America’s New Irish Immigrants

Aidan Lewis, BBC News, December 17, 2013

Ireland may no longer need bailout money as its economy emerges from recession, but a wave of emigration that began in 2008 is continuing. And as in the 1980s, many thousands of those moving to the US may be becoming illegal immigrants.

Of America’s Irish neighbourhoods the one that spans the border between the Bronx and Yonkers in New York may be the most colourful.

Old-fashioned Irish bars line the road. Grocery stores offer boiled bacon, oatmeal and tea. The Shamrock Gift Shop sells woollen sweaters, Waterford crystal, and statuettes of angels holding Celtic crosses.

Irish immigrants have been settling in the area for decades, driven by recurring economic crises back home. On the main streets, Irish accents predominate.

As immigration controls have gradually tightened it has become harder to make the journey. But unemployment, falling salaries, and poor career prospects have been prompting more Irish people to cross the Atlantic, some of them drawn to this Irish community.

“It was kind of a surprise to me,” says Megan, 20, who followed her boyfriend over three months ago from Dublin and found work in an Irish cafe in Yonkers.

“When I’m around this area on nights out it doesn’t even feel like I’m in America. It literally feels like I’m back home because there are just so many Irish people.”

If it hadn’t been for that community, Megan says homesickness might have prompted her to return home, but now she’s planning to stay as long as she can.

“Every time I ring my Mam, she’s like, ‘don’t bother coming home–nothing has changed so there’s not much point.'”

Figures on Irish immigration to the US are hard to find, because many, like Megan, come as tourists and then begin working in the informal economy.

In Yonkers, men hunched over pints of beer in half-empty pubs say there are far fewer people arriving now than during the last big wave of Irish emigration, in the 1980s.

But those working with immigrants in major cities including New York, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco have noticed a sharp rise in arrivals over the past two or three years.

According to Ireland’s Central Statistics Office, nearly 20,000 people moved from Ireland to the US between April 2010 and March 2013–more than double the figure for the three previous years.

At the Yonkers branch of the Aisling Irish Community Center, director Orla Kelleher says there has been a “huge upsurge”–perhaps 10 times as many new arrivals in the area as there were a decade ago.

Most are young, though some older people, in New York and elsewhere, have emigrated twice, returning to Ireland from the US while the Irish economy was booming before retracing their steps when it crashed.

A majority of those seeking assistance at the Aisling Center had work in Ireland but many were worried about losing their jobs or having their hours cuts.

The choice of destination “may be down to [Ireland’s] long-standing historical connection with the United States, as well as having actual physical connections here through family and friends”, says Kelleher.

Irish immigration to the US peaked in the mid-19th Century, around the time of the famine. By 1855 there were 200,000 Irish living in New York, and they remained the largest foreign-born community in the city for 30 years. Many others settled in Boston, and elsewhere on the East Coast.

Some 70% of those emigrating from Ireland now are in their 20s, according to one recent study, which also found that they had higher than average education. But Niall O’Dowd, an Irish journalist and immigration reform campaigner based in New York, says they don’t always find good jobs.

“A lot of them are very highly educated, smart people but they find pretty working-class jobs like construction and bar-tending here, because that’s where the [Irish] network leads them and they’re not able to break out of that.”

Unless they are lucky enough to win permanent residency in a green card lottery, those who want to emigrate either have to find an employer to sponsor them before leaving, or come across on a J-1 visa for students or recent graduates.

There is a 90-day J-1 visa that allows students to work in the US during the summer holidays, and a year-long J-1 that requires graduates to find a job related to their degree.

Richard Burke came twice on J-1 summer visas–he worked as a “glorified gardener” in California in 2009 and as a barman in Chicago in 2012. Then in August he moved to Philadelphia, after graduating in chemical engineering from University College Dublin.

Now working for the state of Delaware, he’s hoping to transfer to a longer-term visa and then apply for a green card. He wants to live indefinitely in the US, where he likes the “big city feel” and finds the job prospects more enticing.

Although Americans “accept you with open arms”, he says the Irish connection can be crucial.

“You need to know somebody to actually get your foot in the door, because most corporations will see that all visas come with is more paperwork, trouble and hassle.”

Burke, 23, gets moral support and encouragement from older members of Philadelphia’s Irish community.

“They just see a younger version of themselves coming over and trying to make a living and trying to do exactly what they’ve done,” he says.

