EU to Avoid Summit Bust-Up on Migration, Worries Remain

Paul Taylor, Yahoo! News, December 18, 2013

European officials are confident they have averted a damaging clash among EU leaders over migration at a summit this week, but public fears of an influx into western and southern Europe will loom large over European elections next year.

By agreeing tougher rules on the temporary posting of workers from poorer countries in central and eastern Europe to wealthier western areas, EU labour ministers last week defused an explosive debate fuelling anti-European populist parties.

Britain, which opposed the tighter regulations as a burden on business, plans to unilaterally limit access to welfare for nationals of poor EU states Romania and Bulgaria when curbs on their freedom of movement end on January 1.

But Prime Minister David Cameron, whose coalition government is divided over labour migration, will not formally raise that issue or more radical ideas at the summit on Thursday and Friday, a senior British official said.


A government report leaked to the media suggested Cameron’s Conservatives aim to cap the number of EU migrants, bar them from receiving welfare benefits for the first five years and stop even highly skilled Europeans moving to Britain without a firm job offer. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat junior coalition party, said such policies were “illegal and undeliverable”.

Home Secretary (interior minister) Theresa May told lawmakers that such longer-term ideas would figure in a planned renegotiation of EU membership terms which Cameron has promised if he wins a general election in 2015, but were not for now.


The right-wing UK Independence Party, which advocates Britain’s withdrawal from the 28-nation bloc, has warned that the country faces hordes of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants.

British media have railed against alleged “benefit tourism” despite studies showing EU migrants contribute much more to the welfare state than they receive and are less likely to claim benefits than native Britons.

Top-selling tabloid The Sun urged Cameron on Wednesday to “draw a red line on immigration” at the EU summit, warning that the country would otherwise vote to leave the bloc in a referendum promised by Cameron before the end of 2017.


Heather Grabbe, director of the Open Society European Policy Institute in Brussels, said EU leaders needed a coherent approach to managed migration but member states were reluctant to take in even Syrian refugees in the greatest distress.

“European leaders need to go into the election campaign with a long-term policy on migration and not leave the issue to the populists,” she said. “Some of the people voting for these populist parties are doing so because they feel there is a reluctance to talk about the issue.”

France and Germany persuaded EU partners last week to make it harder for construction firms to use sub-contractors to bring in low-cost east European workers, paying lower social charges in their home countries and displacing local workers.

France’s far-right National Front and hard-left Left Front had both demanded a ban on such “social dumping”.

Under the revised rules, the main contractor will be jointly liable for ensuring that such sub-contracted workers are paid the host country minimum wage and observe its work time rules.

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  • BonusGift

    As an American I am encouraged and ashamed. Encouraged that European politicians are nervous about the issue, and ashamed that the U.S. politicians won’t even go as far as the supposedly effete Europeans.

    • LeGrandDerangement

      Quebec has a nascent nativist group, the Federation des Quebecois de Souche. They feature news articles and essays about native French-Canadian society.

  • Daniel Schmuhl

    They’re not even addressing the biggest issue of non-European immigration.

    • Anna Tree

      Exactly! This is the affirmative action of the immigration, the anti-white discrimination for welfare recipients: non-whites, criminals and terrorists included, can still get the special treatment but not the
      white poorer Europeans!

      This is a red herring again: as you wrote, mass-immigration from Non-white countries, self hatred and white replacement/suicide continue…

      That said, Britain to the British, I get that the British workers/tax payers don’t want more competition, lower wages and more welfare recipients, I just think that the bigger and more dangerous problem is non-white immigrants.

  • Spartacus

    “The right-wing UK Independence Party, which advocates Britain’s
    withdrawal from the 28-nation bloc, has warned that the country faces
    hordes of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants.”


    You know those dark-skins who gang-rape little girls and put them in kebabs, chop off soldiers’ heads, and all that other stuff ? They don’t come from Romania or Bulgaria.

    Also – the EU only has 27 countries, not 28 .

    • BonusGift

      By current cultural Marxist law it is acceptable to discuss those hateful whites in other parts of Europe that haven’t been overly enriched with enrichers but heaven forbid they call a spade a spade. Yes, UKIP is unable to clearly push English interests over the parasites, so the best you get out of them is to point the finger at Europeans (also, they can’t even talk negatively about gypsies from Romania, etc., just actual Europeans like Romanians but heaven forbid honest negative comments about gypsies or Muslims, etc.).

