Sac State Student Under Fire for Controversial Art Project

Fox 40 (Sacramento), December 18, 2013


Students got an eyeful walking on the campus of Sacramento State University earlier in December. Two males dangling from a tree with nooses around their necks, portraying a time that many African Americans wish they could forget–lynchings, all because of the color of their skin.

“I think it’s more impactful when you use actual people, sends a stronger message that just a painting,” said Sac State student Alexander Richmond.

That was the message the artist wanted to get across.

An African American woman, Christina Edwards–a senior at the university–defended her project.

“The purpose of this performance was to bring to light social injustices and the issue of inequality that impacts me and my community as a whole,” Edwards said.

Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter. {snip}



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  • refocus

    Well well well fun and games… to address the issues of lynching “just because of the color of their skin”.

    • Pro_Whitey

      As even the Tuskegee Institute determined, there were about 5,000 lynchings in the post-Civil War period, about 1/3 of whites. Not only was it not all because of the color of their skins, in many cases it was because they had it coming.

      • Anna Tree

        To support your post Pro_Whitey, from yale dot edu:

        “According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the
        years 1882 and 1951, 4,730 people were lynched in the United States:
        3,437 Negro and 1,293 white.3 The largest number of lynchings occurred in 1892. Of the 230 persons lynched that year, 161 were Negroes and sixty-nine whites.

        Contrary to present-day popular conception, lynching was not a crime
        committed exclusively against Black people. During the nineteenth
        century a significant minority of the lynching victims were white.
        Between the 1830s and the 1850s the majority of those lynched in the
        United States were whites. Although a substantial number of white people
        were victims of this crime, the vast majority of those lynched, by the
        1890s and after the turn of the century, were Black people. Actually,
        the pattern of almost exclusive lynching of Negroes was set during the
        Reconstruction period. According to the Tuskegee Institute statistics
        for the period covered in this study, the total number of Black lynching
        victims was more than two and one-half times as many as the number of
        whites put to death by lynching.”

        The paper by Robert A. Gibon rejects the main rape excuse for lynching… but with some 5500 rape on average of blacks on whites per year nowadays compared to a couple of rape if not zero of whites on blacks, how can he so easily dismiss rape as a justifiable reason in the justice system of those times?!

        Blackhistory dot com seems to quote Gibson, BUT changed the relation between white and black lynchings:

        “Known today as Tuskegee
        University, the institution that has been recognized as the official
        expert charged with documenting lynching since 1882. Tuskegee remains
        the single complete source of statistics and records on this crime since
        1882, and is the source for all other compiled statistics. As of 1959,
        which was the last time that their annual Lynch Report was published, a
        total of 4,733 persons had died as a result of lynching since 1882. The
        same source gives the following statistics for the period from 1882 to
        1951. 88 percent of victims were Black and 10 percent were White.
        Fifty-nine percent of the lynchings occurred in the Southern states”

  • smedley

    What about a giant crack pipe and gold teeth. What about a giant butt with pants pulled down to you see the crack? How about a painting of a riot for Air Jordans. Sounds more lifelike for Sac State.

  • “Edwards says she chose to illustrate this time in history by using race
    reversal, in an effort to shine new light on an old but standing matter.”

    Remember … Being white is Original Sin. It can never be erased and must never be forgiven. Have you got that, My Man?

  • bigone4u

    Twenty five percent of those lynched were white, but this dummy wouldn’t know that. Most of them were also guilty of murder and rape. Lynching saved lives because of the deterrent effect. If blacks aren’t careful, it’s going to make a comeback.

    • Spartacus

      Can’t happen fast enough, as far as I’m concerned…

      • Nathanwartooth

        Sadly that is pretty accurate.

    • Joe Sewell

      Lynching and ‘Jim Crow’ were effective. The negro ‘nuclear family’ was cohesive with only about 25% single parent and out of wedlock births. Negro crime in all categories was way down from the escalating levels we have been witnessing since the ’60s. ‘Change’ was needed but not what has been mis-legislated since WWII. No secret who’s behind it and what their motives are.

      • Hunter Morrow

        Jews,are behind it. The truth really is a crazy “conspiracy.” Unless you
        want to think that before jew media and finance control whites magnificently suppressed the Jared Taylor Suicide Impulse that only manifested itself after decades of mind-bending in the White world by jews.

  • rowingfool

    Here we go again.

