‘Colour Blind’ Social Workers Couldn’t See Glaring Racial Clues to Rochdale Sex Abuse

John Bingham, Telegraph (London), December 20, 2013

A “dangerous” inability to recognise the importance of race meant social workers and police missed glaring warning signs about a gang of Pakistani men grooming white girls for sex in Rochdale, an official inquiry has concluded.

An obsession with being “colour blind” meant they failed even to notice the pattern of abuse going on under their noses, it found.

Although they carefully documented a spate of young white girls from troubled backgrounds in relationships with older men from a community they rarely otherwise mixed with, no one questioned what was going on, it said.

Had they asked why so many vulnerable white girls were striking up “friendships” with older “Asian” men they would have been able to stop the abuse much earlier, a serious case review finds.

The report focusing on six of the victims at the centre of one of the biggest child protection scandals of recent times concludes that a large part of the abuse could have been predicted and prevented if basic questions had been asked.

It found no direct evidence that professionals willfully ignored the problem out of “political correctness”.

But it concludes that a baffling failure even to think about the racial element meant they missed some of the most obvious warning signs.

It also found evidence that class played a role in the failings. It said an army of professionals who dealt with the victims simply accepted what would otherwise be seen as tell-tale signs of sexual exploitation as being girls making “lifestyle choices” which fitted what was “expected” of them given their background.

Police, a youth offending team and charities also failed to recognise that many of the girls suffered significant learning difficulties or failed to recognise why this would make them more likely to fall prey to exploitative men.

The publication of the review comes more than 18 months after nine men from Pakistani Muslim backgrounds were convicted of the systematic grooming and sexual abuse of white girls in Heywood and Rochdale in 2008 and 2009.

The victims, some as young as 10, were lured to a flat above a takeaway for sex with the men, who mainly worked as late-night taxi drivers.

The trial resulted in a national debate over the role of gangs of largely Pakistani Muslim backgrounds in grooming white girls.

A chance to stop the gang was missed in 2008 and both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service were forced to apologise for their failings.

An interim report to the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board (RBSCB) last year found vulnerable young girls who were being targeted for sexual abuse, being written off by those in authority who believed the girls were “making their own choices” and “engaging in consensual sexual activity’”.

The latest report covers the period from the beginning of 2007 up until 2012 and looked at the involvement of various agencies including social services, health care teams, the Crown Prosecution Service and Greater Manchester Police.

It concludes that although it might not have been possible to have prevented all of the sexual abuse which went on but much of it could and should have been.

The review found that five of six youngsters which the report focussed on were “clearly in need of early help and at times intervention” by safeguarding agencies for several years before they were abused.

“It should have been possible to have prevented a significant part of the abuse that took place,” it says.

“Had there been a properly co-ordinated package of both support and assessment which recognised these risks, it must be possible that the vulnerability of these young people could have been assessed and responded to at a much earlier stage.”

It adds: “What resulted represents a culture and a pattern of leadership that individuals were either unwilling or unable to change.”

The case triggered a national debate about the phenomenon of “Asian” gangs of sexual predators at work and led to claims the racial element had been ignored for political reasons.

The use of the blanket term Asian caused serious difficulties for other minority communities such as Sikhs and Hindus and the

The inquiry concluded that it would be “dangerous” and “simplistic” just to explain the men’s actions as a cultural trait.

But it found that nevertheless that race was crucial key to the problem and that, had it been addressed, as it should have offered one of the most obvious clues.

“What has been very striking throughout this Review is the frequency with which the men are recorded as ‘Asian’,” the report says.

“The regularity of this term recorded in agency documentation suggests that either consciously or otherwise it was intended to convey a particular meaning.

“What is of concern, is that it was either not considered important to understand what this was, or it was too difficult to understand.

“What is absent is any evidence that practitioners attempted to understand why the fact that the men were ‘Asian’ might in fact have been relevant and legitimate for consideration.

“There is little evidence that practitioners asked questions as to why quite well established social and racial boundaries were being crossed so frequently.

“Questions could have been legitimately asked as to whether ‘friendships’ between middle aged ‘Asian’ men and predominantly socially disadvantaged and ‘challenging’ white teenagers required further examination.

“Questions as to why these two groups who would not typically have significant social contact, had become so closely linked. Asking such questions may have led to the recognition that the girls were being targeted and groomed by the men.

“The degree to which workers understood the communities they worked in may also have contributed to the failure to recognise the unusual patterns of interaction between these two groups.”

