Children Beheaded as Violence Grows in Central African Republic, U.N. Says

Faith Karimi, CNN, January 3, 2014

Escalating violence in the Central African Republic is posing a threat to children, with at least two beheaded and thousands recruited as soldiers, the United Nations said.

The United Nations says it verified the deaths of 16 children since violence broke out in the capital of Bangui on December 5. Dozens of others have been injured.

“We are witnessing unprecedented levels of violence against children. More and more children are being recruited into armed groups, and they are also being directly targeted in atrocious revenge attacks,” said Souleymane Diabate, UNICEF representative in the nation.


Late last year, the U.N. said the number of child soldiers in the nation had doubled to 6,000 as violence escalated.


In the capital, 370,000 people—about half the population—have been displaced, the United Nations said.

More than 935,000 people have been internally displaced nationwide, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday.


The nation plunged into chaos after a coalition of rebels named Seleka ousted President Francois Bozize in March, the latest in a series of coups since the nation gained independence.

They accused him of reneging on a peace deal and demanded that he step down. Months before his ouster, both sides had brokered a deal to form a unity government led by the President.

But that deal fell apart as the rebel coalition pushed its way from the north toward the capital of Bangui, seizing towns along the way.

Rebels infiltrated the capital in March, sending Bozize fleeing to Cameroon.


Since then, political turmoil raged and violence became the order of the day. Seleka is a predominantly Muslim coalition, and to counter the attacks, vigilante Christian groups fought back. The country descended into anarchy, and the United Nations has warned that a genocide is brewing.


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  • Spartacus

    You know how you collapse the government of an African country ? You chop down the tree it’s in .

    • Oil Can Harry

      Tarzan’s friend Cheetah ran for president of the Central African Republic but the voters rejected him because he was too intellectual.

      • Tarczan

        It’s not true. He was thrown out for not having a proper birth certificate.

    • Alexandra1973

      I understand they vote with machetes over there. Any truth to that?

      • Sick of it

        Yes, as proven in the Liberian civil war.

  • Child soldiers in African “militaries” = Junior gang bangers in black American street gangs.

    Or, to put it another way:

    Africa breaks out, women and children worst affected.

    • DNA Explains It All

      A starling brought to America will build the same nest as it would have back in Europe, Africans are no different.

  • David Ashton

    Who provides the weapons and ammunition for African “civil wars”?

    • There is a pretty big international black market (no pun intended) in those things.

      • David Ashton

        Tanks too, it seems.

        • The BTR-60 troop carrier has been a big hit in Africa because it is amphibious, easy to drive, has good cross-country mobility with its 8-wheel drive and steering on the front four wheels, and ease of maintenance. The wheeled layout also means the vehicle can be driven even after one – or sometimes two – wheels have been completely blown off the vehicle by land mines. Unfortunately the front wheel wells are made out of unhardened steel, which means a machinegun burst into one of them will shred the tire, kill the driver, and send bullets bouncing around the inside of the troop compartment. It is also difficult for the embarked infantry squad to get out of the vehicle quickly.

          T-55s and the shoddy Chinese Type-59 copy have also been widely exported to black Africa, and the Soviet Union also appears to have unloaded quite large numbers of late-production T-34/85s there as well. I am guessing these are late-production vehicles because many of them seem to have T-55 road wheels. The T-34 is still a good tank if your enemy doesn’t have any.

          • evilsandmich

            Thanks for the info, and I’d heard that bit too that one crappy tank beats no crappy tank almost every time.

          • DNA Explains It All

            WWI Mark 1’s are good tanks if noone else has them too.

      • Anon

        International implies sold by many different groups all over the world. In reality, only one nation traffics in arms to such groups….israel.

        • Israel’s biggest arms customer is India, which makes sense, as they have the same enemies: Muslims. They also sell a lot of gear to South America. Most of their old “Nesher” and “Kfir” fighter jets wound up there, along with South Africa’s Atlas “Cheetah” rebuilds of the very similar Mirage-5. Their old French-built AMX-13 light tanks were sold to Singapore – I think after being up-gunned to 105mm. I don’t know all the details, but they seem to mostly sell stuff to real countries.

    • Most of the AKs I see in African photos are Chinese-made Type-56 rifles. The permanently-attached folding bayonet is the giveaway. Also common are Romanian-made Model 1963s, which can be told by their vertical wooden foregrip.