Danielle Allen, 26, also came out on a J-1 visa. She has a masters degree in business marketing, but had found herself working at the front desk of a hotel at home in County Cork.

She thought of going to California, where she had spent a summer as a student, but a cousin in Chicago persuaded her to head there instead. She found work at Chicago Irish Immigrant Support, and a large group of Irish friends who have also arrived in the last couple of years.

The Irish “stick together”, she says. “There’s a huge Irish community here and everyone tries to help people coming out with finding accommodation, jobs.

“If you just wanted to be involved with Irish only, you could definitely eat, sleep and drink Irish here if you wanted to.”

Graduates in Chicago commonly go to social gatherings organised by the local Irish network on the first Friday of each month to seek out jobs.

But it is those without documents who are most dependent on the Irish community, using it to find a place to stay and a job that pays cash-in-hand.

In many places the Gaelic Athletic Association, which runs Gaelic football and hurling leagues, has replaced the Church as a first port of call, says Breandan Magee, director of Chicago Irish Immigrant Support.

Irish immigration centres say there are an estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish living in the US, and that most of those who have arrived recently fall into this category.

A recent report, Emigration in an Age of Austerity, argues that it is not “a feasible option” for most to remain in the US with undocumented status, but it notes that only 10% of Irish emigres who were surveyed in various countries said they intended to return to Ireland once their temporary visas expired.

After large numbers of Irish arrived in the 1980s, powerful Irish-American politicians managed to negotiate special visas for tens of thousands of immigrants.

The Irish would be granted 10,000 similar visas under an immigration reform bill backed by President Barack Obama, but there is little hope the measure will pass soon.

That means undocumented immigrants feel stuck, unable to go home for family weddings or funerals for fear they won’t be let back in. Obtaining a driving licence or health care is also a problem. And many are anxious, worried about the risk of deportation if they are stopped by the police.

Conor, 27, has been living like this since he emigrated in 2010 from County Armagh, just over the border from the Irish Republic in Northern Ireland.

He left because he “had no friends left at home and nothing to do”, and came to work as an electrician for his brother in Chicago.

“For me it’s just been really tough, because I can’t go home, I’m constantly watching over my shoulder,” he says.

Having missed three Christmases, he is thinking of heading back this year–and then on to Australia.

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  • At least they’re not third world barbarians, but at some point, we’ve got to start enforcing the time limits on visas.

  • pcmustgo

    I once met an east indian woman who railed on and on about the evil british colonizing india/performing virginity checks on east indian female immigrants, etc. She was married to an Irish guy. Go figure, they could both go hate the british together. I told her point blank about the racial bullying I have experienced from east indians and how much I resent being “gotten revenge” upon when I have no english blood in me. She looked stunned. I told her I think a lot of east indians hate whites and we are suspicious of them too, not just muslims (she was anti-muslim).

    • Steven Barr

      I’m English and I have to say I’ve never experienced much anti English sentiment from Irish people. I’ve gotten much worse from the Scottish and Welsh. This is despite the fact that Irish people have in the past experienced genuine English oppression whereas the Scottish and Welsh merely imagine that they have. Having said that, Irish people, at least the ones I’ve met living in the UK, tend to be insufferably left wing on just about every issue you can think of.

      • David Brims

        So the IRA planting bombs doesn’t count for anti English sentiment !!! while Scots and Welsh verbal abuse does !!!

        • Xerxes22

          That was war. I doubt that the Germans who bombed British cities in World War II really hated the English. Likewise, the British who bombed German cities didn’t hate the Germans. Unfortunately, bombing the enemy’s cities is a part of war.

        • Fathercoughlin

          Brilliantly overlooking Bloody Sunday, arent you?? Ever notice how all these fat headed Brit PM’s stood tough on the Irish,esp that mule Thatcher–who almost had an early exit at the hands of the IRA–,but when Blair actually decided to talk,the violence quickly receeded. (And of course you were unaware that the Orange carried out many more violent attacks than the Irish,but,who’s counting,right,genius??)It was many many years later that the Saville Commission let the cat out of the bag,that the slaughter of Bloody Sunday was the catalyst for all that followed. Reminds me of our Ben Franklin who had the measure of the Englsh:When asked by the Fench if Brit troops will find revolution in the colonies,he said,”They will not find it but they may create it.”

