Race Differences in Intelligence

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 24, 2014

Jared Taylor discusses the evidence.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Druid

    Intellect isn’t that important now. What’s important is what people do. Blacks commit more crime than all other groups combined. Therefore, they must be expelled. That’s all that matters anymore. The die is cast.

    • Daniel Schmuhl

      Intellect is not that important? This has to be the silliest thing I’ve ever read on here. A significant factor in black crime is lower average IQ.

      • Druid

        This is not an academic discussion anymore. It’s all about the real work of getting rid of these undesirables from our midst.

      • Low Burning Flame

        No. A significant factor in black crime is high testosterone and frequent release of aggression. IQ alone does not do this.

        • IstvanIN

          Don’t forget a total lack of empathy and morals.

        • Anon

          Blacks don’t have high testosterone and this isn’t about release of aggression or impulse control.
          Black people are monsters….completely different from whites. White people do NOT have the impulses to rape, rob, murder and assault others. White people don’t gain pleasure or status from hurting others. Blacks do. All that is normally meant by terms like humanity, altruism, kindness, nobility, goodness, are simply euphemisms for white behavior. Other races show trace amounts of these things and, when influenced by whites, can show large amounts, resulting in what we call modern civilization.
          Blacks are an exception and will only show the bare surface, “going through the motions” of even basic adherence to the rule of law, and then, only under an active police state.
          Blacks are inferior to whites in all ways, including physically. Only with near universal use of large amounts of steroids, cutting their lifespans in half do blacks produce a handful of athletes. And, quite frankly, this in encouraged because blacks youths are disposable and white youths are not. So what if thousands of blacks die horribly at an early age with no benefit from the steroids, if one clown is produced to amuse us with his sports antics. That very much is the way of things and has been ever since it was discovered that you could manufacture athletes with drugs.
          Out of this comes the myth of high testosterone…which, repeatedly does not hold up to actual measurement. If anything, blacks are deficient in testosterone and high in estrogen…which is why so many of them are so fat. Blacks, in general are small…weak…stupid and slow…riddled with disease they die young.
          Blacks are not lacking in IQ. IQ is not a measured quantity. It is a yes/no test for mental defection. In the US, about 10% of blacks have normal intelligence. Perhaps twice that number of simply “stupid” as opposed to completely mentally defective. Outside the US, the numbers are far smaller.
          What is being detected here is something white people, especially Taylor simply have no basis in experience of. Blacks lack an inner mental life. Like an animal, they have only a primitive conceptualization of the past and almost zero of the future. These things are the basis of all behaviors we describe as “intelligent”. They lack them. But also, with such an experience of the world it becomes impossible to see consequences of behaviors, learn from experience or even think about what other people experience. Blacks lack the basic apparatus for empathy, being completely unable to create inner constructs of the experience of other people.
          It’s tempting to call them psychopaths. But a psychopath HAS such constructs and simply has no emotional attachment to them. A black person has not possibility of caring since such constructs are completely absent.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “Blacks don’t have high testosterone and this isn’t about release of aggression or impulse control.”

            Yes they do. Do some research.

            “Blacks are inferior to whites in all ways, including physically.”

            You sound like Uncle Ruckus talking about Muhammad Ali. Superior? Inferior? What does that mean? Black children mature faster physically and infants can sit unassisted earlier than Whites or Orientals.

            “Blacks are not lacking in IQ. IQ is not a measured quantity.”

            Are you serious?

            Do your research if you are a real poster. Apologies if you are sincere and simply poorly informed but the way you interweave “rah rah team” pro-White statements with thinly disguised reiterations of the shoddiest and most obfuscatroy anti-White/black excuse canards makes me wonder where precisely you are coming from for real.

            Rethink what you are doing and saying. Again apologies if I’ve offended (and you’re not agitprop – if you are agitprop apology retracted) but…

            You’re playing with big boys here.

          • Funruffian

            I don’t want to get caught between the horns of you two, but I think Anon is misinformed about Black IQ and Testosterone. What is most baffling about the IQ difference is that a White and Black person who both share IQ’s of 80 are still very different. Whites with low IQ’s or who are borderline retarded will show slow physical motor skills. Their mental capacity often matches their physical coordination. In Blacks, they do not exhibit the same slow physical motor skills when pressed with a low IQ. This is one phenomenon that has baffled scientists and it also proves that both races are radically different genetically. Sorry for my layman’s explanation.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            It’s only a mystery if you don’t understand how to distinguish between the organic and familial forms of mental retardation. Aetiologically speaking, familial retardation is primarily the result of some combination of poor environmental factors and low-quality genetic material (i.e. sociocultural deprivation, having parents of low intelligence). This form of retardation is not related to any physical disorder and is certainly not outside the range of normal human differences, as distributed along a Gaussian curve. OTOH organic retardation is pathological and caused by such things as a disease, genetic defects and injury, which can occur during the prenatal, perinatal or postnatal periods.

            Furthermore, an organic retard is deficient in all areas of life that require intelligence, whereas a familial retard is only deficient in those narrow range of abilities measured by the IQ test. A Kalahari Bushman with an average IQ of 54 has the same IQ as an 8-year-old European child, but this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily incompetent in all other aspects of life, apart from the abilities measured on an IQ test. They can learn to hunt and gather food, just like European children. They can also learn to perform more complex tasks like read and perform arithmetic (but only up to a 3rd grade level), use AK-47s and drive cars, just like the average European 8-year-old.

          • Funruffian

            I will definitely not argue with that. Sounds scientifically logical to me. Are you a doctor? Seriously, your explanation was very astute

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            It simply means you have different levels of normalcy. For Blacks being stupid (compared to Whites) is normal, hence they are in all their performances other than intellectual also normal.

          • Bantu_Education

            Yes, the ability of children to learn to drive cars is a good analogy. But, if allowed on the public roads, their accident level would be horrendous, due perhaps to their poor co-ordination and ability to make good judgements. Similarly adult blacks -who have child-level IQ’s – armed with AK-47’s.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Very good observations, funruff. I found the responses below informative.

            Sorry? Please: you of sterling mind and perfect legs need never apologize for your consistently solid commentary. Perhaps I was being a bit over-aggressive…

            Many questions remain to be answered.

          • Funruffian

            Don’t sweat it, Neando! I look forward to meeting you this April.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I’ll try. Likewise, dear.

          • Max


          • Druid


        • Elfego

          Blacks by nature have an aggressive nature and the government and so called Mainstream Media do all they can to make them feel as they are owed something from birth. They are taught that along with hatred from their mainstream organizations.

      • Druid

        I’ll clarify my statement a bit. Obviously, intellect is involved in evey facet of life. But at certain points in time, talking has to take a back seat to action. Clearly, Mr. Taylor has tried everthing humanly possible to bring our antagonists to the table to talk about the race problem. At every turn, his ideas were rejected out of hand (please don’t bring up the rare occasions when he was allowed to speak in front of imbecilic audiences who were clearly against him). That window of opportunity ( for discussion) has now closed. It was closed by our opponents, those people who hate this nation and our people. Not by people such as Mr. Taylor or us. Whatever happens from now on, we are in the right.

    • 1stworlder

      IQ is important. The only equality that exists is that people within the IQ range of 70-90 commit the vast majority of violent crime. It just so happens that blacks are smack dab in the middle of it. US blacks have an avg IQ of 85, and Hispanics 90.

      • JohnEngelman

        Blacks are closer in number of generations to an environment where the best killers had the most sons.

        Over a period of many generations civilization tames populations by executing those with criminal inclinations.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          So…some of my “darker” fantasies about how to deal with them could actually be seen as…a kindness?

          Hmmm…the cruelty of kindness or the kindness of cruelty?

          • JohnEngelman

            Rehabilitation is seldom effective, because crime is a genetic inclination. The only factor that reliably reduces recidivism is age.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I wasn’t talking about rehabilitation. More like eugenics. But then I guess the world is a big eugenics process in the long run. Taking too long and polluting the pool too much in the mean time…

        • Bantu_Education

          Africans lived in small villages where anyone who showed intelligence or who spoke softly was assumed to be plotting against the chief. Intelligence was not of much use in African society, so such people were regularly culled for generation after generation. To this day Africans speak loudly in public.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            Well, among American Blacks “acting white” isn’t appreciated either.

        • Fak_Zakaix

          1. Explain to me why some (many, few) Americans of the past sympathised with the Blacks (e.g. Harriet Beecher Stowe, but you must know many other such cases.)
          Didn’t they know that the Blacks were stupid? Do you think that if the present knowledge about the racial differences in IQ had been available then they would have changed their attitude?
          2. Secondly, what do you think about the film “12 years a slave”?
          Truthful? Propaganda? Stock Hollywood, isn’t it?
          3. You hold that because “only IQ matters” (your value judgement) it is rational to dislike the Blacks (and to like the Ashkenazim).
          But Whites who sympathise with Blacks can say that they like them regardless or in spite of their low IQ. They are not necessarily against “race realism”.
          Similarly an anti-Semite can despise Ashkenazim in spite of their high IQ.

          Because, you see, you philo-Semitism (in case that you are not a Jew) is as irrational as their liking of the Blacks.

          • JohnEngelman

            Negroes were enslaved. They were often treated harshly as slaves. After they were freed they were often denied equal rights, even when they behaved and performed as well as whites.

            While this was going on it was easy for a compassionate white person to sympathize with blacks. A white person with little contact with many blacks could even imagine that intelligence differences between blacks were insignificant, and due to black poverty and white mistreatment.

            Two generations since the civil rights legislation was passed, and since trillions of dollars have been spend in anti poverty programs aimed primarily at blacks it has become difficult for a rational person to ignore racial differences in intelligence and behavior, and nearly as difficult to continue to believe that these differences are not genetic. Nevertheless, old ideas die hard.

            I have not seen “12 Years a Slave.” For some Negroes the slave experience was that harsh. For others it was not. Some whites treated their slaves decently. They remained friends after emancipation.

            I have never said that it is rational to dislike all blacks, or to like all Jews. During my life I have disliked a few Jews. I have liked many blacks. I do not dislike people who are less intelligent. I do hate criminals.

            Although I do not despise stupid people, I admire intelligent people. That is one of the reasons I admire the Jews collectively.

          • Fak_Zakaix

            All right. But my point was, what is your point then with this “race realism” thing? What is your political point?

            For instance Schopenhauer knew that the Negroes are stupid:

            “It is said that the most sociable of all people are the negroes; and they are at the bottom of the scale in intellect.”
            (The Wisdom of Life, Chapter II, Personality, or What a Man Is)

            Nevertheless he advocated for the abolition of slavery in America.

            Similarly, Tim Wise, who I don’t think that holds “race realism” in high regard, advocates for the Blacks.

            So it seem that “race realism” is irrelevant to the “Black problem”.

            To draw a political conclusion from “race realism” is to use it in a (logical) argument as a premise. However, all arguments need at least two premises. Furthermore, an argument can be logically valid but unsound, become some of its premises are factually false or unsound.

            So politically, “race realism” per se doesn’t mean much.
            Jared Taylor and the like, use the IQ studies to advance their political vision of America. Whether their arguments are sound or not it is another matter.
            However, it is plain obvious that Taylor has a negative affect towards Blacks and Hispanics. The IQ studies help him to justify/rationalise his negative affect, that was there before.
            Now, what about you? Why are you here? Because you told me that you disagree with Taylor’s political views and generally with White nationalism.
            My guess is that all this “race realism” thing gives you the opportunity, that you really relish, to annoy the AmRen readers with your irrational philo-Semitism.
            Because if you wanted to annoy Blacks or Liberals instead you would have acted as a troll on their sites.

          • JohnEngelman

            All right. But my point was, what is your point then with this “race realism” thing? What is your political point?

            – Fak_Zakaix

            Race realism has obvious political implications. Before addressing them, it is first necessary to prove the basic assertions of race realism. Before proving them we must first establish an intellectual environment in which it is possible to discuss race realism without jeapordizing one’s job.

            These are three political implications I draw from race realism: first, affirmative action is unjust; second, race profiling is just; third, we should restrict third world immigration.

          • Fak_Zakaix

            All right, now I capiche why Jared Taylor tolerates you… You are on the same wavelength with him on certain issues. Mainly the hatred of Blacks and Latinos.