      • Cannot Tell

        Philosophy professor Michael Levin speculated that populations that never invented guns, bombs and other types of weapons also never evolved the self-control to use them. If this theory is correct it would explain the level of violence perpetrated by blacks.

        I actually wonder whether the Chinese are aware of this. Maybe the plan is to give Africans as many weapons as possible so that they can kill each other off and the Chinese can have all of Africa’s resources.

        • China also exports most of the land mines that end up scattered willy-nilly in Africa. China, it turns out never signed the land mine treaty. The US didn’t either, and receives some criticism for this, but the US has also not exported land mines since the Vietnam War, which last I checked was 40 years ago.

      • DNA Explains It All

        I have 922r’ed a few roma units with friends. Them and the Polish underfolders.

        • My favorite AKM stock back in happier days was the East German side-folder.

          • SoulInvictus

            The FAL, yes.
            M-14 or others, not if it’s 5.56.
            I really don’t see the point when there’s better to be had. I’d take one if it was dirt cheap or all there is, but I’m not hoofing it for miles with a pack, so carrying more/lighter rounds isn’t a selling point to me. and definitely not valued over penetration and damage.

          • The M-14 is 7.62mm X 51 NATO. I like the windage-adjustable rear sight because this makes it easier to zero the rifle. On the other hand, takedown for the FAL is wonderfully simple. Sadly, I haven’t been shooting since July 4, 2000. At least I went out on a good note: a full-auto BREN gun.

          • SoulInvictus

            Excellent. I had to scale back considerably the past few years. But I’ll even take my SKS (or my Mossberg) over most ARs. The thing is indestructible and fires a decent round. I’d like to get back into a nice .308 of some sort though. I’ve seen the damage a full powered round will do compared to a 5.56 and there’s just no comparison.
            I get the advantages if someone is trekking into a battle situation, but when you’re at home and sitting next to your stockpile, then I don’t understand the enthusiasm for them or the inflated prices.
            I fell in love the first time I chopped down a tree with one. 🙂

  • MekongDelta69

    I didn’t have time to read this article.

    Where did they say this took place? DIE-Troit, or another one of our ‘diversity enriched’ ghettos?

    • Alexandra1973

      Heh. Over there it’s tribal warfare, in US cities it’s gang warfare.

      Same crap, different place.

  • Who Me?

    This really is very sad, but it is only to be expected in places where blacks are allowed to follow their instincts. Given half a chance they would be doing the same thing here. This is why they all ought to be repatriated to their “motherland”. Of course that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  • IstvanIN

    2 out of 1 billion blacks world-wide is hardly a worrisome statistic.

  • Whitetrashgang

    See this is the aid Africa really need knifes and guns. This is a charity we can all get behind.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Or no child left behind maybe?

    • DNA Explains It All

      Self deleted stoopidity, nevermind.

  • bigone4u

    The names of the countries and tribes change, but it’s all just TNB. TNB is the same worldwide as it is in the ghetto nearest you. WNs should be financing these tribal wars in hopes that they wipe each other out. Next Christmas, instead of donating money for food for Africa, donate for bullets for Africa. Not that any of us was suckered into donating food money.

    • What is TNB?

      • bigone4u

        Typical N-word Behavior. It’s become a common way of inserting truth into comments on news websites when black dysfunction is the subject.

        • Katherine McChesney

          Some discus sites try to censor TNB.

        • thanks.

      • DNA Explains It All

        TNDNA, is better.

    • Alexandra1973

      I’m satisfied with deporting them, cutting off foreign aid, and letting them off each other.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Eat each other would make a better movie and be more natural for them.

  • Pro_Whitey

    On the bright side, I’m pretty sure none of the kids were white. Maybe I’ll start caring when the black population of Africa starts collapsing like the white populations of Europe and North America.

  • Anon

    Lying about africa gets old after awhile. These are not children, nor are they soldiers. Black people are monsters without basic sense of right and wrong built into them.

