In God We Trust, Maybe, but Not Each Other

Connie Cass, My Way, November 30, 2013

You can take our word for it. Americans don’t trust each other anymore.

We’re not talking about the loss of faith in big institutions such as the government, the church or Wall Street, which fluctuates with events. For four decades, a gut-level ingredient of democracy–trust in the other fellow–has been quietly draining away.

These days, only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted. Half felt that way in 1972, when the General Social Survey first asked the question.

Forty years later, a record high of nearly two-thirds say “you can’t be too careful” in dealing with people.

An AP-GfK poll conducted last month found that Americans are suspicious of each other in everyday encounters. Less than one-third expressed a lot of trust in clerks who swipe their credit cards, drivers on the road, or people they meet when traveling.


What’s known as “social trust” brings good things.

A society where it’s easier to compromise or make a deal. Where people are willing to work with those who are different from them for the common good. Where trust appears to promote economic growth.

Distrust, on the other hand, seems to encourage corruption. At the least, it diverts energy to counting change, drawing up 100-page legal contracts and building gated communities.


There’s no easy fix.

In fact, some studies suggest it’s too late for most Americans alive today to become more trusting. That research says the basis for a person’s lifetime trust levels is set by his or her mid-twenties and unlikely to change, other than in some unifying crucible such as a world war.


There’s no single explanation for Americans’ loss of trust.

The best-known analysis comes from “Bowling Alone” author Robert Putnam’s nearly two decades of studying the United States’ declining “social capital,” including trust.

Putnam says Americans have abandoned their bowling leagues and Elks lodges to stay home and watch TV. Less socializing and fewer community meetings make people less trustful than the “long civic generation” that came of age during the Depression and World War II.


African-Americans consistently have expressed far less faith in “most people” than the white majority does. Racism, discrimination and a high rate of poverty destroy trust.

Nearly 8 in 10 African-Americans, in the 2012 survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago with principal funding from the National Science Foundation, felt that “you can’t be too careful.” That figure has held remarkably steady across the 25 GSS surveys since 1972.

The decline in the nation’s overall trust quotient was driven by changing attitudes among whites.

It’s possible that people today are indeed less deserving of trust than Americans in the past, perhaps because of a decline in moral values.


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  • ThomasER916

    “There’s no single explanation for Americans’ loss of trust.”

    Wrong, but I can’t say it at Amren of all places which proves my point.

    • sbuffalonative

      Americans don’t trust each other anymore.
      I would speculate that political correctness has played a role. Having a discussion with anyone about anything can ruin your life and have you denounced as a hater or worse.

      • DudeWheresMyCountry?

        Plus, PC forces people to lie about obvious truths. If your going to lie to me about the trench coat-wearing thug’s true intentions on a dark street why would I believe or care about anything else you have to say?

        • MarcB1969

          It’s even worse than that. PC controls the language, and therefore parameters of discourse. Honest political debate is subverted by euphemisms and code language.

  • Puggg

    “There is no easy fix.”


    Easy fix.

    • Right. The current mess can’t be fixed. We need to start from a clean sheet of paper.

      I advocate taking over Alaska and then seceding as a white ethnostate with a limit of a maximum of 10% carefully selected minorities. Read all about it in the What If? / Nation of Alaska section of my website.

      Could we fight it out in the Lower 48 and win? I doubt it because the land is too valuable. However, at present nobody wants Alaska. The entire state has fewer people in it (600,000) than the Denver suburb in which I live.

      • IstvanIN

        Why would you want even 10% minorities? Alaskan Native Eskimos I would not molest but other wise it should be white only.

        • I continue to wrestle with this issue …

          Part of me says that if it’s whites only then by definition there will be no racial strife, and that would be an enormous relief. Another part of me says that there is no need to forgo the services of smart minorities provided they can pass the requisite IQ, civics and economic attitude tests.

          I’m toying with a compromise stance — segregated bedroom communities, covenant-enforced. Minorities would be second class citizens and this would be made plain to them before they were allowed in.

          That said, the 10% limit would be absolute. If this means that people would have to be chosen by lottery to be forced out across the border in order to stay below the 10% threshhold, so be it.

          • IstvanIN

            We have plenty of our own bright people to do everything from particle physics to carpentry. And for those of us who aren’t very bright every society needs manual laborers. We do not need them.

            They need us.

          • John R

            AGREED! THANK YOU! I respect most Asian immigrants, but only to the point that they are not as bad parasites as others. That said, we don’t need any more parasites.

          • My wife agrees with you, and I’m open to persuasion. The important core issue is the need to abandon the existing system in place so as to make a fresh start elsewhere with capitalism working the way it’s supposed to, and with people who are makers rather than takers. The details of the fresh start are of no more importance than they were to the founders of the USA, though I find them very interesting.

            If you read the Federalist Papers you will see that there was a great deal of disagreement about things that they and we view as important, and the visionaries were willing to compromise in order to get the fundamentals in place.

            I feel the same way. I have some very concrete proposals, but that’s as much to stimulate debate as anything else. No minorities? Fine, but are you willing to run an armed convoy and, if necessary, fight your way North? Against armed Canadian opposition if it comes to that?

          • Svigor

            I think the question of warfare is putting the cart before the horse. If we don’t create a healthy, mass racial consciousness in whites, we can’t win a war. If we create a healthy, mass racial consciousness in whites, we don’t need to fight a war.

          • “If we don’t create a healthy, mass racial consciousness in whites, we can’t win a war.”


            Thanks for your views on minorities and warfare. Website discussions aren’t going to settle anything but the give-and-take tends to be educational for all parties. Now …

            What Alyeska needs is perhaps 150,000 rugged individualist white settlers who are willing to take over Alaska, by force if necessary, though I doubt that it will be necessary. I see the 21st century equivalent of 1000-people wagon trains — armed convoys — determined to reach Alyeska by land. If there’s no opposition from anyone in the Lower 48 or Canada then the only fighting might — might — be in Alaska.

            However, chances are small that there will be no opposition from within the Lower 48. Human history shows that essentially all new nations are born of bloodshed and I have little hope that Alyeska will be any different.


