Nearly 30 Million Around the World Are Slaves, Reveals New Report

Aaron Sharp, Daily Mail (London), October 17, 2013

Almost 30 million people in the world today are living in slavery, shock new figures have revealed.

A study by the human rights charity Walk Free Foundation has identified 162 countries where humans are trafficked for sex work and unskilled labour.

Economic powerhouses China and India were both named among the worst offenders.

The report defined¬†‘modern slavery’ as human trafficking, forced labour, and practices such as debt bondage, forced marriage, and the sale of children.

According to its authors, exploitation of this kind is at all all time high.

The index has ranked offending nations based on the prevalence of slavery, the risk of enslavement there and the strength of government responses to combating the illegal activity.

Researcher Kevin Bales said he hoped the index, the first annual report to monitor slavery globally, would raise public awareness and increase pressure on governments to take more action.

Modern slavery is often thought to be the result of widespread poverty and the exploitation of the poor.

But Bales, a professor of contemporary slavery at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation at the University of Hull, rejected that theory.

Instead he blamed corruption in governments for the growth of the practice and called for laws to stop organised trafficking gangs.

He said: ‘Consistently when we analysed the statistics we found that corruption came out as more powerful than poverty in driving slavery.¬†Fundamentally this is a violent crime issue.’

It found that 10 countries accounted for 76 percent of the 29.8 million people living in slavery.

They were India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The report concluded that Mauritania in West Africa had the highest number of slaves proportionately, with up to 160,000 enslaved in a population of 3.8 million.

This, the index says, is due to the common practice of chattel slavery, a form of traditional ownership which passes through generations, and high levels of child marriage.

The highest absolute numbers were almost 14 million in slavery in India and 3 million in China.

The report read: ‘By far the largest proportion of this problem in IndiaI is the exploitation of Indian citizens within India itself, particularly through debt bondage and bonded labour’

In China there was forced labour of men, women and children, including domestic servitude and forced begging, sexual exploitation of women and children and forced marriage.

Coming last in the index were Iceland, Ireland and Britain although Bales stressed they were not slavery-free.

Up to 4,400 people are estimated to be enslaved in Britain, the victims mainly from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

They are forced into sex work, domestic servitude, or low-paid jobs in agriculture, construction, restaurants and nail salons.

‘Hopefully this report will be a wake-up call for rich countries as well’ said.

Slavery around the world

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  • Alfred the Great

    The reason America isn’t among the lowest offender countries is because of all the illegal Mexicans we have here. Here in the Greatest State of Texas we have reports of the Mexican gangs trafficking teen girls (by and large Latinos) in their whore houses. Many American women are kidnapped and forced into their whore houses also. Sex trafficking is reason enough to close our southern border. I don’t understand why this problem doesn’t make more people fighting mad.

    • Oil Can Harry

      While there are actual cases of unfortunate women being forced into prostitution let’s remember that gov’t bureacrats and feminists are now using the catch-all term “human trafficking” to describe even voluntary prostitution.

      So a streetwalking stank hoe who’s never been outside of Detroit her whole life is now described as a victim of “trafficking”.

      • Sick of it

        They have a union in Brazil if I recall correctly.

    • Sick of it

      The government men point their guns at the people who try to do something about the problem. We’ve been backing down since Eisenhower.

  • Spartacus

    And which group has an overrepresentation in every form of slavery, but especially in the sexual one ? I can guarantee it’s not the Eskimos…

    • Sick of it

      Especially when you include the pornography industry.

  • DaveMed

    I can’t wait until my next mandatory diversity (read: blame whites for all non-whites’ ills) seminar. It’s going to be so fun pointing this out.

  • David Ashton

    This information will probably not be included in the UK curriculum “Projects on Slavery” – except by a few remaining “cunning” educated patriots left in the profession.

  • Truthseeker

    Ah, see! Russia’s one of the top offenders! Proof that this is white people’s fault!

    • Sick of it

      Russia has a mafia which is not comprised of Eskimos.

      • Muzzie Chechens and not Jews. Maybe some Gypsy henchcritters. Get your “Russian” crims straight.

        • Sick of it

          That’s not what I’ve read. And the names give some of them away. Besides, the old brotherhood of thieves was filled with them, as were the old pre-Bolshevik revolutionary groups in Russia.

  • They must not have seen the latest Hollywood guilt porn “12 years a slave”.
    I’m sure that would melt the ‘Russian’ mafia’s cold hearts.
    Money making globally seems to be a “horses for courses” predicament.

  • This is more bad news for us.

    The racist anti white FedGov will now just “resettle” more of them into your neighborhood to “free them from a climate of human rights abuses.”

    “Helping a hurting world” means more genocide against White communities, by any means necessary…

    • Bobbala

      … it worked so well in education. All they have to do is sit next to enough white kids to achieve literacy and be free of slavery. Just as long as they sit next to your white kids.

      • Everyone knows that the point wasn’t to lift blacks up, but to pull Whites down.

        Equality: Whites acting black.

  • Alexandra1973

    Wow, I didn’t know there were so many whites in China and India!
    /typed with tongue planted firmly in cheek

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      At present slavery is predominantly a non-White phenomenon, perhaps always has been. Who talks about historical Arab slavery of Africans? Most of the slave traders to the New World were Sephardic Jews BTW.

