Rahm Emanuel to Fast for 24 Hours in Support of Immigration Reform

Ted Cox, DNA Info, December 12, 2013

Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to fast for 24 hours beginning later Thursday in support of the push for immigration reform, saying “we are sending a clear message to Congress that the time is now.”

Emanuel was in Washington, D.C., Thursday to join in a panel discussion on closing the so-called workforce skills gap and how to get training to those who need it.

But he announced plans to return to Chicago to join in a 24-hour fast in support of those who’ve been fasting on the National Mall in the nation’s capital since November. {snip}

Emanuel was scheduled to join aldermen in the protest fast, starting with the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass at St. Pius Church, 1919 S. Ashland Ave., in Pilsen at 7:15 p.m.

“On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we join people from all over the country who are making an incredible sacrifice to remind our leaders what is at stake in the fight for immigration reform,” Emanuel said in a statement. “We are sending a clear message to Congress that the time is now for comprehensive immigration reform, it just cannot wait any longer.”


According to the Mayor’s Office, Aldermen Ricardo Munoz (22nd) and Lona Lane (18th) also planned to take part in the 24-hour fast.


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  • So the comprehensive immigration reformers aren’t going to eat for a day in order to beg for their amnesty.

    Can we cut food stamp benefits pro rata to those particular clients?

    And also…as far as bean pole Rahm fasting…I think he will probably have a Clintonesque definition of “fast.”

    • Don’t worry, I am sure Rahm got his fill at Man’s Country last night.

      • Ragehol .

        Mmm, Broasted Former Obama Lover A’Lorange with a side of albino love chutney

        • bigone4u

          And after the fast, a big saugage for breakfast.

          • Max Krakah

            is rahm inamanswell supposed to be gay?

          • He did a better job of hiding it than Obama.

          • He’s got a wife and kids, but so does the President. For that matter, convicted sexual deviant Jerry Sandusky was also married. Rahm’s Wikipedia pic sure makes it look like there’s something seriously wrong with him, so why not that?

          • Paleoconn

            Given we have no idea where Obama is from, that sausage is surely mystery meat

    • “I think he will probably have a Clintonesque definition of “fast.”

      Perhaps you meant “Lewinskyesque”?

  • Dave4088

    I request that Rahm Emanuel continue fasting until he expires of starvation.

  • Truthseeker

    Ooh, a 24-hour fast. What a powerful statement! I’ve gone 24 hours without eating before just because I didn’t feel like making anything. These traitors can starve to death for all I care. I still refuse to support giving away my country.

    • borogirl54

      My sentiments exactly.

    • When I was single, I’d occasionally go 24 hours without eating while playing computer games. I’d eventually look up from my PC wondering why my stomach hurt. Pretty stupid, really!

      • Max Krakah

        hows your eyesight?

      • Whitetrashgang

        I have gone 30 days without eating, big deal. Try going one day without alcohol and porn.

        • ms_anthro

          You should try going without the porn. All good White men should. yourbrainonporn[dot]com has some very interesting information on why.

        • I doubt pornography has produced much social benefit, but my wife and I take showers together because it is fun.

          Much of pornography is degrading. When I was 11, I had a friend who’s father ran a halfway house. Their basement was full of really bad stuff that had been confiscated; pictures I wish I could unsee.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          I was going to suggest Emmanuelle go a couple of months without eating and croak, but I think you summed up things right nicely.

    • Paleoconn

      Emanuel is not White, ergo he is not a traitor. In fact he is serving his own.

      If he was a serious individual, instead of such fasts, he would do something about a murder rate in Chi-town that ranks one of the highest in the USA, 19 per 100,000, vs the American avg of 4.7, vs France with 1.1. SA is much higher however at 31 or so, but if you have to say ‘at least we’re better than post-apartheid SA’, you’re pretty sad.

  • smedley

    I think they should eat or drink anything until every illegal immigrant is legal, even if it takes ten years, not one morsel of food or one drop of water.

    • Whitetrashgang

      No they should not eat or drink till every illegal immigrant is kicked out of the Country.

      • Triarius

        They’re being kicked out of his in record numbers.

  • Lord_Steven_Regal

    Oh, wow, a whole 24 hours of not eating. You’re sooooo hardcore, Rahm.

  • benvad

    I wish he’d opt for holding his breath instead. That’s how all spoiled children react until they get what they want.