            My premise is that the Lower 48 cannot be salvaged. I might be wrong but that’s my starting point. The 150,000 Alyeska founders will be no more concerned about the fate of the USA than the Pilgrims were about the fate of continental Europe.

            Why 150,000? Because that’s 20% of today’s Alaskan population of 600,000, and 40% of the Alaskan population that lives outside Anchorage. The Alaskan wilderness is there for the taking and I propose that this be done. The histories of revolutions show that a determined 20% is able to take over an old society and transform it.

            If you and yours are able to rally enough USA whites to prove me wrong — say 20% of the current population of 300 million which would be 60 million — I say go for it. Good luck …

            … But count me out. If you’re right, you won’t need the new Alyeskans for you and yours to be successful, and the Alyeskans won’t need you either. We can all go our separate ways.

          • Anglo

            AGREE. My thoughts exactly.

          • Martel

            Minorities are much more likely to stick together then whites who are by nature individualistic, 10% is too much.

          • In the 1770s, many of the (white) Colonials stuck together and emigrated to Canada. Many other (white) Colonials stayed behind, stuck together and defeated the British army.

            We were a nation of self-reliant people who would selflessly make common cause when it was deemed necessary. We did it before, we can do it again if we leave the losers and weaklings behind.

          • Svigor

            Regression to the mean is a perfectly valid reason to forgo the services of smart minorities. Minorities are the seed of national destruction on multiple levels.

        • tremendouscoast

          Pre-1965 America could have lasted indefintely if that culture had remained self-confident and had not succumbed to political correctness and multiculturalism. I do not disagee about keeping out undesirables but would not want to get into a p***ing contest over just who is “white enough”. I am a white of Puerto Rican extraction, have no sympathy for the underclass and would certainly want to be a part of any such ethnostate.

      • I don’t know about AK. I lived there for a little over a year and I don’t know that it would work.

        Consider that Alaska depends on oil and fed subsidies to keep the non native population that it has and that should tell you that there is some impediment to economic growth. Maybe its just the people who are there don’t want it, the best theing about Alyeska is it’s primitiveness. Maybe if you brought in some entrepeneurs you could stimulate a manufacturing sector, currently there isn’t one. Agriculture is limited to a small area of the state and despite what most people think, Alaska has the least wildlife per square mile of any state. Gold, oil, timber and seafood are the only real assets and seafood is struggling a bit.

        Interesting idea. How do you get enough people to go along with the plan?

        • “Interesting idea. How do you get enough people to go along with the plan?”


          Write, lobby, talk with people as you and I are doing now …

          In the past year discussion of secession has increased a lot. The question is, what entity secedes? I favor Alaska because a) the Lower 48 doesn’t care about it, and b) I suspect that a lot of Alaskans also would love to secede.

          It seems clear to me that after the financial collapse the Lower 48 is going to fragment after a bitter shooting civil/racial war. My hope is that enough smart white people will see the futility of trying to win this war and will instead opt to walk away and reboot the USA as Alyeska.


          Yes, there would be major economic hurdles, but I think that unfettered capitalism combined with a hardy pioneer spirit would make Alyeska a world power in less than a century though this would not necessarily be a goal.

          Short growing season? Fine — hydroponics on a massive scale, powered by local generators running on dirt-cheap petroleum from, for openers, the North Slope. Alyeska could have a 365×7 growing season if it wanted one. A hundred-level hydroponic operation with a total footprint of 35×35 miles would be able to produce as much as the USA’s million square mile breadbasket.

          No venture capital? No problem after a generation of showing the international financial community what had been found to work.

          No military? Again, not a problem once things got going. The old federal government is going to be way too busy to try to retake Alyeska, and the Canadians won’t have the interest much less the ability.


          We’re Americans, yes? When I was a kid sixty years ago we could do anything we set our minds to, not so much because we were white as because we were a nation of white capitalists. All things are possible to people who are willing to behave like the real Americans that the left seeks to eradicate.

        • Brian

          Global warming may help with the economic side. 😉

        • Svigor

          I see no reason for us to retreat to some Godforsaken place to stake a claim.

      • Who Me?

        The United States would go all the way to the mat to keep Alaska–and it’s oil. We’d be better off taking and keeping the 3 1/2 northwest states, after evicting the Hispanics. There aren’t too many blacks to start with, and when the goodies stop, the Hispanics will take themselves out of the equation. What you have left is farmland, deep ocean harbors, rivers for shipping, and some industry; everything you need to start building a viable white nation. The only thing needed is for the US economy to get too weak to pay the troops (National Guard) and policemen. No pay, no fight. Read Harold Covington’s Northwest Novels, and remember they are only fiction, but there is a blueprint in there and if followed, it could be the salvation of the White race.

        • The very attractions you cite are the reason that the Pacific Northwest cannot be held unless the non-coastal non-Nevada Western states join your crowd.

          I’ll tell you what … You Covington people stop threatening me with death and I won’t interfere with your plans. My attorney still has the package we talked about last spring, okay?

      • Mike Lane

        Why should we get Alaska? Send all the degenerates there.

        • Because we can get it, leaving the degenerates behind. It’s so much easier to simply walk away from the mess.

          We can’t get the Lower 48, not in any meaningful way. The parts that we could get cannot be defended against a determined federal government.

          In contrast Alaska would have all of Canada as a buffer between us and the federals, who are going to be too busy to bother much with Alaska anyway.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I definitely want an ethnostate, but China is one, more or less, yet no one trusts anyone outside of family, and sometimes not even family. Taiwan is better but I don’t think it can all be pinned on communism. A high-trust society has to be homogenous and White, and to endure it must refrain from extending that trust to non-Whites, who are not worthy of it.

      • Anon

        China isn’t an ethnostate. It’s an ethnic empire. There are about a dozen ethnicities there, we tend to lump together as “asian”. There are five or six different languages spoken, plus now, english. A tiny minority, the Han, rules over everyone else with an ironfist…..a race based (Han) national socialist state. All laws and all interpretations of the law are for the sole benefit of the Han. The rest are slaves.

