Italy’s Cecile Kyenge Calls for Action on Rising Racism

BBC News, January 15, 2014

Italy’s only black cabinet minister has called for more support as she endures relentless non-violent racist attacks.

Cecile Kyenge is in charge of efforts to integrate immigrant communities into wider Italian society and is frequently targeted by right-wing opponents.

Ms Kyenge said Italy’s institutions and political establishment must do more.

“Politics must stand up as one and condemn racism lest it become a dangerous weapon that can kill democracy,” the Congolese-born MP said.

Ms Kyenge has faced a torrent of abuse since her appointment in April from the right-wing Northern League party and its supporters.

The League’s newspaper, La Padania, has just begun publishing her daily itinerary–presumably so that the hecklers will always know where to find the minister, says the BBC’s Alan Johnston in Rome.

Last year, one of its most senior figures likened her to an orangutan. Another accused Ms Kyenge of wanting to impose “tribal traditions” on Italy.

One of the League’s councillors even called for the minister to be raped.

Ms Kyenge has been heckled, and had bananas thrown at her during political rallies.

‘Better than this’

Ms Kyenge has now called for action.

“Our constitution is a strong tool to fight racism, but it’s never used.

“The country must react in response to these acts, which must be recognised for what they are, that is, acts of racism and discrimination,” Ansa news agency quoted Ms Kyenge as saying.

In a newspaper interview, Ms Kyenge said that, as a black woman, who had studied and become a minister, she had challenged the prejudices of the most intolerant people.

But she made clear that she would continue to do her job. If she backed down she would hand victory to her opponents.

Members of Ms Kyenge’s Democratic Party and other centre-left politicians have called for the League’s newspaper feature “Here’s Cecile Kyenge” to be pulled, describing it as “tantamount to intimidation”.

La Padania’s editor said the information was in the public domain anyway.

In a separate development, police confirmed that a suspicious powder mailed to Ms Kyenge on Wednesday was baking soda.

The package was intercepted at a mail-processing centre.

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  • Mack0

    If she wants to make a real difference may I suggest she return to the land of her ancestors. There are a lot of problems that could use her attention. What individuals like Kyenge don’t understand is that they don’t have a right to be there. They are guests of a host nation and will never be a native.

    • Sick of it

      They also don’t care about the natives of their host countries, but rather want said host countries to become more like home (i.e. a living hell).

  • Jesse James

    She thinks racism is a threat to democracy, I think democracy is a threat to my race.

    • bigone4u

      Her idea of democracy is unlimited immigration by blacks into Italy with the white taxpayers picking up the tab for expenses. Her idea of democracy is thus a threat to our race and to civilization in general.

  • ThomasER916

    Italy is for Italians. Her presence is a threat to Italy. She should leave immediately to escape “racism.”

  • Anglo

    Cecile Kyenge needs to go back to the African Congo where she belongs. She will not have to worry about racism.

  • dd121

    I don’t think she’s “handing victory to her opponents”, the sense of entitlement is greater than ever.

  • Extropico

    “Cecile Kyenge is in charge of efforts to integrate immigrant communities into wider Italian society…”

    As a half Italian, I am volunteering to be in charge of “integration” of Italians into the Congo. I’ll surtax the mineral wealth of the nation to pay for the colonization of Italians into the soon to be minoritized Congolese nation.

    I do hope there are no accusations “racism” as that is a very serious charge.

    • Xerxes22

      When Mussolini tried to integrate Italians into Africa in 1935, he was reviled for it by the liberals and leftists. Now Cecile Kyenge is trying the same thing in reverse and the liberals and leftists love her for it. Hypocrites.

      • Extropico

        In 1936 Haile Selassie gave a speech following Italy’s military victory wherein he warned that:

        “It is us today. It will be you tomorrow.”

        Folks in Asia and Africa should remember that. The mantra stings the Leftoids very, very harshly. Eventually they will use every tool at their disposal to open your borders too.

      • Truth Teller

        Spain was much better at their empires. Italy did accomplish more throughout history but Spain was and is much more of a powerful country. The Spanish empire still lives on through the language and culture. Spain is the reason why America is America. Spain is also classier than the majority of countries in Europe.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          The Spaniards race mixed on a massive scale in Spanish America, “enriching” the new continent with the problematic Hispanics.