    • Ragehol .

      He’ll never do that. The air is free.

  • Spartacus

    I hope his next meal is the one he chokes to death with.

  • Spartacus


    • I have finally had enough.

      I think we should kill all of theirs.

      • Spartacus

        Now that’s what I want to hear !

    • Bossman

      In the USA, these “wetbacks” are classified as white.

      • Spartacus

        And we know who’s to blame for that…

      • Greg Thomas

        Who cares what our anti-White, treasonous government calls them. We know otherwise!

        • Paleoconn

          Except when they’re victims of crime. Funny how that works.

      • Strike_Team

        You’re right. Just ask the FBI. Unless a mestizo or Indio is on the receiving end of criminal activity. Then they are classified as “hispanic”.

        Most people have no idea of the lack of empathy creatures like this possess. They don’t see whites as fellow people, it’s almost as if they don’t see whites as human beings.

    • If we have another girl, she will be “Penelope”, but “Abigail” also seems nice.

  • Strike_Team

    Does this fast include Rahm not hitting the bathhouses he used to frequent with Barry Soetoro? You know, places like the one the Secret Service and Chicago PD hit years ago so the records could be removed, so they could vanish? Just like the academic records of our Commander in Chief?

    Rahm and crew. Always siding with non-whites publicly and belittling them privately. But they love how easily they can manipulate them, use them as tools against whites.

    Rahm calls it an “…incredible sacrifice.” Considering how he looks, he needs more than a single day of fasting. Once his fast is done, make sure he doesn’t cut the tip of another finger off while cutting some pastrami. Then again, it might be fun if he did something like that, we’d get to hear another outlandish story as to how it happened, before the truth came out.

  • bigone4u

    A fake fast for a fake “immigration reform.” How cool is that? And by a fake American who should be in Israel, running a gay brothel or something.

  • Max Krakah

    24 hours? So what? There is a pre determined end to the fast. Is this supposed to be a hardship? Who has not gone 24 hours without eating? It is not that difficult. He probably is doing it because he’s getting fat.

    • If they were dousing themselves with gasoline and immolating in public, that would be newsworthy; a 24-hour make-believe “fast” isn’t news; it’s nonsense. The former would also be really neat to watch, though Barney Frank would probably start a massive secondary fire as the grease cooked out.

      The feds could put this on “Pay Per View” and the budget would quickly be balanced.

      • Max Krakah

        A Barney Frank grease fire, now THAT would be an environmental catastrophe! I’m sure Al Gore would have something to say about that. Michael Moore on the other hand would be toasting marshmallows on it.

  • John K

    I hope that vermin starves to death.

  • Allan477

    I wonder if Ram Emanuel fasts on Yom Kippur. If he does not, this fast is pure hypocrisy.

  • WR_the_realist

    Aw, shucks Rahm, show them you care — fast for a full month, or two. There will be one less crazy Democrat not allowing the next crisis go to waste.

    Since when did not eating for 24 hours constitute “an incredible sacrifice”?

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    I would take the theatrical attention seeking of this man seriously if he would fast until Israel would adopt an “immigration reform”, allowing millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees and millions of African asylumseekers into Israel. Diversity is strength for Israel too!

  • NordicHeritage

    Man them pesky ” eskimos” sure do like pushing third worlders into every white country don’t they?

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Yes, they see that as their holy mission, like that woman Barbara Spectre in Sweden.

  • JohnEngelman

    I guess Chicago does not have enough third world people yet.

    • Bossman

      He should know. Isn’t he supposed to be very intelligent?

  • GOD

    Not surprised at say the least. After all:

    “Emanuel was born on November 29, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a Jerusalem-born[2] pediatrician who was once a member of the Irgun, a Jewish paramilitary organization that operated in Mandate Palestine.[3]

    His mother, Marsha (née Smulevitz), is the daughter of a West Side Chicago union organizer who worked in the civil rights movement…”

    • So Rahm is a cross between a terrorist and a communist.

      • Strike_Team

        I think there’s a case for mom being classified as a domestic terrorist.
        Ok, if we weren’t living in fantasy land, with everything backward, there’d be a case. I guess for now the books will have to call her a run of the mill communist. Even though we all know she was likely anti-American to the core, from the second she left the womb. Just like Rahm.

