Congo President Spent £1m on Clothes He Never Wore More than Once

Henry Samuel, Telegraph (London), December 16, 2013

The President of the Republic of Congo  spent 1.18 million euros on suits and shirts over six years as part of 60 million euros he and his family pumped into luxury items and property in France, French investigators find as part of probe into African leaders.

Judges have been inquiring into the source of money spent in France by Denis Sassou Nguesso and his family as part of a widening investigation into the misuse of funds by African leaders.

After seizing a string of luxury assets belonging to the son of president Obiang this year and issuing an international warrant for his arrest, French investigators have now turned their attentions to Mr Sassou-Nguesso and his extended family.

In drawing up a list of assets, they were intrigued to discover that Mr Sassou-Nguesso spent 1.18 million euros between 2005 and 2011 on shirts and suits at the Pape boutique in Paris’ select 7th arrondissement. He paid via wire transfers from a Swiss bank account.

In the same period, his son, Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso forked out almost 474,000 euros almost entirely on shirts. “He changes shirts three or four times a day and boasts that he never washes them and uses them as Kleenexes,” a former aide to the presidential clan is cited as telling police by Libération newspaper.

The son, who is also director general upstream of Congo’s national petrol company, SNPC, is the proud owner of at least seven cars in Paris, including a Porsche Cayenne, a Maserati and a Bentley coupé, while another clothes bill for jewel-studded cufflinks and shirts comes to 257,000 euros.

Police came up across around 20 luxury properties belonging to the Sassou-Nguesso family in the most chic of Paris districts. The son, for example, spent eight million euros on renovating a Parisian flat and a mansion in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the western suburb, in the style of “Napoleon Empire”.

In all, police believe the Sassou-Nguesso family spent around 60 million euros on properties and luxury items.

Jean-Pierre Versini-Campinchi, a lawyer acting for Congo-Brazzaville, threatened France with legal action, saying : “The legal procedure pursued by France is illegal with regard to international law as French courts have no right to probe the public accounts of a foreign sovereign state.”

“Other petrol state leaders and their relatives spend far greater sums in France without being troubled,” he added.

“After Guinea, next year will be the year of Sassou and Bongo,” said William Bourdon, lawyer for Transparency International, an anti-corruption campaign group which alleges the leaders and their relatives spent state funds from their countries on lavish purchases in France.

The French probe was initiated following a complaint by Sherpa, another NGO, in 2007.

Detectives have already listed more than 40 properties belonging to the family of the late Mr Bongo, including two multimillion-pound villas in Nice.

In June, a Paris appeals court upheld the application of an international arrest warrant for Teodorin Obiang Mangue on money laundering charges.

The court also upheld a decision to seize the 42-year old playboy’s pied à terre at 42 Avenue Foch, estimated to be worth up to 150 million euros. The building contains a disco, cinema, steam baths, sauna, hair salon, gold- and jewel-encrusted taps, lift and pink marble dining room with coral pillars and 20-yard glass table.

Fraud squad officers carted off a Rodin statue, 300 bottles of of chateau Petrus wine worth 2.1 million euros and 18.5 million euros worth of art works bought from the 2009 sale of Yves Saint Laurent’s private collection.

The furniture alone, mostly collector’s items, is estimated to be worth 40 million euros.

“There will be no immunity for those who pillage the resources of their country,” Mr Bourdon told Libération.

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  • Puggg

    Sounds like Baby Doc Duvalier’s wife.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Well, America has its Michelle…

      • Brian

        POTUS & FLOTUS live off the fat of the land here, but in the Congo, there is no fat. These bling-mad savages are stealing right out of the mouths of their own citizens.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Buts you gotta look good” (when incompetently running a nation into the ground.)

  • dd121

    Typical Africanized governance.

    • Brian

      And that ‘Italian’ cabinet minister from the Congo, Cecile Kyenge, wonders why da Eyetallions be so rayciss?

  • MekongDelta69

    “He changes shirts three or four times a day and boasts that he never washes them and uses them as Kleenexes.”

    Uh-oh. They’ve outed me. My cover is ‘blown.’

    • Klinton once used a blue dress as a coitus-interruptus rag.

  • Alexandra1973

    At least if my son wipes his nose on a shirt, it’s one he’s taking off and about to toss into the hamper.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    This is why majority black countries can’t have nice things on their own. Blacks are more about present consumption and have problems with impulse control.

    • NotTooSwift

      Daniel: There is an old scientific term for that trait among Blacks. It’s known as “ni66er rich”.

    • evilsandmich

      He didn’t even want nice things in his own rat-hole country, he had to go somewhere else. That bunch can’t even get kleptocracy right.

  • Jesse James

    He should have spent a five hundred on a washer and dryer.

  • Spartacus

    Wanna bet he’s gonna be a refugee to Sweden this time next year ?

  • bigone4u

    Moochelle Obama has been taking lessons from her African cousins on how to live in the lap of luxury. I swear that she is barely out of Africa in terms of her appearance, behavior, and her mindset, no matter that she allegedly was born in the US. And we pick up the tab for her nonsense.

    • Alfred the Great

      She’s downright fugly.

  • The real story:

    Third-worlder wipes bum with White-American tax dollars.

  • Extropico

    I don’t always run a nation into the ground, but when I do, I make sure I have a hip Parisian flat to which I can escape.

  • Alfred the Great

    You’re kiddin’ me! There’s a guy in the article with the name of Bongo. That’s a word I use for all of them.

  • IstvanIN

    We should stay out of black Africa’s internal affairs. No foreign aid, no peacekeeping troops, no emigration to the west, no missionaries. We can buy their oil or sell them grain, certainly, I have no problem with trade, but let them run their internal affairs as they see fit. They will either get fed up and straighten out their own societies or they will devolve, with a population die-off, back to a small tribal society. In any event our attempts to raise them up has been a complete failure.

    • Alfred the Great

      Wait! I think that you are talking about Liberty!

      • IstvanIN

        For us.

    • jackryanvb

      This is another false way of thinking Whites fall in to. The idea that Blacks in Africa or Arab and other Muslims wouldn’t trouble us if we “just left them alone”. It’s a variation of the “Stockholme Syndrome” that Whites identify and sympathize with the non Whites that are raping, terrorizing, taking over White countries. It’s the feeling that we must have done something to deserve this terrible fate, must have disrespected the Blacks, Muslims in one of “their countries” and if Whites would just “leave the Blacks, Muslims alone, they would leave us alone.

      It doesn’t work that way. Black Africans, Arabs and other non White Muslims have never left us alone. We we let down our guard, they attack us, invade our White countries, go for our women. Whites will always have better things than Black Africans, better schools, better sports facilities, better technology, better standard of living. This makes Blacks and Muslims envious, they will come for our things, things like clean water. We have the Great Lakes. Blacks may have lower IQs than Whites, but they ain’t stupid (unlike stupid White Liberals and stupid Libertarians).

      Virtually all Blacks in hellholes like Haiti, Liberia, Somalia want to go where life is better – Sweden, suburban Minneapolis (urban Minneapolis is getting as bad as Somalia). Unless we say “No” and implement zero non White immigration policies, or something close to zero, the Blacks and other non Whites will continue to flood in. And Whites should intervene in times and places in Africa to improve the situation on the ground, prevent immigration invasion bases.

      • Truth Teller

        Libertarians would not give the immigrants welfare and then the cream of the crop would be attracted instead of the lower classes. I don’t blame third world elites for hoarding the wealth for themselves, they are surrounded by trash and shouldn’t have to share their money with trash.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    In the same period, his son, Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso forked out almost 474,000 euros almost entirely on shirts. “He changes shirts three or four times a day and boasts that he never washes them and uses them as Kleenexes,”

    This is the difference between these creatures and the average white. These creatures’ definition of “success” is how much wealth they have to squander. The average white’s definition of success is how many other people they can help and how much wealth they can create.

    • bigone4u

      In economics 101 we call it conspicuous consumption. It tends to be the focus of simple minds. I once had a colleague at the university tell me that I needed to fill my house with shiny, moving objects of gold color if I wanted to impress and date Mexican women. I bought a gold colored plastic Seiko wall clock with a pendulum that swung back and forth. My dates were often mesmerized by it. This was before I woke up to race realities.
      Although I agree with your comment about white desire for wealth creation, the whites who lived in my gated community were always buying the latest “toy” to impress their neighbors. Thus, whites have been sold on Mammon, like the muds. A WN blogger named Chechar writes about how whites must reject Mammon. I myself have tried to keep materialism in perspective.

  • LACounty

    The next time we hear about him, he’ll be filing for bankruptcy.

  • Jim Barlow

    Don’t worry! They’ll erupt into civil war and a new moron-with-a-god-complex will take over.

    American liberals will still make sure to send cash to tend to the unfortunate starving, infected, flea bitten orphans of the once “great” republic of congo.

  • My wife and I don’t have any money for frivolous things, but I can not imagine wasting anything someone else made. That seems terribly wrong.

    • IstvanIN

      To whom much is given little is appreciated. You and your wife work for what you have. These bongo congo people simply stole it, and in quantities you and I can barely imagine.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    There’s an African telecom billionaire, Mo Ibrahim, who lives in London. He gives a $5M prize (and $200,000 a year for life) each year to who he chooses as an exceptional leader in Africa. For three years in a row he couldn’t find not a single leader in all of Africa who was non-corrupt and deserved the award. I wonder why…

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Such an African leader will not be found in the next 3000 nay 30,000 years.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        One of the “african” leaders who did win an award was the president of Mauritius. Mauritius is an island with a population around 1.2 million. It’s 70% south asian Indian, and the president who won the award was Indian. So even when they do find a good leader in Africa, the person is rarely black.

  • blight14

    Well guess what, I STILL don’t want you/yours as a neighbor……lipstick on a pig, etc….

  • Massif1

    “Other petrol state leaders and their relatives spend far greater sums in France without being troubled,” he added.

    Of course blacks have an excuse for everything. Those petrol nations do it and blacks should be allowed as well, right. The main difference is Congo received £1.6 billion in aid between 2003-2011 and every project has been a failure.

    When will the white nations stop feeding the bottom feeders of the world and make them work for a living?

    • I won’t work to pay taxes to allow Uncle Sam to play “Santa Claus” in Africa. I won’t work to support Africans. If I was willing to work, I would want something beneficial for myself to come out of it, rather than the opposite.

    • Bobbala

      The checking account is empty. It depends on how many new credit cards that the fed extends.

  • Bobbala

    … If Obama had a son …

  • leftists are delusional

    An African doing what Africans do. Basically a story with all the originality of reporting that dogs bark and cats meow.

  • Justa Seagull

    It’s sheeit like this that makes me sick, greedy azz *******s, no matter what country they can steal from, they will.