        How intense is this. The “chinese” build entire cities where no one lives. Millions of cars, no one drives (kept underground wrapped in plastic), as “investments”. Enough to house and supply the entire population of the United States. Understand….an entire first world nation the size of ours, built…..yet no one is allowed to live there because these are crazy investment schemes to benefit the Han in return for “money” that is probably not worth the paper it is printed on. REAL wealth on a level beyond even what our society produces, selfishly wasted and allowed to lie fallow rather than allow access to china’s billions. What does that say about the value the Han place on everyone else. Or where they are coming from.

        Alot of people think China is the world’s next superpower. I say, they don’t understand where the “chinese” are coming from. A handful want to live in the lap of luxury and damn the rest of their people. They have no will to power. They literally do not want to be important as a people.

        And we think our liberals are bad.

        • Svigor

          The Han aren’t a tiny minority. There’s about a billion of them.

    • Sick of it

      Executing corrupt officials in any society would be a good way to build the public trust as well.

    • Anon

      We already have ethnostates. Which is another way to say, this problem exists and is a function of the non-white ethnostates while the white ones experience quite the opposite.

      What we need is to stop pretending. And white ethnostates have to stop funding non-white ones.

      What already exists should go from informal to formal….institutionalized and protected. More to the point, white ethnostates need to stop bleeding away our wealth and the fruits of our labors to enable failed non-white ethnostates and we certainly should not allow “immigration”, white or non-white. In other words, not only no blacks….but no white liberals either.

      Colorado is a perfect example. A perfectly functional, happy, productive white ethnostate that accepted ALOT of white immigrant liberals fleeing the results of their bad behavior in California…..causing all sorts of problems and dysfunction as they seek to recreate what they did in California, in Colorado.

      Uhhh…no. Those people should have been kept out. And would if people recognized why Colorado was OK before, and acted to keep it that way.

      It’s not enough to be white. You have to be white and loyal.

      • pcmustgo

        I grew up in a small, super-white town that is now full of white liberals at board meetings screaming “racism!” and demanding low income housing be built (for minorities), and pushing for more diversity.

    • Viking_61

      Bantustans in the South. Give the “Great Migration” Negroes of the North two options: a Bantustan in the South or forced repatriation back to Afreaka.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “African-Americans consistently have expressed far less faith in “most people” than the white majority does. Racism, discrimination and a high rate of poverty destroy trust.”

    If they live around each other in large numbers they had better not trust other people very much. This is another sign of the Africanization of our society. Whites need to come together, form a phalanx and this is what Amren is all about in the big picture.

    • pcmustgo

      ditto what I was going to say. Bars all over the windows and doors in all their hoods, lol.

    • Anon

      Trust? Black people are not interested in trust….either on the supply end or the receiving end. When was the last time you heard of blacks forming gangs for self-protection and to force others in their neighborhoods to behave so that they could enjoy the benefits with being able to trust others, even if it is at the point of a gun.

      Never. There are plenty of gangs but they are all organized around victimizing others. And no one is a more direct threat to individual gang members than his “homies”.

      In africa, they cannot so much as leave their shanty home unattended because their “friends”, will rip it down and sell it for scrap. And they don’t care.

      Blacks aren’t just messed up from the white point of view but completely alien from us.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        This is why segregation is a great thing. Blacks live in their Africanized poop-holes, we live in our generally a lot nicer places. If some choose to live in mixed areas, fine. No de facto forced association through revocation of right to dissociate.

        The key is that I, a White, not be held financially or morally responsible for the mayhem and degeneracy that goes on in THEIR poopholes. I don’t give a poop, Darky, just keep that poop in there, get it?

        Left to their own devices in a closed system they brutally control their own populations no matter how furiously they bred.

  • Dave4088

    Multiracial societies are highly dysfunctional and marked by widespread suspicion and distrust and this latest survey proves that.

    • pcmustgo

      This is why I stopped hanging out with non-whites. I don’t trust any of them not to exploit interactions with me, any interaction, as another chance to “get revenge on” and stick it to a white (woman). I wish them no harm, I just seriously distrust them, including Asians.

    • Martel

      As long as people are unaware how this idea for a multicultural society and politically correct etiquette was formed, they will continue to consider it a natural, instead of an alien part of life.

  • Andy

    “These days, only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted. Half felt that way in 1972, when the General Social Survey first asked the question.”

    I wonder what changed?

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    I don’t believe you can find articles in the mainstream very often that aren’t at least sprinkled with anti-White leftist propaganda. This article implies and attempts to state as a series of facts that Black people are victims of racist White people and are unjustly discriminated against constantly which all of course leads to their failures and poverties.

    The truth:
    Blacks are subject to racism, their own fervent racism against Whites. Black racism is so powerful any and every Black person in the USA treads lightly on their racism… but in the opposite way Whites do… they are always careful not to ever be too “multicultural” too “White” too “not-pro-Black” for fear of being labeled a sellout to the Black cause. We act weak through PC to avoid being called racist; Blacks act irreverent and unsympathetic to avoid being called an Uncle Tom, essentially for not being racist.

    Blacks aren’t discriminated against, Blacks commit a hugely disproportionate amount of crime and because they are largely emotional and unintelligent they get caught. Behavior amongst strangers is shaped by one’s experiences; if a White person isn’t trusting of a Black it is based on their previous experiences. This reality is a very difficult meatball to swallow for the left. Just as many of us here, whenever Whites are victims of Black or Brown crime I just hope at the very least they are progressives who either will wake up or get what they truly deserve for having such reckless beliefs.

    Lastly, Blacks aren’t poor because of anyone but themselves. Most Blacks are uninspired, ignorant, weak intellectually and obsessed with laziness, decadence and perpetuating the victim status that they are far too weak minded and downright primitive to ever succeed in a technological society. Black poverty is a destiny, not a result.

  • Ograf

    I can understand why blacks have a high level of mistrust. The kind of people who mistrust to a great degree are the ones themselves that are not trustworthy.

    • John R

      Why do blacks have a high level of mistrust? Well, because blacks are typically around…..(drum roll, please!) OTHER BLACKS! Need I say more?

    • Sick of it

      A thorough understanding of human nature leads one to be distrustful of others. If I were like the Madoffs of the world, I’d probably have my fortune and not see the inside of a prison. Honesty keeps me poor, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being honest.