      • Alexandra1973

        I wonder why the race-hustlers don’t get on Arabs. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll have jihad declared against them? Perhaps it’s because we whites are such easy pickings.

  • Bobbala

    Most white men wouldn’t accept this if their own wife and daughter were chained to a negro like princess Leia in Return of the Jedi.

  • Why don’t blacks (and the civil rights mafia) protest against modern-era slavery?

    Because they don’t hate slavery.
    They hate White slave-masters.

    • Bobbala

      I don’t think they’re to keen on their white slaves either. Try and refuse to serve one.

  • sbuffalonative

    Don’t American blacks own the copyright on the words ‘slave’ and ‘slavery’? Besides, the ONLY slavery that has any relevance is the slavery that happened in the US almost 150 years ago.

    • Brian

      Reminds me of the time at work when I was replacing a failed hard drive, and mentioned something about ‘master’ and ‘slave’ drives. You should have seen the horrified looks…

      • Alexandra1973

        Why do we need sensitivity training when everyone’s way too sensitive as it is?

      • I designate these as the “Pimp” drive and the “Bitch” drives. It saves a lot of explaining on my part. Nobody has ever complained.

  • dd121

    It’s hard to evaluate stories like this. Almost everything that comes from the mouths of leftists is an outright lie or exaggeration to make their political points. Their claim to “transparency” is a lie within a lie.

  • Anon

    Instead he blamed corruption in governments for the growth of the
    practice and called for laws to stop organised trafficking gangs.

    The United States is one of these corrupt governments. There are more slaves today (defined as someone who will be killed, beaten or worse, if they don’t do as they are told) than when slavery was legal. Many are chained up in our national parks, growing drugs paid for by “food stamps” converted into drug cash. Most are children, chained in basement dungeons, raped dozens of times a day by drug users. Increasingly, a “crackhouse” is a place where non-whites go for a package deal of crack (and often viagra) and time with a child to rape.

    Who are these children? Mostly they are non-persons from south of the border. But also, many are Americans….runways that disappear every year.

    And its not just the US…Britain and the EU have many non-white sex grooming gangs. The media won’t even admit whats going on. They put a handful of cases where the victims fell into that life via drug use but the majority of these children are kidnap victims.

    Increasingly, law enforcement will do nothing about it. They catch those involved but they never do any real time (what they are doing warrants execution in any sane society). News coverage is virtually non-existent despite the spectacular and morbid nature of the crimes.

    Immigration is the cause. Actually, the abandonment of White Supremacy is the cause. Back in the day, it OFFENDED White Christian Men that these things were going on. So we picked up our guns and our swords and kicked a hell of alot of ass to FORCE non-whites to stop doing that. Today, even white nationalists squeal and flick limp wrists at the thought of imposing white values by force on our own, let alone anyone else. That weakness invited these things to go on in countries that previously would not have dared to defy us. But now, it is so bad that they dare to bring that HERE…to OUR countries.

    We have some serious ownership of our own power to do. Propaganda has taught us that it is wrong to tell people what to do, when it is in fact, the very basis of morality and civilization. That is the White Man’s function. Civilization….the rule of law…morality, humanity….these are all euphemisms for white people imposing our values on ourselves and on others with force.

    Many white nationalists want our own countries where we can live separate from non-whites. More than a little of that sentiment comes from the realization that almost all non-whites will quickly die without us feeding them. They are so very angry and bitter that they want to punish non-whites by killing them off with their own vices.

    The problem is, that has never been the whole story. A population is either aggressive or it disappears. An aggressive population always pushes its borders forward and doesn’t put up with those on the other side acting in a way that offends them. Sooner or later, white men, leave white lands to burn down the slave markets of the country next door if for no other reason to hear that wonderful noise a blade makes when it slices open the belly of someone who deserves it. That horrify you? Your ancestors would be ashamed at that.

    What happens to populations that are non-violent? Every single one in human history has vanished.

    It’s an all or nothing deal. Whites are either supreme or we are nothing. The resurgence of slavery is strong evidence that we are slipping.

  • mrcan

    Excellent….excellent….story! Finally some truth about what is going on the non-Western world. Centuries old traditions of exploitation without a White man in sight. And these immigrants presume to lecture Western Whites about morality and ethics!!!! Accuse us of racism in our hemisphere while living off the generous welfare system. Meanwhile their own tribes commit heinous crimes against humanity. Somehow the twisted Lefties will minimalize the suffering by saying it is their cultural tradition. Its ‘their’ NON-WHITE value system!!

  • Brian

    Errrr, I thought only wicked white men could be slavedrivers?

  • JackKrak

    Hello? Hello…..? John Lewis, Sharpton, Jackson, Benjamin Jealous, etc.???? Are you there?

    Here’s millions of REAL live slaves and the governments that allow/tolerate slavery.

    Can you hear me??? HELLO!?!?!?!?!?

  • odious liberal

    Another piece of BS that will be used to pimp open borders. The third world isn’t our problem.

  • Bobbala

    Slaves are not allowed to quit. There is a difference between servitude and involuntary servitude. For instance, a homosexual guy walks in to your store and demands that you work his “wedding”…

    • Bobbala

      “… all men indeed are able to ‘quit’ it’s just at what price are you willing to pay …”

      — Mr. Pete
      Congratulations! You just universally ended slavery.

  • Budd Smith

    Isn’t the Russian mafia actually mostly Jewish?