          • David Brims

            Father Coughlin, I’m not English.

          • David Brims

            Father Coughlin, Incidentally, Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams, Martin McGuiness are very pro African, muslim immigration into Ireland.

      • Alexandra1973

        Wow. My husband is of Irish, Welsh, and German ancestry. Me, English, Scottish, and German.

        Think about our son! LOL

        I know the English and French were at each other at some point.

  • dd121

    I’m sure the anti-white marxists will go after them.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      You can bet they will, and let hordes of darkies and Muslims hostile to whites here continue to flood in unchecked. They want whites globally to have no where to run, no freedom of movement, and to be channeled into kill zones from which there is no escape.

      • Non Humans

        They had better make Sure that we cant escape. I wont be done at my last breath, Ill be done when theres nothing left in the clip, and I havent the strength to force the blade any further.

    • Chip Carver

      If they haven’t already. Just stating this truth will be enough to get you branded as racist or a troll from Stromfront or worse lol.

      • dd121

        I don’t care about their name calling. That’s all they have. The truth certainly isn’t on their side.

      • Alexandra1973

        My thing is, I don’t believe for a single minute that Jews run every single thing.

        “They sold out to their masters” is a more accurate statement. So no, they don’t run everything, that is just a front. I’ve heard it said that the Rothschilds are the pope’s bankers.

    • Hunter Morrow

      Just say “jew.” More truthful, less typing.

      Maybe we wouldn’t even have this dubious problem if
      the jew Alan Shatter wasn’t flooding Ireland with non-Whites.

      It is all a part of the strategy to keep Whites broken up, confused,
      ashamed instead of proud. It is their group evolutionary strategy
      and they state it as such.

      • dd121

        The site moderators will delete your post for a whole lot less than saying the word “Jew”.

  • Irishgirl

    Notice how the young Irish immigrants in the article come to America to work, not to try to get welfare. Their primary concern is getting and keeping a job, even if it means menial labor for college graduates, supporting themselves, rather than trying to get something for nothing like certain other immigrants.

    • louisrr

      Send them F ing back uphold immigration laws. Worthless foreigners.

  • Who Me?

    Well, I have to say that deep down I don’t think this is right, but then…when they start deporting the millions of Hispanic illegal aliens, then they can start on the Irish. At least the Irish are white, and they mostly act pretty decent, and most of them don’t seem to be on all sorts of public assistance.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      I agree. I’d like to see all illegals deported, but Hispanics have a significantly higher crime rate and cause more problems for native-born Americans than Irish illegals.

      I wish we could start being a real country again and take back actual control of our borders. It wouldn’t be hard to do, nor would it be difficult to track down visa overstayers.

  • Chip Carver

    If the media in the US picks up on success stories among these people, they’ll package them in a manner that makes them a bit vague. Meaning that the success will be mentioned in a way that makes it seem as if the hordes of Hispanic interlopers have the same talents, bring the same gifts to America. They’ll show the names of Tech companies or hospitals or what have you and mention that some gifted individual was an “illegal”, but never mention the “illegal” was White. They’ll then speak with some Indio who will recite his canned speech explaining that all he wants to do is work, learn, blah blah.

  • Homo_Occidentalis

    In the “bad old days” the government would streamline immigration for all peoples of European stock. These are hard-working, literate, English-speaking whites. This is such a non-issue for any real American with common sense.

  • bigone4u

    The real hidden agenda is globalism, cheap labor, and thus the destruction of white identity. Only white persons should ever have been allowed into the US since only white persons can contribute to society and not be a drag on the rest of us.

    • Pro_Whitey

      That used to be the law. Only free white persons could become naturalized citizens, per an act passed in either 1790 or 1791, and not fully repealed until 1954 (bad move).

  • Spartacus

    They’re not diverse enough for our kosher overlords… This is what they want to see :

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Figures they are riding a dump truck. They might as well be high level nuclear waste as far as our people are concerned, and a biohazard too.

      • Xerxes22

        It wasn’t a dump truck untill they got on and turned it into one.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Most of jews who would favor this sort of thing probably don’t keep kosher.

  • Pro_Whitey

    I know they are my cousins, and the Irish would be my first choice to the extent we really actually need any immigrants – English speaking, educated, with Western mores – but, unlike people like Sheldon Adelson, I do believe what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and they have got to go until we actually need immigrants. They and about 30 million others. And if we can convince blacks and browns to move elsewhere, we should do so.