            But still. The wide acceptance of “race realism” is a long term objective. In the West it necessitates a change of Zeitgeist. And I don’t see this happening without bringing the Jews on board. Furthermore, this zeitgeist change could have unintended consequences for your beloved Jews…
            However, the immigration challenge that the USA faces is an acute problem. To tackle it with “race realism” arguments is to crack a nut with the sledgehammer.
            Anti-immigrationists could use several arguments that are free of racism: the USA is “full”, the unskilled immigrants are an economic cost, Latinos and Africans do not integrate well, Islam is incompatible with the Western society, the risk of secession of the would be majority Hispanics south-western states, etc.
            They could also advocate for a skilled based immigrant selection like in Canda and Australia (that would reduce the numbers taken legally from non-populous third-world countries).
            Lastly, most immigrants are illegally in the country and it is not racist to ask for the enforcement of the law.
            This “race realism” thing, however, is something bigger and with far reaching consequences.
            However, take the issue of genetic heritability. To believe in genetic heritability is not racism if you don’t believe at the same time that there are significant genetic differences between races.
            The belief that people of the same ethnicity (in fairly ethnically homogeneous countries) are not equal by nature is against the spirit of the post-French Revolution democratic societies.
            This belief was (Aristotle with the natural slaves, etc.) and is quite common (a chip from the old block). Moreover, science, in a similar fashion with the race differences, back it more and more day by day. Nevertheless, this didn’t prevent the advancement of democracy and is not perceived as subversive to it.
            Similarly, what makes you think that the becoming mainstream of race realism would change the modern democratic liberal western society in the direction that you want?
            Fascist policies could be adopted only by fascist regimes. This thing Jews understand very well.

          • JohnEngelman

            All right, now I capiche why Jared Taylor tolerates you… You are on the same wavelength with him on certain issues. Mainly the hatred of Blacks and Latinos.

            – Fak_Zakaix

            I hate no one because of his or her race. I hate criminals. I admire Jared Taylor.

            I just returned from a Mexican restaurant. My Hispanic waitress was beautiful. I tipped generously.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Was she competent? High or low mestizo? Afro-Carib?

            I hate blacks in general, many many individuals. I hate the dissolution they represent, and I believe most hate me and you and this will never change.

            And you know what? I hate that, which reinforces my hatred for them.

            I do not hate all blacks. Some individuals I like, but having suffered their violence and stupidity in multiple ways my entire existence, realizing what they truly represent to all progress…and firmly convinced that they insinuate themselves through our weakness (in the form of misplaced, suicidal compassion)…

            I hate them because I HAVE to hate them, and I hate having to hate.

            Hispanics…depends on the Hispanic. My fluency in Spanish makes it different. Don’t want any more, but heavily dependent on the specifics. High mestizos and Hispanic Whites…no real problem. No problem at all depending on many things.

            Just don’t want my country to become Mexico or any other Hispanic nation.

          • Einsatzgrenadier

            “High mestizo”? I think you mean castizo, like many of the people of Argentina. A castizo is someone who is mostly European, but with some Indian blood. Hispanic “whites” aren’t white in the same way that North American whites are white, largely because of the absence of segregation and the rule of hypodescent. In Latin America, you’re considered white even if you have some non-white ancestry.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            It’s complicated and differs greatly from one country to another. The elites (who generally stay there and run the places, of course) tend to be very White. I taught at an elite school in Costa Rica. Whitest kids I ever taught, lol…
            Also, as in North America, most of the earliest intermarriages between Whites and natives who ended up forming the elites, were between Whites and the upper crust of the Amerind society. Children of the caciques and Europeans like the “Scots-Cherokee” of western NC.
            Considering the recent revelations that the earliest Amerinds were around a third “Caucasian”, I don’t see a certain level of this as a big problem. Inundation by Aztecs however…jeez. Their fellow Amerinds hated those psychopaths.
            But I look at folk like the Sheens and…White.
            Funny, I live in the Deep South and one of the oldest, most respected family names around here is “Gonzalez”. Descendants of a Cuban fellow who married into one of the wealthier families before the Civil War, fought for the South. They ended up starting and owning what was the best local periodical. Went to school with some – pretty darned White in my estimation.
            Crème to the top, dregs to the bottom.

          • JohnEngelman

            She was competent, and European in appearance.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I’ve actually notice a decrease in the quality of Mexican food around here with the rise in numbers of Mexicans. Old days they represented a higher quality of people, made more effort to assimilate.

          • LACounty

            I appreciate an occasional good quality Mexican meal, but you are correct. With the increase of Mexican owned Mexican restaurants, the quality has gotten considerably worse. That includes service.
            The town I live in has been referred to as “Mayberry” more than once. We have one gas station, one small hometown style café, and one Mexican owned Mexican restaurant. The Mexican restaurant is heavily supported by the 90+% of whites that live in this small town.
            About 3 years we stoped by to get a bite and thy were closed for “May-Day”, in support of illegals here in the U.S. There were at least a dozen notes customers had left taped to the door stating they were never coming back again, and why. That includes my wife an I. They still get a few out-of-towners that frequent but lost many locals. They bit the hand that fed them.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, I’ve recounted the decline in quality of my once favorite local restaurant. The old Mexicans sold it to some new ones who I wonder about. Cartel front?
            I think many of the more established Hispanics realize the danger of opening the floodgates and like Ms. Alonso, featured here recently, have no desire to see waves of them transforming our country into theirs.
            Good work posting the notes, by the way.

            I love good, authentic Mexican food, but
            a) can live without it and…
            b) can fix it myself better than the lazy “sucios indios” that have ruined the good thing they had going anyway.
            Did I mention the decline in service and basic math skills as well?

          • Funruffian

            Isn’t it terrible? We have to hate out of self respect and self-preservation. Loving your enemy or parasite is self-destructive behavior. I believe Mr. Taylor had an article here about ‘Pathological Altruism’ and what that means for the people who practice it. It’s basically rewarding ill-behavior and castigating munificent behavior.
            Talk about setting a bad example for our younger generation! Our children are being taught to “aid and abet’ criminality in Blacks by virtue they are Black and having been slaves at one time.
            When you compile all that Blacks represent, as a whole, nothing good has come from our experience.
            Maybe I’m getting heavy-handed here, but I totally can relate to your feelings about resenting having to hate. When we know ‘hate’, in and of itself, is bad for the human spirit, we don’t have much choice. We need to understand that we can no longer engage in self-abnegation. We won’t be respected in the long run for it anyway and it will eventually destroy us.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, exactly. I never wanted to hate anybody. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for years (against the advice of that ol’ Jiminy Cricket voice that never quite shut up deep down inside me).
            They corrupt all and destroy without exception.

          • Fak_Zakaix

            And what is the problem with hating people that hate you?
            Now we are the victims of them!
            Black criminality can also be explained as a form of conscious or unconscious anti-White racism.
            Furthermore, a problem with the IQ studies is that they do not explain criminality. A stupid person does not have criminal instincts per se. Many women are stupid and docile. The IQ differences between men and women are minor and in favour of men, nevertheless most convicts for violent crimes by far are men. So it must be other variables than IQ that explains it. The first guess would be differences in testosterone levels.
            Now, what do you know about differences in testosterone between races? For instance, we know the IQ of the Ashkenazim (sort of): 103, 107, 112, 115, 120, pick your choice.
            But we don’t know anything about the testosterone level of them. Why?
            Because I’ve heard rumours that they are as much sex machines as the Blacks… (Arthur Koestler, Eliot Spitzer, Strauss-Kahn, etc, etc.)

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Their misbehavior is a function of their low IQ.

      • Rhialto

        …and high testosterone. Also living in a society where the intellectual and moral leaders promote Black social pathology is probably a factor.

        • Dr. Möbias

          …and underdeveloped frontal lobes which are the “governor” of the brain.

  • Spartacus


  • 48224

    Mr. Taylor spoke about African countries and Haiti. However, he didn’t mention my hometown, Detroit which is a crime ridden economic and academic disaster. Same as East St. Louis, Baltimore MD, Flint and Pontiac Michigan. This is of course more evidence that low IQ goes hand in hand with high crime, dysfunction, poor schools, a failing economy.

    The common denominator in all cases is black folks. Just a harsh truth.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Speaking of Haiti, Mr. Taylor committed a minor error when he claimed that nation has been independent “for nearly 200 years”.

      They actually declared indepence on January 1, 1804.

      • Laika

        Blacks did indeed declare independence on Jan 1, 1804 but not before
        nearly 200 plantations were burned or destroyed, and 24,000 of the by then 40,000 White settlers were killed.

        Blacks shove slavery down our throats constantly but the murders of 24,000 whites in Haiti is never mentioned. Black Haitians deserve NOTHING from us. Let them live in the hell they created for themselves.

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Yep. There are no failed states, just black people.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        Failed peoples create failed states.

    • you_know_it

      Racist is as racist does…. Just a harsh truth.

  • Oil Can Harry

    I agree with Mr. Taylor’s prediction that racial differences in intelligence will be eventually accepted by “society” but I fear it might not happen until after we’re dead and buried.

    I mean most of our fellow whites seem to like this secular religion called egalitarianism.

    • RyanP

      I think we are much closer to the tipping point than I used to believe. In recent years I have become much more brave about discussing this with other people. I have been surprised how much agreement I have found. Even among people that I would consider very liberal. I think once people see you are not a caricature of a neo nazi from the movies they open their minds a little. I think even a large number of blacks know that whites are smarter.

  • Zounds123

    The tests are biased against all intelligent peoples. I’ve never seen a standardized test which uses the English language properly and in a good style.

    • NeanderthalDNA


      That makes no sense. Very intelligent and well trained people with real Phd’s in real subjects have spent great amounts of time and effort to make these.

      Over the decades they have bent over backwards to “fix” these things so that they would accurately reflect the ideological contention that all races are equal. In truth, this pointless and impossible task of Hercules has indeed made the things more accurate and less prone to legitimate cultural bias, but consider the fact that…

      Those old “biased” IQ tests basically still showed what the new improved ones do.

      I wish I were a genius too, man. Consistently tacked out at high functioning subgenius or on a good day low grade genius (I prefer “retarded genius” myself) when I took ’em.

      But well made standardized tests, produced by qualified professionals and real experts, ACCURATELY MEASURE both competence and incompetence. This is why we NO LONGER give tests for civil service hiring and promotion.

      If we were to return to that horrible racist practice known as meritocracy in regard to civil service…

      Half the black middle class would disappear within a year or two.

      • WR_the_realist

        The black middle class knows that. That’s why the members of the black middle class are the staunchest advocate of affirmative action and racial quotas.

        • JohnEngelman

          They also favor forced school busing because they know their children will be safer in predominantly white public schools.

      • Zounds123

        Why are they called PhDs (Doctors of Philosophy), if 999 out of 1000 never studied philosophy? The name of the credential is abused so that establishment techniciens can build consensus about their own authority. I noted the fact that they don’t even care about proper English and prose style, and that reveals volumes about their absence of interest in appealing to genius or even to highly intelligent individuals who might actually know a little more than they do about history, philosophy, language and of course intelligence. On the contrary, for the technicians who make the tests, it’s about power, not intelligence, and indeed, many of them are so corrupt that they’ll define intelligence on the test in any way that pleases their masters and advances their own careers.

        • Max

          If you do not understand why the degree “Doctor of Philosophy” is so named it is no surprise that you are put off by standardized tests.

          • Zounds123

            Try again.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Sure, there are many different types of IQ tests.

          Hmmm…power. Cognitive power? Actually a lot has to do with “processor speed” so to speak. Velocity of thought. Someone with a lower IQ may be able to come to similar conclusions as someone with a higher IQ (IR more accurate) but like a clunkier computer, takes longer.

          That’s not the whole of it, though. I’ve been told (by a Jew) I have “Jew-like” intelligence – good with words and all. A lot of it’s just my penchant for BS, especially when I’m in one of my manic phases. Certainly there is something to this, but still, standard IQ tests are pretty darned accurate in my experience.

          I remember the painful moments when I was a teacher. Some sweet little guy or girl sitting there with mom and pops. “So and so just doesn’t take tests well…” How many times did I hear that and nod smiling, put on my best serious-compassionate face? Every once in a blue moon I did indeed run across that much referred to yet ever so elusive critter…

          And more often I would be looking at a sluggardly retarded genius who needed less excuses and more kicks in the butt…
          But far and away most commonly I was looking at a kid for whom the test accurately gauged what was going on in that black box known as the head.

          • “T’more-j don’t test well”

            Sure there are students that have test anxiety, but their test scores would have to be far different and worse than their other body of academic work.

            T’more-j is a name that exists out there in the real world. He has three brothers, named Gat, Scrap and Lilflo. Overheard yesterday evening on local talk radio.