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        It is clear from its immigration policy that UKIP is not a genuine nationalist party, otherwise stopping non-white immigration would be its priority. I’m beginning to believe that it is controlled opposition to keep the flow of non-whites coming. They don’t mention non-white immigration not out of political correctness but as a matter of policy.

        • BonusGift

          I agree that it isn’t a nationalist party. Furthermore regarding controlled opposition, and based on what little I know and filter, whether by accident or intent they sure see to be.

      • M&S

        Wrong. Talking honestly about the Roma is an exercise in ‘what whites will look like when they are dumbed down by being cross bred to non white cultures’ and The Agenda is not yet ready to make that leap into the social conscience of a white society as yet still strong enough to shrug off their reduction from world leaders to muddied residues.
        Talking about the Roma is also a horrific warning that not all non-whites may ‘look the part’ after the first level experimentation, it may skip generations entirely. Remember that little girl whose mother gave her away in Macedonia and who looked blonde under a ‘Gypsies kidnapped her!’ case point?
        Neither dad nor mother are ‘white’ by my eyes.
        Admittedly a fair proportion of Roma look more like light caste Egyptians or Hindi than white but the point is that the culture they represent is what is being obscured and the half-caste` color association that indicates it.
        The sad reality is that the EU will likely collapse because it is not about whites ensuring white culture for it’s own sake. Had it been that alone, the EU would now be a thriving nation state that easily rivaled the U.S., for power and affluence, despite the terribly annihilation of culture that went on in WWI and II.
        Germany, the most powerful EU economy, is ‘greying out’ because the smart whites who form their engineering and scientific as well as leadership classes have read the writing on the wall and are saving up all their money to flee to either South America, Canada or Switzerland (last I checked, the top three) before having kids rather than invest in a taxes-for-someone-else society where they are being displaced by wont of non-investment in the kinds of industrial, cultural and social excellence institutions that makes white societies work.
        This is going to have an ENORMOUS cascade effect as the last of the boomers fade out to retirement and there are literally no Herrenvolk to take over the manning of the socialist bulwark while the average German blue collar worker is not intellectually prepared to lead and socially completely disinterested in a German society where he gets to see the results of non-white takeover of valuable positions and forced association as a daily event.
        Hitler’s Revenge indeed.

  • Strike_Team

    They aren’t addressing the issue of non-whites yet, but that’s what the powers that be are trying to do, head that issue off at the pass. Because it will be brought up, and when a revolution does occur, it will be in Europe first, as many have said.

    Despite what a lot of people are taught here in the US, most Europeans are not effete. There are cultural affectations that might appear that way to Americans, but what I learned in the service was that there are lots of tough Europeans. And not on a few occasions they physically taught some of our more loudmouthed, ignorant, big city black and hispanic “soldiers” one on one lessons in civility. I note like others have mentioned, that in boxing, from 150 lbs through heavyweight, it is white Europeans that hold 17 of 20 championship belts.

    Back to the this story, it is something that shows that the folks in charge are going to force their hand. They can’t let things proceed “naturally” because that will eventually lead to discussion non-white immigration and then to who is responsible for the problem and why.

    • LeGrandDerangement

      European identitarian groups are ahead of their North American counterparts in combating ethnic displacement of native Europeans by their governments. Bloc Identitaire in France has done some nice street work in facing off against Muslims.

  • No, but we are aware of that problem. That’s a Disqus bug.

  • LeGrandDerangement

    They’re to the left in a linear sense, but the reason they’re pro-open borders is to placate their corporate paymasters. Plus the ludicrous reasoning that perhaps Pedro and Juan will vote Republican.

    • Erasmus

      Juan and Pedro vote Republican???

      Ha! When pigs fly.

      Or, in case Juan and Pedro are reading this: “Cuando las ranas echen pelo.” (When frogs grow hair.)

  • BonusGift

    Yes it is true; isn’t it shameful?

  • Spartacus

    You’re right… I don’t know how I didn’t find out. It wasn’t even on the news or anything. Looks like they did it a little more subtle this time, than when we joined. I wonder how many Croatians know….

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    They will regret it very soon, evidently they do not pay attention to what has happened in Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary.