Posted on November 11, 2013

Hungary: Far-right Party Leader Says “Islam is the Last Hope of Humanity”

Youssef Sourgo, Morocco World News, November 11, 2013

The President of the far-right Hungarian party said that “Islam is the last hope for humanity in the darkness of globalism and liberalism.”

During the recent Hungarian parliamentary elections, the Jobbik movement, a far-right Hungarian party, earned 16.67% of the overall vote, securing 47 seats in the National Assembly. For many, this score was unexpected and unprecedented, especially for a European far-right party.

Subsequently, the President of Jobbika made a trip to Turkey, where he visited various universities.

“We’re not coming to Turkey to build diplomatic and economic relations, but to meet our Turkish brothers and sisters,” Gábor Vona, Jobbika’s president, was quoted as saying by

According to the same source, the far-right leader also claimed that “the West does not tolerate seeing my party support Turkey and other Turanian peoples, such as Azerbaijanis, in international conflicts.”

Gábor Vona also affirmed that his party had no relationship with the Islamophobic, far-right European parties.

Jobbik’s president also stated that the Turkish society, grounded on love of the family, respect for tradition and a strong sense of patriotism, was a great example for Hungary.

According to Gábor Vona, the relationship between Hungary and Turkey is based on fraternity and not just friendship.

According to, the Jobbik party’s leader also emphasized, on many occasions, that “Islam is the last hope for humanity in the darkness of globalism and liberalism.”

Also on the universal significance of Islam, Gábor Vona has stated confidently on the official website of his party:

“Africa has no power; Australia and South-America suffer from perplexed identity due to their much congested societies. Considering all this, there’s only one culture left which seeks to preserve its traditions: it is the Islamic world.”

Furthermore, Vona said that his personal life was influenced by Islam and Muslims that he has met as friends and colleagues throughout his life. More surprisingly, one of the witnesses at his wedding was a Palestinian, something that infuriated his opponents.

[Editor’s Note: See here for Gábor Vona’s official position on Islam.]