Bullied and Badgered, Pressured and Purged

Handle's Haus, December 26, 2013

This is a placeholder website for the chronicling of . . . an inchoate abstraction that will, eventually, adequately describe the agglomeration.  ‘Inquisition’ isn’t too far off.

It is a list of prominent (mostly) leftist/progressive intimidation incidents, or profiles in preemptive cowardice in anticipation thereof, or firings because of ludicrous and exaggerated PC claims of ‘offensiveness’ (usually concerning mere jokes) that I wish had been deterred or handled differently. Also taboo-witch-hunts (is there a good word for a person who is a ‘taboo-truth-witch’ that is better than ‘heretic’, ‘apostate’, or ‘blasphemer’?)

We are all Galileos now. {snip}


  1. 20-APR-1968: Enoch Powell purged from British Conservative Party.
  2. 1969-1973: The ‘original’ race and intelligence ‘controversy’ hysteria over Jensen, Herrnstein, Draper, Wilson, and Shockley, et al. (see also Sociobiology)
  3. 19-JAN-1988: Jimmy ‘The Greek’ Snyder purged from CBS.
  4. 1989-1991 (and continuing): Related to the above, Linda Gottfredson’s torturous path.
  5. NOV-1990: John Strugnell purged from the Dead Sea Scrolls project.
  6. 22-APR-1991: William F. Buckley devotes an entire issue of National Review to “In Search of Anti-Semitism: What Christians Provoke What Jews? Why? By Doing What? — And Vice Versa.” focused greatly on Pat Buchanan (and timed to coincide with his big for Presidential candidacy).  Later, collected with responses, into a book.
  7. 1993 – Jospeh Sobran purged from National Review.
  8. 27-JUN-1995: Sam Francis purged from the Washington Times.
  9. 23-APR-1995: Frank Urban “Fuzzy” Zoeller loses his sponsors after Tiger Woods joke.
  10. 15-JAN-1999: David Howard purged for his vocabulary.
  11. 01-FEB-1999: Glenn Hoddle purged as England’s soccer coach
  12. 17-SEP-2001: Bill Maher purged from ABC (well, ok, just reassigned to HBO, he’s doing great)
  13. 02-OCT-2001: Ann Coulter purged from National Review (NR’s version here).
  14. 2001: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together goes unpublished in the U.S.
  15. MAY-2002: Geoffrey Sampson purged by the UK Conservatives.
  16. 17-JUN-2002: Rev. Stephen Boissoin persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  17. 2003: J. Michael Bailey two-minutes-hated and investigated for ethics after publishing ‘The Man Who Would Be Queen‘.
  18. 17-OCT-2003: Greg Easterbrook purged from ESPN (and his content memory-holed)
  19. 15-MAR-2004: Ted Rall purged from New York Times. (it’s a thing with him, see below)
  20. 19-JAN-2005: Lawrence Summers purged from Harvard.
  21. 25-JULY-2005: Michael Graham purged from WMAL.
  22. 26-OCT-2005: Fisher DeBerry probably purged from U.S. Air Force Academy (left a year after controversy over his comments)
  23. JAN-2006: Fr. Alphonse de Valk persecuted by Canadian Human Rights Commission.
  24. 11-FEB-2006: Ezra Levant investigated after publishing Mohammad photos in Western Standard.
  25. 20-OCT-2006: Mark Steyn investigated after writing about islam in MacLean’s..
  26. 20-NOV-2006: Michael Richards (“Kramer”) purged from the biz.
  27. 04-APR-2007: Don Imus purged from CBS and NBC.
  28. 22-MAY-2007: Comedian Guy Earle fined for mocking a lesbian heckler.
  29. 07-JUN-2007: Isaiah Washington purged from Grey’s Anatomy and ABC.
  30. 16-OCT-2007: James Watson investigated and purged.
  31. 31-OCT-2008: Everybody goes berserk on the Mormons because of proposition-8 support. (google for more).
  32. 24-APR-2009: Ted Rall purged from United Media. (see below, again)
  33. 06-MAY-2009: Michael Savage banned from Britain.
  34. 13-OCT-2009: Thilo Sarrazin purged from Bundesbank.
  35. 30-APR-2010: Stephanie Grace and the case of her infamous Harvard email.
  36. 01-MAY-2010: Peter Duesberg investigated by UC Berkeley. (later dropped, though I think his clinging to his AIDS stuff over all the years of contrary evidence is pure derp, but still if shouldn’t have had the effect on Charlton below.)
  37. 11-MAY-2010: Bruce Charlton purged from Medical Hypothesis.
  38. 04-JUN-2010: Steve Blair purged by KYCA radio.
  39. 10-AUG-2010: Dr. Laura Schlessinger eased off the air for discussing whether the use of the word ‘nigger’ could ever be appropriate. Here’s some Chris Rock, “The correct answer is, ‘Not really’.”
  40. 01-OCT-2010: Rick Sanchez purged from CNN.
  41. 08-OCT-2010: Juan Williams purged from NPR.
  42. 07-MAR-2011: Cathy and Fred ‘Gopher’ Grandy purged from WMAL.
  43. 27-APR-2011: Simon Ledger arrested for singing ‘Kung-Fu Fighting’.
  44. 16-MAY-2011: Satoshi Kanazawa purged from Psychology Today.
  45. 01-AUG-2011: Principal Frank Borzellieri purged from Archdiocese of NY Schools.
  46. 18-NOV-2011: Sepp Blater pressured within FIFA.
  47. 29-NOV-2011: Emma West arrested for snakes on a plane racism on a train.
  48. 17-FEB-2012: Patrick Buchanan purged from MSNBC.
  49. 01-MAR-2012: Rush Limbaugh advertisers pressured to bail after Fluke slut comment.
  50. 05-APR-2012: John Derbyshire purged from National Review.
  51. 10-APR-2012: Robert Weissberg purged from National Review.
  52. 30-APR-2012: Naomi Riley purged from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  53. 16-MAY-2012: Manny Pacquiao ‘on defensive’ on same-sex marriage
  54. 22-MAY-2012: Andy Gipson threatened for quoting Bible on gays.
  55. 22-MAY-2012: Mark Traina purged from New Orleans Public Schools.
  56. 02-JUL-2010: Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-A pressured.
  57. 15-JUL-2012: Mark Steyn published column that got him sued by Michael Mann. (ongoing!)
  58. 25-JUL-2012: Paraskevi “Voula” Papachristou purged from 2012 Olympics for making light of matters involving sacred objects.
  59. 27-SEP-2012: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula arrested for violating parole by producing that ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie, or something.  A strange case all around, I’ll admit.
  60. 02-OCT-2012: Lewiston, Maine Mayor Robert MacDonald scolded for comments related to Somali immigrants.
  61. 17-MAR-2013: ‘Dongle-Gate’, dongle-joker-geeks purged.
  62. 20-MAR-2013: Steven Landsburg gets two-minutes-hated for a thought experiment.
  63. 03-APR-2013: Terri Proud purged from Arizona VA
  64. 10-MAY-2013: Jason Richwine purged from Heritage
  65. 17-MAY-2013: Paula Deen purged.
  66. 30-MAY-2013: Gordon Gee purged from Ohio State University (he’s going to West Virginia now)
  67. 04-JUN-2013: Geoffrey Miller two-minutes-hated for ‘fat shaming’.
  68. 05-JUN-2013: Nissim Yeshaya purged from Israel Court.
  69. 07-JUN-2013: April Sims purged from Dallas Police Dept.
  70. 20-JUN-2013: Mike Krahulik gets two-minutes-hated for ‘transphobia’.
  71. 03-JUL-2013: Aaryn Gries purged from Zephyr Talent.
  72. 12-JULY-2013: Orson Scott Card threatened with Ender’s Game boycott. (See also his mothballed Superman project)
  73. 20-JULY-2013: Ron Unz purged from The American Conservative for this.
  74. 08-AUG-2013: Richard Dawkins gets a taste of the Zeitgeist.
  75. 14-AUG-2013: Vox Day purged from Science Fiction Writers of America.
  76. 27-AUG-2013: Tuffy Gessling purged from Rodeo Clowning.
  77. 04-SEP-2013: Yelena Isinbayeva almost purged as Russian Olympic Ambassador.
  78. 10-SEP-2013: Pax Dickinson purged from Business Insider.
  79. 25-SEP-2013: Barilla CEO, Guido Barilla pressured on gay marriage.
  80. 25-SEP-2013: David Gilmour two-minutes-hated for literature judgment.
  81. 26-OCT-2013: Don Yelton purged from local GOP because of Daily Show.
  82. 14-NOV-2013: Helmuth Nyborg investigated for ‘scientific dishonesty’ (he was also purged in 2006)
  83. 26-NOV-2013: Alec Baldwin purged from MSNBC not for vulgarity, ha!, but for swearing in that impermissiable way.
  84. 28-NOV-2013: Ted Rall purged from Daily Kos.
  85. 03-DEC-2013: Bob Dylan threatened by French prosecutor.
  86. 10-DEC-2013: Chip Wilson purged from Lululemon.
  87. 12-DEC-2013: Bob Newhart intimidated.
  88. 19-DEC-2013: Phil Robertson purged from A&E.
  89. 20-DEC-2013: Justine Sacco purged from IAC.
  90. 20-DEC-2013: Dawn Barnett found guilty and sent to diversity training over a Golliwogg comment (HT: Derb)
  91. 02-JAN-2014: Heartiste threatened with blog memory-holing via WordPress malicious prosecution (Kevin Conboy)? It wouldn’t be the first time a blog was suddenly disappeared.

That list is already harrowing, and I know it’s just getting started.

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  • dd121

    It’s the left systematically purging their enemies, one voice at a time.

  • David Ashton

    The list of attacked “racists” could be extended. Some of the “Holocaust ‘Deniers'” also need mention.

    • Daniel Schmuhl

      That’s true, you can actually go to jail for questioning certain details of the holocaust in parts of Europe.

      • David Ashton

        But not for questioning the numbers previously alleged who died in the Soviet labour camps, or the Armenian casualty rates at Turkish hands, or the numbers who died in the post-partition massacres of India, or the death-toll from colonialism in Kenya or Burma. Now why is that? No-one goes to jail for denying any other established facts, like the heliocentric universe, do they?

        • RisingReich

          We’re never going to know the truth about WWII. Powers that be won’t let it happen.

          • IstvanIN

            Maybe not in our lifetimes, but who knows……

      • Spartacus

        But you can say what you want about the German civilians butchered by the soviet army or burned alive by allied bombings. In fact, you can even make fun of it too…

      • r j p

        You mean the HoloHoax?

      • RisingReich

        Such is the case in Canada, also. Despicable.

      • Jail isn’t scary. I did three years. I honestly hope whites get over their fear of incarceration.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Ernst Zundel

      • David Ashton

        I have read only some things written by Zundel and seen some of his videos, also read a bit about him from supporters and opponents. To my mind some of what he says is sensible, other things are not. He certainly has courage and pertinacity. But I don’t see why he should be jailed. Members of the Stalin Society walk free.

      • Ograf

        What is more frightening is the fact that all his so called crimes were “thought crimes”. He was held in Canada for two years in solitary confinement illegally. Who was behind this man’s persecution ? Those that want us to believe that 100 million jews were lost in the holocaust and people will owe them money for the next ten thousand years. You dare not even think differently in Canada or Germany, nor in Europe pretty much as a whole. And it is obvious of the mis directed power they have in the U.S. when they deport him for missing some imaginary hearing regarding his immigration to the U.S. They overlook the 12 million illegals in the South west. Want to know who is in charge, see who it is that you can not criticize.

    • Alexandra1973

      I don’t deny the Holocaust happened. If someone questions it, let them question. I don’t deny people the right to believe erroneous information…I’m sure there are more than a few of us who believe things that really aren’t so. (Galileo was wrong, by the way. Look up Tycho Brahe.) We are indeed living in a time of universal deceit!

      My thing is, it wasn’t just Jews that died. It would be more accurate to call it an Inquisition. Just another purge of Protestants and assorted heretics courtesy of Mama Church. Hitler was a good Catholic. The day after his supposed suicide (I heard he actually managed to escape to South America) Franco said that Hitler died for the Catholic church.

      Just as was predicted, now they’re trying to cover it up and say it never happened, or it wasn’t so bad. How many have heard about the Inquisitions at school? I understand that’s being downplayed too. Get a hold of “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.”

      • David Ashton

        A few remarks only in reply.
        Propaganda in some political or religious interest has often been mixed in with, falsfied or influenced historical accuracy. This applies to Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, accounts of the Inquisition, and many accounts of – and the definition of – the “Holocaust”. Though interested in all three matters, I prefer not to debate any of them on AmRen.

        However, I think we can say with certainty that Hitler was not “a good” Catholic and did not “escape to South America”.

      • Hitler was deranged. Of the three Fascist leaders, one survived, and Franco was smart enough to keep Spain out of the war. He once said that he liked Mussolini and wasn’t afraid of him, but that he didn’t like Hitler and was afraid of him.

  • D.B. Cooper

    92. 8-DEC-2007: D.B. Cooper has second YAHOO! account suspended for several violation notices for comments deemed offensive.

    • LACounty

      Ah ha! Stating facts again, Mr. Cooper?

    • dd121

      “Offensive” or comments that challenge leftist dogma? BTW being suspended by those Yahoos is something to be proud of.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Who controls YAHOO? The YAHOOD? (Yahud, Arabic for “Jews”).