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    This video ought to be watched by every American. It should be broadcast on every news channel in this country. This is outstanding.

    I feel differently about one thing, however: The topic of race differences in intelligence is not an unpleasant topic for me in the least. I would never make fun of any demographic solely for being dumb. But since blacks and Hispanics tend to blame everything on white racism, tend to be openly hostile and confrontational toward whites, and tend to take glee in the societal catastrophe that they have caused, not to mention costing white America a bundle of money and a puddle of blood — take all of this in conjunction with their imbecility, and they are WORTHY OF RIDICULE. They are WORTHY OF SCORN.

    Mr. Taylor, Dr. Rushton et al. are gentlemen, and thank God we have all of them on our side, especially for those of us who are not gentlemen.

    There is no proposition in all of psychology, sociology, or history, which has more enormous empirical evidence supporting it, both in kind and number, than the proposition that ON AVERAGE, BLACKS ARE INTELLECTUALLY INFERIOR TO WHITES. Yes, INFERIOR.

    Let’s construct a mini-reductio ad absurdum: Those who claim that blacks are, on average, as intelligent as whites MUST ALSO claim that 100 = 85.

    Bill O’Reilly often talks about a person being “a stand-up guy.” Well, Mr. O’Reilly, American Renaissance has the epitome of a stand-up guy in Jared Taylor. When do you intend to have him on your show?

    • Mergatroyd

      Bill O’Reilly is paid well to support an agenda. Having someone like Jared Taylor on his show would put his entire career in jeopardy and he knows it.

      • Laika

        Bill O’Reilly is anti-2nd Amendment and deserve nothing but scorn. He believes that WE shouldn’t be able to protect ourselves against a hostile, darkening America who will come after us whites the second they get the chance. See my comment about Haiti above where blacks killed off over half of the whites on the island in the name of independence.

        Blacks are taught by birth to hate and despise whites and blame all their failures on the white race. Yet programmed robots like Shill O’Reilly think we should be vulnerable. You first, Shill. Give up the security forces that guard you, your home and family.

        • Critic_of_Leviathan

          I agree with you, although I actually like O’Reilly’s SHOW. I agree with him on most issues, although the issues with which I disagree with him are very significant ones, and the 2nd Amendment is certainly one of them.

          The 2nd Amendment, as it is written, is unlimited. I don’t give a damn about what the Supreme Court subsequently ruled. It is objectively incorrect in any ruling that included the possibility of limits on arms. Any limit whatsoever on arms, whether it be on clips, magazines, caliber, size, whether a gun can be carried in public, etc. — all of this ought to be possible ONLY under the condition of the repeal or revision of the 2nd Amendment.

          Any politician who pushes for any of the aforementioned limit baloney is violating his or her Oath of Office. These people, even at the state level, have promised to support the federal constitution. I would like to know when they intend to start.

          I have the feeling that had our Founders and Framers known that negroes would become citizens someday, they would have made the 2nd Amendment even more emphatic. . .and irrepealable.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Great video, Mr. Taylor! I hope this gets shared widely among white liberals. They like to see horrible racists saying horrible racist things because it makes them feel superior. Maybe seeing this and being unable to refute it will wake a few of them up.

    • Bantu_Education

      Liberals won’t watch this as, to them, “racism” – the belief that some races are superior – is the cardinal sin – equality of all mankind is like a religion to them – ever tried to convince someone to change their religion?

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Yes, many will refuse. But sometimes they like to “prove their worth,” as it were, and engage with racist writings and videos. When they can appear to have refuted them (even if their refutations are false), they gain status in the eyes of their fellow liberals.

        A few will probably watch it, if only to make a demonstration of their liberalness.

        I agree that liberalism and anti-racism are religions to these people. But even more typical religions like to make demonstrations of why their religion is correct and all others are wrong. I don’t see that liberals would be excused from this impulse.

  • Nicholas

    I wonder how long this video will last this time. I remember it was originally uploaded months ago but was taken down because rayciss.

  • sbuffalonative

    The most direct proof of racial differences in IQ is outcome. Leave whites alone and they thrive. Leave blacks alone and they decline.

    • IstvanIN

      Brief and accurate. You said it all in three short sentences.

  • JohnEngelman

    It should not be dangerous for people to say this in public. Unfortunately, for many people it is.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I can actually see why it is dangerous. We have encouraged blacks to have toxic levels of self-esteem. If the scientific consensus about intelligence was widely acknowledged by TPTB, the media, and taught in school, could we expect blacks to understand it rationally and unemotionally? Remember that they already think that AIDS and crack are White inventions developed for their extermination.
      Black dysfunction will not go away, excuses will be made and personal responsibility will be resisted until the bitter end. When black dysfunction is viewed by Whites in light of its genetic roots, how long will we meekly fund welfare, build prisons and hold the line for a strict meritocracy to allow the “talented tenth” of blacks to succeed? How long will a technocratic elite of Whites (and Asians in your best case scenario) hold on to what they have when blacks and browns who care nothing about such niceties as freedom, responsibility, hierarchy, fair play and property rights can simply outbreed and overwhelm them with sheer numbers? Whites are still a majority in the US but the wheels are already coming off, it won’t take much of a push to send us over the edge (pardon the mixed metaphors).
      I give racial liberals credit for understanding one thing – accepting scientific facts about intelligence will be a game changer for everyone. They understand better than some of us that the implications will be enormous. The pressure for permanent solutions such as segregation (local or national) or eugenics will sweep away “fair” pseudo-libertarian measures like meritocracy in short order. Once Whites realize that blacks are fundamentally different, it’s a short trip on the logic bus to conclude that blacks are fundamentally unfit for western civilization. We’ve spent the past 60 years trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

      • JohnEngelman

        Elites throughout the West are living a lie, basing the futures of their societies on the assumption that all groups of people are equal in all respects. Lie is a strong word, but justified. It is a lie because so many elite politicians who profess to believe it in public do not believe it in private. It is a lie because so many elite scholars choose to ignore what is already known and choose not to inquire into what they suspect. We enable ourselves to continue to live the lie by establishing a taboo against discussion of group differences.

        – Charles Murray from “The Inequality Taboo”

      • Bantu_Education

        “I give racial liberals credit for understanding one thing – accepting scientific facts about intelligence will be a game changer for everyone. They understand better than some of us that the implications will be enormous. The pressure for permanent solutions such as segregation (local or national) or eugenics will sweep away “fair” pseudo-libertarian measures like meritocracy in short order. Once Whites realize that blacks are fundamentally different, it’s a short trip on the logic bus to conclude that blacks are fundamentally unfit for western civilization. We’ve spent the past 60 years trying to fit square pegs into round holes.”

        You hit the nail squarely on the head – liberals know the truth, they deny it because they are just horrified by the logical “fascistic” implications of allowing the truth to be widely known.

      • JohnEngelman

        I give racial liberals credit for understanding one thing – accepting scientific facts about intelligence will be a game changer for everyone.

        – Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        Because the truth about the relationship between genes, IQ. race, and crime cannot be denied rationally, those whose political agenda is threatened by the truth can only try to suppress it.

        The truth is congenial to several of my agendas. These include an end to affirmative action, forced school busing and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), free abortion on demand, and a much harsher criminal justice system.

        • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

          Should there be a semi-colon after (TANF)? It’s hard to tell which items you want to end. Do you want to end AA, busing and TANF, but provide abortion and get tough on crime? Or do you want to end AA only and promote the other things? It would be clear if you said it out loud, but in print it’s ambiguous.

          • Mergatroyd

            He wants to end the white race through our race replacement by asians and jews.

          • JohnEngelman

            Thank you for pointing out that ambiguity. I hope I have corrected it.

        • Mergatroyd

          Your agenda is race replacement of whites by asians and jews.

          You’ve said this repeatedly over time, almost daily on many threads. That makes you pro-genocide of the white race and a mortal enemy of the white race.

          — The thought of you losing your job to a more intelligent Jew or Oriental is pleasing to me. As time goes on there will be more of that.

          — I like ethnic diversity

          — What matters is not race. What matters is IQ.

          — Miscegenation is the coming trend. There is not point in even trying to reverse it.

          — Get used to it. In the future inter racial marriage will be even more common.

          –John Engelman

          h/t Celestial Time

          • JohnEngelman

            What I desire is a society where what matters about an individual is character and personal merit. That is the society that is coming into existence in the United States.

          • Laika

            Wrong. What is coming in the United States is a violent, third world toilet of warring tribes who will kill each other over dwindling resources, exactly like Eastern Europe after the USSR fell.
            There has been no place on earth where people of differing tribes lived together side by side in harmony and shared resources with one another. It has never happened and never will because it goes against human nature. That’s why there are no real world examples except in your and other lefties’ fantasies.

            Oh, and the hell the lefties want for YOU they would never subject themselves to. THEY reserve the right to keep themselves separate from the “melting pot.” They only demand massive 3rd world flooding into white and ONLY white nations, not Asians nations, not African nations, only white nations.

            When Han Chinese flood into Tibet, the UN calls it genocide, when 3rd world scum flood into White countries, well that’s A-OK.

        • Andy

          The fact that there are genetic IQ differences seems to me an argument for, rather than against, welfare. (Although I would hand out food and other necessities rather than money and require birth control shots for those receiving the handouts.) If part of the population *cannot* support itself in our society, it is my opinion that we should help them survive and be as productive as possible, while preventing them from outbreeding us and forcing us to support their children rather than our own.

          • JohnEngelman

            Intelligence is largely hereditary. I would only be willing to subsidize the congenitally unemployable if they were sterilized.

            Otherwise, they will do what they have done since the beginning of the War on Poverty began to make welfare benefits more generous and easier to qualify for. They will have large numbers of largely illegitimate children who will inherit their deficiencies, and who will grow up to become welfare recipients who often subsidize their welfare checks with the gains from criminal activities.

          • Laika

            I only wish to help other whites. The government has extracted a trillion dollars from whites to “uplift” blacks and it hasn’t worked. They act like spoiled children and attack us physically, and I’ve had enough.

            Let the blacks help and uplift themselves.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    What would a society look like where racial average differences in intelligence were openly acknowledged? I don’t think it could remain multiracial or multicultural. If all people were equally rational and able to keep their emotions in check maybe it could work, but they’re not. At minimum there would need to be a revival of nation-states.

    • IstvanIN

      A huge percentage of the population, probably the vast majority, are not very good at rationality and keeping their emotions in check.

    • Mergatroyd

      It would look like the United States during the period between the end of WW II and the Immigration flood act of 1965: clean, safe, prosperous, homogeneous.

      The only thing that will work is a complete separation of the white race from other races, as White Afrikaners have done in SA with Oriana.

  • NoMosqueHere

    If IQ is so important, and asians are more intelligent than whites based on IQ tests, why are whites so much more creative than asians? I cannot think one asian nation that has exceeded white nations in science, mathematics, and the arts. At best Japan is on par with the most advanced white nations. Please help me out if I’m wrong.

    • IstvanIN

      Savants have a single, amazing, talent, yet frequently can not do anything else well. Intelligence, creativity, impulse control, the ability to plan ahead, empathy, who knows what combination of ingredients in what percentages produces a great thinker: artist, scientist, engineer etc.. Then again different combos may produce different types of people, many of which are of great value to society, some of which are detrimental to society.

      There probably isn’t one optimal recipe, although we can be certain some combinations never work out.

    • Max

      I have come to think that whites in general, have that optimal mixture of intelligence, cooperation, forbearance, creativity, physical prowess and emotion to allow the creation of the greatest societies, the vestiges of which we now enjoy. We had the right mix of brains, brawn, and compassion to get us to where we rose but whether this will prove to be our undoing will depend upon the degree of outsider influence we allow to disrupt our culture.

      We may not have the most of any of these attributes – as certain posters chronically remind us but it has worked out pretty well for the entire world who has profited greatly by western Anglo-European culture.

      • Mergatroyd

        So true, and I wish they’d leave us alone. Non-Whites can have all the gifts we Euro-Whites have created and make use of them in their own countries. No need to flood into ours.

    • Zounds123

      Intelligence is devalued in the present civilization, so it is convenient that there have arisen tests to keep the masses thinking in terms of promotion within the routines of the system and prevent them from developping their minds and their societies in any alternate way. And since Asians excell at this type of conformism, it is also convenient that people adopt conventional views that Asians are the most intelligent of all the competing groups.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Are you Engleman baiting? LOL!!!

      1. 5-6 points is not that big of a difference.