  • Funruffian

    Well I’m just all broken up about how Blacks feel no-trust for anyone. If they only understood how mutual that sentiment was shared against them they might begin to understand what their deficiencies are in a civilized society.
    If our national mutual trust for fellow citizens has declined in 40 years, this leads me to believe that multi-cultural societies are the bedrock of this growing dysfunction. When foreign people with foreign values are grafted in our society, the weight is often pressed against us, because we have to accommodate the minorities for their inability to fit in. This causes insubordination, backbiting and collusion, even amongst our own race due to people needing to CYA just to survive. It is a sad state of affairs.

    • John R

      Funruffian wrote:

      “Well I’m just all broken up about how Blacks feel no-trust for anyone. If they only understood how mutual that sentiment was shared against them they might begin to understand what their deficiencies are in a civilized society.”

      Are you SERIOUS? Blacks understand THAT? If only that were the case. After fifty years of non-stop propaganda, blacks only understand that they were a great and noble race who was robbed of everything by the evil white man. They believe a fantasy view of the world, and will probably never be dissuaded any time soon. Sorry to disillusion you, my friend.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        After fifty years of non-stop propaganda, blacks only understand that they were a great and noble race who was robbed of everything by the evil white man
        I’m afraid propaganda has little to do with it: “[The African] looks upon a benefit as the weakness of his benefactor and his own strength; consequently he will not recognize even the hand that feeds him.” – Burton’s Africa, page 490, quoted in The Negroes in Negroland, Hinton Rowan Helper 1868. In other words, blacks in Africa behaved with a sense of entitlement and delusions of grandeur, even when begging for help from Whites. They have always believed themselves to be Kings, and charity is the tribute that we owe them as the divine beings that they are. This was written before the welfare state and the pernicious influence of tribal propaganda.

    • pcmustgo

      what;s CYA?

      • Funruffian

        CYA – Cover Your [email protected]@. It’s a euphemism for looking out for yourself, especially around shark infested waters where people backstab each other.

      • Funruffian

        CYA – Cover Your Azz!

  • Jack Burton

    If you trust people you don’t know then you’re a fool. Why would you give away your trust so easily with nothing to base your judgment on. People are primarily motivated by self-interest.

  • and we’re somehow better off than 50-60 years ago.? I think not.

    • Garrett Brown

      Most definitely not. The argument for being an ultra conservative, I try to explain to anyone I have conversations with, is so so easy. Answer? Things were much better in our white countries when the majority of people were conservative. That’s a simple yet so powerful fact. I would trade all the advancements in medicine and technology to live in a city where I could park my car and not have to worry about locking it or leaving any valuables in the passenger seat.

      I appreciate an honest, simple life with integrity and compassion for your fellow white man/woman.

      • John R

        Problem: Liberalism SOUNDS better, but it runs counter to human nature and to history. Conservatism works better for society.

  • This loss of trust is a cancer in the brain of capitalism. A capitalist economy cannot survive class and racial warfare, which is precisely what the left is so successfully fomenting.

    In the post-Civil-War era you could order a prefab house from Sears Roebuck and have it delivered to your town’s railroad station, paying for product plus freight upon delivery. Sears and Roebuck didn’t know you but they trusted you anyway.

  • Spartacus

    “There’s no easy fix.”


    Yes there is. Get rid of all the dark-skins, race traitors and of those who hold the leashes of the two aforementioned groups .

    • Mergatroyd

      This is the best post on the thread.

  • ricpic

    The writer of the article yearns for “A society…where people are willing to work with those who are different from them for the common good.” What “common good” do I share with a person that is “different” from me? Are the types that write these “if only” articles that naive? Or do they fake their naivete in order to drive the last nail in the coffin? I honestly no longer know.

    • The left has been allowed over the last 50 years to redefine what constitutes “the common good”.

      • Sick of it

        The common good seems to be screwing over the common man.

        • pcmustgo

          The common goal of non-whites seems to be badgering and complaining about “whites”.

      • Anna Tree

        And allowed to redefine what constitutes “different from you”. Now it points to other races and all other the world when before it means from other white families.

    • John R

      A society where people work for the benefit of people who are different from them? That is something that only WHITE PEOPLE do.

    • me

      Misplaced altruism, plus a lack of intimate contact with the ‘diverse’ hordes they’re always championing, has a lot to do with it. As well as watching too many non-goy productions cranked out by Hollyweird, the boob tube, and the ‘mainstream media’ propaganda machine. ‘Academics’ love to prove how non-racist they are, even at the cost of their own well being and the well being of their children. The very definition of insanity.

  • Ella

    I guess the author never strolled down a major metropolitan city street during the day or stood in a crowded grocery store line. No one gives eye contact and rarely initiates conversation at a coffee house or park. You just stare blankly into an abyss. It’s called being displaced!

    • saxonsun

      And today, the cell phone is the abyss.

    • pcmustgo

      that’s most true for nyc—– no eye contact

  • John R

    Americans trust others less now than in 1972? Hmmm, wonder why? Why did half of Americans generally trust their fellow citizens then, and only about one third do now? Could it possibly be because, in 1972, the most crime ridden groups in the country-blacks and Hispanics-accounted for only about 15% or so of Americans, and now that figure is approaching 30%? NAAAA, pardon me for even suggesting that!

  • Paul

    African-Americans consistently have expressed far less faith in “most people” than the white majority does. Racism, discrimination and a high rate of poverty destroy trust.

    Notice they have a ready answer for why blacks don’t trust. However they can’t possibly understand why whites are less trusting.

  • OhWow

    Come on guys, we can trust blacks! They are our friends! They only want to play the knockout game with us.

    If it’s trust that they will be criminals by profiling them, then yes I have lots of trust.

    • Reverend Bacon

      That’s an interesting point. If people are predictable, there’s a certain degree of trust. If someone guesses wrong about a coin toss 100% of the time, he’s a valuable guy; take him to Vegas and bet the opposite.

      So let it be with the Negro. Take him to Liberia…

  • Luca

    I think the zenith of American society was Nov. 21, 1963, the following day was perhaps, the first nail in the coffin. After that day, trust, along with a whole laundry list of American values went out the window, apparently for good.

