Police: Attack of Cyclist Was Not Part of “Knockout Game”

Vince Lattanzio and David Chang, NBC Philadelphia, November 24, 2013

Police say the beating of a cyclist along a Philadelphia street was not part of the nationwide “knockout game” trend as they initially believed.

The male victim was riding his bike along 13th and Catherine Streets in the Bella Vista section of the city just before 8 p.m. on Friday when he was randomly punched by a group of teens, police said.

“One guy and two of his friends came to shake me off my bike and started hitting me while I was down,” said the victim, who did not want to be identified.

After being hit, the cyclist says he asked the group–made up of five teen boys and three teen girls–why they hit him. Without answering, the group then continued beating the man.

The victim met up with police at Broad and Carpenter Streets following the attack. While he was shaken, his injuries were not life-threatening and he did not need to be hospitalized.

Philadelphia detectives initially told NBC10 they believed the teens were playing the “knockout game” when they beat the man.


However, on Saturday, police told NBC10 that after further investigation they determined the assault of the cyclist was not part of the nationwide trend.


Two attacks at SEPTA stations over the past few weeks had officials in Philadelphia concerned the violent trend had come here. However, authorities also determined those attacks were not related.


While Friday’s incident was not related to the game, news of the attack still prompted several South Philadelphia residents to take their concerns to social media, calling on city leaders to take action.

The group, calling themselves “Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back” launched an online campaign to bring the “knockout” game to the attention of the city’s leaders, including Mayor Nutter and Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

“Our citizens are sick and tired of living in fear due to teens thinking this is a game,” wrote the group’s leader Marc Ferguson. “I am here by calling upon the District Attorney, Mayor Michael Nutter, City Council and all of Philadelphia’s legislators to come together and KNOCK OUT, “The Knock Out Game”.”


NBC10 spoke with Mayor Nutter who said that such attacks “will not be tolerated.”

“I’ve had conversations with Commissioner Ramsey,” Nutter said. “Police officers are paying attention but now that this national phenomenon is sweeping across the country, we need to nip this one in the bud.”

[Editor’s Note: A video report of this story, which portrays one of the subway attacks and Mr. Nutter’s comments, is available at the original article link below.]

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  • IstvanIN

    The cops always have an excuse why something isn’t what we all know it is, unless the perp is white then it is worse than anyone could imagine.

    • John Smith

      Isn’t it funny how the cops and media instantly (and specifically) tell you what it “isn’t”?

      Was this crime, eg, “financially” motivated? No. Was this mentioned? No.

      Was this crime, eg, “revenge” motivated? No. Was this mentioned? No.

      There are lots of “other” motivations that this crime “wasn’t”. Were they mentioned or explained away? No.

      And this sure wan’t “random”.

      It just so happens that this crime fits the exact description of what has been going on for years…and we’re told it is NOT….exactly what has been going on for years.

      Yea right.

      My god. In terms of the future, Orwell was a genius.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        The cops are trying to protect themselves and their pensions. To admit what they know to be true puts them at risk of being labeled a racist and hater which for a cop might as well be a death knell.

        • bilderbuster

          If they won’t even try to help or at least warn us then they don’t deserve to receive a paycheck let alone a pension.
          If that’s their excuse then I have no use for them

  • Puggg

    “Not part of ‘Knockout Game'”

    So what was it, another robbery gone wrong?

    I really believe that all of Philadelphia’s black politicians really want to do something about it. Secretly, they probably think what Philadelphia family court judge Wayne Bennett has said openly, that white people deserve it.

    • D.B. Cooper

      If white people just sit back and let it happen, while not removing the mayor and his puppet Affirmative Action chief, then they DO deserve it.

      • 1stworlder

        Philly had 57 voting districts with 0 votes total for Romney. Crooks from 11 Philly zip codes account for over half of all PA prison spending. There are not enough white people stupid enough to live in Philly to matter against voter fraud.

      • breezy59

        I agree but; it will never happen. The politicians are just political hacks. The City of Brotherly Mug (Love) is to corrupt.The Black Panthers the Mayor and anyone associated with him. The only people waiting for the city to come back and be the way it was are the stupid white liberals. I never go to Philly. If you ever do go,don’t get lost. It will go the way of Detriot anyway. In all due time!

      • Anon

        Your words make sense if the US was what is pretends to be….a republic of states with a limited government by democratically elected representatives within a strong framework of the rule of law governed by a Constitution that makes sure those laws follow a particular pattern that guarantees freedom….with a capitalist economy.

