gnaimeen?

        But on a serious note, and by serious note I mean a seriously funny note. Have you noticed that the Groidian “fashion sense” seems to have leaped back to the mid 1980’s? Given that this is a race that’s known, the world over, for their poor decision making skills. I suppose the fact that they would pick the worst decade for supposed “black fashion” (a phrase which is a bit misleading considering that anything more than a loincloth, a sharpened stick and an ash tray in their lip isn’t exactly a black creation) to emulate, is in keeping with their reputation. Ha! Go figure eh?

  • Bleau Gumms

    gibs me dat medal


      Indeed Mr. Gumms, it’s all about the Gibs! In a “me too” world lacking in actual black achievement. We can expect all markers and recognition of real achievement to become nothing more than participation trophies. As I said before, this is nothing more than an affirmative action medal of honor program, and nothing less than it’s eternal cheapening. All actual medal of honor winners are having their achievement and recognition of their massive sacrifice siphoned off in the name of inclusiveness. Because after all, “Our Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength” right?

  • Bartek

    Finally, some ‘official’ recognition ‘Jewish’ is not ‘White’.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Jewish privilege knows no bounds! This is a clear cut case of fraud!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    HA! Is that one of Zuma, Mugabe or Idi Amin’s old phony costumes with fake medals that was passed down to Obama?

  • John K

    This is another diversity scam. Bill Clinton did this, too, citing racism as the reason they didn’t get the medals, and it has devalued what it means to earn one. You don’t earn one by being offended. This is another step in rewriting history.

  • John

    Thank you. I bow to a superior knowledge of this historical event. Nevertheless, these facts don’t mitigate anything else I said. Particularly the part about 70 years post war propaganda. The Germans “inspired” many for lack of a better word. For example, at its peak the Waffen-SS totaled 1,000,000 troops. Only 400,000 were ethnic Germans, the remainder were from everywhere else. Go to YouTube and look up Leon Degrelle. Theres a 90 documentary about him and all this.

  • Brian

    Some of y’all probably saw ‘Band of Brothers’…Dick Winters, leading the assault at Brecourt Manor (which they said is still taught at West Point) only got the Distinguished Service Cross. I wonder how many of these guys exceeded him.