  • bigone4u

    I was purged from academia for refusal to recant the truth. Even if I had recanted, I think I would have been purged anyway. During the tortured process of being purged after 30 years, I read Galileo’s recantation. This was several years ago. I don’t recall the details, but I just remember feeling quite sad for Galileo.

    • Critic_of_Leviathan

      Sorry that that happened to you. I daydream about White Nationalist schools and race realist-run universities.

    • dd121

      Maybe the day will come and the accounts settled.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I just found out. RIP to both of them. Remember these guys?

    • AutomaticSlim

      Absolutely remember.
      Geez…I am getting old.

      • jane johnson

        My ex still calls his Carolina Skiff “The Minnow”.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Gilligan’s Island was a homeland for white separatists.

      • Lagerstrom

        If it wasn’t for Jim Backus that show would have sunk quickly.

        • emiledurk16

          He was a funny bastard in “Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world” too.

    • Strider73

      That leaves only Ginger and Mary Ann still alive. (Unlike most guys back then, I preferred Mary Ann.)

      • I liked Mary Ann better than Ginger, but I much preferred Genie. Barbara Eden was gorgeous. Other actresses I liked were Angharad Rees (Demelsa in the old “Poldark” series) and Yoko Shimada (Mariko in the old “Shogun” series).

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    My favorite is the Limbaugh/Fluke controversy.

    See if you can imagine an unmarried woman clamoring in favor of free birth control at the 1952 Democratic National Convention. See if you can imagine the Democratic Party sinking lower than it is presently.

    Everything that Limbaugh said about the Official Fornicator of the Democratic Party was correct.

    If you want to fornicate, fine. Don’t ask the public to pay for it.

    • If they’re going to to that “thang”, I don’t want them reproducing, so I am quite willing to pay my own money to pull the plug on N’DeShawntavious.

      • Critic_of_Leviathan

        Then do so. To the willing, no injustice is done.

        I am not willing to do that. Moreover, confiscation of money (however small) from an unwilling Citizen A for the ends of Citizen B gives Citizen B an illicit property right in Citizen A.

        • We are in complete agreement provided you have to pay to lock up Darnell, while I pay to have his evil twin terminated before birth. I’ll spend less money than you this way.


          • Critic_of_Leviathan

            No deal. Here’s why:

            First of all, yours is an excellent point, that is, comparing the cost of each scenario. However, I think that both situations need to be qualified. I would weigh the average cost of an abortion versus the average cost of incarceration for each negro in the United States (to wit, determine the total cost of negro incarceration and divide it by the number of all negroes in the United States, not merely the incarcerated population). This is one way to do it fairly, and I am sure that you had something like this in mind. I concede that you may very well spend less money than I would, and to weigh the two costs is an interesting proposition indeed.

            Despite all this, I could not accept this in good political conscience. The first situation entails a violation of my property rights while the second situation does not since I am willing to pay for rectificatory justice, but unwilling to use my money for negro abortions. Monetary goods are not the only goods at stake.

  • LACounty

    Some fascinating stuff going through a few of those.

    “1916 George O. Ferguson conducted research in his Columbia Ph.D. thesis on “The psychology of the Negro”,[13] finding them poor in abstract thought, but good in physical responses, recommending how this should be reflected in education.[14] In the same year Lewis Terman, in the manual accompanying the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test,[15] referred to the higher frequency of morons among non-white American racial groups stating that further research into race difference on intelligence should be conducted and that the “enormously significant racial differences in general intelligence” could not be remedied by education.[14]”

    • dd121

      That’s a great revelation. I’m sure Brian Williams will lead off the broadcast with that. (Not)

      • LACounty

        Yes. This is new info., so as soon as they receive it. 🙂

      • emiledurk16

        Brian Williams. He turns my stomach.

    • BillMillerTime

      I assume this is from a book in front of you? What is the title?

      • LACounty

        Click on #2 up above. When you get to Wiki., scroll down to “Early History”.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Great list, but maybe there should be something on there about the Amren conference cancellations…

    • emiledurk16

      The last few, despite those fools on the hill, haven’t been. I think Mr. Yeagly has fought valiantly. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Just saw the article by that fool from England (probably a white traitor) entitled the Dark Enlightenment. They’re afraid of the internet. We can never lose this this medium.

  • RisingReich

    Anyone notice the rate at which these incidents are increasing? They are either increasing the effort to silence, or the numbers of dissenters are growing. Let’s hope for the latter.

    • Martel

      Since incidents in Germany and the United Kingdom are included a more inclusive list would take ages to compile. You may not know the following incident:Professor Buikhuisen from the Netherlands published a study in the seventies which linked genetic factors to propensity towards criminal behaviour(eg.high Testosterone).

