Posted on January 16, 2014

Bullied and Badgered, Pressured and Purged

Handle's Haus, December 26, 2013

This is a placeholder website for the chronicling of . . . an inchoate abstraction that will, eventually, adequately describe the agglomeration.  ‘Inquisition’ isn’t too far off.

It is a list of prominent (mostly) leftist/progressive intimidation incidents, or profiles in preemptive cowardice in anticipation thereof, or firings because of ludicrous and exaggerated PC claims of ‘offensiveness’ (usually concerning mere jokes) that I wish had been deterred or handled differently. Also taboo-witch-hunts (is there a good word for a person who is a ‘taboo-truth-witch’ that is better than ‘heretic’, ‘apostate’, or ‘blasphemer’?)

We are all Galileos now. {snip}


  1. 20-APR-1968: Enoch Powell purged from British Conservative Party.
  2. 1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria over Jensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)
  3. 19-JAN-1988: Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder purged from CBS.
  4. 1989-1991 (and continuing): Related to the above, Linda Gottfredson’s torturous path.
  5. NOV-1990: John Strugnell purged from the Dead Sea Scrolls project.
  6. 22-APR-1991: William F. Buckley devotes an entire issue of National Review to “In Search of Anti-Semitism: What Christians Provoke What Jews? Why? By Doing What? — And Vice Versa.” focused greatly on Pat Buchanan (and timed to coincide with his big for Presidential candidacy).  Later, collected with responses, into a book.
  7. 1993 – Jospeh Sobran purged from National Review.
  8. 27-JUN-1995: Sam Francis purged from the Washington Times.
  9. 23-APR-1995: Frank Urban “Fuzzy” Zoeller loses his sponsors after Tiger Woods joke.
  10. 15-JAN-1999: David Howard purged for his vocabulary.
  11. 01-FEB-1999: Glenn Hoddle purged as England’s soccer coach
  12. 17-SEP-2001: Bill Maher purged from ABC (well, ok, just reassigned to HBO, he’s doing great)
  13. 02-OCT-2001: Ann Coulter purged from National Review (NR’s version here).
  14. 2001: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together goes unpublished in the U.S.
  15. MAY-2002: Geoffrey Sampson purged by the UK Conservatives.
  16. 17-JUN-2002: Rev. Stephen Boissoin persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  17. 2003: J. Michael Bailey two-minutes-hated and investigated for ethics after publishing ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen‘.
  18. 17-OCT-2003: Greg Easterbrook purged from ESPN (and his content memory-holed)
  19. 15-MAR-2004: Ted Rall purged from New York Times. (it’s a thing with him, see below)
  20. 19-JAN-2005: Lawrence Summers purged from Harvard.
  21. 25-JULY-2005: Michael Graham purged from WMAL.
  22. 26-OCT-2005: Fisher DeBerry probably purged from U.S. Air Force Academy (left a year after controversy over his comments)
  23. JAN-2006: Fr. Alphonse de Valk persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  24. 11-FEB-2006: Ezra Levant investigated after publishing Mohammad photos in Western Standard.
  25. 20-OCT-2006: Mark Steyn investigated after writing about islam in MacLean’s..
  26. 20-NOV-2006: Michael Richards (“Kramer”) purged from the biz.
  27. 04-APR-2007: Don Imus purged from CBS and NBC.
  28. 22-MAY-2007: Comedian Guy Earle fined for mocking a lesbian heckler.
  29. 07-JUN-2007: Isaiah Washington purged from Grey’s Anatomy and ABC.
  30. 16-OCT-2007: James Watson investigated and purged.
  31. 31-OCT-2008: Everybody goes berserk on the Mormons because of proposition-8 support. (google for more).
  32. 24-APR-2009: Ted Rall purged from United Media. (see below, again)
  33. 06-MAY-2009: Michael Savage banned from Britain.
  34. 13-OCT-2009: Thilo Sarrazin purged from Bundesbank.
  35. 30-APR-2010: Stephanie Grace and the case of her infamous Harvard email.
  36. 01-MAY-2010: Peter Duesberg investigated by UC Berkeley. (later dropped, though I think his clinging to his AIDS stuff over all the years of contrary evidence is pure derp, but still if shouldn’t have had the effect on Charlton below.)
  37. 11-MAY-2010: Bruce Charlton purged from Medical Hypothesis.
  38. 04-JUN-2010: Steve Blair purged by KYCA radio.