    There were roughly 3500 lynchings of guilty black males for the period from the end of the Civil War to 1968. There were 4 million blacks in America in 1865. There were approximately 25 million blacks in America in 1968. That’s an average of 14.5 million per year. 3500 lynchings divided by 100 years equals 35 lynchings per year. 35 lynchings per year divided by 14.5 million blacks average per year equals 0.00024% of all blacks in the USA lynched per year.

    This is such a non issue. Only a fool or completely brainwashed sadist could try to turn this into a spectacle to bring shame upon another group. The person who exhibits this as Art is EVIL as are the deeply immoral persons behind them who encourage them in their folly.

    • The Final Solution

      That wasn’t nearly enough.

    • Mergatroyd

      Considering the disparate rate of black criminality, and that historically, lynching was most often applied to those guilty of rape, robbery or murder, it stands to reason that blacks would be more likely lynched than whites.

    • Tacitus1

      I guess Ms Edwards did not let facts get in the way.

    • Anna Tree

      It’s even less as per this guy’s calculations:

      civilwartalk (dt) com/threads/tuskegee-inst-lynching-stats-related-to-population (dt)89362/

      • rowingfool

        He and I came up with the same number (basically), though mine was overall and his was by State. I multiplied mine by 100 to get percentages and that moved the decimal two places to the right. Had I left mine as it was, it would have been 0.0000024 which falls in the middle of his range.

        Thanks for your interest.

        • Anna Tree

          Oops, yes indeed! I saw his page before reading your post, I wish he would use a table and yes indeed a percentage is more telling. Thanks Rowingfool!

  • Druid

    Blacks better keep to random shootings and stabbings. If they tried a lynching, they’d have to have some knowledge of knotcraft and knowledge of any sort is not their strong point.

    • Non Humans

      Unless it is knowledge on the commission of rape, robbery, burglary, murder, drug manufacturing/distribution, exploitation of welfare programs, perpetuating victimhood, whining, random criminality, and I could go on.

  • Funruffian

    Does this act of artistic expression give White people the freedom to reveal all the victims of Knockout games, mutilated Afrikaner farmers and Shannon Christian/Christopher Newsome photos for all to see? Someone, please give it a try.

    • Sloppo

      The number of white murder victims killed by blacks in SA since the end of apartheid is many times greater than the number of blacks found guilty and executed in the United States between the time of the War of Northern Aggression and 1968, so I certainly hope that kind of project would be allowed. I’m also pretty sure that the number of whites murdered by blacks in the US since 1865 is many times greater than the sum of the number of blacks murdered by whites during that time plus the number of blacks found guilty and executed in the United States between the time of the War of Northern Aggression and 1968. I can think of many potential “art project” scenarios for students at that school.

  • Look for Christina Edwards to claim to experience an act of racial intimidation before she graduates. She’s probably already got the paint for the swastika that will appear on her door.

    • Lagerstrom

      Indeed. The paint has been purchased and she’d be workin’ on that rope and white sheet as we speak. Although, as one commenter said above, some knot-work would be required. Maybe she can get one of her White-male college friends to do the knot for her.

  • Larry Klein

    There’s your post racial America for you. The hucksters and blacks in general view every act of appeasement (such as voting for a half white empty suit) as weakness instead of a gesture of good will. Rules of the jungle apply, not those of a hippie commune

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Too bad I’m not a student at that school. I’d do some “performance art” by lying on the ground and posing as a victim of “the knockout game.” Or maybe, with a little catsup, as the victim of a random black shooting or robbery. Rather than the school officials clucking their tongues, they’d probably just expel me though.

  • OhWow

    I think I’m going to try my own race reversal for comedic value. A black Petroleum Engineer, a black with a 4.0 GPA, a black with a father, and a black in a cowboy hat.

    Then I will take Beyonce and drape her around my neck as my scarf. What? It’s art!

    • The Final Solution

      Don’t forget a black microbrewer and Santa of course.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Aren’t these called “Mississippi wind chimes”?

    This is from a no-talent negress. It isn’t art.

  • sbuffalonative

    If I tried the same thing with black actors, nobody would call it ‘art’.

    • Evette Coutier

      I might.

  • NotTooSwift

    I am considering showing off my artistic talents by portraying a time many white people wish they could forget. That is the rape, torture and murder of white women by blacks. One example would be displaying a woman with moulage to depict her breast cutoff, bleach poured down her throat and evidence of violent vaginal and anal rape. Or perhaps showing a white woman raped by a tree branch before her life was taken.

    This would make a stronger message than a painting.