          • Truth Teller

            Because of Spain, there are whites in more places in the world than ever. They aren’t just confined to their ethnic homelands. Because of Spain, Spaniard DNA has been spread more than almost any type of DNA in the world.

          • Gianni_Paolinzetti

            If the end result is still hordes of mestizo non-whites who can’t help but run their own countries into the ground, I’m not sure that’s a legacy of untarnished success just because they happen to have some quantum of Spanish ancestry.

        • Gianni_Paolinzetti

          You’re not counting the Roman Empire I take it? I love Spain, but they couldn’t keep their imperial house in order the way the Brits could (and did, up until after WWII), and I don’t think they have nearly as much class as the Brits (or as much style as the Italians). But I won’t pretend not to be biased.

          • John R

            But, the Spaniards were ruled by Muslims for 700 years. This is ingrained into their psyche. That is why they know better than the Brits on how to handle the non-whites. You don’t see blacks and Muslims rioting in Spanish cities do you, unlike your precious Brits, who seem psychologically unable to deal with them. No, the British didn’t know how to handle their empire.

          • Gianni_Paolinzetti

            Yeah and you also see violent, filthy shanty towns full of mestizos within some of the most poorly developed regions of the world as part of the Spanish imperial legacy. Moreover, the Spanish Empire began crumbling from within well before the British Empire was (relatively) voluntarily dissolved by the British themselves.

            No argument from me, though, against how ineptly the British have handled demographic changes since the 60s. At the same time, I don’t think you can compare how the two nations have handled things just within the last fifty years while dismissing how things were handled within the last six centuries and come away with particularly meaningful conclusions about the two…

          • Truth Teller

            Former Cuba was a paradise and a lot of upper crust regions of Latin America are paradises. Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile are doing quite nicely.

          • John R

            Long story short: The good areas anywhere in the world, are the areas where the population is made up of people of European heritage. Of course a lot of areas of the former Spanish Empire are bad: In Mexico, and the Andean countries, most of the people are predominately Amerindian in ancestry, and in areas like Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, they are mullatoes. Look at the areas Britain ruled in Africa: How are THEY doing? As you point out, the areas in Latin America, like Argentina, that are mainly White, are doing quite well. Sad to say, ironically, Argentina may one day be the future White Homeland, when the Anglo countries disappear from growing “Die Versity.” Thank you for your reply.

          • Truth Teller

            And it is also seen in the class system of Latin America. You might be right about Argentina. One thing I have noticed is minorities that are actually in Latin America don’t hate whites as much as those within the Anglo sphere. In the US, someone like Obama would disdain the white heritage and only opt for African. In the Dominican Republic, the mulattos disdain the Haitians and cherish the white side.

          • Truth Teller

            This is extremely true. Immigrants don’t cause problems in Spain.

          • saxonsun

            You’re right on all scores.

          • Truth Teller

            The Roman Empire accomplished a lot but the Spanish empire still lives on today and so does its legacy. Spain kept a lot of house in Cuba. Spaniards have an extreme amount of class. Upper class Spaniards are always dressed in the best brands.

        • saxonsun

          Talk about re-writing history! America is America because of the mother country…which is, thank God, England.

          • Truth Teller

            It wouldn’t be here without the Spanish voyages or Columbus, who some say was a Catalan. Most of his personal writings were in Spanish.

  • Luca

    Look on the bright side Ms Kyenge, if you were back in the Congo you might be a victim of rape, mutilation, cannibalism, torture, disease, starvation and would probably be eating bush meat and grubs.

  • bigone4u

    Banana sales must be up in Italy. I’d like to see the banana throwing idea catch on in the US, especially at the games of the Negro Felon League (NFL).

    • John R

      “Negro Felon League” LOL! Good one.

    • I am a felon and you are unfairly stereotyping me.

  • Spartacus

    “…had bananas thrown at her during political rallies.”


    Don’t waste good bananas on bad monkeys .

    • LACounty

      Banana peels?

  • Pax Romana

    The so called “torrent of abuse” this Black African Interloper receives from some of the native White Italians, is no where near the amount of racist abuse native White Italians WILL receive from a majority Black population, IF white Italians become a minority in their own country. As a native Detroiter, I know this from personal experience.