        The problem is, all that is a lie. What the US really is, is an extremely unstable banana republic, resulting from a failed attempt at a worldwide empire. The dominant race (that’s us) lost its will to force the myth in the paragraph above, on the rest of the world and, as we fail, the rest of the world, degrades us through miscegenation and cultural degradation and decay. Our current government is mostly a communist oligarchy. Those who rule, often with an iron fist, and increasingly with no regard for the rule of law, are unelected and unaccountable. They are hardly anonymous but most people can’t be bothered to know who they are in the area they live. They hire a bunch of actors to present a face to the public, who are placed in positions of supposed authority (but with little to no real authority) by blatantly rigged elections. A completely controlled media then manufactures and increasingly unlikely reality as explanation for how unpopular empty suits get elected and “govern” in such a way that nobody agrees with. There is lip service to increasingly radically different ideologies but policy never changes, no matter how much people want it to. That policy, btw, is best described as anti-white and genocidal. Most people do not work for a living. A handful provide useful labor. The rest are either on welfare or are highly paid frauds, pushing paper in a position they got based solely on anti-white ideological litmus tests. A handful of, ummm, slaves, do all the real work.

        It’s not like this all over the US….but all of the main concentrations of people, this is the reality of day to day life. If you want better, you need to work outside the norm and live in the sparely populated parts of the nation.

        The only real voice you get in the US is the extent to which you are willing to own and use guns. The last estimate was one gun for every person in the US and enough ammo to shoot every person many times over). That was before Obama. Alot of guns have been sold since then. Mostly to new gun owners. This is a good thing.

        Our country is UNSTABLE. Normally, that would NOT be a good thing. Considering who is in control and what they obviously want to do, that is far better to the alternative. Because they fear our guns (and that fear is rational), their behavior is limited. Where you live, determines the limits AND NO OTHER FACTOR.

        Don’t like what is going on in Philly? Do two things.

        1. Move. Nothing you do. Nothing you say. Certainly no voting you do, makes any difference whatsoever. You can do nothing. Yeah….maybe after the government finally collapses, something can be done. But, more likely areas like Philly will be left to burn and then reclaimed a hundred years later when all the problem people are dead. So move to the other 99% of the US than isn’t satan’s anus.

        2. Buy guns. Lots of guns. Get a CC or better yet, live in an open carry culture state. Nothing says, no blacks allowed like a bunch of guys in leather, cowboy hats and “the big irons” dangling from a speed rig and a shooters belt. They won’t say anything to blacks. They don’t have to.

        If you ever cross paths with a criminal….kill them. In self-defense of course. Understand that this is practically the American sport of choice, killing criminals [in self-defense]. Three million times a year is how often a gun is used to “stop” a violent crime. Any way you interpret that, it means alot of dead black people. Welcome to the realities of race war in the US….where nobody admits it has been going on (for 40 years and more) but everyone is involved, one way or another.

        If you CC, you are probably doing your part. If you live in Philly, I thank you for volunteering as cannon fodder (a valuable service to the rest of us). You will be remembered as a martyr a hundred years from now. After enough of you die in various horrible and humiliating ways, whites will stop pretending.

  • Luca

    I guess the police determined this by asking the perps if they were playing the “Knockout game”. The perps probably said it was an entirely different game called “Smacka Cracka”.

    • willbest

      And we learned from Jeantel that isn’t racist either.

    • John R

      Just a side note: Were it not for the Democrat margin in Philadelphia, the state of Pennsylvania would probably be a red state. In other words, when it comes to presidential elections, the City of Philadelphia is actually more important for the Democrats than New York City is!

  • D.B. Cooper

    Um Pennsylvania, YOU did go Obama both times, didn’t you? Oh well. for some reason, I’m not feeling sorry for you.

    I also can’t feel sorry for people who complain about not having any clean clothes to wear, but when I go to their house, they are lying on the couch watching the Kardashians; and with a big pile of dirty clothes sitting next to a new washer & dryer and an unopened box of Tide right next to them.

    • 1stworlder

      Look at the county by county election map, Philly Harrisburg and Pittsburg was all obogno won. Its just that with voter fraud of 0 votes for Mitt in 57 Philly districts that was enough.