    It would be unthinkable, for a 5 year old white child to commit an intentionally vile act. Yet, in africa, all day long, every day, gangs of 5 year old blacks attack others in groups….rape them, cut them up with machetes, eat pieces of them (cannibalism is all over africa, not just liberia). A five year old dreams of the day he can get something better than a broken bottle to slice someone up with….for fun, while high. Some of them are willing to engage in homosexual acts or do other favors in return for guns and a few bullets bought by US aid money (the ONLY thing US aid money is actually used to buy). Is that a child soldier? Not really. Nothing special had to be done to make that black “child” into a killer. And coercion was in no way a factor.

    Drugs, weapons, and the opportunity to do cruel, depraved acts with relative safety. That is what motivates a five year old black.

    Far different, than, crayons, santa claus and being like mommy and daddy that a divine white child is motivated by.

    How nuts and evil does one have to be to not tell the difference and adopt a future “child soldier” into one’s family?

    • The idiotic notion that these feral children are “soldiers” stems from the left’s fantasy that what Africa has are “wars”.

      A genuine war is fought for identifiable political objectives and ends when one or the other combatant is defeated or both sides are willing to accept some result short of that. For instance, North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950 in order to unify Korea on its own Stalinist terms. China later intervened in order to prevent the whole peninsula from being converted into a satrapy of US big business. The Korean War ended when both major backers of the Korean factions were willing to accept the resulting stalemate. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 in order to liquidate outstanding debts from their stupid and unnecessary war with Iran by liquidating the creditor. This war ended when Iraqi forces were forced out of Kuwait by UN forces. The 1971 war between India and Pakistan was fought over the issue of Bangladeshi independence. This ended when East Pakistan became independent. African “wars” have no identifiable political objectives and no identifiable termination. Instead of “war”, black Africa has a permanent state of armed disorder: a Mad Max-style “Bandenkreig”.

      Since sub-Saharan Africa does not have wars, armed African combatants should not be referred to as “soldiers”. These are really just members of armed criminal gangs who fight other armed criminal gangs for things like food, rape and control over valuable resources (meaning money). Nobody currently refers to Somali pirates as “soldiers” or grants them the privileges of captured soldiers under the terms of the Geneva Convention. Black African “soldiers” are not under any sort of responsible control, they do not wear distinguishing uniforms, they do not adhere to the traditional rules and customs of war, and their predatory behavior directed against defeated enemies, unarmed local civilians, foreign aid workers and anyone else unlucky enough to fall into their hands is the entire purpose of their activity, rather than incidental. Collateral damage is when 30 Iraqi civilians die when the bridge their bus is crossing is blown up by a missile. Deliberately hacking the hands off innocent farmers in Sierra Leone isn’t “collateral damage”. These “soldiers” are really just armed members of demented criminal gangs.

      Since I have established here that Africa has armed criminal gangs who have created a state of permanent armed gang violence, what is the explanation? Blacks do this in developed countries as well. They torch cars in Paris, beat up the elderly in the United States, and gang-rape little girls on Okinawa. They don’t do these things because of external circumstances. If I was in France, I’d occupy myself enjoying the food and visiting museums and old battlefields. Here in Colorado I like hiking, fishing and vegetable gardening. In Japan I enjoyed sightseeing Tokugawa-era architecture. Negroes do their foul things because they are black, and I don’t because I am not black.

  • dd121

    Only 16? That’s unprecedented?

    • DNA Explains It All

      Given the goings on in Africa, maybe the article was telling of the improved situation and how much more peaceful than normal it’s been there recently.

  • JohnEngelman

    They behaved this way before the slave trade and before European colonialism. It is in their genes.

  • MBlanc46

    Just seal the borders and let them have at each other. Even better, seal the borders of all sub-Saharan Africa and let them have at each other.

    • Tarczan

      To be humane, we should supply them with ample amounts of small arms- so they can defend themselves of course.

  • evilsandmich

    From the source article: Fears of genocide
    Oh such fear, how ever will I be able to sleep tonight?

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    They say the violence is “escalating,” but…when isn’t the violence escalating? It never really stops. It doesn’t even really go down much. In fact, it’s so violent there on a daily basis that there’s barely any men left of fighting age, which is why so many African armies use child soldiers.

    This is part of what led me to becoming a racial realist; I noticed that we (white people) had been told we needed to donate to Africa to help them for my entire life, but even though we sent tons of aid, both in private donations and through tax dollars, it never seemed to get any better. I started to wonder why. For a while, I bought the “colonialism and poverty causes African dysfunction” explanation, but it never sat well with me. I could never imagine me or my family acting like that, even if we’d been oppressed or were extremely poor.