    My message to Italians in Italy is this: Don’t believe a word this Black Interloper is telling you. Everything she says is a self-serving lie meant to exploit your good will to her and her tribes advantage and your loss. DON’T fall for it.

    • Extropico

      That deserves more than one thumb up, but i am limited by the software.

      • dukem1


  • gemjunior

    She should get the hell out. It makes my blood boil. Walk into a country, far better than your own, like you own it – an ancient country that had much to do with the beginning of civilization and a country who had spread it’s customs, laws, and so much else all over the known world! And she walks her black carcass over there bringing NOTHING, having never done anything worthwhile in her own home and starts demanding? Change this, change that, don’t do this, don’t be like that, don’t say this, don’t think that – and we should tolerate that? Italians should have to listen to her ? She’s lucky she’s there. A decent black would keep their mouth shut and their thoughts to themselves.
    What will it take to remind these people they are in our countries on sufferance and only until they are run out of there, escaping with their lives? What the HELL is going on here?

    • Gianni_Paolinzetti

      I pretty much feel like writing the same exact thing every time I read one of these articles about how immigrants are menacing our ancestral homelands, but I end up deleting the whole paragraph before I post it because it never does justice to the level of rage I feel towards these baboons and their baboon-enablers.

    • TheAntidote

      It is utterly insane. As I read the story I begin to wonder if it’s a spoof. I begin to think that perhaps I have entered a parallel universe….or a twilight zone.
      She arrives from a place one generation removed from Neolithic savagery. No agriculture; ceramic arts unknown; stone age – no metals; no civic development beyond matriarchal units living in clearings. No record- oral or written.
      She comes to the place where civil engineering was begun; where highways, canals, and cement were invented. where Greek science, mathematics and philosophy were hallowed. Where law and medicine were developed. She comes to the land of the high art of the renaissance.
      One would think this creature would get down on her knees to praise God for escaping the jungle, and having the opportunity to live in civilization, but no, she arrives with recrimination and demands! She says raycizm is Italy’s greatest problem and sin —and the only way to cure it is to put her, the savage, in the cabinet!!! And the Italians agree with her! What more gibmedat will she demand? Perhaps being head of state.
      Taylor, the man in my avatar, once said, “Get me out of this insane world!”

  • So CAL Snowman

    It’s always the same with blacks in White countries. They cry racism from the hill top but never even entertain the thought of moving somewhere that isn’t racist (i.e. not a White majority country). Blacks are the only “oppressed” people in history that actively seek to live in the shadows of their oppressors instead of fleeing them.

    • LACounty

      Yeah. And the more Whites allow this, the more they’ll push the issue. Wherever we draw the line, they’ll cross over it. Unfortunately that line has been virtually erased.

    • John R

      You hit the proverbial nail on the head: “Oppressed” people that struggle to move wherever their “oppressor” lives. Not only in between countries, but within the same country. Funny, I don’t recall Jews trying to move INTO Nazi Germany during the 1930’s, or the Catholic Irish trying to move into England during the Potato Famine. Last time blacks tried to move away from Whites was when we had slavery, and even then they tried to move towards the Whites of the North.

      • Brian

        Even in Dixie, land of slavery, they demanded integrated schools so they could get some of the white boy’s book-larnin’ juju. They demanded Buck v. Bell so they could break into the white neighborhoods and get the residential juju…all the while, singing the Negro spiritual of old:

        Gibmedat in B minor.

  • LACounty

    Why do they always flock to these “racist” countries? Why would anyone move TO ONE? Does anyone she’s preaching to believe what she’s saying?

    • newscomments70

      I wouldn’t move to Africa. And if i did, I would be accused of colonization.


    “In a separate development, police confirmed that a suspicious powder mailed to Ms Kyenge on Wednesday was baking soda.” < Imagine that? Just in time for her to make her "I'm a victim of the mean old racist" claims. Nothing suspicious about that, no, not at all. And it's not like these very self proclaimed victims are ever caught making these fake threats to themselves or anything!

  • Funruffian

    Here we go again: Bantus trying to force their DNA into a perfectly well-established and self-maintained society. All this will do is bring down the wonderful civilization of Italy, its heritage and morale while infecting it’s children.
    The only place to peddle racism is in White countries. Nobody cares to do it in the black ones, because no one cares to live in those Godforesaken hellholes.

