Posted on November 18, 2013

Amtrak Recruiting LGBT Passengers

Eric Scheiner, CNS News, November 15, 2013

Amtrak has announced the launch of three microsites targeting specific segments of the population:, and

In an Amtrak news release, the government-funded intercity train service company says the new websites launched last week, “provide connections to Hispanic, African and LGBT travelers.”


Amtrak quotes MyBlack editor Saunya Connelly as saying, “This site will include cultural destinations and reflect the historical journey of African Americans living here.”

Liliana Lopez, Amtrak editor of (in English, “Discover North America”) says, “Diversity begins with respect. Respect for the community, for culture and, of course, for you.” Amtrak says this site was developed in Spanish and provides culturally relevant information on train travel.

Amtrak received $1.3 billion in government funding for 2013.