It goes on to say that staff from all of the agencies involved with the girls who were spoken to as part of the review were convinced that they did not even race.

“The fact that agencies considered they were not influenced by the men’s race in itself raises questions for those agencies,” the report says.

“Firstly it is unlikely even in the least prejudiced workforce that staff will never be influenced by issues of racial difference. In this particular context–the sexual abuse of young girls by men of a different ethnic background, in a community where there has at times been openly racist attitudes and confrontation between different groups, a completely ‘colour blind’ approach even if it existed, is potentially dangerous.”

One of the most striking details disclosed in the report is that there was evidence from school welfare reports of the girls displaying unusually racist attitudes towards “Asian” people despite, as it soon emerge, being in sexual relatonships with Asian men.

“Significant information was available within the School setting and in relation to Education Welfare regarding concerns . . . from at least 2004,” it says.

“These were predominantly concerns about behaviour and absence from school, but also related to explicit racist attitudes and aggression towards ‘Asian’ pupils and that the girls were sexually active at a very young age.

“Several senior school staff did identify these as safeguarding concerns, even though they often did not fully recognise that Child Sexual Exploitation was taking place.”

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  • Oil Can Harry

    Oddly enough, these same “color blind” liberals who never notice a pattern when nonwhites abuse whites have no problem finding “blatant racism” whenever a nonwhite is mistreated in the slightest way.

    • John Smith

      I believe it was Thomas Sowell, a black conservative who said, “Political correctness is a noose around the neck of Western Civilization”.

      I cringe to think what WLP would have thought of the spineless law enforcement that allowed these pakistani herpes blisters to fester.

      • Martel


    • JackKrak

      Exactly. These are the people who don’t see any racial angle to, for example, the knockout game but then they can turn around and see obvious “racism” in bank lending patterns, graduation rates, floral arrangements, cloud formations…..

  • Spartacus

    Anyone still think that Germany losing the war was a good thing ?

    • Bobbala

      Weren’t the Nazis pro-islam?

      • Spartacus

        No… They just thought it was better than Christianity, not quite the same thing .

        • Martel

          Hitler wished Charles Martel had lost the battle of Tours in 732..Christianity, despite its universalistic leanings and therefore glaring weaknesses in the face of exploitation, is far superior to that raping band of marauders.

          • Svigor

            I think Europeans would have wound up making Islam look as European as they made Christianity. Culture springs from race, more than the other way ’round. The religions we wind up with wind up reflecting us, more than the other way ’round. Arabs would be Arabs without Islam, Europeans would be Europeans without Christianity.

            What would Christianity be without the European? A marginal desert religion.

          • Anna Tree

            Did you read the koran, the sahih ahadith or the sirat rasulallah? I did, I think the three islamic scriptures are mostly non-sense and violent. Like Prof. Rushton explained, “Genes, keep culture on a leash.”: indeed you are so right about “religions we wind up with wind up reflecting us”, islam reflects Arabs, I think it is not and cannot be European, unless you destroy a majority of it, like the Medinan period.

            Judaism (old testament) is a marginal desert religion, I think Christianity (new testament) is of higher ground, but should have been considered a religion of whites for whites.

      • RisingReich

        NS Germany was very German centric, concerned about the German People, its Nation, its Culture, its Blood. That’s all it was.

        They would have exterminated these foul fools if found inside the Country…but the key here is they would have prevented crimes like this b/c these Pakis would NEVER have showed up in the first place.

        The only reason they are depicted as evil is because they had it right. RIght to stand up for themselves and defend the People.

        I know of only ONE type of people that would prevent another from defending themselves…..

    • Do we really need to open that can of worms again, unless you’re secretly working on a time machine, lets just look forwards.
      I too resent being told what I can and can not talk about, but this particular association does not help us.

      I often enjoy the steel in your comments Spartacus, but there are other web sites that I know you frequent, that would invite such debates.
      Lets not turn this unique place into another (ineffective) clone, as is not one of the primary goals mainstream breakthrough?

      • Spartacus

        That particular association is a taboo that must be broken. The good guys(or at least, least worst guys) in that conflict are demonized as the epithomy of evil, while Stalin, Churchil, Roosevelt and all the other demonic scum who defeat them are hailed as heroes. We have to clear up the past if we want to make a better future.

