Mexican President Urges Citizens to Exercise to Fight Obesity

Telegraph (London), October 31, 2013

President Enrique Pena Nieto has encouraged Mexicans to walk more, use stairs and exercise one hour every day as he launched a campaign against rampant obesity and diabetes.

“We can’t keep our arms crossed in front of a real overweight and obesity epidemic. The lives of millions of Mexicans are literally at risk,” Mr Pena Nieto said.

Seven in 10 adults are either overweight or obese in Mexico, while one-third of the country’s children fall in that category, according to official figures.

Mexico now has a higher rate of overweight people than the United States, and it also has the highest prevalence of diabetes among the 34-nation Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development.

Presenting his national strategy to prevent obesity and diabetes, Mr Pena Nieto said the health ministry will open an “observatory” to monitor and respond to the problem.

The strategy includes a campaign to promote healthier lifestyles and better diets in a country that consumes 163 liters (43 gallons) of sugary drinks per capita per year, the highest rate in the world.

The Mexican leader also cited special taxes that the Congress is about to pass on sodas and junk food, saying the funds should be used for health programs and to increase access to drinking water in schools.


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  • Puggg

    And yet, we’re advertising food stamps in Mexico.

  • Alexandra1973

    Make them march back across the border. We have an illegal alien problem here in Ohio. It’d be a nice long walk.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      We’ve even got them here in Minnesota. Bet that walk would shave off some calories.

  • Whitetrashgang

    Its like natives here most are overweight and have diabetes but yet last night they go to the white neighbourhoods and trick or treat when their kids are already fat. I don’t walk down the street looking for hand outs of crack and cigarettes.Anything if its free I guess.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Ha ha! You’re mean! One time a chubby little darky, like 7 or 8, came up to me with his 2 little friends and asked me for a dollar. I told him I’d give him a nickel for every pushup he could bust out. He just started at me blankly while his buddy’s laughed at him…

      “That man ain’t yo daddy!”

      Ah, the kindness of cruelty…

      • Whitetrashgang

        I like to drink and wear the same pants for at least a month

        • NeanderthalDNA

          You sir, are a White Trash All Star. Pleasure to meet you. Hope you’re enjoying a coldy this Friday night. Soldier on.

  • Erasmus

    While he’s at it, he should urge poor , low-skilled women in his country to stop having babies they can’t support.

  • Extropico

    They are only here to do the food stamps Americans won’t do.

  • Spartacus

    “Seven in 10 adults are either overweight or obese in Mexico, while
    one-third of the country’s children fall in that category, according to
    official figures.”


  • Spartacus

    “Seven in 10 adults are either overweight or obese in Mexico, while
    one-third of the country’s children fall in that category, according to
    official figures.”


    But they’re still fit enough to jump the fence into White lands…

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      What fence?

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    After the Cuban revolution, the US placed a stiff tariff on sugar, to protect the Florida sugar plantations that the ex-pats set up. Sugar on the world market is pennies per pound but not here, which partly explains the rise of the use of the reportedly-unhealthy sweetener high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). In Mexico there is no such tariff, and for example, Mexican Coca Cola is made with real sugar (and sought after here in the US for that reason). In light of that, it’s interesting to read about obesity and diabetes rates south of the border, where sugar is still common. No one says that sugar is healthy, but to hear some people talk, HFCS is the cause of all American health problems.

    • Sick of it

      Natural sugar is easier for the body to break down, but anything in excess is bad for you.

    • Bossman

      What you’re saying is unscientific; a lot of obesity has to do with genetics. People who are overweight need to control their fat and sugar consumption.

      • Jack Burton

        Some people are more prone to fat storage and have lower metabolisms such as those with endomorphic body types, which Mexicans typically are, but that itself won’t make someone fat or obese. It’s all about diet.

      • Sick of it

        That doesn’t necessarily help when one is suffering from diabetes. And also at certain ages.

      • TheAntidote

        Correct. The Mexican population is by and large Amerind; these people (genetically speaking) are not very far removed from neolithic hunter-gatherer societies. In those times before cultivation and domestication there were periods of scarcity and sometimes famine. So it was that the human body developed the capacity to store excess carbohydrate as fat. Today the Mexicans still carry “the thrifty gene”.
        Sugar is poison. Read ‘The sugar Blues’

    • Jack Burton

      Other than concerns about HFCS being genetically modified, there is no significant difference between the two. They’re both unhealthy, cause weight gain and potentially type 2 diabetes.

      For those wanting to lose weight the first thing you do is reduce your sugar intake as much as possible. Diet is more important than exercise. It’s much easier to not consume calories than try to burn them off, unless you are an extreme athlete.

      • Ella

        People need to restrict starches like pastas, breads and rice, which break down into simple glucose or sugar. Lack of exercise and eating ethnic foods often will guarantee weight gain of any race. Most people just left the farms about 75 years ago but continue to eat high-calorie ethnic meals!

        • The Mexican diet is also heavily fried. I cook a fair bit of Mexican stuff at home. It tastes great, but moderation is the key here.

          • Jack Burton

            It’s not their ethnic food that is the main culprit for their obesity problem, again, it’s excessive sugar intake through their high consumption of soda.

            Mexico is the world’s largest consumer of soda. The average Mexican drinks 46 gallons of soda per year.

          • Ella

            And they can receive free dental care under CHIP and Medicaid, thanks to the goodness of the US tax-payer. I have to pay for my child’s teeth like everything else as Middle Class. We don’t drink garbage sweet drinks. There is no monetary incentive in this country to stay fit and healthy if the government keeps paying for poor diets or general healthcare. Sugar can burn off if you move that couch butt! Mexicans do not exercise like Asians who consume way less desserts and portion sizes.

          • Jack Burton

            Diet affects your ability and desire to exercise. How do you feel when you indulge in a big meal and your blood sugar goes up? You want to lay down, while your body goes into overdrive trying to digest all of that food. Combine that with really bad food, like processed snacks and sugary drinks and you become lethargic. It’s never a good idea to consume that stuff, certainly not on a daily basis.

        • Jack Burton

          The epidemic of obesity is largely because of our increased sugar intake. Nearly everything has HFCS in it today at the supermarket.

          If someone wants to lose weight the first thing they should do is eliminate the extra sugar in their diet that doesn’t come from whole foods. It’s easy and you save money.

          If you want to be super serious about it then you can do what you’re advocating and only consume low glycemic foods.

      • There is a significant difference. Sugar is absorbed straight through the stomach lining into the bloodstream, where it is regulated by insulin secreted by the pancreas. HFCS doesn’t get broken down until it reaches the liver.

        I used to think “sugar is sugar”, but it isn’t all the same. Take lactose (milk sugar), for instance. Yeast can’t metabolize this at all. If you’re a homebrewer and want a sweet beer, put some lactose in the batch.

        • Jack Burton

          No, there is statistically no significant difference.

          Sugar is 50% fructose and 50% glucose, HFCS in its typical form is 55% fructose and 45% glucose.

          The only people who should seriously be concerned about HFCS are those with a corn allergy.

  • shmo123

    Big surprise there. A diet that consists of nearly all carbohydrates washed down with sickeningly sweet drinks or cerveza, does not make for an Olympic team.

    • Jack Burton

      Mexico is the world’s biggest consumer of soft drinks.

      They recently passed a soda tax to combat the problem.

      • This makes me happy I settled on unsweetened iced tea about 35 years ago. It also turns out that it doesn’t cost much if one brews it (and instant is nasty stuff, anyway). Tea consumption worldwide equals all other manufactured drinks combined.

        I never understood the whole soda thing; even the fruit-flavored sodas like orange or grape don’t taste anything like real juice, do they? The Mexican climate is either hot and dry or hot and humid, so I can understand the need to keep hydrated, but when I’ve been there I was all over their fresh-squeezed fruit juices, frequently with tequila mixed in. Given the kinds of fruit trees that will grow in Mexico, one would think that’d be a no-brainer.

  • bigone4u

    The local university where I taught installed chairs designed for normal sized rear ends, which was OK back in the day. But when I left there were so many fat Mexican students who could not fit into the chairs that student learning was impeded. As more Mexicans come to the USA, we’re going to have to tear out the furniture in our classrooms and replace it with wider, padded seats. Just another hidden cost of diversity that I observed when I was teaching.

    • Not mexicans but a great example of “dibursity” on the CTA Red Line.

      • bigone4u

        I’m speechless. But let me grunt an “ugh” anyway.

  • Jesse James

    Obama should help, we could have them jog in place while they are waiting in line at the various government welfare agencies in the US.

  • Sick of it

    So the Mexican Congress is run by Michael Bloomberg and Michelle Obama?

  • Ella

    Here, I thought fried pork tamales with pancetta/bi-product meat is lean! Many Mexican dishes have so much starch with beans and rice. If you want to stay healthy and lean, eat Mexican food only once a month. If pregnant, try NEVER.

    Maybe, we should invest in dialysis companies as we give away free health care to illegals in the border States.

    • Sick of it

      That’s a great idea until the government gets even more involved in healthcare and then tells you how much you can charge for everything. Not that they don’t that now to a certain extent, but it will get worse.

  • Jackryanvb

    And George W Bush will insist in the face of this evidence that Mexican peasants only immigrate to the United States to work hard so they can put food on their family’s tables.

    Mexicans are fat, the most obese people on panet earth, they need to take the food off the table.

  • Viking_61

    Those hunter gatherer Amerindian genes encourage fat cells to stick. You never know when you are going to kill the next wild boar after all.

  • John R

    Mexicans are fatter than Americans? Or is it more likely that Mexicans are fatter than MAJORITY GROUP (for now) Americans?

    • Jack Burton

      Both. Blacks and mestizos in America have much higher rates of being overweight and obese than White Americans.

      • Low IQ and poor impulse control again? “Dis be tastin’ really good! I gots ta be eatin’ mo’ ob dat!”

        The litmus test would involve an examination of obesity rates among US citizens, as we all have access to the same sorts of foods and at the same prices. The obesity rate in the United States for Caucasians in 2010 was 26.8%. Among blacks it was 36.9%. For the greaseritos it was 34.1%. Asians clocked in at 11.6%.

        (Statistics from the Center for Disease Control’s “Summary Health Statistics for US Adults: 2010.” Table 31. Published 2012)

        These numbers are pretty much what a race-realist would expect, but I’m sure there is some complicated, bass-ackwards explanation that the libtards prefer.

  • John R

    OK. Dude; I got it! FUNNEEEE!!!!!:)