  39. 10-AUG-2010: Dr. Laura Schlessinger eased off the air for discussing whether the use of the word ‘nigger’ could ever be appropriate. Here’s some Chris Rock, “The correct answer is, ‘Not really’.”
  40. 01-OCT-2010: Rick Sanchez purged from CNN.
  41. 08-OCT-2010: Juan Williams purged from NPR.
  42. 07-MAR-2011: Cathy and Fred ‘Gopher’ Grandy purged from WMAL.
  43. 27-APR-2011: Simon Ledger arrested for singing ‘Kung-Fu Fighting’.
  44. 16-MAY-2011: Satoshi Kanazawa purged from Psychology Today.
  45. 01-AUG-2011: Principal Frank Borzellieri purged from Archdiocese of NY Schools.
  46. 18-NOV-2011: Sepp Blater pressured within FIFA.
  47. 29-NOV-2011: Emma West arrested for snakes on a plane racism on a train.
  48. 17-FEB-2012: Patrick Buchanan purged from MSNBC.
  49. 01-MAR-2012: Rush Limbaugh advertisers pressured to bail after Fluke slut comment.
  50. 05-APR-2012: John Derbyshire purged from National Review.
  51. 10-APR-2012: Robert Weissberg purged from National Review.
  52. 30-APR-2012: Naomi Riley purged from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  53. 16-MAY-2012: Manny Pacquiao ‘on defensive’ on same-sex marriage
  54. 22-MAY-2012: Andy Gipson threatened for quoting Bible on gays.
  55. 22-MAY-2012: Mark Traina purged from New Orleans Public Schools.
  56. 02-JUL-2010: Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A pressured.
  57. 15-JUL-2012: Mark Steyn published column that got him sued by Michael Mann. (ongoing!)
  58. 25-JUL-2012: Paraskevi “Voula” Papachristou purged from 2012 Olympics for making light of matters involving sacred objects.
  59. 27-SEP-2012: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula arrested for violating parole by producing that ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie, or something.  A strange case all around, I’ll admit.
  60. 02-OCT-2012: Lewiston, Maine Mayor Robert MacDonald scolded for comments related to Somali immigrants.
  61. 17-MAR-2013: ‘Dongle-Gate’, dongle-joker-geeks purged.
  62. 20-MAR-2013: Steven Landsburg gets two-minutes-hated for a thought experiment.
  63. 03-APR-2013: Terri Proud purged from Arizona VA
  64. 10-MAY-2013: Jason Richwine purged from Heritage
  65. 17-MAY-2013: Paula Deen purged.
  66. 30-MAY-2013: Gordon Gee purged from Ohio State University (he’s going to West Virginia now)
  67. 04-JUN-2013: Geoffrey Miller two-minutes-hated for ‘fat shaming’.
  68. 05-JUN-2013: Nissim Yeshaya purged from Israel Court.
  69. 07-JUN-2013: April Sims purged from Dallas Police Dept.
  70. 20-JUN-2013: Mike Krahulik gets two-minutes-hated for ‘transphobia’.
  71. 03-JUL-2013: Aaryn Gries purged from Zephyr Talent.
  72. 12-JULY-2013: Orson Scott Card threatened with Ender’s Game boycott. (See also his mothballed Superman project)
  73. 20-JULY-2013: Ron Unz purged from The American Conservative for this.
  74. 08-AUG-2013: Richard Dawkins gets a taste of the Zeitgeist.
  75. 14-AUG-2013: Vox Day purged from Science Fiction Writers of America.
  76. 27-AUG-2013: Tuffy Gessling purged from Rodeo Clowning.
  77. 04-SEP-2013: Yelena Isinbayeva almost purged as Russian Olympic Ambassador.
  78. 10-SEP-2013: Pax Dickinson purged from Business Insider.
  79. 25-SEP-2013: Barilla CEO, Guido Barilla pressured on gay marriage.
  80. 25-SEP-2013: David Gilmour two-minutes-hated for literature judgment.
  81. 26-OCT-2013: Don Yelton purged from local GOP because of Daily Show.
  82. 14-NOV-2013: Helmuth Nyborg investigated for ‘scientific dishonesty’ (he was also purged in 2006)
  83. 26-NOV-2013: Alec Baldwin purged from MSNBC not for vulgarity, ha!, but for swearing in that impermissiable way.
  84. 28-NOV-2013: Ted Rall purged from Daily Kos.
  85. 03-DEC-2013: Bob Dylan threatened by French prosecutor.
  86. 10-DEC-2013: Chip Wilson purged from Lululemon.
  87. 12-DEC-2013: Bob Newhart intimidated.
  88. 19-DEC-2013: Phil Robertson purged from A&E.
  89. 20-DEC-2013: Justine Sacco purged from IAC.
  90. 20-DEC-2013: Dawn Barnett found guilty and sent to diversity training over a Golliwogg comment (HT: Derb)
  91. 02-JAN-2014: Heartiste threatened with blog memory-holing via WordPress malicious prosecution (Kevin Conboy)? It wouldn’t be the first time a blog was suddenly disappeared.

That list is already harrowing, and I know it’s just getting started.