  • Funruffian

    “The country must react in response to these acts, which must be recognised for what they are, that is, acts of racism and discrimination,” Ansa news agency quoted Ms Kyenge as saying.”
    Never mind the violence, debauchery, destruction and disease your race brings to the table. Oh no! You must fight that evil racism that makes Black people feel dissed and ignored. That beez da real problem en sheeit!

    • Non Humans

      The nonhumans are incapable of self reflection or insight beyond their selfishness and narcissism. The thought that racism exists mainly because of their primitive, savage, and destructive behaviors never occurs to them.
      If it really and truly was only in the differences of skin pigmentation, I dont think much of anyone would pay any attention to matters of race. But it’s not. Their actions and behaviors better define them as bipedal animals than that of humans.

  • IstvanIN

    Zimbabwe and South Africa are filled with fascism, why doesn’t she go there and protest.

  • MBlanc46

    If there’s any threat to democracy, it’s anti-racism, which is downright Stalinist.

  • DonReynolds

    Miss Banana-breath misses the point completely. Civilized people do not want their votes cancelled by foreign citizens voting in their election. This is not democracy, this is enabling and aiding a foreign invader. Last thing we need is to be outvoted by the invaders. Drive them out… bayonet point, if necessary.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    Italy for Italians, Congo for Congoids.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Honestly, it’s not. If the majority of people in Italy have views she considers “racist,” then the democracy should take their opinions into account. Democracy isn’t true democracy if you force people to change their opinions or threaten them into what you want them to think. With that said, we haven’t had a true democracy since the 50s.

  • Spartacus

    “Last year, one of its most senior figures likened her to an orangutan.”


    I hope he apologized to Orangutans after such an insult .

  • Gianni_Paolinzetti

    Relentless nonviolent racist attacks? Some people would take that for a hint..

  • John R

    Kill democracy? I think the best way to have democracy is for people to all live in countries where they are all like each other. Racism? End it by having all the countries of the world populated by people of the same race.

  • John R

    Right. I would add: How can Africans culturally enrich ANYWHERE?

    • Brian

      What? You don’t think ‘ciao bella’ and ‘gnomesain’ fit perfectly? 😉

  • Massif1

    What has this woman done since she was appointed to her position? She’s not European and she’s promoting her own African agenda in Italy. She is the same women who wants to allow millions of Africans to invade Italy. If she wants to make Italy less racist, she needs to take her nappy hair back to where she came from.

    • Brian

      Amen. Twerking and the Sistine Chapel do not go together.

  • John R

    I never heard of a black that believed in real democracy.

  • LovelyNordicHeidi

    Ms Kyenge is a hypocrite.

    • I am not proud to be a mixed Celt-Amerind who lives in beautiful Colorado. These things I received for free. I am proud of my patents as a research chemist in the microelectronics industry. I am proud of my old skill at rifle marksmanship. I am proud of the old restaurant dishes I loved, remember and recreate. These are the things I have done myself and which I did not receive for free.

  • saxonsun

    I had an Italian acquaintance who took a trip back to Italy. When I asked her how it went, she replied that she’ll never go back because it wasn’t her Italy anymore because there were so many blacks.

  • Truth Teller

    They are not flooding Spain. Guess why? Because Spain has control of itself.

  • Truth Teller

    Then we should go to those countries and whine about racism so there are no double standards anymore.

  • benvad

    Which Italian lunatics voted this foreign trash in? I thought they had more common sense than that over there?

  • Brian

    “Politics must stand up as one and condemn racism lest it become a
    dangerous weapon that can kill democracy,” the Congolese-born MP said.
    If she’s so concerned about Italian democracy, she could take one for the team and go back to Africa. How amusing, that the Italians have had advanced, often glorious civilization for millennia, and she thinks it will crumble without her Congolese self.

    How strange that a black woman would have such a disconnect between her sky-high self-estimation and her actual value to the country. Never seen that before, have y’all?

  • Brian

    If they started sinking the boats with artillery or machine gun fire, to the point where the invaders stayed home, fewer of them would drown from their laughable ‘vessels’ capsizing in the Med.