      2. Despite my cynicism and suspicion that any “multiple intelligences” argument is a form of obfuscation most often puked up by liblefty Boasian excuse makers…might be something to it after all. I always scored high on math sections of standardized tests, for example. The Navy begged me to go into it’s nuclear power program, for instance, when I was young. But it was not really true. My strength was in verbal and written areas, but give me a standardized test and my amazing ability to guestimate something remarkably close to the right answer and my ability to “play the test” so to speak…made me look much stronger in math that my grades in classes reflected. Getting close to the right answer USED to not matter in the bad old days when it came to math…
      Never was great at chess, for example. The ultimately limited possibilities, however intricate, bored me. Now throw some dice in the mix and squishy probabilities alongside good strategic/tactical choices and I was deadly… Make it multiplayer strategy and even better.

      3. Which brings me to a hypothesis I entertain in this regard. If lower IQ means greater propensity to take risks, and White Europeans have a slightly lower (but still impressive) IQ than Orientals…

      Might that result in slightly more risks being taken, slightly…riskier risks shall we say…that paid off BIG? Big risk = either big flop or big dividend. Whites may have taken more risks precisely as a function of a lower average IQ, but were bright enough and had enough brilliant individuals to pull it off. Orientals may have actually been a little too smart to take the big risk in the first place, and repeating this meme over and over may well actually explain why we surpassed them.

      I mean, look at the colonization of the Americas – look at how much easier it SHOULD have been for the Orientals to colonize first, but it was risk taking Whites who set out like a bunch of fools and DID IT.


      • I think the association between IQ and risk taking is negative, in that as you go lower in IQ, the more likely you are to take dumb risks. Which really can’t be said to be a calculated risk, just moronic behavior. Testosterone is the key to calculated risks, so the kind of people who would take smart calculated risks are high IQ high T.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Good points. I would love to see this more freely researched.
          My idea comes from years of youth (and adulthood) playing chance dependent strategy and tactical games.
          There’s a certain level of risk that is STUPID to depend on. Perhaps the pay-off is big, but the likelihood of success makes any reasonably bright person. But then there’s a level of risk that, if you’re willing to live with the consequences, might well be worth it…
          For our people, there have always existed enough capable and exceptional individuals, I posit, that in the real world (not the dice world) have been able to step up and “save the day”, to alter the odds, so to speak. It’s amazing what folks can do when they have to.
          But the Bantu simply never had enough of these to make a difference. With a 70 average IQ those “day savers” are few and far between.
          But certainly testosterone plays a role. Testosterone levels are also correlated with IQ, however…

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            I already asked this question somewhere else in this thread, but maybe I can ask you this question: do you happen to know whether it is possible to see the original IQ tests that were mentioned for example in J. Philip Rushton’s and Richard Lynn’s works? It would be very useful to see copies of the original IQ tests that were used for the studies on race. I know what IQ tests look like and I have taken a couple myself so I am not interested in the basic info, and it is easier to prove things to other people when you have seen the raw data yourself and when you can show copies of the raw data to other people. Do you have any ideas where to find these data? Or do you have reasonable alternatives?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Very good question and although I’m sure the info is out there…not sure exactly where.
            Search Amren. I think it’s here and I know there are free copies on the internet, but your specific question…not sure.

          • Mergatroyd


            J. Philippe Rushton, The University of Western Ontario

            Arthur R. Jensen, University of California, Berkeley

            http COLON psychology DOT uwo DOT ca/faculty/rushtonpdfs/pppl1 DOT pdf

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Well heavens to mergatroyd!

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            I took not only the time to read the document that Mergatroyd sent to me, but also I took the time to reply to Mergatroyd. You might also want to see that reply. Do you know any other AmReners who might be able to help answering my specific question(s)? If you do, please ask them to see these two posts.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Actually a perusal of the sources of the Wikipedia article on “Race and Intelligence” provided a good starting point when I first started digging. Not sure of the current status of that, though…

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            I scimmed through the article “race and intelligence” on Wikipedia, it’s quite biased. I would not have been converted by such an article, because it is full of seemingly altruistic solutions to all the “racial issues.” Anyways, I hope you know some people who could help us out. 😉

            EDIT: Maybe my response to Mergatroyd isn’t visible to you yet. I wrote quite a long response to him. If it doesn’t appear to you within a few hours, then I’ll just send a copy of that response to you. OK?

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Mergatroyd, although the PDF that you sent is really interesting, it did not directly answer my question. I do not doubt that IQ tests correlate with school and job performance, but I want to know more about the basis on which Rushton’s conclusions stand. Not only I want to be 100% sure of the correctness of Rushton’s conclusions (or at least the correctness of the racial differences in IQ), but also I want to be able to show others the data from which Rushton’s conclusions are derived.

            I also have some trouble with the supposed high IQ of American Jews. The average IQ of Israel is 94-95. The difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews is supposed to be almost 15 IQ points (like the Black-White difference in IQ). One might say that Askhenazi Jews have an intelligence of 113-115 IQ points to superficially solve the problem of the difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews. This solution does not seem a satisfactory explanation to me, because I remember that the percentage of Askhenazi Jews among the Jewish population is quite high (70% if I remember correctly).

            If indeed Askhenazi Jews had such a high average IQ, then Israel would have had a high average IQ, but this is not so. Saying that Palestinians lower the Jewish IQ does also not help in this matter either, because Palestinians are separated from the Jews and it is highly unlikely that they participated in the IQ tests in Israel. What if Israel represents the real IQ of the Jews? What if the so-called high-IQ Jews that were mentioned by Murray were just a Jewish elite?

            To me the Jewish average IQ as presented in The Bell Curve seems somewhat over the top and should rather be compared to that of the best Whites/Nordics. If we are dealing with the average IQ of a Jewish elite in America, it is fair to compare it to the White/Nordic elite in America and Europe. Grouping Whites as a supposedly completely homogenous large group is somewhat too simple when we are comparing Whites with a small relatively homogenous group such as the Jews. The average IQ of North-West Europe is more interesting for comparison with that of Israel and the Jewish elite in America.

            However, when we are comparing an elite group with a non-elite group, the comparison is not fair, thus we should for example compare the average IQ of the elite of Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands with the average IQ of the Jewish elite in America. Also the average IQ of Nordics in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands should be measured separately. If H. Becker is right, the IQ of (German?) Nordics is around 123 IQ points. I think that this can be easily verified by other studies of Nordics. Only 10% of the ethnic population in Sweden is Nordic (if I remember correctly). If the Jewish elite has an average IQ of 113-115, I am confident that the North-West European elites have a quite similar or even higher average IQ.

            Of course there will be cultural marxists who will describe my sayings as North-West European supremacism, but I care about the truth. If Asians are measured as one big group (for example East Asians), then it should also be allowed to talk about North-West Europeans separately (with supporting data). The average IQ of Hong Kong is basically the average IQ of a Chinese elite, therefore the average IQ of Hong Kong should be compared with those of the North-West European elites. The average IQ of North-West Europe is similar to that of China (or even higher than that of China).

            The average IQ of North-West Europe is surely lowered by immigrants, therefore we should keep in mind that the average IQ of North-West Europe (e.g. Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.) is little more than an approximation of the average IQ of native North-West Europeans. Japan and South Korea have an average IQ around 105-106. Like with the Jews and Kong Hong Chinese, it is fairer to compare their average IQ to those of the North-West European elites.

            East Asians are said to have less geniuses than Whites (or North-West Europeans if you like). The IQ of East Asian individuals tends to be much more around the average IQ, but the reverse is true for Whites. This means that Whites have a larger gap between idiots and geniuses. I perceive this gap as an indicator of the importance of dividing Whites into different groups (i.e. elites and non-elites). There is less of an elite in East Asia than in Europe (or North-West Europe if you like).

            Keeping in mind the dysgenic effect that has been going on since the middle of the nineteenth century, I think that the elites of the North-West Europeans represent the original average IQ of North-West Europeans. The non-elites of the North-West Europeans, however, probably represent a lowered average IQ of North-West Europeans as a result of the dysgenic effect that has been going on for quite some time.

            Therefore it is better to discard the average IQ of the non-elite North-West Europeans if we want to take a fair look at the difference between North-West Europeans, Jews and Asians, and also we need to keep in mind the average IQ of elite North-West Europeans when we are pondering upon the survival of the White race, the various issues of miscegenation and the benefits of eugenics.

            I have to add that Engelman is too focused on a few average IQ’s without taking the groups into closer consideration. The groups have different characteristics, and some of those characteristics should force us to divide the larger groups into even smaller groups (like Whites into North-West Europeans, Nordics, etc.). Moreover, we also need to take into account the possibility that Asians have cheated (this view has been proposed by various AmReners like Talltrees and VoiceofReason). The possibility of manipulation also needs to be taken into account for the average IQ of American Jews. The power of manipulation must not be underestimated.

            Dr. David Duke (regardless of what you might think about him) has also said various times that Jews do not score as high on certain tests as Whites (I think MBA tests showed this). This would mean that the average IQ of Jews in America is lower than what has been asserted in The Bell Curve. I do not know what dr. Kevin Macdonald thinks about the stories concerning the high average IQ of the Jews, but I do know that he would say something like “Whites have to advocate their own interests and react to critique.”

            I have read the whole PDF by the way*, but let’s return to my essential questions. Are there copies available of the IQ tests on which the conclusions of Rushton, Murray or Lynn about the racial difference in IQ are based? Has anyone scanned those IQ tests? Do any universities have those IQ tests? What happened to those IQ tests? I think these questions are more than relevant. We need to know more, thus we need to get to the bottom of this before our enemies do.

            *It took me a day to respond because I was reading. The PDF of more than 50 pages basically contains the same information as Lynn’s Dysgenics and Rushton’s filmed speeches at AR conferences. Some pages also seem very familiar to me and I have surely seen some tables before (for example table 3). Like the correlation of brain size with IQ, the worldwide similarity in the patterns of average IQ among the races is very strong proof, but still we need to know more about the original tests.

          • NoMosqueHere

            Arabs are at least 20 percent of Israel’s population and most likely drags down the “Israel IQ” significantly, the same way that blacks and other non whites drag down the overall IQ of America.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            As I pointed out already, Jews and non-Jews are segregated in Israel. It does not seem likely to me that when non-Jews are so strictly separated from Jews, the Jews feel the need to allow the non-Jews to participate in something like IQ tests for Israel. Besides, Israel is a Jewish state, and not an Arab state. I think that this logic would completely prevent all Arabs from participating in IQ tests in Israel (or at least those which are intended to test the average IQ of Israeli Jews). I am, moreover, fully aware that non-Whites have influenced the average IQ of America, but still the average IQ of the US comes quite close to that of many North-West European countries (of which the average IQ is, of course, also influenced to a certain extend by non-Whites).

          • NoMosqueHere

            And I don’t think aryans or nordics are superior to other whites, although that’s part of the nazi liturgy. .

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            “And I don’t think aryans or nordics are superior to other whites, although that’s part of the nazi liturgy. .”

            Are you a realist? You know that we are not talking about “superior” and “inferior” and other bla-bla-bla, but we are talking about IQ tests and average IQ’s.* I said that more studies need to be done on certain human groups/races, including Nordics. I do not know many studies concerning Nordics, thus I pointed out that H. Becker’s claims should be examined further, with the possible outcome that his claims are confirmed. My main point was however that we need to see the original IQ tests that were used for Rushton’s (and the other scientists’) conclusions.

            *There is a lot more to race than average IQ.

          • GOTG is the new StarWars

            Probably because you are not one of the Nordics, huh?

            Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, you still resort to the jealousy and insecurity present in so many non-White populations when they are told of their inferior intellects, personalities, and capability of being peaceful.

            That’s what often happens when the shoe is on the other foot.

          • Franklin_Ryckaert

            If you understand what ethnicity the moniker “no mosque here” indicates, you wouldn’t be surprized about a certain paranoia.

          • Karolina

            Oh… I was under the assumption he was White…

      • Bantu_Education

        Your hypothesis is barking up the wrong tree. See my earlier comment about narrower IQ range. The simplest answer which fits the facts – it passes the Occam’s Razor test…!

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Actually your comment’s below. No biggy, happens to me all the time.

          The narrow range thing is interesting, although I don’t think it abnegates my ruminations. Kind of goes along with, I’d posit…

          Regardless, I’m not asserting my hypothesis with any degree of certitude. Occam’s razor is pretty sharp, but as any scientist will tell you, it’s not always right. Sometimes a more complex explanation is the correct explanation.