        • I completely agree and as someone who had two grandfathers who fought for the Allies (and a daughter of Prussian immigrants as a maternal grandmother) in WW2, I’d like to think that even they’d question the sacrifice of the 60-85 million who died for the current outcome.
          I see it as a war of cousin vs cousin and a waste of White lives, with yes, Stalin walking away the victor. For someone who has endured life under Stalinist communism, I can only image the anger you must feel.
          I’ve never met anyone from a former communist country who speaks in anyway positively of the experience, more so reminding me of former cult members who got away with only the shirts on their backs.
          Re the topic, I resent the cone of silence too, I just don’t think this is the place, as it’s putting an unfair pressure on mein hosts.
          I’m thinking from a populist’s POV who’s hoping for a grassroots turn around and not for change via a bloody revolution.
          It’s not because I lack testosterone or whatever, it’s because you have to play to the conditions. I can see that we’re in a soft war already, but for now I hope for a awakening occurring, before the need “to be hit in the head with a hammer” for it to happen, although sadly I do appreciate that sometimes that is what it takes.
          I have a great admiration for Germanic peoples, in fact if you look around the Western world, there is so much German DNA proportionally, you might as well say that we’re all virtually Germans.

        • Rhialto

          An objective discussion of WWII cannot occur while Liberals control the presentation of history. National Socialism is the Liberals’ Hell; Adolph Hitler is the Liberals’ Satan.

  • JohnEngelman

    The use of the blanket term Asian caused serious difficulties for other minority communities

    – John Bingham, Telegraph (London), December 20, 2013

    That is why I use the words “Oriental” and “East Indian.”

    • Svigor

      Persia’s in the orient, if I understand correctly. Traditionally, “Oriental” referred to southwest Asia, too, if memory serves.

      • Triarius

        These are Roman terms. Asia was a province that mainly covered Anatolia. Orientalis is Latin for the East. Anything past “Asia” was the Orient, from the Levant to China.

  • dd121

    When ideology becomes religion there can be unintended consequences.

    • willbest

      Liberalism isn’t a religion so much as it is a cancer

    • DNA Explains It All

      That will be their pre-planned defense it seems. They really want us to go away, by any means.

  • IstvanIN

    Most Social Workers are employed by the state. If you express racial sensibilities you are terminated from your job and persecuted (in England you are persecuted and prosecuted), so of course the obvious was ignored. The result of a PC state, not that the politicians care about the average white child.

  • Anna Tree

    If the older men where white, the social workers would have scream pedophily, but because the older men where muslims, they assume it was just cultural enrichment.

    • Laura Dilworth

      imagine if the perps were white and the vics were paki

  • Anna Tree

    I think it was more than convenience, hitler would have prefered an islamic Germany than a Christian one. See sources in wiki:

    “Nazi-era Minister of Armaments and War Production Albert Speer acknowledged that in private, Hitler regarded Arabs as an inferior race[213] and that the relationship he had with various Muslim figures was more political than personal.[213] During a meeting with a delegation of distinguished Arab figures, Hitler learned of how Islam motivated the Umayyad Caliphate during the Islamic invasion of Gaul and was now convinced that “the world would be Mohammedan today” if the Arab regime had successfully taken France during the Battle of Tours,[213] while also suggesting to Speer that “ultimately not Arabs, but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.”[213] Hitler expressed admiration for the Muslim military tradition[citation needed] and later directed Himmler to initiate Muslim SS Divisions as a matter of policy.

    According to Speer, Hitler stated in private, “The Mohammedan
    religion too would have been much more compatible to us than
    Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and

    • Svigor

      hitler would have prefered an islamic Germany than a Christian one

      This strikes me as grasping speculation.

      “the world would be Mohammedan today” if the Arab regime had
      successfully taken France during the Battle of Tours,[213] while also
      suggesting to Speer that “ultimately not Arabs, but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.”

      That doesn’t seem to support your thesis. On the face of it, all he’s saying is that Germans would have dominated Arabs if Islam had taken Europe.

      • Anna Tree

        It’s not my thesis LOL, I am just quoting what the nazi-era Minister of Armaments and War Production Albert Speer says hitler told him. There are other accounts to support that hitler would have prefer islam other Christianity. hitler thought that if the muslim arabs would have conquer Europe, the islamized Germans would have dispose easily the inferior muslim arabs and take over Europe and the world, because islam is a more powerful/violent/dominant religion for conquest/control than Christianity is.

        I agree with your sum up except that it is islamized Germans who would have dominated Arabs if islam had taken Europe, he says.

