Desegregation Aid Could End for Arkansas Schools

Chuck Bartels, Yahoo! News, January 12, 2014

An agreement awaiting a federal judge’s final approval soon could end one of the nation’s most historic desegregation efforts following decades of court battles and $1 billion of special aid to Little Rock-area schools.

Lawyers and patrons this week will pick apart details of a proposed settlement among three school districts, state lawyers and others involved in the case to determine if it is fair. Unless U.S. District Judge Price Marshall finds fault with the deal, for the first time in more than a quarter century the state no longer will be required to make extra payments to help fund racial integration of schools.

In November, Marshall gave tentative approval to a plan that would end the state’s payments within four years. However, he will hear formal arguments Monday and Tuesday on whether to officially end the dispute that has roots in the Central High School desegregation fight 56 years ago.


Little Rock was the scene of the nation’s first major desegregation battle when President Dwight Eisenhower used federal troops to escort nine black schoolchildren into Central High School, the city system’s flagship school. {snip}

The Little Rock School District sued the state and the Pulaski County Special and North Little Rock districts in 1982, saying their policies had created a racial imbalance among schools countywide. Under terms of a 1989 settlement, the state of Arkansas agreed to give the districts extra money to boost desegregation efforts, including adding magnet schools and allowing student transfers.

Under the proposed settlement, payments that total nearly $70 million a year now would end in four years. Funds in the final year must be used to improve facilities. Without the settlement, the districts risk having payments stopped immediately, which almost happened two years ago.

U.S. District Judge Brian Miller, who has since recused himself from the case, attempted to cut off the funding, saying the districts had become accustomed to the money and benefited more if they didn’t fully comply with the settlement.

“It seems that the State of Arkansas is using a carrot and stick approach with these districts but that the districts are wise mules that have learned how to eat the carrot and sit down on the job,” Miller wrote in 2011. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned him, saying no one had asked for the payments to end.

Taking that as a clue, the state petitioned to end the payments.

Marshall cannot modify the terms of the agreement; his role is only to approve or not approve it. If the agreement reached among the parties falls apart, a trial on the state’s request is set for March.


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  • D.B. Cooper

    My comment on the original article got a lot of thumbs up a couple of days ago. I pointed out that the school is mostly minority, with a 66% graduation rate, and proof that diversity failed.

  • Druid

    Interesting that people more or less found a way around Brown vs BOE. If a supreme court decision is wrong, people will evade it. So those idiots in the black robes can make all the decisions they want. Doesn’t mean it’s going to stand up in the real world.

    • Pro_Whitey

      However, evading those decisions is not without substantial cost. Part of the death of whites by 1,000 cuts the leftists are trying to pull off. And also, see the example of Memphis, where the city decided to do away with its municipal school system so as to make the system run by the county, thereby dragging all the whites who fled back into the morass.

      • Druid

        Doesn’t matter. It won’t work. If a law is bad, all the gerrymandering in the world won’t fix anything. All it can do is make smart people come up with more ingenius ways of evading, and they will succeed. After all, regular working people are much smarter than politicains. Anyone knows that.

      • The surrounding areas could always secede and form their own counties. The City of Broomfield, Colorado became its own county in 2001.

  • bigone4u

    My parish schools remained segregated until the late 60s, giving me the chance to graduate without the negative influence of low IQ, troublemaking blacks impairing my education. My father moved us to that parish to get us out of New Orleans, which was rapidly turning black at the time. Thanks, Dad.

  • Spartacus


    • NeanderthalDNA

      The money it cost, the opportunities lost, our future we tossed…

      Because some dimwitted negroes got a little cross,

      And self hating Whites want a big black boss,

      Because they’d never want to come across

      As anything less than magnanimous

      To the detritus and the dross.

  • Jesse James

    The best thing that could happen to American education would be to end ALL federal transfer payments to local and state school systems.

  • Pro_Whitey

    It seems like the Brown decision and its progeny were in retrospect the schemes of Alinsky and his type to break up white neighborhoods and send them on the run to escape black dysfunction, which is expensive and inconvenient. I once read the following attributed to Alinsky: “A neighborhood is integrated between the time the first black family moves in and the last white family moves out.” Thanks for nothing, Ike!

  • borogirl54

    Segregation is based on residency, not skin color like it was in the past. If you lived in a black neighborhood, you went to school in the black neighborhood, regardless of your color. If you lived in a white neighborhood, you went to school there.

  • John K

    Segregation is the answer, and will be key in rooting out the black racists and leftists posing as educators. Imagine- no more telling white children that they should be ashamed of being white, no more telling white boys they should be or are gay, no more telling white girls to race mix with the black savages. And as an added bonus, they wouldn’t come out of schools dumb as a box of rocks.

  • newscomments70

    Integrated schools look great on fictional TV shows. Even Greg and Marsha Brady went to a peaceful, well-behaved, integrated, fictional LA high school. The only trouble-maker was Greg, when he experimented with cigarettes. My friends who experienced forced bussing in the Palisades (LA) had a much different experience though.