    By the end of LBJ’s term in office, he had succeeded in importing third-world poverty on a massive scale, opened a Pandora’s Box of Black entitlements, and with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution he started a war that would lead us down a path of ruin, embarrassment, disillusionment and economic disaster.

    • NordicHeritage

      The last president that came from normal America was Harry S Truman. Was he perfect no, but at least he understood that the buck stopped with him and that he had a responsibility to all Americans.

      • Garrett Brown

        Truman was a true white american who was the last racially conscious president we have had. I don’t think he should have been president but he kept our borders and the people inside of them safe.

      • John R

        You people on Amren, most times I agree with you; but not now. You DO REALIZE that Harry Truman started the DESEGREGATION OF THE ARMED FORCES DON’T YOU! Our decline started with him, NOT with Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, who proposed no “civil rights” (i.e. anti-white) legislation during all his terms in office.

        • Anglo

          You are right. It was Harry Truman who first desegregated the armed forces.

        • NordicHeritage

          I did say he wasn’t perfect didn’t I. Good god reading comprehension is at an all time low on here. I was referring to the fact that he wasn’t a multimillionaire and at least understood where normal people were coming from.

          • John R

            No. I did comprehend what you wrote. My reading comprehension is fairly good, thank you. Apparently, it is much better than your writing skills are. Now, instead of insulting me, please re-read your last comment, and try and understand why I would answer the way I did. (Hint: You can IMPLY things by a comment, too.) That’s not too difficult, I hope? I mean, you are supposed to be the one with the better reading comprehension than most of us, right?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      JFK was onto something…

      • dd121

        I haven’t heard this quote. Can you elaborate on what he was talking about?

        • Sick of it

          Read about the Bilderbergers and the New World Order sometime. A good place to start is The New World Order by H.G. Wells. Take the opposite of everything he says and that’s what they’re pushing – An anti-society which hates God and man alike.

          • Mergatroyd

            Add in UN Agenda 21, a New World Order which is being slowly implemented.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I think he was referring to the puppetmasters, the Jesuits, as he mentioned a group behind the scenes who use covet means to implement their dangerous policies. Jesuits are behind all the secret societies and the Illuminati.

          • Sick of it

            Darn those “Spaniards” who are behind everything. Is it any wonder that the Italians never wanted a “Spanish” Pope?

      • Garrett Brown

        He’s also the one that started all of this into motion. I’m surprised you would quote him Bon.

      • saxonsun

        Please provide more information.

      • Anna Tree

        Didn’t find any source to that quote, can you help Bon?

        Like Garrett Brown wrote, JFK worked against us…

    • me

      JFK worship is unjustifiable. The Kennedy clan, in their ivory tower, did more to bring out the ‘diversity’ cult than most Kennedy worshipers would care to admit. I have nothing nice to say about the Kennedy ‘royal’ family. They caused a lot of what we’re living with now. Think about it….

      • Alexandra1973

        JFK was killed because he wouldn’t play ball.

      • Luca

        It doesn’t matter how you or I feel about JFK and his family. His assassination opened the door for LBJ, that in itself is a dark chapter in American history.

        It also created a national pastime rooted in mistrust of government and conspiracy theories. After the assassination almost all those theories focused on a government, it’s agencies or it’s leaders being responsible for executing a US President.

        • Garrett Brown

          JFK put what LBJ passed into motion. Not sure what books you’re reading.

          • Luca

            Google it, every time I put up a link my post disappears:

            THE SECOND BIGGEST LIE by Michael Morrissey

            The biggest lie of our time, after the Warren Report, is the notion that Johnson merely continued or expanded Kennedy’s policy in Vietnam after the assassination.

      • John R

        True. He was shot and killed before we had a chance to find out everything about him. Essentially Johnson continued JFK’s policies.

        • saxonsun

          Quite so and LBJ was very resentful about being forced to do this. How does one say “no” to a martyr?

        • LBJ returned monetization to the Federal Reserve Bank. The last US Notes – rather than Federal Reserve Notes – were printed before Kennedy’s death, and this stopped immediately afterward.

      • saxonsun

        Totally agreed. I saw an interview with Ethel Kennedy a few years back. She couldn’t shut up about how proud she was of Bobby’s civil rights activities, which she proudly continues. Nauseating.

      • Anglo

        Most people in Alabama despised JFK. He sent the Federal troops down on us in 1963 to force integration.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    I have a good friend, young White single mom. Good girl, married a couple of not-so-stellar Whites, came away with two beautiful White girls. I had some notions regarding her but didn’t work out and she’s with a nice guy now, but we’re still friends.

    Long story short, she called me a couple weeks back out of the blue and told me her oldest girl, 7, had been attacked by some mixed race kid who had been assaulting other kids and disrupting any attempt to teach for months now. Well, “mixed race” means BLACK where I’m from (generally worse than pure black since half the genes also comes from often mentally ill shallow ender White degenerates), so I immediately got the gist of the situation.

    My friend intends to sue, an action I encouraged her to pursue. Kid had bruises on her neck. Psychologically devastated. Not just some “kids being kids” deal. My friend, in between tearing up and fury, said something about not caring fore the money and not trying to hurt anyone – she just hoped maybe something could change…maybe some other kid would not get hurt…

    I told her that would never happen. I told her about the Holder-Obama mandate regarding non-Whites and discipline, the big double standard and all. Told her to sue them out of spite and for as much money as she could get.

    She listened. Good. If every White parent hired a lawyer and sued every time some non-White bastard brutalized their kids perhaps the machine would begin to grind to a halt eventually. It’s long ago broken, sure, but how much more institutionalized child abuse must we tolerate in the warped form of our schools?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Gee, who woulda thought people trust less after decades of the cultural marxists in the media and government pitting blacks against Whites, poor against rich, men against women, children against their parents, flooding our country with incompatible dregs of the 3rd world and forcing unwanted multiculturalism and diversity down our throats.

    The cultural marxists worked hard for the breakdown of White American society by ruthlessly attacking our bedrock institutions — family, marriage, churches, schools and rule of law — and destroying our safe White neighborhoods.

    Their hard work is paying off.