    You are probably wondering why one would want to remind people of something they would rather forget. I believe IQ would play a major role in that decision.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    This is just lazy.

  • IstvanIN

    But if you drop some cotton balls on the ground on a college campus you have committed a hate crime.

    • Anna Tree

      Or if one tells them to eat fried chicken!

  • Tacitus1

    Ms Edwards should do research on lynchings NEXT time 😉 In a 100 year period from the end of the Civil War ….
    >> 4,743 lynchings …1297 were white
    >> Every region of country
    >> California lynched more whites…(41 ) than black ( 2 )
    >> lynchings were rare in 20th century, extremely rare after world War II with only 14 blacks after 1946.
    >> 41% were a response to murder, 25% after rape/attempted rape. Clearly a response to alleged violent crime, not race. “insult to a white person ” was only 1.7 %

  • HolyHell

    Ignit fools….they be forgettin that Cali. was not apart of the slavery racket. The so-called art work is lost on me. Sac State should punish/suspend these folks as rascists (sarcasm, of course) But yet, I as a native NorCal civilized human am reminded everyday on my local news about Oakland murders….Black vs. Black. Where is the artwork portraying contemporary issues? Oh wait, that is a rhetorical question. that would be asking too much of the uncivilized non-existent pre-frontal cortex to think in the now.

  • The newsreader says at 0.38 secs
    “portraying a time that many African Americans wish they could forget, lynchings”.

    Yeah right, so just get over it already, stop bringing it up, it didn’t happen to you, find something new to talk about.

    Seriously if it wasn’t for slavery, apartheid, lynchings, actors in black face etc, what would blacks have left to blame their problems on?

    We need an exorcist.
    Be gone White guilt, be gone!

    • itdoesnotmatter

      Anyone want to mention our White ancestors in France and the British Isles burned at the stake for belonging to the wrong religion?

  • ViktorNN

    I’ve seen chimpanzees make more interesting art, frankly.

  • Pax Romana

    Just more Victimist propaganda. The purpose of which is to keep the black victim train rolling down the tracks full of white passengers on a guilt trip.

    She doesn’t give a damn about ‘Lynching’. If she really wanted to create art with an anti-lynching message that had any real and genuine relevancy, she would have had a group of black Africans standing around with tires around their necks.

  • itdoesnotmatter

    Sooo glad this bantu female did this. I need daily reminders of Oprah’s “millions of african americans” lynched by White racists.

  • Lagerstrom

    I think all ‘performance artists’ deserve a lynching.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I fear this is not a statement, but a preview. See Haiti about 1805.

  • Joe Sewell

    I’m glad to see this. More proof of social promotion as Edwards is still a complete idiot, even after trillions of dollars and super human efforts to improve her lot.

  • bilderbuster

    If those “bodies” had been anything but White males whoever did this would be charged with hate crimes, vandalism & a host of other crimes & expelled in an instant.
    There would be campus rallies & the administration would set up commissions & courses would be taught to fight racism, sexism, Abe Foxman, Al Sharpton blah, blah, blah… & the media would be screaming from coast to coast.

  • Ograf

    Race reversal my ass. She should be locked up for a hate crime.

  • bilderbuster

    The Whites hanging there should have been pelted with rotten watermelons by other Whites to make it more realistic.

  • pcmustgo

    All that goes on in the art/literary community is this endless racial shock value stuff. Hate it. Major reason I moved to the Right.

  • refocus

    Jared Taylor and David Duke must hold a press conference and state without any equivocation what-so-ever that the lynching of innocent black people, simply for the color of their skin, is an activity that all right thinking people must frown upon. And that it should stop.

  • Anna Tree

    White naked women as “trophy scarves” on the neck of a black “British” “artist”, and now those “useful idiots” whites hanged…

    I would have booed them and shouted “rapists!” or “murderers!” at those two.

    And what about having white elderly people knocked out to death around the campus?

  • William

    Christina Edwards, a senior at Sacramento State University, needs to be immediately expelled from school and arrested for a Federal hate crime. If a Caucasian person had done this they would be in jail already. The NAACP, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would be screaming about this if the men were persons of color. Why are they silent? No excuses no double standards.

  • After Lincolns war on the south and Reconstruction began more than 50,000 white women
    and children were raped and murdered by Africans! Why? Because of military rule, southern whites had no way to defend themselves..Even today there is at lest 1 white female raped and murdered everyday by an African!

  • Their is not one African alive than witness a hanging by the Klan and managed to live…….