          In the squishy world of social science, however, I think it cuts pretty well. Three or four blades at least.

      • GOTG is the new StarWars

        5-6 points is actually a significant difference…. It’s the difference between a Greece and a Norway, or a Portugal and a Japan.

        Regarding the colonization of the Americas, the Indians, descendant from the Mongoloids, were indeed the first to colonize the New World. It is interesting that Europeans were able to leapfrog the Asians in re-discovering it though (and quite embarrassing to their ego’s I might add).

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      I would agree with you. There is precious little evidence for “Asian cognitive superiority.” The average Chinaman is a rural peasant. There’s no way some peasant living in miserable third world squalor can have the same IQ as the average western European. I won’t believe it until I see comprehensive IQ testing of a more representative sample of the Chinese population.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Japan is also a very small country. They have some very creative people there. It’s honestly partly a numbers game. There are just hundreds of millions more whites than Japanese.

      China may imitate but they are doing it well. Once they start selecting for high IQ baby embryos it is game over, China wins.

      • Max

        It is not likely nearly that simple. Watch the movie “Frankenstein”.

        In truth, there are likely so many genes in a huge network that it will be very difficult in a few generations to artificially select the attribute desired, and particularly, to exclude harmful attributes which are probably not even known at this time. For example, A gene for higher IQ also confers myopia and there is the well known Tay-Sachs disease among the Ashkenazi. That is not to say that the Chinese wont try such a program but they are notorious for their incaution in trading some perceived immediate economic advantage for tragic consequences later with utter abandon.

        This is not the panacea that some imagine.

        • Nathanwartooth

          The babies they will be selecting would have been able to be produced by the parents naturally. They are just selecting the best one out of hundreds of possibilities, they are hoping for the children to be in the top 2%.

          Is there a correlation between the top 2% IQ Chinese and diseases? I dunno.

          But you are right about the CPC, they seem to not give a damn about consequences. Their pollution is ridiculous for starters.

      • Bantu_Education

        Japan has a much larger population than Germany or Britain, but far fewer Nobel science winners.

      • Mergatroyd

        IQ does not measure creativity, and that is where Asians are sorely lacking. Selecting for high IQs does not correlate into creativity which whites have in abundance and which Asians lack. All empirical evidence backs this up and I defy anyone to provide examples of the Asian Mozart, Newton, Tesla or Thomas Edison.

    • Peter Connor

      There is another gene, the “Met” gene, related to intelligence, in which Asians score poorly. Also, Asians are very submissive.

    • Bantu_Education

      Its actually very simple – just as Asians in general “look-alike” (cue all those people who have lived in Asia to claim they don’t) Asians are also alike in their intelligence and are much more clustered around their mean IQ. Above IQ 115 (or perhaps 117) whites outnumber NE Asians. Women similarly have a narrow IQ range which is why you don’t find many female geniuses. The downside is of course that whites have more dunces.

    • Mack0

      Individualism is a strong western value while conformity is more valued in Asia. Greater creativity or thinking outside the box is more likely to occur with greater individualism. The pressure toward conformity can suppress thinking that may challenge the existing social order. This is changing as many Japanese adopt more western modes of cognition. I’ve studied Japan extensively at university. I have a degree from University of Michigan in Asian Studies

    • Jack Burton

      Obviously because they’re not smarter. You don’t judge someone’s intelligence by what they score on a test, you judge them by what they actually achieve in life.

    • GOTG is the new StarWars

      Asian is as ridiculous a term as African or American, that is, at least when you consign continents to descriptions of races.

      There is no such thing as an Asian race. The reason Indonesians, Vietnamese, Malaysians, Cambodians, et. al. are living the way they are, is because they are of significantly lower IQ than East Asians and Europeans.

      The only East Asians are the Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans. The Japanese in recent decades have been doing great, as have the Koreans. The Chinese would probably too if they threw off the yoke of political Marxism.

  • negrolocaust

    The first of two suspects sought in the vicious beating of a jazz musician in the French Quarter was ordered held on a $50,000 bond Thursday, hours after New Orleans police discovered they already had their man in custody on an unrelated charge.

    Arnold, a 20-year-old New Orleans man on probation for possession of a
    stolen firearm, was arrested on a charge of second-degree battery in
    connection with the beating of Doug Potter, bass player with the
    Steamboat Willie jazz band. Police said Potter was assaulted by two men
    early Tuesday morning as he walked past a bar in the 800 block of Conti
    Street after his Monday night gig at Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street.

    • negrolocaust

      Arnold appeared to be the most relaxed and carefree of the nearly two
      dozen inmates brought before Magistrate Commissioner Jonathan Freeman
      for bond hearings Thursday. He spread his arms wide over the back of his
      bench and was frequently smiling and laughing with nearby prisoners.

      his case was called nearly 90 minutes into the court session, Arnold
      was asked by Freeman if he was indeed still on probation for the charge
      of illegally possessing a stolen firearm.

      “Something like that,” he replied.

  • eduard

    Can you please put these video presentations in writings for the deaf folk?

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Or hire nice South African sign language interpreters. 😉

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I’m working on typing up a transcript right now. 🙂 I’ll post it here when I’m done.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Hello, I’m Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, and I would like to talk to you about racial differences in intelligence.

      I realize this is an unpleasant subject. Even if different races have different average IQs, why talk about it? The truth is, whites have to talk about it, if only in self-defense.

      In America, and in every other majority white country, if non-whites, especially blacks, do not perform at the same level as whites, the inevitable explanation is white racism. It’s ‘our fault.’ But what if, on average, people of different races don’t have the same IQ? Differences in intelligence are a big part of why some people do better in life than others.

      Could it be that blacks do poorly in school, for example, not because schools are racist, but because on average they are not as smart as whites? If that’s true, it may not make much sense to try to narrow the racial gap in achievement. Instead, maybe we should be trying simply to improve the performance of all children, and not worry about the gap.

      So what’s the evidence for racial differences in intelligence? Actually, that’s the wrong question. The right question is: why would anyone think blacks and whites, for example, have the same average level of intelligence? There are certainly smart blacks and stupid whites, but why would anyone think that the people who live in the Congo are just as smart as the people who live in Sweden?

      Before black Africans had contact with outsiders, not one African society had invented the wheel. No blacks had a written language or a calender. No blacks had built a two-story building or a mechanical device, or had domesticated any beast of burden. All this suggests a low average level of intelligence.

      Black Africa has now been in contact with the outside world for hundreds of years, but it is still where you find the countries with the most poverty, the shortest life expectancy, and the lowest levels of economic development.

      Many people will tell you Africa is poor because it was colonized and exploited by Europeans. Not so. The most extensively colonized parts, such as South Africa, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria are now the most advanced parts of Africa.

      Ethiopia and Liberia, which were never colonized, are among the poorest places in Africa. And do you know which country in the Western Hemisphere was the first to become independent after the United States freed itself from Britain? It was Haiti. Haiti, which has an almost entirely African population, has been independent for nearly 200 years. But it has a profile of poverty, disease, corruption, and underdevelopment that makes it a perfect match for black Africa.

      Its history is very different from that of African countries, and it is 4000 miles away, across an ocean, but African people have brought a typically African society to the New World.

      Wherever blacks live outside of Africa but among people of other races, they show the same patterns of generally less successful behavior. This is true of Canada and Britain, for example, which never had a history of slavery or Jim Crow.

      Does this mean that white people brutally mistreat black people all over the world, wherever they go? Or, do black and white people simply have different levels of ability? Here in the United States, there are about 16,000 different school districts. There isn’t a single one in which black students perform at the same level as whites.

      Is every one of those 16,000 districts run by racists trying to keep black people down? Blacks and whites separated from their last common ancestor at least 60,000 years ago. Since that time, the two groups have evolved the dramatically different appearances that we see between today’s Europeans and Africans.

      The brain is an organ, just like other organs. What are the chances that during the time it took for the rest of the body to become so different, that the brain remained utterly unchanged?

      As professors Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending explain in their book “The 10,000 Year Explosion,” quote: “The biological equality of human races is about as likely as a fist-full of silver dollars all landing on edge when dropped.” In other words, it’s impossible.

      Therefore, just on the basis of what we see around us, and what we know of history, there is no reason to think that people of different races, on average, have the same intelligence.

      But what does science say about this? Ever since large-scale IQ testing began at the time of the first World War, whites have gotten higher scores than blacks. The 15-point difference in averages, around 100 for whites and around 85 for American blacks, has not changed for nearly 100 years. There have been hundreds of studies, and studies of studies, and they all give the same results.

      Critics of IQ testing claim that A) it doesn’t test intelligence and B) that testing is biased against blacks.Such critics are completely outside the mainstream of academic consensus on this subject. IQ test scores reliably predict the ability to do well at things that take brains. Success in school, making money, learning complicated skills, etc. Nor is there any bias against blacks. There are now IQ tests that are completely independent of culture. Raven’s Progressive Matrices is one of the most reliable tests of intelligence available today and doesn’t even use language. People are scored on how well they find patterns. You can even use gestures to explain how this test works and give it to people who don’t speak a word of English.

      In the example on the screen [07:24], you choose which of the eight patterns at the bottom best complete the third row pattern in the box above. Stop the video if you like and you’ll figure it out.There’s another simple test of intelligence that could hardly be biased. If I ask you to repeat back to me the numbers 8473562, you can probably do it easily. If I keep adding to the number of digits though, at some point you won’t be able to remember them all. This is a memory test, and blacks and whites do equally well.

      But if I recite the digits 8473562 and ask you to repeat them back to me in reverse order, that’s a lot harder. That’s an intelligence test, and whites do significantly better on it than blacks. How can a test like that be biased?

      What’s more, the people who complain about bias never explain why Northeast Asians do better than whites on IQ tests, including the reverse-digits test and Raven’s Progressive Matrices. Would they argue that the tests are biased in favor of Northeast Asians or would they accept the obvious explanation that Asians are, on average, more intelligent than whites?

      It is their higher average IQ that explains why Asians get better grades than whites in school, get into better colleges, and have a higher per capita income than whites. It may seem harsh to say so, but people of different races get different scores on IQ tests because they do not have the same average intelligence. Anyone who studies the evidence with an open mind will see this.

      Some people argue that the reason for this is that blacks live in disadvantaged circumstances that depress their IQ. Environment does have some effect on IQ, especially on children, but that effect is pretty much gone by the time people have grown up.

      The real test would be to see what would happen to the IQs of blacks if they were raised by whites in a white environment. As it happens, in the 1970s, two scientists, Sandra Scarr and Richard Weinberg, decided to study that very question. They found black children who had been adopted as babies by upper-middle-class whites and they tested their IQs at various ages. When the children were small, they had IQs as high as those of white children. But by the time they were 17 or 18, their IQs had dropped to just two or three points above the average black score.

      Maybe having spent all that time in white families did raise their IQs a bit. But it certainly did not eliminate the 15 point black-white difference.There is something else that suggests environment does not count for that much. In 2009, black students from families that had annual incomes of more than $160,000 a year got lower average SAT scores than whites from families with incomes of less than $20,000 a year. That is a pretty stunning refutation of the idea that a deprived environment is what explains low black IQ and poor academic performance.

      There are strictly biological data that are hard to argue with too. In 2005, Science Magazine published a report by Bruce Lahn of the University of Chicago and a number of colleagues in which he announced the discovery of gene variants associated with brain growth. Professor Lahn suggested that these variants, which appeared relatively recently in humans, could have played a direct role in the development of human civilization.

      The University of Chicago even used Professor Lahn’s research to apply for a patent for a DNA-based intelligence test. It turned out, however, that these gene variants are common in Europeans but rare in Africans. Pressure began to build on Professor Lahn and he stopped his research, quote: “It’s getting too controversial,” he said. And he explained he was beginning to think that some knowledge just isn’t worth having. The university dropped its patent application for an IQ test based on DNA.

      One scientist, who never backed down, was Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario. He pointed out that there is a well-known correlation between brain size and intelligence. In general, the bigger your brain, the smarter you are. And indeed, as Professor Rushton showed using MRI and CAT scan studies, Asians and Europeans have considerably larger brains than Africans or Australian Aboriginies.

      As you can see from this graph [12:44], Chinese for example have 200 more milliliters, or ccs of brains than Kenyans. That’s nearly a cup. That’s a lot of brain tissue. And brain size has a solid correlation of nearly .5 with intelligence.

      There is simply no room for doubt that there are racial differences in average intelligence. And the evidence is very strong that there is a biological basis for these differences.

