Westgate Attack: Kenya CCTV ‘Shows Soldiers Looting’

BBC News, October 21, 2013

Security camera footage has emerged which appears to show Kenyan security forces looting goods during last month’s siege of the Westgate mall.

In the footage, some Kenyan soldiers can be seen carrying white shopping bags, while others appear to take white boxes from a mobile phone store.

At least 67 people died when suspected al-Shabab militants stormed the Nairobi shopping centre on 21 September.

The Kenyan military says it is investigating the looting allegations.

News agencies say the CCTV footage is taken inside the entrance to the Westgate mall’s Nakumatt supermarket, which sells everything from food to televisions.

In one section of footage, several soldiers are seen walking out of the supermarket, past a blood-spattered floor, carrying plastic carrier bags.

In another clip, Kenyan soldiers can be seen next to a mobile phone outlet.

One reaches over the counter, and apparently removes a white item.

Then more soldiers remove white items, which the Reuters news agency describes as mobile phone boxes.

The Westgate attack sparked a four-day siege in which large parts of the shopping centre were destroyed.

The Kenyan military says it has launched an investigation into the looting allegations, which correspondents say will have angered many Kenyans.

At the weekend, Kenya’s biggest-selling newspaper, The Nation, ran an article entitled “Shame of soldiers looting Westgate”.

The footage of the alleged looting emerged as the Kenyan authorities announced they had recovered the body of what they consider to be a fourth attacker.

“Today, Sunday 20 October 2013, we recovered a fourth body, which we know from CCTV footage to be that of a terrorist,” said the Kenyan interior minister, Joseph Ole Lenku.

“DNA and other investigations will confirm their identities. We have also recovered four AK47 assault rifles which we know were used by the terrorists in the assault. We also recovered 11 magazines of AK47 assault rifles.”

Officials had initially said 10 to 15 gunmen were involved, but CCTV footage appears to show only four militants.

It is still not clear whether some of the attackers might have escaped.

The Somali militant group al-Shabab said its members staged the attack in response to Kenya’s army carrying out operations on Somali territory.

Last week, the BBC’s Newsnight programme revealed that one of the suspected attackers was believed to be a 23-year-old Somalia-born Norwegian national, Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow.

His family fled to Norway in the 1990s, but he returned to Somalia in 2009 and allegedly joined the Somali militant group.

Sources in al-Shabab have told the BBC Somali Service that Dhuhulow attended a training camp in El Bur in central Somalia, one of the militants’ main bases.

The sources said Dhuhulow took part in many al-Shabab operations in Mogadishu and Kismayo and was well-known in jihadist circles.

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    I don’t care about kenya, White people don’t belong in kenya..
    Why in the name of GOD would any White go there, what good is business or wealth if your head is hanging from an escalator …

  • When will Al-Obama say they could have been his sons?

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    • CoweringCoward

      Don’t know if they will try that “gun grab” $hit in my area in my lifetime, won’t be free for them if they do.

      • Would they like the bullets first?

        • CoweringCoward

          Hope someone reminds them to be careful not to burn their little hands when they do, as the barrels will be VERY hot and I will be sleeping soundly in a shiny new bed of brass.

  • “I… gots… ta.. be… haben dat. Must… have… shiny… ting. Gnome sayin?”

    I would correct your post by saying that their actual “needs” have nothing to do with it. Exhibit A would be the overweight lunatic who abandoned her child while attempting to steal several hundred dollars worth of candy in NYC recently.

    • IstvanIN

      Funny thing is most of us would probably die ourselves rather than run from danger if it meant abandoning our child.

      • Rhialto

        Bear in mind that she knew that the child would receive better care than what she would provide. I think a better term would be “enhancing the welfare” rather than abandon.

      • CoweringCoward

        It’s a white/Asian thing. Sub Saharan “flood the field with progeny in hopes some survive” reproductive strategies would not work in the west, not without leftist welfare states to rob the “future time oriented” populations for their benefit. Let the totalitarian state collapse and the parasite classes population will collapse right along with it.

        • Avalon Skye

          I had a college instructor tell me that Africans generally speaking do not understand that sex=baby. Assuming he is correct I am left to assume that to mean Africans don’t have the intelligence to think ahead and put two and two together. Of course I was told that was racist and that its because of their diet and so many suffering from protein deficient brain damage as to why they lag behind in all aspects of life and that our own NAPAs since they have better diets are the same as we are.

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    Damn they’re just walking around with bags full of stuff as if they were
    at Wal-Mart. And just found out that for some reason or another their
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  • Cato

    The looted Nakumatt supermarket is owned by a Mr. Atul Shah. Just a bit of African racism in play–they dislike South Asians even more than they dislike whites.