  • John R

    Uhhhh, let me see: Some “teens” started beating up a random person on a bicycle, but it is not part of the “knockout game.” Boy! I am sure glad of that; I am sure the victim is glad, too, huh? So what IS the “knockout game”? Why don’t we just use a different name for it, covering all situations? We will just call it another example of “TNB.” I am sure most on this site know what I am talking about and can educate their friends who are not so informed.

  • bigone4u

    The game “…will not be tolerated.” You just know that appropriately named Mayor Nutter is secretly rejoicing at these pathetic episodes of black revenge, motivated by black racism toward whites. Call a spade a spade (no racism intended) and tell the truth about black hatred of whites, Mr. Nutter. Until then, you’re just another BSing politician.

  • JohnEngelman

    Again, there is not mention of the race of the criminals. The mainstream media has an obligation to draw attention to how dangerous young black men frequently are.

    • Fak_Zakaix

      True. And the same can be said about the awareness that should be drawn about the frequency of “white collar” crimes committed by Jews.

  • John R

    Yes, another comment on this same story. There is just too much here for me to cover in just one post. What is it with this victim, who I will bet is White (and liberal) asking his attackers (who, I will guess are black, uhh, I mean, “African American”, see, I have ESP!), asking “Why did you hit me?” SORRY DUDE! With all due respect, I will give you three guesses. HERE, FIRST TRY: It is because they are ni….uhhh, I mean, blacks (see, I behaved, moderator!), and you are White! News Flash: A great many blacks hate us, and have been taught that through decades of liberal propaganda. In addition, they are violent as a group, and are impulsive, to boot. There, thanks people. I had to get that out of my system. Peace.

  • Jesse James

    Bureaucratic CYA semantics.

  • I think that the knockout game has done for legal gun ownership what the school shootings have done to infringe the 2nd amendment (citizens’ rights to own a gun). Things have really quieted down on that front for now: no more do you hear about bans on citizen gun ownership.

    I always thought that those statistics of falling crime were temporary at best, since the black underclass is growing, and $ to fund more prisons for blacks as well as more police protection is diminishing. In 10 years when there are a lot more black teens and our country is bankrupt I expect these trends to become evident for even the MSM.

  • Spartacus

    I agree. It wasn’t part of a game, but of the ongoing race war against Whites, waged by the dark-skins and by those who hold their leashes .

  • MBlanc46

    The group, calling themselves “Taking Our South Philadelphia Streets Back”….

    I know nothing about this group beyond this article, so I’m not going to endorse them, but this appears to be the sort of thing that white people need to do in the face of black racial crime.

  • Jesse James

    Just remember one and all,
    when Mr Negro comes to call
    Kicks in your grandpa’s greying head,
    Rapes your sister or your ma,
    Beats your brother on the bus,
    Steals your tax dollars and ruins your streets,
    Knocks you out so playfully,

    Just remember it is not a hate crime,
    Could not possibly be a hate crime,
    If while he prances round his handiwork
    That he giggles and smile in satisfaction.
    The powers that be will never prosecute,
    Savages who so well execute the part
    Our enemies have set them to.

    Just remember one and all,
    There is no justice anymore.
    Except that your will doth wrought.
    So when your day of testing comes
    Strike hard and true and strive to be
    The Better Man.

  • panjoomby

    knockout king is a “game” named after martin luther king – how randomly precious!

  • Jack Burton

    It’s not just about the “knockout game,” it’s about black-on-white violence, which has many manifestations, knockout just being one of them.


  • dd121

    This is how the leftist media puts a smiley face on it.

  • I wonder when I will be allowed to play the “disembowelling with a box-cutter” game.

  • Paleoconn

    Knockout game is very bad, no doubt about it. But the City of Bruthaly Love and other cities have much bigger problems than that. Robberies, deaths, rapes, beatings of Whites by blacks on a much larger scale and frequency than knockout incidents.

  • It’s isn’t that the police “can’t” protect us; the problem is that they won’t.

  • John R

    I am at first, tempted to agree. But, let us be careful: Assault and battery is two guys arguing in a bar; it gets heated; someone throws a punch, and the one getting hit gets maybe a black eye. Happens all the time, generally between somewhat willing participants. Now, someone is just walking down the street, minding his own business. He doesn’t even look at the group of people walking past (Foolish, I know, btw.), then…BAMM! he is hit so hard that he is knocked out, with no opportunity to roll with the punch. He is unconscious, with possible broken bones, and maybe some permanent injuries. This, too me, is more than simple assault.