  • NoMosqueHere

    I am in favor of more white immigrants, regardless of how they get here.

    • Rex

      That’s exactly what I’ve been telling people. And we can certainly learn from the North African Arabs when they revolved and removed ancient dictatorships last year or so. They did it, we can do it as well.

  • Larry Klein

    Some Irish are naive fools. Guess it’s hip to view themselves as oppressed and brothers-in-arms with blacks and Mexicans against the WASPs. The average black laughs at this and would pistol whip the average Irish in a heartbeat

    • NoMosqueHere

      Most Irish have been good for the US. They helped build, among other things, a jesuit university system. And the bottom line is they are white. We need more whites here.

      • Larry Klein

        Ted Kennedy.

        • Eddie Lutz


          • Larry Klein

            Lol. Black Irish

      • Rex

        Agreed. The only problem is that too many of them are still in the NOW anti-White, anti-American Democratic Party

  • David Brims

    Alan Shatter, Irish justice minister, has let in hundreds of thousands of Africans, muslims and Roma gypsy immigrants into Ireland, I might add, Shatter is a non gentile.

    • Joe Walker

      Shatter isn’t Irish. He’s a Jew.

      • David Brims

        Er um, that’s what I meant by non gentile. I can’t seem to post the link, but type into YouTube ” Shattered Dublin ” truly shocking what’s going on in Ireland.

    • Hunter Morrow

      Yeah, real “irish.” He’s another nation-wrecking jew scourge.
      Only in the 21st Century could a jew packing non-Whites into Ireland
      be the Defense and “Justice” minister.

    • roscommonman

      He was named “Man of the Year” by Africa magazine in 2013. If these young Irish people ever return, their place will be taken by the “New Irish” i. e. Nigerians and Somalians.

  • puffdaddy

    Frankly I’d rather Irish in their 20s come than Somalis and Pakistanis or Muslims of any stripe, or Mexicans. They are European in ancestry, white and assimilate if history has anything to say about it.

  • GOD

    How about an exchange program? Bring one Irish immigrant in, deport two black citizens to Africa. If that works, then we can extend it from Irish immigrants to other White immigrants. The key is giving them a liberal-detector (I’ll shop around for inventors) before finalizing the exchange. :O)

    • Non Humans

      You dont need to invent a libtard detector. Simply say “N1663r” in their company and see how they react.

      • Hunter Morrow

        Or jew.

        Jew is the Litmus Test.

  • JohnEngelman

    My guess is that no matter how poor they are they have a much lower crime rate than blacks and Hispanics at their income level.

  • gemjunior

    I don’t even believe anybody is even debating whether or not this is a good thing. That’s how obvious it is that even illegal Irish are better for the country than any of the ones we’ve been getting. We are being inundated to the point of genocide and all of a sudden the few whites coming in might need to be rejected due to their immigration status? That’s insane. One thing for sure is that most Irish consider public assistance in any way to be more embarrassing and disgusting, so that’s one less thing to worry about. However, white Russians and others from formerly soviet countries have an innate understanding of how to work a bureaucracy and there is no shame at all in it since they come from a mindset that it’s you against The State so any way that you can get over is a success. I know Russian families where both parents had a job, everyone got free stuff from Uncle Sam too. I hope more and more Irish come, and I’d be glad if Russians come too all because they’re both white. My favorite immigration group would be South African whites and they should get land grants too so they can farm, which they do better than any other folk in the world.

  • Kenner

    The Irish: so white, they’re practically translucent. They make Swedes look like Turks.

    • Who Me?

      A lot of us also have blue or green eyes and red, sandy or blonde hair, which along with our whitest of white skins makes us one of “Africanus Savagii’s” favorite prey. Those of us who still have mostly Irish bloodlines after +/- 150 years of American citizenship welcome our white brothers and sisters to this land and hope they will continue immigrating here. But PLEASE do it the right way if you possibly can, and if you can’t come legally, DO gain American citizenship as soon as possible after your arrival. We need every white face we can get. If all else fails, marry one of us here and gain citizenship. Don’t forget to have lots of children.

      • Zaporizhian Sich

        An excellent idea, we should marry them if that is feasible to both assure them citizenship and have children. I would rather have illegal Irish immigrants anytime over legal Somalis.