      The table you are looking at now [13:18] is from a paper by Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware. It gives you an idea of the social consequences of race differences in intelligence. The two bell curves represent the distributions of intelligence from blacks, on the left, and whites, on the right.

      The entire table is worth studying in detail. But look at the IQ ratios indicated at the bottom. On the left, blacks are four times more likely than whites to have IQs of less than 75. And Hispanics are three times more likely. At the same time, whites are twice as likely as Asians to have IQs that low.

      To the right, we see that whites are thirty times more likely than blacks to have an IQ over 125, and five times more likely than Hispanics. Listed above the ratios are examples of professions that generally require an IQ of 125 or higher. Lawyer, chemist, executive. On a per capita basis, we would expect to see thirty times as many whites as blacks with enough intelligence for careers of that kind.

      It is simply unrealistic to demand that there be proportionately as many blacks as whites in those professions and in others that require high intelligence.

      Equal outcomes in life are just not possible when different groups have different abilities. Science is making progress all the time and pretty soon, we will find the genes for intelligence. You can bet the farm that it will be found that those genes are not distributed equally in all racial groups.

      And the eventual acceptance of the truth will be a very good thing. Our society is constantly telling blacks and Hispanics that they are just as smart as white people and that the only reason they fail in school and don’t make as much money is because of white racism and oppression.

      This, of course, is the best possible way to teach blacks and Hispanics to hate white people. Wouldn’t you hate a group of people if you were always told that that group is keeping you down?

      We will have a better, more just society if we build it on truth rather than ignorance, and the sooner America accepts the truth about race and IQ, the better.

      Thanks for watching.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Critics of IQ testing should be made to prove that IQs of blacks and whites are equal.

        Thanks for the transcript.

      • Garrett Brown

        You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    They never came back did they?

    • 48224

      I have heard some liberals claim Haiti cannot get on its feet because they owe some huge dept, at high interest to France and other countries. And this debt saps all of Haiti resources. I find it hard to believe that Haiti would be paying any debts back to anyone. They may owe money….but do they ever pay it? If anyone knows, please share.

      • Bantu_Education

        Just another way of saying “its all whitey’s fault”..!

        • Oil Can Harry

          Correct. Ther are progressive “intellectuals” out there who blame Haiti’s poverty on Thomas Jefferson because he instilled a trade embargo against them after their independence.

          So Haitians are poor because of an embargo that happened 200 years ago; meanwhile Germany, Japan and Spain went through WW2 and the Spanish Civil War yet had thriving economies by the 1960s. .

      • David Ashton

        Actually the “left” is right about African financial indebtedness and the “right” is right about African intellectual backwardness. The trouble is that the “centre” has no time for either entirely compatible “extremes”, and so Africa and the rest of us carry on with disaster.

      • frederickdixon

        Napoleon recognised the independence of Haiti in exchange for a large sum of money which was used to compensate white plantation owners and others who had lost their properties. I don’t remember the amount but it was considerable – as Haiti (or San Domingue as it was before the revolution) had been the richest piece of real estate on the planet, presumably the sum was scraped together from the stolen wealth of those same people to whom it was now being paid as compensation!

        • Hunter Wallace over at OD has had a running series throughout the week about Haiti as part of his Caribbean Project.

        • Bantu_Education

          Most of them were slaughtered by the blacks so they probably never got paid. Why would Napoleon, a revolutionary leader, want to compensate rich landowners anyway?

  • OhWow

    I administer IQ tests for a living and while a case for cultural/racial bias could have been made in the 1950’s or so, current test batteries are painstakingly edited, revised, tested via factor analysis, correlations, validity, consistency, etc. across all races, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all states, both genders, etc. The creators can easily spend 10 years just running statistical analyses to comb out any possible bias or error. As a matter of fact, confidence intervals are provided (typically 95%) with each index score. For example, if you get a confidence interval of 110-120 then that means there’s a 95% probability your IQ falls within that range.

    Many minorities also argue that it doesn’t measure anything. Some of the stronger batteries on the market like the Woodcock-Johnson III (WJ-III) have Spearman-r correlations in the .88 to .95 ish range. Remember…a perfect correlation is 1 but that’s impossible because it’s not a directly observable thing…IQ and different indexes within IQ are constructs. As soon as we locate the genes responsible however, there might be directly observable IQ scores. But for now, the tests are pretty damn fool proof. If they were not very reliable and telling, they wouldn’t be used in schools to help determine special education placement or to be considered for gifted programs.

    • redpill99

      can IQ tests be coached? why dont colleges use IQ tests instead of ACT/SAT?

      • Max

        IQ tests are designed to measure innate intelligence, to the degree possible. College entrance type tests are to determine the level of understanding and knowledge to determine that the subject is adequately prepared for college level work- more like an achievement test. Having said that, there is likely to be a correlation between performance levels on both i.e. kids who are of low IQ are unlikely to have learned pre-college materials adequately and this would be reflected in a poor showing on the ACT.

        Maybe OhWow will fill us in on this question.

        • redpill99

          In addition to PISA/TMSS scores I hope they work on a universal IQ test to settle these issues.

          • OhWow

            Many people would love that…well the realists anyway. The problem is there are a few very powerful wealthy test publishers who compete with each other. So it would be very hard to simply let one company get all the revenue. And if they split it evenly, they’d probably make a lot less.

          • redpill99

            whoever does PISA / TIMSS im sure could come up with one.

          • sshadow

            As a professional, what do you think of the online tests such as Queendom and International High IQ? IHIQ seems to favor a professional student who has taken 10 or 15 majors.

        • OhWow

          Correct…achievement tests are more in line with what kids see in school work. Cognitive IQ tests are more innate and involve fluid intelligence which is working with information you’ve never learned before…basically thinking on your feet. And when people say it’s biased I just roll my eyes, because most of the subtests are puzzles, symbols, numbers, and simple processing speed tasks that can’t even be biased.

        • 48224

          I heard or read somewhere that MENSA will accept an ACT score as entrance into their organization.

      • OhWow

        As Jared said, you can improve a few points here and there with some coaching and practice, but for the most part it’s constant. There are some parents of students who illegally obtain test materials/answers and have their children memorize them and help them get into gifted programs. But barring anything illegal and most outliers, for the most part IQ is a very constant thing. The only way it may totally change is if you suffer a TBI (traumatic brain injury) for example.

        • redpill99

          r there any IQ tests that r like SAT/ACT, cheap multiple choice reliable can be given to millions of students ?

          • OhWow

            Not that I know of. If they are then they are likely not comprehensive.

          • Jack Burton

            www. iqtest. dk/main.swf

        • Mergatroyd

          The SAT/ACT tests are given due to grade inflation. They are a good indicator of how a student will perform in college.

      • Peter Connor

        The SAT/ACT are very highly correlated with IQ, and are accepted by High IQ societies.

        • Jack Burton

          Newer SAT/ACT tests are not as accurate, that’s why they no longer accept them at Mensa for example.

          Ironically my IQ is significantly higher than my SAT score.

        • Alexandra1973

          Just curious about something…Back in January of ’86, when I was in the seventh grade, I took a PSAT. What exactly is that test for?

          I might add that I was sick that day but my mother said I still scored pretty high on it. I have to ask her what the number was.

          • Peter Connor

            The PSAT is like a mini SAT, usually taken by juniors in HS, but anyway on the old scoring if you got 140 out of 160 max, that would be equivalent to 1400 combined SAT.

      • Jack Burton

        To a degree if the IQ test is measuring crystallized intelligence, which you can improve upon. Fluid intelligence is rather your genetic potential, not really adjustable.

        You may be able to improve your IQ test score by up to 5 points from my own experience. So if you’re close to the next category it may be worth the effort.

        As Jared mentioned in the video, black children raised by middle-class Whites had 2-3 points over other blacks. Likewise from studies of identical twins who were reared apart, they have very similar IQs as well as behavior.

        • redpill99

          a 5 pt improvement in IQ can pay dividends. i wonder if schools should offer IQ type puzzles independent of subjects like math science and reading and history and writing

    • Talltrees

      So, you say, points are not added to foreigners’ IQ scores to compensate for Western bias? How would you know whether an American university adds points or not?

      If you administer the tests, then you would know what race and ethnic groups currently have the highest and lowest IQ’s. How about a list with the scores.

  • Nathanwartooth

    It’s 7, right?

    The lines part is right for sure and I’m like 90% sure it’s 7 because the lines in the third picture are “warped” just like in the two above it.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    Is it possible to find any of the original IQ tests of which the results were used, for example, by J. Philip Rushton and Richard Lynn in their books? It’d be much easier to convince people if I had some copies of the original stuff, so that I can show them that IQ tests are “fair,” because they constantly accuse those IQ tests of being “unfair.”. They need to be able to calculate the outcomes for themselves, etc. so that they can come to the same conclusions, and then they can philosophise about it until the obvious becomes clear.

    • Jack Burton

      Some people don’t want to believe, no matter how much evidence you present, so you must consider that.

      IQ tests are standardized in the US and these IQ differences are found here, even when controlled for income/education/social class.

  • Garrett Brown

    I always look forward to new videos. Jared is always pleasant to listen to. Very calm and relaxing but at the same time thought provoking and inspirational.

    Thanks again Amren for the wonderful content.

  • Another great video for the series Jared. As ever, I appreciate what you are doing via producing these videos. They are excellent for bolstering what most of us have come to believe over the years.

    They are also quite handy for countering those arguments which we can find ourselves embroiled in on the internet, where we can either recollect our thoughts of all the points made in the video and use them at our disposal, or simply provide them with the link and then ask them to refute the content.

    These topics come up all the time, whether it be race-IQ, slavery, white privilege, white “supremacy”, immigration (gum-ball style) insanity – so I think it is a great project to continue with these videos which give a calm, articulate and rational explanation of our positions and why they should matter.

    • Bantu_Education

      “provide them with the link and then ask them to refute the content.”
      Good luck with that. Its the old story – you can lead a horse to water, but…..
      The problem we are facing, as always, is that liberals refuse to watch or listen to anything that might contradict their religion of diversity and equality.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Their counter is ever to call anyone who challenges their dogma a “racist” and threaten to get them fired from their job.

        Case in point is the researcher mentioned in the video.

        “Pressure began to build on Professor Lahn and he stopped his research, quote: “It’s getting too controversial,”.

        I’m sure he saw his position at the university, his pension and reputation hanging in the balance and didn’t want to be “Watsoned.”

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. Personally I have tended to write out my own responses when engaged in some sort of battle of wits with comment makers in local newspapers.

        I know what would happen if I gave some of those such people a link – they would look up who Jared is, read the SPLC site saying it is a “white supremacist” organisation (or whatever they claim these days) and then try and knock the source as proof that the video content is not worth watching.

        I have had some success with people though, at least to prove that I am not pulling this stuff about race and identity out of thin air. Only the more dogged ones will not entertain watching it and even if the fence sitters watch it, it might sow a few seeds into their minds.

        I don’t think many of those fence sitters would watch much more than 10 to 15 minutes unless they had a vested interest to do so or some genuine interest in what was being argued. So, the videos that Jared makes are just about within the right length to be usable.

        I also doubt that the more hardened opponents will watch it, but at least a little bit of fun could be had by repeatedly asking them to disprove what was being said and referenced and that, shock horror, we might actually study such things and not just be “blinded by hate” or generally scraping our knuckles across the floor like the dim-witted bad-guys we see in many a Hollywood portrayal.

        I have to admit that in the past I have re-loaded some of these Amren videos to refresh all the points I may need to make on some matters. For that, I find them very useful.

        Those who take up ‘the mantra’ method and who are skilled in that route may not think that debating all these issues is worth the time and effort, and perhaps they are right.

        I suppose the way I see it is that, should we need such proof or ideological backing to our arguments that go beyond the mantra, the material is there in a more concise form and that, now it is video, it may not have to consume so much of our time stating the contents of the video over and over again.

  • Peter Connor

    Asians are NOT more intelligent than Northern Europeans and Scandinavians, average IQ 105.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      East Asians’ lack of cultural output, i.e., great music, great literature, innovative technology, repeatedly proves that.

    • Garrett Brown

      You’re going to alarm the engleman detector!

      • LovelyNordicHeidi

        Don’t shout! He might bite before you know it…

        • Garrett Brown

          You never answered my game of thrones question.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            You’re right Garett, I’ll answer your question today when I have the time to do so. I have just enough time to post a few new comments, so I barely have time to reply to all replies to my comments, but since you really, really want my answer, I’ll respond to your question today.

          • Garrett Brown

            Nah it’s no big deal. I was just curious. I think it’s become anti white garbage.

          • LovelyNordicHeidi

            Garett, I promised to answer your question, so even though it might seem senseless, I just cannot break my promise.

            Sometimes I’m really bored, so then I don’t care what I watch as long as I watch something. GoT is on my watch list for when I’m really bored.

            I do not like movies where lots of White people are killing each other and where there are lots of dumb White people. Anti-Whites come up with very annoying stereotypes of White people. It is really a subtle form of critique of our people.

            There are many characters in GoT and this can be seen as annoying. Also, the episodes often needlessly check in with all the characters, which is even more annoying. I do not need to know every damn thing those people do. I just want a good story.

            Episode 10 of season 3 has a funny ending when all the non-Whites gather around Daenerys, and it makes me think that the crowd which gathered around her was – to say the least – quite stupid.

            The looks of Daenerys Targaryen also annoy me. She’s a fake blondie, and the producers should have chosen someone with real blonde hair if they wanted Daenerys to be blonde. Daenerys’ benevolence also seems very naive to me.

            Episode 9 of season 3 was the best, I think. Some interesting things happened, and there were some good death scenes. It would be too much to summarise though, and I’m also not going to summarise all the episodes, LOL.

            But, if you’re bored like me, then watch the series and otherwise don’t. I’m not a fan of any series nor movie, because I’m way too critical for that. I just analyse everything automatically when I watch an episode or movie. That’s why I don’t lose my mind when I’m watching anything! =)

          • Garrett Brown

            It’s hard to get into a television series now a days. They will make the first few seasons absolutely amazing to reel in the viewers then they start pushing their anti white agendas in every episode.

            Daenerys seems like the poster girl of the multi culti, egalitarian, feminist, Marxist agenda pushing character that Liberals want in popular shows. I read up to the fourth book and she is nothing accurate to what she is in the novel.

            I agree with your opinions though, thank you for your thoughts.

  • Bantu_Education

    I have to disagree with Jared when he states (at 2:50) “the most extensively colonised parts of Africa are now the most advanced”. This of course is absolutely true, but then he gives as examples “South Africa, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria”. Nigeria??? Nigeria was not “extensively colonised” at all – only a handful of British administrators went there and it was never intended to be a place for whites to colonise. Nigeria actually is one of the worst examples of black misrule given the $trillion worth of oil they have sold and with nothing but squalor and a filthy, dangerous, and broken-down country of thieves and con-men, to show for it.

    Ivory Coast, on the other hand, is an interesting and unique example in that its first black president, Felix Houphouet-Boigny (ruled 1960-1993), deliberately promoted white settlement AFTER INDEPENDENCE. Exultant white liberals praised its success as “undeniable proof that black rule can work” and with this single example of good black rule (out of about 50) exclaimed that white S.Africans had nothing to fear from black rule. After HB died in Dec 1993 the country quickly went downhill and after 2000 descended into civil war and barbarity. The whites of course had left.

  • redpill99

    My skepticism about IQ tests is why should children or teens take them seriously if there r no rewards or consequence? what’s the motivation to do well?

    • Max

      The rewards are often social- small children want to please “grownups” by participating and older children and adults have internalized competition. Most or many IQ tests are highly interactive between the taker and the administrator, requiring attention.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      The tendency to take these tests seriously is probably also somewhat correlated with IQ. Smarter kids enjoy, or at least tolerate taking tests to a greater extent than stupider kids.

      This will lead to the smart kids generally getting scores that are very accurate while the stupider kids might score worse than they ought to have because they don’t care and will skip questions they might have been able to answer if they’d thought about it longer.

      Anyone who’s seen a multiracial classroom taking a test of any kind has observed this behavior. The races that are generally lower IQ, particularly blacks, give up on the tests a lot quicker and are more prone to outbursts or outright refusals to take it.

      I do not know what we can do to counter this behavior, but I think it’s clear that the kids who refuse to take the test seriously are almost always going to be low IQ, excepting a very small amount of high IQ kids who are extremely apathetic or perhaps mentally ill.

      The way children regard the tests are a testament to their IQ and we ought to observe it as such.

  • Garrett Brown

    Why did they upload it to a different channel?

  • Reverend Bacon

    Yes, Jared- very well done. Thanks for making this video. Regardless of what wild-eyed ideas any of us have, you have simply and courageously advocated for “honesty” in our society. Maybe this honesty, if it ever comes about, will lead to discussions of solutions which today would brand you a eugenicist or a separatist. But your audience needs to be led little by little, and you do that well.

    I suggest you send a copy of this video to Mr. Eric Holder and his sycophants, outlining the honesty and courage he called for again recently. This is honest and courageous. He won’t like it, but he did request it.

  • Evette Coutier

    Thanks, JT. It’s nice to listen to your reasonable and rational style.

  • Funruffian

    This is the most thorough analysis of Race Intelligence Jared has made in a video to date. He has made several before, but this one addresses the complexity of the issue. I imagine that I present this video to a room full of Liberals, Anti-racists, and Multicultural proponents. As they blurt out comments from the top of their heads without listening they derail the power and brilliance of the narrative.
    Jared touches on all the key points about the myths of systemic racism, the achievement gap, dispossession and other weak excuses liberals make. If you tell the listeners to sit still, listen and shut up, once the video is over they will have nothing to argue or codify their opinions straight from their Liberal handbooks. They will be defeated.

  • Mack0

    I’ve been to Japan and I saw the cultural changes taking place first hand.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “If lower average IQ was the main reason for black crime, there would be just as much White crime in the US since our population is 4 times bigger, and therefore have just as many low IQ individuals in terms of numbers.”

    Very good argument. I’m sure IQ is not the only factor. Other physiological factors are likely involved, but you make a very good point.

    As much as I dislike Mr. Boas and his assumptions regarding the blank slate nature of human brains, all of which are equal in terms of groups, cultural/sociological factors should not be discounted.

    Sociology works well and predicts much within the context of groups of like capacity people.

    One thing anecdotal I’ve noticed is that when you have large groups of questionable IQ people interacting together, their behavior tends to reinforce low IQ traits. In order to belong to the group, they must modify their behavior and when the social norm is low…

    I called it the cult of stupidity, or adhering to the stupid norm.

  • cecilhenry

    Excellent presentation and very true. Arguments are well reasoned and researched.

    Problem: HOw would you convince low IQ impulsive people to understand and digest these arguments?

    YOu probably never would. Hence a problem here to defend our civilization that must go beyond only rational argument.

    Something to consider.

    • MBlanc46

      We don’t have to convince them. We have to convince other high IQ peoples. If they’re convinced, they’ll stop the headlong lurch into integrationism.

  • serious123

    Someone needs to send this to Eric Holder who wants that bold discussion about race.

    • Mergatroyd

      It would straight into the trash. Lefties like Eric The Red Holder believe what they want to believe and no amount of facts or empirical data will ever change that. IOW, Holder types will go to the grave screeching that IQs are all the same, any differences arise from white oppression and you are a racist for bringing it up.

  • HAarlem VEnison

    Very nice, however you should’ve opened up with an a priori discussion of where the burden of proof lay rather than the “look at how stupid they are, it’s obvious that Swedes are intrinsically [superior to] black Africans.

    • Jack Burton

      Rather just keep the comparisons to non-Whites, that way reactionary liberals can’t automatically say racist.

  • Bantu_Education

    “If lower average IQ was the main reason for black crime, there would be just as much White crime in the US since our population is 4 times bigger, and therefore have just as many low IQ individuals in terms of numbers.”

    No, it doesn’t work like that – as you descend the left-side of the bell-curve into criminal territory, so to speak, blacks become an increasing large % – at a crude guess I imagine at IQ 75 blacks would outnumber whites 10 to 1 or thereabouts.

  • Jack Burton

    Asians aren’t more intelligent than Whites. Northeast Asians, a select group of Asians, are at the higher end. Southern Asians have low IQs.

    www. lagriffedulion. f2s. com/sft2.htm

    • Bantu_Education

      The same site speculates – very convincingly IMO – that Asians have a much narrower range of IQ than Europeans. If only scientists were allowed to go out and investigate this, instead of being threatened with dismissal and damnation or worse, as were heretics in Europe 400 years ago – cue Giordano Bruno.

      • Jack Burton

        That’s right, after all average people don’t create civilization, the best and the brightest do. It’s the quality of their geniuses. Europeans obviously have had the most and greatest geniuses in history.

        Furthermore it’s not entirely about someone’s IQ, especially at the extreme end. Many people achieve greater things than others who have a numerically higher IQ. Someone with an IQ of 160 isn’t going to necessarily be inferior in real-world achievements than someone with an IQ of 170.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        I agree, I personally believe that it is quite likely that NE Asians have higher average IQs than whites but lower standard deviations and thus cluster around the mean to a greater extent than whites.

        This means they have fewer extremely low IQ people than us, but they also have fewer extremely high IQ people.

        I’m simply speculating from this point on, but I bet that the maintenance of civilization is highly dependent upon a society’s average IQ. This is why Japan and South Korea, for instance, are very nice nations to live in.

        But the advancement of civilization is probably more dependent upon how many extremely high IQ people you have. That is why NE Asians can maintain civilization, but cannot advance it the way white people do.

        They did advance quite far once they had access to white inventions and have done a very impressive job of maintaining their Western-influenced societies, but I don’t expect to see a lot of original innovation from them.

        Ultimately, whites and Asians could be a powerful team if they worked together. They ought to remain physically separate in their own homelands, but collaboration between the two races could prove useful for both.

    • Mergatroyd

      LaGriffe argues that whites have a higher smart faction than Asians and it is this smart faction that advances civilization through innovation.

      • Jack Burton

        That being that actually Whites have a higher average verbal IQ than Asians, which is the “smart fraction.”

  • Jim Barlow


    Although I believe the available data on brain size vs. intellectual capability isn’t the strongest argument, it is still noteworthy.

    The strongest data is, as you suggest, yet to come (and will likely be suppressed by the MSM).

    We know that humans have roughly 30,000 genes, and blacks and whites share basically all of these genes. Whites just have better “variants” of the genes than blacks do.

    I think it’s easier to think in terms of car parts: if the brain is an automobile, then both the black brain and white brain have an ‘engine’ gene. The white variant on average is a high performance V8, while the black variant (on average) is a set of foot peddles. Now, a car has lots of parts, and people inherit these different parts randomly from their parents, and the entire composition, of all the parts that make up the brain/car contribute to your final intellectual capacity.

    Once we identify these high and low performing variants (as in the work of Dr. Lahn), the intelligence discrepancy will become even more irrefutable.

  • DaveMed

    I love this man.

  • DaveMed

    When people like to bring up the claim that Blacks perform better when exposed to “equal” (i.e., White) environments, I point out the rather obvious fact that this adjustment is cheating.

    If we want to assess the true differences between the races, we need to consider the environments they have constructed for themselves. That is, it is only fair to compare Namibia to Sweden, and the like.

    Having Whites adopt Black kids, observing the difference, and crowing about the results is like placing a baby atop an airplane and then claiming the kid can fly.

  • kjh64

    There are different types of intelligence as well as stupidity that are not measurable on an IQ test or Raven’s Matrix test. One such intelligence that is not measured on the these tests is common sense, among others. You can have a high IQ but still be an idiot if you have no common sense. Take Black and Hispanic nations. Sure, their average IQ may be lower, but they have the common sense to NOT allow multiculturalism through large amounts of immigration that will water down their cultures, create conflict and cause themselves to be ethnically cleansed. You could go to the Congo, find a Congolese with an IQ of 67 and he would be opposed to mass immigration for the above reasons yet you can go to Sweden or the USA and find a White man with an IQ of 140 who screams “diversity is our strength” and doesn’t get it.. In 100 years, all of these Brown and Black nations will still be Brown and Black, but if things don’t change, can’t say the same for White nations.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    “However, I have seen several young women who were half Southern European / half Northern European and they were truly masterpieces. They were clearly more beautiful than pure Nordic women.”

    May I respectfully disagree? Nowadays the pure Nordic women are becoming so rare that it is hard to judge how beautiful they really are/were. Also, it is not really useful/scientific to argue from beauty. When it is our duty to get children with our own people, we should care less about the beauty of other peoples than that of our own people. I do not deny that beauty is important for the reproduction of our race, but I like to point out that egalitarians have been promoting race mixing by means of an extreme focus on the beauty of other peoples. Even if a Black woman is stunningly beautiful, it does not mean that our Nordic men should mix with her. It would be nice for Blacks if they had many beautiful people, but I do not really care about beauty in the sense that it should be a reason for us to mix or anything like that. Beauty does not impress me in that way. A certain kind of beauty can be an indicator of good health, and another kind of beauty can be an indicator of well-performed plastic surgery. I am really not impressed by the latter, although I am interested in the former. I do not like cosmetics (make-up, eye-liner, etc.) because I like the way I look naturally. I have just come to accept my natural looks, and it makes me happy to think that so many people of one race have survived before me to give me these looks. We need to see “beauty” in another light than the egalitarians have made us see it. I know that it will take a lot of work to eradicate every single egalitarian thought from our minds, but it will be for the better. In the past we never saw other peoples, so we could not judge their beauty. We were used to seeing our own people, so we must have been very inclined to judge other peoples uglier than our own people. We do not have this natural eugenic effect anymore nowadays, so we need to defend ourselves philosophically, morally and scientifically. Flirtation with miscegenation is dangerous to our very survival. We would not have been Whites if we constantly intermarried with Blacks for the last sixty thousand years. That flirtation is what would have prevented us from becoming what we are today. I am glad that the human animal evolved in this way, and we ought to keep it that way. Interbreeding races is less interesting than breeding a new species by natural/artifical selection. If I could be an eternal observer, it would interest me more to see the development of (pure) Nordics throughout the next million years than seeing how humanity ends up with multiple mixed races or even a single mixed race.

    • Magician

      Here is a pure Nordic woman.

      But anyways if I had offended you, my apologies.

      And rest assured, virtually all black men love black women most. It is just the miserable mainstream media that keeps on trying to convince all viewers that black men and white women always date each other.

      It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in North America and if you could excuse me I am going to get my beautiful warm bacon breakfast! By the way you have near flawless English language skills. I read it pays very well to be able to communicate in English in Europe.

      • FransSusan


      • LovelyNordicHeidi

        It’s very good that you had a nice day. Just one thing: I want you to explicitly want no miscegenation. I wouldn’t have been born nor thought this way if one of my parents had intermarried with a person of another race. I’m glad they didn’t. There will be less and less people like me if people like you do not explicitly want more people like me. I understand that you might be interested in the results of miscegenation, and it is important that race-conscious people like you make sure that this interest will not reduce the numbers of people like me. I just care that the Nordic types of all Western nationalities will still exist by the year 2100. If you do explicitly want people like me, you will perhaps inspire many young Nordic adults to seek Nordic spouses and to get real Nordic children. It is advised to use your in-born pathological altruism for something good like this. Our fellow Whites abuse it for foreign aid, but you know better, right?

  • Bossman

    This video is just restating old facts. Blacks have lower IQ. The countries in Africa that never came under European colonial influence are the most backward. Nothing new in any of this. What is the solution? Blacks need to be miscegenated and assimilated out of existence. There is only one group that is good at this sort of thing and it is the so-called Hispanics. Arabs are good at it too but in their case they insist on bringing their slavish and dogmatic religion with them.

    • jeffaral

      I don’t know why you are allowed to post on this pro-European site, since you are a racist La Raza brown supremacist.

      • Einsatzgrenadier

        I don’t know either. This mestizo believes that the only solution to America’s problems is to become another Guatemala, Colombia or some other Latin American hellhole. He wants to turn every American citizen into a carbon copy of the UNESCO “brown man”, the ideal multicultural citizen of the future, who is raceless, sexless, classless, without national identity and easily manipulated by the global capitalists of the NWO.

      • Bossman

        I’m pro-Western, pro-European, pro-Anglo-American. I seek sensible solutions to the world’s problems.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          If you were pro-white and pro-western, you wouldn’t be advocating that whites ethnically cleanse themselves out of existence by miscegenating with non-whites. What you really are is anti-racist, which is just another way of saying anti-white.

          • Bossman

            What I said in the previous posts is that Hispanics are very good at assimilating Blacks. Do you’ve a problem with that? Are you going to ignore the facts of history.

          • IstvanIN

            Hispanics good at assimilating blacks? They just brought down their own IQ and chances at being civilized. Breeding with blacks just ruins the gene pool of whoever does it.

        • Mack0

          Very nice post. I agree.

    • IstvanIN

      Miscegenting with blacks has caused a lot of the problems Arabs and Hispanics have.

      • FransSusan

        Miscegenation with blacks is disgusting.

    • Mack0

      In my wilder moments when my mind embarks into the realm of conspiracy theories I wonder if the introduction of large numbers of Hispanics is just a massive breeding program to domesticate blacks or breed them out entirely.

      • LACounty

        I’ve though the same. Hispanics are displacing blacks.

        • Einsatzgrenadier

          They’re also displacing whites. Whether we like it or not, the United States is transitioning into a mestizo-majority, predominantly Spanish-speaking, neo-feudal third world society. This, of course, is by design, rather than by accident. Unless there is regime change in the near future and the brown invaders are driven out, the United States faces a very dark future.

          • LACounty

            Yes. I didn’t mean to suggest Whites weren’t being displaced. Just responding to Mack’s comment.

          • Mack0

            We are looking at a future very much like present day Brazil. A whole lot of poor people with enclaves of wealthy and middle class(what’s left of the middle class) whites living in gated communities.

        • Mack0

          There has been talk of bringing in Hispanic immigrants to Detroit. I don’t see what this would accomplish other than increasing racial tension between blacks and Hispanics.

          • LACounty

            I believe racial tension is a goal of those in control.

          • FransSusan

            That might be good idea—get rid of a lot of them through natural selection….may the best man win sort of thing.

          • Mack0

            Blacks will come to realize they can’t blame and shame Hispanics the way they do white-euros. Blacks have no other strategy except maybe violence and they are facing an enemy who will not be pressured to back down or ignore violence committed against them.

      • IstvanIN

        The Columbia Mall shooter looks like a Hispanic/Negro mix.

    • FransSusan

      Bossman, miscegenation with blacks is disgusting, so that’s not a good idea. If Hispanics want to do that, fine….but not for whites. The solution is to end affirmative action and restore a merit based society; face the truth about the races as JT has presented in this video; stop being politically correct and tell the truth about the races as JT has presented in this video and proceed accordingly. Accordingly means that those of lower intelligence will be expected to do jobs that people of lower intelligence are CAPABLE of doing, and they’ll have to accept that….they’ll have to accept the fact that they’re not intelligent enough to do many things that whites do. Oh, and whites must stop with the idiotic ‘white guilt’ crap. Of course that’s just a pipe dream and it will probably take a revolution to accomplish.

  • Erasmus

    It’s more than just slightly ironic that the same lefties who argue that gayness has a genetic etiology argue that intelligence doesn’t.

  • Epiminondas

    Thanks, Jared. I sent this along to all my (rational) contacts.

  • Max

    Your point is surely valid but if the word “differences” is even introduced into the conversation it is interpreted as white supremacy” anyway and immediately seized upon by the egalitarian left as proof that whites want to reinstitute slavery or whatever our supposed malign motive du jour may be.

    Everyone one is genetically the same and there can be no discussion. Period.

    • FransSusan

      That’s what has to change before anything will change. Otherwise, we’re headed for third world status.

  • MBlanc46

    We just have to keep hammering away at this. There will be no resolution of racial conflict in the US until this view is the received one.

  • Max

    Everyone recognizes the difference but the left is trying to minimize that, as well. There is more to it than testosterone, however. The brains of males and females differ as well.

  • negrolocaust

    Darion Marcus Aguilar KiLLS 2 WHITES AT MD MALL

  • Garrett Brown

    Anyone know why they aren’t using Amren’s Youtube channel anymore?

  • Rhialto

    It’s occurred to me and most other people from study of psychology, and observation of White and Black men. By the way the while Black men are more prone to irrational aggressive behavior than White men, Black women are much more prone to irrational aggressive behavior than White women.

  • NeanderthalDNA


    1. I bet Oriental men are more violent than Oriental women. I bet Hispanic men are more violent than Hispanic women. And even I bet Negros are more violent than Negresses.

    2. The human race could somehow schlep along without Negros. How far could we go without men? Or could we just have a feminazi paradise of test tube clones?

    Again, point?

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Mr. Taylor presents his argument in such a convincing, dignified, intelligent, and carefully measured manner that I am in awe. In the service of deepening my race realism views, this website is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you Mr. Taylor. And to each and every A/R contributor, my eternal gratitude.

  • Alexandra1973

    That more or less agrees with what someone told me, about among whites Germans being the smartest, and Eastern Europeans at the bottom.

  • Alexandra1973

    That kind of thinking is pervasive, though. It’s like, you can’t have any winners when there’s a competition, you have to give *everyone* a prize just for playing. Egalitarianism gone wild.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    Ethiopians and Somalis were colonized by Semitic invaders from the Arabian peninsula before European exploration. The east African coast was also a part of the Arab world for hundreds of years, but wasn’t as extensively colonized as North Africa. What JT should have said and what would have been more accurate was that negroes have never been able to accomplish anything without the aid of external influence.

  • Andy

    We definitely need to distinguish between negroids (Yoruba, Bantu, some East Africans), negroid-caucasoid mixes (Fula, Hausa, modern Nubians) and black caucasoids (Amhara, Afar, Somali). I always get a kick when I see Afrocentrists talking about how ‘their” ancestors built this and that in Northeast Africa. It pains me to see people who actually care about the truth missing such distinctions.

  • FransSusan

    Yes it does reek of superiority vs. inferiority as you say. But denying that intelligence is important is what political correctness is all about, and that denial has destroyed a once-vibrant society here and in other countries. Intelligence isn’t all that determines success in life, but it’s supremely important. It’s that political correctness and denial of facts about the races that must be stopped before things can improve. Blacks have been brainwashed to believe all sorts of lies about themselves and whites, the equality meme, for example. Until meritocracy is restored, nothing will change.

  • FransSusan

    It seems that Jared Taylor is the only person who is willing to openly discuss this topic. He’s a brave man. I’m surprised he hasn’t suffered some kind of horrid back lash for his truth telling. I have a lot of respect for him.

  • JohnEngelman

    I believe in race realism. Race realism is not the same as white nationalism, or white supremacy. Also, I do not insult those who disagree with me.

  • Jack Burton

    “White men, if they had a society composed entirely of themselves would have a very hard time holding onto those achievements before spiraling down.”

    What utter nonsense.

  • Mergatroyd

    WNs want to deport or mass murder all non-Whites, using a one-drop rule

    I defy you to prove this.

    What White nationalists want is a homeland for Whites, which is being denied to us. We demand a White homeland where we can preserve and protect our unique heritage, history, traditions, holidays and DNA. THIS is what is being denied to us b/c White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded by the 3rd world against our wishes. I didn’t vote to become multicultural or diverse, did you?

    Go tell Israel that THEY have no right to a homeland and must open their borders to any all 3rd world scum that wish to become Israeli in order to work, better himself, get his “slice of the Israeli pie or any other excuse that is thrown into OUR faces to accept the loss of our homelands and living space. But that’s not happening in Israel, Asian, Hispanic or in any other non-White nation, it is only happening in White nations.

    Engelman believes that Asians and Jews have a RIGHT to White lands and living to race-replace Whites. THAT is the very definition of White genocide. If I were to go to Israel or any Asian country and DEMAND that they open their borders to ME and 90 of my relatives and pay for us in perpetuity from money extracted from the native population, well how long before I got a bullet in the back of my head?

    Engelman is no different from a Hitler who wanted Jews genocide. White nationalists want a homeland for ourselves and our posterity as was originally intended by the Founding Fathers, there are no ovens, gas chambers or killing of others involved.

    Blacks weren’t killed to create Oriana in South Africa THAT is what we want.

    So knock if the F off with this “deport or mass murder” crap, that makes you no better than a Stalin or Hitler who DID mass murder and deport “others.”

  • Leretseh

    I would like to see Jared Taylor go the route of male group occupation ranking. The IQ argument CAN’T work. It does in fact fit squarely in the realm of racism. No need to go down that road. There is a historical structure to a society and a historical purpose. The 1964 Compulsory Integration law ushered in a new era in human history:: racial integration. Of course, we know this social engineering experiment doesn’t work.

    Blacks must go because they have a much lower IQ. Or, Blacks must go because they commit too much crime. Both are examples of a false dichotomy. Civil rights laws need to go. And blacks need a homeland in America..

  • JohnEngelman

    Thank you.,