Professional Bass Fisherman Killed at Jackson Motel 6

Jacob Threadgill, Clarion-Ledger (Jackson), October 14, 2013

The 56-year-old man fatally shot at a Jackson motel Sunday has been identified as bass angler James “Jimmy” Johnson, according to a statement from Bassmaster.

Johnson was in Jackson to compete at the Bassmaster Central Open on Ross Barnett Reservoir scheduled to begin Oct. 17.

Johnson was staying with his wife at a Motel 6 on Frontage Road near Interstate 55. {snip}

Jackson police are looking for a black male suspect that appeared on security camera footage.

Chris Bowes, senior tournament manager for the Bassmaster Opens, said in a release that a friend of Johnson discovered someone burglarizing his boat. The shooting took place shortly thereafter. {snip}


“There was some sort of violent altercation near his hotel room door,” Bowes told The Clarion-Ledger.

Johnson, of Ganado, Texas, was 11th in Central Open standings after two events. The top five anglers from each of three open divisions qualify for the elite series. Johnson was in the top five percent of the nearly 200 fisherman who have competed in the central division this year, according to Bowes.

Johnson entered the final open event of the season with a chance to qualify for the highest division in 2014.

“Jimmy was a terrific angler, as he has shown through the Bassmaster Opens,” Bowes said. “More than that, he was a tremendous guy. He will be deeply missed.”

BASS CEO Bruce Akin released a statement regarding Johnson’s death:

“We were shocked and saddened to learn late Sunday night that Jimmy Johnson was killed while staying in a motel near the lake. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as the bass fishing community rallies around them.”


James Johnson

James Johnson

[Editor’s Note: A 17-year-old suspect named Shun Brown has been arrested and charged with murder.]

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  • Romulus

    Must be a slow news day, eh!. Only three articles.
    First, let me say that I trust everyone celebrated western accomplishments this past weekend. I hope all had a wonderful time. Had a nice little march through a national (closed) park in protest of the lockout.

    This type of criminal should be administered street justice immediately without the possibility of survival (forget parole). I remember watching Johnson on TV. Seemed like a great guy. Only to meet his end from another trayvon. How many more are we going to permit before we say enough!?
    Luckily, last weekend, we only succeeded in defeating ratification of the UN arms treaty Kerry signed, by three votes peoples. Stay alert! Keep your eyes on the ball.
    The delay in the coming economic crisis is just that,… A delay.
    Yellin will follow Bernanke’s model of money (monopoly) printing, until they can reach their goal of a democratic super majority and gun control before any economic disintegration.

  • Spartacus

    “Jackson police are looking for a black male suspect that appeared on security camera footage.”


    The footage should not be allowed as evidence in court, because cameras were invented by White people, and as such they are inherently racist .


  • DLRisVH

    A lot of these Motels are section 8 housing.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Chokwe Lumumba’s ‘paradise’.

      • MBlanc46

        I’m sure that Mr. Lumumba will order the Jackson police to bring the perp to justice immediately.

  • HJ11

    A Black killed a White person? How unsual. Let’s just pretend the killer and his victim were
    raceless, like the MSM do in most of these stories.

    “Why, what does race have to do with it?” sings the liberal chorus.

    Meanwhile, Riverside County, Ca. has just ordered all pit bulls and pit bull mixes to be sterilized. What does breed have to do with it? Don’t all dogs bleed red blood? Aren’t all dogs the same under the fur? Shouldn’t the content of the character of each dog be the important thing?

    More Whites need to be deprogrammed to the reality of race. Yes, it does matter. It is the most important thing about each of us.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Motel 6???

    No wonder.

    • So CAL Snowman

      When I was younger I stayed at the Motel 6 in Big Bear Lake many times to save money on my snowboarding trips. I never had a problem. Hell some idiots even left their snowboards outside leaning on the rail one time and no one touched them. Remember it’s all about location.

      • Luca

        Big Bear Lake is beautifully populated by whites.. Hell, they even have a nice Oktoberfest up there.

      • Erasmus

        The problem isn’t Motel 6. The problem is that we’ve been paying the ghetto trash to reproduce. We’ve given them housing vouchers, EBT cards[food stamps] and EITC when we should have provided them with hysterectomies and vasectomies.
        By effectively encouraging people who should have been spayed to reproduce, our “leaders” couldn’t have done more harm to the country if they had acted with suicidal deliberation.

        • Luca

          Our “leaders” need vast numbers of low IQ voters who can be enticed with a bag of candy. They designed a two-pronged approach to achieve it. Reward ghetto trash to reproduce and import third-world dregs.

  • Luca

    “…police are looking for a black male suspect..”

    Is there any other kind?

    If only I had a dollar for every time I read that same sad phrase.

    • JohnEngelman

      I would get richer than you if I was given a dollar for every time a newspaper refused to report the race of the “suspect,” which is to say the criminal.

    • Alexandra1973

      Black female suspect…?

  • Jesse James

    RIP Mr Johnson you deserved better from your country than to be shot down in a parking lot of your motel, even if it was a Motel 6. Organizations that cater mostly to whites need to stop having events near heavily black areas. There are plenty of other lakes in the South-Eastern states where you could hold your tournament. We have to get smart, stay together and avoid putting money in the pockets of people who want to kill us. Let the black areas of this country sink to their level, they don’t need our help or anymore of our blood. One day we may have to drop bridges and make roadblocks from junk automobiles to keep our territory safe.