  • Non Humans

    Among many other things. OMoron’s deal is sealed though. Worst and most destructive president (exponentially) in US history. End of story.

  • Non Humans

    Reggae isnt bad… until the nonhumans start talking through it and call it singing.

  • wildfirexx

    We shouldn’t only assume that all of these Irish immigrants from Ireland are 100% white.
    Many third world immigrants move to the British Isles as a stepping stone to North America and Australia.

  • Viking_61

    Breed, breed, breed….

  • Fr. John+

    This is fine, and fully in line with the 1924 Immigration Laws. For a moment, I thought tha these were Africans, who had been given spurious ‘Irish Citizenship’. This however, is fine. Because they’re WHITE.

    • Who Me?

      Africans are NEVER Irish, or English, or Swedish, or American, or Canadian. They are Africans. Never forget this, because they sure as hell don’t forget.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Are these people Irish or are they “Irish?”

    Thanks Alan Shatter, you goddamned eskimo.
    You’ll get yours one of these days.

  • Jenny Star

    The Elves go west, after all.

  • Alexandra1973

    True, but if you’re here illegally, you’re still breaking the law.

    What should be done is kick out ALL illegals, doesn’t matter what race. Have a moratorium on immigration until the dust settles, but make a few exceptions, like if someone needs asylum (and no I don’t mean Somalis and their ilk). THEN, if it’s determined that we can take more people on board, only accept Europeans.

  • Young Werther

    Thank god for the Irish…

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    The same can be said of Slavs, I have Russian, Ukrainian and Irish ancestry, all of which do enjoy booze. Drinking you know hasn’t been called “the joy of Russia” for nothing, LOL.

  • Young Werther

    The Irish have a historical bone to pick with the Brits, not America. White European Protestants came here in part to rid itself of England, and the Catholic Monarchies in Europe …this nation became great because of its White Protestantism…since the era of F. Scott Fitzgerald America has become the main target of Marxism/Communism, so far America seems to be losing, but that could change at any time…the Irish will come in handy for this purpose.

    • Young Werther

      *In many places the Gaelic Athletic Association, which runs Gaelic football and hurling leagues, has replaced the Church as a first port of call, says Breandan Magee, director of Chicago Irish Immigrant Support*
      (what could possibly be better than this!)

  • Greg Thomas

    The answer is yes, so long as Hart-Cellar is the law and long as illegal invading mexicans continue to get carte blanche treatment from our government.

  • Zaporizhian Sich

    The time has passed for integrity, and now the time for ruthless expansion of our population and interests at the expense of non-white invaders has arrived. It is time to break, circumvent and disregard laws designed to prevent our very survival. Soon, we are going to stop fighting with one hand tied behind our backs.

  • curri

    Meanwhile, Ireland is left to the Nigerians.

  • Rex

    I got news for you. Go to YouTube and and write Ireland Muslims or Ireland Immigrants or Dublin immigrants and see how Ireland really is now. No wonder they want to get out of there. The third world is taking over the first world!!!

    • louisrr

      Ireland first world my ass.

  • Rex

    Yes indeed. The USA belongs to Whites. They built it for themselves. The Irish are our people and they belong with us and the Whites in Congress should make it easier for them to get residency status. Group Y and Z has nothing in common with us and it doesn’t belong here.

  • Dan Poole

    Looks like everyone here loves these Irish immigrants, but do those Irish immigrants love YOU? Would they have any loyalty whatsoever to their own race if push came to shove? Based on the history of Irish immigrants in this country, I doubt it. The irish are the first to whine and bitch about the plight of their ancestors at the hands of the evil nasty English, and they’ve consistently used that as justification to allow hoards of darkies and Muslims to immigrate here. Most of you probably know that the Northeast USA is where so many anti-white policies originate. Well, there’s a lot more Irish people in the Northeast compared to the rest of the country. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

    It doesn’t matter that the Irish are White if they aren’t loyal to their race at the end of the day. Every White ethnic group has its race traitors, but it seems like the Irish are notorious for it.

  • louisrr

    GD illegal immigrants send them back.

  • louisrr

    Irish leaders have done more harm to their OWN people than the English have done in a couple of centuries. Those Irish elites ruined their own economy. And F Ireland.

  • louisrr

    “We?” You f ing mutt.