  • me

    Living in a ‘non-diverse’ community growing up, we could leave our doors, windows, and cars unlocked. If a neighbor needed to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg, they just walked in and left a note after they were done. There were no serious problems with assaults, rape, robbery, etc. A handshake was as good as a non-goy contract, and everyone knew their neighbors–too well, sometimes, with all of the gossip. LOL! You could charge groceries at the store without signing a thing, and the local bank cashed your check without ID. Kids behaved themselves, and if there was any trouble, everyone knew whose child you were and didn’t hesitate to call your parents. Shunning was an effective method to keep people from shady business deals, adulterous affairs, and general wrongdoing. The Lutherans might bad mouth the Catholics, or the Mennonites might shun the Presbyterians, but that’s about it. Utopia? Nineteenth century? Nope. Small-town USA, in an all White community, circa 1979. I miss that way of life very, very much….

    • Garrett Brown

      Best post of the thread. You took the thoughts right out of my mind good sir.

    • Mergatroyd

      Meanwhile, the Lutherans and Catholics are busy importing Somalis and other 4th world trash into YOUR White community. They are leaders in the refugee movement, i.e., moving as many unsuitable refugees into the U.S. as possible. Why? Because the government pays by the head — and then YOU pay out the *** to support them and their 10 children and their 10 children forevermore.

  • Let’s stop the lies:

    Obama’s grandmother crossed the street. Nobody trusts negroes.

    • Anglo

      How hypocritical it is to see stupid White grandparents trying to raise their mulatto grandchildren. None of them would ever live in a Black neighborhood.

      • Andy

        I wouldn’t call that hypocritical. It is much more dangerous to live in a black neighborhood than raise your part-black grandchild. As for it being stupid – family’s family. And it’s better than the government raising them.

      • Anglo

        If they accept that into their family, then they belong with Blacks. I wouldn’t ever accept that as family. Where I come from, to most Whites, that’s an embarrassment as well as unnatural.

  • Sick of it

    “Racism, discrimination and a high rate of poverty destroy trust.”

    It’s amazing whites didn’t become more distrustful years ago.

  • I must have a face that’s easy for people to trust.

  • Atheist Realist

    I’ve become convinced America needs to break up. Its ridiculous how big the country is. Its almost as big as Europe itself. One mestizo ethnostate, one bantu ethnostate, one scots-irish fundie ethnostate and the remaining area can be an “enlightened ethnostate”

    • No to black and brown ethnostates. Not ever. If we split what are now the United States, the groids and greasers will keep what they get, but also demand to be allowed onto our territory.

      I would never compromise with folks who say they only want “half”, but who will also want “half” again a few decades later.

      • Garrett Brown

        We create our European utopia and invest in very strict immigration laws and strong borders. Doesn’t matter if they want in, they’re not coming in unless they want to take a chance on getting shot. If they get through, we kick them out immediately.

        • I would want to use nukes instead of retreating. Someone with ants invading his kitchen doesn’t step on individual ants; he finds out where they are coming from and then destroys the hive.

          • Garrett Brown

            You would kill us as well. Read about the effects of what one nuke can do.

          • Japan seems to be quite habitable, and we used two there in 1945. As a disclaimer, airbursts work quite well for lighting up cities, and don’t have the disadvantages of groundbursts insofar as fallout is concerned.

            “I am what I am; someone has to be.”

            –Reynald de Chatillon

          • Garrett Brown

            Those were prototype atomic bombs, AKA “baby nukes”. The nukes developed in the 70/80s, what we and Russia have mass quantities of now would do much, MUCH more damage and have a longer lasting effect on the atmosphere.

            Did the Frenchman ever actually say that or was it just for the Kingdom of Heaven?

          • Does it even matter whether he said it? Someone had to say it.

            FYI, the largest above-ground test in history was a Soviet “kerboom” over Nova Zemlaya, and while it did not have a tertiary, it still cranked out 62 megatons and broke windows in Finland. The focus over the last 40 years has been on smaller yields and more accurate delivery.

          • Garrett Brown

            Ofcourse it matters, you can’t quote someone if they never said it.

            The mass quantities of nukes we have are the ones that as you say, go “kerboom”. We haven’t built many since the 80s.

          • I like furry kitties, but I have to wash my hands after playing with them before I do something stupid like rub my eyes.

          • Garrett Brown

            Damn allergies, me too.

          • I forget the exact terminology but the theoretical and never developed “nuetron bomb” may not have left much long term residual radiation. It was originally intended just to have a short term effect.

          • The neutron bomb was intended to kill the crews in tanks protected only with rolled homogeneous armor. The generation of tanks like M-48A5, M-60A3, Leopard-I, AMX-30, Chieftain, T-55, T-62 and early versions of the Merkava, T-64 and T-72 are no longer in service in developed nations’ armories.

            The neutron bomb is essentially obsolete.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            Airbursts generate much less radiation than a surface or sub-surface nuclear explosion do. And all that we need to deal the Mestizo invaders a death blow is to detonate one a few hundred miles above Mexico city. A warhead can be built to release a huge portion of it’s energy as EMP, and with all of their electrical grids and most of their electronics destroyed, they will be culled drastically very quickly given their climate and their savage natures.

          • Garrett Brown

            How old are you?

          • Chasmania

            You do realize that hundreds of nuclear weapons were detonated in the US during the 50s and 60s ?

          • Garrett Brown

            You do realize the US is estimated to have almost 6,000 active warheads right? With a total of about 10,000 built and ready to be armed. And that’s only the number we know about. They could have 20,000 for all we know.

          • Chasmania

            Not sure what your point is. You were implying even a single nuclear weapon detonation would be catastrophic ( “..You would kill us all…”) and I was pointing out that it’s already happened many hundreds of times, and underground testing continued up till the 90’s it seems.

          • Garrett Brown

            My point was to make you see how much sense your original statement does not make. Who cares if we disarmed or blew up a few hundred bombs? We have thousands of them. Again, those had nowhere near the power of what they developed later on. A single, modern, nuclear bomb would absolutely be catastrophic, yes. Read about the nuclear bombs that were developed on the 70s and how much damage they did in testing.

          • Chasmania

            As long as they sit in the silo/bunker/wherever, it doesn’t matter ! Show me some data on death rates from exposure to stored nuclear weapons that’s appreciable and then we can talk. Seriously, what about this…
            Name a city that was destroyed by a nuclear weapon that DID NOT explode overhead. (If you detect sarcasm, you are on target)
            Un-exploded nukes are so far down on ‘The Worry List’ ( and I am sure MOST peoples list of worries) that I had to make the worry list longer just so it could be on it ! Want something to worry about ? over 100k people a year die from infections they got while at a hospital. That’s worse than car wrecks and dozens of other mundane crap that kills ya’ type stuff. Hell, I’d sleep in a WMD bunker if I could. Probably safer than my house.

          • Garrett Brown

            You’re missing the point man, but it’s okay. Sorry, I’m tired.

          • Garrett Brown

            Read about tsar bomba

          • Chasmania

            I must have missed where the Russians detonated that in Nevada.

            Still waiting for those unused nuke death rates, or hell, even the test bombs death rates. I’m betting more people die from solar flares or aspirin. I’m still wondering how we got from your “You would kill us as well. Read about the effects of what one nuke can do.” to stored US nukes to the friggin Kuzkas Mother bomb.

          • Garrett Brown

            Again, you’re missing the point. Talking about bunkers, all kinds of non sense. You must have some screws loose and I honestly don’t feel like trying to tighten them tonight. Actually recently I’ve noticed there’s really no point in arguing much at all on the internet.

          • Chasmania

            Hey dummy, you’re the frigging idiot implying how ONE NUCLEAR DETONATION ENDS ALL LIFE, yet ~I~ am talking nonsense ?
            My point was, to say that hey, there’s already been hundreds of ’em shot off, to which you then ramble on about how there’s thousands of nukes sitting around ( Still wondering how this ties into the whole ‘we’re all gonna die from one bomb being used’ line of thinking, but hey, it’s your idiot way of thinking.) At this point I point out that there are numerous more proven deadly things than your average nuke sitting in the ‘ole bunker, to which you bring up the Tsar bomba….Yet I am rambling ? Seriously ? Brain injury much ?
            Go take your meds, stupid.

          • Zaporizhian Sich

            We need a few real life Gen. Rippers. I agree, we should burn, destroy and render useless anything that will sustain these Mestizo and other hostile alien invaders.

          • Chasmania

            As a pest control type, I can tell you that using radioactive isotopes to kill the ant colony in your yard is NOT a good idea.
            I always tell my customers this: Most ant species don’t want to come into your house. They are typically drawn in by food sources, and allowing conducive elements to exist. When ‘rewarded’ pests will always keep coming, so typically it’s more effective to keep pests out simply by not creating an environment which rewards them. They will go away all on their own.
            This analogy holds true with two legged pests. Stop rewarding their out of wedlock multiple births, their criminality and other bad habits and they will either become scarce, or stop being ‘pests’. Libs, lefties and that ilk are creating the conducive environment that allows them to survive and thrive, that is why they have to be stopped.

          • I prefer to look at the long-term, so what I would like is a remedy that no matter how criminally irresponsible any future US government is, they will be completely incapable of displacing us. The solution is thus.

          • Chasmania

            You think using nukes to remediate a portion of the US population – with all the associated infrastructure damage, etc… – is “..long term..” thinking ???
            I do hope you are joking, because that’s just silly.

          • I am delighted you used the term “remediate”.

          • Chasmania

            Well, there is a problem that needs ” fixin’ ” as we say down here. Lets just hope payloads B 61s isn’t the answer. Maybe cruise ships to a genetically proven country of origin, or for truly bad politicians we can slap cuffs on, a dank cell with sociopathic roomies who provide an active sex life.

          • Andy

            I would posit, Mr. Scott, that the lives of blacks and Mexicans are more valuable than the lives of ants.

            Anyway, we lived for thousands of years without white countries being overrun by other groups, and there is no reason we cannot effectively guard our borders, particularly if we cease to provide foreign peoples with technology that endangers us and usually them.

          • Garrett Brown

            I’d rather save an ant than a negro.

          • No; their lives are of net negative value.

    • KingKenton

      Yep, absolutely. The America that many of us knew, is long gone. I’ve long since shed any emotional ties to it. Americans were told their highest moral duty was to embrace Pluralism. Which of course only produced an “empire” of incompatible people who don’t like each other and have no common social bond. Our future lies in putting the federal government in chains and returning power to the states. Failing that, we must look at secession and forming micro-nations. How we achieve this is a huge question mark. You might be interested in the work of Keith Preston at ‘Attack the System’ (www DOT attackthesystem DOT com). He’s not a White Nationalist, but he isn’t hostile towards WN either (ironically, his program was hosted at Voice of Reason before they went silent). He has many essays and podcasts at his website and has been engaged in this effort for many years now. Don’t get hung up on the ‘anarchist’ aspect of the web site. It’s not really about stereotypical anarchism, but rather strategies to bring the system down. I don’t agree with everything he espouses but he has a lot of good ideas and his podcasts are interesting. He also has a new book out entitled, ‘Attack the System: A New Anarchist Perspective for the 21st Century’.

      • saxonsun

        Yes, the America I loved is gone forever. This Black Friday sickness is reflective and indicative of that.

    • Sick of it

      Why would we give anything to mestizos who showed up after WWII? They have no claim to anything North of Mexico. We’ve settled that numerous times.

    • Andy

      The section with the white liberals that want to separate themselves from “scots irish fundies” is not likely to be enlightened.

      But I agree with your point about the size of America. Getting people to support each other and work for the common good gets harder the larger the group gets. If we had stuck to our original plan of government, with the states actually being the main political entities, our country would function much better.

  • No statewide grid is necessary, and petroleum microrefineries are just as feasible as beer microbreweries.

    And so on down the line. Yes, it would be starting over. The folks who would be interested in participating would be really hardy just like the early colonists, who would never have left Europe if they wanted life easy.

    The future will belong to those who are brave enough to take it and shape it.

  • Anon

    “There’s no single explanation for Americans’ loss of trust.”

    And here we have the point of the article. The big lie, so to speak. Because, of course, there is a specific reason for the lack of trust. The laws we used to have that guaranteed trust….the specifically punished people who violated such trust, have been systematically dismantled while new laws or even just abuse of the law can and is used as a tool by others to harm.

    Marriage is a perfect example. No sane society is divorce legal. Literally, those who enter into the covenant of marriage are FORCED to treat it as a permanent thing with severe sanctions if you refuse or violate that trust. You can trust your spouse because the law and society, if nothing else, forces them to be trustworthy. Unfortunately, our society isn’t sane, so, instead, we have all sorts of laws to guarantee that, if you have a problem with your spouse disposing of you, too bad. Not only too bad, but there are many laws and non-laws (policy conceits that are not law or are in violation of the law but you have no recourse due to corruption) that a malevolent spouse can and often does use to hurt you, your children, even themselves. Rather than guarantee the trust of marriage, society guarantees your spouse can NOT be trusted. Result. People have stopped marrying and stopped reproducing. At least those with something to lose. The scum of the earth who don’t care about anything are having children left and right and caring for none….but that is a separate issue.

    Not an isolated incident but up down, left and right, every aspect of American culture, increasingly, there is no common ground upon which general trust is built….only the degree to which you can and are willing to punish others.

    This is an interesting thing to observe in many liberal bastions which are overcrowded. The people there engage in intense passive aggression. They are rude, treat others poorly…not quite crossing the line to provoke violence. Everything tends to have a hard edge to it. Throw into this the non-whites who are likely to commit criminal violence at random and these are grim places to live. And most of the people who live there…deserve it.

    So don’t live there. That is the other big lie of the article. That there is no easy fix, as they put it. Yes…yes there is. Move. That mistrust and its institutionalization is not evenly distributed all over the US. It is concentrated most where non-whites are concentrated and is doesn’t really exist outside liberal bastions. Put another way….if you live in Montana, you CAN trust almost anyone you come across and most do.

    But if you live in Chicago….well…not so much.

    • Sick of it

      As I’ve stated elsewhere, the nuclear family is the foundation of civilization. Without it, everything crumbles over time.

    • pcmustgo

      documentary on divorce

  • Garrett Brown

    Demographics change, poll results change. No surprise here.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Perhaps it’s because 90% of the country have become sociopaths? The race to the ideological bottom is well underway.

  • Katherine McChesney

    ‘African-Americans consistently have expressed far less faith in “most people”…’

    They can’t trust each other because they’d rather kill each other. They are unworthy of trust.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    The more diverse and divided our society is, the less reason we have to trust one another. How can we? There is no way to know where even other whites loyalties lie, and with the increasingly “anything goes” ethos that has taken hold, we cannot trust strangers. Their motives are often selfish at the expense of others due to drugs, or worse.

  • M.

    Diversity. Enough said.

  • MarcB1969

    This is what happens before the melting pot turns into a power keg.

  • Brian

    The author referenced ‘Bowling Alone’, and still mysteriously blamed it on ‘declining moral values’. The answer is balkanization.

  • BT

    The removal of God, prayer , and the idea of , “one nation” has been removed and replaced with; political correctness, government handouts, self righteousness, fragmented groups, Mexican-American, African- American, so on and so forth. Most only care about themselves and thus distrust others. What is interesting is , is this distrust among all people or groups of people? Did this study focus on their political believes as well? I bet most whites trust each other , more so if you’re God fearing, in a all white community, conservative , educated, believe in America is exceptional. I welcome this distrust in fact. If this leads to a us vs them mentality where we look out for our own, then I’m for it. Whites need to circle the wagons and see how Mexicans, blacks, gays do it..when internal fighting is stopped ,because external perceived or otherwise, attack is on the group ” whites” we form a wall and demand justice or we take it…just like the blacks, Mexicans, gays do…but we don’t, we fragment and it’s ignorant on our part. Lets hope we find out who our friends are and who are our enemies are so we can destroy them based on just that, lack of trust in them doing what is white, I mean what is right.

  • Svigor

    African-Americans consistently have expressed far less faith in “most
    people” than the white majority does. Racism, discrimination and a high
    rate of poverty destroy trust.

    Right: blacks’ racism and discrimination leads to low levels of trust.

    There’s a large element of projection in trust; people need to be trustworthy, as well as see that trustworthiness reflected in others, in order to trust. Blacks fail the first measure. This is one of those things DWLs will have to learn the hard way, for themselves; blacks are simply not trustworthy. They won’t always fail you, of course, but the standards for trustworthiness simply aren’t there in anywhere near the level they are for whites; trust them long enough and they’ll betray you. I grew up in a black neighborhood with lots of black friends and I learned this one the hard way. Very few of them are up to the levels of trust found among whites.

  • Svigor

    Indeed. There is no shortcut. We’re simply going to have to awaken a substantial fraction of our race. The ongoing population bottleneck will make it inevitable, eventually.

  • Svigor

    Same way the Israelis screen for terrorism at airports. And the same way a gardener screens for weeds; he sees a weed, he uproots it and disposes of it (deportation).

  • John R

    I know. Some of us “Yankees” are like that. But not me: I had the “advantage” of being born in Philly, and of growing up near a lot of blacks! I bet I have at least as many negative things to say about them as you Southern boys do!

  • Dave4088

    Because Singapore is peopled by predominantly ethnic Chinese and because Filipinos, Malaysians and other non-Chinese on the island must have a job and obey the laws to stay on the island. If they don’t, they are immediately kicked off the island. I’ve actually been there, have you? Also, Singapore is greatly aided by massive European and US investments and major corporations who have built plants there to take advantage of the cheap, but skilled and efficient labor.

    The last I checked college campuses aren’t nations, but if you’ve been to a diverse campus each racial group self segregates itself and associates primarily with members of their own racial/ethnic group.

  • Dave4088

    My knowledge about and experience on college campuses differs markedly from yours. The vast majority of fraternities and sororities were raced based. There was a black table in the dining halls. Although I and other whites had non-white acquaintances we did not socialize with them and not because of hatred. There was some level of interaction among different racial groups but it was not widespread.

    I’ve spoken with a few college grads over the years and it seems not much has changed. The university dynamic changes when each racial group is competing for finite amount of resources in the same living space.