    Now I understand why Africa never seems to change. It can’t, because it’s filled with Africans.

    • Researchers gave Koko the gorilla (who knows American sign language) several IQ tests and she averaged 85 on them. African blacks average 75 on IQ tests. We don’t know whether Koko is particularly intelligent for a gorilla or not, but this raises an interesting question as to which are the real Africans and which are merely an ugly form of primate wildlife.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        Wow, I just looked this up because it sounded unbelievable, but it’s true! I wonder what kind of IQ test they gave her. It’d be nice if we could get some IQ scores for other gorillas too, so we’d know if she were unusual or not.

      • Romulus

        I remember reading about that. I do enjoy your very pithy comments.

  • James Bro

    Blacks, left to their own devices will ultimately destroy themselves. Nowhere on Earth can someone show me a neighborhood, town, county, city, state or nation run by and populated by majority of blacks that is even moderately successful or even considered self sustaining.

    • Alexandra1973

      I once asked a researcher friend of mine if there had ever been an advanced civilization (like ancient Rome) created by blacks. The answer–no.

      Somehow I didn’t think so, considering they’re still living in mud huts.

    • Tarczan

      Jared Taylor debated Cenk Uragur (sp?) the Young Turk guy, a few years ago and made that point. He stated there was no example of a successful black civilization he could recall. Cenk replied that these things happened in cycles and blacks hadn’t yet had their day in the sun yet, but they would. Jared persisted and Cenk lost it. It was pretty entertaining.

      • Alexandra1973

        There a video?

        Was it anything like the time Mr. Taylor was on BET and that one black lawyer was chimping out?

      • Max Krakah

        OHHHHH!!!! The old “future Accomplishments” argument !!! Englemen is good at that one!

      • Blacks haven’t had their day in the sun yet? Let’s see: they have sub-Saharan Africa, which is rich in minerals and has fertile land. It is also full of large, strong ruminants which could have been trained as working livestock the way Caucasians, Amerinds and Orientals have tamed cattle, horses, donkeys, water buffalo, yaks, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and camels.

        If this were not enough, whites introduced valuable, productive crops from other parts of the world to Africa. Corn, tomatoes, peanuts, bananas, pineapples, yams and potatoes, first cultivated by Amerinds were introduced to Africa by white traders. White vaccines eliminated smallpox, and polio is on its way out. White and Asian consumers have provided enormous markets for coffee, a crop native to the Ethiopian highlands.

        In other words, Africa possesses and has been delivered advantages the African locals have proceeded to squander. On the other hand, Iceland rests just below the Arctic circle, is heavily glaciated, has few natural resources and a short growing season. Iceland also has a high standard of living and 100% literacy. Japan is mountainous and thus short of arable land. Aside from some coal in Hokkaido, they don’t have much mineral wealth. They also have a high standard of living and 100% literacy. The missing element in Iceland and Japan is blacks. Blacks are incapable of producing prosperity even when all the necessary elements are right in front of them. Western Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus were devastated by World War Two, but the USSR was the first nation to orbit a satellite, the first to send a man into space and the first to orbit a man. Heck, China was poor after World War Two, their civil war and then the Cultural Revolution, but they still exploded a nuclear bomb in 1964 and just recently orbited some men around earth and landed an unmanned rover on the moon. India has a large and growing science and engineering industry.

        Have African blacks not had enough time? They’ve had the same amount of time as everyone else, or even a bit more, because while everyone else was exploring and settling other continents and thus initially low on the learning-curve in their new environments, Africans remained behind, geographically and intellectually.

  • I_PDK

    The S&S Solution

    The American Negro is as disingenuous as a White liberal. There is no sense in arguing or hashing it out with either one as their arguments are not designed to reach a conclusion of truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth that a real and permanent solution can be achieved and made manifest.

    Instead both white liberals and Negros cherry pick isolated truths, twist truths or just manufacture truths out of whole cloth, that in turn, then subsequently, naturally and or logically, deduce their intended and targeted, preconceived conclusion of illusion.