  • 1proactive2

    Another good and decent citizen murdered while living a peaceful life by the vicious spawn of welfare policies, the public education process, non-existent parenting, and protected race status. Now this psychopath will get the full protection of the law as well as free counsel and all the rights established in the constitution.

  • 1proactive2

    Whatever readers think after reading this news report, don’t use “the N word” because that would be wrong, and make blacks angry as well as feel bad.

  • bigone4u

    My ancestors would have gotten a group together and burned down the black side of town in order to teach the blacks a lesson. Today, the whole damn town is black and law enforcement would not support burning out the black “community.” OK, but can we at least give these murderers a quick trial followed by the guillotine doing its work?

    • Earl Turner

      When whites finally do start fighting back, the especially heinous murders (like the infant in Brunswick, GA) will result in mortars and artillery landing in black neighborhoods, courtesy of the ordnance liberated from National Guard armories.

  • WASP

    Be vigilant at all times and aware of your surroundings. It may save your life. These killings are becoming too common. Condolences to Jimmy Johnson’s family.

  • joesolargenius

    The perps name is in itself a subliminal message to the White World (Shun Brown)!

  • negrolocaust

    drudge just said a 15 yr old white in philly was beaten by 9 blks. buy guns! everybody buy a gun and carry it! dont be a coward! you will feel better about yourself even if you can’t get a permit carry anyway. you are worth it. anybody who worries about ccw and blah blah blah is a coward. don’t let fear stop you from defending yourself.

  • My groidar pinged before the mention of a black suspect.

    • Sick of it

      The city name made it obvious. Heck, the state made it obvious.

  • Whitetrashgang

    I hate to say it but you must know where you are, that is why is there so much white flight. Nothing and I mean nothing would put me in a bad area .I have learned the hard way and sad to say at his age he should have known better. At a certain age you have to know certain things , you just have to.

    • negrolocaust

      NO. 1) soon there will be nowhere to run and whites will be forced to man up and defend themselves regardless of government restrictions on guns etc. 2) if he is a normal man who might watch the main stream news and is focused on his hobbies and profession he has no way to know what is going on because the black government and black sympathetic police cover it up and main stream news won’t report it. i call my friends and family members and most of them have not heard any of these stories. that’s why every day i call and write as many people as i can to let them know what is going on. it is not his fault. i see many comments from white people saying make sure you get a ccw permit etc. but blacks are totally lawless. white people are more afraid of potentially serving some time than having harm come to themselves or their family. this is why i urge all white people to acquire a handgun and carry it to protect themselves even if their state does not allow that or whatever. if more white people defended themselves the white genocide would subside. if you look at zimmerman, he defended himself like a man, went to trial like a man and went through the process with courage. he did not back down and because of that he is alive and a free man. it is time for white people to take a stand. stand up for yourselves. black people do not understand compromise. they view it as weakness. they only understand force. white people are out of places to run and hide. its called tough luuuv.

      • Anon

        Zimmerman did all those things for mongrel community of liberals who despise men, including (especially) his wife. They literally stabbed him in the back and attempted through various lies and an incredible mobilization of resources, to throw him in a cage with blacks for punishment by gang rape, torture and eventual murder. His wife, was the worst one. I notice she did not consider Zimmerman fit to have children by (no….that honor is saved for the nearest black crackhead). After all, don’t want more people like Zimmerman in the world. Probably, she made his life a living hell. And, when he was most vulnerable, punished him for being a man by betrayal and abandonment.

        On one level, what Zimmerman did was right. He did all the things a worthy man does. But he did it for people who were wicked and to the point of not being worth it so as to be disgusting. It is sinful in the extreme to product bad people, especially blacks. Because Zimmerman spent so much time helping his beloved negro children during his off hours, an incident like this was unavoidable. How many of the young children Zimmerman helped, will go off and rape and murder some white women and children? Most.

        And who did Zimmerman allow to occupy the space in his life as the love of his life? A foul, negro worshiping liberal. When a monster came to kill your husband, she choose the monsters side and was offended in the extreme when her husband won. Ho dare he not lay down and die.

        Oh yea…then there is what he did a few weeks after trial Still within a block of his old neighborhood, he rescued a family trapped ina flipped over van. But, when it came time to honor hero, George Zimmerman, they spat in his face. At least he finally got it….and left.

        As ALL of use should do. No….it is not “running” It’s hooking up with those still willing to fight. communities fight, individuals are criminals.

        It’s not there yet but what must grow out of this is fascism

  • Sloppo

    Twenty-five years ago, the perpetrator could have been Obama.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Probably was Obama.

  • Sick of it

    Yep, I could have told the guy not to let the sun set on him in Mississippi. He would have been infinitely safer across the border in Louisiana.

  • Luca

    I have learned to read hotel reviews and to call the hotel directly when traveling out of town. If someone answers the phone and it sounds like I just reached Bombay or Detroit, I hang up.

    On a popular hotel site it was rated as poor or terrible 27 times out of 37 reviews

    I also run the zip code through a website that shows demographics and crime rates. In this zip code the crime rate is twice the rate of the national average for violent crime and has a population that is 97.52% BLACK.

    Live and learn.


    • 1proactive2

      Great lesson. Thanks.

  • I prefer camping. Bears make better company than groids.

  • Duxdudex

    Black savages are destroying this country. If we would eliminate black crime, we could eliminate most of the violent crime in this country and most of the petty crime that we all end up paying for.