        Actually I accept this statement: after studying islam for many years and knowing about the history of Germany and Europe, a islamized Germany could have conquered and metamorphosed the world. Then I think islam would have been disregarded or quite revamped as I think islam is a backwarded religion for the intelligent Germans.

    • M.

      But race-wise, Islam has the same problem as Christianity, in that it views all the souls worth saving, and doesn’t judge based on race.
      To Islam, a 70-IQ Muslim black person is more valuable than a 100-IQ non-Muslim German.

      Although, overall, yes, Islam is certainly more aggressive than Christianity.

      • Anna Tree

        I agree with all what you say but I will add that I think that to islam, an Arab muslim is more valuable than a black muslim, a whiter muslima is more valuable than a darker skinned muslima.

        But I also think that a non-muslim German woman is more valuable than a muslim black woman. As a wife or as a sex slave, a.k.a. what-your-right-hand-possess.

        Did you ever visited Faithfreedom?

        • M.

          “to islam, an Arab muslim is more valuable than a black muslim, a whiter muslima is more valuable than a darker skinned muslima.”

          Maybe to some Arab Muslims. But Islam per se, the dogma, doesn’t discriminate based on race. Neither in Scripture nor in the Prophet’s traditions. Not to my knowledge anyway.
          The only possible “racism” by the religion itself would be the Houris, most commonly known as the 72 Virgins, who are said to be white-skinned.

          As for Muslims, then yes, historically, they have favored white women as slaves. They could’ve started their conquests with the African pagans, who were closer geographically, but they preferred to go north.
          The race of the slavegirls of Muhammed himself was never mentionned. Even the exact number is unknown.

          “Did you ever visited Faithfreedom?”
          I just did. Looks like an interesting site for those who want to hear critical views of Islam.

  • Anna Tree

    it’s even more than prostitution, it’s paedophily.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Except that back then it was not an issue.

    The british empire alone covered 1/4 of the worlds land mass, and add in french, belgian, portoguese, italian etc colonial empires and then the only non-.whites who were in any way shape or form a threat was the japanese.

    Back then, being outnumbered by non-whites was a non-factor, since whites had technological and military superiority.

    The big threat to white nations came only after WWII, with the growth of communism, both from the Soviet Union itself but also from communist-sympathisers in the west.

    The threat from non-whites does not come from non-white countries, those have no chance against whites, with the possible exception of China.
    The threat against white nations comes from non-whites INSIDE their own countries. A threat that simply didn’t exist during WWII (other than possibly in USA).
    The only non-white groups that existed in any numbers worth mentioning in Europe was gypsies and jews, two groups that the nazis wanted to cease existing in Europe.
    And something that led jews to heavily support and favor policies that would introduce other non-white groups in western nations in large numbers, so they would no longer be singled out as the only non-whites……

  • Brian

    Does ‘common sense’ need a new name? It is no longer common.

  • Anna Tree

    About your first sentences: I also didn’t know until I read about it a few years ago. Just search articles, books about nazism and islam, make up your mind.

    (There are of course many islamocritical websites with more information on this, but I read what may be a pro-nazi site claiming the same too.)

  • Funruffian

    Social workers are the lemmings (Useful Idiots) of the government. It is one of only two professions where one can receive a grant to further their Post graduate studies. And after having witnessed what that career entails, you will quickly understand why they are so shorthanded. I talked to this one 23 year old Hispanic gal who was attending a University while pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work. After doing some small talk I could see that she was very naïve. Her reading comprehension level was equivalent to an 8th grader. And her world views were very narrow.

  • M.

    Typical ultra-conservative Muslim mentality. A woman getting out of the house is justification enough for them to assault her and blame her for it.

  • Anna Tree

    Good for you to know what islam is, and what racialism is. It’s so hard to break the brainwashing. It’s why I thought you knew about FFI or islamla.

    What I know is that the original people of North Africa are the descendants of the second migration out of Africa (like the European, Slavics, East Caucasians and Asians): when that group divided after first mixing with Neanderthals and some went to the East, some went to Europe and North and some went to North Africa. Then later there were more mixing and/or migrations I guess, but didn’t know it was from Yemen and Somalia… I will try to read about this.
    I did read that Carthagians had mixed a lot with Romans and there are differences between Moroccans and Algerians, the latter are fairer.

    Thanks for the chat 🙂

  • Pelagian

    Pattern? Nah, I dont see a pattern.