  • Greg Thomas

    Perhaps I should fast until our treasonous government promises to enforce our immigration laws and deport illegal invaders as the law mandates. Do you think anyone in our corrupted government would give a damn? Probably not, since I’m a White male with American citizenship.

  • Greg Thomas

    Perhaps I shouldfast until our treasonous government promises to enforce our immigration laws and deport illegal invaders as the law mandates. Do you think anyone in our
    corrupted government would give a damn? Probably not, since I’m a White male with American citizenship.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    cheap publicity stunt

  • David Ashton

    Readers may care to note the reference to Rahm “God with Us” Emanuel by David “I back Israel” Horowitz in the latter’s Freedom Center speech “Fight Fire with Fire”, September 13, now on-line. No, Spartacus and others, it is NOT a secret endorsement.

  • Fr. John+

    Meh- the deeds of an unrighteous man, avail NOTHING.

  • Anglo

    “We are sending a clear message to Congress that the time is now for comprehensive immigration reform, it just cannot wait any longer.” AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, IT CAN WAIT UNTIL HELL FREEZES OVER.

  • Jack Burton

    This is the same guy that sent his political enemies dead fish and shouts someone’s name that he hates and says “dead” then stabs the table with a knife in front of other staff.

    His motto is “never let a crisis go to waste.”

    Fasting for 24 hours is nothing, in fact it can be healthy.

    • Max Krakah

      IT’s very healthy, one should do it once a week. Perhaps the “sabbath” in the bible is a code, that initiates would understand, for such a practice. It is the biological system of the body having one day of rest every week. I have read that a two week ager fast can permanently cure type two diabetes. Perhaps a one day a week fast will prevent such conditions from arising in the first place. I myself do not go to the doctor, ever, especially not these days. For many conditions a one to three day fast will clear it right up. Things such as cysts and abscesses can be cleared up this way . A prolonged water fast and totally carb free diet though is not healthy, the mucus secretions in the lungs require simple carbohydrates for their creation. Without that layer the lungs can not resist the bacteria that are normally present.

      • I am an animal, so I eat when I am hungry and don’t eat when I am not hungry, except when I know I am going to an “all you can eat” buffet; I will deliberately starve myself for a day beforehand and then concentrate on meat and fish.

        • Max Krakah

          Well, I am an animal too, and am therefore susceptible to conditioning. If I get into the habit of eating when watching a movie on netflix, then a movie will tend to make me want food. This is one reason why I do not watch TV, instead I just watch things on the net. There are always food advertisements on TV, and that is bad conditioning.

        • Jack Burton

          That’s the problem, “eating when you’re hungry” varies from person to person. If you go by animal standards, then all animals would be morbidly obese if they were capable of eating when they were hungry, which is virtually all the time. Animals eat until they’re sick.

          We didn’t evolve having this amount of food available to us, hunger was the norm.

      • Grantland

        The body can break down protein for essential carbohydrates – diet protein, or muscle.

        • Max Krakah

          YEs, this is true, but when it does so, those carbohydrates are not used to create mucus, they are used exclusively for the heart and brain. A several hundred pound man starved to death from a fast. He had lost a couple of hundred pounds, and seemed fine, until he got a lung infection that killed him. He weighed about 400 when he died of starvation.

      • Jack Burton

        You don’t need to fast to help with type-2 diabetes, except in emergency situations, just eat low glycemic foods. You need to keep your blood sugar steady and low, instead of glycemic spikes.

        IMO consuming green smoothies is better than fasting by itself. You need something to cleanse your body internally, push out all the old stuff.

        People may not be aware of this, but there actually is a process of deterioration which leads to diabetes and hypertension. It’s not like you go from perfectly health and then bam you’re diabetic. There are prediabetic and hypertensive phases, but often times these are ignored as not serious enough. Wrong, this is when you can reverse a more permanent change in your body. This is when fasting and changing your diet allows your body to regenerate itself.

  • Turf_Lodge

    Why is this foreigner that was in the Israeli army even in the US?

    • IstvanIN

      The US isn’t exactly picky about what it allows in.

    • His army job was changing truck tires. Sissy REMF.

      • Grantland

        More like deep-penetration Intelligence.

        • He probably wasn’t the one doing the penetrating. He looks more like a “bottom” than a “top”, judging from his Wikipedia photo.

  • King of My Castle

    A 24-hour fast? That’s derp.