    Make no mistake about the American Negros intention, it is to meld the loser Negro gene pool to the winner White gene pool at the White gene pools expense. Further, and in the meantime, the Negro intends fully to parasitize the White man’s higher culture of civilization for all the comforts of the highest quality of life that only the White man’s higher culture of civilization can produce.

    The lowly Negro with his physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum is the product of a more r selective or animalistic gene pool whose product, the Negro himself, is only capable of creating and maintaining the Negro man’s lower culture of the primitive savage; which in turn produces the lowest quality of life.

    Therefore and unfortunately, once the Negro’s eyes bared witness to the White man’s higher culture of civilization and its product of the highest standard of living and the highest quality quality of life, and thusly compared to his, lowest standard of living and lowest quality of life, he wanted out of his Negro culture and into our White culture. However, though he wants in he just does not fit in. It is here, that he thusly becomes, the proverbial fish out of water.

    If you have children, gently begin turning them away from miscegenation. I don’t like to tell a parent “how to raise his kid”, but I must point out that White liberals do that to all White children, without the parents permission, through every media venue there is, right up to and including their public education.

    We whites are now the smallest in number of the big 3 sub-species of humans. We must, as a sacred, religious like effort, try to save our gene pool/race and posterity before White liberals, Negros and other losers of planet Earth, hijack and transmogrify us into extinction.

    I happen to be of Kelto-Scandic genealogy; that would be the two white micro gene pools for red and blond hair. I realize it is only a matter of time before our particular gene phenomenon is diluted out of existence unless we begin now to prevent such a loss.

    I dislike environmentalists. They are fanatics and as such are totally useless most times. However, I am a conservationist, and one area I believe extremely worthwhile in conserving is our European White genealogy.

    Unfortunately if the world of White liberal ideology continues, and by the way, White liberal ideology is the enabler of the lowly Negro, our posterity will never know if blonds have more fun because quite simply, there will not be any more blonds left in the human race.

    There was a great old song by Elvis Presley, “It’s Now or Never”, and that title just might serve us well as the theme that could save our magnificent gene pool, the gene pool that the lowly Negro and other losers wish to pilfer from, by melding to it, via miscegenation.

    Please, consider teaching your children, our posterity depends on this education.

    Further and lastly here, try to embrace, as a long term policy, the S&S solution; whereby first we separate out and away, then subsequently, we secede.

    I’m PDK: Thank you.

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Good to see you here, PDK. Have enjoyed your posts over the years at SBPDL.

  • jeffaral

    Expect planeloads of yet not beheaded children and their parents and cousins and grandparents to land on airports of the preposition nation -tha’s the USA- thanks to the heroic hard work of American churches who want to save the planet while destroying the USA .

    • Sick of it

      Churches aren’t the ones pushing for it in the halls of power. They have a symbol which is different from the cross.

      • IstvanIN

        Not true, the Catholics and Lutherans are big on refugee services and make mucho dinero from the feds.

        • Gerald Michael

          Yes, which is why I could care less if in the Little Sisters lawsuit against Obamacare, they have to grovel in federal court not pay for contraceptive services. The Catholic Church has supported and abetted illegal immigration, thus forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for swelling education, college and hospital costs of illegals, while their own parochial schools and Catholic universities and hospitals remain exclusive and elite. Make ’em grovel, I say.

        • Rhialto

          True, but other religious group do their part as well, working pro bono.

          • IstvanIN

            Jewish Family Services also assists refugees in coming to the US. It is a huge money making scheme.

        • Sick of it

          Wow, my comment was so “untrue” that it was deleted rather quickly. Moderation should only be used in moderation.

          • IstvanIN

            I fixed it, see below.

          • Katherine McChesney

            What’s interesting that Moderators have removed my comments on another article instead of deleting them. There is no evidence that I posted anything at all.

    • Max Krakah

      preposition nation?

  • Max Krakah

    only 16 deaths? talk about a rooster tease!

  • Romulus

    “They accused him of renigging on a peace deal and demanded he step down”

    Every now and then a story appears that brings a smile. Let them destroy each other. There will be less of them to enrich the west.

  • gemjunior

    The seem really concerned that “a genocide is brewing” in Central African Republic. It’s funny how a real, actual genocide is already underway in South Africa and it’s just not talked about in polite company. The victims are the wrong color – white. There is not only no sympathy but the criminal establishment seems to think they deserve to suffer without anyone coming to their aid.