    • LACounty

      Around 1973, first year in jr. high school I had my first encounter with Diversity, and forced busing in Los Angeles County. This was an all white area shipping in blacks from south central. I’m 6’6″ now and have always been taller than my school mates. This black student was a good 6 inches taller than me in the same grade and walked up to me during recess and asked me if I had any money. I told him, “no”, even though I had money. He asked if he could check my pockets and I said, “sure”, then walked away. During lunch I’d go out to the field near the monkey/gymnastic bars. There was a White guy that could do “giants” around the bar, hell of a gymnast. As he was do his giants around the bar 2 tall black guys came up and beaned him in the nuts with a basketball while he was upside down on the bar. They were laughing while he crumbled to the ground in pain. Another time during lunch around the lunch tables there were 6 blacks pounding on one White. No clue what started it, but another cowardly act. He was able to get away. That was my first or second year of junior high school.

      • newscomments70

        Sorry to hear, and I know much worse happened as well. What kind of sick weirdos would force this on us? Why wasn’t this ended after its first year? It’s actually still in practice. Liberals want innocent white children beaten, raped, lit on fire, and killed. This is the clear definition of a mortal enemy: someone who wants to do horrible things to your child . I hope I live to see the day when liberals finally get what they deserve.

        • LACounty

          The truly sick thing is that most that haven’t lived around them haven’t been taught what they’re capable of. So not only do they (media, academia, govmnt) hide black crime and behavior but you’re a racist if you even bring it up. That often results in assaults, rape, and death. if White kids were literally educated in crime stats by race, they’d stand a much better chance.

          • newscomments70

            I know a European who lives in the West side of LA. We used to be friends before he started pushing his politics on me. He believes that liberalism will triumph. Blacks and similar will be educated and civilized, it’s only a matter of time. We must reach out to them and help them. Forced integration is necessary. He arrogantly dictactes this ideology from his ivory tower, but he attended an all-white private school in Europe, many years ago. He did not go to your school in Watts. I mentioned the black on white attacks in the integrated schools to him. He sneered, “The whites deserve it”. Anyhow, I exploded in rage, and we don’t speak anymore. I cannot be friends with liberals anymore. I’m not very much fun at their cocktail parties and cookouts…I tell the truth.

          • LACounty

            Yes. I don’t talk politics with my sister-in-law, for the sake of our families. Stubborn as a mule.

          • newscomments70

            Ironically, I can be acquainted with a polite minority more so than a white liberal. The polite minorities I know are realistic and they try not to be offensive to me. I return the courtesy. I’m not good friends with them, but I coexist with them peacefully. White liberals, on the other hand, are extremely offensive and shamless about it.

      • kenfrombayside

        At “integrated” schooLs, it is normal for whites to be robbed, beaten, harassed and abused by blacks. Knee grows were bused it my Junior Gigh School in Queens NY. They truly behaved like sub-human animals. The male “students” were also obsessed their genitals that you had to hear the crude term for oral sex every few seconds. Regardless of location, the stories are the same.

  • me

    Our ‘government’ is our worst enemy, and in direct violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that acknowledge our inalienable rights of freedom of association and self-determinism.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      “I know teacher! I know teacher! Call on me!”

      “I got this thing in my hand I can use to knock that White girl upside her head and then rape and maybe kill her. Her parents are social democrats so she trust me. She feel sorry for me. I mad.”

      The wonders of diversity!

  • JohnEngelman

    Predominantly black schools are usually dangerous places where little learning occurs. That is why responsible black parents want their children to attend predominantly white schools. It is why responsible white parents shrink from the approach of the children of those responsible black parents.

    • bopberrigan

      “Predominantly black schools are usually dangerous places where little learning occurs.” You’re being too generous. A more realistic statement would be: Predominantly black schools are dangerous places where no learning occurs.

    • Predominantly black schools are merely training grounds for predominantly black prisons.

      • JohnEngelman

        Some progressives complain that black schools are “like prisons.” That is because so many criminals are there. If they were put in real prisons, those who remain could receive real educations.

        Think of what it must be like to be a student who really does want to learn in one of those schools. If you are white you get harassed every day and sometimes beaten up for that reason alone. If you are black and studious you get harassed and beaten up for acting white.

        Progressives do the decent students no favor at all advocating an affirmative action policy on school expulsions. I wonder how many progressives have ever visited a black school and sat in several classrooms.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        And deadly suckholes for wiggerization of vulnerable Whites.

  • Katherine McChesney

    It’s still there. I noticed many people acknowledge the failures and criminality of the black race.

  • Tom B.

    I was seven years old when that “historic” event occurred. I remember my parents and neighbors outrage and Gov. Faubus’ very accurate prediction as to what our schools would be like in the near future. One has to ask, why did God make liberal white people? The negro could be controlled, but as long as liberals control our government we are screwed! It appears to me that the number of liberals continue to climb and so the frustration continues. The Southland has been living with these outrages for 150 years and short of some cataclysmic event I see no end in sight!

  • De’Ontavious Jizzaiah Jones

    Radio’s Howard Stern has always talked on his show about his parents’ foolish decision not to move as his neighborhood and high school were turning black, and the consequent abuse he endured at the hands of his black classmates.

    • LACounty

      When I listened to Stearn years ago, I remembering hearing that story.