      The Dutch media, mainly the paper “Vrij Nederland” and the taxpayer funded state channel VPRO launched a full scale attack trying to discredit him. The state media where as effective in turning Wouter Buikhuisen into public number enemy number one as they would do years later with politician Janmaat in the nineties, who was actually boycotted by the NOS, a taxpayer funded newschannel which is considered the premier newsagency in the Netherlands(and still as biased today). On one occasion when Professor Buikhuisen gave a speech, men armed with chains entered the lecture hall to attack him, while others threw smokebombs. He has been threatened on many occasions, and was slandered by his colleagues at the University Leiden, one of the most prestigious universities in the Netherlands. After 1988 he stopped doing scientific research, his doctor advised it would be unhealthy to continue, the stress must have done a lot of damage to this man.

      In 2005, the Dutch TV channel KRO made a documentary about Buikhuisen in which he was redeemed .The documentary showed how Buikhuisen was the victim of “Leftist character assassination”. In 2010, Wouter Buikhuisen and his “Alma Mater”made amends, he gave a speech at the University Leiden about damage to amygdala and its effects on behaviour. Professor Buikhuisen, in front of an audience which took up the entire lecture hall, was met with thunderous applause from both the students and academics.

      Somewhat of a happy ending for Buikhuisen.

      I mentioned Hans Janmaat earlier, a right-wing politician who was also vilified by the Dutch press during the eighties.In 1984 a judge cancelled his employment contract with two middleschools in the Hague where Janmaat worked at the time. In 1986, Janmaat was in a meeting with his former political party trying to reconcile differences which made him leave the party years back. The hotel in which they met, was attacked with rocks, gas and bombs possibly containing phosphorus. Janmaat managed to escape, but Janmaat’s future wife, Wil Schuurman, lost one of her legs in the attack.

      In 1996, Janmaat was successfully prosecuted for making the following statements:

      1.”Full=Full” (vol=vol)
      The Netherlands no longer had the capacity to take in more immigrants according to Janmaat.

      2.Our Own people First(Eigen volk eerst)
      Janmaat believed politicians should prioritize the needs and concerns of Dutch citizens.

      Janmaat was ordered to pay several fines averaging 900€(or face approximately 30-40 days prison) by the courts of Amsterdam, The Hague and Arnhem.

      There is evidence Janmaat was the victim of voter fraud during the elections of 1998. It was the first time new software was used to count the votes cast electronically. Naturally our taxpayer funded media did everything to mock Janmaat for making these accusations.

      Janmaat tried to fight the 1996-1998 rulings in the European Court of Justice to no avail. He died in 2002, and there was no happy ending, although he did see the rise of Pim Fortuyn, who despite the vicious treatment he recieved in the Dutch media, galvanized the Dutch and caused a shift in the polical landscape unseen since the second world war. Unfortunately, a month before Janmaat died, Pim Fortuyn was slaughtered by a left wing activist on a parking lot,after leaving an radio interview. That must have been difficult for the then 72 year old man.

      • emiledurk16

        Depressing, but it needed to be said. Our cause will not be easy. Lets steel ourselves on both sides of the pond.

        • Martel

          Politically correct ‘medicine’ is administered according to the same procedures in every white country. I will give credit to the Cultural Marxists for their ability to organize, network and propagate. Their ability to stir passions by pushing our narcissistic buttons is amazingly effective.

  • LACounty

    Amazing that some people still believe that if we invest enough in education, they’ll catch up.

  • Funruffian

    The lesson to glean from this feature is that anyone of us can show brief moments of ingenuous enlightenment about our current human condition in this PC infested world. The problem is that our reputation may never recover.

  • crockadoodle6

    Wasn’t John Rocker, the Atlanta Braves relief pitcher purged from MLB because of his politically incorrect remarks?

    • emiledurk16

      He got a standing ovation in many ballparks before the thought police got him.

  • crockadoodle6

    ABCnews purged me off of their site because of my comments about liberal issues. They really don’t like hearing either the truth or any thoughts that don’t fit their narrative.

  • commandergreen

    When do we start fighting back against the anti-white turds. Heres a tip the next time they try to fire someone dont apologize, stop grovelling towards the multi cult it only empowers them.

  • emiledurk16

    C of CC is a good organization.

  • emiledurk16

    The threat of job loss is one of their major weapons right now. I refused to go to diversity training…my God, does that phrase sicken me…..and they were ready to fire me…..I don’t think we’re causing damage to our cause, I think we’re gaining momentum…this malignancy of anti white sentiment has been festering for many years in academia and in the media. I think the tide is turning.